Architecture Software Market

Architecture Software Market - Top
players are Dapulse (Israel), ArchiCAD
SE (Hungary), GenieBelt
Global Architecture Software Market: Snapshot
Architecture software application is the process of designing a structured solution that helps in
understanding how the system will function and behave. The approach of software architecture
facilitates the understanding of various operational and technical requirements of a system and the
project implementing it. Architecture software application helps in defining the role of design and
implementation teams in making a useful system. In addition, software architecture helps in improving
key quality attributes such as accessibility, reliance, resilience, performance, and security. A number of
enterprises use application architecture to analyze their business requirements, understand the impact
of use cases, and design implementation framework for applying these cases in the software system
The growing demand for new technologies among various consumers segments is expected to provide a
robust impetus to the architecture software application market. Designing a good software
architecture underpins a careful consideration of key scenarios, common problems, and major decisions
for meeting the current and future requirements of any business. Identifying which attributes are key to
boosting the performance of the IT infrastructure, efficiency of the user, and in attaining the business
goal is therefore imperative. The risk of a poor software architecture is too great to ignore. Finding
suitable tradeoffs between the competitive architecture requirements is the norm. One of the key goals
of architecture software application is bridging the gap between the technical and business
Architecture software application is the procedure in which a significant structured solution is defined,
that meets the entire operational and technical requirement of the organization, while optimizing
quality attributes such as security, performance, and manageability. Architecture software application
based on wide range of decision and all the decisions have the impact on performance, quality,
maintainability, and others. Software architecture includes the set of decisions regarding the
organization of a software solution including the infrastructure and the selection of the structural
elements. Software architecture also includes usability, functionality, resilience, reuse, performance,
economic, comprehensibility and technology constraints, aesthetic concerns and tradeoffs.
The key factor driving the market of architecture software is the increasing demand for this new
technology among customers for better service and security. The increasing need to manage software
easily is fueling growth of the architecture software market. Moreover, software developers are looking
for cost effective solutions which can help them in reducing cost by the application of architecture
software. This factor acts as a trigger, boosting the market for architecture software and the market is
expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period. In addition, rapid adoption of
technology among the customer is fueling the growth of architecture software market globally.
Moreover, this new architecture software application helps in increased digitization and security in small
and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), large organizations, and educational institutions. Owing to this
factor, the market is growing significantly and is expected to witness stable growth during the forecast
period. The impact of this driver is high in recent times and is expected to remain high during the
forecast period. However, lack of awareness about the architecture software application in many
organizations is acting as a restraint. Additionally, the impact on this factor on the market is medium in
recent times and is expected to be low during the forecast period.
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The market of architecture software is segmented into two categories: by type and by application. By
type, the market is divided into personal computer and mobile terminal. By application, the market is
segmented into small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), large organizations, and educational
institutions among others.
By geography, the global architecture software market is segmented into North America, Latin America,
Europe, Asia Pacific (APAC), and Middle East & Africa. The architecture software market in North
America held the predominant share in 2016 and is expected to hold its position during the forecast
period. A developed economy and rising awareness about advanced technology and its acceptance is
driving the market growth of architecture software in this region. Significant focus on innovations in
technology, and research and development in the U.S. and Canada, is further fueling the growth of this
market. North America is followed by Europe which is expected to become the second largest revenue
generating region for the architecture software market in 2016. Asia Pacific (APAC) is expected to be the
fastest growing region in the architecture software market. The growth in Asia Pacific is primarily driven
by the rising adoption of architecture software application in SMEs, large organizations, and educational
institutions. Middle East & Africa has shown remarkable growth in architecture software followed by
Latin America in recent years.
The global architecture software market is marked by strong competition among the major players
operating in this industry. Numerous mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, and partnership
agreements, product innovation, research and development, and geographical expansion are some of
the key strategies adopted by players to ensure long-term sustenance in this market. Key participants in
the global architecture software industry include Dapulse (Israel), ArchiCAD SE (Hungary), GenieBelt
(Denmark), progeCAD 2010 Professional (U.S), and Autodesk Inc. (U.S.) among others.
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Architecture Software Market - Top players are Dapulse (Israel), ArchiCAD SE (Hungary), GenieBelt