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voyage humanitiare

Voyage humanitaire is a part of mission humanitaire in which solidarity trips are conducted by Shammesh. These trips give a different experience like traveling by placing nature, villagers and local traditions at the heart of a humanitarian trip.
Ways to begin voyage
Will you be willing to work and undertake any social work for betterment of the
people? Mission humanitaire is the one you can go as they bring together
people. You will have to work at any place abroad with the guidance of local
staff. These missionaries monitor the project and provide all necessary tools to
the volunteers. There are many such participants like you who will be there to
help you for all the things. Your humanitarian act can have a real positive
impact on the society. You will have to work at day-care centers, specialized
centers or nursing home depending on the project that you are a member of.
The various areas of humanitarian action for which the mission
humanitaireAfrique works for are helping refugees, general child welfare, to
protect the rights of the child, HIV AIDS awareness project etc.
You can plan for voyage humanitaire by considering the following steps. Below
factors will be very helpful in your projects and also will help you in work in
other countries.
You need to choose your destination for the type of project that you want to
participate. This will help you to be a member of the mission
humanitaireAfrique. It is very simple to enroll yourself. It is important that you
carry all your credentials as some mission may require a certain level of
education and expertise. Mostly, the missions are open to all the volunteers
with any profile. You can also complete the enrollment process with the help of
the internet. There are many coordinators to help you with anything you need
like places and the timing about the mission.
There are also online forms you can fill and take part in the same. You can also
contact on their official number for availing subscription. You will be further
asked to volunteer a sum of money to validate your registration. Doing this you
will be able to take part in the project you want to work in for voyage
humanitaire. The best part is that you can work as per your convenience. You
may leave the mission if you are not comfortable. Your balance will be refunded
on the basis of the invoices generated by you. Once you leave for the mission
your time starts which will only end once you are back to your place.
If you require any modifications, you can always write to the consultants of the
mission humanitaire. There might be any academic or other obligations on your
end to be fulfilled on time. This may lead to postponement of the departure on
the scheduled date. It is important that you know all the modifications in the
project by the coordinators. In case you have any kind of doubts on for the
mission you can get them cleared by the coordinators. Make sure you have
prepared your departure in accordance with the details shared with you by the
organization. You can also collect general information regarding the host
country, its culture, its climate etc. This will help you with an assurance when
you are on trip. Read more here to
get more information.
Finalize your mission and plan your schedule properly so that the goal of the
mission can be achieved within the set time period.
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