Istituto Sant`Orsola

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Istituto Sant’Orsola
Ci fa piacere pubblicare sul nostro sito gli elaborati di due alunne del III liceo, Francesca Azzia e Teresa
Faro, le quali, con eccellente competenza linguistica, padronanza dei contenuti e delle regole di
strutturazione di un testo, hanno saputo trasformare una pagina di storia della letteratura inglese –
“Beowulf, a national epic” - in una personale, creativa e originale rivisitazione della stessa.
Imagine to be an Anglo­Saxon scop living at
Hrothgar’s hall and to be writing a page of
your diary. Tell about an event which involved
Beowulf’s strength and courage – say what he
did, who he fought against, and so on. Also,
explain how Hrothgar rewarded Beowulf and
what he did to celebrate his victory.
Dear diary,
today I’m writing you the most amazing adventure that Hrothgar’s warriors have ever lived.
It all happened during a dark and cold night, the night that the king chose to celebrate the last victory
obtained thanks to his army. They couldn’t expect that a day of celebration and joy would have turned into
a moment full of fear and terror.
The victorious men were all sat in a circle, Beowulf with them, and they were enjoying their tasty food and
alcoholic drinks when, all of a sudden they heard the loudest howling that they’d ever heard before. That
suffering wolf couldn’t stop as if he was frightened by a presence, like the lamb that sees his predator.
After a few seconds the scream stopped, the pain finished, at least for the wolf.
The proud warriors continued to celebrate as if nothing had happened, but they were one step from the
beast, the beast that would have killed a lot of the knights, if a single one of them hadn’t shown his
courage and strength.
When they least expected it, a monster came into the banquet hall: he was black and huge and his oneeyed face was as frightening as the death. He grabbed two of the men in the hall, one in each hand and
he started to massacre them in front of their companions’ eyes. It wasn’t the first time that Beowulf had
seen such a scene so, completely fearless he pulled out his sword from the scabbard and ran towards his
enemy’s legs to hit him and distract him from the poor victims in his hands. The evil creature let the
corpses fall and tried to grab Beowulf, who avoided his grasp and instead stabbed his sword through the
devil’s wrist. Angrier than before, the evil enemy tried to reach our hero with his other hand, but he failed
again because other two warriors wounded his ankle and Beowulf caught the moment to hurt his other
wrist and the following moment he threw an axe in his eye. The monster, now blind and numb from the
pain, he left the hall without even trying to his someone again.
The warriors, dazed from what had just happened, couldn’t believe that they were still alive so they started
to hail Beowulf, their irreplaceable hero.
The day after the monster’s attack king Hrothgar convened a meeting: he wanted to reward Beowulf for
his brave deed and for having saved his warriors and the king himself that was attending the banquet with
Beowulf received the most honorable prize of all: he became the new commander of king Hrothgar’s
Istituto Sant'Orsola. Via Roccaromana 49 - Via Macallè 3. Catania
Teresa Faro
III liceo