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Revirginization (Hymenoplasty)
Hymenoplasty is known as hymen restoration procedure — one of the most
common procedures for revirginization nowadays.
This procedure is carried out on females to restore their hymen for religious,
cultural and ethnic reasons.
Hymen is considered to be a symbol of virginity in female. It’s like small
membrane in vagina. It’s a myth that it gets damaged during sexual intercourse
only. It can be torn during cycling, horse riding and other strenuous activity too.
Many females undergo this surgery for improvement in sexual pleasure along
with vaginal tightening. Some patients like victims of rape, incest and sexual
assault have also undergone this procedure to erase bitter experience in their
minds and to start a new life.
Hymenoplasty is small procedure in which torn edges of hymen is sutured in
delicate way by plastic surgeon.
What is Hymenoplasty?
Hymen reconstruction surgery, also known as hymenoplasty surgery or hymen
restoration is the surgical repair of the hymen. In this surgical technique, the torn
edges of the hymen are sutured and there is no apparent scarring and the hymen
appears intact. This surgery has nearly zero complication. With subsequent
intercourse it will typically tear the membrane causing some pain and bleeding.
Details of Hymenoplasty (Operation in Gwalior)
The hymenoplasty is usually a 30-45 minute procedure and can be done in a day
care center or in-office using sedation or local anesthesia. The doctor uses
dissolvable stitches to suture edges. After the hymenoplasty operation, the
patient can return to work in a day or two.
Why females request for Hymen Restoration?
There are several reasons why women request a hymenoplasty procedure.
These include:
Cultural or religious reasons: In some cultures, a woman is physically inspected to
make sure the hymen is intact (a sign she is a virgin).
Injury to the hymen prior to marriage: Vigorous exercise, cycling, trauma to
genitals or sexual intercourse / assault can cause a hymen to rupture.
Revirginization / Revirgination: Women who want to give their partner a unique
As discussed above, the hymenoplasty procedure is done at our clinic by a team
of experts including gynecologist and plastic surgeon so that you can get the best
results and also taking care that no gynecological complications arise in future.
We are using latest surgical techniques for the same.
Cost of Hymenoplasty is big issue which we can try to reduce as the population
most likely to ask for surgery is young women, college students and sufferers.
The cost of hymenoplasty and vaginoplasty in Gwalior at our center is very
genuine and affordable as compared to other high profile centers. The cost of
hymenoplasty varies between 25k – 35k all inclusive (including operating fee of
Gynecologist /plastic surgeon /anesthetist if needed).
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