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Dr. Matthew K. Norton, America’s Holistic Doctor
About me
My name is Matthew and I'm a Holistic Doctor. I am fond of
my job. When I have some free time I spend it with my
family or read books. On my opinion, reading is a lifelong
skill. If you want to be successful, you should be welindiepopl-read and erudite, to move with the times.
Helping to Set People Free From Pain and Illness to
Express Their Full Potential, Since 1983
Dr. Matthew Norton has been affecting the lives of
individuals and families for over 25 years with his wellness message,
focusing on our incredible inborn potential to heal and thrive amidst
life’s injuries and stresses. He teaches that the ability to live a long and
vital life with expanded capacity requires a nervous system free of the
interference caused by those injuries and stresses. Dr. Norton is
unique in the profession in combining these foundational principles
with a cutting edge strategy for measuring and correcting these
health-disturbing interferences.
He founded Norton Chiropractic Wellness Center in 1997 to
focus exclusively upon this powerful, life and health transforming
approach. It stands apart from the medical and general chiropractic
symptom-treating model and according to the doctor is sometimes
not understood because it is still ahead of its time.
 Improving Nervous System Function Improves Health;
Improving Health Improves Quality of Life
Dr. Norton unites his passion for learning, teaching, and
healing with a compassion for those who are struggling with pain
and illness or not performing at their peak. He brings to his work a
high level of academic achievement and cutting-edge body/mind
research. However, he also brings a deeply caring heart
transformed by difficult personal life experiences.
Chief among the hurdles was the sudden death of his first
wife in 1987, at age 34, leaving him with her 5-year-old twin
daughters that he had just adopted. Remarriage led to the
challenge of family blending and raising three same-age girls. Dr.
Norton has a beautiful, supportive wife named Judy and five
children in all. Healing through his devastating loss involved a
deepened commitment to God, his family, and to his personal
development. It also produced a strong desire to positively impact
as many others as possible toward greater wholeness of body,
mind, and spirit.
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