第 4口 1合同会議
」olllt State【
ilerlt of the UJNR
Arluacは lttlre Panel
October ■
6, ■ 975
Lervres, De■ aゃare
Tlle Fotlrtil Joint 卜
lcet■ 118 0f tlie Aq(lac u■
cld iil
ture Panel Was l、
a c t l l t ( l r c N ( l t r i tl iⅢo 【
a ■C o l l f c r e n c e o n A ql【
l j u n c t i o l l W t [ t h a r 1 1 1alttioorlil、
Papers were Prcse【
ltOd by llllembers of the two Panels, otller invited exPertS
o cOtintrics, arld one speakcr froFl Great Britaill,
frclm t、マ
was extro]iely stlccessru■
ProcecdillBs oti the Ntltritioll Coi、
versity of De■
50 sciclltist i1l atteT、
Witil over ■
awaro in abo、
e rellce
Tlle Coll〔
ference rv■ ■l be Publislled by tilc Urli―
lt six Rlollths.
A cooPerative sttidy oll Shellfislll)iscases waS initiated ■
ac the Tl、 ird Joillt lrcetil.8
ast year
lr. AklRlitsu Ko8aneZawa
ld 卜
D 【 . C a r l S i l l d e r n l a r 、i l a 【
were selectod to coordinate tile sttldy.
Iee LinB, DI, Sttllderrllann
At tlle Fourth ヽ
鳥i t t a s )
reportod on the present status of West Coast oysters 学
ies on tlie West Coast of tllc United States,
I l l o r tiat■
histological sanlPles of JaParlese oysters to the Uモ
lle iS presently visiti【
COOPerative studies.
Mr. Kogallezava Sent
lited States fOr exani―
ig tlle Oxford Laboratory to diScuss futtlre
Next year at tile FAO Tecllnica■
Coaference On
l r e P a n e l w ■ ■■ P r e s e r l t a r e P o r し
A q t l a c u l t u l r e , t h e 口 J N I R A ( l t l & C ttlt■
preserlt stattlS of Oyster diseases irl the UIlited States and 」
a d d i t i o 【 l , 卜I r . K o B a 【l e Z a w a W l l l P r e s e r l ヒ
F i s I 、e r y A 8 e n c y ,
on the
a sim■ lar roport to tlle JaPallese
It was roportcd tllat the shortage of Arteilia egBs, and poor hatching
succeSS iS having an aclvOrse effect On aquactllttlre activity in 」
wel■ as in tile Uilitcd States.
additional i1lformatio【
Japanese Palle■
l regardin8 U・
M.Subers w■ 1l prcpare a state■
apan as
14eiRberS expressed a need fOr
S, Sources of Artenia,
Tllo U,S, Pane■
lont describjng tlle reasons for current supp■
problel■ s in the U.S., as we■
■ as the out■
ook for fllture supll■
JaPallese ParticiPants rePorted that the l)roceedin86 0f the Disease
SyIRPOSiun ileld in con』
Meeting in 」
unction witll tho plrevious Aqtlacu■
ture Panel
aPan ilave been Prillted and are ready for distribution`
Final arrangcIIlolltS are beinB IIarde for tlle distribution of this ptl■
The translation oE tllc Jal)anoso aquacu■
Sha■ low Seas,'i edited by Takeo I■
now bcing ■
ladc bcfore beillる
ttlro book 'lThrougil Cu■
la■, is comPleted.
ture in
correctioIIs are
Plrilltcd in IIldia.
A proPosal presanted for discussiOn was tilc PosSible sponsorslllp of
a book or scries of books oll a(luacu■
turc by ttlc UJNR.
Tllc opinlon was
exPressod tllat thc Aquact1lture Panol 18ight contribute most to tile
■itorature throug1l bOoks addressing recent develoPIBentS in aquaculture`
Tnc pa【 lel agrcect to give consideratio1l to tllis proPosal and to discuss
it further at the next joint IIleeting.
The oxcliange of young scierltists is continuillg on a very successfu■
Mr. Akinitsu Kogarleza【
Ox〔 ord Laboratory al■
ill Japan.
va is preselltly doing research at the NSIIFS
d Plans are being fina■
Tlle UJNR Aquacttlture Pane■
exchat■ ges itl the futttre.
ized for stttdies by Dr. Kent Price
will COntinue to support sim工
Ioetirlg of the Aquaculture
It was dccidcd tllat tile liftll Joint 卜
P arle■wou■ d be in Japan, near tho tiIIle Of the FAO Technical Conference
OR Aquacul[drc (1lay 26 - Jモ
ょlo 2, ■ 976).
Tllc Panel Chairnen wil■
lee ting.
togetllcr to sct tlle dates of tlle コ
Japanese rReribers stressed
the need for Participation iR bOtll the FAO Conference allll the Joint
a bers of the Aqtlaculture Panel.
卜reeti113 by U々 S. IP e「
Tile st18Besti01l Was
made tilat a part of the proBran fOr tlle next Jo工
views of aquacu■
ture representirla tl卜
the U.S , resl)ectiVely.
ttlre activities be presentcd.
TiⅢQ EttBlitll United States―
Japan U」
Washington, D.C., on Novenil,cr 6 - 7, 1975.
activities of tlle Aquactllttlre Panel w■
A roqu●
e State― of― tlle―art in JaPan and il■
In additiorl, a reqllest was made that a detailed
rePort on Sea Cralltis aq(la c u■
be two over―
1l t Ieeting
NR Co【 lferencc is being he■
At tllis Conference the
■l be Presellted io the UJNR
st wi■ l be IIlade For more he■
pfu■ supI〕orヒ for tlle
AqtlaculLurc Panel.
Irewes, Delaware
October 16, ■
も ユ生あ 〃″
Wi■ ■ian N, Shaw
d in
Atstslll Ftrruka、