The Ant and the Grasshopper

The Mean troll
① Once upon a time, there lived a mean Troll, who made everyone
pay to cross the bridge. Even children.
② The mean troll was very rich. But he was very lonely, sad and
never satisfied with what he had.
③ No treasure in the world could make him happy.
④ He had never been to the other side of the bridge. So he sat and
wondered why people paid whatever he asked to cross the
⑤ One day, he asked a girl and a boy, “Why on earth are you
willing to sacrifice so much just to cross the bridge?”
⑥ The boy replied, “Haven’t you heard? Everybody is nice and
happy over there. They are happy because they all share and
care about each other”.
⑦ He then said, “You should come with us. You don't need all that
stuff. With friends, you will have more than enough!”
⑧ The troll couldn’t believe his ears! He smiled joyfully.
⑨ All these years he didn't know that to care only meant to
share. “You mean I don’t need to collect objects of silver and
gold to be happy?” asked the troll.
⑩ "Love, joy, happiness, and caring, all come from sharing not
from things that you collect,” said the little girl.
⑪ “Come with us and you will see that family, friends and sharing
is much more important to be happy.”
⑫ Then, they crossed the bridge where they were welcomed and
where they lived happily ever after.
① むかしむかし、人が橋を渡るたびに子どもにまでもいろいろな物を払わせていた、
② いじわるなトロールはとてもお金持ちでした。しかし、とてもこどくで、みじめで自分
③ 世界中にあるどんな宝物も、トロールを幸せにできません。
④ トロールは橋の向こう側へは一度も行ったことがありませんでした。なので、なぜ
⑤ ある日、トロールは女の子と男の子に聞きました。どうしてみんな橋を渡るためだ
⑥ 男の子は答えました「聞いたことないの?向こうにいる人はみんなすこやかで幸
⑦ それから男の子は言いました「君もぼくらと来なよ。何も持って行く必要はないよ。
⑧ トロールは自分の耳をうたがいました!かれはうれしそうにほほえみました。
⑨ 長年、彼は分かち合うことが思いやることだなんて知りませんでした。「ぼくが幸せ
⑩ 「愛、喜び、幸せ、思いやり、全ては分かち合うことで得られるんだ。あなたが集め
⑪ 「わたしたちと一緒に来たら、幸せになるために、家族や友達や分かち合いがより
⑫ それから彼らは、橋の向こうがわへ渡り、そこでかんげいされ、いつまでも幸せに