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Mobile Game Handle Market

Mobile Game Handle Market - Rising Population Base Coupled With Rise In Disposable Income Is
Driving The Demand For Mobile Games
Global Mobile Game Handle Market: Snapshot
The global market for mobile game handle has been gaining substantially from the significant
rise in the younger generation, who are extremely interested in mobile and video games. The
rise in disposable income of consumers, allowing them to own high-end mobiles, is another
important factor that has been boosting the growth of this market considerably. The market,
however, have held a limited share over the past few years on account of the high popularity of
gaming consoles and PC games. The availability of limited storage and space in mobiles is likely
to further hamper this market in the years to come.
The worldwide market for mobile game handle reports its presence across Asia Pacific, North
America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Latin America. Among these, Asia Pacific has
surfaced as the leading regional market and is expected to remain seated on this position in the
near future. The significant advancements in the field of telecommunication in Asian
economies, such as China, Japan, and India is the main factor behind the remarkable rise of the
Asia Pacific mobile game handle market.
Mobile games are a kind of video game played in any smartphone, smartwatch, personal digital
assistant (PDA), tablet computers, and in featured phones. Accelerating demand for mobile
games is expected to expand the growth prospects of the mobile game handle market during
the forecast period.
In recent years, a rising population base coupled with rise in disposable income is driving the
demand for mobile games. Asia Pacific economies such as China, Japan, India, and South Korea
are experiencing surging demand for mobile games. This region has witnessed increasing
investment in telecommunication networks and rapid advancement in telecommunication
infrastructure drives the growth prospects of the mobile game market as well. Increasing
internet penetration in remote areas also drives the demand for mobile games, thus projecting
high growth prospects for the mobile game handle market over the forecast period. Mobile
game handles help to control the speed and movement of mobile games, and thus gamers find
it easier to use these handles while playing games on electronic gadgets. With the rising
spending on electronic gadgets, the market for mobile game handles witnesses an escalating
growth rate in recent years.
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However, mobile games tend to have a limited platform owing to the popularity of PC or
console games. One of the major constraints of the mobile game platform is its limited storage
and space which is also restraining the growth prospects of the mobile game handle market.
Moreover, there is growing demand for augmented reality based gaming platforms. In case of
augmented reality based games, developers provide the facility to play the game in innovative
designs and over visual spectacle. Hence, the advent of augmented and virtual reality platforms
is set to limit the scope of the mobile game handle market over the forecast period.
With the gradual innovation of Android and iphone operating system (iOS), the mobile game
market is expected to witness flourishing demand over the forecast period. Apple iphones
come up with different features and these features are added to mobile game programming
also, thus making these mobile games more attractive. Mobile game operators incorporate
innovative features to Google Android phones and this factor is likely to augment the market
prospect of mobile games over the forecast period. Rising demand for mobile games is thus
likely to expand the growth prospects of the mobile game handle market over the forecast
The mobile game handle market is segmented into three segments on the basis of type and the
segments are Android handle, iOS handle, and Microsoft Windows handle. Android handles are
projected to hold the largest share in the mobile game handle market over the forecast period.
Owing to low prices and their user friendly nature, Android phones have secured the largest
position in terms of sales volume in recent years. However, developers bring several varieties of
iphone operating system apps that are developed in recent years and that promotes the market
demand for iOS handles during the forecast period.
On the basis of geographic locations, the market for mobile game handle is segmented into five
regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Latin America.
Asia Pacific held the largest market share in recent years and this regional segment is expected
to retain its dominance over the forecast period. Japan, China, and India are some of the major
countries in this region witnessing massive advancement in telecommunications network and
that drives the demand for mobile game handle over the forecast period. North America held
considerable market share owing to significant popularity of mobile games in the U.S.
Some of the key players in the mobile game handle market include MOGA, 8Bitdo, Steelseries,
Ipega, Wamo, AfterPad, and Mad Catz. The mobile game handle market is largely fragmented
and is generally dominated by substantial number of small firms.
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