(Conversation between a boss and a secretary

基礎ビジネス英語(第 13 回)
Hi, everyone.
Long time no see
What’s UP?
Me? Not much.
By the way, it’s so hot, isn’t it? I feel summer day and night.
How about you?
Well, I wanna begin today’s lesson.
Are you ready to rock-’n’-roll?
As usual, I’m gonna give you basic English expressions with a short conversation.
And I’ll show its translation and pronunciations of main countries to you.
Let’s check it out and enjoy together!
<conversation >
(Conversation between a boss and a secretary)
・About what time is ABC Tech coming?
・They arrive at around 2 P.M.
・How many people will be attending ?
・5 in all.
・Do you have a document for the meeting?
・Here it is.
・Thanks. Bring me a cup of coffee with sugar and milk, pronto!
・ABC テックは、何時ごろ、お越しかな?
・全部で 5 人です。
➣「What time is ABC Tech coming?」
ワッライム イッゼービーシーテック カミン
イズ エービーシーテック
Do you understand the differences?
See you next time!
to be continued