Miss Erin`s Class

Miss Erin‘s Class
[email protected] Classroom phone number: (858) 755-1060 x 3852 Classroom Website: http://www.dmusd.org/domain/1123
Theme of the week: Christmas Letter of the week: Oo (octopus,
olive, ostrich, otter, oval, orange)
Color of the week: Green
Number of the week: 10
Upcoming events:
• 12/17 Preschool holiday
Winter break (no school) –
• School resumes on 1/4/2016
Song(s) of the week (Finger
Winter songs
The alphabet song
Movement/Dancing songs:
Winter songs
Tuned into Learning (music
Books of the week:
• Pete the Cat Saves Christmas – Eric
• Ten on the Sled – Kim Norman
• If You Take a Mouse to the Movies –
Laura Numeroff
• Duck & Goose it’s Time for Christmas –
Tad Hills
• Bear Stays Up for Christmas – Karma
Wilson, Jane Chapman
Classroom Wish List:
** Our class wish list is on
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list by entering my email,
[email protected]
Actions (Tuned Into Learning –
volume 2)
Speech Corner:
What we will be learning:
This week we will continue talking about
the holidays. We will be playing bells as
by Marc Brown pg. 18)
we sing jingle bells. We will be making
Music Therapy – Colors (Tuned Into Learning -­‐ Volume 2 -­‐ #9) patterns of red and green lights and red
Book – Matt and Molly -­‐ A Beautiful Wreath
and white striped candy canes. We will
Rotations – 1) 3 syllable words (phonology); also be lacing stockings and making
2) Sequencing & retell a 4-­‐part story reindeers.
Finger Play – The Snowman (Hand Rhymes (narrative); 3) Answering Where?(Core Language); 4) noun + is + adjective (sentence construction)