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Global Facades Market 2018 Industry Size, Share, Growth & Research Analysis

Facades Market, By Raw Material (Glass, Metal, Wood, Clay And Others), By End-Use (Commercial, Residential, Industrial), By System (Ventilated And Non-Ventilated) – Global Industry Insights, Trends And Forecast (2017-2025)
Global Facades Market 2018 Industry Size, Share, Growth &
Research Analysis
Facade Market is a French word and a common architectural term which means
‘face’. The rise in demand for aesthetically appealing and technologically advanced
(energy efficient, water resistant, etc.) buildings has escalated the use of facade
materials in construction industry. The increase in number of skilled professionals that
includes- qualified architects, consultants and manufacturers in construction industry,
who possess in-depth knowledge about facade market and know their better usage in
construction industry, has brought more professionalism to the industry and hence
have contributed to their significant rise.
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Market Dynamics
The global facades market is anticipated to witness a considerable growth during the
forecast period. The increasing concern over depletion of natural resources due to
construction activities has raised the need for adopting eco-friendly and sustainable
façade fabrications such as carbon fiber, ETFE membranes and corten steel, which inturn will fuel the facades market. The anticipated increase in overall construction
activities due to urbanization is a major factor for the growth of facades market. Rise
in Consumer spending power and demand for a secured and protected workplace
environment in countries like Japan, China, India and others has also escalated the
facades market globally. However, the high production cost of facades materials such
as Aluminium Composite Pannel (ACP), SHERA plank, and others is one of the major
restraints for the growth of facades market. The lack of familiarity with new façades
technologies and lack of confidence to implement it on buildings is also a hindrance
in the growth of facades market among midsized and small organizations.
Facades market has a promising future because energy conservation is the need of the
hour and facades have the potential to generate as well as restore renewable energy.
The scope of advancements in facades to produce electronically controlled facades,
automation in facades and use of advanced photovoltaic cells and heat filters in
facades are also some of the promising factors for future growth of Facades market.
Segment Analysis
Among various raw materials, glass is one of the widely used materials to develop
facades and the reason can be contributed to its properties like color, transparency and
high aesthetic quotient. Float glass, patterned glass and sheet glass are the most
popular glass types used in facades. The safety concern and heat gain issues with glass
facades has started inspiring manufacturers to develop light-weighted structured glass
facades with intelligent glazing system and high heat absorbance features. In cold
countries like U.S. and UK, the demand for curtain walls (prepared from glass) are
expected to witness a constant rise due to their capability to transmit heat inside the
building and keeping the atmosphere warm. The demand for metal facades especially
Aluminum and Steel facades is also expected to escalate as they are highly elastic in
nature and provides high-resistance from temperature.
The anticipated increase of 2.5-3 % in annual global construction activities in the next
five years, which includes private housing, commercial buildings and industrial
buildings, holds a great scope for the growth of a communicative facade market. To
make a commercial complex aesthetically appealing, corporate owners in developing
countries like India and China are ready to spend huge amounts as it improves their
market value as well as better usage of appropriate façade materials can help in energy
conservation. The rise of product demand in residential construction is also anticipated
because of the inclination of customers towards energy-efficient, visually appealing
and weather-resistant houses.
The ventilated and non-ventilated facades are the product types that are used in a
building construction after evaluating several parameters such as climatic condition
of the area, space present, insulation and energy requirements, etc. Ventilated façades,
which is also called ‘double-skin facades’, is more desirable in construction industry
due to its low maintenance and superior performance. Products like Rainbar Pro and
Rainplus can save a building from direct radiations and uneven weather which causes
deterioration of traditionally constructed buildings.
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Global Market Analysis
The development of advanced façade materials in several North American and
European countries such as U.S., Mexico, UK, France, Germany and others has
anticipated their major shares in the global facades market. Asia Pacific which
includes countries like China and India witnessed market share of over 30% in 2016
and are anticipated to be playing well in upcoming years. The existence of companies
like Xiamen China-Nice Manufacturing & Trading Company Limited in China and
merger between NurnbergMesse India & Zak Trade Fairs & Associations ensures the
bright future of facades market in the forecast period.
Key Market Players
Key market players of global façade market include Hansen Group, EOS Facades
Limited, Enclos Corp., Walters & Wolf, Hochtief Aktiengesellschaft, Jinjiu SciTech New Material Co., Permasteelisa S.p.A, Harmon Inc., Xiamen China-Nice
Manufacturing and Trading Co, Arup, Rautaruukki Corporation, Rockpanel
Group (ROCKWOOL B.V), YKK AP, Wicona (SAPA Building Systems GmbH) and
National Enclosure Company LLC.
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