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Radar Sensors Market

Global Radar Sensors Market Research Report: Information by Type (Radar Detector Detectors, Radar Scrambling, and Others), by Band (HF, VHF, and HUF Bands; L, S, C, and X Bands; and Ku, K, Ka, V, and W Bands), by Application (Automotive, Traffic Mon
Radar Sensors Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2025
Radar Sensors Market
Research Report - Global
Forecast till 2025
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Radar Sensors Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2025
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Radar Sensors Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2025
As per a detailed analysis by Market Research Future, the global radar sensors market is predicted to garner USD 19
billion, registering a CAGR of 20% during the forecast period (2017-2023).
Market Overview:
The surging awareness regarding the passengers and safety of the vehicles is likely to contribute to the market growth.
Radar sensors are considered electronic devices which helps to detect the position and the velocity of an object like
ship, aircraft, and motor bike that is located at a distance. These devices can detect electromagnetic emissions with
a super heterodyne receiver and notifies the person in the vehicle whenever a transmission is noticed. The GPS
system is integrated into these systems which further facilitates the storage of locations prompted by the sensors.
With increasing applications of UAVs and drones in the defense and military applications by several economies, the
use of radar sensors has increased as they are considered important components in autonomous flying drones. With
the use of these sensor obstacles can be identified and it also ensures smooth navigation. Ainstein has recently
declared the launch of their latest customizable radar sensors, Ultra Long-Range Ground-Based (ULGB-D1) and
Ultra Long-Range Airborne (ULAB-D1) for drone applications. The mammoth demand for UAVs will augment the
adoption of radar sensors in drones, which is likely to trigger the demand for radar sensors across the globe.
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Radar Sensors Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2025
The radar sensors market has witnessed a tectonic surge over the past few years due to the use of frequency modulated
waves which helps in the detection of targets. The radar sensors are perfect for level gauging, collision detection,
surveillance, anti-collision, and security. The expansion of the global radar sensors market can be further attributed
to the burgeoning automotive sector coupled with the rising awareness for vehicle safety and passengers. The
inclination towards improving road safety norms, automated vehicles, and introduction of advanced technological
features in automobiles are some of the major factors presumed to dictate the growth trajectory of the market. The
rising territorial conflicts and geopolitical instabilities are resulting in the strengthening of the defense sector in
developing economies. The integration of advanced technologies in defense strategies is offering the market a sturdy
growth. Moreover, the implementation of the GPS technology has enabled the storage of location data which is
expected to trigger the demand for radar sensors, thereby impacting the market growth positively.
On the contrary, the high cost of development of the radar sensors is anticipated to be a major concern restricting the
growth of the market across the globe. Moreover, the application-specific illegal issues in the military detectors along
with the high maintenance cost of these radar sensors installed in the cars is likely to deter the market growth in the
long run.
The global radar sensors market has been segmented on the basis of range, type, and application.
Radar scrambling, radar detector detectors, and others form the type-segmentation of global radar sensors market.
By mode of range, the radar sensors market comprises mid-range radar, short-range radar, long-range radar and
The application segment comprises traffic monitoring, automotive, industrial, aerospace & defense, weather
monitoring, security & surveillance, and others. Among these, the automotive segment is expanding at a rapid pace
owing to the surging number of automobiles integrated with radar sensors coupled with the surging awareness
regarding the safety of vehicles and the passengers.
Regional Analysis:
Geographically, the radar sensors market has been studied under regions namely, Europe, North America, Asia
Pacific and the Rest-of-the-World (RoW).
Considering the global scenario, the North American region is considered one of the top regions leading the radar
sensors market across the globe. The regional market is drive by the increased proliferation of smartphones, highend defense application, consumer electronic devices, and autonomous cars. As the region is considered a pioneer
in the adoption of latest technologies like smart homes, smart grid, intelligent transport & infrastructure with
sensors, and smart water networks that uses the radar sensors technology, the market is likely to boost in this
region. Moreover, the surging FMCW applications is gaining momentum in the region especially in short-range
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Radar Sensors Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2025
applications as North America has the highest expenditure on defense in the world. Such factors are estimated to
promote the growth of the regional market in the foreseeable future.
Competitive Dashboard:
The prominent players operating in the global radar sensors market comprises Lockheed Martin Corporation
(U.S.), Robert Bosch GmbH (Germany), Saab AB (Sweden), Raytheon Company (U.S.), Delphi Automotive LLP
(U.K), Northrop Grumman Corporation (U.S.) Continental AG (Germany), Hitachi, Ltd. (Japan), Denso
Corporation (Japan), ZF Friedrichshafen AG (Germany), NXP Semiconductors N.V. (Netherlands), Infineon
Technologies AG (Germany), Airbus Group (Netherlands), and Omniradar BV (Netherlands).
Industry/ Innovation/ Related News:
On May 2019, a team of researchers at Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology developed a coating process
which assists the radar sensors to be implemented with car headlights.
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Radar Sensors Market Research Report - Global Forecast till 2025
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