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Industrial Safety Market

Industrial Safety Market - Playing A Significant Role in Measures Adopted For
Ensuring Occupational Safety In Various Industries
Global Industrial Safety Market: Overview
Industrial safety is playing a significant role in practices and measures adopted for
ensuring occupational safety in various industries. The system is used for preventing
various occupational hazards and in many cases eliminate the cause of industrial
accidents thus protecting personnel, the industrial environment, and the equipment
and assets. World over, the systems for industrial safety are increasingly being
demanded in several process industries, including paper and pulp, metal and mining,
water and wastewater, power generation, and food manufacturing.
The incidence of workplace injuries affects the productivities in businesses of all
sizes. In particular, fire hazards and electrical hazards may take a toll on the lives of
industrial workers, severely constraining the productivity. The growing demand for
workplace safety in various parts of the globe has propelled the demand for industrial
safety. Industrial safety processes encompass various levels of safety shutdown system
or emergency shutdown initiating protective action in case of untoward incident.
Some of the other popular industrial safety elements used are fire and gas monitoring
system, burner management systems, pressure protection systems, and turbomachinery
control solutions.
The report offers comprehensive insight into the key growth dynamics, prevailing
regulatory framework in various regions, notable trends, emerging technologies, and
the competitive landscape. The evidence-based assessment presented in the study
helps market participants in identifying the imminent investment pockets and
lucrative avenues over the forecast period of 2018–2026.
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Global Industrial Safety Market: Trends and Opportunities
The substantially rising demand for industrial safety systems in the oil and gas,
automotive, and construction sectors is a notable factor instrumental in the rapid
evolution of the market. The stricter implementation of government protocols for
creating a safer work culture has imparted a noticeable momentum to the uptake of
industrial safety systems. Rapid advances made in process manufacturing industries,
especially in emerging economies, have led to a staggering adoption of industrial
safety mechanisms. For instance, the rapid rise in automotive manufacturing activities
has catalyzed the demand for industrial safety systems in various parts of the world.
However, the uptake of industrial safety systems also faces certain challenges. The
lack of awareness about the potential benefits of workplace safety programs by
numerous businesses in process industries, especially in emerging markets, has
crippled the demand for industrial safety. The limited training initiatives to create
awareness about occupational hazards and ways to counter them are also causing
setback to the market. However, over time, a growing number of businesses in enduse industries are making industrial safety a crucial part of employee policies.
Moreover, creating a simple mechanism for helping employees to report incidents of
industrial accidents goes a long way for ensuring industrial safety.
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