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Frequently Asked Questions (regarding Revirgination Surgery)
1. What is the best time to get the Hymenoplasty done?
The best time to get hymenoplasty is 4-6 weeks before marriage and
combining with other procedures at 6-8 weeks before marriage. The
ideal time is 7 days before marriage but it is not possible in India
because marriage is mega events. Its preparation starts at least 1
month before and imposes social restriction on bride to move out.
2. What is the recovery time for Hymenoplasty surgery?
Hymenoplasty is a daycare procedure with no need of hospital
admission. The total surgery time is about 40 minutes. It is almost
painless procedure under local anesthesia. There is no need to stay in
hospital after procedure and generally you can walk out and resume
normal activities the same day with following precautions:
Abstain from sexual activity till marriage.
Avoid strenuous exercises and exertion and lifting of heavy weights for
three weeks after procedure.
Maintenance of cleanliness and local hygiene.
Vaginal Rejuvenation Procedures
Women who feel not comfortable due to vaginal laxity either due to
ageing process or childbirth and who feel decreased sexual gratification
may consider getting vaginal rejuvenation including vaginal tightening.
process of vaginal rejuvenation includes two main
components: Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty, combination of which gives
better sexual experience with your partner and enhanced look of
vagina so you can feel as confident as ever.
What is Labiaplasty?
This procedure is mostly combined with Hymenoplasty or mommy
makeover procedure to improve aesthetic of genital region in females.
Hypertrophic labia minora causes psychological distress and functional
impairment. The root cause of this is not known; maybe childbirth,
gravity or increased sexual activity etc. Through labiaplasty, a plastic
surgeon can reduce and reshape hypertrophic labia minora.
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