2012年6月号 - 常磐大学・常磐短期大学

国 際 教 育 プロジェクト
2012 年 6 月号
発行 常 磐 大 学 高 等 学 校
国 際 教 育 プロジェクト
Harry Ainlay 高校 Cheryl 教頭の始業式でのスピーチ
4月5日に、ハリー・エインリー高校の Cheryl Belyea 教頭が本校を視察されました。始業式に参列したり、過去に3か
以下に、始業式での Cheryl 教頭のスピーチを紹介します。
ニ ュ ー ス レ タ ー
Good morning my friends! I am so very pleased to be with you.
For 4 years I have had the extreme pleasure of working with the
Tokiwa University-High School International Education Project News
incredible staff and students from Tokiwa. Today, I am excited to
finally visit you, your incredible school and your amazing country!
Hello, everyone! The 1st term will soon come
to an end. We’re sure that you have cultivated
a friendship with your new teachers and
classmates in this term.
We hope you will
work hard together in order to improve
We are willing to help you to improve your
English skills and study abroad. Remember,
English is a FUN communicative tool that we can
use anywhere.
Please ENJOY speaking
皆さんこんにちは。 1学期がもうすぐ終わろうと
しています。 皆さんは、新しい先生やクラスメート
と友情を深めてきたことと思います。 お互いに
習や留学等のお手伝いをしています。 英語はど
こでも通用するコミュニケーションのツールです。 英
Today I bring greetings from Canada, from our Principal Mr. Jones, from our teachers, our students, our
host families and from Ms. Ann Calverley, Edmonton Public School's Supervisor of International Student
It is through our partnership we learn about your language, your customs, your education
system, and your love for Canadian candy.
Despite living in countries so far apart we find ways to grow together, and support one another in times of
Jason 先生の英会話がはじまりました
challenge. We are inspired by your peoples' commitment to renew and rebuild after the difficult times faced a
5月より、水曜日の7・8限目に Jason 先生の英会話教室が始まりました。
あるテーマにそって Q&A をしたり、伝言ゲームをしたりと楽しく英語を学んでいます。
little over a year ago and look forward to continuing moving forward together.
Your world is our world and together we can build great things.
Let us continue to make this world a smaller place, a better place
「私は英語が得意ではありません。 だから、Jason 先生との英会話を通して、もっと英語を
好きになって得意にしていこうと思い、英会話教室に参加しました。 はじめは、きちんと聞き取れるか心配で
したが、Jason 先生が親切にわかりやすく簡単な英語で言い換えてくれるので、心配が薄れ、水曜日が来る
and one we are all proud to call home.
平成 24 年度第 50 回茨城県高等学校国際教育英語スピーチコンテスト
“A World Hand in Hand”
Do you know Ms. Taylor Anderson? Today, I’d like to share how her story has influenced me.
A week after March 11th, 2011, my mom gave me a newspaper article. It wasn’t front-page news, but she
felt it was important for me to read it. It said that an American ALT, named Taylor Anderson, disappeared in
the tsunami and was later confirmed to be deceased. She devoted herself to letting her students go back home
safely. By the grace of her, all her students were safe. But on her way home, she was caught in the strong
and awful tsunami.
After I finished reading it, I couldn’t stop crying. My mom was also crying. She must have been very
scared, I thought. I was extremely impressed. What a touching story! Then, I asked myself, “Can I devote
myself to others? Will I be able to make myself understood, across language and cultural barriers, like she
Although Ms. Anderson may have been one of the many ALT teachers in Japan, we know she didn’t die in
vain. Later another article was published. It said that her family and friends decided to send her favorite
books to Japan. These books have given her students great pleasure. Even though her time on Earth was
cut short, she made lots of wonderful relationships and brought and continues to bring people together. It’s
like she is communicating from the next life. I hope, you can understand her extraordinary love for others,
the passion she had for caring, sharing and building relationships.
The more I thought about her, the better I felt. I recalled my short stay in Canada two years ago; I stayed
with the Wu family who were also hosting another international student from China. Back in Japan, I was
worried about my life in Canada. I was worried not only about my English, but also about my relationships
with my host family and future friends. How different would it be? Would they accept me as part of their
family? Would I be able to make friends? How would I communicate? Many questions raced through my
At the airport, when I arrived, my host mother Mrs. Wu and the Chinese exchange student, Amanda, greeted
me. I was so nervous. They said “Hello” to me with a genuine and sincere smile. Their smile and sincerity
eased my tension. At the same time though, I couldn’t express myself well in English. But when I had a
problem, Amanda was always there for me and if she wasn’t there the Wu family were there to help me. And
soon, using English, we were surprised to become such good friends. They were wonderful and nothing like I
feared. I was moved by their generosity and amazing acts of kindness. Their hospitality and love for others
were valuable lessons for me. As were those from Ms. Anderson’s story.
So, what kind of dreams did Ms. Anderson have? Gradually, I associated myself with her. She must have
had dreams just like mine. She must have enjoyed meeting people from other cultures and helping them if
they needed it, whether it was through her words or actions.
Communicating through actions is just as important as
communicating with words. Ms. Anderson’s helping hands
have extended beyond her. She has made bonds between
her family, friends and her students, stretching across
oceans. It will never be forgotten and I think they are the
essence of Ms. Anderson’s dream. I wish I could reach out
my helping hands to someone I don’t know, like the Wu family
in Canada did for me and Ms. Anderson’s family did for her
I know it’s very difficult to understand and communicate
with people from different cultures. So, what can we do?
Perhaps, the answer is in our hearts. I will follow mine.
“Hello, I’m Haruna, what’s your name?”
2012 カナダ3か月語学留学&サマーキャンプ
本校では 2006 年より、アルバータ州エドモントン市教育委員会と提携し、3か月間の短期語学留学を実施し
てきました。今年度、新たにサマーキャンプ(10日間英語集中プログラム)が加わりました。 いずれもホームステイ
英語を使って自信にしていくというプログラムです。 英語だけでなく、カナダの生活にじかに触れることのできる貴重
今年度は、3か月プログラムに5名、サマーキャンプに13名が参加することになりました。 参加者たちは、出発
8月19日(日) 成田出発・エドモントン着
8月20日(月)~24日(金) 集中英語クラス・カナディアンスポーツとクッキング(ハリー・エインリー高校)
8月25日(土)・26日(日) ホストファミリーと過ごす
8月27日(月)~29日(水) 校外学習(エドモントン市内にある博物館・アートギャラリーなどを巡ります)
8月30日(木) エドモントン発(サマーキャンプ参加生徒)
8月31日(金) 成田着(サマーキャンプ参加生徒)
9月 3日(月) ハリー・エインリー高校授業開始(3か月語学留学生徒)
11月17日(土) エドモントン発(3か月語学留学生徒)
11月18日(日) 成田着(3か月語学留学生徒)
2012年度 実用英語技能検定
10月13日(土)午前・午後 本校で実施
2013 年 1月 27日(日) 本会場のみ
2月 24日(日)
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