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Europe Aquatic Feed Market

Europe Aquatic Feed Market was worth USD 11.76 billion in 2016 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 9.5%, to reach USD 18.51 billion by 2021.
Europe Aquatic Feed Market to Reach $18.51 Billion by 2021
Europe Aquatic Feed Market was worth USD 11.76 billion in 2016 and estimated to be
growing at a CAGR of 9.5%, to reach USD 18.51 billion by 2021. A major important part of
running a successful commercial aquaculture is the selection of the right manufactured
feeds which provide the balanced nutrition required by fish. The feed may be either granular
or in the form of pellets and are essential in providing the fish with a balanced diet within
their enclosures where their natural food sources may be absent.
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Wheat is being used as a major ingredient in all aquatic feed due to its binding property for
holding the pellets together. As for the carnivorous species of fish such as salmon, trout and
turbot, fishmeal and fish oil are the major components for making the feed. Other key
ingredients in fish feed include vegetable proteins, vitamins, minerals and cereal grains.
Trash fish is also considered as fish feed, wherein fish that is caught is fed directly to larger
species that grow in aquatic pens.
The major factors affecting the Aquatic Feed market include the rising populations, rise in
income leading to increased demand for seafood, the rapid urbanization and a strong
expansion of the seafood production industry aided by technological advancements making
for better distribution and storage. The market is also bolstered by the rise in demand for
natural health supplements of which omega-3 fatty acids derived from certain species of fish
is a major component. The soaring prices of materials needed for aquatic feed production is
one of the restraints of the market along with the fact that the industry is profitable only with
large-scale production.
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Market Segmentation
5.1.1 Introduction
5.1.2 Soybean
5.1.3 Corn
5.1.4 Fish Meal
5.1.5 Fish Oil
5.1.6 Additives
5.1.7 Others
5.1.8 Y-o-Y Growth Analysis, By
5.1.9 Market Attractiveness Analysis, By
5.1.10 Market Share Analysis, By
5.2.1 Introduction
5.2.2 Antibiotics
5.2.3 Vitamins
5.2.4 Antioxidants
5.2.5 Amino Acids
5.2.6 Feed Enzymes
5.2.7 Feed Acidifiers
5.2.8 Other Additives
5.2.9 Y-o-Y Growth Analysis, By
5.2.10 Market Attractiveness Analysis, By
5.2.11 Market Share Analysis, By
End User
Fish Tilapia Feed Salmon Feed Carp Feed Catfish Feed
Molluscs Oyster Feed Mussel Feed
Crustaceans Shrimp Feed Crab Feed
5.3.5 Others
5.3.6 Y-o-Y Growth Analysis, By End
5.3.7 Market Attractiveness Analysis, By End
5.3.8 Market Share Analysis, By End User
The Europe Aquatic Feed market is broadly classified by Ingredient into Soybean, Corn,
Fish Meal, Fish Oil, Additives and Others, based on additive type into Antibiotics, Vitamins,
Antioxidants, Amino Acids, Feed Enzymes, Feed Acidifiers and Other Additives, and by End
User into Fish Feed such as Tilapia, Salmon, Carp and Catfish Feed, Molluscs such as
Oyster Feed and Mussel Feed, Crustaceans such as Shrimp Feed and Crab Feed and
Others. Based on geography, the Europe market is divided into Italy, France, UK, Germany
and Spain. The European region has the third highest market share globally only behind the
likes of Europe and North America, albeit with a low CAGR rate. The low growth rate of the
region can be attributed to the fact that most countries in the region are in their pinnacle of
development and the room to grow is fast decreasing.
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The Aquatic Feed market is highly competitive with a large number of players. Key market
players dominating the market with their products are Cargill Inc, BioMar group, Waterbase
Ltd, BASF SE, Alltech Inc, Coppen International, Evonik Industries, Archer Daniels Midland
Company, Ridley Corporation, Nutreco NV, Avanti Feeds Ltd and Ewos.
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