Popular Helvetica presents:
Tuesday 23 September 2014
h 21:30 – 24:00
Free entrance
dj set
Istituto Svizzero di Roma, Sala Elvetica
Via Liguria 20
00187 Roma
T. +39 06 420 42 620
[email protected]
On 23 September the program Popular Helvetica of the Istituto Svizzero di Roma continues
in its investigation of how the concept of “popular music” has evolved in the age of information and
digital connections. The protagonist of this event is electronic music, already at the center of the
encounter-debate “The Synthetic Metropolis of the Night” held at the Istituto Svizzero on 17 April,
with Italy’s Il Duka and the Swiss Marie-Avril Berthet as guests for the Listen cycle. This time,
the guests are two other figures, again in an ideal Swiss-Italian dialogue, who aptly represent recent
developments in electronic sound as the authentic folk music of the 2000s: Kalabrese, accompanied
by his ensemble with the live project Rumpelorchestra; and Carola Pisaturo, who will present a
DJ set created for the occasion.
Kalabrese & Rumpelorchestra
DJ, producer, club manager, Sacha Winkler aka Kalabrese is one of the most intriguing personalities
on the electronic scene in Zurich, a city that has always been a major center in the geography of
European clubbing: here, in 1992, the first street parade was held, the most important techno event
of the time, and since then the Swiss city has incessantly flooded the continent with sounds and beats.
With his Rumpelorchestra, Kalabrese has played at important international festivals (Sonar 08 and
Mutek 07, Transmediale Berlin, Electrowave Florence), presenting a mixture of funk, electro and
synthetic grooves, with influences ranging from John Coltrane to Jimi Hendrix, by way of Frank
Zappa and the pioneers of techno. His records have been produced by labels like Perlon and
Carola Pisaturo
An outstanding name on the Italian house and techno scene, this Neapolitan DJ and producer
(Roman by adoption) has emerged thanks to a sound that pays tribute to the techno old school,
contaminating it with the odors and atmospheres of the Mediterranean. She has worked with
institutions like MoMA New York and the Red Bull Music Academy and is the founder of the label
Claque Musique, which has issued works by young Italian talents and outstanding names on the
international electronic music scene.
Popular Helvetica Live is a series of concerts and live sets divided into three appointments (23-25
September 2014; 30 October 2014), part of the program Popular Helvetica – from folk
traditions to new urban rites curated by Francesco De Figueiredo and Valerio Mattioli for the
Istituto Svizzero di Roma. The first two dates, in September, are coordinated in the program of the
Tappa romana del Giro del Gusto - verso l'EXPO2015 di Milano, organized by Istituto
Svizzero di Roma, Ambasciata Svizzera di Roma and Presenza Svizzera del Dipartimento Federale
degli Affari Esteri.
Ufficio stampa:
Alessandra Santerini
+39 335 6853767
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