Golf Game Genie - ECpE Senior Design

Statistical Analyzer for Golf
Senior Design May08-07
Itiel Diaz
Tim Hassel
Ryan Biller
Brett Scott
Cpr E
Cpr E
Cpr E
Cpr E
John Whitmer
Faculty Advisors
Dr. Greg Smith
Professor Ralph Patterson
Statistical Analyzer for Golf
Problem Statement
The group is trying to make an affordable golf analyzing program that will
show a golfer where they may need to make improvements by using a
statistical analysis of their shot history. The user must be able to input the type
of shot they hit in regards to ball flight, ball strike, and distance. The program
will keep a scorecard, and integrate the use of a GPS unit to keep a statistical
analysis of the user's golf game. The goal is to eventually help the golfer
improve his/her handicap.
Statistical Analyzer for Golf
System Block Diagram
Statistical Analyzer for Golf
User Interface Description
Main Menu of Application
Current Hole/Shot Screen
Statistical Analyzer for Golf
Key Functional Requirements
•FR01: The product shall act as an electronic score card.
•FR02: The product shall allow the user to enter information detailing the condi
tion of the golf shot, the quality of the golf shot, the direction of the golf shot, a
nd the club used.
•FR03: The product shall use a GPS unit to measure distance to the center of t
he green.
•FR04: The product shall allow the user to upload the stored data to their hom
e computer.
•FR05: The product shall output data that will allow the user to create graphs o
r charts about various statistics such as bell plots of yardage hit with each club
, accuracy with various clubs, and average score on specific holes.
Statistical Analyzer for Golf
Key Non-Functional Requirements
•NFR01: The product shall not use more than 32 MB of ram.
•NFR02: The product shall not require more storage than is limited by the devi
•NFR03: The product shall not take more than 3 seconds to record data and di
splay next screen.
•NFR04: The GPS shall be able to determine the location of the golf ball within
10 feet.
Statistical Analyzer for Golf
Market Survey
•Skycaddie – Range finding and course information
•ScoreCard – View Score Card
•IntelliGolf (Starcaddie) – Range finding, score card, and
course information
•The product is different in that it has training capabilities,
dynamically updating club information, and stroke history for
later viewing and game adjustment.
Statistical Analyzer for Golf
Key Deliverables
•Design Document
•Design of application and enhancements.
•User Manual
•Easy to use instructions for the user.
•Working product ready for production with one set of course data.
•All code and implementation documentation.
Statistical Analyzer for Golf
•Task 1: Requirements Gathering
•Task 2: Obtain Project Materials
•Task 3: Complete Documentation
•Subtask 3a: Requirements Document
•Subtask 3b: Project Plan
•Subtask 3c: Design Document
•Subtask 3d: Poster
•Subtask 3e: Code Commenting
•Subtask 3f: User Manual
•Subtask 3g: Final Report
•Task 4: Evaluate and Fix Existing Code
•Subtask 4a: Get Familiarized with the Code
•Subtask 4b: Debug Code
•Subtask 4c: Enhance GUI
Statistical Analyzer for Golf
Work Breakdown (2/2)
•Task 5: Implement Ball Strike Feature
•Task 6: Implement Ball Flight Feature
•Task 7: Implement GPS Integration
•Task 8: Implement Club Ranges
•Task 9: Test Product
•Subtask 9a: Verification
•Subtask 9b: Field Testing
•Subtask 9c: Testing with Client
Statistical Analyzer for Golf
Gantt Chart
Statistical Analyzer for Golf