Simple Machines

Simple M a c hin es
H e r e is a st u d en t sample t o gu i d e yo u
in ma king t h e f old a ble.
Simple M a c hin es
Cut around the do ed lines. Then proceed to glue the highlighted por on and place in journal. Fold back the Simple Machines and the different types of simple machine flaps. Cut along the do ed lines between each word. Inside the flap write a descrip on and examples of each simple machine.
W h e el a n d
A xle
Simple M a c hin es
G lu e
L ever
G lu e
I n c lin e d
t his
Pla n e
W e dge
P ulley
Simple M a c hin es
D e f ini t io n
E x ample
M a c hin es
Wheel and Axle
Inclined Plane
A wheel with a rod, called an Bicycle, hand truck, roller axle, through its center lifts skates, windmill, wagon, or moves loads.
door knobs, record player
A stiff bar that rests on a sup-­ Hammer, see-saw, fork, rake, port called a fulcrum which stapler, scissors
lifts or moves loads.
A slanting surface connecting Ramp, ladders, stairs
a lower level to a higher lev-­
An object with at least one slanting side ending in a sharp edge.
A simple machine that uses Flagpole pulley, window grooved wheels and a rope to blinds, rock climber pulleys
raise, lower or move a load.
An inclined plane wrapped Screws, drills, screw lid jar
around a pole which holds things together or lifts materi-­
Iron wedge (sledge hammer), car tire wedge, chisels