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Curriculum Vitae

CELEGHIN ALESSIA – Curriculum Vitæ et Studiorum
Contact Information
First Name: Alessia
Surname: Celeghin
Place and Date of Birth: Udine, 27.01.1984
E-mail: [email protected]
Research Interest
Visual Awareness and Affective Neuroscience
Neuropsychology of emotions
Interhemispheric transfer and integration in healthy subjects and patients
PhD in Psychological and Psychiatric Sciences, University of Verona.
Thesis Title: Conscious-Unconscious dissociations in visual perception: clues from
hemianopic patients.
Supervisor: C.A. Marzi
Period: 01.2011 – 12.2013
Italian state examination qualifying to the profession of psychologist (University of Padua,
first session 2011).
Master’s Degree in Clinical Psychology, University of Padua.
Thesis Title: True and False Memories: Using the DRM paradigm and the autobiographical
IAT (a-IAT).
Supervisor: G. Sartori.
Final mark: 110/110 cum laude.
Period: 09.2007 – 12.2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology - Curriculum Psychobiological, University of Trieste.
Thesis Title: “Differences in emotional profiles of young people, adults and seniors.
Supervisors: Dott. Andrea Clarici / Dott. Stefano Bembich.
Final mark: 103/110
Period: 10.2005 - 07.2007
From 08.2013
to 12.2013
Period abroad
Maastricht Brain Imaging Center, Maastricht - The Netherlands
Supervisor: prof. B. de Gelder
Acquisition techniques and data analysis of structural magnetic resonance imaging (MRI),
functional imaging (fMRI) and diffusion (DTI , DWI ) for medium and high magnetic field
scanner (Tesla 3 and 7 ).
Certified User for acquisition and analysis of neuroimaging data on 3T scanner (Ceritified
User Authorisation – 3T MR System, Maastricht Brain Imaging Center, Maastricht
DTI tractography Workshop
ISOCN – International School of Clinical Neuroanatomy
Sede: Bibione, Venezia, Italia
Titolo: The clinical neuroanatomy of the limbic system.
From 01.2013
to 07.2013
Post – graduate Training at Center for Eating Disorders, ULSS n°6, Vicenza.
Supervisor: Dr.ssa L. Bellin
Participation to clinical assessment, individual and group interviews and
neuropsychological report in patients with eating disorder.
From 07.2012
to 31.12.2012
Post – graduate Training at Mental Health Center, ULSS n°6, Vicenza.
Supervisor: Dr.ssa L. Bellin
Participation to clinical assessment, individual and group interviews and
neuropsychological report in patients with psychiatric disorder.
From 07.2010
to 31.12.2010
Post - graduate Training (600 h) at Department of General Psychology, University
of Padua.
Supervisor: Prof. G. Sartori.
• Techniques of clinical and neuropsychological interview.
Drafting of Neuropsychological reports with particular attention to the methods
of administration of neuropsychological, cognitive, and
psychopathological battery test.
• Discussion of the methodology of forensic psychology, participating at the
various stages of writing an expert report for cases of lacunar amnesia, posttraumatic stress disorder, head trauma, and other.
From 01.2010
to 06.2010
Post – graduate Training (600 h) at Department of Developmental and Socialization
Psychology, University of Padua.
Supervisors: Profs. R. Rumiati / G. Sartori.
• Experimental research on the role of intentionality in moral decisions, and the role
of emotions in the formulation of moral judgments.
From 02.2009
to 06.2009
Draft Internal Academic Internship (350 h) at Department of General
Psychology, University of Padua, and at Center for Mental Health (Local Health Authority
of Oderzo, Treviso).
Supervisor: Profs. G. Sartori. / Dr. P. Michielin.
• Study and application of the methodology of Implicit Association Test (IAT)
in experimental and clinical setting (simulation of depression).
From 10.2006
to 05.2007
Draft Internal Academic Internship (500h) at Ospedale Maggiore (Trieste)
Supervisor: Dr. Andrea Clarici.
• Investigations in personality, following administration of battery test in dialysis
and transplant patients. Calibration of a new psychological test for assessing
the emotional state – ANPS (Affective Neuroscience Personality Scale) of
Year 2014-2015
Teaching “Psychobiology” (M-PSI/02) for the Bachelor Degree in Psychology, Faculty of
Psychology, University of Valle d’Aosta.
From 2014 - now
Seminars for the course of “Neuropsychology” (M-PSI/02, Holder Prof. M. Tamietto),
University of Torino, Italy.
From 2014 - now
Seminars for the course “Neurophysiological bases of human behavior” (Scuola di
Specializzazione in Psicologia della Salute; Holder Prof. M. Tamietto) University of Torino,
Seminars for the course “Physiology” (Scuola di Specializzazione in Psicologia clinica;
Holder Prof. M. Tamietto), University of Torino, Italy.
From 2012 to 2014
Seminars for courses of “General Psychology” (M-PSI/01, Holder Prof. C.A Marzi),
University of Verona, Italy.
Publications in International Journals with Impact Factor
Tamietto, M., Cauda, F., Celeghin, A., Costa, T., Diano, M., Cossa, FM., Geminiani, G.,
Duca, S. & de Gelder, B. (2014). Once you feel it, you see it: Insula and sensory-motor
contribution to visual awareness for fearful bodies in parietal neglect. Cortex, Nov 1, doi:
Impact Factor: 6.2; Quartile (Q)1
Celeghin A, Barabas M, Mancini, F., Bendini M, Pedrotti E, Prior, M, Cantagallo, A.,
Savazzi S, Marzi CA (2014). Speeded manual responses to unseen visual stimuli in
hemianopic patients: What kind of Blindsight? Consciousness and Cognition, Aug 11, doi:
Impact Factor: 2.2; Q2
Costa T, Cauda F, Crini M, Tatu MK, Celeghin A, de Gelder B, Tamietto M. (2013).
Temporal and spatial neural dynamics in the perception of basic emotions from complex
scenes, Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, Nov 7, doi:10.1093/scan/nst164 [Epub
ahead of print]
Impact Factor: 5.1; Q1
Abstracts to international conferences
Georgy L., Jans B., Diano M., Celeghin A., Uludag K., de Gelder B., Tamietto M., Ptito A.
(2014). Retinotopic Mapping of Hemispherectomy Subjects with Blindsight. Denis
Melançon Neuroradiology Conference, Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital,
McGill University, October 16, Montreal, Canada.
Celeghin, A., Marzi, C.A., de Gelder, B., Tamietto, M. (2014). Bridging the gap: role of the
intact hemisphere in visuo-motor integration for unseen stimuli in blindsight. 9th
Federation of european neuroscience societies (FENS) forum of Neuroscience, july 6,
Milan, Italy
Marzi, C.A., Savazzi, S., Bendini, M., Poscoliero, T., Celeghin, A. (2014). Callosal
Transmission might be important for visual recovery in hemianopic patients: ERP
evidence. 9th Federation of european neuroscience societies (FENS) forum of
Neuroscience, july 8, Milan, Italy
Celeghin A., Bendini M., Girelli, M., Poscoliero, T., Savazzi, S., Marzi, C.A. (2013).
Interhemispheric transmission in hemianopic patients: A role in visual recovery? 4th
Meeting of the ESN, 28th Meeting of the GNP – Freie Universität Berlin, - Berlin,
Germany – 13.09.2013
Celeghin A., Bendini M., Marzi, C.A. (2013). Interhemispheric transmission of visual
information between the intact and the lesioned hemisphere in hemianopic patients. XXI
Congresso SIPF - Società Italiana di Psicofisiologia – Lecce, Italia – 26.10.2013
Research collaborations
Prof. Carlo Alberto Marzi, University of Verona - blindsight, inter-hemispheric
transmission and rehabilitation of visual defect;
Prof. Berlucchi Giovanni, University of Verona – interhemispheric transmission and
cerebral plasticity;
Prof. Girelli Massimo, University of Verona – physiological correlates among visual
Dr. Marco Tamietto, University of Torino – Affective Blindsight and emotion;
Prof. Beatrice de Gelder, Tilburg University e Maastricht University (NL) –Affective
Blindsight and emotion;
Prof. Alain Ptito, McGill University Health Centre, Montreal (CND) -blindsight in
hemisperectomized patients;
Prof. Kamil Uludag, Maastricht University (NL) – Neuroimaging techniques on high
magnetic fields.
Personal skills and competences
Native language
Other languages
Good knowledge of written and spoken english
Computer skills and
Very good knowledge of the Windows OS and the Office suite application (Excel, Word,
PowerPoint, Access - ECDL core).
Good knowledge of recording techniques and analysis of the EEG-ERP signal (BrainVision)
Good knowledge of software for recording and visualization of data set of functional e
structural magnetic resonance images (BrainvoyagerQX, FSL)
Good knowledge of software for statistical data analysis (SPSS, Statistica).
Good knowledge of the development studio for the creation of computerized behavioral
research (E-prime).
Basic knowledge of software for recording and analysis of eye tracking data (Eye-Tracker).
Basic knowledge of brain stimulation technique (tDCS – transcranial Direct Current
Torino, 01.12.2014
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