Congratulations on purchasing a genuine Moshi BassBurger. As the owner of the
ultimate BluetoothВ® pocket speaker, please read through this user guide before
attempting to pair it with any audio device.
B l u e t o o t h
B a s s B u r g e r
U s e r G u i d e
Moshi Bluetooth BassBurger is the ultimate wireless pocket speaker, capable of
producing sound way beyond its tiny size. The patented �Vacuum Bass Design’
delivers an incredibly rich dynamic sound which must be heard to be believed. It
can be used as a hands-free speaker phone or portable boom-box. The inbuilt
lithium-ion battery will pump out the tunes without using power from your audio
device, and will recharge in two hours. This Bluetooth version can be paired with
any audio player that has standard Bluetooth functions as commonly found on
many mobile cell phones, PC’s & portable media devices. It may also be connected
to non Bluetooth audio players via supplied 3.5mm jack.
The following parts should be in your Bluetooth BassBurger pack.
• 1 x Bluetooth BassBurger Speaker
• 1 x Recharge / Play Cable (mini USB to standard USB + 3.5mm jack)
• 1 x Carry Pouch & User Guide
How to Pair & Play Using Bluetooth
- To pair your BassBurger with a Bluetooth device such as mobile cell phone
place both devices within one metre before attempting to pair.
- Enable Bluetooth on your phone and under Bluetooth settings, select “scan
for devices”.
- Set the power switch on your BassBurger to the Bluetooth setting. You will
hear a quick “double beep” and LED will start flashing blue.
- The BassBurger will now scan for new Bluetooth devices (or auto reconnect
to last paired device if it is nearby). After a few seconds you should see
“BT Speaker” listed under available devices on your phone. Select it to pair &
connect and if requested enter pass-key �0000’.
Note: Only one audio player or phone may connect to the BassBurger at a time.
If you have a problem pairing check that no other nearby devices are
reconnecting automatically. To re-scan simply turn BassBurger power off, wait
five seconds & power back on.
How To Play Music
Once you have successfully paired & connected, you may control playback
either via your audio player as you would normally or operate the following
functions from the BassBurger control dial.
Note: Take care not to exert excessive force when using the control dial.
Play / Pause
Press control dial button IN one time to play.
Press again to pause.
Forward / Reverse track
Quickly flick dial button to the right > to advance to the next track.
Flick left< to restart track.
Double flick left << to go to previous track.
Play & Recharge Cable
To Open
Hold base in left hand &
top cap with right hand.
Carry Pouch
How to Answer & Dismiss Phone Calls
Volume Up
To increase volume hold the control dial to the right > for 5-10 seconds until
desired volume is reached. (Audio player volume should also be set at an
appropriate level).
Volume Down
To decrease volume hold dial button to the left <.
Tip: Volume will affect playtime. For best results set player volume high and
decrease the BassBurger volume to desired level.
Answer & Dismiss calls
The Bluetooth BassBurger allows you to answer & dismiss incoming voice calls
directly from the speaker when paired to any mobile cell phone. If music is
playing when an incoming call is received it will automatically pause and your
phone will ring over the BassBurger.
To answer the call
Flick the dial switch quickly to the right >.
To dismiss or hang-up the call
Press IN the control dial button and music playback will resume.
Please Note: Because of its close proximity to the speaker, the inbuilt
microphone has custom signal processing designed to reduce noise
interference and echo feedback. If the caller has trouble hearing you please
ensure the BassBurger microphone is facing toward you and/or if necessary
position yourself closer to it.
Functions & Descriptions
To play music from a non Bluetooth audio device using the standard 3.5mm
jack, simply insert the mini USB into Recharge / Audio port on BassBurger.
Insert the 3.5mm jack into standard headphone socket on audio player. Set
power switch on BassBurger to “Line” & press play on your audio player.
(BassBurger control dial button will have no function when connected via
3.5mm jack.)
Front View
Control Dial
Twist top-cap anti-clockwise ~5mm.
Bass chamber will pop open.*
Mini USB
Recharge / Audio
Input Port
Left Side
When new, the bass chamber may not expand to its full extent. This is not a fault.
Moshi BassBurgers use a firm internal spring and solid bass chamber which is vital
to ensure bass stability and superior acoustics. With regular use the bass chamber
will grow and bass performance will continue to improve.
3.5mm Jack
Mini USB
Moshi BassBurgers use an expanding design which helps the speaker develop a
full dynamic range & deliver great sounding bass with any type of music.
To Close
Push together.
Twist top-cap clock-wise to lock.
Read this guide carefully before
attempting to operate
Expand for Bass
Your Bluetooth BassBurger has an LED to indicate different states of function.
When charged and ready to use the LED will glow bright blue.
To recharge, insert mini USB plug into BassBurger and insert standard USB
plug into a port on PC/Laptop or USB wall adaptor. When your BassBurger is
recharging the LED will glow red. When battery reaches full capacity LED will
again glow bright blue.
Note: Standard USB plug is used for recharging only. Audio will NOT play
through the USB connection.
You can play music wirelessly or make loud clear hands-free voice calls via
Bluetooth found on most mobile cell phones. You may also pair
with a Bluetooth transmitter connected to PC, laptop or portable
media player.
Once connected to your Bluetooth device you may use the BassBurger for
convenient hands free conference calls or to play your favourite tunes from up to
10m away.
After you have paired your Bluetooth player once, the BassBurger will
automatically attempt to reconnect to the same device next time the BassBurger
is turned on.
Calls may be made directly from the BassBurger using �Voice Dial’ commands
found in some mobile cell phones. Voice dial commands must be setup and voice
tags recorded before it is available. Please check with your phone instructions for
setup details.
Right Side
Rear Side
BluetoothВ® & Line-in
Power Switch
*Tip: If you allow your BassBurger to remain open, when possible, during the
first couple of weeks (even when not in use) the bass chamber will stretch itself
out quicker. Never forcibly extend bass chamber. Damage to internal parts is
likely to result.
Front Side
Play Music
Important Notes & Handy Tips
• The louder you play your music the quicker the battery will deplete. To help
increase playtime set player volume higher and adjust BassBurger volume
down to desired level.
• Inbuilt Lithium-ion battery can play for up to 8 hrs @ 75%vol & be recharged
up to 500 times*. Storage or recharge in hot places such as a hot car may
reduce battery life & capacity. To preserve the battery always store & recharge
in a cool environment.
• Distortion from some PC’s may occur during recharging or when battery
reaches full capacity. If this occurs disconnect the USB plug from the PC and
lower volume slightly. This will allow power levels to even & volume may again
be increased after a couple of minutes.
• Avoid piercing speaker drivers. Never touch the silver speaker part with any
object & store in carry pouch when not in use.
• Avoid electric shock. Do Not attempt to disassemble, replace battery or insert
objects into any part.
• Do Not dispose of product in fire.
• Keep out of reach of young children and pets.
• Never forcibly stretch the bass chamber beyond normal expansion.
• Remember to turn off speaker after use.
*User dependant. 500 full cycles before capacity drops <80%.
Licensed Patented Product
All Rights Reserved
Redroks International
Made in China