Ultra Mobile FAQs

Ultra Mobile FAQs
Activation Questions
Customer FAQ - How Do I Activate My SIM Card?
If You Already Purchased Your Plan Online:
Have your SIM with you to activate your service.
Login to your account.
After you login, a series of short steps will guide you through the activation process. This will include entering the
ICCID number on your SIM card.
Once finished, put your SIM card into your phone, and turn your phone on. Within a few minutes we will SMS your
phone confirming your activation.
If You Have A SIM and need to buy service:
If you have a new SIM card and want to purchase a mobile plan, you can either do it online or activate it at one of our
Authorized Retailer locations.
To purchase online, visit our plans page and select your desired plan. When you get to the sign up page, select the
“Already Have A SIM” option and continue with checkout. After you complete checkout, you can activate your SIM
To activate it at an Authorized Retailer, use our Dealer locator to find a store near you. Take your SIM card to the
Retailer and tell them at the counter which plan you want to purchase. The Retailer will then take you through the
activation process.
Can I port my phone number in from my current carrier?
To port your number from your current carrier, make sure you have your account number with you. Your account
number can be found on your billing statement or by contacting your provider’s Customer Service. Some carriers may
also require that you enter your password or PIN code.
The activation process has an option for you to port your existing number in from your old carrier. In that process, you
will need to enter your account number (and possibly the password) from your existing carrier to authorize the release
of your phone number to Ultra.
Ports can take up to 24 hours to complete, but most complete within 8 hours.
You can check on the status of your port online or with the store you activated your SIM card at. You should check on
your port 10 minutes after it was submitted to see if your current carrier accepted it. Port requests can have three
pending statuses:
Port In Progress - This means that we have submitted your port request to your current carrier and we are
either waiting for them to validate the information you submitted or to process the request.
Resolution Required - We submit your account, phone number, and sometimes zip & password to your
current carrier to authorize the port. A resolution required status means that one or more of those fields was
Ultra Mobile FAQs
incorrect and needs to be updated. Please correct the supplied information and submit your port in request
Port In Denied - Your porting request was not allowed or failed. This can happen if your service with your
current carrier is suspended for non-payment or if the porting request failed. If your current service is not
suspended, please resubmit the request.
If you cannot resolve your port in request within 24 hours, or your previous carrier stops working and your Ultra
service does not activate, contact customer service by calling 888 777-0446 for help.
Prepaid Monthly Account Questions
Do I need to sign a contract?
No. Ultra Mobile does not believe in contracts. All of our plans are prepaid. You can choose from prepaid monthly or
pay as you go. Find the right plan for you on our plans page.
Do you charge an activation fee?
Ultra Mobile does not charge any activation fees.
How long does my monthly plan run for?
Your monthly plan is good for 30 days from activation or your monthly recharge date. Monthly recharge takes place at
12:00 AM Pacific Time each night. If you activate your plan on June 1st, then it will be good through June 30th and
renew on July 1st at 12:00 AM Pacific.
We will send you SMS reminders ahead of your renewal date.
How can I pay my monthly bill?
There are several ways you can pay your monthly service charge:
Online: You can pay online via credit card by logging into your account. Look for the Recharge link in the left menu.
In Stores: You can use cash to instantly recharge your monthly plan by visiting any of our Retailers that offer
recharge. Click the Retailer Locator link to find a location near you.
Over The Phone: You can use an Airtime Recharge Card or your credit card to recharge your plan over the phone.
Dial 222 from your mobile or 888-850-5977 to recharge by phone.
Can I set my plan up to renew automatically?
Yes. If you enter your credit card on our website, you can have your plan renew each month automatically.
Ultra Mobile FAQs
What happens if I do not renew my plan on time?
If you do not pay your bill before your renewal date, we will suspend your account. When your account is suspended
you will not be able to make or receive calls or SMS and you will not be able to use data. Emergency calls to 911 and
calls to our 611 customer care line will still work.
How long will my account be in suspend if I don’t pay my bill?
You have 30 days to make your payment after your account goes into suspend. After 30 days, we cannot guarantee
that your number will still be assigned to your account. After 90 days, your number will be hard deleted from our
system and not retrievable.
General Account Questions
What is my username for the website?
If you did not create an account on the website, then your username is your phone number. Otherwise it’s a username
that you picked. If you have forgotten it, you can have it emailed to you from our login page.
I don’t know my password. How do I get it?
Go to our login page, and you can have your password sent to you via email or SMS.
Can I switch from one plan to another?
Not at this time. We will be adding the ability to switch between plans shortly. Please contact Customer Care at 888777-0446 to perform a rate plan change at this time. In order to change plans, please ensure the balance on the
account is at least equal to or greater than the value required to upgrade your pla n.
Can I add High Speed data to my account?
We currently do not offer this feature but are working to have it available soon.
I’ve lost my phone. I need to suspend my service.
If you have lost your phone and need to suspend your service to prevent unauthorized use, contact customer service
at 888-777-0446.
I’ve lost my phone. How do I transfer my number to a new phone?
To get your account and number transferred to a new phone, you will need to buy a new SIM card. You can order a
new SIM by logging into your account or by purchasing one in store from a Retailer.
Once you have a new SIM Card, contact Customer Service at 888-777-0446 or visit an Authorized Retailer and they will
move your number to the new SIM.
Ultra Mobile FAQs
How do I cancel my service?
Call customer service to cancel your service. Be sure to let them know if you are canceling your mobile service
immediately or at the end of your service period.
International Calling
Can I make international long distance calls?
Of course. Ultra Mobile is built for people who make frequent international calls. We encourage you to call the world
using Ultra.
How do I dial numbers internationally?
Dial 011 + country code + phone number. No access numbers here, Ultra Mobile allows for International Direct
How do I make an international text?
For destinations that use 10-digit dialing (numbers on the North American Numbering Plan), enter the 10-digit phone
number of the message recipient as you would sending a domestic text. For destinations not using 10-digit dialing (the
rest of the world outside North America), include 011 or a “+” symbol, the country code, and the phone number of the
recipient. For example, to text the Philippines send the message to +639055581221.
Buying Extra International Calling
If you are on a prepaid monthly plan ($29, $39, $49 plan), you can buy additional international calling for your phone.
International calling credit is sold in $10 minimums.
Credit can be bought online through your account or by purchasing in store at a top up location. To find a top up
location near you, click on the Retailer locator link and select Airtime Recharge from the dropdown.
Does International calling credit expire at the end of the month?
There are two types of international calling credit:
Included credit is the $5 and $20 that comes in the $39 and $49 monthly plans. This credit expires at the end of each
monthly and is replenished with a fresh $5 or $20 balance.
Additional credit is stored on the customer’s balance and does not expire. If a customer adds $20 and only uses $15 in
a given month, then the remaining $5 will be available the following month.
Ultra Mobile FAQs
$49 Unlimited Plan Data:
Our $49 unlimited plan comes with 1GB of data at up to 4G speeds. Once you have used 1GB of high speed data, your
plan will drop down to unlimited data at 128kbps speeds.
Our high speed data will always attempt to use 4G speeds first. In certain locations or network conditions, 4G will not
be available. When that happens we will use 3G data. Both 4G & 3G data count towards your 1GB of included high
speed data.
What speed is your unlimited data at?
Our unlimited data plans are at 128kbp speeds. This speed provides for basic internet needs such as browsing the web,
sending and receiving emails, sending and receiving picture messages, checking social networks, and streaming online
music. If they have an older phone or are a lighter smart phone user this speed will meet your browsing needs.
If you require faster browsing speeds, our $49 plan provides high speed data at up to 4G speeds.
SIM, Phone, & Setting Questions
Will my phone work with your service?
To use our service, you will need an unlocked GSM phone operating on the 1900MHZ band.
Once your account is activated, simply insert your SIM card into your device and you’ll be good to go!
Can I reuse a SIM Card?
A SIM card can only be used with one account. If you are changing phones, you can take your existing SIM out of your
old phone and put it in your new phone. Your service will continue to work uninterrupted, but you many need to
configure data settings on your new phone.
A SIM card will not work if it belonged to another account. Someone cannot give you their old SIM, and have it work
with a new account belonging to you.
My phone uses a micro SIM. Do I need to specify that when ordering?
SIMs ordered online are all dual punch SIMs. Dual punch SIMs work on both micro SIM phones and standard SIM
phones. If you have a phone that takes a micro SIM, press the smaller size out of the SIM card holder, and put that in
your phone.
If you are buying a SIM at a Retailer, show your phone to the Retailer at the counter and they will know which SIM card
you need.
Ultra Mobile FAQs
Phone Setting & Configurations
How do I program my phone for internet and MMS? (Data settings)
Click on the data settings tab on this page. We provide instructions for setting up data on Androids, iPhones, Windows,
and feature phones that have data.
How do I send a text message through email to my mobile number?
Email your message to [email protected]. Put your phone number in instead of x's.
How do I setup a three way call?
To set a three way call, dial the third party number with the other contact on hold and hit send. Hit send once again
while the third party is being connected and before the call is answered.
How can I access and reset my voicemail?
To access your voicemail, you can press and hold 1 or dial 1-805-MESSAGE. To reset your voicemail, type #PWD# in
your dialpad.
Customer Service
How can I contact Customer Service?
Customer Service is available via email by clicking on the Contact Support Tab on this page. You can also reach
customer service via phone 24/7 by calling 888-777-0446. If you are an Ultra Mobile customer, simply dial 611.
Customer Wallet
What is the customer wallet?
The customer wallet controls balance based purchases on Ultra Mobile.
International Calling Credit – The balance can be used for international calling once the customer has exhausted any
included monthly international calling credit. This is billed on a usage basis as international calls are made.
How is the customer wallet loaded?
The customer wallet can be loaded in store through a terminal, by scratch off card over the phone, or online by making
a purchase of additional credit. In the case of prepaid monthly subscribers, the customer will need to specify they are
loading their wallet and not recharging monthly service.
Ultra Mobile FAQs
Is there a minimum load amount to the customer wallet?
Yes. The minimum load amount is $10.
Is there a maximum balance that can be put on the customer wallet?
Yes. The maximum balance for a customer wallet is $200.
Does a wallet balance expire?
If the customer is on a prepaid monthly plan, then their balance does not have an expiration.
Can I use my iPhone on Ultra Mobile?
Yes you can. In order to use your GSM iPhone on Ultra, you will need to ensure your iPhone is unlocked. To setup
your iPhone for Internet and MMS, follow the instruction the Ultra Support page under Data Settings.
What data speed will I get on my iPhone?
Your iPhone will run on 128 kbps data speeds on our unlimited plans. Our $49 plan comes with 1GB of high speed data
(3G&4G). That data speed is currently available to iPhone users in Phoenix and Kansas City. iPhone users in other
markets will be able to use our high data speeds in the near future as we complete our data network upgrade.
Will you be adding high speed data for the iPhone in my region?
We will begin adding high speed data to many major markets throughout 2013. If you begin noticing your iPhone is
receiving 3G or 4G speeds, it is likely that your area has been added for high speed data on the 1900mhz band.
Will your high speed data run on 3G or 4G speeds for my iPhone?
Once available, your iPhone will be compatible for either 3G or 4G depending on which model iPhone you are using
along with your coverage strength.
I have an iPhone 5, do you have nano SIMs?
Currently we do not sell nano SIM cards and do not support the iPhone 5.
Will my BlackBerry work on Ultra Mobile?
Ultra Mobile does not offer BlackBerry Internet Service (BIS) and cannot provide support for Internet and MMS. You
will only be able to use talk and text similar to any other GSM device on Ultra Mobile.