Keeping Resolutions

with Shanghai Centre
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Message from Akemi
Dear Residents,
Welcome to 2008...the Year of the
Rat...and the Year of the Olympics
in China! But let us also bid a fond
farewell to 2007, which brought to
a close an extremely busy year here
at Shanghai Centre. 2007 saw us
play host to a bevy of international
sporting events such as the Special
Olympics, the NBA Pre-Season
Game and two world-class golf
tournaments. But 2007 also saw us
embark on an exciting makeover of
the complex - one that involves the
complete renovation of our hotel facilities, motorcourt and shopping
plaza. I want to take this moment to apologize to everyone for the
inconvenience this work has caused and to thank you immensely for
your extreme patience. We hope that you ultimately enjoy the new
environment that is being created.
Shanghai Centre is focused on our commitment to continuously
improve services. A sample of the initiatives include establishing new
retail amenities such as Paul Bakery, Chaterhouse Bookstore and the
expansion of Element Fresh, installing card-access doors to enhance
privacy, creating an additional resident lounge and offering residents an
enriched lobby entrance experience. Talking about service, I am truly
excited to welcome back Kurt Sigouin as the Property Services Director
for Shanghai Centre - a role that he had started back when the project
opened 18 years ago. Needless to say, Kurt has tremendous experience
as well as a long-standing reputation for being customer-oriented and
having an eye for detail.
On behalf of our management team, have a safe and fun Chinese New
Year! We look forward to providing ever more rewarding services in
Best regards,
Akemi Inagaki
Japanese Leasing Manager
Byron Kan
General Manager
Shanghai Centre Management Office
Suite 710, 1376 Nanjing Rd. West,
Shanghai 200040 China
Tel: 6279 8600 Fax: 6279 8610
2 Shanghai Centre January|February
Kurt Sigouin Property Services Director
Tel: 6279 8600 ext 6759
Jenny Jiang Customer Service Manager
Tel: 6279 8600 ext 6627
Akemi Inagaki Japanese Leasing Manager
Tel: 6279 8600 ext 6678
Tiffany Tomaszewski Marketing Director
Tel: 6279 8600 ext 6615
Please direct all enquiries to [email protected]
Emily Chu Editor
Tiger Hu Art Director
Cover Story
Keeping Resolutions
with Shanghai Centre
ew Year's resolutions – easy to make and
hard to keep. Every year, we promise
ourselves that we will be healthier,
kinder, more organized, a better person, give
up smoking and a whole variety of other selfimprovements. However, by the end of January, we
have often already abandoned those goals by the
wayside and returned to our bad habits. However,
with the Chinese New Year just around the corner,
you have a second chance to start afresh and
really make 2008 a great year. At Shanghai Centre,
keeping New Year's resolutions is made easier with
services such as the Portman Ritz-Carlton gym,
healthy eating establishments, retail outlets dedicated
to smartening up your look and a range of selfimprovement classes for our residents.
A lot of people promise themselves that they are
going to improve their fitness in the New Year. At
the Portman Ritz-Carlton gym, around 60% of
those who join keep coming back. In order to make
yourself part of the 60%, or to help increase that
percentage to 100%, motivation is key. People who
drop out of fitness regimes do so for a number of
reasons, such as a lack of motivation, commitment,
or just not enough time. Sean Chua, health club
manager, suggests that in order to get motivated
it's really important to have achievable goals. At the
Portman, health club staff members help customers
to stay on track with new and creative fitness
programs, fitness challenges, and monthly schedules,
so customers have something tangible to work
toward. Exercise needs to be fun and interesting, so
having a friend or a trainer to work with you can
also increase motivation. Time is a problem for many
people, but in order to achieve a reasonable level of
fitness, just three sessions per week for a beginner is
a good start. Beginners should include warm-ups,
cardio work and strength training in their workouts.
Once you start getting your body in shape, it's
also important to maintain your health through
nutritious eating. Many people resolve to eat more
healthily or to lose weight in the New Year. At
Element Fresh in Shanghai Centre, there is no guess
work involved, as a wide range of good food is on
offer. Jim Fu, brand director at Element Fresh, has
a whole philosophy of healthy eating involving
finding tasty and nutr itious elements. Fresh
ingredients, juices, cooking without MSG and with
minimal oil all make sure that your diet is beneficial
for your body. Taking time to enjoy your food with
friends is also a great way to keep your resolutions.
Although it's tempting in Shanghai's winter chill to
pig out on heavy comfort food, a sure-fire resolution
breaker, a warm and filling soup will do the job just
as well. Element Fresh have just introduced a new
Manhattan Clam Chowder to their menu. Starting
the day with a juice, Jim recommends carrot, orange
Shanghai Centre January|February 3
Centre News
New Property Services Director
We're happy to welcome back Kurt Sigouin to
the Shanghai Centre Management Team as the
Property Services Director. Kurt had previously
worked with Shanghai Centre, and brings rich
experience and understanding of the complex
which will enable him to focus on maintaining
the high level of service Shanghai Centre offers
its residents and tenants. Welcome back Kurt!
Year. Also, fitting out your wardrobe with classics
such as a grey suit should keep you looking smart all
year round. At present, fitted, single breasted styles
with a natural shoulder line are popular. Be sure to
feel the fabrics for softness when selecting to make
sure you choose a good quality one. In order to get
the best colour for your skin tone, the simplest way
is to hold the fabric under your neck in a good light
and in front of a mirror.
and ginger, and getting loads of crunchy salads
(Teriyaki Salmon Salad is a winter favourite), in
your diet will also ensure that your body is getting
the nutrients it needs. Snacks also tend to be regime
make or breakers, so making sure that you grab an
apple or banana in between meals should keep your
healthy resolutions on track.
Resolving to look good from head to toe not only
involves diet and exercise, but paying attention to
hair and clothes. At Shanghai Centre, retailers Toni
and Guy and Dave's Tailoring can help you to look
smart for the New Year.
For hair, why not try a whole new look? Mike
Lau, senior creative director at Toni and Guy has
a host of suggestions for hot new styles for 2008.
He dares customers to be more vibrant and to try
various shades of reds, glacier blonde or petrol black.
Changing the silhouette of your cut and taking on
new lines such as asymmetrical or blunt and angular
will bring a new you. He emphasizes that 2008 is
about individuality and encourages potential clients
to drop in for a free consultation. For those of us
not quite ready to commit to a whole new look,
he suggests subtle changes in length or shape or
experimenting with slices of colour. For 2008, hot
looks include reds, natural curls and unconventional
bobs. To maintain your resolution for fabulous hair
throughout the year, a visit to the salon every 4-6
weeks and the use of great products such as a serum
to seal in moisture and offer protection should do
the trick.
At Dave's Custom Tailoring, the staff members
recommend trying some Chinese styles for the New
4 Shanghai Centre January|February
Finally, resolving to improve in the area of new
skills and cultural activities is easy for Shanghai
Centre residents. Coffee mornings in 2007 featured
introductions to cultural subjects such as Beijing
Opera, and antique Chinese furniture. For the
gourmand, there were classes in cheese appreciation
and a Spanish cooking class at Otto restaurant, and a
cocktail-making class at the Ritz-Carlton bar.
As the Chinese New Year comes, get out that list
you made on January 1st, and start working on
making 2008 your best ever.
Annual Toiletry Drive
With the holiday travel season in full force,
we would like to take this opportunity to run
our annual Toiletry Collection to help those
less fortunate in the poorer areas of China.
These toiletry items can include everything
from unopened hotel shampoo and lotion
bottles to airline hospitality packs that often go
unused. By donating these, you can not only
help those in need, but also open up space
in your bathroom. During your travels this
holiday season, please collect and keep your
hotel toiletries and airport packs knowing that
they will be put to good use upon your return.
In mid-January, we will send out information
on drop-off dates and set up drop boxes in the
East and West lobbies for one month for your
Shanghai Sunrise Event
Shanghai Sunrise held a Career Day for over
120 children at Shanghai Centre on December
8th. Six Chinese professionals from a variety of
industries shared their educational and work
experiences with the crowd. The speeches
were inspiring as well as filled with secrets of
success for the budding students' futures.
Welcome Back!
After a nice holiday break, the Shanghai
Centre Caterpillars and Butterflies will
return to class on Monday, January 14th. We
hope you all had a pleasant and safe holiday
Kids’ Club Birthday Celebration!
O c t o b e r, N ove m b e r, D e c e m b e r a n d
Januar y Kids' Club bir thdays will be
celebrated on Saturday, January 19th. The
party will be held in the Kids' Club and
Resident lounge from 3-5PM, so be sure
to come join in the fun!
Event Schedule
From now to Feb 15
Toiletry Collection
Apartment Lobby
Residents only
10:00 - 11:30 am
Coffee Morning
Resident Lounge,
Suite 820
Residents only
10:00 - 11:30 am
Coffee Morning
Resident Lounge,
Suite 820
Residents only
Regular Events Residents Only
Monday 10:00 - 11:00 am
Yoga Class
Health Club, Level 7, Portman Ritz-Carlton
Hotel, Residents Only
Friday 10:00 - 11:00 am
Pilates Class
Health Club, Level 7, Portman Ritz-Carlton
Hotel, Residents Only
Friday 1:30 - 3:30 pm
Adults' Art Class
Resident Lounge, Suite 820,
Residents & Others
Friday 4:15 - 5:30 pm
Children's Art Class
Resident Lounge, Suite 820,
Residents & Others
* For further information on these or any other
events hosted by Shanghai Centre, please contact
the Marketing Department at extension 6621.
17:00 - 18:30 pm
Lantern Festival
Residents only
Shanghai Centre January|February 5
Retailer Section
Portman Ritz-Carlton’s High Tea
With the presentation and flavors influenced by the
love theme, Executive Pastry Chef Ramon Ramos'
high tea dessert buffet in the Lobby Lounge will
prove too tempting to resist. Including a glass of
specially concocted champagne and rose essence
smoothie, passion fruit pot de crème, strawberry
tart, chocolate dipped strawberries, pistachio and
vanilla macaroon sweeten the rendezvous. Priced at
RMB268 per person with a 15% service charge. For
reservations, please call 6279 8888, extension 5815.
Upcoming Shanghai Centre Theatre
TANGO Fire Argentina's Gift to the World on
February 10th – 11th.
•• Taste of Argentine's passion during the Chinese
traditional festival.
•• Night of Rose – Saxophone Concer t on
February 14th. Forget the renovation, start the
romantic celebration!
To purchase tickets for either event, contact the
Shanghai Centre Ticket Hotline at 6279 8663.
Love Themed Bartending Master Class
On Februar y 9th, from 1 to 3:30 p.m., The
Ritz-Carlton Bar Manager Caroline Zhang will
impart her recipes for specialty "Love Potions."
The bartending master class for three drinks is
RMB288 per person with a 15% service charge. For
reservations, please call 6279 8888, extension 5815.
Centre Spotlight
Shanghai Centre Privilege Card
Shanghai Centre will once again offer the discount program to all residents in 2008.
This card provides several benefits to the holder, including exclusive discounts at
restaurants and shops in Shanghai Centre. Be sure to show your Shanghai Centre ID
card at any participating retailer listed below to obtain your exclusive discount!
California Pizza Kitchen
Tony Roma's
Cheese and Fizz
15% discount on all food & beverage
15% discount on all food & beverage
10% discount
3% off all items except for sale and deli
10% off custom-made pieces
10% off all products and services
10% off all food & drinks
10% discount
Buy one juice get one juice free
4% off select items
25% off dry cleaning services
20% discount
10% off on orders of 100RMB and over
City Supermarket
Dave's Custom Tailoring
FIORI by nail plus
Long Bar(Smart Mass International Ltd.)
Shanghai Haagen-Dazs Food Co.
Element Fresh
Shanghai Huashi Pharmacy Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Jazz Cleaner Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Wally's Digital & Photocopy Corp. Ltd.
Shanghai Lizi Flower Art Co., Ltd.
Silk Collection Emperor
(Shanghai XueLiNa Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd.)
12% off all non-sale items
Toni & Guy
offer valid from Sunday-Wednesday, 10AM6PM;10% discount on all products;15%
discount for Cut& perm and cut& color
packages(includes free 15 minutes hair
treatment);or 10% discount for individual cut,
color or perm treatment.
Zhang's Textiles
New HSBC Offering
HSBC Shanghai Centre Sub-branch is now
providing RMB services and investment products
to local Chinese citizens. An exquisite gift will be
offered to new local Premier account-opening
customers. In addition, the bank is open during the
weekends for account opening and non-cash related
services for premier customers. For details, please
dial 6279 8582 ext 1 5464, 5465 & 6506.
6 Shanghai Centre January|February
L'e Crin
Portman Ritz-Carlton
10% discount on all courses
20% discount
10% off on cosuming of 1000RMB and over,
SC discount card can't be used with Zhang's
Textiles' discount card
5% discount
10% discount on all products and flowers
at The Gift Shop (excludes sale items); 20%
discount on food and beverage consumption
in The Tea Garden, The Lobby Lounge,
Palladio, Hanagatami, Summer Pavilion,
The Ritz-Carlton Bar and Room Service;
50% discount on laundry service; and 30%
discount off published room rates across all
Centre Scene
Out and About
in Shanghai Centre
Event Recap
Holiday Party
The Portman Ritz-Carlton Ballroom was
transferred into a Winter Wonderland for the
annual Shanghai Centre Holiday party. The
wine flowed, Christmas music filled the air,
and even Santa was on hand to make sure
everyone was in the holiday mood. We'd
like to send a special thank you to Genilda
Doria, who was the creative artist behind the
brilliant decorations.
1. Festive decorations designed by Genilda Doria.
2. Shanghai Centre residents enjoying the annual Holiday
3,4. Santa Claus visits Shanghai Centre!
Giving Tree
We’d like to send a big 'thank you' to all
residents and Shanghai Centre staff that
participated in the annual Giving Tree gift
drive. We appreciate everyone's generosity,
and are happy to announce we sent fifty bags
filled with goodies ranging from warm coats
and outfits to furry stuffed animals and toys.
The bags will be distributed to some of the
city's neediest children in time for the Spring
Festival. Thank you for your support!
Shanghai Centre January|February 7
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Northwest Airlines
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Vietnam Airlines
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Club Med
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