What is the BaByliss PRO Perfect Curl?
The Perfect Curl is a new professional curling product from BaByliss PRO. It creates beautiful, longlasting curls in an instant and is suitable for both longer hair and shorter styles (jaw length layers or
Can you use the Perfect Curl on shorter hair lengths?
Yes, the Perfect Curl is so easy to use; it is suitable for shorter styles. However, for optimal results we
recommend that the hair is longer than chin length.
How does the Perfect Curl work?
Gentle, quick and easy, hair is automatically drawn into the ceramic curl chamber where it is softly
held and heated from all directions. It takes just seconds to form a perfect curl. It even has an audio
beep indicator to remind you exactly when to release the hair.
What type of curl does the Perfect Curl create?
You can experiment with the different settings to create a variety of looks from more defined curls to
softer waves depending on the hair type. With 3 temperature settings, 3 timer settings and the
option to select the curl direction, the control is in your hands.
What is the longest hair length that you can use the Perfect Curl on?
This is dependent upon the type and length of hair and the size of the section should be adjusted
accordingly. When working with longer length hair, start with smaller sections. If the section is too
big then the hair will not be drawn in.
Can the Perfect Curl be used on someone with extensions?
It depends on the type of extensions. If the extension is made of 100% human hair the Perfect Curl
can be used although do not use too close to the bonds. As with any heat styling appliance, Perfect
Curl should not be used on synthetic hair extensions.
Will the Perfect Curl still work if I have used straighteners on my hair already?
Like any other curling product, you will get best results by using Perfect Curl on hair that has not been
straightened, as the straightening action flattens the hair cuticle making it harder to create a curl.
What are the key points to highlight when using the Perfect Curl?
To watch a detailed �How to Video’ visit but here are some simple
steps to follow;
a. Ensure hair is clean, dry and combed through then separate a section of hair that is no bigger
than 3cm.
b. Always hold the styler positioned into the hair with the open part of the curl chamber facing
towards the head.
c. Position the styler where you want the curl to start. Ensure the hair section is held straight and
placed neatly through the centre of the styler.
d. Close the handles together, let go of the hair and allow the hair to be automatically taken into the
curl chamber. Hold the handles shut until you hear four quick beeps in succession to indicate the
time is up.
e. Release the handles first to let the curl free and gently pull the styler away from the head.
How do I know when the Perfect Curl is ready to use?
The red �on’ indicator light will stop flashing when the Perfect Curl has heated up and is ready to use.
What is the top temperature of the Perfect Curl?
The top temperature of the Perfect Curl is 230В°C.
What temperature is best for my hair type?
There are 3 temperature settings to select from. As a general guide use Setting I (190В°C) - for delicate,
fine or coloured hair, Setting II (210В°C) - for normal textured hair and Setting III (230В°C) - for thick or
wavy hair. We recommend you always start with the lowest temperature setting and increase the
level of heat as required.
How do I know when to release the hair from the curl chamber?
We recommend you use the timer settings with audio beep indicator to guide you when to release
the hair. There are 3 timer settings for different curl effects. The longer the time the hair is held inside
the curl chamber, the more defined the curl will be but results will also vary according to hair type. If
using the timer setting, the automatic beep indicator will start as soon as the handles are closed
together. There will be a series of individual beeps. Hold the styler still with the handles closed
together until the end of the individual beeps. There will then be four quick beeps in succession. This
indicates that the time is up and you can remove the styler from the hair.
Do I have to use the timer setting with audio-beep indicator?
If you prefer not to use the timer settings, the automatic-beep indicator can be turned off by sliding
the timer switch to “0”. When this audio-off setting is selected there will be no beep indicator to tell
you when to release the handles; there will just be a warning beep at 15 seconds to remind you hair is
still in the chamber. Take extra care when using this setting.
How does the curl direction setting work?
The curl direction setting allows you to choose the way you want the curl to lay. If you want the curls
to sit towards the face on both sides of the head for a more uniform style, then use the “L” setting
when styling the left side of the head and use the “R” setting when styling the right side of the head.
For a more natural look then select the auto setting �A’. This will alternate the direction after each
Is it ok to use product on the hair before I use the Perfect Curl?
Yes this is fine; however, you must ensure that the hair is combed through and smooth before using
Perfect Curl. We also recommend that you clean the curl chamber regularly to prevent a build-up of
product that may affect the results of the curls created.