Asia Pacific Ureteral Stents Market

Mounting cases of metabolic disorders is fuelling the growth of Asia Pacific Ureteral Stents
Market Overview
Urine is usually carried from kidneys to the bladder by the lengthy slim, muscular tubes that are
termed as “Ureters”. The ureter sometimes gets obstructed because of Tumors, infections,
kidney stone, and many others. In such instances, a synthetic tube is used by the physicians that
are known as a ureteral stent, meant to repair this condition. The duration of the stent varies
from adult to adult is between 24 and 30 cm. Plus, they have got exceptional diameters or
gauges to suit the assorted size of the Ureters. The cystoscope facilitates to insert the stent. The
stent can be of various types such as the JJ stent, Double J stent or Pig-tail stent.
Innovative interface systems available in the market for stent case management and patient
safety has been used for both physicians and patients. Epidemiological facts well-known shows
that the superiority of stone disease is growing which shows that demand for ureter stents
could growth in destiny.
According to USA Renal information machine (USRDS), around 17,600 kidney transplants were
accomplished within the U.S in 2013. From 2012 to 2013, there has been a 3.1% growth within
the cumulative variety of recipients with a functioning kidney transplant. As of December 31,
2013, the kidney transplant waiting listing accelerated by 3%, from the previous year to 86,965
candidates (dialysis sufferers best), 83% of whom awaited their first kidney transplant.
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Drivers and Restraints:
The growth in the incidence of urological diseases due to the colonization of microorganisms or
sedentary way of life is the important aspect that drives the growth of the ureteral stents
market. Further, rise in a variety of kidney transplants, a surge in a geriatric populace, and
technological advancements in stents composition substances are anticipated to enhance the
marketplace growth. Other factors with the intention to influence the rate of the market will
develop are increasingly humans which are turning into obese, dangerous nutritional habits,
much less fluid intake, and the upward thrust within the cases of metabolic disorders.
However, lack of professional specialists and unfavorable effects related to the use of ureteral
stents, headaches after removal of the stent, the stent placement technique is complicated,
and problem in living with the presence of ureteral stent with aspect results inclusive of
urgency to skip urine and increased occurrences of urination avert the market growth.
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Geographic Segmentation
The Asia Pacific region is geographically segmented into China, India, Japan and South East Asia.
This region has extensive boom due to growing populace and growing attention. Factors that
contribute to this growth are the presence of the outstanding marketplace gamers and upward
thrust within the variety of urological surgeries, and consistent research and improvement in
the tasks. It is anticipated to have a fine growth due to affected person demographics which are
favorable and emerging healthcare infrastructure.
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The major companies of the market include C. R. Bard, Inc., Pnn Medical, Cook Medical Inc.,
Boston Scientific Corporation and Medline Industries, Inc., etc.
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Ureteral stent refers to a tube which is implanted in ureter to treat blockage of urine flow from kidney. The stent is inserted with the help of a cystoscopy and the length of stent ranges from 24 cm to 30 cm.