Day 1 : Wednesday May 7th, 2014 Time Room Program

Day 1 : Wednesday May 7th, 2014
Program Schedule
8:00 - 9:00
Hall Bibliothèque
9:00 - 9:30
Amphi Principal
Opening Ceremony
Keynote by Dr. Peter Richtarik, University of Edinburgh
9:30 - 10:30
Amphi Principal
Title: Randomized methods for big data optimization: How
to climb a hill in a billion dimensional world using a coin
and a compass and count the steps before departure
10:30 - 11:00
11:00 - 12:30
Hall Bibliothèque
Coffee Break
Session 1-1 : Machine Learning & Fuzzy Modeling
Session 1-2 : Software Engineering I
Session 1-3 : Image Processing
12:30 - 14:00
Tutorial by Dr. El Mostapha ABOULHAMID, University of
14:00 - 15:00
Amphi Principal
Montreal, Title: Computing Acceleration using
Reconfigurable Hardware - Case Study: The Satisfiability
15:00 - 16:30
16:30 - 17:00
Session 1-4 : Web & Big Data
Session 1-5 : Software Engineering II
Session 1-6 : Real-Time & Embedded Systems I
Hall Bibliothèque Coffee Break
17:00 - 17:30
17:30 - 18:30
Hall Bibliothèque Poster Session I
Session 1-7 : Constraint System Programming
Session 1-8 : Telecom & Networking I
Session 1-9 : TALA I
Day 2 : Thursday May 8th, 2014
Program Schedule (Cont.)
Keynote by Dr. Bernadette BOUCHON-MEUNIER, University
9:00 - 10:00
Amphi Principal
of Paris 6
Title: Fuzzy set-based management of subjective
10:00 - 10:30
Hall Bibliothèque Coffee Break
10:30 - 11:00
Hall Bibliothèque Poster Session II
11:00 - 12:30
Session 2-1 : TALA II
Session 2-2 : Telecom & Networking II
Session 2-3 : Microwave Engineering
12:30 - 14:00
14:00 - 15:30
Session 2-4 : E-Learning I
Session 2-5 : Real-Time & Embedded Systems II
15:30 - 16:00
Hall Bibliothèque Coffee Break
16:00 - 16:30
Hall Bibliothèque Poster Session III
16:30 - 18:00
18:00 - 18:30
Session 2-7 : E-Learning II
Session 2-8 : Real-Time & Embedded Systems III
Amphi Principal
Awards Distribution and Closing
Session 1-1 : Machine Learning & Fuzzy Modeling
Mohamed El Boujnouni, Mohamed Jedra
and Noureddine Zahid
Support Vector Domain Description with a
new confidence score
Ashraf Khalil and Hassan Hajjdiab
Advances in Detecting Fake Followers in
Malek Sarhani and Abdellatif El Afia
Electric Load Forecasting Using Hybrid
Machine Learning Model
Rkia Fajr and Abdelaziz Bouroumi
A Fuzzy Particle Swarm Optimizer for
Unsupervised Learning
Session 1-2 : Software Engineering I
Tarik Chaghrouchni, Mohammed Issam
Kabbaj and Zohra Bakkoury
Towards dynamic adaptation of the software
Ikram El Rhaffari and Ounsa Roudiès
Benchmarking SDL and CLASP lifecycle
Maryem Rhanoui and Bouchra El Asri
A Multilevel Contract Model for Dependable
Feature-Oriented Components
Zineb Bougroun, Adil Zeaaraoui and Toumi
Model Schneider and process area of CMMI
Session 1-3 : Image Processing
Walid Ragheb and Ali Lasfar
Handwritten Digit Recognition using Sparse
Deep Architectures
Mohammed Romadi and Rachid Oulah
Haj Thami
Détection et reconnaissance de panneaux
routiers dans un ?ux vidéo
El Margae Samira, Berraho Sanae, Mounir
Ait Karoum and Fakhri Youssef
Traffic Sign Recognition Based on Multi-Block
LBP Features using SVM with Normalization
Session 1-4 : Web & Big Data
Yasser Saissi, Ahmed Zellou and Ali Idri
Form driven Web source Integration
Fahd Kalloubi, El Habib Nfaoui and Omar
El Beqqali
Named entity linking in microblog posts using
graph-based centrality scoring
Fatine Jebbor and Laila Benhlima
Survol des systèmes de question/réponse
Hadi Hashem and Ranc Daniel
An Integrative Modeling of BigData
Kamal El Aguez, Nasr Hajji and Hafid Barka
Big Data : Opportunités pour les Opérateurs
Session 1-5 : Software Engineering II
Yassine Bounagui, Hatim
Hafiddi and Abdellatif Mezrioui
Challenges for IT Based Cloud Computing
Driss Allaki, Mohamed Dahchour and
Abdeslam En-Nouaary
A New Taxonomy of Inconsistencies in UML
Models : Towards Better MDE
Assia Rharbi, Kabbaj Mohammed Issam
and Zohra Bakkoury
Towards an active help on detecting data
flow errors in business process models
Abdelhay Haqiq and Bouchaïb Bounabat
Model Checking of Multi Decisional Reactive
Agent System
Session 1-6 : Real-Time & Embedded Systems I
Youwei Dong, Hieu Phan and Ahmed
Modeling and Kinematics Study of Hand
Abdelmouttalib Maqil, Abdeslam EnNouaary and Hicham Bensaid
Towards a unified approach for modeling
and analysis of real-time embedded systems
Hayat Routaib, Mouna Elmachkour, Essaid
Sabir, Elarbi Badidi and Mohammed
Modeling and Evaluating a Cloudlet-based
Architecture for Mobile Cloud Computing
Session 1-7 : Constraint System Programming
Hakim Jebari, Saida Rahali El Azzouzi and
Hassan Samadi
Algorithmes évolutionnaires pour la résolution
de problèmes d’ordonnancement multiobjectifs dans un atelier Flow-Shop
Mohammed Saddoune
A dynamic constraint aggregation heuristic
to solve the rostering crew scheduling
Yasser El Madani El Alami, El Habib Nfaoui
and Omar El Beqqali
Multi-agents approach for collaborative
filtering recommendation based on ant
colony algorithm
Session 1-8 : Telecom & Networking I
Mohammed Errais, Mostafa Bellafkih
and Brahim Raouyane
Fuzzy Video Streaming Control in IP Multimedia
Subsystem Architecture
Belmekki Elmostafa, Brahim
Raouyane, Belmekki Abdelhamid
and Mostafa Bellafkih
Secure SIP Signalling Service in IMS network
Abdelali Boushaba, Adil Benabbou,
Rachid Benabbou, Azeddine Zahi
and Mohammed Oumsis
Intelligent MP-OLSR Protocol for QoE enhancement
of Video Transmission in MANETs
Loubna Echabbi and Hajar El
Brand Appeal Versus Value Added Services: When
does an MVNO got a share on the mobile market ?
Lahby Mohamed and Cherkaoui
Performance Analysis of Normalization Techniques
for Network Selection Access in Heterogeneous
Wireless Networks
Session 1-9 : TALA I : Dictionnaires et ontologies
Tatane Khalid, Cherkaoui Chihab
Eddine and Mouhim Sanaa
Démarche Semi-Automatique de mise à jour d’une
Ontologie du Domaine en utilisant les Outils de
Traitement Automatique des Langues
Mohammed Reqqass, Abdelhak
Lakhouaja and Azzeddine Mazroui
Amélioration du Dictionnaire Interactif de la Langue
Tachicart Ridouane and Bouzoubaa
Une Approche hybride pour la traduction
automatique de l’Arabe dialectal Marocain
Abdelbadie Belmouhcine and
Mohammed Benkhalifa
A Cross Training Corrective Approach for Web
Pages Classification
Session 2-1 : TALA II : Analyse et traitement des textes Arabes
Gueddah Hicham, Aouragh
Silhoucine and Yousfi Abdellah
Adaptation de la distance de Levenshtein Pour la
Correction Orthographique Contextuelle
Cherif Walid, Madani Abdellah and
Kissi Mohamed
Building a syntactic rules-based stemmer to
improve search effectiveness for arabic language
Ibrahim Zarouni and Rachid
Segmentation d’images par contours actifs basés
région : Application à la segmentation en lignes
des documents manuscrits médiévaux
Noureddine El Makhfi and Rachid
Scale space method for character segmentation in
Arabic documents
Session 2-2 : Telecom & Networking II
Zahid Mohammed, Belmekki
Abdelhamid and Abdellatif Mezrioui
Design and Implementation of a New Framework
for Network Emulation
Rachid Chemsi
Digital Forensics Live Acquisition – The Case for
an Adaptation Study
Aicha Aithacha, Slimane Bah and
Zohra Bakkoury
A new Authentication Scheme for SIP
Registration in a MANET Environment
Mohammed Khalil and Abdellah Adib
Embedding and Extracting Multiple Watermaks
in Audio Signals using CDMA
Session 2-3 : Microwave Engineering
Zakariae En-Naimani, Mohamed
Lazaar and Mohamed Ettaouil
Optimal probabilistic self-organizing maps and
Nawfal Azami and Driss El Idrissi
Computer BLOB detection and tracking for
highly repeatable optical fiber sensor
Hanae Elftouh, Naima Amar Touhami,
Mohamed Aghoutane and Abdelkrim
A microwave Bandstop Filter Using Defected
Microstrip Structure
Dakir Rachid, Ahmed Mouhsen and
Zbitou Jamal
Design of A New Compact Printed Monopole
Antenna With Y-Shaped Slot for Ultra-Wideband
Session 2-4 : E-Learning I
Imane Satauri and Omar Beqqali
Prediction approach for improving students
orientation in university : case of USMBA
Issam Matazi, Rochdi Messoussi and
Abdellah Bennane
The design of an intelligent multi-agent system for
supporting collaborative learning
Mohammed Al Sarem, Mostafa
Bellafkih and Mohammed Ramdani
Adaptation Patterns with respect to Learning
Naoual Chaouni Benabdellah, Mourad
Gharbi and Mostapha Bellafkih
Ant colony algorithm and new pheromone to
adapt unit sequence to learners’ profiles
Session 2-5 : Real-Time & Embedded Systems II
Soukaina Boudoudouh, Mohamed
Ouassaid and Mohamed Maaroufi
Distributed Energy Management by MAS in a
Stationary Hybrid System
Emharraf Mohamed, Saber
Mohammed, Mohammed Rahmoun
and Mostafa Azizi
Mobile robot unknown indoor environment
exploration using self-localization and grid map
Rachid Naoual, El Mehdi Mellouli and
Ismail Boumhidi
Adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control for the twolinks robot
Moulay Rachid Douiri and Ouissam
Fuzzy and Neuro-Fuzzy Direct Torque control
algorithms for Induction Motor Drives
Session 2-7 : E-Learning II
Adil Haddi, Mohammed Ramdani and
Mostafa Bellafkih
Évaluation multicritère floue à base d’exemples
dans les systèmes de formation à distance
Fatima Zahra Lahlou, Houda
Benbrahim, Asmaa Mountassir and
Ismail Kassou
Context Aware Recommender Systems:
Terminology and Overview of the State of the Art
Naji Abdelwahab, Benzirar Yassine
and Ramdani Mohamed
Un modèle d’évaluation hybride ‘FQTI-LD’ basé
sur LDL et IMS-QTI, et intégrant la logique floue
Youness Chaabi, Rochdi Messoussi,
Vincent Hilaire, Khadija Lekdioui,
Yassine Ruichek and Rajaa Touahni
Conception et réalisation d’un système
intelligent pour l’analyse automatique de
conversations textuelles asynchrones
d’apprenants pour la détermination de
comportements sociaux
Session 2-8 : Real-Time & Embedded Systems III
Mohamed Louzazni and Elhassan
Intelligent PID-Fuzzy Logic Hybrid Control for
Three-Phase Grid-Connected Photovoltaic
Mohammed Tahifa, Jaouad Boumhidi
and Ali Yahyaouy
Implementing a Multi-agent Traffic Control in
Non-Deterministic Environment with Q-learning
Muhammad Yaqoob, Jianhua Zhang,
Faiza Nawaz, Taha Ali and Sardar
Rushan Sher Qaisrani
Optimization in Transient Response of DC-DC
Buck Converter using Firefly Algorithm
El-Mahjoub Boufounas, Jaouad
Boumhidi, El Mehdi Mellouli and Ismail
Optimal H∞ control without reaching phase for a
variable speed wind turbine based neural
network and PSO algorithm
Poster Session I
Optimal Circle’s Clustering for mobile
Sanae El Oukkal and Omar El Beqqali
Designing a Microstrip Bandpass Filter
with Defected Ground Structure (DGS)
Ragani Taoufik
Development of a Multi-Agent
Autonomous Robotic System
Youssef Fathi and Said Benhlima
Classification of attacks in mobile ad
hoc networks (MANETs)
Sara Chadli, Mohammed Saber, Mohamed
Emharraf and Abdelhak Ziyyat
Sliding mode control design and PSO
based PSS for multimachine power
Ben Meziane Khaddouj, Dib Faiza and Boumhidi
Determination of the tickness of a
submerged tube by artificials
intelligents systems
Youssef Nahraoui, Aassif El Houcein and Gérard
A Comparative Study of volume
calculation techniques in Medical
Amina Kharbach and Amar Merdani
Statistical Block-Based DWT Features
For Digital Mammograms Classification
Berraho Sanae, El Margae Samira, Mounir Ait
Karoum and Fakhri Youssef
A simple tool for automatic extraction
of Moroccan Coastal Upwelling in Sea
Surface Temperature Images
Ayoub Tamim, Khalid Minaoui, Khalid Daoudi,
Abderrahman Atillah, Hussein Yahia, Driss
Aboutajdine and Mohammed Faouzi Smiej
Vérification des modèles : Cas des
systèmes biologiques
Safae Cherdal and Salma Mouline
Poster Session II
Wind energy prediction based on
APSO–BP hybrid training algorithm.
Serraji Maria, Boumhidi Jaouad and Nfaoui El
Loss Minimization and Delay
Differentiation for Star OBS Networks
Salek Riadi, Abdelilah Maach and Driss El
Neural Network Apply to predict
aircraft trajectory for conflict resolution
Rachid Kaidi, Mohamed Lazaar and Mohamed
Conception de Nouvelles
Configurations de Matrice de Butler
4×4 en Technologies Planaire.
Mahmoud Moubadir, Naima Amar Touhami,
Mohamed Aghoutane, Mohamed Boussouis and
Abdelkrim Farkhsi
Corner model Detection for geometric
Nasri Abdelbar and Benslimane Rachid
Enhancing the Quality of Voice
Communications by Acoustic Noise
Cancellation (ANC) using a Low cost
Adaptive Algorithm based Fast Fourier
Transform (FFT) and circular
Azeddine Wahbi, Ahmed Roukhe and Laamari
Multispectrals images segmentation
based on DWT and decisions fusion
Chaimae Anibou, Mohamed Nabil Saidi and
Driss Aboutajdine
mapping in GAV context
Moulay Hafid El Yazidi, Ahmed Zellou and Ali Idri
A Compact Proximity Coupled Fed
Antenna for Millimetre-Wave
Hamza Nachouane, Abdelwahed Tribak,
Abdellah Najid and Fatima Riouch
Towards an efficient full IP networks
Mesbahi Nabil and Dahmouni Hamza
Poster Session III
Elaboration d’une ontologie de
l’approche par compétences pour la
mise en œuvre d’un système eLearning adaptatif
Meriem Hnida, Mohammed Khalidi Idrissi and
Bennani Samir
Benchmark des Analyseurs
Morphologiques de la Langue Arabe :
Défis et Solutions
Younes Jaafar and Karim Bouzoubaa
Strategic make or buy decisions for
Telco operators, which role can
strategic partnerships play ?
Mounir Boukadidi
Etiquetage morphosyntaxique
automatique de la langue arabe.
Ababou Nabil
Approche Bayésienne pour la
Minimisation du Risque de
Néphropathie pour les diabétiques de
type 2
Soumaya Fellaji, Abdellah Azmani and
Abdelhadi Akharif
Une approche de la sécurité dirigée
par les modèles basée sur OrBAC pour
les infrastructures critiques
Aziz Kaddani, Amine Baina and Loubna
Modelisation de l’arrière-plan dans une
scène vidéo basée sur l’entropie.
Siham Aqel, Abdelouahed Sabri and Abdellah
Le développement d’un modèle de
prédiction du chiffre d’affaires
appliqué au secteur de l’immobilier au
Rachid Elmansouri, Omar El Beqqali and
Mourad Elyadari
Dématérialisation des procédures
d’appels d’offres : Proposition d’une
méthode d’analyse et d’évaluation
des offres basée sur la règle de
proportionnalité et la logique floue
Diabagate Amadou, Azmani Abdallah and El
Harzli Mohamed