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Snubber Capacitor Market

Snubber Capacitor Market- The
Rise In Applications Of Snubber
Capacitors In Automobiles And
Snubbers are vitality energy absorbing circuits used to eliminate the voltage spikes caused
by the circuit’s inductance when a switch, either electrical or mechanical, opens. The
snubber capacitors are mainly used for the protection of switching devices and electronic
circuits, to limit and overvoltage during turn-on and turn-off.
The primary factor driving the global snubber capacitor market is the rise in applications of
snubber capacitors in automobiles and elevators. Another factor driving the market is their
superior features for instance, higher switching speeds and increased efficiency of the
system, simplified mounting together with power switches or ICs, more efficient spread of
the thermal power dissipation to the heat sink, excellent device tolerances, minor deviations,
and many other significant features which enable these capacitors to employ with different
applications of multiple industry vertical. Also, the snubber capacitors have added features
over traditional capacitors, as these capacitors are unique since it has extended aluminum
foil electrodes with polypropylene film dielectric and is impregnated. Owing to this the
snubber capacitors are gaining popularity among consumers and this is resulting in
increasing consumer base of the global snubber capacitors and fueling the growth of the
global snubber capacitor market during the forecast period.
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Furthermore, the snubber capacitors are used in residential and commercial buildings to
escape from short circuits and other electrical damages. As the current generation is more
concerned about safety and security these days, therefore demand of snubber capacitors
are being increased day by day and this is leading to the growth of global snubber capacitor
market during the forecast period. However, lack of awareness among consumers for
snubber capacitor is affecting the consumer base and hampering the growth of the global
market. Also, the availability of cheap substitutes is restraining the growth of the snubber
capacitor market during the forecast period. Although, research and development activities
are being applied by the manufacturers to improve the manufacturing process and for
overall cost reduction to overcome these factors which are affecting the growth of the
global snubber capacitor market.
The global snubber capacitor market can be segmented into type, application, end use, and
geography. Based on type, the global market has been segmented into AC and DC. By
application, the market is segmented into inverters, hybrid electric vehicles, UPS
(uninterruptible power supplies), alternative energy power management systems, switch
mode power supplies, power supplies, motor controllers, and others. By end use, the global
snubber capacitor market can be segregated into semiconductor & electronics, automobile,
aerospace & Defense, and others. Based on geography the global snubber capacitor market
can be categorized into North America, Europe, Middle East & Africa, and South America.
The global snubber capacitor market is fragmented in nature with many international and
local players present into the market. Prominent market players have adopted product
launch as their key strategy, followed by agreements and partnerships. Major product
launches of snubber capacitors were related to products which have higher efficiency and
broader scope of application.
Some of the leading manufactures operating in global snubber capacitor market includes
ALCON ELECTRONICS PVT LTD, WIMA GmbH & Co. KG, Arizona Capacitors, Nichicon
Corporation, AVX Corporation, Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Cornell Dubilier Electronics,
KEMET, Aerovox Corp, Custom Electronics, Inc., Hitachi AIC Inc., and Electro Technik
Industries, Inc. among others.
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