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講演者:Dr. iur. Fruzsina Molnár-‐Gábor

「ライフサイエンス・医療と社会」 第7回研究セミナー
日時: 2015年9月3日(木)11:00~12:00 場所: 大阪大学大学院医学系研究科付属 最先端医療イノベーションセンター棟 2階 セミナー室A 講演者:Dr. iur. Fruzsina Molnár-­‐Gábor Senior research fellow, The Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and HumaniNes, Germany 内容: Clouds for TranslaNonal Genome Research ー A European PerspecNve with Special Focus on Commercial Service Providers ゲノム分野の橋渡し研究におけるクラウド・データ流通の重要性と、 情報コントロールをめぐる課題の解決に向けて (ヨーロッパの法的視点から)
The massively increased amount of sequenced genomes in translaNonal cancer research requires new technological soluNons for processing and sharing data. Cloud compuNng has vast advantages for genomic research. However, decreased user control and increased provider control of data in clouds are considered to raise uncertainty whether this technology is appropriate to handle sensiNve data. In the European Union reservaNons towards commercial cloud service providers can be noted. The review of the background and the detailed analysis of the reservaNons show that these are based on security and transparency concerns as well as concerns related to the compliance with the data protecNon law of the European Union. However, the present European Data ProtecNon DirecNve and the upcoming European Data ProtecNon RegulaNon in its current draV wording do not address specific regulatory issues of cloud compuNng for translaNonal genome research. In order to be able to take advantage of cloud technology in this important field of research worldwide, the readiness to respond to each other’s concerns of both cloud service providers and regulators is needed.
(講演は英語で行います。どなたでも参加でき、参加登録は必要ありません。) 連絡先:加藤和人 (社会医学講座・医の倫理と公共政策学分野)
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