Lesson 37 解答例 1. What nationality is the woman in the first picture

Lesson 37 解答例
1. What nationality is the woman in the first picture? (最初の写真の女性はどこの国出身ですか)
I think her nationality is Dutch.
2. What is she holding? What is the background?(彼女は何を持っていますか。背景はなんですか)
She is holding tulip. The windmill is in the background.
3. What city is shown in the second picture? What is in the background?(2番目の写真はどこの都市ですか
The city is London. The Big Ben is in the background.
4. What kind of person is do you think he is? Have you ever seen this kind of person before? Where?(彼は
I think he is a rock musician. I have never seen this kind of person.
5. What famous city is in the third city? (3番目の都市はどの有名な都市ですか)
This is an international airport because we know it by flight information
6. What is the man’s nationality? What is he standing in? (彼の国籍はどこですか。彼は何に乗っています
His nationality is Italian. He is standing in a boat.
7. What do we call these people in the last picture? Where are they from?(最後の写真の人たちは何と呼び
We call them flamenco dancers. They are from Spain.
8. Have you been to any of these countries?(これらの国に行ったことはありますか)
I have been to UK once.
9. Which of these countries would you most like to visit? Why? (どの国に一番行きたいですか。なぜですか)
I would like to visit Spain because I want to see bullfighting.
10. What is the language of each of these countries? (これらの国の言語はなんですか)
The language of these countries are Dutch, English, Italian and Spanish.
11. What is your image of Europe? (ヨーロッパのイメージは何ですか)
Its image is that there are many old architectures.
12. What is the most popular country in Europe for Japanese tourists? Why? (日本の観光客にとってヨーロ
I think UK is the most famous country because we see many Japanese go there.
13. What Europeans first came to Japan?(日本に初めて北ヨーロッパ人は誰ですか)
I guess Dutch first came to Japan.
14. Have you been to Europe before? If yes, where did you go? If no, where would you like to go?(ヨーロッパ
Yes, I have been to UK.
15. What Europeans food do you like the best? (ヨーロッパの食べ物で一番好きなものは何ですか)
I like sausage the best.
16. Can you name any famous Europeans product? (ヨーロッパの製品で有名なものを言えますか。
Watch is famous Europeans product.
17. Can you name any famous sightseeing places in Europe?(ヨーロッパで有名な観光地を挙げれますか)
Paris is the famous sightseeing place.
18. What country is famous for bullfighting? (闘牛で有名な国はどこですか)
Spain is famous for bullfighting.
19. Can you name some famous Europeans? (有名なヨーロッパ人はだれですか)
Mother Teresa is famous European.
20. If you could bring back something from Europe, what would it be? (もしヨーロッパから何かを持って帰
I would like to bring back cheese from Europe.