Double H Ranch 2008 Annual Report

Get inspired, go inspire.
Annual Report 2008
Founded by Charles R. Wood and Paul Newman
in memoriam:
Paul Newman
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
He is our co-founder. His presence remains at the
Double H Ranch and he is a part of the magic.
Paul, you got us inspired...
and we will continue to go inspire.
— Your family and friends at the Double H Ranch
extended family, friends and business associates sharing
their stories (and their tears) about Paul.
Paul’s commitment to and impact on the Double H
Ranch children and families is evident by the outpouring
of e-mails, letters and calls we received from our
So many members of our Double H family had the
opportunity to personally meet Paul during one of his
numerous visits to camp, and those of us who did not
have the honor of meeting Paul were taken aback by our
feelings of the loss of a close friend.
e continues to inspire and motivate us to deliver his
dream of a better place for children. Paul Newman’s
passing has renewed our commitment to preserve
and expand his legacy.
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Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
table of contents
Letter from the Board 6
Medical Diagnoses We Serve.............................................................................. pg. 8-9
Summer Residential 10-11
Adaptive Winter Sports 12-13
Spring/Fall Family-Based Programs............................................................ pg. 14-15
Financial Information............................................................................................... pg. 16 17-34
Volunteers & Program 34-37
Annual Report 2008
Message from the Executive Director.................................................................. pg. 7
The Board of Directors & 37
Mission.................................................................................................................Back Cover
Double H Ranch 2008 Annual Report
Editor: Linda T. Smith
Graphic Design: Trampoline Design
Illustration: Erin Higgins
Photography: Emo Castle, Jim Smith, friends & family
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
letter from the board chairman
2008 was an inspiring and fulfilling year. Despite
market upheaval and an uncertain economy, each of
our summer residential campers ‘Got Inspired to Go
Inspire’ during their Week in the Woods. The Double
H winter students and families had an ‘awesome’
season on the slopes taking advantage of Charley’s
Chalet, the new ski lodge. The Double H Spring and
Fall Family-Based Program participants could not
say enough about the program staff and volunteers
who supported their weekend stays. Because of you
we met our goal of securing a $3.1 million annual
operating budget.
Our Board remained focused, working alongside
Max on addressing the organization’s strategic
issues with the goal of enhancing organizational and
financial sustainability. We are accountable not only
to the over 1,750 children and family members we
serve annually, but to meeting the expectations of
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
our loyal individuals, foundations, organizations
and corporations who partner with us to deliver
our mission.
This year I’ve had the privilege of spending
time with the multifaceted Double H family. I’m
enlightened by interactions with the year-round
staffers who wear many hats as they play numerous
roles and hold in high esteem the record number of
209 winter volunteer instructors, National Ski Patrol
and lodge hosts who bring magic to the slopes. I
have great respect for the incredibly talented and
committed 125 summer staff members who deliver
an unforgettable week of Adirondack adventure to
our summer campers, and I am in awe of the 1,500
medical, individual and community volunteers.
The pages upon pages of names of generous
donors who helped us reach this year’s goal of $3.1
million make me realize that my voice is just one in
thousands… and although the Board is accountable
for executing the bylaws, I recognize that our
success lies with these extraordinary groups of
people who come together to create the magic.
Thank you for a terrific 2008.
Victor Hershaft, Board Chairman
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
message from the executive director
While we are all deeply saddened to lose an
extraordinary man and our co-founder of the Double
H Ranch, we need to celebrate the life and legacy
of this beloved hero. Paul Newman’s passion and
selfless commitment to the welfare of families and
children living with serious medical illnesses have
inspired people everywhere.
When Paul partnered with Charley Wood in 1992
you could see the enthusiasm and pure joy in the
eyes of both of these men as they created the
second Hole in the Wall Camp, the Double H Ranch.
When these men interacted with the children you
could sense their delight in knowing that they
were making positive and lasting changes in the
lives of these amazing kids. As a bonus, their lives
changed as well and we will continue to fulfill their
vision in providing the highest quality of programs
and medical services as a tribute to them and their
extraordinary legacy.
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
As we all know, 2008 was filled with unique
economic challenges and opportunities for all
not-for-profit organizations. The Double H Ranch
is uniquely challenged with the reality that we will
never charge for direct services, but we are also
blessed in many ways.
Our community has embraced our critical mission
since inception in 1992, and I truly believe that our
society has renewed their commitment to continue
to dedicate their time and resources in helping those
who are less fortunate.
Our product is “changing lives” and with this comes
an incredible sense of responsibility and obligation.
Childhood illnesses are unfortunately not going to
disappear, so we must constantly evaluate our key
strategic issues and core initiatives while monitoring
the components that make up our success.
We should always reflect on how we have gotten
where we are today and look to the future with
receptive outlooks and creative thinking. Together,
we will achieve financial sustainability to ensure that
the life-changing gifts of the Double H Ranch will
always be afforded to our amazing kids and families.
Thank you for believing in our mission and potential
to make positive changes in the lives of others.
Max Yurenda, CEO/Executive Director
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
medical diagnoses we serve
From the medical support
“The Body Shop looks the
same as it did fifteen years
ago; the difference now is
that the medical staff can
provide more advanced
medical treatment. We
can treat a painful sickle
cell crisis on-site with
intravenous narcotics.
The equipment is more
sophisticated which
means that kids don’t
have to be sent off to the
hospital as frequently.”
— Dr. Ray
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Summer 2008 (by number)
Cell Anemia
■ Sickle
■ Neuromuscular
■ HIV/Immune
■ Hemophilia
Blood Disorders
■ Other
■ Other
■ Cancer
■ Leukemia
■ Rare
■ Mitochondrial
■ Collagen Vascular Disease
“...though the population of children
with HIV screening is decreasing, the
spectrum of illnesses that the Double H
serves has increased. The diagnoses of
the children I see at the Double H have
grown. In the beginning, most of the
children suffered from HIV, sickle cell
disease, leukemias, and solid tumors.
The diagnoses now include children
with a wide variety of blood disorders,
neuromuscular diseases, genetic
disorders and metabolic diseases. And,
the entire medical staff takes care of many
more campers and counselors per camp
session than we did fourteen years ago.”
Raymond Walsh MD, aka Dr. Ray, has worked in
the Pediatric Care Unit of the Children’s Hospital
at Albany Medical Center since 1988, caring for
children facing acute life-threatening illnesses. Dr.
Ray has been volunteering summers at the Double
H Ranch since 1994.
4% 2%
■ Neuromuscular
■ Other
■ Autism
■ Cancer
■ Hemophilia
Cell Disease
■ Sickle
■ Visual Impairments
20 12 5 3
Winter 2008 (by percentage)
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Hemophilia Collagen Vascular Disease
Ventilator Dependent
Sickle Cell Anemia
Mitochondrial Disorders
HIV/Immune Disorder Neuromuscular Disorders
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Blood Disorders
Spina Bifida
Cerebral Palsy
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
2008 Summer Campers
(by state)
Int’l NH VT
summer residential camp
“I cannot believe I went out on the lake in a boat, up in the ropes, rode a
horse, went to Great Escape – did you know I was so afraid to do all that
stuff? I can’t wait to tell everyone at home.” —Summer camper
New York 505
New Jersey 94
Pennsylvania 91
Ohio 30
Other* 24
International** 20
Vermont 17
New Hampshire 16
* CT, DE, GA, IL, ME, MD,
** Canada, Switzerland
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July 2008
Dear Counselors and Staff of Double H Ranch,
We are confident that you have heard (and read) this before—what a truly wonderful experience you provide at Double H Ranch!
We just wanted to take a moment and express our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one of you for the great time our daughter
Melanie had at camp during Session 2. From the very first second upon entering the camp grounds and being greeted with applause
and cheering to the tearful singing and hugs good-bye we knew she was in good hands. In fact although you tell people that Double
H stands for Health & Happiness—we know the secret (shhh, we won’t tell). Double H really stands for Heavenly Hands!
Thank you for making a difference—making a difference in the lives of the campers who attend, like Melanie and also making a
difference in the lives of the families too (like ours!). We are telling every one of Mel’s adventures—whitewater rafting, overnight
tent camping, and zip-lining. We have tried to always include Melanie in everything we do—to not let her physical condition
prevent her spirit from experiencing all that life has to offer.
She is a blessing to us. She has transformed our lives and so often the lives of those she meets. We have been blessed by all of you
from the nurses, to the maintenance worker, to front office staff, to the Board of Directors, the corporate partners, to the 2nd grader
reading books to raise funds, and especially the wonderful counselors in the Bear Cabin. Thank you from all of us!
—Tim, Valerie, Lisa, Melanie, Andrew & Nicole; The Sember Family
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Get Inspired... Go Inspire.
“During the dance I looked over and almost every single wheelchair was empty
Everyone was dancing.” Volunteer favorite moment, Session 6
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
adaptive winter sports program
“The best thing about winter is you don’t have to wait a year to come back to
the Double H Ranch.” —Nicholas S., winter student and summer camper
2008 Winter Participants
(by state)
The foresight, sanction and support provided by our cofounding organizations The Charles R. Wood Foundation
and the Association of Hole in the Wall Camps to meet the
growing popularity of our winter program, coupled with the
commitment and generosity of many more supporters, has
allowed us to make this dream a reality for the Double H
Ranch. On January 5, 2008, we kicked off the 11th season of
the Adaptive Winter Sports Program with the celebration of
a brand-new ski lodge that will enable us to give twice the
number of children the opportunity to learn a life-long skill
and experience the magic of snow. This season we served a
record 168 students and 400 family members.
“Nick can ski on his
own! He can manage
a race— make turns
and stop (most of
the time). He started
New York 134
Pennsylvania 14
New Jersey 8
Other 7
Connecticut 3
Massachussetts 2
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Nick, one of 168 winter
students in 2008, masters
the art of the turn.
six years ago with
a walker— he now
believes anything is
New in 2008, Charley’s Chalet, a ski lodge that serves twice the amount of children than before.
— Nick’s mom
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
1. Above: Empire State Games. All 14 Double H skiers
and snowboarders participating in the Empire State
Games for the Physically Challenged in Lake Placid, NY,
accompanied by 30 volunteer instructors, took home the
GOLD for their amazing accomplishments on the slopes!
2. Top right: Chloe skiing. “Chloe has been wanting ‘her
turn’ to ski since she could verbalize it. Her many (7)
brothers and sisters ski, and she has patiently been
waiting. To send her to this program confident she would
be safe and treated normally, well it’s what parents of
children with a disability dream of. Chloe’s brother, Issac,
also completed the Double H program. She is who we
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
always hoped she would be; a skier with a handicap,
not a handicapped skier.” Chloe’s Mom and Dad
3. Middle right: Snowboarding continues to grow in
popularity with our students; many of whom have
become accomplished skiers are turning to snowboarding
as the next feat “Dude, you just gotta barge that jump!’
4. Lower right: Billy & Deb. Billy and his dad look forward
to their ski days. “We mark Billy’s calendar with the dates
and he counts down until then. Deb has been a wonderful
instructor; she has been very patient, kind and supportive.
She has helped him reach his goal of going down the
mountain.” Billy’s dad
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Spring & fall
family-based programs
We successfully hosted our
first Diabetes Family Weekend
with 80 children and family
members participating. The
two-day event is designed to
meet the needs of children
living with Type 1 diabetes
and their families. Type 1
diabetes is usually diagnosed
in children and young adults,
and was previously known
as juvenile diabetes. The
weekend served as both
an educational session for
parents with a variety of
resources available, and a
respite weekend to network
with other families.
2008 Calendar, spring through fall:
Diabetes Family Weekend – an educational retreat weekend
designed to meet the needs of children living with Type 1
diabetes and their families.
Rosie’s Love Roundup – an annual event bringing families
to camp that have had one of their children diagnosed
with cancer.
Rosie’s Love Memorial – an annual event serving families
who have lost a child to an illness.
Bravehearts Weekend – an oncology camp for women who
have survived various cancers.
Autism (ASD) Family Weekend – a weekend dedicated to
families who have a child on the Autism Spectrum, providing
the traditional camp experience for children hosted in our
Adaptive Winter Sports Program but are not eligible for the
summer program.
Cindy’s Comfort Camp – in conjunction with Glens Falls
Hospital, a weekend designed for children who have a parent
or sibling diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.
Cindy’s Comfort Camp – in conjunction with Glens Falls
Hospital, a weekend designed for children who have a parent
or sibling diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.
Bleeding Disorders Weekend – serving families with a child
diagnosed with different types of bleeding disorders.
Camp Inspiration – five days dedicated to giving children living
on ventilators and their families a summer camp experience.
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Bravehearts Weekend – an oncology camp for women who
have survived various cancers.
Spina Bifida Weekend – an annual family retreat bringing
together families in which a child is diagnosed with
Spina Bifida.
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Get Inspired... Go Inspire.
From: Sharon Klob
Sent: Thursday, May 15, 2008 8:41 PM
To: Tara Bogucki
Subject: Thank you AGAIN!!!
Thank you and all the Double H staff again for a terrific Autism Family weekend. Everyone at Double H went
out of their way to make it such a memorable experience for us. I don’t think I could ever express in words
how grateful we have been. Aaron really enjoyed himself. He is like the energizer bunny and it’s hard to get
him to stop, and yet he was actually exhausted after all the fun at Double H. He LOVED IT and I loved it too!! It’s an incredible bonding experience for us. It’s so nice to be treated and cared for in the way the staff has
shown their concern for us.
Thank you too, for the DVD slide show. The songs on the DVD are so touching as well. You all have been so
thoughtful. I’m sure all of the families will treasure their DVDs!
We are looking forward to hopefully be able to come to Double H for the Winter Program. Hopefully, our 17
year old will be able to join us this winter before he goes to college the following year. I look forward to Double
H like most people would look forward to a Disney World vacation. Seriously!!! I get that excited inside!!
Sharon Klob
Spring and Fall statistics
over 600 individuals
Held an Adaptive Winter
■ Served
in our Spring and Fall FamilySports Program Orientation
Based Programs
a Fourth Annual
■ Hosted
Family Fall Day, organized by
the Parent Advisory Council
weekend in November for all
volunteer winter instructors
our 16th Annual
■ Celebrated
Holiday Party in December
for 250 attendees
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Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
financial information
“I want to take this opportunity
to tell you why I am compelled to
give charity dollars to the Double
H Ranch... today more than
ever I need to be assured that
the dollars you and I give to the
Ranch in support of our kids are
being managed wisely and with
the utmost integrity and for the
greatest good of the camp… Out
of each and every dollar donated
to the camp 75 cents is directly
invested back into running our
operation. And, I can state with
confidence that it is our goal to
continue to devote the majority
of our spending to programs and
services provided to the Double
H children and families.”
— Victor Hershaft,
Board Chairman
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
2008 Revenue
Gifts $991,358
■ Major
Designated Funds $836,551
■ Board
Events $716,808
■ Special
Contributions $433,991
■ General
Sponsorship $363,459
■ Camper
Income $248,000
■ Endowment
Marketing $232,211
■ Cause-Related
■ In-Kind
■ Other
■ The Partners $33,241
2% 2% 0.2%
TOTAL REVENUE $4,010,715
2008 Expenses
Services $2,489,941
■ Program
& General $258,548
■ Administration
& Development $411,189
■ Fundraising
■ $15 Million Dollar Campaign $194,386
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Our generous donors
Bear $100,000.00 +
Mrs. Agnes Pompa
Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Robb
White Tailed Deer $50,000.00 +
Mr. and Mrs. Neil M. Golub
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hershaft
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Riggi
Mr. Vincent Riggi, Jr. and Ms. Patti Rich
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wolgin
Bobcats $25,000.00 +
Mrs. Charles Dake
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Lewis
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. E. Richard Yulman
Red Fox $10,000.00 +
George Carruthers
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Dammerman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dorfman
Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lewi
Hon. and Mrs. G. Thomas Moynihan, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Okosky
Mr. and Mrs. Edward N. Pompa
Mr. John K. Ryan
Coyotes $5,000.00 +
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bailey
Mr. Dick Bavetta
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Chidyllo
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Della Bella
Jesse A. Fish
Mrs. Christina Fitzgerald
R. Andrew Flynn
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Forester
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Goldman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Greenhouse
Mr. John Hendrickson and Mrs. Marylou Whitney
Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Horner
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Hunter
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Indoe
Mr. and Mrs. William J. LaRoche
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Laughlin
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Leite
Frank X. Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. Charles B. Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Meckler
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Opalka
Richard L. Porter
Hillary Ryan
Mrs. Mary J. Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sherman
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Silver Jr.
Mr. Edward Swyer
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Tartaglia
Mr. and Mrs. John Taylor
Dr. and Mrs. John Tydings
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Vail
Leslie Apple
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Barry
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Barss
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Bette
Mr. and Mrs. George B. Blackford
Mr. and Mrs. Allan Bowermaster
Marc Brown
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Brush
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Butto
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Cardinale
Joan Clune
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Crisafulli
Mr. and Mrs. Clark S. Curtis, Jr.
Paul DiPhillips
Mr. Herman Finkbeiner
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Freihofer III
Dr. and Mrs. Lester A. Gerhardt
Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Gittinger
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Gleason
Mr. and Mrs. William Gorth
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Hedges
Mr. Adam Holcomb
Mr. Kam Hoopes
Mr. Roger Hull
Steven Hurst
Mr. John Ingleston
Mr. and Mrs. Erwin J. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Knarr
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kopp
Ms. Laurie Krupa
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Lange
Mr. Robert Laughlin, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Lefner, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Mahieu
Racoons $1,500.00 +
Jeff Abele
Ms. Elizabeth Malatino
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Marwill
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mead
John Merry
Mr. and Mrs. J. David Michaels
Mr. and Mrs. Tony Mitola
Mr. Edward Mitzen
Mr. and Mrs. Newlin
Mr. John J. Nigro
Ms. Linda Nizolek
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher O’Brien
Mr. Ralph B. Ostrander
Fredericka Z. Paine
Mr. and Mrs. William Paul
Ms. Teddi Pereau
Ms. Diane B. Pope
Rev. and Mrs. Lyman G. Potter
Mr. Vinny Prattico and Mrs. Mary E. Fitzgerald
Dr. and Mrs. Brian O’M Quinn
Walter Reidy
Jack K. Rifenburg
Mr. and Mrs. James Roskiewicz
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rotchford
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Shea
Mr. and Mrs. D. Ross Sheridan
Mrs. Elisabeth Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey P. Sperber
Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Sponzo
Dr. and Mrs. James Striker
Mr. & Mrs. John Tatko, Jr.
Ms. Nancy R. Vogelsang
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Whiteman
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Whittemore
Mr. Robert Courtney and Mrs. Charlene Wood
Beavers $500.00 +
Frank Albenese
Mr. and Mrs. Donald C. Amorosi
Mr. and Mrs. David Aronson
Bruce Ashby
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Attia
Larry H. Becker
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Borne
Dr. and Dr. Braico
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brehm
Edward J. Brown
Jerry Burke
Paul V. Carlucci
Mr. and Mrs. Britt Carmer
Timothy Casey
Mr. and Mrs. Barton Chabot
Mr. Kevin Chamberlain
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Clark
Ms. Lindsey Wright and Mr. Adam Cossman
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Cotes
Mr. and Mrs. Randall Countermine
Thomas Crudo
Michael J. Cusack
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Daley
Margaret M. D’Andrea
Ted DeConno
Mr. and Mrs. Dorian A. DeMaio
Dr. and Mrs. John F. DeRossi
John M. DeStefano
David F. Devoe
Patrick A. DiCerbo
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon Dinowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Eaton
James A. Eliopulos
Ms. June England
Mr. and Mrs. John Fagel
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Farr
Mr. and Mrs. Darrell M. Finlayson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Forester
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Virginia Franzen
Ms. Jane T. Freihofer
Mr. and Mrs. Allan E. Gandler
Kirsten Gillibrand
Dr. Jon Globerson and Ms. Tina Facteau
Chuck Gohn
Mr. and Mrs. Barry S. Goldberg
Glenn Goldstein
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Goldstein
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Goodman
Jason Goodsmith
Mr. Gene Goundrey and Ms. Katherine A. Bayerl
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory K. Grande
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Gulli
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Hagman
Ms. Diahne L. Hallstead
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Hayes
Mr. Gary Heffernan
Dr. Mark H. Hite
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas L. Hoy
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Hubbard, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Richard Hughes, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Charles L. Jaffin
Ms. Eva Jarose
Ms. M. Aileen Kane
Blair Keller
Mr. and Mrs. Kerwin
JoAnne Kiernan
Bryan King
Mrs. Christine Darby-King
Mr. and Mrs. David Klingebiel
Joel M. Kremer
Mr. and Mrs. William M. Lee
Michael E. Lefkowitz
Dr. Martha Lepow
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Linton
Mr. Arnold Louie
Mr. Marc Lustick
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Macica
Nicholas Foundation
James Markwica
Ms. Michelle Massiano
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth N. May
Dr. Frederick J. McEliece
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. Neil McPhillips
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick McPike
Ms. Joyce Meisinger
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Messinger
Aimee B. Miller
Ms. Betty C. Monahan
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Montana
Mr. and Mrs. George Morris
Mr. David R. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Newell
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Noordsy
Francis O’Brien
Dr. and Mrs. Paul OKosky
Mr. Chris Osswald
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Palitsch
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Bennett Patrick
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Payne
Mr. and Mrs. Heinrich Pfaff
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Phelps
Ms. Colleen Pratt
Mr. and Mrs. James Prendergast
Mr. and Mrs. Frank S. Pusateri
Stephen Puvogel
Todd A. Rasner
Joseph Richardson
George Rifenburg
Green Chimneys
Deborah Rothman
Rory Russell
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Sacher
Frank Salvagni
Richard A. Saunders
Scott Schaefers
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel A. Schiff
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Scholl
Mrs. Joseph Sciancalepore
Mr. and Mrs. Karl E. Seitz
Mrs. Cynthia Seretan
Cindy Sherman
Lenore Simpson
Todd A. Slingerland
Ms. Meredithe L. Smith
Michael E. Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Soley
Mr. and Mrs. William Speed
Mr. Anthony Spensieri
Ms. Deborah Spivack and Mr. Robert Lepp
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew B. Stengel
Brian Straughter
Mr. and Mrs. J. Jeffrey Sullivan
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Sullivan
Mr. David Teiger
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Titterton
Ms. Joan Torgerson
William H. Tudor
Daniel Valente
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vanderhye
Fred Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Von Ronnie
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Ward
Mr. and Mrs. William Wardell
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Wattenburg
Mr. and Mrs. Everett D. Weber
John J. Whalen
Mrs. Carol Whitney
Leslie Wilner
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Winston
Dr. and Mrs. William Wolgin
Mr. and Mrs. Max Yurenda
Chipmunks / Other
James K. Abaied
Victor Abate
Jessica Abel
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ackner
Corrine A. Adams
Linda J. Ahart
Neil Aiello
Gail Aiken
Mr. Timothy J. Alden, Esq.
Mr. and Mrs. Ray Allard
Dr. and Mrs. R. Maxwell Alley
Ms. Sharon A. Alley
Richard J. Altier
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Ambrosini
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
George Amedore
Jeff Ames
Donald E. Amorosi
Mr. and Mrs. Randy M. Anastasia
Christopher Andersen
Eric M. Anderson
Arthur G. Angrisani
John P. Appiarius
Richard Apple
Mr. and Mrs. Philip A. Archard
Andrew J. Archibald
Chris Armer
V. M. Armoudlian
Katherine Armstrong
Mr. and Mrs. Jack E. Arnold
John T. Arnold
Anne Aronowitz
Ms. Diane Arzberger and Mr. Craig Goodman
Sandi AuBuchon
Michelle Aurelia
Linda H. Austin
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Babin
Joel Bachul
Mary Backus
Ms. Erin Badcock
Timothy C. Badger
Mrs. Mary M. Baker
Krishnaswami Balasubramanian
Mr. and Mrs. Spence Baldwin
Duane A. Ball
Nancy Bambara
Elise Bamberger
Ms. Donna Bamond
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Barber
Erin Barber
Colleen Bardascini
Michael Baringer
Mary Ellen and Rose Barlow
Larry Barner
S. Barone
Charles L. Barringer
Mr. and Mrs. Lionel Barthold
Dr. and Mrs. Dean Bartlett
Stephen Basile
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Battiste
Mr. Keith Bauer
Heidi Beadnell
Joan A. Beagle
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Beaulieu
Margo P. Beck
Mrs. Georgia Beckos-Wood
William H. Beecher
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Beeman
John J. Behan
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Behan
Dorothy Bell
James E. Bell
Robert Bell
John Benequisto
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Benner, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. John D. Bennett
Steven Benson
Mr. Joseph C. Berger
Cyndee Berlin
Robert W. Berls
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Berman
Robert P. Best
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Bette
Mr. Joseph G. Bidwell
Bryon Bingham
Ms. Liz Bishop
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley D. Black
Dorra Blacker
Robert Blake
Chuck Blitstein
Ms. Jill Bloch
Mr. and Mrs. C. Robert Blunt
Michael M. Boardman
Mr. and Mrs. John Boger
Bruce P. Bombard
Mr. and Mrs. John Bonaguro
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bonan
Michael A. Bonanno
Dr. Scott Bookner Dr. Elissa M. Bookner
Robert A. Borchers
Robert E. Borden
Dawn Borvsewicz
Sharon Boswell
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Boucher
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Boucher
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Boucher
Eric J. Boyer
James M. Boyle
Robert Bradshaw
Doug Brady
Ms. Susan Brand
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Brandt
James D. Brayman
Steve Brayton
Mr. and Mrs. Barry Bredice
Melissa L. Breger
Ms. Patricia M. Brennan
Cindy Breslin
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Brilling
Carolyn Brisky-Ziehm
David Brisson
Robert S. Brock
Mr. and Mrs. Regis C. Brodie
Keith P. Brookins
Jennifer L. Brooks
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Brower
Mrs. Carol Brown
David J. Brown
Mr. Derek Brown and
Mrs. Kristin Greenhouse-Brown
Ms. Janet Brown
Mrs. Miriam P. Brown
Mr. Kenneth R. Brust
Mr. and Mrs. Cesare Bucci
Mr. and Mrs. Paul N. Buchman
Greg R. Buckingham
Mr. and Mrs. G. Joseph Buckley
Kevin Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Buckley
Robert J. Buckley
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Budner
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bulman
Shelley Burgio
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Burke
John A. Burke
Mary Pat Burke
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas C. Burkly
The following individuals have made
a contribution in 2008 to the Double
H Ranch’s Keeping the Promise — the
Campaign for the Health and Happiness
of Special Children
The Adirondack Trust Co.
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Bailey
Mr. Dick Bavetta
Mr. and Mrs. George Carruthers
The Estate of Thomas C. Corcoran
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Dorfman
Mr. and Mrs. Herman Finkbeiner
The Estate of Rita J. Freitag
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Neil M. Golub
Mr. and Mrs. Philip M. Gross
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Indoe
Mr. and Mrs. William J. LaRoche
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Lewi
Mr. Marc Lustick
Mr. and Mrs. Neil McPhillips
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Newlin, III
Mr. and Mrs. Chester Opalka
Mrs. Agnes Pompa
Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Robb
The Sandy Hill Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vanderhye
Mr. and Mrs. E. Richard Yulman
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
2008 Summer Statistics
8 summer sessions,
■ Executed
serving a total of 797
summer campers, including
a session for alumni campers
10 children on
■ Served
ventilators and their families
during Camp Inspiration,
thanks to the support of
Albany Medical Center
volunteer doctors, respiratory
therapists and nurses
partnership with
■ Athegrowing
Muscular Dystrophy
Association resulted in
25 children with Muscular
Dystrophy attending camp
a strong 45%
■ Reported
summer staff retention rate
support augmented
■ Program
by 757 summer program
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Ed Burns
D. Burshteyn
Matt Bury
David P. Bushman
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Butterfield
Mr. and Mrs. A. Nicholas Buttino
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bylancik
Mr. Ed Byrnes
Harry C. Calhoun
Ms. Evangeline Caliandro
A. S. Campbell
Lori Campbell
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas P. Canale
Ms. Amy Cantanucci
Ellen Cappellino
Harold G. Card
Donald J. Cardany
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Carlstrom
Mr. and Mrs. James Caminucci
Robert W. Carney
Robert Carpenter
Rosemary Carpenter
Richard G. Carriere
David Caruso
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Caruso
Dr. and Dr. Cavayero
Ms. Margaret Cawley
Ms. Rita Cellupica
Paul C. Chalmers
Bernon P. Chamberlin
Sandra J. Chambers
Mr. and Mrs. Brian K. Champagne
Janice Champlin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Chance
Mr. Mark Chandler
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chandler
Frederic Chase
Joyotpaul Chaudhuri
Kimberly Checchia
Suzanne Chen
Thomas J. Chera
Esther Chiappone
Michael Chille
Robert J. Chodkowski
Irene Christie
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Chuckrow
Margaret M. Ciccolella
Michael Cinney
Ms. Barbara J. Ciota
Mr. and Mrs. Gary M. Clair
Andrew Clancy
Mrs. Aileen C. Clarke
Gordon J. Clarkson
Bernice Clayton
Thomas G. Clements
Elizabeth Close
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Clowe
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Clune
Shannon Clute
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Clynes
Peter J. Cobuzzi
Ed Coffey
Ralph A. Cognetta
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L. Cohen
Marian S. Cohen
Elizabeth A. Cohoon
James J. Colamaria
Matthew R. Coldrick
Elizabeth Coley
Molly M. Colgan
Barbara J. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. David Collins
F.T. and E.P. Collins
Stace Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. Collins
Mr. and Mrs. Colin D. Combs
Linda L. Conaway
Ms. Achreve P. Condos
James D. Condry
Cliff Conger
Mr. Steven Conklin
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Conley
Ms. Carly Connors and Mr. Dan Ritopecki
Joseph M. Connors
Lawrence J. Connors
Paul J. Connors
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Conoby
Mr. and Mrs. John Consolagio
Brian Cook
Mr. Joseph Cook
Mr. Rory D. Cook
Susan K. Cook
Ms. Debrah S. Cooper
Eugene Coppola
Ken Corcoran
Carlo Cordi
Samantha Corhouse
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony P. Cortese
Ms. Kathleen A. Coscione
Susan Costantino
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Costello
Willard J. Cottrell
Kenneth Countermine
Steven Cowper
Mr. and Mrs. Rudolph Cragnolin
Bernadette Craig
Ms. M. Patricia Creighton
Donald Creten
David Crikezair
Michael Crimmins
Mr. and Mrs. Rick Critcher
Joseph Croft
Mr. Richard R. Crookes
Mr. and Mrs. Harry W. Croop
Aldrich C. Crowe
Ms. Catharine H. Crozier
Michael G. Csenge
Patrick Culligan
Mrs. Bernard Cunningham
Jeffrey Custer
Ms Sherrie Cutts
Cynthia L. Czaja
Ms. Gail M. Czelusniak
Joyce Dadekian
Jennifer D’agostino
W. J. D’Agostino
Ms. Christine A. D’Alessandro
Mr. Joseph Daley
Patricia A. Daley
Todd Dalrymple
Frances L. Daly
John W. Daly
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Maria Daly
John S. Damiano
Ms. Ruth A. D’Aprix
Timothy R. Dausch
Carol Davey
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Davidson
Ms. Ruth Davie
Brian Davies
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Davies
Mr. and Mrs. Dana Davis, Jr.
Hilary C. Davis
Holland Davis
Paul J. Davis
Mr. Raymond Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Davison
Richard Dawson
John G. De Angelis
Mr. and Mrs. Vincent J. De Santis Jr.
William J. Dean
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. DeAngelus
Robert F. DeCicco
Kevin Decker
Ms. Patricia Decker
Irene M. Deeb
Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeGraff
George Deihm
Marybeth dela Rosa
John S. Delaney
Ms. Mary Delaney
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D’Elia
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Della Bella
Raymond J. Delsignore
Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Pierre Delvaux
Michael Delvecchio
Jim DeMasi
Mr. and Mrs. F. Paul deMello
Mr. and Mrs. Brian C. Dempsey
Richard Denison
Ms. Jean Ann Dennis
Mr. and Mrs. Allen Denniston
Ms. Laura DeRossi
Mr. and Mrs. Carl DeSantis
Marilou Desmond-Pries
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Dr. and Mrs. Damon J. Deteso
Margaret DeVoe
Mr. and Mrs. Wesley DeVoe
Ms. Jan DeWaters
Jeff T. DeWeese
Mr. and Mrs. John Dewey
James H. Deyoe
M. C. Di Fiore
Girl Scout Troop #2112
Ms. Joan L. Dickens
Louis DiFiore
Giuseppe Digeso
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Dimezza
Mr. and Mrs. Ray C. Diver, Jr.
Henry C. Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. William Dixon
Mrs. Margaret S. Dixson
Mr. Grant Dobbins
Ms. Elizabeth Dodds
Joan Domenico
Sam Donadio
Jean T. Donnelly
Mr. Jeffrey Donohue
Theresa Donohue
Tracy A. Donovan
Mr. Zachary Dorfman and Mrs. Adine Viscusi
Louise Downer
Nancy C. Downing
James A. Doyle
Mr. and Mrs. Jack W. Draffen
Matthew Dremiller
Mr. and Mrs. Duff Driscoll
Mr. and Mrs. Marvin H. DuBois
Nicholas J. Dugo
Mr. and Mrs. Brian J. Duncan
Carol A. Dundas
Richard L. Dunham
Rita Dunn
Sarah Dupras
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Durante
Michael W. Durling
Susan Duross
Wayne Durr
Mr. F. Joseph Dwyer
Mr. John Dzurilla
Mr. and Mrs. Todd R. Earl
Robert F. Ecklund
Mr. and Mrs. George Ehinger
G. Scott Eichin
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald L.Eichin
Mr. and Mrs. John Eisenschmidt
David K. Eldridge
Jonathan L. Elkind
Mr. and Mrs. George Ellis, III
Gary Emond
Robert F. End
Ellen Endres
John J. Endres
Gerald Engel
Troy B. Engel
Sarah Engler
Mr. Robert English and Ms. Joan Taub
Tom Erwin
Patricia Esler
Mrs. Nancy Eustance
Kathleen A. Evans
Linda Evans
Dr. Robert L. Evans
William Evans
Edward J. Evers
Maureen Evers
Chip Evra
Nancy Facci
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Factor
Ms. Marsha E. Fagan
Ms. Brenda Fair Stevens
Jacqueline A. Falk
Mr. Christian Fannin
Ms. Claudette Farchione
Rachel T. Farchione
Ms. Gail Farrell
Ms. Kay Farrell
Faith Fehr
John J. Feiden
Susan C. Ferdinand
Mr. and Mrs. Ferguson
Dr. and Mrs. John A. Ferraro
Cordula Feuerstack
Theodore C. Feurer
Mr. and Mrs. William Field
Mr. and Mrs. Paul A. Fink
Jeff Fiori
Mr. and Mrs. James Fiorini
Mr. and Mrs. William X. Fischer
Mr. Arnold Fisher
Eric C. Fisher
Louis A. Fisher
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Fitzgerald
Sean S. Fitzgerald
Joan Fitzhenry
Scott Flagel
Ms. Lauren E. Flaherty
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Flaherty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Flanagan
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas V. Flanagan
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Flanders
Mr. Raymond P. Flavell
Ms. Elaine Fleischer
Benjamin T. Flower
Loretta Fobert
Marni R. Fogelson
Tim Fontaine
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Forbes
Tim Forbes
Mary Anne Forslin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert Forte
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Forthoffer
Patricia F. Forward
Robert Fosberry
Gary Foster
George R. Foster
Lloyd G. Fowler
Richard W. Fowler
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Fox
Ms. Roberta Fox
Ann Marie Francato
Ms. Kate Francesa
Dan Frazier
Jennifer Fredenburg
Donald Frederick
Robert Frederick
Mrs. Maxine D. Freedman
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Clinton B. Freeman
Elaine French
Brook Friedman
Jason A. Friedman
Dr. Orel Friedman
Mr. Daniel Frisch
Mr. William Fruci
Mr. William Frutchy
Dr. James Fuchs and Dr. Kate O’Keefe
Mr. Reginald Fuller
Dieter and Michelle Funiciello
Michael Funk
Vincent and Judith Fuschino
John Galante
Jeanne C. Galka
Randy Galusha
John J. Gambino
Dr. and Mrs. Max Ganem
Mark Gans
Dr. Janet E. Gargiulo
John B. Garrett
Monica Gaspo
Robert A. Gatland
Mr. and Mrs. James C. Gedney
Joe Geiger
Mrs. Maureen Geis
Mr. and Mrs. Emilio Genzano
Stephen O. George
William P. George
Peter Gerasia
Sameh Ghobrial
Ms. Jane Gibbs
Morris Gibbs
Ms. Ruth Gibson
Edward N. Gifford
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Gifford
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Gilbert
Thomas Gill
Lynn Gillispie
Ms. Linda Gilmore
Robert Gilmore
F. L. Gilmour
Ann Giroux
Thomas Givay
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Willner Giwerc
James S. Gizzi
Benjamin Gleeksman
Mr. Joseph R. Goceljak
Frank C. Godfrey
Scott Goebel
Kenneth Gomes
Kevin Goodemote
Diane Goodman
Ms. Elizabeth S. Goodman
Ms. Marilyn Goodman
Eric Goodness
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Gorcesky
Dr. and Mrs. Charles F. Gordon
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Gordon
Ed Gorman
Joan L. Gourley
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Gowan
Kathy Gower
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Graham
David J. Grand
Mr. and Mrs. James Grande
Brian Granger
William Graper
Thomas S. Grasso
Matthew Grattan
Mrs. Agnes N. Gray
Mr. and Mrs. James Green
Charles H. Gressler
Greg Grieco
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Grillo
Mr. D.F. Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Griskowitz
Ms. Nancy J. Gross
Joseph M. Guarino
Mr. Jeffrey D. Guay
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Guay
Mr. Thomas J. Guay
Mr. and Mrs. Andy Hadjandreas
Dina J. Haight
Mr. and Mrs. Rich Hallstead
Ms. Yolanda Halpin
Christopher J. Halusic
Sylvia B. Hamer
Anne M. Handley
Michael Hannon
Mr. Robert Harendza
Gary T. Harker
David A. Harradine
Mr. and Mrs. Dean B. Harrington
Lawson P. Harris
Lori Anne Harris
Ms. Lorraine Harris
Mr. Mark Harris
Robert L. Harris
Timothy Harris
Mr. and Mrs. Dirck Dey Harrison
Gale E. Harrison
Mr. Walter Harrison
Lawrence J. Hart
Sonny Hart
Ms. Donna Harubin
Dr. and Mrs. Norman A. Harvey
Donald R. Hauprich
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Hauser
Dr. and Mrs. Hausler
Jeffrey T. Havens
Norm Hawkins
James C. Hayes
Ralph Hays
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley D. Hayslette
James F. Heath
Mr. and Mrs. William Hebert
Ms. Irene C. Helenek
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Hemsworth
Elizabeth Hennessy Bennison
Pamela M. Henson
Dr. and Mrs. Peter G. Herman
Nancy E. Higgins
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Higgins
Kathleen Hill
Ms. Susan Hill
Karen Hillilker
Ms. Gillian Hirsch
Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon M. Hirschberg
John C. Hodges
Stephanie Hodgson
Thomas W. Hodgson
Dawn Hoff-Cowdery
Bill Hoffman
Dave Hoffman
Ms. Jean Hoffman
Susana Hoffman
Mr. and Mrs. Jake Hogan
Mark Hogan
Mr. Richard P. Hogan
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Hogben
Ms. Barbara M. Holbrook
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Holmes
Mr. Willard G. Holt
Mark Horner
Eugene M. Horrigan
Heather Horwedel
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Horwitz
Susan Howe
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Howland
Mr. and Mrs. John Howland
Stefanie Huber
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hudson
Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin G. Hughes
Ms. Rae Hughes
Virginia Hughes
Edwin F. Hussa
Thomas L. Hutchison
Lars Huus
Sheila Hyer
Nancy Icke
Cindy Ide
Geri Ide
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Idleman
Mr. Harry Ingle
Raymond J. Jablonski
Mr. and Mrs. Drew Jacobs
Jeffrey Jacobs
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Jacobs
Margaret Jacobsen
Mr. and Mrs. David S. James
Merlene James
Irene Jankowski
J. C. Jankowski
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Patricia Jankowski
Greta Jansson
Jamie Jaret
Mr. and Mrs. Murray W. Jaros
Cindy Jarvis
Anne Jaster
Edward A. Jeffreys
David Jelenik
Mr. Tom Jenkin
Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Jenkins
Rumara Jewett
Mr. and Mrs. Brian S. Jiguere
Pamela J. Joachim
Ken Johnson
Lisa Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johnson
Manfred Jonas
Ms. Eileen Jonat and Mr. Robert Parmigiani
Mr. and Mrs. John Jonat
Mr. E. Stewart Jones Jr.
Kevin Jones
Margaret A. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Jones
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Jordan
Paul D. Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. H. Wayne Judge
Charles A. Judkins
Ms. Jacqueline Jung
Ryan Justin
JoAnn Kaestner
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Kain
Mr. and Mrs. David Kaiser
Mr. and Mrs. Joe Kakaty
Ken J. Kakaty
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Kana
Ms. Jennifer Karbowsky
David Karpinski
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard H. Kastory
Jonah A. Keane
Mr. Raymond Keeling
Joseph Kelley
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Kelly, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Kelly
Mike Kelly
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Mr. Peter Kelly
Mr. Peter J. Kelly
Thomas Kelly
Timothy M. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. William Kenneally
Mr. and Mrs. John Kennedy, Jr.
Michael P. Kenney
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph J. Kenyon
Greg Kern
Dr. and Dr. Thomas R. Kershner
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Kessler
Karen Keymel
Mr. and Mrs. John Keyser
Ian Kindersely
Donald J. King
Mr. and Mrs. John King
Lawrence E. King
Mr. and Mrs. Devon T. Kinne
Laura T. Kirby
Steven M. Kirchner
M. H. Klapp
Judith Kleinberg
Barbara Knapp
Wendy Knaus
Bernadette J. Knight
Ms. Kathy Kniskern and Mr. Paul K. Male
Ms. Ruth Knoblock
James Knodel
Joseph Kocet
Alan L. Koechlein
Steve Kohler
J. Paul Kolodziej
Michael Korb
Mr. Eric L. Krantz and Ms. Cheryl S. Tucker
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Krasnicki
William Kraus
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Krause
Lawrence J. Kretovic
Heidi Krueger
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Krueger
Ms. Sherrell Kruggel
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse H. Krum
Dave Kubikian
Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Kudan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Kudan
Richard Kudlack
Catherine Kukan
Mrs. Diana M. Kupillas
David K. Kurata
Mary E. Kuykendall Weber
John J. Lacek
Marc LaChapelle
Melody L. Lacy
Mr. and Mrs. John LaFore
Mary E. LaFountain
Thomas L. Lajeunesse
Jerry W. LaMay
Mrs. Lenore E. Landorf
Richard Landry
Gail Landsman
Thomas G. Lane
Ms. Diane L. Lang
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Langelier
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lant
Mr. and Mrs. Peter J. Lareau
Hannah L. Larmon
Mr. Todd LaRoche
John LaRouche
Karen LaRue
Dr. and Mrs. Andre Lascari
Christopher J. Lasher
Frederick E. Lass
Sarah H. Lathrop
Ms. Eva Lavallee
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. LaVardera
Shirley Lavine
Ms. Elaine F. Lawrence
John J. Layden
Judy Layman
Charles Leach
Belinda J. Leackfeldt
Sheila T. Leahy
Christopher Leary
Eugene Leary
Heather LeBlanc
Sarah Lee
Valerie T. Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Lemery
Winter volunteer hours in 2008 totaled a
record 14,410.75
Participants from the 2008 Autism Family
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
2008 Winter Statistics
year for number of
■ Record
applicants, children/families
and volunteers
a total of 168 students
■ Served
and 400 family members;
Met goal of serving 25
children each regular
operational ski day
over 500 lessons
■ Taught
to students and over 900
lessons to family members
number of families
■ Increased
served during five Family
Sleepover Weekends by 40%;
with 80 families participating
in the residential winter
our children and
■ Introducing
families to the magic of snow,
our 209 winter volunteers
dedicated 14,410.75 hours to
the slopes
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Filiberto Leon
Ms. Jane Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. James Leone
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Leonelli Jr.
Joshua Levy
Norman Levy
Ms. Louise Lifford
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Lineback
James V. Link
Elaine B. Linsin
Mr.and Mrs. Edward Linville
Senator Elizabeth O’C. Little
Ray Littlejohn
Mr. Alan Lobel
Ira Lobel
Margaret K. Locatelli
Fred H. Loheide
Adam Lolagrossi
James Lombard
Mr. and Mrs. Long
Lawrence G. Louder
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Louiselle
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Lounsbery
Ms. Marion Luce
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Lucey
Mr. and Mrs. Carlton L. Luhrmann
Smiley M. Lumpkin
Tamara M. Lupton-Valentine
Mr. Edmund L. Luzine
Ms. Josephine Lyman
Mr. and Mrs. James M. Lyons
Thomas Mace
Mary K. MacGregor
Mr. and Mrs. Carmen A. Maciariello
Barbara Macina
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Mack
Ms. Tarri Macken
Melody Mackenzie
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Madden
Elaine Madison
Mr. and Mrs. Madwed
Mary M. Magee
Gary J. Maggio
Mr. and Mrs. Paul C. Maguire
Mr. and Mrs. Zachary Maimone
Robert M. Mains
D. S. Mainville
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Major
Marie Malinowski
Daria L. Mallin
Mr. Michael T. Malone
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Mance
Michael Maney
Aurora Mangeri
Mrs. Martha S. Mann
Mrs. Susan Manning
Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Marchese
Anthony Marino
Clement A. Marino
Celeste R. Markis
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Markowitz
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Marks
Mike Marra
Margaret Marry
John Marschilok
Mr. and Mrs. John Marshall
Karen Marshall
Mr. David Martin
David S. Martin
Raymond Martin
Robert A. Martin
Brian Martineau
Mr. and Mrs. Armando Martinez
Mr. and Mrs. David J. Marx Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Elliott Masie
Mr. and Mrs. Mason
Mr. and Mrs. Michael F. Massiano
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Mastrion
Christina Matrianni Morris
Glenn D. Matteson
David E. Mattison
Matthew Mattson
Mr. Glenn Maurer
Mr. and Mrs. John Maxam
Janet Q. Mays
Robert Mazur
Sandy McAlonie
Traci McBain
Beth McCabe
Mr. and Mrs. R. Paul McCarty
Mr. James P. McCauley
Charlotte L. McClaine
Susan McClary
William P. McClary
Edward McClernan
Courtney McCue
Mr. Kevin P. McCullough
James J. McDonald
Pam McDonald
Mr. and Mrs. Andy McEachron
Allison Q. McGraw
Debra McHale Wilson
Colleen McHugh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert McKenna
Tokeshia McKinney
Kevin McLoughlin
Sandra L. McMillen
Patrick McNamara
Bill McQuown
Jim McVeigh
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Meacham
Mr. and Mrs. Vince Medici
Steven Mehan
Ms. Carol B. Meisel
Mr. Matthew Melsert
Mr. Thomas J. Mendl
Bob Meneely
John A. Menzer
Mr. and Mrs. James P. Menzies
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Menzies
Mr. Samuel Mercado and
Mrs. Sandy Carrington-Mercado
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Merchant
C. Meschino
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Messinger
Joan A. Metraw
Mr. and Mrs. Martin A. Meyer
David Meyers
Mr. and Mrs. David Michalski
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Micheli
Alfred J. Migneault
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Michael Mihaly
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Miles
Alan Miller
Allen Miller
Howard Miller
Ms. Janet I. Miller and Susan York
Ms. Lisa Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Miller
Ronald S. Miller
Ms. Evangeline L. Mills
Gerald E. Milroy
Mr. and Mrs. John Mineaux
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Miner
Patricia S. Minisce
Ena Minnick
Kimberly A. Mirarchi
Sanford Mirling
Bernard Modder
James F. Moeller
Mrs. Mary Jane F. Moeller
Tom Moeller
Elizabeth Mollnow
Vincent C. Mongato
Deborah Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Montgomery
Joyce L. Monty
Edward P. Moore
Robert J. More
Ms. Andrea Morehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Donald O. Morehouse
Townsend R. Morey
Kevin W. Morrill
Julie Morris
Dr. and Mrs. Robert A. Morton
J. R. Mullen
Robert Muller
Brian Mulvey
Ms. Patrice Munsel
Alice Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Murphy
James Murphy
Jude Murphy
Linda Murphy
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Mary E. Murphy
Marylou Murphy
Ms. Colleen Murray
Mr. Edward Murray
Dr. and Mrs. John M. Myers
Patty Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas W. Nace
Karen M. Nadeau
Nancy J. Naegele
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Nagelsmith
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Nash
Mr. and Mrs. Fred Natale
Mr. and Mrs. Michael P. Naughton
Todd K. Neil
Mr. Lawrence W. Nelsen
Greg Nelson
Mr. William Nestuk
Joyce Netherton
Gregory G. Nevins
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Newell
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Newell
Paul Nicastro
Ms. Susan Nichols
Niel Nielsen
Ann H. Noyes
Mr. and Mrs. Gary C. Oberting
Mr. and Mrs. Peter O’Brien
Ruth O’Connor
Mr. and Mrs. H. Michael Okby
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Okosky
Ms. Lois S. Oliver
Jeff Olsen
Victoria Onderdonk-Milne
Mrs. Kathleen F. O’Neil
K. B. Oppedisano
Thomas D. Oppedisano
Jim Oppelt
Mr. Donald Orlando
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Orr
Mr. and Mrs. Carlos F. Ortiz
Kevin D. Ostrander
Emily Oswald
Kurt G. Oswald
Robert A. Oustecky
Douglas M. Owens
Ms. Aimee Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher N. Palmer
Jason M. Palmer
Sanderson Palmer
Shirley Papa
Dr. and Mrs. Charles S. Papier
Raymond Paretzky
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Parillo
Mr. and Mrs. B.G. Parker
Bill Parker
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Parker
Tim Parker
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Parrish
Ms. Josephine Pasciullo
Mr. Albert Pasinella
Ms. Mary Passeretti
William R. Passineau
Mr. Mark Patten, III
Robert M. Patton
Frank Pawlows
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan Pearson, IV
Mrs. Kathleen Peer
Mr. and Mrs. Clark Perkett
Michael R. Perkins
Paula Perpall
Ms. Eleanor J. Peters
Susan L. Peters
Dr. and Mrs. William A. Petersen
Allan J. Petit
Mark E. Petramale
William M. Petroccio
Petruzzo Family
Dan Pettit
Ronald S. Pettit
Dr. and Mrs. Peter I. Pfaffenbach
Dr. and Mrs. Fred A. Phillips
Michael J. Phillips
Tina Phillips
Bruce Piasecki
Mr. and Mrs. Angelo Piccirillo
Michael Pickering
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Pidgeon
Walter F. Piel
Carol Pierone
Burton L. Pine
Norman A. Pirro
Tonya Pirrone
Nicole Pitaniello
Mr. Michael Pletman
Mr. Lawrence H. Pohl
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Polonsky
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Polverelli
Linda Pommerer
Karen Prakelt
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Pratt
Dr. and Mrs. Mark Pressman
Ms. Marietta Prevost
Tracey B. Priestly
Anita M. Principi
Hahn Pugliese
Mr. and Mrs. John Puig
Paula A. Purtell
Bob Putnam
Ms. Elizabeth Pyne
Archie Quarrier
Timothy Quinn
Joseph F. Raccuia
Ms. Robin Raco
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne A. Raczkowski
Alfred J. Ragazzo
Ms. Amy Raimo
Joe Rapp
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Rapp
Timothy K. Rascoe
Dr. Robert Rasken
Jacqueline Rathbun
Signa Read
Mr. and Mrs. James Reale
Peter Recore-Migirditch
Mary Jane Reddick
Ms. Patricia W. Redmond
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas H. Reed
Kelly Regan
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Reger, Jr.
Ms. Deanne Rehm
Mr. and Mrs. John Rentz
Susan Retersdorf
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Kimberly A. Rhinehart-Rizzi
Alan C. Rhodes
Mr. and Mrs. Francis E. Riberdy
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Ricci
Ms. Karen L. Riccio
Carmella Richards
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Richards
Charles H. Richman
Mrs. William Rickard
Jessica Riley
Mr. and Mrs Michael Riley
Michael Riley
Shelley Riley
Joanne Y. Ringwood
Marion Rinker
Robert E. Rissberger
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ritzenberg
John F. Roach
W. Roach
Harold W. Robbins
Mrs. Barbara Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Hugh D. Roberts
Janine Robinson
Mr. William Robinson
Niall Roche
Pauline Rockenstire
David E. Rodriguez
Terrell L. Roe
Bruce T. Roepe
Patricia Rogge
Ms. Carol Rohne
Michael G. Root
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Rosa
Ms. Ilene Rose
Gladys Rosen
Stephen Rosenfeld
Dan Rosenthal
George J. Rosko
Frank J. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ross
Robert M. Rossell
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rothstein
Dan Rourke
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Charles A. Rowe
Gib Rowe
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Royael
Lisa A. Rozell
John A. Rubino
Ralph S. Russotto
Beth Ryan
Dennis Ryan
Tiffany Ryan
Ms. Zita M. Ryan
Scott Ryerson
Herman L. Sabourin
Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Salisbury
Dr. and Mrs. Arthur C. Salvatore Jr.
Mr. Michael C. Salvatore
Mr. and Mrs. James Sandner
Irving Sandorf
Benjamin J. Sano
Lucia C. Sano
Valerie F. Santo
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Sarni Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Saunders
Stephanie Saunders
Lesley Savage
Rose Ann B. Savage
Mr. Peter A. Sawchuk and Ms. Deborah G. Williams
Scott Sawyer
Ms. Nancy A. Saxenian
Robert L. Saylor
George P. Scaringe
William M. Schaefer
Susan L. Scharf
Kerry Scherb
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Schiavi
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Schleich
Ross Schlinger
Rose M. Schlonski
Greg Schramek
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Schroeder, Sr.
Robert B. Schuerlein
Elizabeth J. Schultheiss
Elaine Schwartz
Rev. and Mrs. F. Charles Schwartz
Lisa Schwartz
Stephen C. Schwed
Mr. and Mrs. J. William Schweiker
Mr. and Mrs. James Sciancalepore
Ms. Maria Sciancalepore
Tracy Scidmore
Dr. and Mrs. John Sconzo
Ms. Joan Scott
Hazel Scudder
Mrs. Joan Seebeck
Mr. and Mrs. James Sefick
Mr. and Mrs. G. Thomas Selfridge
Mr. and Mrs. David Semione
Bill Sena
Ms. Ronnie Diane Serlin
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Service
Mrs. R. Michael Sessa
Ross Setlow
Mr. and Mrs. John Settele
Mr. and Mrs. R. Scott Severance
Therese A. Shady
Ms. Susan Briere Shafer
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Shamberger
William Shananhan
Ms. Maureen Shaughnessy
Joy-Lim Shaw
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Shaw
William Shaw
Marion G. Sheehan
Mr. Crint Sheer
Todd Sheridan
Laurie Sherman
Richard Sherman
Glen Shields
John R. Shine
Ms. Nancy Shishik
Mrs. Herbert Shultz
Jake Shumaker
Richard Siegel
Kurt Sierman
Paul Silva
Joshua Silver
Ms. Madeline Silverman
Mr. and Mrs. Joel Simon
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Simons
Peter Sipperly
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Sirianni
Clayton Sitterly
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Siudy
Joe Skelly
Steven M. Skinner
Mr. Janes M. Skvorak
James Slade
Mr. and Mrs. Burt K. Slavin
James A. Slavin
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Slezak
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Slocum
Mr. and Mrs. D. Jeffrey Slovak
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Smack
Norman L. Small
Mr. Eric Smatko
Michael E. Smialek
James W. Smiley
Edward W. Smith
Mr. H. William Smith
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, Jr.
Ms. Jane Smith
Mr. Kevin Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Smith
Ms. Marcia Bates Smith
Ms. Deborah C. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Smith
Ms. Sherry Smith
Raymond Snyder
Dr. Elias and Dr. Roslyn Socolof
Mr. Alois Soeller
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew Sokol
Thomas Solomon
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Sommer
Ms. Mary Song
Scott E. Sopczyk
Simone H. Spaulding
Renee K. Speer
Dr. Joel Spiro
Ernie V. Spoor
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Sproule
Ms. Lori Squadere
Edwina St. John
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Staber
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Thomas J. Stack
Tina Stanoski
Phyllis Stanton
Robert J. Starkey
Robert S. States
Andrew B. Stegemoeller
Charles K. Steinburg
Richard Steiner
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Stenard
Ms. Ann B. Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Brian T. Stevens
Thomas Stevens
Constance S. Steving
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Stewart, III
N. Craig Stickney
Michael L. Stile
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Stomski, Jr.
Alan Stone
Chester Stone
Donald Stone
James S. Sturgeon
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis P. Sullivan
Ms. Kelly Sullivan
Mary Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sullivan
Jeffrey Sumner
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell Suprenant, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Swalsky
Ms. Kelley Sweeney
Denise M. Sylvester
Gregg Taffet
Michael A. Taglione
Dominic Tamburri
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Tarantino
Mr. Robert Tartaglia
Regina G. Tator
Betty Taylor
Dorothy E. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Teliska
Lauren Tennent
Joseph Terry
Susan Terwilliger
Brian D. Thayer
Douglas J. Thayer
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Ian Thomas
Lisa B. Thomas
Bruce H. Thompson
Hattie Thrash
Andrew Thurston
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Thyne
Ms. Ann Tierney
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tobin, III
Sharon Tocco
Mr. and Mrs. Morris Todd
Mr. Philip J. Toffell and Mrs. Tish La Torr
Albert J. Tolomeo
Jay Tooke
John P. Totino
Ms. Marti Townley
Stephen Trager
Jared Trapp
Cynthia R. Tripepi
Ms. Melissa Troia
Mrs. Dorina Trolio
Jim Tschinkel
Mrs. Ruth Turner
Russell P. Twaddell
Joberta L. Underwood
Amy J. Unrath
Mr. Alan E. Unright and Ms. Joan C. Bausch
Ms. Joyce Ure
C. Ushchak
Stephen H. Vaisey
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Valentino
Mark Vamvalis
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Van Detta
Dirck C. Van Deusen
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Vanderhule
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Vandy
Latricia VanPatten
Mr. Matthew VanSlyke and Ms. Jodi Kapes
Antoinette Veneruso
John Venticinque
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Verdile
John Verheul
Brenda N. Verro
LaWana Villa
Joseph C. Voelker
Fred Vogel
Mr. and Mrs. Allan S. Voluck
Mr. John Vroman
Douglas Wade
Lynn Wagemann
John Wagner
Mr. Arthur B. Waill
Jeff Wait
Barbara J. Waite
Joseph T. Walden
Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Walling
Ms. Michele M. Walls
William L. Wankel
Mr. Michael Waring
R. S. Warren
William R. Waters
Arthur H. Waugh
Ms. Ann M. Weaver
Edward C. Webber
Kristie Weinert
Jay R. Weinstein
Doris Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Weisz
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Wentworth
Graydon West
Heidi O. West
Matthew West
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. West
Kenneth T. Weyrauch
Mary A. Whalen
Rory P. Whelan
Rey Whetten
Jerome F. White
Julie E. White
Michael White
Michele White
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Whiting
Linda Whittle
K. Lee Wiebe
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Wilcox
Ed Wildzunas
Randy Wilke
Robert Willi
Carol E. Williams
Nurse Daureen is home at the Double H Ranch
with camper Colin from Camp Inspiration. In
2008 66 volunteer RN’s assisted the Ranch’s
full-time nursing staff.
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Williams
Ms. Joan M. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Williams
Mr. Bob Willig and Ms. Ginny Mason
David A. Willome
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Wilson
Ms. Karen Winchell
Harvey W. Wingate
Mr. and Mrs. Solomon Wise
Mr. John Witt
Frank Witz
Allen R. Wolf
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick P. Woll
Mr. Michael D. Wood
Mr. Michael D. Wood
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Wood
Henry E. Woodcome
Bernis A. Woodward
Mr. Bruce Woodward
Joshua Worby
Mark Woroby
John J. Worthington
Arin Wright
Mr. Robert Wuendsch
Kanako Wyman
Thomas Wysock
Joseph Yannone
Mr. David Yunich
Steve Yurenda
Mr. and Mrs. Julius Zack
Harvey Zalesne
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Zappone
Jim Zebrowski
Mr. and Mrs. George Zickler
Frank Zilka
Michael Zisa
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Zlotnick
Steve Zlotnick
Mrs. Marilyn Zocco
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Zumback
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Bear $100,000.00 +
Sysco Food Services of Albany
Beavers $500.00 +
Racoons $1,500.00 +
Adirondack Beverages
Adirondack Community Trust - Evergreen Fund
AFS Acquisition & Funding Services
Albany Medical Center
Apropos Design Solutions
Bartlett, Pontiff, Stewart, & Rhodes, P.C.
Borne Design Group
Bunkoff General Contractors, Inc.
Cancer Survivors on Mt. Aspiring
Chic’s Marina
CMI Communications
Cooperstown Bed & Breakfast
D. Brickman Inc.
D’ELLA Pontiac-Buick-GMC-Cadillac
The Desmond
Diabetes Health
ESMI of New York
Fox 40 International Inc.
Freeman & Shea, Inc.
Dr. Harvey Friedman and Dr. R. S. Brenner
Glens Falls National Bank
Hormel Foods Corporation
Keeler Motor Car Company
LaBrake Memorials, Inc.
Lake George R.V. Park
Legion Paper Corp.
Lewis Crane Service, Inc.
Martin, Shudt, Wallace, DiLorenzo, Johnson
McDonald Real Estate Professionals, Inc.
Medical Equipment Sales Associates
Merrill Lynch
Monahan & Loughlin, Inc.
Multi Media Solutions, Ltd.
MVP Health Care
NBT Bank
New Country Saratoga Auto Park
Nolan & Heller
Palio Communications
Pallette Stone Corporation
Program Risk Management, Inc.
Advocate Brokerage Corp.
Barber Foods
Bette & Cring
Black Horse Farms
Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan
Capital Imaging Associates, PC
Charles C. Freihofer III Donor Adv. Fd.
Chianti IL Ristorante
Curtis Lumber Company
Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse, Inc.
Fitzgerald Bros.
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Flint
George R. DeVore Mason Contractor
Glens Falls National Bank & Trust
The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom
The Hearst Corporation
IBM T.J. Watson Research Center- Don. Des.
Impressive Imprints
Irving Tissue, Inc.
Kennelly & Associates, Inc. Radiation Oncology
L & M Associates, LLC
Longfellows Hotel, Restaurant & Conference Center
McPhillips Insurance
Meyers & Meyers, LLP
Mohawk Fine Papers Inc.
Old Saratoga Restorations, Inc.
Phinney Design Group
Provincial Contracting Services
Prudential Matching Gifts Program
Rifenburg Construction
The Sagamore
Sage Computer Associates
Saint-Gobain Corporation Foundation
Farzad Sani
Saratoga Gaming & Raceway
Siemens Medical Solutions USA, Inc.
State Farm Insurance
Turbo Parts, LLC
WGNA - Goldstein Enterprises Pennies from
Costco Wholesale
White Tailed Deer $50,000.00 +
Reckitt Benckiser North America
Turbine Services Ltd.
U.S. Foodservice, Inc.
Bobcats $25,000.00 +
General Electric Foundation/Matching Funds
Newman’s Own
Taylor Made Group, Inc.
Red Fox $10,000.00 +
BIMBO Bakeries USA
Golub Corp.- Price Chopper
Hasbro, Inc.
Lehman Brothers Tust Company
New York Long Term Care Brokers, Ltd.
The Adirondack Trust Co.
Toys “R” Us Chidren’s Fund, Inc.
Coyotes $5,000.00 +
Advantage Sales & Marketing
Brown Printing Co.
Chardan Capital Markets, LLC
Citizens Bank
Cohoes Savings Bank
DeCrescente Distributing
Dunkin’ Brand
EN Productions
Ken’s Foods
Kies Consulting, L.L.C.
LiDestri Foods, Inc.
M + W Zander
Matthews Group, Inc.
R. Cohen & Son of Glens Falls
State Farm Insurance
Stewart’s Shops
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
R. M. West Painting
Saratoga Honda and Northeast Acura
Schenectady Hardware & Electric Company, Inc.
Sunmark Federal Credit Union
The Swyer Companies/Stuyvesant Plaza
The Elsevier Foundation
UBS Foundation USA/Global Impact
United Group of Companies
Venture Sales Group, LLC
Wal-Mart Foundation
Weichsel Beef Co., Inc.
Chipmunk / Other
10X Consulting, LLC
AAA-Northway Travel Agency
Adirondack Ad Specialties
Adirondack Pediatrics
Albany Broadcasting Company
Mr. Timothy J. Alden, Esq.
Alison V. Craig Realty LLC
AMF Logistics, Inc.
AMF Painting
Assured Source, Inc.
Ausable Funds, Inc.
B.G. Lenders Service, LLC
Back & Neck Pain Relief Ctr.
Ballston Spa National Bank
Barnes & Noble
Blaise Enterprises, Inc. dba Royal Mtn. Ski Area
Blue Shield of NENY
Boralex Operations, Inc.
Brega Company
Brennan’s Quick Print, Inc.
Brindisi, Inc.
Brown Marketing
C.R. Bard, Inc.
C.W. Whalen & Sons, LLC
Cardinale’s Car Care
Catherine H. Gonzalez, CPA
The Chazen Companies
Chico’s FAS, Inc.
The Chronicle
Ciro’s Restaurant
Citigroup Matching Gifts Program
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Civale Chiropractic
Comfortex Corporation
Commonwealth Benefit Group LLC
Cudney’s Launderers & Dry Cleaners, Inc.
D’ELLA Honda
D’ELLA Honda of Glens Falls
DeMattos Insurance Agency, Inc.
Denardis Salon
Didona Associates Landscape Architects, LLC
Dill Design & Advertising, Inc.
East Ridge Grooming
The Edison Club Golf Shop
Encompass Insurance
Five Thirteen- A Salon LLC
Mr. and Mrs. Flores
Fortona Sales and Marketing
Four Winds Saratoga
Frank Adams Jewelers
Fuller & LaFiura
Ganz, Wolkenbreit & Friedman
Gastroenterology Associates of Northern NY, PC
GF Pediatric Consultants
Give with Liberty Employee Donations
Green Acres Campsites Co., LLC
Hacker & Murphy, LLP
Hannaford #360
Hannaford Bros. - South Glens Falls #380
Highgate Sunshine Group
Hiscock and Barclay, LLP Albany Office
HMA Contracting Corporation
Hoffman, Warnick & D’Alessandro, LLC
Home Style Enterprises, Inc.
Hometown Dental Care, P.C.
Hudson River Community Credit Union
The Hyde Collection
Image Photo & Digital Lab
Indian River Community College
Indian Teepee Gift Shop
Insulet Corporation
J.D. Boucher Enterprises, Inc.
Jack Frost DeWitt Food Brokers, Inc.
Jerry Brown’s Auto Parts Center
Johnson & Johnson
JP Morgan Chase Bank
Daniel F. Kana
Kelly’s Emerald Feeds
Kenneth Schwartz, MD
Lake George Dinner Theatre
Lake George Kayak Co.
Landscape Architect, P.C.
LeMarco Physical Therapy
LMA Lomac & May Associates
Loiselle Memorials, Inc.
Lozman Orthodontist
Lydall Thermal/Acoustical, Inc.
M. Shaw Insurance Agency
Martin, Harding & Mazzotti
McAvinney Builders, LLC
McDonald for Mayor
McNulty for Congress
Meme’s Florist & Gifts
Milano/Milano North/Provence/Unique Catering
Mr. Robert C. Morris
Muller, Muller, & Mannix
NBT Bank, NA
Neighbors NY Inc.
New York City Transit Authority
Newman’s Own Foundation - Farmington Office
Next Summer, LLC
Nikki P.’s Pizza-Deli-Bakery
Northwestern Mutual Financial Network
The Old Brick Furniture Co.
Omni Management Group, Ltd.
Orlando Food Sales
Phillips Memorial Home, Inc.
Poppytown Puppets & Music Co.
Porter’s Cottages
Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne
Prevea Health
Putnam Investments Matching Gifts Program
Riverwalk on the Hudson
Raymond Rizio
Roots and Wings Counseling
Rosick Well Drilling, LLC
Rozell Industries, Inc.
The Rutnik Law Firm
Sanctuary Spa of Saratoga Springs
Saratoga Equine Veterinary Service, P.C.
Saratoga Textile, Inc.
Schermerhorn Residential Holdings. L.P.
Schoolhouse Graphics
Schutze Family Dentistry
Schuyler Companies
Scott Varley Group Inc.
Shelly Electric Company, Inc.
The Shoppe
Skidmore College
Sloppy Kisses
Smith Barney Citigroup
Spectrum Foodservice Assoc. Inc.
Stuyvesant Plaza, Inc.
Sushi Thai Garden
TFR Industries, Inc.
The Joan B. Hornig Foundation
The Lamon Agency, Inc.
The Mousetrap Restaurant & Bar
Thomas J. Stack, Jr. DDS
Tree of Life Yoga
Tyco Electronics Matching Gift Program
US Army Medical Research & Material Command
Van Schaik Island Country Club, Inc.
Vanguard-Fine Retail Store Leasing, LLC
W. J. Morris Excavating
Warner-Rafaniello Design
Wilber National Bank Customer Relations
Xerox Corporation
Eagle $200,000.00 +
The Hackett Foundation, Inc.
The Sandy Hill Foundation
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Bear $100,000.00 +
Racoons $1,500.00 +
The Hearst Foundation, Inc.
Arthur J. Roth Family Foundation
The Beez Foundation
Charles C. Freihofer III Donor Advised Fund
Community Foundation of New Jersey - Gross
Family Fund
David and Candace Weir Foundation
The Dorothy Strelsin Foundation
Henry A. & Mary J. MacDonald Foundation
Higgins Family Foundation
Joseph M. Walsh Foundation, Inc.
Larry Skolnick Memorial Fund
Lucille A. Herold Charitable Trust
Morgan Stanley
Neil & Jane Golub Foundation, Inc.
Prudential Matching Gifts Program
Ronald McDonald House Charities
Ross Family Fund
Teammates for Kids Foundation/
Garth Brooks Foundation
The Evelyn & Paul Robinson Family Foundation
The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation, Inc.
The PCG Foundation
White Tailed Deer $50,000.00 +
The William and Estelle Golub Foundation, Inc.
Bobcats $25,000.00 +
Greater Miami Jewish Federation
Newman’s Own Foundation
The Waterhouse Family Foundation
The William and Vernette More
Family Foundation
The Wright Family Foundation Inc.
Red Fox $10,000.00 +
C.R. Bard Foundation, Inc.
The David S. and Janet R. Sheridan Foundation
J. M. McDonald Foundation
Kastory Family Foundation
The Martin Tananbaum Foundation, Inc.
Pflaum Family Foundation, Inc.
Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity Nat’l Hdqtrs.
The Smachlo Foundation
The Taylor Family Foundation, Inc.
The Miles Hodsdon Vernon Foundation, Inc.
Turrell Fund
William Gundry Broughton
Charitable Private Foundation, Inc.
Coyotes $5,000.00 +
Beacon Light Foundation
Best Buy Children’s Foundation Tag Team Awards
The Dobson Foundation
Equinox Foundation, Inc.
The Forester Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Goldman
John and Frances Strachan Charitable Foundation
The Katzenberger Foundation
The Misasi Foundation
Our Brothers’ Keepers Foundation
Rheinstrom Hill Community Foundation
Robert J Yaiser Memorial Fund
The Putnam Family Foundation Inc.
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
The Robert B and Barbara C Singer
Family Foundation
Until There’s a Cure Foundation
Verizon Foundation
Red Fox $10,000+
Bravehearts - An Oncology Camp for Women
Caroline Street Elementary School
East Islip Middle School
MDA - Muscular Dystrophy Association
Saratoga County Town Highway Superintendents
United Way of Northeastern New York
Coyotes $5,000+
Executive Womens Golf Association - Albany
Mechanicville Elementary School
United Order of True Sisters-Abigail #3
United Way of the Greater Capital Region
Racoons $1,500+
Beavers $500.00 +
Americade Ranch Event
Bleeding Disorders Association of NENY, Inc
Fort Edward Elementary School
Hadley Luzerne Elementary School
Iroquois Middle School
Kensington Road Elementary
Masten Construction
Middle Grove Methodist Church
National Basketball Trainers Association c/o Boston
Rotary Club of Lake George
Saratoga County Sheriff Officers Assoc., Inc.
The Spina Bifida Association
St. Ignatius Loyola School
Stuart M. Townsend School
Tamarac Elementary
Turnpike Elementary School
Vettes In Perfection, Ltd.
Bank of America Foundation, Inc.
Charles R. Wood Foundation
Glens Falls Foundation
John C. and Susan K. Hubbard Foundation
Key Bank Foundation
Marian & Leon Finkle Foundation
Nicholas Foundation
The Oxley Foundation
SEFCU Foundation
The Gibney Family Foundation
The Robert Judelson Foundation
Wal-Mart Foundation
Chipmunk / Other
Adele M. Zuckerman Trust
Bernard & Florence Galkin Foundation
GlaxoSmithKline Foundation
Lexis Nexis Cares
Beavers $500+
Adirondack Booster Club, Inc.
Adirondack Jeeps
Albany Entrepreneurs Group
Edward J. Arthur Elementary
Fraternal Order of Eagles Aerie 3773
Hadley-Luzerne Lions Club
Jamesville-DeWitt Central School District
Macerich Company
New York Association of School Psychologists
Niskayuna Cooperative Nursery School
NYS Pipe Traders Assoc.
Positudes, Inc.
Saab Club of North America
Saratoga Springs High School Boys Swimming
South Glens Falls Senior High School
St. Peters R.C. Church
The Second Reformed Church
Whitehall Central School
Chipmunks / Other
A & S Leasing Co.
American Legion Post 91
Americana Group of the Panhellenic Alumnai
Bell Brook Club, Inc.
Capital District Occupational Therapy Association
Clown Ministry Associates
Congregation Gates of Heaven
Corinth Booster Club
Corinth Central School
Creative Travelers - FMCA
Rosann Curran
Eagle Point Elementary School/PS27
East Syracuse-Minoa Schools
The First Baptist Church of Glens Falls
Fourth District Dental Society
Glens Falls Lodge 81, B.P.O.E.
Good Sam Club, Sippin Sams Chapter
Hacker Boat Co.
Hadley-Luzerne Lioness Club
Hadley-Luzerne Teacher’s Association
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Hudson Falls Middle School
Hudson Sacandaga Post 5836
Invest in Others Charitable Foundation
Just Give
KinderCare Learning Center
Kiwanis Club of Queensbury
Knights of Columbus
Ladies Aux. No. 3610 Rotterdam Eagles
Local 773 Plumbers
Malta Ridge Volunteer Fire Co.
Maple Avenue School
Milford Central School
National Corvette Restore Society (NCRS)
NCRS Adirondack Chapter
Network for Good
Newcomb Mountain Quilters
NYS Good Sam Organization
Pashley Elementary School
Queensbury Central Volunteer Fire Company
Rotary Club of Schenectady East
Rotterdam Eagles No. 3610
Saratoga Association of Library Employees
Saratoga Springs City School District CSEA Unit
Schalmont Central School District
St. Mary’s ECW
Tecler Elementary School
The American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
The Baco Che-na-wah Bazaar Foundation
Troy Detachment, Inc. Marine Corps League
United Methodist Church
United Way of Central New York
United Way of New York City
Watervliet Police Benevolent Association
Wesley United Methodist Church
Whitehall Class of 1965
Wholly Cow, Inc.
In-Kind Donations
Ms. Mary Backus
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Mr. and Mrs. Steven M. Baker
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Bieniek
Mr. Rick Bolton
Mr. Bob Bourgeois
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas Brush
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Bulman
Mr. Jerry Burke and Ms. Kristen Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Butto
Ms. Sharon Carney
Mr. and Mrs. Richard G. Carriere
Ms. Kimberly Checchia
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cholnoky
Mr. and Mrs. Harve Coco
Mr. Keith W. Coe
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Creten
Mr. Joseph Daley
Mr. and Mrs. Chuck Devane
Mr. and Mrs. David Diamond
Mr. Michael Doyle
Ms. Melody Duell
Ms. Mary Fiore-Godes
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Forester
Ms. Virginia Franzen
Dr. and Mrs. Harvey Friedman
Mr. Gary Ghent
Mr. and Mrs. Barry S. Goldberg
Mr. and Mrs. Neil M. Golub
Dr. and Mrs. Steven Goodman
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Griskowitz
Ms. Diahne L. Hallstead
Mr. and Mrs. George Hearst, III
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher C. Hedges
Mr. Bruce Hiscock
Dr. and Mrs. Mark H. Hite
Mr. and Mrs. Jay L. Horner
Mr. Kevin Hoyt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Indoe
Mr. and Mrs. David Jelenik
Ms. Ann Kaneps
Mr. Eric Kehn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kerp
Mr. and Mrs. David Klein
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kovachick
Mr. and Mrs. John LaBoda
Ms. Natasha LaFayette
Mr. Dan Landau
Mr. Robert P. Lardieri and Ms. Donna Cardi
Ms. Shirley Lavine
Mr. and Mrs. John Lefner, Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Legnard
Ms. Louise Lifford
Ms. Laurie Lockhart
Ms. Linda Lutzky
Mr. and Mrs. C. Todd Mahony
Mr. Jim Mandle
Mrs. Susan J. McClintock
Mr. and Mrs. David Meyers
Mr. William Michalski
Mr. and Mrs. Albert Miller
Ms. Barb Milstein
Mr. Edward Mitzen
Mrs. Barbara Moccia
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Montelone
Mr. and Mrs. Carl Morgan
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mundweiler
Mr. Paul Muscari
Mr. Rich Neuman
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Nizolek
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher O’Brien
Mr. John O’Malley
Ms. Jane Owen
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Phillips
Mrs. Nelson Pompa
Mr. Rich Quinn
Ms. Rachael Quinn
Ms. Rachel Ray
Mr. Vincent Riggi, Jr. and Ms. Patti Rich
Dr. and Mrs. Walter L. Robb
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Rothfuss
Mr. Rory Russell
Ms. Laura Sausville
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. David E. Shamberger
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Sicke, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. James Smith, Jr.
Ms. Candida Smith Cavanagh
Ms. Marcella Smtih
Ms. Keri Snyder
Outside Fundraisers
Adirondack Jeeps Burger Bash
AMSA Silent Auction
Annual Mini-Golf Tournament (in memory of Joseph Sciancalepore)
Barnes & Noble Reading Rodeo
Cooperstown Bed and Breakfast Cheesecake Tasting
Curtis Lumber 50/50 Raffle
Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse
Great Big FANY Ride
Jesse Fish Motorcycle Run
Joseph M. Walsh Foundation St. Patrick’s Day Fundraiser
Joseph M. Walsh Golf Tournament
MVP Golf Tournament Putting Contest
MW Zander Oasis Family Fun Day
Niskayuna Nursery School Silent Auction
NYLTC Golf Tournament
Partners Reading Room Cocktail Reception
Saratoga Co. Sheriff Golf Tournament
Saratoga Equine Veterinary Horse Show
Serendipity & Brindisis Dinner and Shopping
Smiles for Life - Dr. Colin Morton
South Glens Falls High School Dodge Ball Tournament
St. Peter’s Church Free Trade Coffee Sale
State Farm Golf Tournament
Susanne Murtha Yoga Day
Tee Time Arcade Tournament
Yaiser Memorial Golf Tournament
Yes Virginia Dinner Theater
Read for the Ranch
Children who read and the families and businesses that support them.
Fox 23 News
Donor - Schools
Caroline Street Elementary School , Saratoga Springs
Edward J. Arthur Elementary School, Athens
Ft. Edward Elementary School, Fort Edwards
Hadley Luzerne Elementary School, Lake Luzerne
Hudson Falls Middle School, Hudson Falls
Iroquois Middle School, Niskayuna
Kensington Road Elementary School, Glens Falls
KinderCare Learning Center, Clifton Park
Mechanicville Elementary School, Mechanicville
St. Ignatius Loyola School, Hicksville, Long Island
Stuart M. Townsend Middle School, Lake Luzerne
Tamarac Elementary School, Troy
Tecler Elementary School, Amsterdam
Turnpike Elementary School, Troy
Whitehall Central School, Whitehall
Donor - Business Matching Funds
General Electric Foundation
Irving Tissue, Inc.
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Stack
Dr. and Mrs. James Striker
Mr. Scott Swift
Mr. Jerry Taft
Mr. and Mrs. Lew Titterton
Ms. Elizabeth Turner
Dr. and Mrs. John Tydings
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Vanderhye
Ms. Lynn Wagemann
Ms. Kimberly Waldin
Ms. Dorothy Waldt
Ms. Laura Walter
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Weber
Mr. and Mrs. Robert West
Ms. Christina Wilbur
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy W. Williams
Mrs. Marilyn Winch
Mr. Ike Wolgin
Mr. and Mrs. Norman Wolgin
Mr. Robert Woltin
Mr. Robert Courtney and Mrs. Charlene Wood
A Lasting Impression Florist
A Silver Spoon
A. C. Moore
A-1 Garage Door Company
Ace Hardware
Ace Hardware
Adirondack Cotton Co.
Adirondack Empowerment Coaching
Adirondack Nautilus
Adirondack Theatre Festival
Adirondack Video Services
Adirondack Wine Merchants
Albany Broadcasting Company
Albany Medical Center Immunology Department
All-Tek Labeling Systems
Alonzo Fireworks
American Hotel
Arbonne International
Augie’s Family Style Italian Restaurant & Bar
Avery Millwork
Batcheller Mansion Inn
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Bay Street Beadworks
Bed Bath & Beyond
Belleayre Mountain
Berliner Service Center
Bittersweet Farms Antiques
BJ’s Wholesale Club
Bloomers an American Bistro
Blue 82
Boathouse Restaurant
Bob Hayes Excavating
Bobbi Brown
Body Relief & Spa
Boston Symphony Orchestra
Bullseye Glass Company
Bunkoff General Contractors, Inc.
Capital Cities Imported Cars, Inc.
Capital District YMCA
Carl R’s
Carlson Wagonlit/Albany
Carner’s Catering
Casa Larga
Cate’s Italian Garden Restaurant & Bar
Chez Sophie
Christie’s on the Lake
Circus Cafe
Ciro’s Restaurant
Citizens Bank
Clearly Yours
Comedy Works
Connelly’s Diamond Gallery
Contessa Resort
Countrywide Cares
Courtyard Marriott New York JFK
Crafters Gallery
Cranmore Mountain Resort
Crossgates Mall
Culinary Intitute of America
CVS Caremark
Daniel O’Connor & Sons
D’ELLA Pontiac-Buick-GMC-Cadillac
Dill Design & Advertising, Inc.
DiSiena Furniture
Dream Ponies
East Cove Restaurant
Emily & Ashley
E-Nable Business Solutions
Esperanza Mansion
Extra Innings
F.W. Webb
Finishing Touches Downtown
Fire and Ice Bar & Grill
Five Thirteen- A Salon LLC
Fox 23-WXXA
French Lick Resort Casino
Fusion The Salon
Gaffney’s Restaurant
Galway Golf Club
GE Energy Learning Center
GG Bailey
Gideon Putnam Hotel & Conf. Ctr.
Glen Sanders Mansion
Golf Magazine
Golub Corp.- Price Chopper
Gould’s Lawn & Landscape
Green Mountain Coffee
Green Mountain Electric Supply
Green River Gallery
Greenwood Galleries
Happy Jacks
Hasbro, Inc.
Heather Bohm-Tawman Photography
Hoffman Development Corporation
Holiday Inn, Saratoga
Hollywood Video
Home Made Theater
Home Style Enterprises, Inc.
Impressions of Saratoga
Impressive Imprints
Indian Teepee Gift Shop
Integrated Print Solutions
J.C. Montana’s
Jack’s American Bistro
Jake’s Round Up
Jean Paul Spa & Hair Salons
Jeanies Personal Training
Jefferson Clinton Hotel
Kaivalya Massage & Yoga
Kimberley’s...A Day Spa
Lake George Signs
Lakeshore Gallery
Lakeside Cider Mill Farm, Inc.
Lamar Advertising Company
Learning Express Toys
Lenko Snow AB, Inc.
LGL Catering
London a Luxury Hotel
Luisa’s Italian Bistro
M. N. Bird Co. Inc.
Make it Fit, LLC
Mamma Mia’s
Manchester Wood, Inc.
Mario’s Restaurant
Mark Thomas Men’s Clothing
McLaughlin Griffin Photography & Design
Men’s Fitness
Metro Pictures
Metro Spa & Salon
Mirror Lake Inn
Mohegan Sun
Montcalm Restaurant
Monte Cristos
Mountain Healing Arts Center
Mr. and Mrs. Frankie Flores
Mr. Tom Myott
Mt. Nebo Gallery, Inc.
Museum of Science
MVP Health Care
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Natural Stone Bridge & Cave
New Country Lexus of Latham
New England Coffee
New York Giants
New York Long Term Care Brokers, Ltd.
New York Rangers
News Channel 13
Next Summer, LLC
North Star Donut Group LLC Dunkin’ Donuts
Northeastern New York PGA
Old Saratoga Restorations, Inc.
Olde Post Grille
Olympic Regional Development Corp.
Palio Communications
Paper Dolls
Patrician Skin & Body Care
Pizza Jerks
PMC Guild
Pool & Spa Rx
Putnam Market
Rain or Shine Event Services
Ralph Kylloe Gallery...
Reckitt Benckiser North America
Regent Broadcasting of Albany, Inc.
Regina’s Salon
Regional Radio Group
Reliable Racing Accomodations
Richard Leise Well Drilling, Inc.
Rio Grande
Sage Computer Associates
Sam’s Italian American Restaurant
Sanctuary Spa of Saratoga Springs
Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade
Sandy’s Clam Bar
Saratoga Arms
Saratoga Concierge
Saratoga Eagle
Saratoga Family Jewels
Saratoga National Golf Club
Saratoga Performing Art Center
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Saratoga Rose Inn & Restaurant
Saratoga Sod Farm
Saratoga Spa Golf
SCA Tissue North America
Scoville Jewelers
Shadow Mountain Resort Club
Shakespeare & Company
Silver & Stones
SJ Garcia’s
Sloppy Kisses
Spa City Cupcakes
Spa City Spa
Spare Time
Sports Illustrated
Spring Street Deli
State Farm Insurance
Stewart’s Shops
Stockade Imports
Stonegate Stables
Suburban Propane
Sunflower Graphix
Sunshine Bounce
Sushi Thai Garden
Sushi Yoshi
Sutton’s Market Place
Tammy Loya Studio
Target Distribution Center
Telescope Casual Furniture
Ten Thousand Villages
TGI Fridays
The Adirondack Museum/Adirondack
Historical Association
The Blueberry Basket
The Bullpen
The Children’s Museum at Saratoga
The Crystal Spa
The Desmond
The Doubletree Hotel
The Egg
The Garrison
The Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom
The Great Escape Lodge and Indoor Waterpark
The Inn at Erlowest
The Inn at Essex
The J. M. Smucker Company
The Mexican Connection
The Original Lincoln Logs Ltd
The Sagamore
The Saratoga Trunk
The Spa Studio at Union Square
The Sports Museum
The Sports Page
The Whistling Kettle
Time Warner Cable
Top of the World Golf Resort, Inc.
Town & Country Optical
Trampoline Design
Tri-City Luggage
Twice Told Book Store
U.S. Foodservice, Inc.
Uncle Sam Boat Tours
Unique Arts Studios
Upper Hudson River Railroad
Vineyard Vines
Virgil’s Coffee House
W.H. Strassburg Inc.
WGNA - Goldstein Enterprises Pennies from
Whimsey Acres Farm
Wings Over Saratoga
Woodside Stables
Woodstock Golf Club
Woodstock Percussion Inc.
Albany Symphony Orchestra
Alpine Sport Shop
AmeriCorps NCCC Eastern Region Team Leaders
Bridging People & Places
Broadalbin-Perth Central School
Burnt Hills United Methodist Church
Double H Camp Club
Game Tyme
Glimmerglass Opera
Green Island Heatly School
Hadley Luzerne High School - SADD
Lake George Association
Middle Grove Methodist Church
National Basketball Association
P.D. Quilting
Pashley Elementary School
Richard Petty Museum
Rosie’s Love
The Adirondack Museum/Adirondack Historical
VFW Post 4660
In Honor Of
R. Maxwell Alley
Anthony and Brandon Amorosi
Don and Sharon Amorosi
Mrs. Basil
George and Dale Blackford
Jennifer Blackstone
Kathleen Braico, MD
Bill and Kristine Brandt
Mary Brandt
Carl and Lee Buchman
Anthony Capobianco
Holly Chepow
Marian Clowe
Geoff Cook
Chris Cowden
Roger and Barbara Cowdery
Day Family
Theo DeHaan
Beth Dennett
Evan Dixon
Driscoll Family
Ann Dys
Licia Eaton
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Engel, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Engel
Judy Engel and Frank Daley
Jon Forbes
John M. Forester
John and Terry Forester
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Joan Friedman
Kate Gaba
Will Gibson
Millie Gittinger
Peter S. Goldman
Neil M. Golub
Hailey Golub
Michael and Sally Goodhart
Richard and Sylvia Hallstead
Hannon Family
Heinritz Family
Peter G. Herman
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Hershaft
Dave and Jennifer Hoffman
Jake and Anne Holmes
Peter and Sue Howe
Steven and Erica Hurst
Elicia Hyde-DeRuyscher
Colleen Jackowski
Leto Karatsolis-Chanikian
Dr. Nancy Knudsen
Mrs. Kopp
John P. Lefner
Dr. Martha Lepow
Daniel and Jen Lepp
Anya Lepp
Ira Lobel
Kevin and Elizabeth Louder
Jerry MacDonald
Ambassador Earle Mack
Roger Mahieu
Barry Manilow
Frank X. Martinez
A. J. Meehan
Judy Megura
Geoff and Kiley Merrett
Andrea Morehouse
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Morehouse
Paul Newman
James and Nancy O’Brien
Andres Ortiz
Matthew and Meghan Osomecki
Kevin Paine
Michael Paretzky
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Matthew Parker
Ronald and Kathy Phelps
Mrs. Postlethwait
Sean and Molly Powers
Robert and Bernice Prosser
Alfred and Doris Quinn
John and Bettianne Quinn
Rich Quinn
Ms. Quist
Jacqueline Rathbun
Sheryl Rimmer
Fiona K. Rivas
Paul and Lauri Robillard
Melina L. Rose
Mr. and Mrs. Martin Sanden
Andre’ and Hillary Savoie
Greg Schramek
Sela Family
John and Phyllis Settele
Richard and Susan Sheldon
Rick and Kathy Sherman
Jennifer Shulof
Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Smith
Don and Susie Sommer
Marianne Sullivan
Samantha Sweet
Drake Tanzier
Katie Tobin
Dr. John and Frieda Tydings
Mrs. Tyleck
Isadora Ullrich
Truman and Marlene Whiting
Marian Wolgin
James and Audrey Woolsey
Alexa Wyozomirski
Ms. Zuk
In Memory Of
Dorothy Alcorn
Emil Battaglia
Lorraine Beaver
Norita Beckner
Carol A. Benware
Joyce Blanchard
Betty Bolynske
Helen W. Braim
Donald Burditt
Elizabeth Burditt
Douglas A. Cadoo
Stella Cangro
Neko Capria
Georgianna Carpenter
Ed Carr
Henry Chwalisz
Daniel B. Connors
Amy and Ronald Coplon
John Costin
Wilbur and Lecel Cowles
Ashley Crawford
Lawrence Cubas
Geraldine D’Onofrio-Kent
Lucille Davis
Benjamin and Butch Dinola
Eugene Dissottle
Jessie Dvorsack
Frank Fernet
Leon Finkle
Frank Fitzgerald
John E. Forester
Drew Mitchell Friedman
Benjamin Garrison
Jason Gavin
Hope Genoski
Thomas A. Gilchrist, Sr.
Evelyn Gutman
John B. Hart
Robert Henry
Eileen G. Hood
Dr. Robert Ross Kana
Vern King
Matthew Klapp
Murial LaCombe
Evelyn Lantz
Shirley LaSarso
George Mann
Francis Manning
Dora Martin
Denny McDonald
Dorothy Miles
Helen Mink
Robert Moeller
Harry Morse
Wesley L. Muddle
Edward S. Murphy
Paul Newman
J. Dustin Nichols
Arthur Norris
Paulita E. Ono
Richard Palmieri
Bernice E. Perrino
Amanda Perrotta
Pauline Peters
Jeffrey Powers
Ashley Rahing
Charles Douglas Reib
JoAnn Reynolds
Catherine Rhymer
Sharon Riggi
Jennie Lou Rodgers
Dr. David Alan Ross
Matt Russo
Jude T. Ryan
David Schreiber
Gerard Schuster
Mrs. Schwartz
Janet Sheridan
Kathryn Smith
Madeline Smithrovitch
David G. Stables
Neil Thomas
Steven Trombley
Narcissio Umale
Sheryl L. Vadney
Peter C. Van Dyck
Gertrude Waldron
John J. Whalen
Frederick Lloyd Zimmermann
2008 Volunteers
The Happy Barn
Corinne Adams
Gabrielle Andrea
Amanda Barrone
Anna Bennett
Lizzie Boghosian
Jack Cole
Deb Creten
Jessica DeNooyer
Lisa DeNooyer
Beatrice Dougherty
Judy Dworak
Bridget End
John Hagmann
Lynne Hagmann
John Hinchliffe
Valerie Kim
Kathleen Kimball
Michael Kremer
Sara Kremer
Meryl Kremer
Ryan Metzger
Mary Miner
Anna Nason
Linda Newman
Linda Noon
Larry Pohl
Patty Rich
Samantha Root
Alan Rosell
Ted Schmitz
Fahd Sheikh
Sam Tydings
Rachel Walbridge
Meredith Walker
Danielle Watkins
Tom Winn
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Community Work Days
Spring & Fall
Arts & Crafts/Gift Shop/
Numerous Individuals and Familes
Amsterdam High School
Ballston Spa High School
Chem Energy
CR Bard
Girls Scouts & Boy Scouts of America
Hadley Luzerne Lions Club
Irving Tissue
Lake George High School
Lake George Rotary
Mohawk Paper
NYS Tax & Finance
Saratoga Gaming and Raceway
Saratoga Springs Key Club
Schoharie Jr/Sr. High School
Skidmore Women’s Lacrosse Team
South Glens Falls High School National
Honor Society
Target Distribution Center
Donna Bamond
Josiane Birbiglia
Gail Butto
Heather Castle
Tristan Cooper
Judith Cuccolo
Connie Danko
Joan Dickens
Lisa Duggan
Judy Dworak
Betty Dykstra
Madelyn Mike Edelson
Ellen Finlayson
Francine Forte
Ginny Franzen
Katie Fuchs
Michele Gatens
Edward Griesmer
Nicholas Hebert
Claudia Jackson
Valerie Kim
Kathleen Kimball
Meryl Kremer
Sara Kremer
Marc Lustick
Julie MacArevey
Roy Madsen
Erin Meharg
Nancy Miller
Eileen Minder
Bob Mitchell
Linda Newman
Marcia Okosky
Don Peterson
Linda Peterson
Kathy Phelps
Ron Phelps
Judy Rosell
Dorothy Ruckinski
Bernadette Schmidt
Elaine Schwartz
Corporations & Organizations
Program Support
Ben and Jerrys of Lake George
Bridging People and Places
Circus Smirkus
Great Escape & Splashwater Kingdom
Northeast Woodworkers Association
Sacandaga Outdoor Center
Share a Pet Therapy Dogs
Southwoods Camp
Dr. Trish Hopkins
Dr. Vic Kanwar
Dr. Martha Lepow
Dr. Ashley Loomis
Dr.Jennifer Pearce
Dr. Joanne Porter
Dr. Raymond Walsh
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Sandy Sherman
Meredithe Smith
Sam Tydings
Summer Session
Leslie Adams
Nathaly Adolphe
Ozzy Aguirre
Piper Allport
Ellen Alric
William Argentine
Corinne Arnold
Jane Audrey-Neuhauser
Elinor Bach
JJ Ball
Jeff Barry
Charlotte Barta
Sarah Biros
Richard Bobholz
Coral Bourne
Annalee Bourne
William Bradley
Susan Brand
Penny Brand
Elyse Brows
Cody Campanie
Sean Campanie
Charles Carter
Claire Casaccio
Heather Castle
Kianna Celious
Gloria Cerrito
Kellie Chesire
Kira Christie
J. Kieran Coleman
Jason Colturi
Mickey Conroy
Vin Conti
Philip Cook
Tristan Cooper
Christine Cottrell
Rosemarie Daley
Catherine D’andrea
Lindsay Davis
Jean Donnelly
Mike Doyle
Duane Dunham
Amanda Duran
Judy Dworak
Arielle Eagan
Elaine Ellis
Patricia Emmons-Fritz
Elsa Erickson
Danielle Fiori
Bethany Folkins
Naomi Frank
Cindy Freudenberg
Katie Fuchs
Bethany Garvin
Ashleigh Gay
Matthew George
Katie Gibbs
Tracey Gilgallon
Janice Goldfarb
Brian Gordon
Ben Griffis
Kelly Halverson
Rachel Harendza
Samantha Harmon
Dondrue Harrington
Nelson Harrington
Nicholas Hebert
Daryl Hilferty
John Hinchliffe
Maeve Hopkins
Eugene Horrigan
Meghan Horrigan
Nadisha Hosein
Bob Hoser
Adam Howe
Stefanie Huber
Lisa Huber
Stephanie Inwald
Claudia Jackson
Kirsten Johnson
Shana Kaplan
Oliveia Kappert
Carmen Kummer Schuerch
Colleen Kurtzman
Shannon LaRue
Sharon Lerner
Anne Long
Emily Lucas
Marc Lustick
Meghan Marshall
Dom Martino
Susan Matesanz
Charles McDermott
Wendy McPike
Christine Meier
Megan Metzger
Lindsey Minder
William Molette
Robert Mukasa
Sean Mulligan
Gerry Mullikin
Linda Mullikin
Sean Myers
Stephenie Nichols
Oleg Nudelman
Delisa O’Brien
Clare O’Keefe
Tony Okosky
Edward Okosky
John O’Malley III
Angela Papa
Jessica Parker
Matthew Parker
Bethany Parks
Meghan Patrick
Diane Perry
Regina Pezanowski
Jeffrey Prager
Taylor Priestley
Betty Pyne
Rajiv Raj
Shilpa Raju
Jennifer Rentas
Erin Riley
Emily Rosen
Scott Royael
Marcela Rueda
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Renee Ruhl
Nicole Schneider
Katie Siney
Nick Skefos
Becky Smith
Sarah Soltes
Rosemary Starkman
Kate Sweeney
Jana Teagle
Brittany Thomas
Nancy Thomas
Joseph Trinca
Cathy Ursini
Katie Uttberg
Michael Van Oss
Jillian Ventuzelo
Julia Vertesy
Kathy Vilnrotter
Lindsey Wallach
Linda Walsh
Eric Walsh
Bud Warner
Kaitlyn White
Shaina Willen
Summer Program
Lou Andrews
Josie Birbiglia
Betty Dykstra
Herman Finkbeiner
Michele Gatens
Allison Kiphuth
Julie MacArvey
Betsy Malatino
Ann McCullough
Erin Meharg
Nancy Miller
Eileen Minder
Dottie Rucinski
Pat Titterton
Sue Vazal (Reiki)
Kimberly Allen
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
Mary Angerame
Lynne Barnett
Donna Barry
Eileen Bernard
Debra Boel
Mary Brennan
Alice Calonga
Janine Cantalupo
Caroline Canty
Vanessa Chamberlain
D’dee Collard
Shayna Cornelius
Kristen Crable
Kristin Delaney
Lisa Depperman
Shannyn Dewey
Margery Donovan
Jessica Easton
Cliff Estaris
Maureen Famiglietti
Heidi Finkle
Annette Fordyce
Beth Freeman
Kellie Gauthier
Ben Griffis
Helen Gutin
Andrea Hanlon
Alicia Hartwig
Alexis Hayes
Helen Hoctor
Darlene Hoffman
Shana Kaplan
Kate Kusterbeck
Una Larson
Laura Lawton
Linda Levy
Mollie Malone
Bernardita Manan-Singh
Jim Marshall
Pat Martino
Laurel McKernan
Aimee McMaster
Joyce Meisinger
Carol Millan
Kim Montelone
Liz Mooney
Justine Nethercott
Laura Perrault
Regina Pezanowski
Betsy Phipps
Gina Picarillo
Anna Porcello
Keri Rickert
Rena Rovere
Louise Ryan
Jennifer Schlag
Peggy Shea
Daureen Shoemaker
Julie Stoffels
Erica Tanner
Gillian Tingley
Donna Tipton
Patty Todd
Colleen Umholtz
Tricia Vanarsdale
Deanna Warner
Jessica Wilder
Patricia Windle
Winter Instructors/National Ski
Patrol/Lodge Hosts
Larry Abele
Gwen Allard
Max Alley
Charles Alsdorf
Ellen Alsdorf
Diane Arzberger
JJ Ball
Bill Bateman
Brian Baxter
Carol Beneszewski
Christine Bourgeois
Tom Brady
Janet Breeze
Erin Breithaupt
Randy Brown
Ken Brust
Alli Bryant
Allison Bryant
Ingrid Campbell
Kathy Campion
Rick Castle
Michael Chin
Jack Cole
Bonnie Colomb
Paul Cordes
Deb Creten
Betty Crevoiserat
Abbie Crevoiserat
Rosemary Shea Croop
David Cummings
John Daly
Connie Danko
Bryan Davidson
John G. Davis
Carmelita DeCicco
Theo DeHaan
Kim Delaney
Joan Dickens
Paul Dietershagen
Kam Doetzer
Beatrice Dougherty
Nancy Driscoll
Tim Driscoll
Andre Drollette
Cathi Duncan
Michael Durling
Charles Dyer
Rosemarie Earl
Ellen Elting
Bob Flanagan
Tricia Freer
Mike Gennarelli
EJ Genzano
Lynn Gillespie
Flip Gilmour
Phil Gitlen
Millie Gittinger
Shari Godgart
Bill Gormley
Leanne Grandjean
Susie Grauel
Ted Grauel
Greg Griskowitz
Mary Alice Hallett
Sam Hallett
Colleen Halse
Fred Harder
Alexis Hayes
Jim Hayes
Dan Helin
Peter Herman
Thomas Hodgson
“The campers may look up to
us as volunteers/counselors,
but really I think many of us
look up to them even more.”
—Volunteer Arielle Eagan, session 1
Our GE volunteers dedicated a record 1,296
hours of time throughout the year installing
flooring, painting, staining and tearing down
a cabin for refabrication in preparation for
the next season.
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Jennifer Hoffman
David Hoffman
Howard Houck
Ann Hunt
Peter Huston
Nancy Icke
Claudia Jackson
Bob Kerr
Kathleen Kimball
Dave Klingebiel
Bernie Knight
Megan Krasnicki
Meryl Kremer
Michael Kremer
Ted Lafforthun
Maria Lane
Kyle LeClair
Hank Lenney
Emily Lenney
Ian Lenney
Herb Levin
Kaitlin Limmer
Edward Linville
Christopher Lloyd
Beth Locatelli
Anne Long
Marc Lustick
Paul Maguire
Daria Mallin
Nicole Marcucci
Mark Marshall
Renee Martinez
Frank Martinez
Jan McCann
Trish McCluskey
Tim McQuown
Thomas Michaels
Melissa Michaels
Jacqueline Michaels
Mary Miner
Rex Moon
Mike Moreau
John Neri
Kate Oppedisano
Get Inspired, Go Inspire
John Orton
Pati Peebles
Kathy Phelps
Michael Phillips
Larry Pohl
Richard Quinn
Rajiv Raj
Gary Rodd
Robert Roe
Meta Rojsek
Mike Root
Amy Rowe
Donald Rubin
John K. Ryan
Zita Ryan
Eileen Scheier
Ted Schmitz
Elaine Schwartz
Savita Sharma
Susan Sliva
Meredithe Smith
Jim Smith
Michael Smith
Elaine Stack
Karen Stalter
David Stalter
Dave Staszak
Diane Steiner
Richard Steiner
Tom Stinnett
Ron Strader
Regina Tator
Talara Wait
Greg Wait
Christine Walsh
Sarah Walton
Eleanor White
Willis White
Robert Whiting
Michael Wood
George Zickler
Joyce Zucker
The Board of
Charles R. Wood and Paul
Victor Hershaft, Chairman
Paxar Corporation (retired)
Anthony Tartaglia, M.D., Vice
Walter Robb, Treasurer
Vantage Investment
Marian Wolgin, Secretary
Bob Bailey,
Racemark International
Richard Bavetta,
National Basketball Association
Charlene Wood Courtney,
Town & Country Properties
Christina Fitzgerald,
CPF Management Corporation
John Forester
FE Saratoga, Inc.
Reginald C. Fuller III,
KeyBank, N.A.
Neil Golub, Golub Corporation
Honorary Life Chairman
George Hearst,
Albany Times Union
Tom Indoe
Jo-Ann Lefner
Ed Lewi
Honorary Life Vice Chairman
Ed Mitzen
Donna Perkett
Agnes Pompa
John Ryan
Sheryl Schwartz
Ross Sheridan
Sandy Sherman
Kathy Striker
Ed Swyer
James W. Taylor
Josie Beckos-Wood
Medical Advisory Board
Kathleen Braico, M.D.
Medical Director
Jacquline Bovair, RN
Timothy Carey, RRT
John Esper, MD-FACEP
Tina Facteau, BSN
Gerard Florio, PhD
Robert Fosberry, RPh
Dorothy Grover, RPT
Ginelle Jones, RN, FNP
Jodi Green, RRT
Marilyn Kacica, MD, MPH
Kathleen Kennedy, MS, RN
Martha Lepow, MD
Jennifer Pearce, MD
Michael Scher, MD
Margaret Shea, RN
Carol Shippey, MS, RN
Nancy Shishik, RPh
Robert Sponzo, MD
Anthony Tartaglia, MD
Raymond Walsh, MD
The Double H Staff
Max Yurenda
Jacqueline Brown, Director of
Kim Adams, Barn Manager
Tara Bogucki, Admissions
Catherine Castle, Nursing
Caroline Kenney, Admissions
John Lefner, Assistant Director
of Operations
Chris Pezzulo, Program
Evan Priestley, Volunteer
Ciara Smith, Head Housekeeper
Sally Stanley, CFO/Human
Resources Director
Kate Walsh, Camp Program
Brust Mackay, Maintenance
Lucas Mance, Maintenance
Don Ranck, Maintenance
Phil Tennant, Maintenance
David Waite, Mountain
Eileen Nash, Director of
Kimberly Checchia, Community
Giving Programs Coordinator
Robin DeMattos, Corporate &
Special Events Manager
Statia Hart, Development
Linda Smith, Annual Giving
Communications Coordinator
Heather Bates, Office Manager
Phil Mance, Facilities Director
Double H Ranch Annual Report 2008
Get inspired, go inspire.
The mission of the Double H Ranch is to provide specialized programs
and year-round support for children and their families dealing with lifethreatening illnesses. Our purpose is to enrich their lives and provide camp
experiences that are memorable, exciting, fun, empowering, physically safe
and medically sound. All programs are FREE of charge and capture the
magic of the Adirondacks.
Annual Report 2008
Founded by Charles R. Wood and Paul Newman
97 Hidden Valley Road, Lake Luzerne, NY 12846
Main Office: ph: (518) 696-5676 fax: (518) 696-4528
Development Office: ph: (518) 696-5921 fax: (518) 696-7186
Please consider the environment before printing out this report.