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Artificial Intelligence Market Size will Grow Profitably and Estimates Strong Development by 2025

Global Artificial Intelligence Market: This market research report focuses on Past-Current Size, Shares, trends & Forecast to 2025
Artificial Intelligence Market Size will Grow Profitably and Estimates
Strong Development by 2025
The Global Artificial Intelligence Market was valued at US$ 15.2 billion in 2016 and is
expected to expand at a CAGR of 33.34% in terms of revenue and reach a mark of US$
151.8 billion over the forecast period 2017 – 2025.
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Artificial Intelligence Market – Insights Artificial intelligence (AI) is also called machine
intelligence. Artificial intelligence that is being demonstrated by machines is dissimilar to
the natural intelligence that is displayed by animals and humans. In computer science
terms artificial intelligence research is elaborated as the study of "intelligent mediators":
Device that recognizes its environment and takes appropriate actions that can maximize
its success rate. The term "artificial intelligence" is only applied when a machine relates
its actions which are associated with humans with other human minds, for instance
problem solving, learning and analyzing. The artificial intelligence term was coined in
1956, although AI has become more popular on the present day due to the rapid growth
in the data volumes, advancements in computing power & Storage and advanced
In the early stages research related to artificial intelligence covered the topics such as
symbolic methods and problem solving methods. In the 2nd quarter of 1960s, the US
Department of Defense showed interest in artificial intelligence and began training
computers to impressionist basic human reasoning. For example, the Defense Advanced
Research Projects Agency (DARPA) accomplished street mapping projects in the 1970s,
additionally DARPA produced intelligent personal assistants in 2003, that was long before
Alexa, Siri, and Cortana were temporary names. The early adoption of these technology
and the technological work done on AI by the DARPA paved off by increasing the
capabilities acquired by the system such as formal reasoning that we observe in the
computers today which includes smart search systems and decision support system that
can examine and work according to the human capabilities.
The global artificial intelligence is segment into three categories, namely, component,
technology and end-users. On the basis of components the artificial intelligence market
has been divided into hardware, software, and services. Based on technology the market
has been categorized into computer vision, natural language processing, machine
learning and context-aware computing. End-user segment based on artificial intelligence
market was segmented into manufacturing, retail, healthcare, agriculture, automobile,
human resources, security, fintech and marketing.
Manufacturing is the largest end-user, followed by healthcare for artificial
The end user industry has been categorized into manufacturing, retail, healthcare,
agriculture, automobile, human resources, security, fintech. Manufacturing end-user
industry is anticipated to hold the major chunk of the artificial intelligence market over the
forecast period. Growing data volume resulting since the manufacturing sector value
chain has engaged to the connection of AI-enabled data analytics that are being used in
the manufacturing sector. Moreover, initiatives taken up by the industries for instance
Industry 4.0, the connected manufacturing step taken up by the Government of Germany,
have flourished the growth of AI-enabled devices in manufacturing.
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Regional Insights
The Asia Pacific region artificial intelligence market is anticipated to hold the major chunk
of the market, due to the rapid growth in high computing power, information storage
capacity, and parallel processing, that has contributed in order to experience the swift
growth of artificial intelligence technology in end-user industries such as healthcare and
automotive industries.
Multinational players
Major players in the global Biodegradable Packaging market include IBM Corporation,
NVIDIA, Google, Inc., Intel, Samsung Electronics, Microsoft Corporation, Xilinx,
Amazon Web Services, Oracle Corporation, SAP SE, Facebook and Salesforce
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