Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Market Demand is Increasing in Most Part of World 2021

Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor (MLCC) Market: Global Industry Analysis and Forecast 2015
– 2021
Ceramic capacitor is endowed with the alternate layers of ceramic and metal. The ceramic material
acts as a dielectric. Demand for these ceramic capacitor is rising owning to increasing usage in
approximately all the electronics devices. The growth of new designs of MLCCs with improved
bypassing, higher capacitances, decoupling and filtering capabilities is estimated to increase
ceramic usage. MLCC designs results are ensuring ever thinner layers: even less than one micron
thick. With this technological advancement, MLCCs are not only smaller in size, but have better
charge capacity owning to the increased number of layers. The industry trend in the direction of
finer layers is creating the role of filtration more critical for MLCC manufacture.
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MLCC are used in several applications such as AC-AC and DC-DC converters and for EMI
suppression. Ceramic capacitors of particular styles and shapes are used for RFI/EMI suppression
and as power capacitors in larger dimensions for transmitters. The multilayer ceramic capacitor
market is expected to show the double digit growth at a CAGR during forecast period.
The major key factor that contributes to growth of this market is the increasing demand for
multilayer ceramic capacitor in the electronics industry. The demand for MLCC is rising in the
electronics industry with continuous increase in requirement of high-specification electronic
gadgets. The demand for MLCC is majorly created by computers, televisions, mobile phones and
other consumer electronics. The companies of high-end electronic devices and equipment have
increased the use of MLCCs in electronic device. The multilayer ceramic capacitor has also been
witnessing a constant decline in prices. However, the inherent drawback of ceramic capacitor is
MLCC has ceramic as dielectric material that is flat to physical damage and may easily get cracked.
The MLCCs should be handled with utmost care; otherwise the lifetime of MLCCs would get
shorten. The different geographical regions for this market include North America, Europe, Asiapacific and Rest of the World. The APAC region is the key manufacturing land for electronic device
manufacturers. The constant demand for MLCCs in Asia Pacific has led to the appearance of
manufacturers from several Asian countries such as South Korea, Taiwan and China. Manufacturers
from Asian countries are increasing the production with the improved technologies for production
of MLCCs. Moreover, these Asian companies offer MLCCs at comparatively low cost than the
companies from other countries. Development and Market size trends of main MLCC application
fields in China include computers, mobile phones and TV.
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Some of the major vendors for multilayer ceramic capacitor are Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.,
Taiyo Yuden Co. Ltd., Fenghua Advanced Technology, Murata, Kyocera, YAGEO, Walsin
Technology Corp., Chaozhou Three-Circle and Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co. Ltd. Samsung
Electro-Mechanics and Murata stress the Chinese market than other markets. Samsung ElectroMechanics set up four MLCC production plants in Tianjin, Suzhou and Dongguan to generate
almost all the types of products. Murata has already established plants in Wuxi and Beijing and its
product portfolio covers a wide range.

The major key factor that contributes to growth of this market is the increasing demand for multilayer ceramic capacitor in the electronics industry.