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A Practical Guide On How To Grow A Massive Downline

A Practical Guide
On How To
Grow A Massive
By: Lana G. Robinson
Updated 5/21/2009
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 1 of 135
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В "YouВ canВ haveВ everythingВ inВ lifeВ youВ want,В ifВ youВ willВ justВ helpВ enoughВ otherВ peopleВ getВ whatВ theyВ want."~В ZigВ ZiglarВ The aim of this eBook is to help you build
a productive downline in any company or
program you may be involved with now or
in the future.
The secrets you’ll discover in this guide
are not really secrets at all; instead they
are the actual ideas and strategies that
have worked for me and many of my team
members who have taken action and
applied them.
This eBook is dedicated to those of you
that apply the secrets revealed here and
take massive, life changing action!
Success is Yours!
Lana Robinson
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A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 2 of 135
Table of Contents
INTRODUCTION .................................................................................. 5 Your Website Is Your First Impression .................................................. 11 Get Your Own Domain Name .............................................................. 17 Domain Name Examples .................................................................. 18 How To Forward Your Domain .......................................................... 20 Create a Capture Page / Squeeze Page................................................. 23 Squeeze Page Example ................................................................. 28 Introduction to Web Traffic ................................................................. 29 List Builders ................................................................................... 29 Recommended List Building Sites ................................................... 32 Having All Your Lists In One Place .................................................. 37 Writing effective ads ..................................................................... 40 Useful Information ....................................................................... 43 Safelists: “The lights are on, but nobody’s home.” .............................. 45 Safelists and Membership Size.......................................................... 46 Staying Organized ........................................................................ 47 Types of Safelists ......................................................................... 48 Ezine Advertising .............................................................................. 50 Autoresponders ................................................................................ 54 How To Add A Capture Form to Your Site ........................................... 58 Design Your Capture Form ............................................................. 58 Adding The Capture Form To Your Site .............................................. 62 Getting the HTML Code ................................................................. 62 Uploading Your Squeeze Page To Your Domain Hosting Account.......... 67 FileZilla Can Change Your Life .......................................................... 68 Adding Your Capture Form To Your Website ..................................... 69 Autoresponder Messages .................................................................... 69 A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 3 of 135
Advertising in Traffic Exchanges .......................................................... 75В Business Opportunity Leads ................................................................ 78В Postcard System............................................................................. 79В Cool Tip: ....................................................................................... 81В Consumer Leads ............................................................................... 82В Tracking Your Ads ............................................................................. 87В More Free Traffic ............................................................................... 91В ScreenSaver Traffic......................................................................... 91В Press Releases ............................................................................... 92В Article Marketing .......................................................................... 103В Traffic Toolbars ............................................................................ 105В Social Networking ......................................................................... 106В Forum Posting .............................................................................. 111В Email Signatures .......................................................................... 113В Classified Ads ............................................................................... 115В Headline Examples........................................................................ 120В 6 Highly Effective Easy Tricks............................................................ 126В Recap of Resources ......................................................................... 127В My Free Gifts To You ....................................................................... 134В LEGAL NOTICE ................................................................................ 135В A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 4 of 135
My name is Lana Robinson, and for the past 4 years, I’ve been
using the secrets that I’m about to expose to earn an income
both online and offline; but not just any income… one which is
enabling me to earn a 7 figure income. I don’t consider
myself a guru and I will never claim to be one. As a matter of
fact, I’m probably not much different from you. I just tried
everything I could think of, read and listened to everything that I could get
my hands on, attended training seminars and webinars…. until I found what
I'd never seen myself as being a home business owner much less someone
that sells lipstick and lotions or that did any sort of network marketing. I
graduated as Salutatorian of my high school class and then attended college
(and dropped out due to financial reasons), then got married to my high
school sweetheart, 4 years later we had two children. My life consisted of
being a wife and mother and an employee. And I was loving every minute
of it.
I didn't know any better!
I've worked as a photography studio appointment setter, a bank teller, a
new accounts specialist (WTF???), and an Item Processing Supervisor. I've
been in Accounts Payable and was responsible for a companywide systems
conversion. I've worked as a customer service rep for a publishing firm and
as a customer service rep for a help-desk providing support to billing
software. I've traveled all over the United States training company
employees on healthcare services billing software and I've held a positions in
Quality Assurance and Systems Design.
No J.O.B. ever really made me feel fulfilled.
One thing you should know about me is that I grew up as an 'Army Brat',
and in my family failure was not an option. My father told me that if
something was worth doing it was worth doing right the first time. He drilled
into my head that if I was going to do something... anything... that I should
give it all I've got. Failure was not an option - not for an officer's kid! So, I
went to work. And I worked really hard.
Funny thing about that working part of my day. I didn't want to.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 5 of 135
Now, I'm not saying I don't want to work. The work isn't what bothered me.
It was the fact that I was no better off financially approaching the age
of 40 than I was when I first started working part-time at age 16. I was
stuck in the rat race and I wanted out. My first exposure to a home
based business was during the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. I live
in Central Alabama (a long way from New Orleans... but we still got hit
pretty hard for being so far way).... we had a lot of trees down and our
power was out for 4 days because one of the trees in the front yard was
blown down by the straight-line winds and fell onto the power line going
from the pole to the house. My husband (the one in the picture below
wearing the yellow shirt) and I knew that we were 'last on the list' because
we were just one house, and the Alabama Power representative was not
shy about telling us the same thing as he drove by assessing the damage.
The power company had entire neighborhoods to restore, and we knew we
had to 'suck it up' and wait it out. However, good news! We found out that
not everyone in our community was hit by the high winds that blew through
our area. Some people actually had electricity!!!
Can you say "opportunity for air conditioning"?
Yep, I had been invited to a 'home party' presentation... the way I looked at
it was that they had electricity and air conditioning (it gets really HOT in the
South in August!). I went to the presentation and explored my options.
Yes, I was able to take a shower because we have gas hot water. Showered
and ready to go... I headed out the door.
I explored my options... the next thing I knew, I was a home based
business owner. I did all the usual stuff like making my 100 names list,
talking to everyone I came in contact with about my business, bothering
friends and family, doing home presentations in my own home (with zero
guests because nobody ever showed up), passing out business cards like
they were FREE. I eventually paid 6 arms and 3 legs for those so-called
"targeted leads" and ran up my phone bill with long distance calls on 'less
than targeted' prospects. I was totally discouraged... and I was broke. I was
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 6 of 135
out of business before I could even get started. My upline disappeared and
my small downline was disappearing just as quickly.
I started looking for alternative methods to grow my business. I knew that
this whole 'home based business' thing could and WOULD work. I just
needed to figure out how it was all done!
I did everything that my upline taught me. I made a list of my friends and
family and contacted them all several times. I handed out flyers, posted
�work from home’ signs at every 4-way traffic stop in town, purchased
expensive leads, made 50-100 cold calls per day on my lunch break and
after work, I wandered around shopping malls, grocery stores and health
food stores prospecting strangers. I went to every outdoor festival and
booth sale available within a 75 mile radius and set up my booth and
watched everyone stroll right by without taking a second look. I set up
fishbowls in area stores. I went to networking events, and even cold called
business owners from the yellow pages. Zip. Zalda. Nothing.
I never did go test drive cars at dealerships just to get business cards so I
could prospect the sales person the next day…. however, that was an option
that I had thought about. I did get kicked out of the parking lot at Target by
the man that picked up the garbage because I was putting flyers and cards
on car windshields. Does that mean I was garbage, too? Ridiculous and
And after all of that, my best month ever was $62.53. After 3 years.
I was working for a major life insurance company in their IT department as a
Business Systems Analyst when I ordered a book written by Mike Dillard.
Why is that important? Well... because that company downsized 130 people
the week before Christmas. And by downsized... I mean that 130 people
were escorted out of the building by security guards. Yep. The week before
Christmas. That was my wake-up call. Some of the people that were let
go had been with the company for almost 20 years and others were just a
few months away from retirement. The president of the company still took
his $1 Million Dollar bonus that year, too. I was furious. For the first time, it
occurred to me that no job is safe and that I was responsible for my financial
future - not the company that I had dedicated so much of my life to. I
mean, here I was working 40 to 60 hours per week for someone else and all
I could think about was whether or not I was next on the chopping block.
I decided that enough was enough.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 7 of 135
Sure, layoffs happen. But you know what I realized? I realized that it was
me, and only me, that decided to work for that company. I was the one that
made the choice to work 40 to 60 hours a week for someone else. I was the
one that accepted my boss telling me to "suck it up and take some Motrin"
when I wasn't feeling well and had to stay and finish up someone else's
project that was on vacation (I later found that I had walking pneumonia
and had potentially infected 2,500 co-workers during that 3 weeks of
"sucking it up and taking Motrin".) I made the choice to never have to go
through that again. It was my responsibility. I re-read Mike’s book
('cause I had a lot of time on my hands...), and I read it again and again
and again. I implemented what I learned and then it happened - I started
generating my own leads and enrolling people into my business! Let me tell
you one thing, if you can generate your own lead just once.... You can
generate tons of your own leads forever.
It is not rocket science. However, if you don’t have someone to show you or
tell you how to do it, you can spend years of frustration and waste a lot of
your valuable time.
A good friend of mine, Gene Derieg, told me recently that successful network
marketers are like ducks on a pond. On the surface, they glide around so
smooth looking like they don’t have a care in the world… but underneath the
surface of the water their little webbed feet are pumping like crazy. I beg of
you to look beyond the smooth, easy surface and look under the water. All
successful marketers have either 1) worked their tails off to get where they
are or 2) have processes working for them at all times so they can do the
things they want in life.
Network Marketing takes work (hey, that word work is in there you know!)
But it doesn’t have to be hard, it doesn’t have to be crazy and it doesn’t
have to eat up every last minute of your precious time. You don’t have to
fail and you don’t have to take orders from someone else for the rest of your
I’m a strong believer in personal development and that your income follows
your personal growth. I love to learn! I also love to teach others. I hope
you find something of value from this guide.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 8 of 135
At the time I began writing this guide (February, 2009), many were saying
we're in the worst economic recession since the Great Depression...
Here are just a few ugly statistics:
1. The national unemployment rate is a staggering 7.6% - and many
respected economists are anticipating this will rise to 9% over the next
10 months.
2. 3.6 MILLION people have been laid off from their jobs since December,
3. Home values are down nearly 50% in many states.
4. Our National Debt is about 11 TRILLION DOLLARS!
This list could go on and on….
For MANY, this is the BIGGEST economic BOOM of their lifetime…
Don't "buy" into the Doom and Gloom...
1. Many of the top leaders in the home based business industry are
earning as much as $23,000.00 or more PER MONTH (yes, even in this
UGLY economy).
2. There are MORE people now than ever before looking for ways to
supplement or replace their current income - many are looking at
home based business options (this arena is actually ON FIRE right
3. Wealth isn't disappearing (as the media often portrays), it's simply
4. Those who have a "burning desire" and are willing to get things done are raking in cash faster now than EVER before.
I just spoke with a realtor about a week ago who stated during the month of
January she sold a staggering 37 houses...putting more than $150,000.00 in
her pocket (for one month's worth of work!).
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 9 of 135
Yes, money's out there and those who want it are snatching it up
faster than ever before.
In the home based business industry, one of the single, quickest ways of
generating cash is by getting your hands around LEADS - preferably, leads
of prospects that are looking for what you have...
So, I thought, "What can I do RIGHT NOW to put cash into the pockets of
those that are willing to work for it?"
If you are working for someone else, you are living his or her dream and not
yours! If you are willing to work as hard, or harder, for yourself as you do
for someone else, then I hope this guide gives you at least one piece of
information you were missing. My wish for you is that you become one of
the top leaders – if not THE top leader – in your organization.
The most important thing you can do to grow your business is to be
trustworthy. If you say you are going to do something…. Then by all means
do it!
Your prospects and your new recruits must be able to come to know you, to
like you and to trust you. Whether these things are done online, in person
and/or on the phone, you must be trustworthy and you must provide value
to your prospects. You need to be able to solve a problem that they have
and you must provide a method for them to solve that problem.
Even if you are so broke you can’t pay attention, I hope there is something
in this guide that you can make use of, and make money after
You will notice as you scan this guide that I’m all about freebies. If it’s free
and if it’s worked for me… it’s in this guide. There are also some programs
that cost money. Rest assured, however, that only the best ones made the
Let’s get started!
В В A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 10 of 135
Your Website Is Your First Impression
Walking around in everyday life, YOU are your first impression. If you show
up at your opportunity meeting in sweat pants and muddy sneakers, do you
really think the people you invited to that opportunity presentation are going
to take you seriously as a businessperson? The same principal applies to
your website. Your website is YOUR first impression online.
It doesn’t have to be fancy.
It just has to be yours and it has to offer something of value to the reader.
It must offer something they want. It must have a strong headline. You
have 7 seconds to grab the attention of your prospect and then they are
gone forever…. And bombarded all day long by other advertisements. Yours
must stick out in their mind!
Did You Know
You Only Have 7 seconds?
7 Freakin' Seconds ... That's how long you have to
capture your website visitor's attention before they
Gone Forever ...
Off Into Cyberspace ...
Never To Return!
Create excellent headlines in 2 minutes or less with
this – It’s FREE:
And because this eBook is designed to help you market yourself better
online, I won’t suggest to you how to dress. You can be in your underwear
for all I care. пЃЉ
When I joined my first network marketing company, I was so excited. I
mean… really excited. I thought that everyone would come running to the
door and calling at all hours of the night to place orders. I immediately paid
$120 per year for a website from the network marketing company that I
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 11 of 135
joined. My website looked something like this:
Three years later, I realized that I did it all wrong. Well, sort of. The network
marketing company that I joined had a policy that you must have a
replicated site, provided by them of course, so that orders can be placed
online through their store. And, taking orders is what it’s all about, right? If
you don’t have a steady stream of prospects interested in what you have to
offer and if you are not making sales then you really aren’t raking in piles of
cash. If you are your only customer, then you are a customer and not a
distributor. You must be able to sell your products / services to people that
have already shown an interest in what you have to offer.
You see, it’s totally OK to have a company replicated website. Some network
marketing companies may insist on it if you are planning on selling their
products / services online. But, what they probably didn’t tell you is that
you can have any type of website you want to promote YOU.
Did you know that I spent months designing a website that promoted the
company I represented? My website had all the bells and whistles… movies,
links to reputable advertising sources that I had used to build my business,
articles from other major sites, an explanation of the network marketing
industry as a whole, links to my company’s replicate site so the prospect
could join right then and there. But do you know what happened? Turns
out the company that I represented had yet another policy about online
marketing. Turns out that I couldn’t have a website that had a link on it to
my company’s replicated site. And, my replicated site couldn’t have a link
on it to my personal website either. The compliance department called me
one rainy afternoon and told me that another distributor had reported my
website to them as an “infraction”. That was a really harsh word for me to
hear. I was informed that I had to take my most-awesome site down within
2 days or my distributor status with that company would be revoked. Gasp! I
took the site down immediately. Who knew, right? Anyway….
So, then I felt really sorry for myself for a while and didn’t know what to do
next. I mean, here I was sitting on an absolute goldmine of information and
had nobody to share it with. Seems the company I represented still wanted
me to chase down prospects in the parking lot of the health gym or WalMart. No thanks…. Yet, the top leaders in the organization were still allowed
to have their own personal sites (like the one I used to have…) because they
were considered �grandfathered in’ before the policy went into effect. What
was I going to do? I started thinking… maybe those top leaders weren’t
actually doing what they were teaching all of us newbies to do. Hmmm…..
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 12 of 135
Then it hit me like a ton of bricks. Well, it shouldn’t have hit me as a ton of
bricks because I had read all about it 2 years before in Mike’s book. But, I
guess it took a real life experience for it to really sink in. Sometimes, I can
be really slow….. 
You see, building a business is about YOU and solving a problem that your
PROSPECT has – not about how great the company you joined is or who the
CEO is or that their compensation plan is the best thing since sliced bread.
Think about that for a minute. You are a distributor for the company you just
joined. If you decided to jump ship and not sell products for that company
anymore, would they care? Not really. The person who recruited you will
just recruit someone else. The cycle continues until that person recruits
some real “winners”. You know, the people that join the company and
within 6 months are already making more money than you ever made in
your entire lifetime. Just how do they do that? They’ve branded
THEMSELVES as the expert and they know how to provide value. They
already did that before they joined XYZ company. They already 1) have a
list of people to mail to that is HUGE or 2) have a ready-made system in
place that anyone can follow and produce results.
Not everyone joins a network marketing company for the same reasons you
did. You have to ask your prospect questions. You have to find out exactly
what they want to accomplish. Don’t force your dream on them; they have
their own dream and it’s your responsibility to find out what that is and how
you can help them achieve it.
Everyone that you pass on the Interstate on the way to work every day is
busy! Seriously busy. However, all of them have one thing in common—
every single one has a certain dollar amount of social security deducted out
of their paycheck for the promise of a future gain. All of them accept this
because it’s forced on them to do so. They get their paycheck and see the
amount deducted and think that money will be there for them in 12, 20 or
30 years (depending on their retirement date). Your job as a network
marketer is to find the people that don’t want to wait 12, 20 or 30 years
until retirement for that future gain. Your job is to find the people that are
willing to give your program 1 or 2 years and invest way less than what they
are investing in social security right now. Yes, some will laugh at you – and
others will totally �get it’ right away. Be prepared to lead them to success.
To make $700 in residual income per month in one year, a person needs
$168,000 deposited in a CD at the bank with a 5% interest rate. What’s
easier to do? Save $168,000 in one year or roll up your sleeves and get to
work in your network marketing company?
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 13 of 135
The best advice I can give you right now is to contact your upline. If
the person who enrolled you is not making the kind of money that you
want to make, then contact the person that enrolled THEM. If
necessary, keep moving up the line until you get to the top leader in
the organization. Ask them questions. Ask them if they cold-call
leads. If they do, ask them what lead source they use to get those
leads. Are those leads pulled from a list of people that say they are
interested in a home based business, or are those leads from a source
that has a �customer’ list (someone who has bought the same type of
product / service you are selling in the past). Ask them if the use a
direct mail service. Do they have postcards you can use to mail out to
a leads list? Do they have a phone script you can use when
contacting your leads?
You see, when anyone joins you in business – whether they say these “out
loud” or not… they are asking the following questions:
1. How much is this going to cost me?
2. Who am I going to talk to?
3. How are you going to help me?
Because, the name of the game is SALES. If you or your new recruits aren’t
making sales, you’re are out of business.
Now, how do you do that online if you are sick and tired of chasing people
around the health gym or Wal-Mart parking lot?
One way to do this is to have your own website and you capture the
name/email address of the prospect and follow up with that prospect
consistently over time until they buy, join or un-subscribe from your list.
Please understand that talent cannot be duplicated. You can have all the
talent in the world, and if your downline cannot do the same thing you are
doing then they will not have the same success that you are having. If you
only marketing your business online and you sponsor someone that can
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 14 of 135
barely check their email… well, you can’t really ask that person to go out
there a build a website and brand themselves. They’ll laugh at you and send
back their enrollment form quicker than Uncle Louie eats a plate of
spaghetti…. and they’ll drop off your team in 3 days or less. You have to
have a system that your team members can follow and see success.
Whether that system is online or offline… but you must have a system.
Some people are simply unwilling to do this business. There’s nothing you
can do about it… don’t kill yourself trying! You may have someone join your
downline just to make a few hundred dollars a month. They don’t want to
�brand’ themselves. They want to keep working their full time J.O.B. and
they want to operate their home business like a hobby. When they don’t
make a few hundred dollars within the first month or two, they quit and then
join some other program. After a few months, they quit that program and
join something else. The cycle continues and they buy into everything under
the sun that promises overnight wealth. When that doesn’t happen, the new
recruit leaves and vows to never get involved in network marketing again.
Then, a few months later they get �the bug’ and start a new program.
You must see yourself as the leader of your organization, even if you just
started and have no recruits yet. You must treat your business like you just
invested $100,000 or more. You must work at it. You must give guidance
to your existing or new team members. If you don’t know how to start,
contact your upline and see what they did to grow their organization to
extremes. How long did it take? How much money per month are they
spending and making? How do they get their leads? Do they send
postcards? If so, what service do they use? Do they do any Internet
marketing? Do they host team conference calls? If so, how often?
Remember, your new recruit didn’t join the company – they joined YOU and
it is your responsibility to lead them until they are ready to lead themselves
and lead their own team.
In military terms, you cannot have 1,000 Generals in your organization. You
can have 1 General and 9,999 troops. As the troops begin to see the �bigger
picture’, they advance in rank… and become their own General over time.
Asking a newcomer to brand themselves online and ignore the
recommendation of their upline is sort of like you telling your new recruit to
ignore you. That doesn’t make much sense, now does it? So the question
is… “Are you the General or are you the troops?” and what do you WANT to
I’m telling you that if you want to keep your recruits in your downline, you
must have a system in place for them so they can start to see results
quickly. Whether this system is provided by your upline, or provided by
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 15 of 135
you…. the sooner your downline sees results, the more likely they will stick
around. If your new recruit doesn’t see results, they are probably not going
to stick around for more than a few months, at best.
Whether you system is online or offline, you must have one. This is key to
your success.
Sounds simple, doesn’t’ it? It can be and on the following pages, I’ll do my
best to tell you how I do it.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 16 of 135
Get Your Own Domain Name
If you are lucky, your actual name is available. I was lucky enough to claim
a domain using my own name and I suggest you do the same if you possibly
can. If your name is Joe Smith, you’re probably out of luck on this one… but
you can add dashes in the domain name or you can get a .info or .biz
domain instead. If you have no idea how to even start creating content for
your website, then create a blog using or (it’s
free!). Then, redirect your domain name to that blog address so that when
people key in they are taken to your blog.
You also must think about this: Does you network marketing company’s
policies allow you to have a domain name with your company’s name as a
part of it? Maybe not. So, you must come up with a domain name that
captures the �essence’ of what you are promoting. If you are promoting ways
to retire early, get a domain name with that phrase in it. If you are
promoting working from home, get a domain name with that phrase in it. If is already taken, try and see if that’s
available. If you are selling vitamins, legal services, travel, skin care …
whatever… Be creative with your domain name.
Whatever domain name you choose, make sure it’s easy to remember and
easy to spell.
Easy to remember. Easy to spell.
One more compelling reason to use your own domain name...
My first Internet Marketing mentor taught me this, and is one of THE MOST
important things he taught me...
I was a member of one of the fastest growing teams in Success University.
Our team had capture pages unique for our team members only. Then, on
June 1, 2009 Success University merged into WorldVentures and we were no
longer allowed to use our unique team pages. If I had promoted that
referral URL all over the Internet and then one day we were no longer
allowed to us it… Well, all that advertising I did online would be null and
void because my domain would no longer show up as a valid domain when
someone clicked my links in the advertisements. Bummer, huh? Talk about
wasted time! I would have to go back to literally hundreds of sites and
change my advertisements to have the new domain name. Who’s got time
for that?
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 17 of 135
The way to get around this dilemma is to use what is called �domain
forwarding / masking’. Basically, you register a domain name. For this
example, we’ll say your domain name is
Let’s also say you don’t know HTML and have no clue as to how to create
your own website with content, capture forms, links, etc. No problem! You
would just purchase a domain name (in this case, I’ll use my real one)
forward to the company page. You would
also �mask’ the domain so that when someone clicks on or types in that web
address, your domain name shows up at the top of the page instead of that
long, crazy looking domain. You would then advertise the domain.
And, the best part is that if the owner of the team’s web pages decides to
change the team domain pages to something else, you would just log into
your control panel of whoever hosts your domain and simply change the
forwarding / masking URL to the new one.
And, when you learn how to create a website, it’s very easy to remove the
forwarding/masking and upload your own pages to your domain. I’ll show
you how to do that a little later on in this eBook.
Domain Name Examples
Here is a list of themes and ideas to keep in mind when choosing a domain
Financial Freedom
Work From Home, Work At Home
Extravagant Life
Helping the Homeless
No More 9 To 5
Residual/Passive Income
Getting Rich
Tons Of Family Time
Stay At Home Make Money
Abundance Mentality
I have several domains with GDI because one of the domain names I wanted
was already taken with the .com address. With GDI, you can pay just $10
per month for your domain and make a residual income selling domains to
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others. This is something you may want to introduce to your downline so
they can get their own domain name, too.
If you use GDI and become a member of GDI for your domain hosting
provider, you can also market the service to others and earn a SWEET
income as outlined below!
GDI has a FREE 7 Day Trial period and then it's only $10 per month!
You'll not only receive a Domain Name of your choice,
but you'll also receive:
1.) Up to 10 individual Email Accounts
2.) Up To a 10 Page Website Builder
3.) A Great Hosting Plan
4.) Two (2) Marketing Movie Websites
5.) A Global Member's Back Office Control Panel
AND, if you refer anyone to GDI, you will earn:
for every increment of 5 sign-ups
within a week, you'll earn $100!
Get 10 Sign-ups, earn $200!
Get 15 Sign-ups, earn $300!
Get 25 Sign-ups, earn $500!
Get 50 Sign-ups, earn $1,000!
Get 100 Sign-ups, earn $2,000
+ $1,000 for every increment of 100 sign-ups!
Sky's The Limit!...PAID WEEKLY!
Earn 10% monthly commissions on all purchases
in your first 5 Levels
When you achieve a certain structure and Team size,
you will qualify for a 10% Infinity Bonus beginning
on the 6 th Level of your Team and paying through
Infinity or until it finds someone who also has qualified
in any given line and then stops.
Remember, if is already taken… it may be available as a through GDI. It’s something to think about. Moving on……
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How To Forward Your Domain
Listed below are step-by-step instructions on how to
forward your domain if you use Godaddy:
(this is so easy with GDI that it’s not even worth showing you here)
1. Log into your GoDaddy account
2. At the left of the screen, you’ll see the “My
Products’ section.
Click on the Domain Manager option.
3. A new screen will open, listing your Domains.
4. Put a check mark in the box next to the domain
you want to forward to another URL (as shown in
the example below).
5. At the top of the screen, click on
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6. In the box that appears at the top of the screen, enter the URL that
you want the visitor to see to when they type in your domain name.
In this example, I want to redirect
to another site.
7. Click on the tab at the top titled �Masking’. Masking redirects Web
traffic for a domain to a specified URL, preventing the forwarded
domain URL from displaying in the browser's address bar. For
instance, even though my website is �pointing’ to a different site, that
different site’s URL does not display in the browser bar. This is
extremely helpful if you have purchased a domain name for a popular
ClickBank product and you don’t want someone �stealing’ your
commissions by simply keying in their own ClickBank id number to
make the purchase.
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8. In the �Masking’ information, check the box to Enable masking, then
enter your Masked Description, Masked title and Masked Keywords.
9. Then, click the
You will then see a message that the changes were submitted and to
allow a few minutes for processing.
Click the
button again. You may have to wait up to 24 hours
for the forwarding / masking to replicate across the Internet.
As soon as you can type your domain name in the browser bar and see
your page has been redirected, you can promote your site with the
"new" domain name you registered with GoDaddy! Make sure to go
and test it out and make sure it all works correctly before spending
your valuable time & money advertising!
Note: You can use domain forwarding to forward your new domain name to
your company’s replicated site, a ClickBank affiliate link, your blog, etc.
And this is so EASY with GDI
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Create a Capture Page / Squeeze Page
I'm sure you've heard the term "Squeeze Page" or “Capture Page” before.
Squeeze pages seem to be taking the net by storm these days... AND for
very good reason…….
A squeeze page is a simple web page with the objective of enticing a visitor
to give their name and email address in exchange for some kind of free
report, e-Book or software. (squeeze pages do not sell upfront.) And you'd
be surprised how effective they are.
You might be wondering why not just send website traffic to a web page that
sells people what you have? The answer makes sense when you realize that
for every 100 or so people who visit a website that just has something for
sale on it, only 1-3 (sometimes half a percent) actually make a purchase.
And, if they don’t know you, like you or trust you… your conversion rates are
even lower. If you've ever tried advertising online or offline, you know that
advertising costs could end up gobbling up any commissions you might
The squeeze page turns this situation, where the math doesn't work in your
favor, into one that does. You see, a squeeze page can usually get double
digit opt in rates (10% - 45% or higher). Suddenly for every 100 people
you send to your squeeze page, 10 to 45 are opting in. This means you
have 10 to 45 fresh prospects you can begin building a relationship with and
introducing your business to.
Speaking of math and advertising dollars, take a look at this. Let's say you
spend $10 on a classified ad or an e-zine ad to send 100 visitors to your
website (replicated clone page). And let's say only 2 people sign up to
become downline members. You just paid $5.00 per member. Ok, contrast
this with a squeeze page.
Again 100 visitors arrive at the squeeze page and 20 people opt in. Then
those 20 people go through the "grooming process" and because of this you
could see 6, 7 or even 10 of them turn into downline members. And look,
the math works in your favor because your advertising dollars are
bringing in roughly 3-5 people for every $5 you spend, instead of $1. Cool
Plain and simple... Squeeze Pages Make Money!
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And once they're setup... they keep making money over and over... with
little or no additional effort. The good news is that no matter what you have
been doing, your life just got easier and more profitable.
Because most people surf the web the same way, let’s look at what you
usually do when surfing the web. You see a site you like and start to read it.
You are thinking about what a great site it is and if you really like it you’ll
bookmark it so you can come back again.
Then something interrupts you, it may be the dog barking at a neighbor or
one of the kids starting to cry and you are called away.
What happens when you get back? You have forgotten what you were
looking at and what are the odds you’ll ever use the bookmark to go back to
that same page?
Want to find out? Go click your bookmarks right now and see if you can even
remember what half of them are for. I know I can’t.
Your site visitor is no different then you are. No matter how great your site
is things constantly distract people and your visitor is gone.
Now if the site you visited had used a squeeze page and made you an offer
of interest, they would have a way to contact you. When they email two
days later you remember the great report they gave you and open the
email to see what they have to say.
You are very likely to go back and see more of their site. What is more is
that they can continue to invite you back time and again because they got
your contact information and your permission.
This is why using a squeeze page and getting permission to follow up with
your visitors is so powerful.
The below story is told by Robert Puddy, and it holds some valuable
information: (hint, you may want to read it twice)
“I want to tell you about two young men I met a little over a year ago. I met
them at one of my Focus 4 Seminars.
In my travels, I have met a lot of rookie marketers. These two weren't any
different than many I've met but the results one of the achieved were quite
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These two guys couldn't have been more alike if they were twins. They were
about the same age. They had virtually the same experience at Internet
marketing. Both desperately wanted to succeed and work full time as
Over the course of the 3 days, I noticed that each one attended all of the
speaker's presentations. After the day's events, I did see them each
networking and meeting other marketers.
They Both Did Everything They Needed To Do To Succeed In This
As the event closed and we all went our separate ways, I told them all that I
hoped to see them back next year and to hear a report of their progress.
What a difference a year can make. These two young men left with the same
knowledge, motivation and desires. I was curious to see how close it would
be if we ever met again.
One Year Later, One Was So Far Ahead of The Other... It Wasn't Even
A Race!
One marketer was living his dream. He was a full-time Internet marketer
and he was ecstatic. He had quit his job months ago. He didn't need the
money any more but more than that, it was just getting in the way of the
life he wanted to live and now could.
He had built two websites and launched a series of products. These two
websites were making him more than twice what he made at his old job.
And, the best part is that he was only working about 20-30 hours a week.
The other marketer was more surprised than I was. He had done a lot of
things right. He had made great progress throughout the year. This busy
little beaver had managed to build and launch 4 websites selling high quality
information products.
He had some success, no doubt but it was just not enough to get him where
he wanted to be. He was working 40 hours a week at his job and 20-30 on
his Internet businesses.
How Can One Guy Produce More & Make Less? What is the
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The difference was that the successful guy worked hard to build a list with
both sites and the less successful guy did not.”
I encourage you to have a capture page / squeeze page for your list building
efforts. Basically, the story above tells you why it is so important to build
your own list. You can spend thousands of dollars and leads and cold-call
them. Maybe when you called them the first time they weren’t interested….
But what if their situation changes? A lot can happen in 2 weeks or 2
months… or even a year. Some lead sources won’t allow you to contact the
lead after a certain number of months. Bummer. All that money spent, and
nobody to call.
You need to have a way to capture the name and email address of your
prospect. This way, you now have permission to follow-up with them via
email until they unsubscribe from your list. What you have to offer is critical
to their success… and YOU know it. They don’t know that yet and it’s your
job to show them.
Here are two places you can go and create very high quality Capture Pages /
Squeeze Pages for whatever product / service you are promoting:
Instant MLM Squeeze Pages
This one comes with a $1 trial offer and a 60-day money back guarantee.
The graphics on this one are top of the line, and you even get free videos to
help you learn the basic and advanced techniques to successfully building
and promoting your squeeze page.
Essentially this system is designed for people involved in network marketing
but it can work wonders for affiliate marketers and Internet marketers too.
But for the sake of brevity, I'll focus on people in network marketing for the
rest of this message.
Instant MLM Squeeze Pages contains what are called squeeze pages PLUS
viral e-Books. So why would you want squeeze pages and viral e-Books? Let
me ask you a question.
Have you heard world-renowned self-help guru Tony Robins talk about
"modeling"? Tony teaches that by far the most powerful shortcut to success
is to find someone who's already successful and copy what they're doing.
This cuts trial and error out of the equation.
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And this is where the viral e-Book comes into play. The viral e-Book is what
entices your visitors to give you their name and email address at the
squeeze page.
Assuming your viral e-Book has quality content, people will really appreciate
it and certainly be more open to making a purchase from you. It's
essentially the psychological law of reciprocity in action. By giving
something away of high value people will feel a mental debt of wanting to
give back in some way.
Ever wonder why they give away product samples and food samples? It's
because the psychology behind this works like magic. You taste it, you like
it and then you buy it. Do you go to Costco or Sam’s during lunch time?
So for the people who opted in to the list, the viral e-Book grooms them into
potential downline members. What also makes the viral e-Book special is
that you can give it away and people who receive it have the understanding
that they can give it away.
This presents a thrilling opportunity for you because the name of this game
is to get as many interested eyeballs in front of your opportunity as possible
at the lowest advertising cost. People will pass your branded e-Book all over
the net and that means you score tons of free traffic!
Go here to learn more about the power of this resource:
Note: One of the best aspects of building your own list is that whenever a
new opportunity comes around that can benefit the people you’ve contacted
in the past, all you have to do is send an email to those �on the list’. Viola!
You have new signups into a new program because you took the time for
people to know you, to like you, and to trust you. What if the network
marketing company you’ve been with for 5 years simply decided to change
their compensation plan for the worse – or what if they decided to start
selling the product / services in brick and mortar stores (Gasp!). That, my
friend, is why you need your own list of targeted prospects!
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Squeeze Page Example
Before I knew about the resource discussed on the previous page, I
slammed out a squeeze page real quick so my downline could get some
advertising going in some popular traffic exchanges. Of course, I replace
the photo with my downline’s picture if they want me to do that….
Notice the following:
пѓј I give my full name and include a picture of myself
пѓј I give a short description of why they should put their information on
my page.
 I �bribe’ my prospect by offering a free download of a popular program
or eBook.
You can do the same thing for your downline as well….. and if you don’t have
a downline yet, you will have one soon enough after using a squeeze page
and capturing the name and email address of your prospects.
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Introduction to Web Traffic
Now we're about ready to dig into the main course, the information that will
teach you where and how to promote your squeeze pages.
But before we get started I want to go over a few things. Within this guide
you will notice many resources that we will ask you to join. These
recommended sites have been carefully chosen because they are proven to
provide the best results. They are all optional, you can skip whichever you
want, but I must warn you that if you do not join any of them, you will just
keep doing the same thing you’ve always done and keep getting the same
results. A lot of the marketing resources I use are free to join, so you really
don’t have an excuse not to take action.
Most of the sites are free to join anyway, and once you have joined you
will see that most sites will offer a “one time offer”, otherwise known as a
OTO. This is an offer that you can only accept when you first sign-up.
Seriously… they mean it. If you pass up on the OTO, you won’t be offered it
again and it will cost more to upgrade later on. For the sites I have
provided, these offers are incredibly valuable, and I highly recommend
investing especially in the list building….. trust me on this: the return you
receive on your upgrade will come back to you easily.
List Builders
List building sites are my #1 traffic secret. Just by using this one strategy
you can consistently build a list and income. The key is to have the ability to
mail to at least 2 different list building sites each and every day, that way
you are constantly sending out your offer and reaching more people. Online
list building sites help you generate random leads or e-mail their lists in
return for receiving mail from other members on their site.
In the instructions that follow I will introduce you to each of our
recommended sites (each are highly effective with responsive members) and
how you can use each one to profit the most.
Usually in these sites if you are a free member you need to earn credits by
clicking credit links in other members e-mails to you in order to send your
message to other members. But if you choose to upgrade (especially by
taking the one time offers….. just one payment for a lifetime account), you
will be able to send to a set amount of members every few days without
having to work towards earning credits. If you can afford nothing else...
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make sure at the very least to take the one time offer upgrades in
ListJumper, ListJoe, ViralURL and FreeAdDepot. You will learn more about
them soon in the guide.
Before we begin I want to give you a suggestion to reduce e-mail in your
personal email account. I have two addresses that I use.. one is my
personal e-mail address and one is my list e-mail address. The reason
why I have two is because I regularly check email in my personal e-mail
address but I expect to receive a lot of e-mail in my list email address that is
mail I won't be reading all the time. This limits the amount of messages I
receive or am forced to look at because I can simply just delete the
messages in the account used for my list e-mail if I choose to do so. Also,
when I'm earning credits I can simply login to my list e-mail account and I'll
have all the e-mails to receive credit from.
What I would suggest before signing up under any Online List Building site is
to join that site using an e-mail address that you will expect to receive a lot
of mail. These sites I am showing you will not give you an extreme amount
of mail but it is still in your best interest to start using this strategy. By
signing up in these sites you will agree to receive mail from a few other
members as well, so if you use a list e-mail address when you sign up you
can remove the bother of looking through all of the e-mail if it gets to be too
much for you at times. To get a free e-mail account I would suggest Gmail
as a great resource. Just go to and get your free email
account with so much storage for free it will simply amaze you.
“I'm in! How do I use these sites on a daily basis?”
As a member you will start receiving mail from other members of these list
sites. You will want to login to your list mail account and go through these
e-mails to earn credits by clicking on the provided credit links. As you earn
credits you will be able to spend those credits towards mailing other
members (unless you took the upgrades in some of the sites.. then you
won't need to earn credits towards sending mail). That is the difference
between the free and paid memberships. I recommend going through each
site individually to learn how they work. Eventually, you will probably want
to join even more list sites than I have provided. Start with the following list
building sites to get your �feet wet’ and then expand as you can afford to do
Shown on the next few pages is a breakdown of the List Builders that I have
used to build my own list, make sales and get sign-ups.
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Action Steps: Complete Now!
1. Create an e-mail account at Gmail that you will use for signing up at
List Building sites. In the field for �list email’, enter your Gmail
address. Join as many of these List Builders that you can.
Remember, most are free (except for List Domino and that just costs
$20 one time).
Quick note: Taking advantage of the One Time Offer on these sites is highly
recommended, when you join for free you will be usually given a onetime
offer... if you have the money then take it because it will be well worth it....
giving you the ability to mail thousands of members on a regular basis for
life! These list builders are the most responsive list builders I have found,
and I mail to these lists every few days.
See the next page for my recommendations.
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Recommended List Building Sites
(See Page 127 for direct links to these sites)
SponsorDaddy [email protected] is our funded proposal.
What is a funded proposal?
A funded proposal is a way of creating an income from
prospects before they even join your primary MLM
business. This means that whether they actually join
your main business or not does not matter, because you
are getting paid from them anyway. A funded proposal
also works to fuel your advertising costs, because as you
get more and more prospects PAYING you before they
even join your primary business you will be able to
continue to advertise and grow your list.
Any successful marketer knows that it is essential to
have a funded proposal working to help fuel your
business! With our system you have this built in!
SponsorDaddy is a low-cost, high payout membership
that provides all the tools you need for your online
marketing. These are products everyone needs if they
are trying to make money online... no matter what
business they are involved in. You receive enormous
value in the products for a very small monthly cost (Ad
Tracking, Autoresponder System, Leads and Rotators to
name a few marketing materials you receive) This is
why I choose to use SponsorDaddy as my funded
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Quality List Ads
At the time of writing this eBook, this site was giving way free
PRO memberships – which allow you to send your
advertisements to all members of the list every 3 days. You
can upgrade to Executive for a one-time payment of $47 and
mail the entire membership list every single day. Not bad for
47 bucks.
There are 3 membership levels (free, pro, executive). Pick
the one that makes the most business sense for your budget.
ListDomino was designed as an advertising tool that can
be used for almost any niche business or website
you may want to promote. They’ve created additional
options for those marketers who really want to make the
best of their advertising and take advantage of the
power behind this service.
The unique idea behind ListJumper is that there is
potential for anyone to have a huge list to mail to. No
matter when you or your referrals join ListJumper you
are able to continuously improve your ranking in the line
simply by actively earning credits on a regular basis. So
active members who joined ListJumper last can quickly
find themselves at the top of a huge list that they can
mail their offer to! Do you want that to be you?
The MLM Hit List
Free Ad Depot
Join this free mailer and mail the list every 5 days.
Upgrade for a measly $10 per month (price may be
raised soon) and mail everyone in your powerline every
2 days. This is also a great
way to build your GDI business, if you are interested.
Free-Ad Depot is a subsidiary of JPE Advertising, an
online advertising agency, owned and operated by Phil
Basten and Jane Mark. They specialize in advertising
brokering, business consultation and development plus,
marketing products and service development. They have
been helping people succeed on the net for the past 8
years. Four years ago they joined forces and launched
their new company, JPE Advertising which grossed over
6 figures in its first year. They have developed some of
the most innovative scripts on the net, a safelist hosting
script unequalled yet as an all round safelist
management system, plus Phil was responsible for
creating the plans and the idea for the internet's first
fully automated Safelist Submitter. Free-Ad Depot is
their latest creation.
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BuildMyDownlines incorporates the power of viral
marketing, known to man as the easiest and most
effective way to build a business. Now you can use an
inviter feature that helps you do it Facebook style, and
as easy as two clicks,... guaranteed and proven to
create a tidal wave of unstoppable traffic! There is
nothing left to chance, right after you join you can have
this power helping build your business!
GUARANTEED to build your list 9x faster than ANY
OTHER method. Save time, save energy, promote to
multiple lists today.
A Link Cloaker and List Builder System all-in-one.
Upgraded members are allowed to email 6,000 random
members every 3 days and your ad will show up in other
members emails! You can also cloak affiliate links using
their free cloaking service.
Builds your list for you faster than a raging avalanche.
Also provides you with the absolute best ad-tracker you
can find on the net. Developed by the owner of
TrackThatAd, a tracking service which turned out to be
so popular, it already has 100,000 members. Free
member of MVS can email 1500 random members every
week. Upgraded member can email 1500 members
every 3 days, plus additional members depending on the
amount of credits earned.
SuperListExplode Email all members that join AFTER you! This is a new List
Builder, and I encourage you to join as soon as you can
so you can email more and more members over time.
The OTO is ridiculously inexpensive; upgraded members
don’t have to click for credits to email all members that
joined after them EVERY DAY.
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Free members get 2 small prominent text ads Upgraded
members can email 1,000 to 2,500 random members
every 5 to 7 days using credits earned from reading other
member emails. All members, free, monthly, and
lifetime, get 2 small text ads that rotate on the first page
after members log in... on select pages in the members
area.. and on participating sites that add our code to their
These are highly-visible ads that members click on to
earn credits, which means they must go to your website
and view it for 20 seconds to earn credits.
These ads rotate randomly on all sites in the network and
on participating websites which means your visually
powerful ads could be seen by thousands of new
prospects every month.
Get Your Ads Instantly Displayed On Thousands Of
Websites And Read By Millions Of Visitors When You Tap
Into Our Laser-Targeted Network Of Online Money Makers
And Advertisers At No-Cost To You!"
If That's Not Enough.. We'll Also Help You Build Your Own
List That Grows Virally Out Of Control... Generating An
Income For You That Spirals Up As Fast As The Flood Of
Unstoppable Traffic You Will Receive...
...And Also Let You Send Your Messages To Our Highly
Responsive List At The Same Time... Do All Of This
Extremely Quickly And Easily!
Expose your offers every day to every single person who
joins ListAds no matter how many members ListAds
grows to! Now that's incredible! is mind blowing effective and amazingly
profitable. Join Free or Become a Lifetime Pro Member for
a crazy low $30.00!
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Revolving Ads
Expose your offers every day to every single person who
joins no matter how many members grows to! Now that's
incredible! Revolving Ads Depot is mind blowing effective
and amazingly profitable. Join Free or Become a Lifetime
Pro Member for a crazy low $25.00!
You get lifetime text ads that rotate on select pages on
the Rotating Ads network and on participating members
You can expose your offers daily to everyone via their
unique internal mail delivery system and it doesn't matter
if you signed them up or not.
Business World
Over 89,550 members! Free Members - Can mail to 200
members every 48 hours but that is pretty useless
because the number is so small. Pro Members – Can mail
to all 89,550+ members every 48 hours. You can upgrade
for $12.95 per month which is the membership I have. If
you want all the bells and whistles, you can upgrade for
$19.95 per month. I don't think you benefit greatly with
this membership so I would stick with the basic upgrade
of $12.95 per month.
Lists the top 20 traffic exchanges and top 5 safelists
(different than list builders). Free to join. I’ll talk more
about this on the following pages. пЃЉ
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Having All Your Lists In One Place
There is one more list building resource that I want to tell you about. You
see, there are so many list builders available, that it really needs to be an
ebook all by itself. That is exactly what Jane Mark has done… she wrote an
eBook called All Your Lists In One Place and it really opened my eyes to
the best performing list builders available. I was thinking very seriously
about creating a book like this myself, but since Jane has already done it,
there’s no need for me to reinvent the wheel. I was already using all but 3
of the lists she recommends, and I joined those right away and saw an
increase in my sign up rates. Thanks, Jane!
Click Here Now To Get All Your Lists In One Place
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 37 of 135
Action Steps: Complete Now!
1. You will want to spend no less than 10 to 15 minutes each day earning
credits. If you are even slightly serious about being successful online
then you must have at least 10 to 15 minutes to spare each day. If
you don’t’ have 10 to 15 minutes to spare, look at what you do
throughout the day and adjust your schedule. I am sure you can
come up with 10 to 15 minutes! Log into your list email account (the
Gmail account you set up as your List Email) and open the messages.
Click the links to earn credits and stay on the page until the timer, if
applicable, counts down and awards your credits. Then, close the
window and click on the next email and earn those credits by clicking
on the credit link. Do this as much as you can every day so you can
earn the maximum send credits for each list builder. If you use Firefox
or IE 7, clicking on the link in the email to earn credits should open a
new tab. Simply, click back over to your email and click the next
email to earn credits. You can have a lot of tabs open at once, and
you can earn a lot more credits this way. After the credits have been
�earned’, close the tab.
2. You need a method for keeping up with when you can mail your lists.
It saddens me when someone pays for an upgraded membership at a
List Builder site and then forgets to email the members. To me, that’s
like forgetting to eat. Seriously. You have to email your list every
single time you can! Consistency is key to your success. Did you
know that it takes anywhere from 7 to 10 times for a prospect to see
your offer before they take action?
I created a simple spreadsheet to keep track of this and added it to my
Gmail account in the �documents’ section. This way, no matter where
I am, I can access my spreadsheet and I know what list I can mail to
that day. You can then save it to your desktop, and then you can
upload it to your Gmail Documents so you can access it anywhere –
even if you aren’t on your main computer (i.e., work, vacation,
grandma’s house, etc.)
Click Here to download this template for your own personal use:
3. Make sure to keep on schedule and send your mails on the day
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 38 of 135
Another Cool Tip: When you send mail to the above listbuilders, you can
save the forms first using RoboForm. That way when you login to the site
the next time to send mail again all you have to do is click one button and
RoboForm will automatically fill in your subject, message, and affiliate link...
it makes sending mail very easy! You can use RoboForm to remember any
fields you would otherwise need to manually fill in, and save you lots of time
if you would have otherwise filled in the same forms very often. This is
especially helpful if you send to as many lists and I do! The spreadsheet
that I made for you will work ….
but RoboForm may be easier for you in the long run. If you use the
spreadsheet, you’ll have to either 1) type the message over and over again
every time you mail to the list, or 2) save the message as a text file on your
desktop and open it | copy it | paste it every time you mail to the list.
Again, I wanted to give you an option, and the choice is yours.
I just want to say that you will love RoboForm! It is the #1 recommended
password manager and web form-filler... Easy to use, You remember one
password RoboForm remembers the rest.
This tool has been downloaded over 32 million times and is
recommended by the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, PC Magazine and
many more.
So Easy - You remember one password, RoboForm remembers the
Saves Time - With ONE-CLICK RoboForm goes to a website and logs
you in automatically.
Saves More Time - RoboForm also fills long registration and checkout
forms with one click.
Secures Your Personal Information - Encrypts your personal
information on your computer with the strongest encryption available,
including AES, RC6 and Blowfish.
Strengthens Passwords - Generates random passwords that hackers
cannot guess.
Helps Prevent Identity Theft - Fights Phishing and defeats
Download RoboForm FREE here:
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Writing effective ads
You must target your message to the appropriate market. It is very
important. For example, I generally advertise my splash page because it
loads quickly, and I advertise my business opportunity page (stating the
benefits our team provides) to ListBuiders and Safelists..
The Subject Line
The subject of your email message should be as specific as possible,
highlighting the best feature of your offer. Email messages with vague
subjects are inevitably destined for the trash can.
Don’t have misleading subjects.
Here are some examples of deceptive subject lines and they should NEVER
be used:
I saw your ad
RE: Your Last Email
Notification of Payment Received
Your account will be cancelled
Claim Your Cash
Urgent: Response Required
Congratulations! You Just Enrolled A New Member
Using this type of tactic, you may be more successful in getting people to
open your email ad. But as soon as your reader determines they’ve been
tricked, your message is deleted. In addition, the Terms of Service for most
ListBuilders and safelists prohibit deceptive subject lines. They all show you
this when you are sending your ad, so you cannot claim �innocence’. They
will delete your account, with no refund, if you go against their terms of
service (TOS).
Do not reply to ListBuilder or Safelist ads with your own ad. It will irritate
people opening your message. It’s also a technique not permitted by most
lists. This is called reverse marketing, and I personally cannot stand it and
send those message straight to spam – because I didn’t ask to receive an
email from that person about their business. I did, however, agree to
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 40 of 135
receive messages from other members of the list when they are sent from
the service. There is a big difference.
Do not use autoresponders when you sign up for ListBuilders and Safelists.
You will be “found out” and deleted from the list with no refund. What does
this mean? Well, an autoresponder is a service that you use to capture the
name and email address of the prospect. Some people will use their
autoresponder �email’ address when signing up for ListBuilders and Safelists
so that when another member sends out their advertisements to the list,
those other members are then added to your own list without permission.
Shame, shame…. Don’t do this!
The body of your ad: Repeat your email subject as the first line in the
body of your email. Frequently a Listbuilder or Safelist inserts their own
advertisements (or advertisements from other members) to your email
before your ad. If someone is interested enough to open your email,
repeating the subject line at the beginning of your message makes it easier
for the reader to find your ad.
Double check the spelling and grammar of your ad. It’s important. Have
someone else check if you’re not certain. An easy way to do this is to type
your ad in Microsoft Word and then run the spell check / grammar check.
Make any corrections and then copy|paste the ad copy into the box used
when mailing to ListBuilders and Safelists.
Let’s face it; mistakes are easy to make. However, if you don’t check your
ads carefully for errors, you can almost guarantee setting yourself up for
mistakes. When a person sends out email ads with spelling and grammar
errors, it reflects poorly on them. Readers have a difficult time taking the
message seriously as a result.
On the other hand, a well-written ad reflects on you as a businessperson in a
positive way.
What is the most often overlooked aspect of an email advertisement? The
P.S.! I’m about to show my age here, but that’s OK… Think back to the time
when you actually got a letter in the mail. Maybe it was from your
grandmother, or your girlfriend/boyfriend/pen pal. Anyway, what did you do
as soon as you got that letter? If you are like most people, your eyes drifted
right to the last page of the letter – right at the bottom… and you look for
the P.S. You see, the P.S. is where the writer thought they were finished
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 41 of 135
with their letter, but had one final thought. This final thought was so
important that they HAD to put that information in the letter. You need to
do the same thing with your email advertisements. Don’t forget the P.S.
because it is important!
On the next page, you will see an example of an ad that I’ve used
Example Email Ad
How to Exploit List Builders For Maximum Profits
How to Exploit List Builders For Maximum Profits
I've got some great news today...
I just launched a brand new ingenious prospecting system where you can:
1. Automatically promote YOUR primary business!
2. Get "Real-Time" leads sent to your inbox!
3. Earn multiple income streams with 100x less effort!
4. Build your ListJoe, ViralURL and InstantBuzz downlines on auto-pilot!
This is going to be huge!
Take a look here:
To Your Success,
Lana Robinson
P.S. To build your primary business in 3 simple
steps... go here:
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Useful Information
Is getting credits in ListBuilders a problem?
Well, you can take the OTO when you first join, buy the credits as you go
along, or upgrade if it comes with credits…
If you are willing to read a few email messages…
This process will make things much easier for you. It will take about 30
minutes and a little concentration to set up. After that, it’s fully automatic.
Here’s a way to have a steady supply of credits at your fingertips when you
need them for future list mailings.
Step one: With Microsoft Outlook or Gmail, you can have all of your email
messages funneled into one folder. A side advantage of this is that your
email inbox is continuously being cleared so you don’t have to weed through
a lot of messages to find ones you need to answer right away… like ones
from your spouse or mother.  With Gmail, it’s easy to filter messages and
add a label to them such as �Safelist’ or �Earn Credits’ and have all messages
that meet that criteria moved into that folder. Then, when it’s time to sit
down and click on links to earn mailing credits, you would have all of those
in one folder.
To do this, open the message. In the Other Actions pull-down, select �Filter
Messages Like These’ as shown in the below example:
Click the
Then, make your choices for filtering the email from the options given
(example shown on the next page):
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 43 of 135
This makes these emails very easy to find:
1. If using Microsoft Outlook, Click “Tools” on the top bar and then
“Advanced Find”.
2. In the “Search for” box enter “earn credits”.
3. Change “subject field only to “subject field and message body”.
4. Click “Browse” and select the folder where your email messages are.
5. When you click “Find Now” it will bring up a list of all email messages with
a credit link. You simply select the safelists from which you want to earn
credits. You’ll visit the sites in a similar fashion that you do when surfing a
hit exchange. It’s easy and painless!
Automating the process one step further - With Microsoft Outlook, you can
use the rules wizard to do the work for you. Let’s say you’ve had all the
incoming safelist mail funneled into a folder you have named “LBmail”.
Create an additional folder and name it “Credit Email”.
Create a rule (and place it at the top of the list of rules you already have) to
send email messages containing “earn credits” to the “Credit Email” folder.
Now you have a constant, fresh supply of email messages to look at with
links in them to earn credits should you need them.
If you are using Gmail, you can simply go to the folder that is now on the
left panel of your main inbox screen to see all the messages that match the
filtering criteria. Or, you can simply search your mailbox using Gmail’s
Search Mail tool located at the top of the screen.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 44 of 135
Safelists: “The lights are on, but nobody’s home.”
This popular expression applies very well to at least 95% of the safelists
available on the Internet today. People join safelists so they can mail to the
list (like a list builder); however, the statistic that 95% of safelists are totally
ineffective, meaning they NEVER have a single response from their members
EVER, has held true across two years of testing.
With safelists, we all know that millions of email messages fill countless
boxes all over the world. Most of the email ads are deleted all at once
without even being seen. Many people take the defeatist attitude that
safelists are therefore worthless. The truth is that they are worthless….. in
the way most people use them. пЃЉ
The key to Safelist success is using only tested Safelists. There is a service
that I use that has spent extensive time evaluating and testing thousands of
Safelists. This is what we recommend: Gear up your resources, subscribe to
the Safelist Report, and join ALL of the current top ranked safelists. There
are people there ready to read your ads. Then follow along with the service
and delete your membership with the safelists that are no longer
Remember that looks can be deceiving.
Many of the safelists tested (and later dropped) effectively give the
appearance of success. The websites have a professional and polished look
to it. Everything works perfectly. The safelists are almost always there with
little or no downtime. The emailing process is quick and efficient. Our ads
are sent promptly, often to huge memberships.
The only problem is that there is never a single response to any of our ads ever - from safelists we test and eventually drop.
Why gamble with your time, resources and money when you can use
safelists that have current, ongoing testing to determine their effectiveness?
Again, go here to see the list of the top safelists that you should add to your
advertising efforts:
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 45 of 135
Safelists and Membership Size
Membership size is the factor most people consider when choosing a safelist.
Is the size of a safelist’s membership important?
We’ve tested many large safelists that have been proven to be totally
ineffective. On the other hand, smaller safelists often generate enthusiasm
and increased responses from members. Statistically, these safelists
frequently outperform the larger safelists! That is why testing is so
important. Use a variety of safelists, large and small.
Many people chose a safelist based on the membership size indicated on the
safelist’s website. Some sites even list how many free and pro members
they have. We’ve seen things like this: 680 total members; 29 free and 651
paid. It seems dubious, doesn’t it? It’s common; take a look for yourself.
None of this can be verified. Still, people pay for pro memberships and buy
credits using this information. It’s incredible. No wonder so many Internet
business fail.
A very important fact:
Although the number of members a safelist has isn’t necessarily a factor in
its effectiveness, our stats show that the more often you can mail a list is
Only testing can determine a safelist’s effectiveness.
The service that I used has tested many huge and popular safelists that
have proven to be totally ineffective, meaning they never have single
response from their membership ever.
Your best bet: Use only safelists that have been tested and proven to have
actual people who read and respond to your ads.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 46 of 135
Staying Organized
Staying organized saves time. Using Microsoft Excel or a similar product, you
can create a chart with the safelists and list builders that you are mailing to.
It is very important that you keep track of what you are doing! There should
be a column that indicates how frequently you can use the mailing list, and a
column that you can add the date you mailed – which will then update the
column with the next date you are allowed to mail to that list. I’ve created
one of these for you, and you can download it here:
Save this spreadsheet to your desktop and use it daily. Any time you find a
new ListBuilder or Safelist to use, add the information to the spreadsheet so
you won’t forget to mail when it’s time.
You can also use RoboForm. As your list grows, this may make the
advertising portion of your life a whole lot easier:
Continually evaluate the product or service you are advertising and make
changes if necessary. What you promote through the ListBuilders and
Safelists can make a difference in how successful you are.
Send your email messages as frequently as you can.
Testing has proven that this is a key ingredient to a successful email
How to avoid bouncing
Many email accounts can be cleared using the free service
with one click deleting everything. Serious marketers have made provisions
for adequate email storage that can handle thousands of email messages a
day. Like using Gmail.
I recommend at least 100mb. There are a number of companies online
offering large email boxes. Many are free. Choose a service that allows you
to easily change your email address if needed. Some services also place
limitations on the number of email messages that can be received per day.
Here are three suggestions:
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 47 of 135 has a free 125mb email service. has a tremendous amount of email storage and it’s free!
HugeMailBoxes - For $6.95 per month you can have an unlimited size POP3
mailbox. It comes with an auto cleaning feature. You can choose auto
cleaning every 6, 12, 18 or 24 hours. The system is specifically set up for
safelist and Yahoo! Group members.
Grab your account here:
Types of Safelists
Automatic submitters feature the “gunshot” approach to advertising
safelists. The gun shot approach doesn’t work with Safelists! Some people
will use submitters to email thousands of safelists with the idea that if you
send out enough ads, someone is bound to respond.
It sounds like a good idea, but what is the major drawback? The trouble with
this concept is that enormous resources are needed to handle all the
incoming mail. You’d receive thousands and thousands of email messages a
day - mostly from worthless safelists. Testing has revealed that 95% of
safelists on submitters are also ineffective. “Ineffective” means that they
NEVER have a response from their membership EVER.
Instead of wasting resources on worthless safelists, it makes much better
sense to subscribe to the Safelist Report and use only tested safelists.
Credit-based safelists frequently will respond better to your ads. They’re
not all alike, though. We can divide safelists into these two categories. The
distinction is important, because it has a very critical impact on how
effective the safelist is.
One type of a credit-base safelist requires members to earns credits by
visiting your site for a certain amount of time. If you have to insert the URL
you are advertising into a special box when emailing your ad, members
earning credits will be taken to your website ( you should send them to a
capture page!). Some safelists have a “credit-based mailer” AND a “regular
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 48 of 135
mailer”. You’ll want to use the credit-based mailer. The regular mailer is like
any other safelist. There are no links for earning credits.
The other type of credit-based safelist is much different. To earn credits, the
member is taken to a page that says something like this: “You have been
awarded 100 credits.” In other words, the member has to open your mail,
but not read it. They can scan down the message to find the credit link
Some credit-based safelists send few emails, which leads us to believe that
their members don’t have enough credits to send messages. This inactivity
is reflected in our stats, and eventually these safelists are dropped!
The “SafeAdList” ‐ In an effort to counter two major drawbacks to safelists,
your unread email messages and the mountainous incoming email, the
SafeAdList was created. It’s similar to a credit-based safelist in that the
membership is expected to look at ads. As a member, you’ll receive mailing
credits for reading ads.
Instead of having your email box flooded with more ads than you can
possibly read, ads are posted online. Members logon to their account and
read the ads there. This can be a good thing for you, because as new
members join these SafeAdLists, those new members can see your ads,
whereas if they were emailed, those new members would not have seen the
If you take nothing else away from this section, please remember this: The
key to safelist success is using only tested safelists, which can be found
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 49 of 135
Ezine Advertising
If you're ever bored and want to stir up some trouble пЃЉ, go to an Internet
marketing forum and post a question asking how well e-zine advertising
fares in comparison to other marketing methods. The answers you get are
likely to be �they work like a charm!’ and �they are a total waste of time!’.
Everyone has their own opinion regarding e-zine advertising. You need to
make up your own mind.
This is not only because each marketer has his own product to sell, and it is
in his best interest to justify the purpose of that product, but it is also
because there has been a genuine debate raging for the past few years
about the effectiveness and direction of e-zines and e-zine advertising.
There are those who posit that e-zine advertising is dead or is near the
bottom of a very steep decline. They see the average person as being
overwhelmed by superfluous emails on a daily basis. Some coming from
friends and others coming from businesses and e-zines. In their eyes, this
amounts to a continuing decrease in attention paid to any emails that look
business related, even if they specifically subscribed to them.
Additionally, they argue that many people forget that they joined lists and
eventually begin to ignore emails coming from that address. And all of this
is true which is precisely why it is important to take it into consideration
when you are conducting e-zine advertising campaigns.
So how can you affectively advertise in e-zines and reap a profit from
affiliate products?
1. Target e-zines that are related to your specific product. Create a viral
report that is related to your product. Purchase sponsor ads in
reputable e-zines and send all of those interested to a page where
they can download your viral report for free. This report will have an
embedded link, which will generate sales on your behalf.
2. Create a persuasive solo ad. Again, start off by purchasing solo ad
space in cheaper e-zines- ones that are responsive, but have a low
subscription count. Test your solo ads to determine your approximate
conversion rate with the given product. Once you have a rough handle
on your profit margin, attempt to market your solo ads in larger
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 50 of 135
publications, including e-zines with subscriber bases of over 100,000.
Keep in mind that this will be expensive, but it will also pay off. If you
don’t get some practice first with those smaller e-zines though,
advertising to 100,000 subscribers right off the bat could be disastrous
for you and your wallet.
Consider targeting high-end online publications with your ads. These will
include ones that don't normally include their sites in e-zine directories, such
as authority sites that publish a monthly e-zine in PDF format. These often
have high response rates and will similarly draw the best response if you use
them correctly.
Personally, I send solo ads out using a variety of different methods,
depending on my monthly budget. You have to be very careful with e-zine
advertising… as with any type of advertising you do. Some of your efforts
will work, and some will not. This is where you just have to get back up
again, dust yourself off, and �get back on the horse’. The key is know where
to advertise, what to say in write in your ad (your ad copy), and where to
find the best sources for this type of advertising.
A solo ad can be a number of things. Usually, it is a large ad between 200
and 300 words that is placed at the very center of a page. The rate on solo
ads is higher than on all other potential options, but it also captures readers'
attention the most by far. If you have the money to spend on a solo ad, it
can be an excellent investment. However, as with all investments (and
advertisements for that matter), you must conduct your due diligence. This
involves a considerable amount of research.
Now, when conducting research for a solo ad, there are two things you will
want to look at:
1. the first is a list of your potential advertising outlets (in this case,
probably e-zines);
2. a list of potential approaches you can take on your solo ad.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 51 of 135
Let's start with the first part finding a list of e-zines in which you can put a
solo ad. I personally suggest starting with Directory of E-zines, which you
can find at the following URL:
This is the ultimate resource for advertisers who want access to all e-zines
and also want tips and in-depth training for how to use e-zines and how to
conduct your advertising in them.
So, if you are looking to spend a little money and get the best of the best to
advertise your products / services to …. Then go here right now:
Here’s another resource where you can send a solo ad out to some really
good e-zines for just $2. That’s right… 2 bucks.
If you don't have any money to spend at all, I would suggest starting here
Once you have selected some reputable e-zines to advertise in, you will then
want to begin creating your solo ad. There are a number of writing formulas
you can use to do this; however, you will always want to keep in mind what
your potential customer wants the most. Remember, your job is to solve
their problem. Whether you are advertising acne treatment, dog training,
how to be a better left-handed golfer, home business opportunities, etc. In
advertising, it is often easy to project our own wants in a given product onto
potential buyers; however, it is important when communicating with them
that you talk about their wants, not yours. Talk about how you can solve
their problem…. No how them buying the product / service will solve yours.
Now, when it comes to creating solo ads, I personally suggest that you
spend some time, learning about what it takes to convert readers into
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 52 of 135
If you are a member of the Directory of E-zines you will learn this, and so
much more (you can even talk to the owner of the site and ask him any
question you want!)
Keep all of the skills I discussed in mind when conducting solo ad
campaigns. All you have to do is select the right advertising mediums and
create an excellent ad and your effort will pay off three fold.
To find more ezine advertising sources, simply go to and type in
solo ad advertising in ezines, or something similar to that. I personally
recommend the Directory or Ezines, though.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 53 of 135
Many of you reading this guide may already know what an Autoresponder is
and why it’s important for you to have one for your business. For those of
you who are not familiar with this concept, please read this article written by
Tom Kulzer:
Do Your Potential Customers Forget About You?
Your web business probably gets product inquiries from potential customers
around the globe. Inquiries come via e-mail and your web site, and you try
to send information to each hot prospect as quickly as you can. You know
that you can drastically increase the likelihood of making a sale by satisfying
each person’s need for information quickly!
But, after you’ve delivered that first bit of information to your prospect, do
you send him any further information?
If you are like most Internet marketers, you don’t.
When you don’t follow that initial message with additional information later
on, you let a valuable prospect slip from your grasp! This is a potential
customer who may have been very interested in your products, but who lost
your contact information, or was too busy to make a purchase when your
first message reached him.
Often, a prospect will purposely put off making a purchase, to see if you find
him important enough to follow up with later. When he doesn’t receive a
follow up message from you, he will take his business elsewhere.
Are you losing profits due to inconsistent and ineffective follow up?
Following up with leads is more than just a process - it’s an art. In order to
be effective, you need to design a follow up system, and stick to it, EVERY
DAY! If you don’t follow up with your prospects consistently, INDIVIDUALLY,
and in a timely fashion, then you might as well forget the whole follow up
Consistent follow up gets results!
When I first started marketing and following up with prospects, I used a
follow up method that I now call the “List Technique.” I had a large database
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 54 of 135
containing the names and e-mail addresses of people who had specifically
requested information about my products and services. These prospects had
already received my first letter by the time they requested more
information, so I used the company’s latest news as a follow up piece.
I would write follow up newsletters every now and then, and send them, in
one mass mailing, to everyone who had previously requested information
from me. While this probably did help me win a few additional orders, it
wasn’t a very good follow up method. Why isn’t the “List Technique” very
The List Technique isn’t consistent. Proponents of the List Technique
tend to only send out follow up messages when their companies have
“big news”.
List Technique messages don’t give the potential customer any
additional information about the product or service in question. He
can’t make a more informed buying decision after receiving a
newsletter! If someone is wondering whether your company sells the
best knick-knacks, what does he care that you’ve just moved your
List Technique messages convey a “big list” mentality to your potential
customers. When I used to write follow up messages using the List
Technique, I was writing news bulletins to everyone I knew! I should
have been sending a personal message to each individual who wanted
to know more about my products.
What follow up method really works?
Following up with each lead individually, multiple times, but at set intervals,
and with pre-written messages, will dramatically increase sales! Others who
use this same technique confirm that they have all at least doubled the sales
of various products! In order to set this system up, though, you need to do
some planning.
First, you’ll need to develop your follow up messages. If you’ve been
marketing on the Internet for any length of time, then you should already
have a first informative letter. Your second letter marks the beginning of the
follow up process, and should go into more detail than the first letter. Fill
this letter with details that you didn’t have the space to add to the first
letter. Stress the BENEFITS of your products or services!
Your next 2-3 follow up messages should be rather short. Include lists of the
benefits and potential uses of your products and services. Write each letter
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 55 of 135
so that your prospects can skim the contents, and still see the full force of
your message.
The next couple of follow up messages should create a sense of urgency in
your prospect’s mind. Make a special offer, giving him a reason to order
NOW instead of waiting any longer. After reading these follow up messages,
your prospect should want to order immediately!
Phrase each of your final 1 or 2 follow up messages in the form of a
question. Ask your prospect why he hasn’t yet placed an order? Try to get
him to actually respond. Ask if the price is too high, the product isn’t the
right color or doesn’t have the right features, or if he is looking for
something else entirely. (By this time, it’s unlikely that this person will order
from you. However, his feedback can help you modify your follow up letters
or products, so that other prospects will order from you.)
The timing of your follow up letters is just as important as their content. You
don’t want one prospect to receive a follow up the day after he gets your
initial informative letter, while another prospect waits weeks for a follow up!
Always send an initial, informative letter as soon as it is requested, and send
the first follow up 24 hours afterwards. You want your hot prospects to have
information quickly, so that they can make informed buying decisions!
Send the next 2-3 follow up messages between 1 and 3 days apart. Your
prospect is still hot, and is probably still shopping around! Tell him about the
benefits of your products and services, as opposed to your competitors’. You
will make the sale!
Send the final follow up messages later on. You certainly don’t want to
annoy your prospect! Make sure that these last letters are at least 4 days
Following up effectively seems complicated, but it doesn’t have to be! So
many potential customers are lost because of poor follow up - don’t you
want to be one of the few to get it right?
By Tom Kulzer, CEO of Aweber
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 56 of 135
So, as the article states, follow-up is key to your business success.
I’ve used both Aweber and GetResponse in my email marketing campaigns.
Both are very affordable, considering that you could be losing customers and
sales if you don’t do it.
Bluntly put: if you are not using a capture form on your website, you are
missing out big time. You must capture the name and email address of the
prospect so you can use your autoresponder to follow-up with them over
To learn more about Aweber, go here:
To learn more about GetResponse, go here:
Both offer a 30 day trial, and very reasonable monthly rates. You have to
treat your business like a business. Having an autoresponder should be
considered as a business expense if you are going to do any type of online
Even if you aren’t doing any online marketing, you should have an
autoresponder that your new team members subscribe to so that they can
get email messages from you regarding team meetings, product
announcements, conference calls, etc. This helps your team �stay in the
loop’ and frees up your time.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 57 of 135
How To Add A Capture Form to Your Site
For the rest of this section, I’m going to walk you through how to add a
capture form to your website. I don’t care if you are using a Capture Page,
Squeeze Page, Blog or Full-Blown site…. You need to add a capture form.
It’s not hard. The following example will be done using Aweber’s
autoresponder service and will be done using a basic squeeze page.
Creating the web form is the same, no matter where you are placing the
form on your site. You need the HTML code, or the script, and Aweber
generates that for you using their wizard. Let’s get started!
Design Your Capture Form
Designing a capture form is easy with Aweber. If you have an account with
Aweber, you already know that your list name is the place they are going to
store all the information from your prospects. If your list name is
WorkAtHome or GoGreenCleaning or GuruToGo, it doesn’t matter. Creating
the form is the same no matter what you are marketing. With Aweber, you
can have multiple lists within the same account.
1. Log into Aweber
2. Select the list name for which you will be creating a capture form
either using the drop down box at the top left of the screen, or by
clicking on the list name to �activate’ it.
3. Click the tab on the top right of the screen titled �Web Forms’.
4. Click the button titled �Create Web Form’. The following screen
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 58 of 135
5. Enter a name for your form in the Form Name field. This can be
anything you want it to be because it only displays to you; your
prospect will never see it. Make is something easy to remember, like
�Splash Page’ or �Blog Form’… something that will identify it to you
easily in the future.
6. There are several options for the Type of web form you are creating. I
usually use the type of form = In-line. This will place the capture form
on a specific place on your web page.
7. The Thank You Page defaults to the Aweber thank you page showing
the prospect they have joined your list. A trick to use here is that if
you, for example, are marketing health and wellness products…
instead of showing the prospect the default Aweber thank you page,
you can enter the URL of your online store in this field. If you are
marketing home business strategies, you can display your bonus page
here. If you are marketing affiliate products, enter the affiliate URL
here. Or, just leave it as the default Aweber Thank You Page for now.
8. For the sake of this guide, I’m not going to go into the CGI variables.
Leave that box unchecked.
9. For the Already Subscribed Page, you can leave this field blank to
show the prospect the default �already subscribed’ page…. Or you can
enter the URL of your sales page / online store. Whatever URL you
enter here will be shown to the prospect when they enter their
information in your capture form, but are already on the list. Who
knows, they may be in a mood �to buy’ when they fill out the form.
Send them to your sales page or online store to maximize your results.
Leave the �Start On Message’ set to the 1st message. This is the
default. Unless, of course, you want to start your messages with the
2nd or 3rd or 4th message in your series. Typically, this field is left with
its already selected value of �default’.
You can choose to use the Subscriber Chicklet, which show the #
of subscribers on your list. If you only have 4 people on your list, this
may not be worth your while. However, if you have over 500 people
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 59 of 135
on your list, you can check this box and show prospects that other
people are on your list… and maybe they should be on it, too!
When you are finished with this first part of the wizard, click the
NEXT button to be taken to the page where you actually design what
your form will look like:
On the Design Form tab, you will notice that the Name and Email
fields are already included for you. If you want to capture the
prospects phone number, you can create a new field by clicking on the
option to Add New Field found at the left of the screen.
To add any additional fields you have created, hover your mouse
over the new field name and then click the Add icon, as shown below:
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 60 of 135
If you want to change the button that reads �Submit’ to
something like �Yes! Send Me My Free Report’ or �Send Me More
Information’, etc., just click on the Submit button and change the text.
Click the green SAVE button when you are finished creating your
form. You will be taken back to the �Web Forms’ page so you can grab
the HTML code and put it on your site. пЃЉ
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 61 of 135
Adding The Capture Form To Your Site
Getting the HTML Code
After adding your Web Form in Aweber, access the Web Forms page and a
list of forms you’ve created will display. Based on the name you gave your
web form, you should be able to identify the one that you want to use
quickly. After you locate the Web Form you want to use, click on the Get
HTML link. A window will display for you to select if you want to use the
script or the raw HTML code when you insert it to your web page. Here are
the differences:
Script: Allows you to make changes to the design of the web form and you
don’t have to re-upload the form to your site.
Raw HTML: Give you all the code needed, but if you make a change to your
web form, you will have to copy the code again and paste the code to your
website every time you make a change to the form. Raw HTML should be
used by those that understand HTML and how to modify it.
I’ll show you how the code displays for each, and let you decide what you
want to use. пЃЉ
Here’s the code you will copy if you use the Script option (your code will be
different than what I have here… do not copy and paste the code that I have
here to your site because I will get the leads and you will not!):
<script type="text/javascript"
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 62 of 135
Here’s the actual Raw HTML code (your code will be different than mine… do
not copy/paste this example code to your site because I’ll get the leads and
you will not!):
<center><form method="post"
<input type="hidden" name="meta_web_form_id" value="351998766">
<input type="hidden" name="meta_split_id" value="">
<input type="hidden" name="unit" value="success_univers">
<input type="hidden" name="redirect"
<input type="hidden" name="meta_redirect_onlist" value="">
<input type="hidden" name="meta_adtracking" value="">
<input type="hidden" name="meta_message" value="1">
<input type="hidden" name="meta_required" value="from">
<input type="hidden" name="meta_forward_vars" value="0">
<tr><td colspan=2><center></center></td></tr>
<tr><td>Name:</td><td><input type="text" name="name" value=""
<tr><td>Email:</td><td><input type="text" name="from" value=""
<tr><td>Phone:</td><td><input type="text" name="custom Phone" value=""
<tr><td colspan=2><center></center></td></tr>
<tr><td align="center" colspan="2"><input type="submit" name="submit"
<img src=""
border="0" />
For the sake of being EASY, let’s just copy and paste the quick and easy
version… the JavaScript Snippet to your website.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 63 of 135
Adding the Form to Your Blog
1. If you are adding this to a blog at, you will log into your
Blog, and select to edit the Layout.
2. Click the �Add Gadget’ option.:
3. Scroll down in the pop-up window and choose to add an
HTML/JaveScript Gadget:
4. Copy and Paste your JavaScript Snippet (the short code) in the box
provided and click SAVE.
5. Congratulations! Your new capture form is on your blog! View your
blog and add your information into the capture fields to be added to
your list.
NOTE: Make sure you have at least one follow-up message
established so that when your prospect fills in their
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 64 of 135
information, they will receive a message from you! You do this
by adding follow-up messages inside your Aweber account for
each list you have set up. You can send your prospect your
free report, redirect them to a website, give them a free
download…. Whatever your �bribe’ is to them… you must fulfill
it or they will no longer trust you!
Adding the Form to Your Squeeze Page
If you are using any of the services I told you about for creating your own
squeeze page, then you may have the option of entering your Aweber list
name to the squeeze page you created with that service. If you don’t you
will need the HTML code of a squeeze page so you can add your capture
form to it.
On the next page, I’ve given you HTML code for a very basic squeeze page
that you can use until you start creating your own squeeze pages. I cannot
guarantee this squeeze page will convert well … It’s just some basic code to
get you started.
Make sure you copy all of the code shown on the next page, paste it into a
NOTEPAD file, make the changes to the items in red and save it as
SqueezePage.html or something easy for you to remember. Make sure
that when you are saving the code as a notepad file that you change
the Save As File Type to �All Files’ so that the .html will not be
replaced with .txt. This is important!
Note: After you’ve saved the code to notepad as a .html file, it will appear
on your desktop (or wherever you saved it) with your default browser’s icon.
If you want to make changes later, right-click the icon and choose �Open File
As’ ….. then choose notepad.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 65 of 135
<html><head><title>ENTER THE TITLE OF YOUR SQUEEZE PAGE HERE</title>
</head><body ><style><!--H2{font-family:Tahoma;font-size:12pt;color:Navy;}H1{fontfamily:Tahoma;font-size:16pt;color:Navy;}--></style>
<table border="1"
cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse: collapse; background-color: #ffffff;"
bordercolor="#111111" width="750" height="450">
<td width="100%" valign="top">
<div align="center">
<table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border-collapse: collapse"
bordercolor="#111111" width="100%">
<td align="center">
face='Georgia' style='font-size:20px; color: #FF0000;font-style: normal; font-weight:
bold;'>ENTER YOUR NAME HERE Proudly Presents..... </font>
<table border="1"
cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="border:1px dashed #800000; border-collapse: collapse;
padding-left:4; padding-right:4; padding-top:1; padding-bottom:1" bordercolor="#111111"
<tr><td align="left" valign="top" width="49%">
align="center"><p><font size="3" face="Verdana"><strong><font color="#ff0000" style="font-size:
26px;"><strong>"Who Else Wants To Learn <em>'Secrets'</em></strong></font></strong></font><font
size="3" face="Arial, Times, serif"><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sansserif"><strong><font color="#ff0000" style="font-size: 26px;"><strong><font face="Verdana">That
Most People Will <u>Never</u> Know About How To Create a <em>Stable</em> Income
Online?"</font></strong></font></strong></font></font></p></div><p align="center"><font size="3"
face="Arial, Times, serif"><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><strong><!-- End
Big red gaudy header --> </strong></font></font> <font size="3" face="Arial, Times, serif"><font
face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif"><strong><font face="Verdana, Arial, Helvetica,sansserif" color="#0000ff" style="font-size: 17px;"><strong>If your answer is "Yes", I'll give you
<u>FREE Information</u> about our system to PROVE this is the Quickest & Easiest way for you to
begin making money today...</strong></font></strong></font></font></p><p> </p></p></td>
<td width="81%"><p align="center">
<br><P><center><b>Grab Your Free Report
<tr><td><center><small>(C) 2006-2009<br>Powered By <a
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 66 of 135
Uploading Your Squeeze Page To Your Domain Hosting Account
If you’ve purchased hosting with your domain, you can upload your squeeze
page to your hosting account. For example, if you’ve purchased the domain you can simply log into your hosting
account, and upload the SqueezePage.html file to your domain. This way,
you can advertise in
traffic exchanges, list builders and safelists.
In doing this, you will begin to build your own list of interested prospects
that have already proven that they are interested in what you have to offer.
I use for most of my domains, and they have a really good
FTP (File Transfer Protocol) built-in. What this means is that you can log
into your account, click on your hosting account, and upload a
file from your computer to their server – which is then placed as a file
appended to end of your domain. For example, if you’ve saved the code I
gave you above to use as your squeeze page and made your changes, you
can then upload that file to your domain and it can be viewed online when
someone goes to (or whatever
you named your file).
Be creative! Experiment with different squeeze pages and opt-in boxes.
Again, the best way to do this is to use a service that gives you all these
options, such as InstantMLMSqueezePages found here:
They will host your squeeze page for you and provide you with a readymade report that you can give away. All while allowing you to add the leads
to your own autoresponder so you can start building your own list… and
making money in the process.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 67 of 135
FileZilla Can Change Your Life
Most domain providers provide a very simple FTP service that allows small
file transfers from your computer to their server. However, there is a great
FREE file transfer product – FileZilla.
You can download FileZilla here:
As you become more experienced in web site development, you will
absolutely love the features that FileZilla offers. You can quickly and easily
upload your website files, images, training materials, videos and add new
directories to your website.
Have you ever seen a site that recommends a product or service? You may
have seen something like
This is accomplished by adding a new directory to your main domain name
called �recommends’, then adding another directory to that domain called
�whatever’, where �whatever’ is the product or service you recommend.
All throughout this guide, you’ll see that I have a domain named and everything I recommend is set up by
itself in its own directory. I didn’t develop any of these products… I just use
them and have found them extremely helpful. What I recommend is
appended to the end of the domain name.
How did I do this?
I opened Notepad and typed the following redirect HTML code:
<meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=">
I save the notepad file as index.html with the Save As File Type = All.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 68 of 135
Then, I use FileZilla to log into my hosting account, create a new directory
on my domain called whatever and upload the index.html file to that
directory. Now, whenever I want to send someone to a website with
valuable information, I just give direct people to the domain of
Adding Your Capture Form To Your Website
In order to add your capture form code to your website, you will need to
know some basic HTML so that you will know where on the page to put your
form. Some domain providers (like provide quick and
easy website design programs so you can get your site up and running fast.
NVU is really good, too… and it’s free, and you can get your web hosting
account with them, too. They have 3 simple steps to building your first
website…. Check them out here:
(can you tell I’m all about Freebies? )
Autoresponder Messages
If you opt to write your own autoresponder messages for your products /
services, here are some examples you can use. Please modify these to fit
your writing style and your products / services. Otherwise, your messages
will not make much sense. Remember, all messages you send to your
prospects should relate to what they were looking to receive when they
joined your list. Maybe you have a website that gives away information on
how to clear acne (because you belong to a network marketing company
that has a great acne products), or how to lose weight, or how to save on
their phone bill, or how to succeed with their own business. It does not
matter what you are promoting, your messages must convey to the prospect
1) why they should pay attention to you, 2) what’s in it for them, and 3)
how you can help them solve their problem.
Here are the sample messages. Make sure that you replace all the tags
(i.e., [FIRSTNAME], {firstname_fix}, etc.) with the personalization tags used
by your autoresponder service and that you replace the body of the email
text with relevant information for your business / product / service.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 69 of 135
SUBJECT: [FIRSTNAME], escape the rat-race with this
Hi {!firstname_fix}
It's the ultimate dream to ...
... OWN a nice home
... DRIVE a nice car
... HAVE a great standard of living
I'm here to tell you that you don't have to serve
out a life sentence of taking orders from a boss.
You can finally escape the Rat Race and savor the
sweet life of setting your schedule.
Yes, you can join the ranks of people who are
now the proud owners of a thriving home based
business that showers them with freedom, prestige
and lots of cash.
Did you know that every 10 seconds in the USA
someone starts a business at home. That's 8,493
businesses a day! There's a quiet revolution
going on - and you can be a part of it!
Imagine how great it would feel to sleep in on
Monday morning while everyone else scrambled out
of bed to get to work!
All of this and more can soon be within your grasp
and it's truly easier than you might imagine.
Let me explain ...
My name is [YOUR NAME]. I used to stress out
about money. But not any more since I found out
about the [YOUR M.L.M] opportunity. When I heard
that some people where making anywhere from
[AMOUNT] to [AMOUNT] from the comfort of their
home - I had to find out more!
And when I saw how this business opportunity works
that's when I knew for sure that this feels right
to me - everything just clicked.
Today I as well as thousands of other people are
well on our way to achieving the American dream
thanks to the [YOUR M.L.M] opportunity.
If people from all walks of life are doing this
then you can too.
Why not take a moment to check this out?
I think you'll be surprised by what you're about
to discover ...
Best regards,
SUBJECT: Super-easy way to make money
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 70 of 135
Can you really make MORE MONEY while working less?
The answer is an unequivocal - "YES".
And in just a few moments, I'll reveal an explosive
opportunity that let's you generate serious money
even while sleeping, watch TV or go shopping.
At last, the days of earning a living while toiling
8-12 hours per day can soon be over for you.
The reason why it's possible to make a fulltime
income from home while working less than you do
now is to have a tested and proven formula for
And I have exactly that for you today ...
Introducing the [YOUR M.L.M PROGRAM].
If you sign up as a distributor for [M.L.M PROGRAM],
you can potentially make more money than what you're
doing now - while working less. That's the beauty
of this M.L.M program.
And check this out, there's ...
going back to college or school.
boss to take orders from.
set work hours - work when you want!
complicated, hard work.
In fact, all you need is just a few spare hours
a week. And as you'll soon see, following this
recipe for success is truly fun and easy.
ETC.]. Our tested and proven system does the rest
to generate cash on command for you.
Making money has never been easier!
And look at the kind of cash people are making:
This is the perfect business idea for single parents,
retirees and for people who want to escape the Rat
Trust me, you don't want to miss out on this one
- it's a real eye-opener!
Here's my website that tells the surprising story:
Best regards,
SUBJECT: Big paychecks here
We all envy and admire those people who seem to
have it all.
You know the type:
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 71 of 135
They live in beautiful big homes with nicely
manicured lawns. They own nice cars, take
fun-filled vacations and their kid's college
is covered and their retirement is taken care
of. And they have plenty of cash to spend
on the finer things in life.
Guess what?
This can soon be you too.
How's this possible?
If I could show you a way to generate more money
than your doctor makes while working from the
comfort of your home in your spare-time -- would
you be curious to know more?
If you said, "YES" then this may be the most
important message you read this year.
Hi, my name is [YOUR NAME]. Years ago, I used
to pull my hair out worrying about money but not
any more.
That's because I discovered an amazing home
business opportunity that has staggering income
potential. You can actually rake in residual
income month after month like clockwork.
In fact some people are making six-figures doing
Your job can't make you money like this.
Here, look at these success stories:
Please allow me to introduce the [YOUR M.L.M]
opportunity. As a distributor, you can make money
selling [YOUR PRODUCT].
For each sale of [PRODUCT], you'll get paid [COMMISSION].
Let's say you sold [AMOUNT] of [PRODUCT] a week,
this would make you [COMMISSION TOTAL] per week.
Multiply [COMMISSION TOTAL] times 12 months and
you "could" make [YEARLY INCOME] per year.
Of course these are only approximations and some
people will make no money whereas others will make
a fortune.
But let's say all you made was [LOWER AMOUNT OF
EARNINGS] per week. Still that's easy money you
made from home in your spare time!
Listen to this:
[YOUR M.L.M] gives you state-of-the-art tools and
training to start rolling in the dough almost
immediately. Imagine the surprise of your friends
and family when they see you living first class!
For the exciting details, check out my website at:
Best regards,
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 72 of 135
SUBJECT: Which group are you in [FIRSTNAME]?
It might surprise you to know that if you take
any 100 people at the start of their working
careers and follow them for 40 years until they
reach retirement age, here's what you'll find
according to the Social Security Administration:
Only 1 will be wealthy; 4 will be financially
secure; 5 will continue working, not because
they want to but because they have to; 36 will
be dead; and 54 will be dead broke -- dependent
on their meager Social Security checks, relatives
friends, even charity for a minimum standard of
living. That's 5% successful, 95% unsuccessful.
This means you must take action now or you
could end up in the 95% category. With rising
gas prices, layoffs, outsourcing and the rocky
economy it's absolutely imperative you take
things into your own hands - today.
By far the best way to do this, according to
the financial experts is to start your own
home-based business. The home business I
strongly recommend is [YOUR M.L.M].
--> You can become financially independent.
--> Offer a valuable product to people.
--> Be in control of your future.
[YOUR M.L.M] has been in business for [AMOUNT]
years and they're a rock-solid, debt-free
company that's staffed by some of the brightest
minds in the home business industry. They've
developed an air-tight system that can help
you make money almost immediately.
But don't just take my word for it ...
Look at these amazing success stories:
I can't think of a better way to make sure
you don't end up in the 95% unsuccessful
category than by having your own profitable
home business. Just like the one [YOUR M.L.M]
offers you.
Today this company is growing by leaps and
bounds. And it's easy to find yourself wanting
to jump in when you learn more about this.
Why not get the full story at my website?
Best regards,
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 73 of 135
Make sure that you:
пѓј Give your prospects a way to contact you personally by phone if
пѓј Answer their emails when they respond to one of the above messages.
пѓј Give value and benefit to your prospects.
пѓј Let them know you have ways for them to advertise online (share this
guide with them!).
пѓј Redirect them back to your website in each email so they can 1) join
or 2) learn more about what you have to offer.
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Advertising in Traffic Exchanges
I’ve referenced Traffic Exchanges in the guide a few pages back, and want to
explain a little bit more about what they are and how they can help you
grow your business. Everyone that does anything online knows that the
more people who find your site… the more sales you will make. If you have
a list of prospects, then you’ll make even more. A traffic exchange exists to
do just that… get more eyeballs on your site. A traffic exchange is like a “I’ll
show you mine if you show me yours” type of set-up. Much like a list builder
and a safelist; however, members must log into the traffic exchange and
surf for credits. There is a timer that is typically 6 to 30 seconds depending
on the traffic exchange you use.
To find the most active and responsive traffic exchanges available, make
sure you visit:
One of the best ways in which you can promote your products and services
is through various traffic exchanges. Almost all well-defined, robust niches
on the Internet have some form of traffic exchange. For instance, casinos,
gaming sites, niche forums, and Internet marketing sites all have some form
of traffic exchange system. A traffic exchange can serve multiple functions;
however, in most cases, it does two important things:
1. It allows you to surf sites, gain credits, and then “cash in” those
credits for page views
2. It allows you to put banners or dynamically-generated link boxes on
your site that will generate credits, which you can then “cash in” for
additional page views.
Cashing in credits, with most exchanges, results in a certain amount of
traffic being driven to your site via the exchange site or via banners on other
sites that are members of the exchange.
A good place to start when working with traffic exchanges is to determine
which ones are most reputable and which ones have reasonable point
systems. For instance, some traffic exchanges allow users to cheat and some
have bad systems of exchange, which heavily favor paying members over
non-members. You will want to find the best possible exchange given the
amount of money you are willing to spend and the product you are
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I suggest using the following site. It lists the top traffic exchanges and is
updated every week (on Tuesday). Additionally, you may want to talk to
friends to see if any particular exchange has worked well for them:
Once you have selected an optimal exchange, you will want to determine the
best way in which you can use it to maximize the amount of high-quality
traffic you extract from it. You will want to answer the following questions to
aid yourself in determining this: do I earn credits from impressions or clicks?
And do I lose credits based on impressions or clicks? This is important to
ask, as different exchanges have different policies on this issue.
If you lose credits based on impressions, you will want to make sure that
you get the absolute largest amount of clicks per impressions. This will
involve over-hyping your ads and creating flashy banners (if they allow
them). In contrast, if you are getting charged per click, you will want to
make sure your ads ONLY appeal to the most interested buyers. Whichever
route you take, make sure that it is matched up with a model for maximum
revenue generation.
The last thing you will want to consider when using a traffic exchange is
precisely what you should promote. You already have a product in mind probably YOUR company’s products / services but how will you promote it?
Will you direct visitors to the affiliate page? Will you direct them to a page
on your site which features the product? Or will you direct them to an opt-in
form, which will capture their information and then coax them into buying
over a period of time? I personally suggest doing the last or the second and
avoiding the first whenever possible. Remember, it’s all about building a list
and then building a relationship with that list and then making sales. Think
about this… why would someone join you in your business, or buy your
products / services if they don’t know you? Remember, you must put
yourself in the shoes of your prospect. This is all about THEM. Not you.
They must learn to know you, like you and trust you before they will do
business with you.
One of my absolute FAVORITE traffic exchanges is TrafficSwarm, even when
it wasn’t on TrafficHoopla’s top ranked traffic exchanges… I’ve received more
sign-ups to my programs, and more people have been added to my list
using TrafficSwarm than all exchanges I use combined. Seriously, it is THAT
Join TrafficSwarm Here Right Now If You Haven’t Done So Already
and upgrade to a Pro account. It’s only $30 per month, and you get 2,500
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credits free every month and you earn extra credits while surfing that free
members don’t get:
They also usually throw in some sort of promotion where you can get free
access for life, and 100 or so free credits. Just look for the special
advertised on the sign-up page. It is REALLY EASY to click for credits… an 8
year old can do this.
One other quick note here: As you start to see how easy this system is, I
hope that as you find others on a daily basis who may have a need to do
what you've done, that you will refer them to this same system and mentor
them as I have done for you. The KEY to network marketing is
DUPLICATION! If you don't want to mentor people, introduce them to your
website and once they have enrolled in your company, send your new
recruits and your existing downline THIS training guide...anyone
that's on your team is MORE than welcome to contact me at anytime for help
by emailing me at [email protected]
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Business Opportunity Leads
If after reading this guide you decide to only spend money on one thing,
then buy some qualified business opportunity leads.
The quality of leads sources on the Internet varies considerably, but there is
one particular provider that has proved excellent time and time again. You
will find this recommended by countless other home business promoters,
and it is my best source of sign-ups from purchased leads, so I am confident
that you cannot fail with OppSeekers.
Let’s face it, everyone in business wants high quality leads. What they don’t
want is the high price normally associated with them. OppSeekers has
developed methods to get you the quality leads you need at the price you
OppSeekers provides you the following:
Fresh leads / not over sold
Interested prospects to mail, email or phone
Less expensive then 99% of our competitors
FREE Training on how to work the leads you’ve purchased
When you purchase leads through OppSeekers you get full contact
information for the prospect. So the very best thing you can do first is
contact them by phone (if you are comfortable with this).
Be polite and keep it short, note that you are responding to their request for
information about a business opportunity, and you don't want to waste their
time. Just say you'd like to email an opportunity to their email address, and
confirm the address with them. Don't sell to them! Your call will ensure
they look out for and read your email with interest. Of course, the training
you receive as being a client with OppSeekers is priceless.
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Postcard System
Because you will also get the lead's full mailing address using OppSeekers,
this is the time to be creative - send them a postcard! Nothing says 'this is
real' then sending a postcard to your prospect after you've spoken with them
on the phone, or after you've gotten their voice mail trying.
Think about this for a few minutes.
пѓ� How many emails do you get in one day?
пѓ� How many phone calls do you get in one day?
пѓ� How much mail do you get in one day?
I'd be willing to bet that you get A LOT of email. How easy is it to click a
button and delete all that email? Pretty easy. And, if you've set up your
filters in Outlook or Gmail you may not ever even see an email from
someone that really has something that you are interested in. Heaven
forbid the content of the email triggers it to go to the spam folder, which you
one-click delete daily.
Now, with phone calls... how easy is it to look at caller-id and decide to not
pick up the phone? Yes, even people interested in working from home won't
answer their phone if they don't recognize the number. They'll let the call
roll to voice mail, check their message, and then they'll either call you back
or they won't. Mostly, they won't call you back.
Imagine walking to your mailbox. You get a few bills, a few magazines, a
card from your grandmother, and a postcard. Let me ask you this: do you
blindly through away your mail without looking at it? Yes, you could throw
all the mail in the trash, and next month your electricity is cut off because
you didn't pay the bill. You see, you HAVE to read your mail… and that
postcard! If someone took the time to mail you something, it must be
important! And, if you can put your website address on the postcard AND
either a 1-800 number or your own personal phone number in big bold
letters at the bottom of the postcard.... well you've just increased your odds
of signing up a new team member. Seriously, if someone has taken the
time to call the prospect, email the prospect AND send them a postcard
(which most people don't even bother doing), your prospect will start to say
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to themselves that this must really be the 'real deal' because who on Earth
would waste their time giving them all this information.
When you put your website on the postcard, make sure your website has a
form for them to complete for them to request an information packet in the
mail. These are your BEST prospects because they have physically entered
their name, address and best contact phone number on your website! You
can now call them up and let them know that their information packet is on
the way, when they can expect to receive it, schedule a time for you to
contact them again regarding the material, and sign them up.
You should expect a 10% response rate to your postcard mailings. And out
of those responses, expect at least 50% of them to join. You will get a
bigger percentage of people joining if you have a system for them to follow
(example: share this guide with them!)
I LOVE this direct mail service, and think you will too:
Check with your network marketing company, and I'm sure you will see that
they will have postcards available for your to mail to your prospects or
current customers. If this is the case, check the pricing and make a decision
because your company may charge more than you expect. Do you want to
pay more for the company postcards, do you want to let Print Direct For Less
design one for you so that yours is not like everyone else’s out there, or do
you want to design your own?
If you are all about designing your own postcard, then go for it! Make sure
that you write the postcard with the mentality of 'Fear of Loss' and 'Hope for
Gain'. What this means is that you need to effectively relay to your prospect
what they will lose if they don't join your program or buy your product. You
have a small space to do this in, so you must be creative. I suggest looking
through the postcards that YOU get in the mail and hold on to the ones that
grabbed your attention. Create your own postcards using those as a
template for your design.
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If you design your own postcards, you must factor in the printer ink to print
them, the cost of the paper, the cost for the postage, and how much your
time is worth. Yes... you must think about how much YOUR time is worth.
If you have 200 postcards to print, address, stamp and mail that could be
costly. You could be up until midnight or later.
Cool Tip:
The United States Post office ( provides a service where you
can upload your own leads, and basically type up your postcard like a Word
document, and they will mail the postcards for you. Sweet!
I have a lot of people on my team that are outside the United States, and
some have wanted to do the postcard system. They want to build their
business in their country - and in the United States. However, for people
living outside the United States, mailing TO the U.S.A. from their home
country can be very expensive. With, it doesn't matter
where you live - because the postcards are mailed FROM the United States,
thus effectively removing the issue of it being too expensive for non-US
team members to advertise with postcards inside the US.
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Consumer Leads
When I first started my network marketing business, all I knew about were
the business opportunity seeker leads. I had NO IDEA that other types of
leads existed. After paying thousands of dollars, I learned that there are a
lot of companies that collect what are referred to a �consumer leads’ or
�buyers’. These are people that have already purchased a certain product or
service in the past, and will be more open to buying YOUR product or service
if they know it exists. пЃЉ
The last thing you want to be doing is running around chasing your friends
and family all over the place and buying everyone dinner just to listen to
your opportunity. When you're growing a home business, it's important to
recognize why it's so critical to lead with the product...not the opportunity.
Leads are the lifeline of your business. Especially in network marketing.
Here's why:
In the world of network marketing many people get turned off or cringe
every time they hear that phrase. It's because we've been so filled up with
lies, half truths and misleading statements for years. The only thing we ever
hear about in this industry is how easy it is to get rich and make tons of
money. The sad thing is only 2% of all network marketers ever make a
nickel. That's a pretty sad statistic.
Network marketing is just a distribution channel. You become the distributor.
People, like you and I, become basically the marketing arm of the company.
We're now responsible to move product. We're no different than a WalMart
or Target, only we don't have to have a gigantic overhead and massive
amount of inventory or personnel working for us. If we're just the marketing
arm for the company essentially shouldn't we worry about consumption of
the product first? Shouldn't we have as many people as possible consuming
our product every month, week or day? The more consumption that takes
place that fatter our wallet gets, at least we're doing it ethically and morally
and didn't promise someone else “the world” at the same time. If you're
truly passionate about your product and believe in what you have, then this
is the only way to truly build a long term residual income home based
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I LOVE this industry! It truly is the greatest industry on the face of the
planet where the average, every day person can make an abundance of
wealth while helping others at the same time. I encourage you, against the
grain, to STOP leading with just the opportunity.
Even if you do get others into your business that are there because of greed,
there's ALWAYS going to be a better, high paying opportunity out there. Be
passionate about your products and services. It shines through during your
presentation. It also leads to a much higher retention rate and higher
monthly product orders. And you'll find just as many people that fall in love
with the product because they experienced results and they choose to
market it. They become your BEST marketers and they're doing it for all the
right reasons.
Do you think a boat shop owner owns a boat shop because he loves boats?
Was Bill Gates persistent because he loves computers? You get the idea...
Now, let's talk about Leads and it will make sense why I chatted about the
relevance of leading with the products you're marketing. Opportunity seeker
leads are good and all that… but you should also pay close attention to
Here's what I mean:
If you're marketing Internet protection, wouldn't it make sense to speak
with people that have recently purchased a home computer, but have no
protection on it?
If you're marketing network marketing training with a compensation plan
attached to it, doesn't it make sense to speak with home business owners
that are struggling with their home based business?
If you're marketing a product that reduces the signs of aging doesn't it just
make sense to market your product to the segment of the population that's
consistently purchasing skin care or wrinkle reducing products?
If you’re marketing an affiliate product for left-handed golfers, doesn’t it
make sense to market to people that play golf and are left handed?
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Not just "Yes", but a resounding, screaming..."Heck Yeah!"
You can get leads like this… and they are dirt cheap, too!
Here are a few places to take a peek at for viable consumer / buyer leads to
promote your products and services:
These are a few places to get started with. Remember, lead brokers are in
the business of making money too! Ask questions like:
How was this list compiled?
How old is the data?
Is it a monthly 'hotline' file or is this a one shot deal?
How large is the file?
What is your policy for disconnected or wrong telephone numbers?
When you call the prospects, don’t just pick up the phone and �wing it’. You
need to know what you are going to say, how you are going to say it, and
what responses are appropriate for whatever they say back to you.
Making sales and getting new recruits into your business is a process. You
must be able to build a relationship with your prospect or they won’t do
business with you. It may take 15 minutes to build this relationship or 5
months. It doesn’t matter how long it takes, what matters is that you are
building that relationship. There is no right way or wrong way to do it.
Everyone has their own methodology. Check with your upline and see if
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they have any phone scripts that they’ve used successfully when contacting
any types of leads they’ve bought and contacted. I’m sure your upline
doesn’t “wing it” when calling them.
Does your network marketing company have a toll-free product information
line? Do they have a testimonial line? Do they have a business opportunity
overview line?
Of course, all of the above types of recordings would be even more beneficial
to you if you recorded them yourself and asked your prospect to call a prerecorded number with you as the expert speaker!
With a conference line, you can hold conference calls with anywhere from 1
to 250 or more people. When you first start, you may have 0 people on the
call with you. The more you prospect, the more you get your information
out in front of prospects, the more guests you will have on your conference
calls. With conference calls, they are usually set up to be at the same time
each week or each month. You have to free up your time to attend your
own conference call! People are depending on you. пЃЉ
You can grab your own FREE conference line here:
You can also pay about $90 per year to have a 24/7 recorded message
through Eagle Conferencing here:
With a recorded line, you can record your message and send your prospects
to a specific phone number to listen to your presentation. Doing it this way,
frees up your time to meet with more prospects! instead of rambling on and
on for an hour with each prospect, you would see what their interest level is
and then send them to the presentation call. Each prospecting call should
take no more than 5 minutes. Have your prospect agree to listen to a
presentation call, give them the number, and ask them to follow-up with
you. Set an appointment for this. If they don’t call at the appointed time…
then YOU call them. Let them know that you realize that life can creep up
on people, and you were checking back with them about their thoughts on
the presentation call they listened to. Assume that they listened to the call!
A lot of people have asked me this question….
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“What if I just started my business and I don’t have anyone on my team?”
Ok… and so what if you’ve never sold not one single thing in your life – not
even that Christmas wrapping paper your kid’s elementary school sends
home in October of every year for you, the parent, to sell for them? One
word of advice….don’t do what is typical in the industry. Don’t “fake it �til
you make it”.
Arrange a time with your successful upline and contact them by phone and
interview them! Ask why they decided to start their own business, what
they were looking to accomplish, what they have accomplished, how they
have done it, what they do for their team, etc. I am sure your upline would
be happy to get on a recording with you! пЃЉ Send your prospects to this
recorded call, get their commitment to call you back after they’ve listened to
the presentation, and make sure that you follow-up with them!
This is YOUR business. Treat it that way and you’ll be ahead of 95% to 97%
of the other network marketers out there. People will listen to you. After
all, you actually hold conference calls or you have a recorded presentation
call, you send out postcards, you do email marketing, you advertise
online..… you’ve got your act together! And, you are worth following.
Remember, if you aren’t making sales – you are out of business!
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Tracking Your Ads
So far we've covered what it really takes to pull in lots of traffic to your sites
and how to find and create a system (through direct experience, and more
specifically by carefully *tracking* all your efforts so you can pin point what
Next, we are going to give you some tips on exactly how to start tracking
your marketing efforts, and what to look for in the data that you collect to
keep improving your marketing for even greater success.
If you haven't already checked out our new tracking program, go ahead and
click to:
This program will *really* make your job easier when it comes to tracking,
and will show you at a glance what's working and what's not in your
marketing plus you get all the training that you need to make measurable
advances in your business so that you can quickly make improvements, and
create winning ads and marketing systems faster.
It takes mostly all of the guess work and thinking out of making your
advertising better so it pulls in more traffic and sales over and over again.
That's not to say you can't track your ads without using our program. I sure
don't want you to get the idea that I'm only telling you this so I can sell you
on a program. Well, I'm not... because it's FREE.
My primary mission is to show you how to start tracking your ads anyway
you can. Because it's crucial to your success.
So the easiest way to set-up a simple tracking system on your own, is to
create a separate web page for each ad that you will be tracking. Then, only
use that web page when promoting that particular ad.
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Or, you can also add a '?' at the end of the URL you're promoting.
After the '?' just create a unique tracking name. In most web log programs
that come with your hosting account, it will show you're tracking "key" and
how many hits it's had.
And, if you use Aweber as your autoresponder, whatever is after the ? at the
end of the URL will appear in the 'ad tracking' field, so you will know
EXACTLY where your new list subscriber came from. That's really cool, huh?
However, it's really a waste to just watch how many hits certain marketing
efforts are bringing in. When what you REALLY need to focus on is sales.
Because an ad may pull in lots of traffic and no sales. So even though it may
seem effective, you still will have made no money.
One way you can track sales is by setting up separate order pages for each
different ad.
So start tracking your ads with or without the help of TrackThatAd, but take
our recommendation to start now, whether you try out the program or not.
Here is a crucial point that you must understand:
you must focus on marketing your product or service first and foremost. In
creating better ads and better promotions.
And that is the big reason why using TrackThatAd is so helpful, because all
the tedious work is done for you automatically. So you can focus on the
marketing, and all that valuable marketing intelligence is gathered for you in
the background while you're busy implementing it to improve your
marketing and make more money.
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Every business must advertise. The more effective your ads - the greater
your profits. So how do you make your ads more effective?
There are only two factors:
1. The content - the words you use in your headline and the body
2. The location where you place your ad
And, as the expert marketers will tell you, by constant experimenting,
changing, tweaking and testing you'll eventually find the best combination.
Simple as that... Except for one thing.
How do you carry out the testing ?
As visitors flock to your website how do you know which ad has brought
them there ? Are they coming from:
a banner ad
a newsgroup ad
a signature tag
a published article
a free link posting
an auto responder campaign
a reciprocal link
an affiliate program
a free classified ad
an e-zine ad
a forum posting
an email marketing campaign
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Wouldn't you like to know
which of these received the best response
whether free classified sites are worth the effort
which e-zines are the most profitable
how a sponsored e-zine ad compares to the standard one
whether animated banners are better than static ones
how effective are your email signatures: does the one with the word
"free" in the headline fare best
does the ad at the start of an e-zine outperform the one at the end
and so on
There's only one way to find out the answers to all these questions and to
really know the effectiveness of every single ad, banner, link that you run.
You MUST use an ad tracking program.
So check it out:
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More Free Traffic
ScreenSaver Traffic
We’ve talked about ListBuilders, Safelists, Traffic Exchanges and clicking for
credits in all of them. What if I told you that you can get even more free
traffic to your websites without doing anything at all. You probably wouldn’t
believe me. I know that I wouldn’t believe me, either… that is….. except for
the fact that I’ve done it and it works.  It works so well that it sort of
makes me giggle.
Every time you get up from your computer to take a break, go to the
bathroom (yeah, I said it…) cook dinner or run to the school to pick up the
kids…. Your computer could be working for you. What you do is install a
screen saver that will display your site to other members whenever their
screen saver runs. No emails. No clicking for credits. There’s a great new
screen saver available that I downloaded to my laptop and the results just
blew me away. It’s called ScreenSwarm and you can get to it here:
I joined free, got my free credits, added one little bitty website for it to
display to other members for me and got 5 sign-ups in 3 days. Not too
shabby. You should try it!
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Press Releases
A press release is pseudo-news story, written in third person, that seeks to
demonstrate to an editor or reporter the newsworthiness of a particular
person, event, service or product.
Have you ever read a press release in the news paper? Maybe someone just
opened a new business in town, and they wrote a press release to the local
paper making the announcement.
There’s absolutely no reason that you should think your business is any
different! You should be writing press releases any time something new is
happening in your organization.
You need free publicity! Read that last sentence again…
What's the secret to getting free publicity? It's not a fancy press kit. It's not
having a superstar spokesperson. It's not hiring the world's biggest PR firm.
Actually, the ultimate insider secret is quite simple:
You need to think like a reporter
That's it. Told you it was simple.
Of course, this is the first-place winner in the "easier said than done"
Olympics. Most of us are too tied-up in our own world to really look at our
businesses objectively and come up with a newsworthy story angle that can
lead to free publicity.
That's why millions of trees are needlessly slaughtered each year to produce
press releases that will never lead to a single news story. Reporters have a
special place in their circular file for puffery, flackery and hyperbole. If you
want to avoid this fate, then you must learn to think like a reporter.
This means:
Being able to separate real news about your company from
promotional puffery
Being able to deliver a sharp story angle that will be of real interest to
the news reading or viewing public
Being able to deliver this angle in a professional, courteous way.
OK, so now we've seen the holy grail. Let's get to work.
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For The Sake of This Report, You're the “Vitamin King”
You own a website. Let's say, for the sake of this report, it's (It could be any sort of business or website)
Your goal -- getting your website featured in newspapers around the
Some Basic Truths
Here are some truths that you ignore only at your own risk:
1. Reporters don't care about helping you.
2. Reporters are hassled all day by PR people and they're pretty much
sick of it.
3. Reporters don't care about your website, your book, your products or
your life story, unless...... are providing something that helps make their job easier -- that is, a
really good story.
In that case:
1. Reporters love you.
2. Reporters are happy to take your call.
3. Reporters are fascinated by your website, your book, your products
and maybe even your life story.
So what's the bottom line here?
When you design your public relations campaign, develop your angles,
develop your media materials and begin contacting the press, always think:
"What can I do at this step that will make this more useful to a journalist?"
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That means:
developing story angles from a reporter's perspective, not a business
conducting yourself in a manner free of hype, clich’s and puffery
Using proper etiquette when contacting a reporter or editor (we'll get
to that in just a bit)
Developing an Angle
What does it mean to "develop a story angle from a reporter's perspective"?
Have you ever met someone who has gotten way too absorbed by his
hobby? He can go on for hours about his model trains or his coin collection.
He can't possibly imagine why you, or anyone else, wouldn't be riveted by
his in-depth discussion of Peruvian 19th century coinage.
He's far too close to his hobby to be objective. As it turns out, most
business owners are the same way about their company. If you spend all
day absorbed in the world of vitamins -- or golf clubs, or health insurance, or
any other field -- you can lose sight of the realization that most of the rest of
the world doesn't really care.
Imagine this client / PR firm phone call:
Client: "Bill, we've just released the new X251 and I think we should really
push this hard to the media with a PR campaign. How about a press
PR Guy: "Well, how is the X251 different from the X250?"
Client: "It's got a new right-angle flange and it's blue. I'm telling you, this
will be big!"
Now, rather than the PR Guy simply counseling his client to lay down, take a
rest and forget about seeing the X251 in the Wall Street Journal, he took
another step.
I thought like a reporter.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 94 of 135
PR Guy asked his client: "Does this new right-angle flange give the X251 a
use that the X250 didn't have -- one that would really make a difference in
people's lives?"
PR Guy: "Does the new blue color have any purpose, or is just for looks?"
Who knows, maybe it turns out that the right angle flange allowed the X251
to be used in third world hospitals at a fraction of the cost of what they were
using now. Maybe the blue color was to prevent endangered birds from
bumping into it when it's used in the rainforest. (As you can tell, the X251 is
a figment of my imagination, not some new amazing outdoor tropical
hospital gizmo.)
Of course it might also turn out that the right angle flange only has some
obscure use and it's blue because that's the CEO's favorite color.
But at least the PR Guy tried to extract a real story from what was only a
promotional PR pitch. You MUST do the same when it comes time to develop
your main publicity angle.
Step away from your business. View it as a reporter looking for an
interesting story. Remember, he's looking for a story that will satisfy his
editor and his readers. He's not interested in promoting you, only in crafting
a story that will make readers stop and say "Hmmm, I never knew that. Now
there's something I can use!."
With that in mind, let's look at the example of
Taking Stock of Your Attributes
There are probably hundreds of sites in the Internet that sell vitamins (just
as there are most likely hundreds of places that sell whatever your company
does). So simply announcing that there's a new venue to buy herbs and
vitamins will get you nothing.
You need to break down your current attributes, and determine if you have
anything that's newsworthy.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 95 of 135
Here's a way of looking at it that may be useful: for every attribute, try to
honestly rate its news value. Use these categories:
Not newsworthy. Too common, too promotional, too boring.
May be newsworthy within my own field (trade publications) or to
hardcore customers (serious vitamin junkies) but not attractive enough to
the general population to build a story.
Potentially of interest, but not quite meaty enough.
Meaty, hearty news that journalists eat up.
OK, let's look at some of what you think makes
special (this is a very important step. When making a list of what makes you
special, take the time to get it right. What you say here can be mined for
gold, as you'll soon see):
Low prices NO DICE. Too common and will probably be viewed as
promotional puffery.
Great service. NO DICE. Ditto.
Wide Selection. NO DICE. Ditto, Ditto.
You specialize in weight-loss formulas and books. INSIDE STUFF.
Decent topic, but is there enough there to build a story?
You specialize in books and products that promote a healthy lifestyle
for teenagers. GETTING THERE. Now you're standing out a bit.
You started the company with money you stole from a pension fund.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 96 of 135
OK, the last one was a joke, but it demonstrates the gulf between what you
think is newsworthy and what a reporter thinks is newsworthy.
So, what have we got to work with? Three NO DICES, an INSIDE STUFF and
a GETTING THERE. Not bad -- we might just have enough to build a public
relations campaign around..
Does NO DICE Mean No Story?
Just as the PR Guy in the above story wasn't ready to give up on the X251,
neither should you simply throw in the towel on your NO DICE attributes.
Heck, maybe we can salvage something.
Let's look:
Low prices. Yeah, just putting out a press release saying you have low
prices won't get you anywhere. But what if there was something
special about those low prices? Maybe you give huge discounts to
child care centers who buy kids' vitamins in quantity. Maybe you sell
vitamins at cost to health clinics in poor neighborhoods. Maybe you
provide a big discount on multivitamins to disabled people? These are
all publicizable angles, and they take a worn out angle and make it
fresh. Take advantage of programs you already have in place, or
create new programs to provide publicity opportunities for a public
relations campaign.
Great Service. If great service means you're nice on the phone, it ain't
gonna work. But perhaps you go above and beyond the call to serve
your customers. Remember that Saturn commercial in which
serviceman flew to a remote Alaska cabin to fix a customer's car?
That was a graphic example of this sort of angle. Now, you probably
don't have anything so extreme to tell, but perhaps you do something
no competitor would be willing to do. Or perhaps you should.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 97 of 135
Wide Selection. Sheer quantity won't turn this into a news angle. But
if you carry some products that no one else does -- and those products
are in some demand -- you might be on to something. Which leads us
o You specialize in weight-loss formulas and books. If there's something
special about the way you choose your products, you might have a
story. Let's say you only carry weight-loss products from
manufacturers that can provide double-blind studies that prove
effectiveness and safety. This addresses one of the prime concerns of
consumers (and reporters) about these products, and sets you up as a
conscientious shopkeeper. Think about how the Body Shop's and
Arbonne’s refusal to sell animal-tested cosmetics and soap has made
that chain stand out.
o You specialize in books and products that promote a healthy lifestyle
for teenagers. This is interesting, because it starts getting into issues,
which can get you into a newspaper's Lifestyle section. Now, just
specializing in stuff for teens won't be enough. You need to find a way
to make this commitment come to life, in a non-promotional way.
God Bless the Internet!
Ten years ago, the solution to the above problem would have been hard to
come by, and probably expensive. Maybe a media tour, maybe sponsoring a
teen pop act, maybe paying big bucks for a survey of teens about their
eating habits.
Now, thankfully, all of that is out the window.
Thanks to the Internet, you can use your website to position your angles to
have mass newsworthy appeal.
The answer is to design parts of your website specifically to provide a
newsworthy element to your story. Message boards, chat rooms, surveys,
feedback pages and so on can all lead to publicity. Is a leading health guru
willing to be a guest at a chat sessions for teenagers? Did an online survey
you conducted about kids' favorite foods offer some interesting revelations?
These, and other offshoots of adding newsworthy elements to your site, can
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 98 of 135
all provide the basis for outstanding publicity opportunities.
So, you mull it over and decide on the perfect solution:
You'll create a message forum for teenagers to discuss health issues,
vitamins and herbs, exercise and more.
Now, simply creating the forums and offering a place for teens to go may be
enough to get you some press. But it's still a little vague, and there are
probably other places like it around. Let's sharpen this idea and make it
Go back to your attribute list. What can we combine to create a tighter,
more specific angle?
See it yet? You specialize in weight-loss products. You also specialize in
serving teenagers.
Your forum should be about teenagers and weight issues. Your health guru
chat sessions should be about teens and their weight. Your survey should be
on the subject, too.
Now you've got something! With this approach, you can have a number of
solid newsworthy topics to take to the press:
What do kids think about a "thin is in" society?
What are they saying about eating disorders?
Are overweight kids ridiculed? And if so, how are they handling it?
Are teens using supplements to lose weight? If so, which ones -- and
are they safe?
What are young athletes doing to build muscle mass -- and is it always
the safest way to go?
See what we've done? We've taken your boring little vitamin website and
turned it into a news angle machine! And we've turned you into a
spokesperson, who's looking out for teenagers by giving them a place to
seek information, choose from safe products or just vent.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 99 of 135
Your PR Campaign: Taking it to the Press
A story about helping overweight kids cope with ridicule, based on
discussions that have taken place in your forums, is a natural for a "lifestyle"
section of a newspaper.
So, you want to get an article about it in a major paper (let's say The
Denver Post).
First, you've got to find out who the appropriate editor or writer is at the
Post. If you live in Denver, just read the paper on a regular basis and clip
out the columns that deal with parenting, health or kids' issues. But if you
live in Rhode Island, it's more difficult.
Go to your local library and take a look at Bacon's Newspaper Directory in
the reference section. Under The Denver Post listing, Bacon's should provide
a name for the Features or Lifestyle editor. It might be outdated, so call the
Post's main number and ask the receptionist "Is Joan Smith still the Features
Editor?" The receptionist will then confirm that Joan is still in her position,
tell you the name of the new person in this role, or transfer you to the
newsroom to ask someone else. With the editor's name in hand, you're now
ready to make your call. (It's also worthy trying the newspaper's web site.
Increasingly, full editorial staff listings can be found online.)
Here are some "etiquette" secrets that can help you effectively work with
journalists in generating bushels of free press.....
1. Don't call to "see if they got your release." Journalists hate this. Folks
send out mass mailings and then call to see if the release made it
there. If you really want to get a story in the Post, call first to pitch
your story and then follow up with your release, photos, etc.
2. Plan your call around their deadlines. Most papers are morning
editions. Thus, journalists' deadlines range from 2 p.m. local time and
on. Don't call during this time! The best time to reach a newspaper
journalist: 10 a.m. to noon local time.
3. Don't start pitching right away! If you get Joan Smith on the phone,
don't just dive into your pitch. This is rude, as Joan may be on the
other line, working on a story, entertaining guests or who knows what
else. Start by saying something like, "Hi Ms. Smith, my name's Bill
Jones and I have a story suggestion you might find interesting. Is this
a good time for you?" Joan will reply "yes"--which is a green light to
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 100 of 135
start your pitch, or "no"-- to which you reply, "When would be a good
time to call you back?" Your courtesy will be greatly appreciated by
the journalist...which can only help your chances.
Pitch to the voice mail. It's fine to pitch your story to the reporter's
voice mail. Keep it very short and end the message with your phone
number. If you don't hear back, try again until you get the actual
reporter or editor on the phone.
Don't read from a script! The bane of many journalists' existences are
22-year-olds sitting in cubicles in big PR firms reading pitches off a
sheet of paper. If you've ever been called by a telemarketer doing the
same thing, you know how annoying it can be. Practice your pitch so
that it seems natural and spontaneous.
Give them a story, not an advertisement. Newspapers do not exist to
give you publicity. They exist to provide readers with interesting
stories. Your job is to give the journalist what he or she wants, while
getting the free exposure. Make your pitch newsy, exciting and
relevant. How about: "Ms. Smith, as you probably know, obesity
among children is growing at an alarming rate. Because of the ridicule
they face from other children, millions of overweight young people are
being marked with lifetime scars that can seriously damage their selfesteem. I host a unique website, were overweight kids can
anonymously express their feelings and discuss this issue. I think I've
learned some important things about a very serious subject." That's a
whole lot more interesting to an editor than: "Ms. Smith, I have a
website where overweight kids post messages. Would you like to do a
story about me?"
Follow up immediately. If she's interested, Joan Smith will ask for
more information. Be sure you have a press kit (including news
release and photo) ready to send . Send it out via priority mail, and
write "Requested Information" below the address.
Call again. Now it's appropriate to call to see if Joan's received your
stuff...after all, unlike a mass-mailed release, she asked for it! Ask if
she's had a chance to look through it, and what she thinks. If she
likes what she sees, you're about to get some very valuable free
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 101 of 135
I just gave you some very valuable information on those last few pages.
Yes, you can go the extra mile and contact the Denver Post (or whatever big
publication you are seeking to gain free exposure in). You can also post
your Press Release online on a variety of Press Release sites. Just make
sure that you provide something of value like I said before. Provide your
website information and your phone number. Who knows, you may just get
a phone call from the Denver Post asking YOU if they can run YOUR story
and requesting additional photos and information from YOU.
The best way to write a really good press release? Spend lots of time
reading really good press releases! presents a live PR Newswire feed of press releases.
Here you'll find the good (press releases crafted by some of PR's sharpest
writers), the bad (press releases filled with hype, fluff and poor writing) and
the ugly (you'll know 'em when you see 'em).
Read lots of them, and go back often for the latest press releases. As you
read each selection, pretend you're a reporter on the receiving end of the
press release. Does it pique your interest? Does the press release get right
to the point? Does it make clear exactly what news it's announcing? Is the
press release writing crisp, or soggy as a week-old head of lettuce?
Before long you'll be able to glean which press releases work and discard the
rest -- and set to work creating truly bullet-proof press releases of your own.
Here’s a list of some Press Release sites you can use. Feel free to do a
Google search and find even more!
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 102 of 135
Article Marketing
Article Marketing is simply writing a few short articles which relate to your
market (i.e. making easy money, working from home, online profits), and
posting them to article directories with a link to your webpage.
Writing the first article always seems like a hurdle, but once you're over it
you will realize just how easy it is to churn them out.
They don't have to be great works, just think of them as a short set of
instructions or a message to a friend to tell them about a product or service.
You only need to write 250-300 words, in fact that's optimal. That's the size
of a typical medium length email, and will take you about 20 minutes to
You get traffic to your website by simple placing the web page link in the
'resources' box or in the body of the article. Other sites will then use your
articles on their sites, or people may find the source article from a normal
If you need help getting started, this is a great resource:
Once you've written a few short articles, you could search for article
directories and post to them one at a time. But we can make life a lot easier,
and publish articles in tons of directories by using an article submitter. The
very best places to post to are and, make
sure you do these two manually and put your best articles here. By the way,
Google loves EzineArticles.
If you want to place your article in hundreds of other article directories (the
more the better...) then you would have to either log into these one-by-one
and copy | paste the articles... you would basically waste your entire day
submitting articles. That's where an article submitter comes to your rescue
to make your marketing efforts a lot easier! Here's my recommended Article
There is also an incredible NEW system called Jetspinner. They offer part of
the product for free. But the auto-posting Jetsubmitter option is a must your first month is $1 so it's at least worth testing. With this tool you can
create 1 article, and have it auto-submitted to over 600 article directories,
and every article is made unique to avoid search engine duplicate content
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 103 of 135
problems (which can stop your articles from being listed in the search
engines). I get fantastic result from this tool. You will be amazed how much
traffic you can get from article directories - if you post to plenty of them :)
Go here to give it a spin:
Like I said before, if you are only going to post articles to 1 or 2 directories,
then you need to submit to and at the very
Top 9 Reasons Why You Should Submit Your Articles To
1. Increase Your Product or Services' Sales - the bottom line justification
to submit your articles today!
2. You benefit from the last 7 years of credibility and trust building that
we've done to in the marketplace; Hundreds of
thousands of unique visitors who come to our site daily may be able to
find your articles.
3. Ezine publishers pick up relevant articles from our site for publication
in their niche email newsletters and websites. You can only benefit
from this if your articles are in our site.
4. Build brand equity & exposure. You may even find yourself published
in someone else's book because of having your article found in our
5. You may also find new joint venture partners who are introduced to
you via your articles in our site.
6. Your articles join good company along with the other thousands of
experts who share your editorial integrity/quality.
7. Get traffic spikes over the coming months and a continual level of
traffic for years to your website -- all because your articles are listed in!
8. Your articles will be sent to our high traffic RSS
Feed. RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication and it makes it easy
for ezine publishers and webmasters to get immediate notification
when your articles are added to our site.
9. Your articles will be sent to one of our over 400+ niche daily email
alerts that notify our permission-based email list members whenever
new articles are available that match their unique interests.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 104 of 135
Traffic Toolbars
What are traffic toolbars? It’s a simple concept really. You will be adding a
toolbar to your current Internet browser which will show ads from other
marketers on your screen, and your ads will show to them anytime they are
connected to the Internet.
I’ve had great results from both InstantBuzz and FreeTrafficBar.
Upgraded members are allowed to add color to their text ads, have banners,
and more. It’s definitely worth upgrading and getting a butt-load of credits
to start with.
As with traffic exchanges, traffic bars take a while to see results. The type
of ad you write plays a very important part in your success.
I have specific examples of excellent InstantBuzz and FreeTrafficBar ads
which can be found in the free training module of my free online recruiting
system. Did I say the word �free’ enough???
Grab your free online recruiting system right here today:
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Social Networking
You might not know this, but social networking sites aren't just for teenagers
anymore. In fact, social networking sites have evolved into something
different altogether than when they once were networks composed mainly of
teenage girls. Today, social networking sites span the spectrum of
demographic groups. While teenagers are still more apt to use them than
older people, there are now niche social networking sites, which target
people who all share some common interest, such as a skateboarding,
golfing, traveling, etc.
Now, in addition to teenagers and adults, social networks are increasingly
becoming used by another group of businesses. That's right: many
businesses are now infiltrating social networks to advertise in some subtle
manner and then replicate their message through systems that are already
available within the social network.
The most prominent social networks are,, and which boasts membership
bases of more than 1.06 hundred million. That’s a big number! If the
product you are selling has a broad appeal, you may want to use MySpace,
Facebook and Twitter to market your product, because you will be able to
reach the largest amount of people more quickly. To download a free ebook
on how to use Twitter For Business, go to my blog here:
There are several different ways you can market your products and services
through social networking sites. One way is to setup a profile, purchase
what is called an adder robot, and then begin adding friends to your list on a
daily basis. The robot can add as many as 300 per day without any
problems. Depending on your goals, you may want to add a personal profile
for yourself and then talk about your business/product on your page; or you
may want to simply create a profile for your business and use that to market
your product. While you can send out bulletins advertising your products
and services using most social networking sites, most people that become
your �friends’ will find this offensive. If you aren’t careful, you could get
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 106 of 135
banned if enough people complain. It is probably a good idea to avoid this;
instead, post related bulletins that don't advertise your product, but talk
about something similar. This will drive interested visitors to your page,
where they can learn more about the products / services you are selling.
Anytime you post a website in your profile, make sure it’s not your �affiliate’
link… make sure it’s your own domain name. We talked about forwarding
and masking domains earlier in this guide.
Once you have had some experience marketing using social networking, you
will want to consider looking at other social networking sites. One other
large site is Friendster, which you can find at the following URL: You will also want to look for niche networking
sites, which will afford you an opportunity to capture a more targeted
Whichever sites you decide to use, keep the following in mind: your goal
should be to develop a network of people who share a common interest and
could potentially be interested in your specific product. For this reason, it is
always a good idea to think long term (i.e. don't do things that are going to
get you banned); instead, concentrate on building your network and
introducing them to your products and services.
Here are some tips on how to use Facebook effectively without spending
more than 30 minutes a day on their site:
By: Donna Gunter
I've often said that social networking can take up your entire day, if you
allow it. You sit down at your desk in the morning, and you see several
Facebook event invites and friend requests. As you log into your account,
someone's Facebook status update catches your eye, and before you know
it, 3 hours have passed while you're reading and responding to social
networking messages. How can you possibly get any work done in your
business or for your clients at this rate?
Facebook doesn't have to be a time hog. As a matter of fact, you can
actually handle most of your Facebook tasks in as little as 15 minutes per
day. Here's what I do when I log into my account each morning (thanks for
wonderful training I've received from Facebook guru Mari Smith for these
great tips):
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 107 of 135
1. Update your status. This is the first section that you'll see on your
homepage when you log into Facebook. While you can do this from
your Facebook account, I prefer to update my status in, as
this service will update my status in all of my social networking sites,
including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and MySpace. However, if
you're using only Facebook for social networking, then go ahead and
use the status update there.
2. Review your news feeds. This is the first tab on the right on your
home page. In this review, you're seeking stories on which you can
share your expertise and on which you can comment. Some of your
comments may be personal in nature, but this is a great opportunity to
showcase your experience in your field and industry.
3. Review news feeds of your friends. This feature is available from
the home page as the down arrow on the far right of the home page
tabs and permits you to view the feeds of your Friends Lists. Friend
Lists allow you to create private groupings of friends based on your
personal preferences. I've got my lists created by industry, i.e.
Coaches, Virtual Assistants, Marketing Professionals, People to Watch,
etc. Pick one list and comment on those feeds just as you would your
own. If you have no Friends Lists, here's how to create them: , Click
Friends at the top of any Facebook page. From the following page,
click "Make a new list" on the left. After typing in the title of your list,
you can add friends to your list by typing your friend's name into the
"Add to List" field. You can also click "Select Multiple Friends" to the
right of the field, which will allow you to select many friends from your
entire list. After making your selections, click "Save List" to store your
4. Review status updates. Take a quick moment to breeze through the
status updates of your friends, and click on those on which you feel
compelled to comment. Many people feed their blog posts into their
status updates, so this is a great way to get out and comment on the
blogs of others without having to search out relevant blog posts. In
this case, I comment on the blog itself rather than the Facebook status
update. I usually only go through one page of these to ensure I remain
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 108 of 135
within my time constraints.
5. Acknowledge birthdays. These are listed under Events and
Birthdays on the right side of your homepage. When you click on the
birthday person's name, you'll be sent to their wall, where you can
write your personalized birthday greeting (make more effort that just
simply saying "Happy Birthday!"). I also take this opportunity to find
out a bit more about the friends on my list by clicking the "Info" tab on
their home page and quickly scanning their profile. This helps me start
to put names and faces together and get better acquainted with my
network of friends, And, I take this opportunity to add people to
Friends List as appropriate.
6. Review friend requests. Add friends as you see fit, or according to
any guidelines you have set for yourself. Facebook guru Mari Smith
suggests setting up a "Friending Request Policy" in which you write
down the conditions under which you'll accept friends (i.e. picture
must be on profile, have to have other friends in common, have to
have submitted a personal note with the friend request, etc.) and to
help you in your decision-making.
7. Respond to event invitations. Your friends will be sending a myriad
of invites to various events (most of my invites are to teleclasses), so
take a few moments to scroll through those and see if any are of
interest to you, or if you have further questions about them.
8. Respond to group invitations. Most of these I ignore, but
occasionally I'll join a private group, usually related to a program in
which I'm enrolled. Or, if it's a group run by someone with whom I
want to connect or from whom I want to learn, I'll accept the invite to
the group. If I have time, I'll also visit one of the groups to see what's
going on and respond to any messages here.
9. Add friends. Facebook does an amazing job of suggesting people I
actually know to add to my friends list in their "People You May Know"
section on my home page. If I happen to see such a suggestion, I send
out a request to add that person as a friend. When requesting to add a
friend, I ALWAYS send a personalize request, letting them know how I
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 109 of 135
know about them.
Review notifications. The notifications icon is on the lower
right side of your home page and lists what's going on in your account
(friend requests accepted, notes on your wall, etc.). This is a good
prompt for you to write on someone's wall when they accept your
friend request or to respond to posts on your own wall.
Eyeball your own profile. Make sure your profile appears as it
should, and take the opportunity to catch up on anything you may
have missed with your other steps.
Check your inbox. Many of the emails in your inbox are
duplications of event and group invites or group emails. When I look at
this, I'm seeking out any personal 1:1 emails that I might have
received from someone on my list. I've discovered that many people I
want to contact respond better to their Facebook emails that through
emails sent to them (or an assistant) via their website, so I often
email them through Facebook, instead.
If you devote 15 minutes per day, or at least 15 minutes 3 times a week, to
updating Facebook, you'll begin to see results from your social networking
before you know it!
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 110 of 135
Forum Posting
The Cheapest, Fastest Way to Advertise on the Internet: Forum
Posting on forums is one of the cheapest and fastest ways in which you can
advertise products on the Internet. However, in order to do this
successfully, you must do a number of things carefully. Simply starting a
thread that contains an affiliate link might be a good way to get banned from
a particular forum board, but it will never be a good way to make sales.
The general procedure involves making multiple posts on a forum board
before you even setup a signature file, which includes a link to your site.
Even if the particular forum you are using does not specifically mandate this,
you will want to do this, anyway, as it will increase your credibility which is
your real goal.
You can start by finding a number of forums for your particular niche or
marketing angle. Below you can find a list of some of the most visited
marketing forums.
Warrior Forum
Seeds of Wisdom
Ihelp You (Search Engine Discussion)
ClickBank Success Forum
Associate Programs
IMF (Internet Marketing Forum)
Ken Silver Online
Friends in Business
Anthony Blake Online
Kickstart Today
How To - Internet Marketing
Home Business Web Site Forum
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 111 of 135
Willie Crawford Marketing Forum
The first resource is currently the largest forum directory on the Internet.
Now, once you have selected a number of directories that match your
specific marketing angle and product, you will want to investigate to
determine whether or not they have excess rules regulating signature files.
For instance, some sites do not allow any links in signature files; others, by
contrast, allow links, but do not allow any commercial links. Make sure you
know what the rules are before you post. Otherwise, you are simply setting
yourself up to be banned from the forum.
Next, take the list of forums you have created that are both relevant to your
topic and allow commercial links and begin developing a reputation on those
forums. Post regularly, avoid meaningless fights and flamming, and
contribute useful, on-target information to discussions. In a matter of 1-2
weeks, you will have developed a reputation, provided that the forum
receives a considerable amount of traffic.
Once you have developed a good reputation, you will want to begin
advertising through your forum signature. Ideally, you will want to include
some eye-catching assortment of colors, symbols, and words in your
signature. This will draw people's attention. You will then want to link them
to something other than an affiliate page whether it be a page you created
to sell a affiliate product or to a page where you have your autoresponder
code added so you can capture the name and email address of your
prospect. We talked about how to create your own website, redirect your
URL, and how to create a capture page earlier in this guide.
Remember to repeat this process in all applicable forums. Look for high
traffic forums that allow commercial link posting in signature files and that
also happen to fit with your specific audience-targeting and marketing goals.
Next, create a reputation. Last, add your signature in some attractive way
that draws visitors' attention, but is also likely to convert them into
interested clickers.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 112 of 135
You will find that this form of advertising pays off considerably and does so
faster than a lot of other methods available.
Email Signatures
When you receive an email from someone you may have noticed at the
bottom of the email it looks like there’s a P.S. as an advertisement. That is
an automatically inserted email signature. This can also done in forums as
well. If you have Yahoo, MSN, your own domain, or even AOL, you should
add these signatures to the bottoms of all of your outgoing emails.
Just go to your email preferences and add a signature to your emails and
watch your profits increase over time with minimal effort.
Here are some that I’ve used:
2 Line Signature:
New System Generates Hot Leads For Your Business:
3-Line Signature:
PS: Discover a Proven 3 Step Strategy That
Explodes Your Primary Business Guaranteed!
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 113 of 135
4-Line Signature:
Struggling Sign-ups? Finally Revealed! How To Quickly And Easily
Generate More Paid Sign-ups To Your Primary Business In
3 Simple Steps... Guaranteed!
5-Line Signature:
Struggling to Get Sign-ups? Finally Revealed!
How To Quickly And Easily Generate More Paid
Sign-ups To Your Primary Business In 3 Simple Steps...
Guaranteed! Sign-up now free for a limited time:
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 114 of 135
Classified Ads
Whether it be a product from a network marketing company (acne
treatment, green cleaning products, travel plans, etc.) or an affiliate
product, classified ads are often over-simplified and discouraged. This is, in
part, because it actually is one of the harder ways you can advertise. It
requires you to use a small amount of words to communicate an important
point, which will either make or break your ability to generate interest in the
product / service you are marketing.
In most cases, supposed experts will discourage you from using classified
ads because they themselves have never had much luck using them -- but
not because classified ads aren't a viable method of advertising. So how can
you use classified ads correctly to generate a considerable amount of traffic
to your product sales page or capture page?
The first step is finding good places to advertise. Again, many of the socalled experts will jump in and either tell you to use free sites or they’ll tell
you that free sites never work. The truth here, too, is somewhat in
between: free sites can work, but you must use them carefully.
For instance, if you want to generate traffic from sites that allow you to post
free classifieds, you will have to find ones that actually receive traffic
themselves. One example of a site that receives a massive amount of traffic,
but also allows you to post classified ads for free is Craigslist, which you can
find at the following URL: It’s sister-site is
BackPage (widely unknown) and can be found here:
As long as you post classified ads in the proper section, you can do it
completely free of charge. Additionally, you can do this on each of the
craigslist sites for the metropolitan areas in the United States. Be careful
though, because you are NOT allowed to post the same ad over and over
and over again in all states an available countries. This is considered
spamming and they’ cancel your account in a heart-beat. Another user can
also report your ad and BAM… you are out. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…
and be careful out there! пЃЉ
Another place you can post free classified ads is Yahoo. You can find this
feature at the following URL: Again, as long
as it’s on topic, you can post a classified at for whatever you want. 
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 115 of 135
Another good free classified site is US-Free-Ads which can be accessed here:
Advertising on USFreeads couldn't be easier, and you could be up and
running literally 5 minutes from now!
With over 560,000 members and growing by the minute, USFreeads is a
widely known and trusted classified advertising source generating millions of
dollars in sales for advertisers every month.
Advertising on USFreeads is quick and easy and starts with the registration
process which creates an account with us so you can place ads.
Join for free here:
I really like USFreeads, that’s why I’m going to tell you more about it below:
Different advertisers offer different products or services, so there are wide
range of options for people to contact and buy from you:
Including a link to your website for more information:
If you include a link to your website from your ad, buyers can click your link
and visit your own website/store to contact you or buy directly from there
once they've seen what you're advertising.
Buyers contacting you through your ad:
Each ad you place contains a 'reply to ad' form where buyers can contact
you with any questions they may have. Buyers enter their name, email and
message in the boxes and send their message which gets sent directly to the
email that you register with us. For your privacy and spam protection,
buyers do not have access to your email address unless you enter it into
your ads or when you respond to their inquiry. You can then advise the
buyer of your payment options and any other relevant information.
PayPal button in your ad:
If you're a premium member, you can add a PayPal payment button into
your ad so people can click the button and be transferred directly to PayPal
where they can send you an online payment for the item you're selling. This
allows people to buy your item instantly when they see your ad!
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 116 of 135
If you are advertising a Business Opportunity (aren’t we all?????):
Most people advertising online business opportunities include a signup link in
the ad so people can visit the site directly to sign up. You can also place the
link to your capture page, give away a valuable guide on how to grow a
business online / offline so you can capture the name and email address of
the interested prospect. Remember….build your list!
If you're advertising a website or are affiliate advertising:
If you're not selling something directly, you can link to a website complete
with your referral ID if you need to, and use your ad to tell people about the
service so they can click the link to sign up or get more info by visiting the
website. (build your list!)
If you're advertising an event, website, service etc.:
If you're not advertising an actual item, product or service and your ad is to
an announce a yard sale or business opportunity meeting (either at a
physical location or a web conference) for example, people won't need to
contact you to send a payment so they may just contact you via the 'reply to
ad' form located at the bottom of your ad in order to request additional
information from you, or they may simply visit your website if you link to
one from your ad. Again, anytime you send someone to your website…
collect their name and email address and then send them the details. This
way you… drum roll please….. build your list. 
Whether you're advertising every product from an online store, a rare
magazine, a puppy, skateboard, car, helicopter, website, marriage or
anything in-between, USFreeads is the place to advertise.!
When a buyer is interested in something being advertised on
USFreeads, all communications and negotiations take place directly
between buyer and seller and there are no 'completion fees' payable to
them when you make a sale! I LOVE THIS PART!
Also Take a Look at 1StopClassifieds here:
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 117 of 135
Now, with all of this in mind, you will want to consider the best way in which
you can construct your classified ad. I personally suggest creating a headline
or first line that uses psychological triggers.
Remember: with classifieds, you're not paying by the click. It's either free or
you're paying for a certain period of time or impressions, so your goal should
be to generate as many clicks as possible, so use words like cheap, free,
proven, and shocking to draw attention to your ad.
Once you have successfully drawn attention to your ad through the headline,
you will then want to seal the deal by providing viewers with a reason to
click through, provided that your product is something they will want to buy.
You can do this by explicitly stating a quantifiable benefit in the second line
of the classified ad - and then stating a crucial feature in the third line.
I know… it’s that dreaded word…. HEADLINE. I cannot tell you how many
times I’ve sat in front of my computer and tried to come up with a headline
that really packs a punch. The headline is THE most important aspect of
your ad… so it has to be great, right? It has to grab the reader by the eye
balls and make them want to read more!
Guess what? I stink at writing headlines. Yep.
So, I use this free service that evaluates my headline and tells me if it’s
good or not.
This free tool will analyze your headline to determine the Emotional
Marketing Value (EMV) score. As you know, reaching your customers in a
deep and emotional way is a key to successful copywriting, and your
headline is unquestionably the most important piece of copy you use to
reach prospects.
Your headline will be analyzed and scored based on the total number of EMV
words it has in relation to the total number of words it contains. This will
determine the EMV score of your headline.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 118 of 135
In addition to the EMV score, You will find out which emotion inside your
customer's your headline most impacts:
Words which are
especially effective
when offering products
and services that
require reasoning or
careful evaluation.
Words which resonate in
with Empathetic impact
often bring out profound
and strong positive
emotional reactions in
Words which have the
strongest potential for
influence and often
appeal to people at a
very deep emotional
Once you have gained some experience posting ads on free classified ad
boards and the like, you will want to move on to major electronic
publications, including large e-zines and authority sites; however, before you
do this, you need to be confident in the classified ad and your conversion
rate. And, use the above headline analyzer for your email ads, too!
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 119 of 135
Headline Examples
Get More Signups Now! You're 3 easy steps Away!
100 Percent Guaranteed! ... Get More Signups In Only 5 minutes ... Or Your
Money Back!
100 Percent Guaranteed! ... more commissions In Only 5 minutes ... Or Your
Money Back!
A Better Way To Get More Signups
A Better Way To more commissions
A Breakthrough in How To Get More Signups
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A Breath of Fresh Air! ... Now You Can Get More Signups In As Little As 5
A Chance Like No Other! ... Now You Can Get More Signups In As Little As 5
Erase Wrinkles Now! You're 5 Easy Steps Away!
100 Percent Guaranteed! ... Erase Wrinkles In Only 5 Minutes ... Or Your
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100 Percent Guaranteed! ... Look and Feel 10 Years Younger In Only 5
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A Better Way To Erase Wrinkles
A Better Way To Look and Feel 10 Years Younger
A Breakthrough in How To Erase Wrinkles
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 120 of 135
A Breakthrough in How To Erase Wrinkles ... In Only 5 Minutes!
A Breath of Fresh Air! ... Now You Can Erase Wrinkles In As Little As 5
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A Comprehensive Plan to Look and Feel 10 Years Younger in Only 5 Minutes
A Custom Designed Program Just For You On How To Erase Wrinkles in as
Little As 5 Minutes
A Fresh Approach in How To Erase Wrinkles - By An Expert!
A Fresh Approach in How To Erase Wrinkles .. Just What You Have Been
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A Good Friend Of Mine Asked Me How To Erase Wrinkles ... Here's What I
Told Him
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 121 of 135
A Guaranteed Way to Erase Wrinkles .. Quickly And Easily!
A Guaranteed Way to Erase Wrinkles ... In 5 Easy Steps
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Get out of Debt In As Little As 30 Days With These 3 Easy Steps
Erase Your Credit Card Debt Forever. It's No Accident. In 30 Days, I Can
Show You How To Get out of Debt
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 122 of 135
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Show You How!
3 Easy Steps To Get out of Debt
3 Easy Steps To Get out of Debt And Erase Your Credit Card Debt Forever
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A Startling Fact About How To Get out of Debt
A Startling Fact About How To Get out of Debt ...In Less Than 30 Days
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Than 30 Days
Are You Willing To Follow 3 Easy Steps To Get out of Debt
Are You Willing To Follow 3 Easy Steps To Erase Your Credit Card Debt
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 123 of 135
5 Easy Steps To Avoid Legal Issues
5 Easy Steps To Avoid Legal Issues And Be More Relaxed
5 Easy Steps TO Avoid Legal Issues In Just 15 Minutes
5 Easy Steps To Be More Relaxed
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Don't Touch That Dial! … You Can Lose Weight in 30 Days .. We'll Show You
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 125 of 135
6 Highly Effective Easy Tricks
Remember the golden rule - your recruits are the key to your success. Once you are
established, use the tools and expertise you have gained, to help your new recruits get
their first 10 sign-ups. Then teach them to use this guide. The effect of doing this is
1. Comment on popular blogs and include a 'signature' line with a link to
your main webpage. Here's a list of the 100 most popular blogs in the
2. Add a signature line to your email. Something like 'Name your income,
and get it in 2009' or 'Get in on the 21st Century Home Business
Revolution...'. And email all your friends if you haven't already.
3. Create a Squidoo page. This is the same principle as writing an article
(see below), but it is very easy to generate these pages and Google
loves them. Post the link to your Squidoo page on: Digg and Delicious
(don't post your main website link, as that is duplicate content and the
search engines will notice it).
4. Regularly post Ads on Free Advertising Blog and Ad Land Pro, all for
FREE. Write something eye catching, try and stand out from the rest.
5. This is a must do. Join Instant Buzz and go for the Elite membership if
possible. You won't regret it. If you can't afford that, then join free,
but pay for a single campaign pack, it's only $50. Even if you only do
this once, it will be well worth it. With InstantBuzz you get tons of ads
seen directly on surfers’ navigation bars, on the Google page itself and
through direct emails. I love this service!
6. Let your computer work for you when you aren’t on it! Download this
nifty screen saver, that drives traffic to your site even when you
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 126 of 135
Recap of Resources
Free videos on attraction marketing with Mike Dillard’s Magnetic
Black Belt Recruiting
(Surprise bonus – not mentioned anywhere else in this guide!)
How To Get Free Leads from Google
(Surprise bonus – not mentioned anywhere else in this guide!)
Headline Analyzer
Free Headline Creator for Your Web Site
Domain name providers
Instant MLM Squeeze Pages
The MLM Hit List
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 127 of 135
Autoresponder Services
(great source for a voice broadcasting to load leads and call them automatically)
Free Ad Depot
List Domino
List Jumper
List Joe
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 128 of 135
My Viral Surfer
Super List Explode
Credit Ads Depot
Viral Nugget
List Ads
Revolving Ads Depot
Business World List
Traffic Hoopla
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 129 of 135
All Your Lists In One Place
List Builder and Safelist Mailing Worksheet
Directory of Ezines
2 Bucks An Ad
Free Ezine Advertising
Instant Banner Creator
(Surprise bonus – not mentioned anywhere else in this guide!)
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 130 of 135
Free Website Builder
Other Website Builders
Traffic Swarm
Opportunity Seeker Lead Source
Consumer / Buyer Lead Sources
Direct Mailing Postcard Service
Free Conference Line
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 131 of 135
24/7 Mailbox For Your Presentation Call
Ad Tracking
Get Traffic From Your Screen Saver
Press Release Sites
Instant Article Wizard
Article Submitters
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 132 of 135
Traffic Toolbars
Classified Ad Sites
Social Networking Sites
Free Advertising Blog
Joint Venture Revolution
(Surprise bonus – not mentioned anywhere else in this guide!)
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 133 of 135
My Free Gifts To You
Go to for this FREE Online Prospecting
and Recruiting System that I developed for YOU today!
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 134 of 135
The Publisher has attempted to be as accurate and complete as
possible in the creation of this report, notwithstanding the fact
that she does not warrant or represent at any time that the
contents within are accurate due to the rapidly changing nature of
the Internet.
While all attempts have been made to verify information provided
in this publication, the Publisher assumes no responsibility for
errors, omissions, or contrary interpretation of the subject matter
herein. Any perceived sights of specific persons, peoples, or
organizations are unintentional.
This book is a common sense guide to
practical advice books, like anything else
guarantees of income made. Readers are
their own judgment about their individual
marketing online. In
in life, there are no
cautioned to rely on
circumstances to act
This book is not intended for use as a source of legal, business,
accounting, or financial advice. All readers are advised to seek
services of competent professionals in legal, business,
accounting, and finance fields.
You are encouraged to print this book or save it to your
desktop for easy reading.
A Practical Guide On How to Grow A Massive Downline ~ by Lana Robinson ~ All Rights Reserved ~ Page 135 of 135
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