Gamification education market

Gamification education market: Lack of skilled trainers and instructors hinder the market for
the growth of gamification education
Market Overview:
The gamification education market was worth at USD 450 billion in 2018 and is estimated to
grow by USD 1803 billion by 2023 at a CAGR of about 32.0%. The market for global gamification
education can produce 66% by 2020. Factors as innovation in e-learning tools, delivery
methods, advances in technology and availability of different virtual communication tools. The
growth of the academic segment as a retail gamification education market is getting improved
in the coming years an e-commerce trend growing at a high rate. Lack of skilled trainers and
instructors hinder the market for the growth of gamification education.
Market drivers and restraints:
The key factors driving the growth of the gamification in education market are the rising
adoption of digital learning and growing cloud adoption among organizations to motivate
learners to adopt web-based gamification solutions. The key factors estimated to hinder the
growth of the market are the lack of skilled trainers and instructors and the lack of innovative
enhancements in game design to keep learners engrossed.
Report segmented as:
By component:
Cloud computing
Big data and analytics
Disruptive technologies
Social media
By deployment:
Geographical analysis:
On the basis of geography, the global market for gamification education can be segmented into
regions namely, North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America and Middle East and Africa.
The North American region is estimated to dominate the market with respect to market size in
2018, owing to the presence of a large number of prominent educational institutes and their
focus on interactive ways for education that is resulting in the growth of the market in the
region. APAC is dominating the market with respect to CAGR among all regions.
Important market players:
Key market players operating in the gamification education market include Bunchball (US), NIIT
(India), MPS Interactive (India), Microsoft (US), D2L (Canada), Top Hat (Canada), Classcraft
Studios (Canada), Recurrence (US), Fundamentor (India), Cognizant (US), BLUErabbit (Mexico),
Google (Grasshopper) (US), Kahoot (Norway), CK-12 (US), and Kuato Studios (US).
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The Scope of the report:
This report offers the current product and services market evaluation and the future estimation
of the market. It helps us understand the market better through size anticipation and CAGR
calculation to estimate the next market. It has a broader segmentation for better
understanding of the enterprising of the market at a low level by segregating the market into
smaller sectors.
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