4Life Research was found to be the #1 opportunity in the world!

Why 4Life is the #1 Opportunity in
the World!
Be an Asset to your Team
Keeping a Positive Attitude
Patience, Consistency, and Persistence
A Strong Personal Commitment
Scientifically Designed Compensation Plan
Effective Marketing Strategy
Effective Product Strategy
You have selected the #1 opportunity in MLM
Independent Distributor
An “Unparalleled” Opportunity
through network marketing!
Generally (with a few exceptions) great success requires a
great investment. Network Marketing is an exception to this
Individuals from all walks of life have experienced great
success through networking.
пЃ¶ A waitress in Tulsa, Oklahoma earning more than brain surgeon.
пЃ¶ A factory worker earning more than a CEO for a major
пЃ¶ A maid earning more than the President of the USA.
пЃ¶ A garbage collector earning more than a Senator in Congress.
…and the list goes on and on!!!
There isn’t a better chance to become wealthy or change your life than MLM.
Selecting the right opportunity is
important to your success!
There are a few individuals that can be successful in most MLM plans. The
problem is what percentage of people can be successful? Even if a leader is
successful, if a large number of his distributors can’t find success, attrition will
eventually destroy his or her income.
Mike Akins now has 46 years of successful experience in Network Marketing.
In the mid-1990s Mike decided to select his last MLM program.
He wanted to make sure he selected the very best program in
the world for his loved ones and the distributors that would
follow him for the next few decades. He wanted to select a
program or help develop a program that would reward the
greatest number of distributors possible. This would secure his
future and the future of people that become part of his
Marketing Family.
пЃ¶ Mike financed the most extensive study ever performed on the MLM
пЃ¶ 342 programs examined (since then more than a 1,000 programs examined)
пЃ¶ Information on two million distributors and customers was studied
пЃ¶ Hundreds of individuals were interviewed
This extensive study found certain
key factors involved in maximizing
each person’s SUCCESS or FAILURE.
Reasons for Failure:
1. Didn’t stay with the program long enough. (The average
length of time for leaders to develop a stable income above
$10,000 per month is 12 years.)
2. Wasn’t consistent.
3. Didn’t keep in touch with downline partners.
4. Didn’t receive the adequate training necessary and pass the
training downline.
5. Poor upline support.
6. Selected a program with a poor pay plan.
7. Selected a program with a poor product strategy.
8. Selected a program that failed, reduced pay plan, sold out,
or attritioned down.
Company Strategy that Fails
Each company follows a certain marketing philosophy
and develops a strategy to fulfill that philosophy.
The following are wrong marketing philosophies and wrong
пЃ¶ Develop pay plan designed for heavy hitters that can bring
over a group with them. More money for a few and less for
the many.
пЃ¶ Promote products that are cheap to manufacture with wide
profit range.
пЃ¶ Find an exotic herb, phytonutrient, or nutrient that most
people haven’t heard of and depend on fancy marketing
instead of a genuinely unique and effective product.
пЃ¶ Big signing bribes to attract heavy hitters with large
пЃ¶ Focus on fast growth instead of solid growth.
пЃ¶ Depend on fancy sales gimmicks instead of effective
products, pay plans, and marketing strategy.
Results of these
Unsuccessful Strategies
пЃ¶ Products are easily copied. Within a
couple years, hundreds of copies are on
the market and even less expensive.
пЃ¶ The benefits of the product can be
duplicated with copies or other
phytonutrients that do the same thing.
пЃ¶ First customers leave, then distributors
at the bottom of the structure, and then
leaders start leaving because of attrition.
пЃ¶ At first, the few that earn big checks use their
earnings to attract distributors. These distributors
think because the leaders are earning big checks that
soon they will too.
 However, there isn’t enough payout for the rest of
the distributors so attrition increases until leaders
begin to leave because their checks drop.
Results of these Unsuccessful
Strategies (Continued)
Company Failures***- The majority of MLM companies eventually go out of
business, sell out to investment companies, or drop MLM and go conventional
marketing even some 15-plus years later.
пЃ¶ Nutrition For Life was in business for more than 15 years and went out of business.
пЃ¶ Sterling Silver went out of business after ten years.
пЃ¶ Rexall and Enrich sold out to a pharmaceutical company after being in business many
пЃ¶ Kaire was a giant company but after 12 years dropped 60%.
пЃ¶ Melaleuca, after 20 years in business, changed their pay plan.
пЃ¶ Monavie moved quickly to $800 million, but now you can buy similar products
everywhere and look at their sales now.
пЃ¶ Xango grew fast, but similar products can be found everywhere.
пЃ¶ Morinda grew fast, but soon their spinoff distributors started Xango. You can purchase
noni everywhere and look at what happened to the sales in their original markets.
пЃ¶ Amway - A congressional investigation ruled that Amway had a 90% attrition rate. Only
their expansion overseas in new markets has kept them alive for now.
***These were all giant companies, but due to poor
marketing and product strategies they have
dropped off.
The opportunity you select is important
to your future!!!
This Study Provided a Success Formula
4Life Research was found to be the #1 opportunity in the world!
in the World!
The worldwide “great recession”
proved that 4Life was the
greatest opportunity
in the world!
4Life Research in Sandy, Utah
During the great recession, the average MLM company experienced a reduction of 10%
in annual sales. 4Life Research experienced growth of 24% in the USA to more than
100% in certain international markets.
4Life Research is one of the only MLM companies in the world (than has been around for
more than 10 years) that has broken volume sales records every year that it has been in
4Life Research Growth Report
15 years of growth!!!
(Including its oldest market, the USA)
Why is 4Life the #1 MLM
opportunity in the world?
1. Product Strategy
4Life searched for a product that was truly unique, extremely
effective, and functioned different than other product on the
пЃ¶ Transfer factors are completely unique. They do not function
like other nutrients. Transfer factors work through regulating a
team of body molecules, cells, and body chemicals.
пЃ¶ Transfer factors come from living animals, not plants or herbs.
Transfer factors actually transfer the experiences of one living
entity to a human being.
пЃ¶ Transfer factors are so complex that there will be new
discoveries about their functions for decades to come.
пЃ¶ Most products in MLM are simple and most everything to be
known about the nutrient is already known.
There isn’t a long marketing life on other products, but transfer factors will
keep the excitement going for decades to come.
1. Product Strategy
Results of this Strategy:
пЃ¶ Only one other network marketing company has marketed a
transfer factor product (the original inferior formula) in the past
15 years! This company recently began marketing the old
formula that doesn’t contain Tri-Factor and Nano-Factor
пЃ¶ This is very unusual in the MLM industry. Why?
Manufacturing transfer factors is difficult and very expensive.
Most companies are too greedy to select such an expensive
product to market. 4Life took less profit in the beginning so that
we could bring transfer factors to the market. Most companies
would rather select a product that costs a couple dollars to
manufacture then sell it for $30-$50 and make a killing in profits.
пЃ¶ Consistent growth for 15 years! Every year records were broken!
пЃ¶ More distributors are earning incomes because the product
works better and has the science behind it, which results in less
2. Scientific Compensation
4Life’s pay plan is scientifically developed to address all
seven categories of distributors. All other programs that
were researched didn’t address each of these unique needs
of each individual category.
пЃ¶Every pay plan has a target. Most programs target the extreme heavy hitter that earns more than $50,000 per month. This
leads to heavy attrition. A few program target the start-up phase, which doesn’t provide the incentive to move up. Of
course, most distributors want to move up the ladder of success, but this isn’t an easy journey. There needs to be incentives
along the way to encourage the next step. 4Life uses the various ranks and qualifications to accomplish this goal.
4Life’s compensation strategy encourages the distributors and leaders to help their team members along the way. The
second level 25% bonus encourages the leader to work with his first level distributors.
пЃ¶The three level volume encourages the leader to work with distributors that he or she brought into the program instead
of “leap frogging” over these distributors and working with someone else.
пЃ¶The bonuses in-depth are spaced just right to encourage forward growth and to encourage the leader to assist individuals
in-depth. There must be a balance in this support between those within your three levels and distributors in-depth. The
bonus pools based on depth help in this area.
пЃ¶The 25% fast start and 2nd level bonus address the need for quick money up front.
For more information on the science behind the 4Life compensation plan, visit
www.professionalnetworkers.com and link to the synopsis on the compensation plan.
3. Company Management
пЃ¶The study found that companies with founders who are true humanitarians make
better decisions in the interest of the distributors.
пЃ¶Some companies have humanitarian endeavors as a sales angle. Mike Akins
researched David Lisonbee’s background to see if he was a true humanitarian. He is a
heart-felt humanitarian.
пЃ¶David has many years of successful experience. He has surrounded himself with
humanitarian management. You don’t want to be a dollar sign in the eyes of the
management. We want them to care about us on a personal basis.
4. Marketing Strategy: Coming in Part 2
5. Personal Marketing Philosophy:
There is no doubt that 4life is the #1 MLM opportunity in the world.
пЃ¶The key is to approach your journey of success correctly. There are two aspects to your success in
this opportunity: the practical and the psychological.
пЃ¶I will cover the practical in Part 2
пЃ¶Our 3 ВЅ year study concluded that the primary cause of success or failure in a viable or good MLM
opportunity is psychological. Once a program has several or all key factors to success, the number
one factor in success or failure is your psychological mindset.
The Following are Keys to a
Successful Psychological Mindset:
1. Study the program carefully and
get all questions answered.
 When you first begin highly motivated it doesn’t seem important to understand every
aspect of the program and to get all question answered. As you journey to your
targeted success goal, the difficulties along the way can drain you and discourage you.
During these periods you need to have a very solid foundation of belief in this
пЃ¶ Remember the study found that the #1 reason for failure once a person finds the right
opportunity is not giving themselves enough time to succeed. The average leader in the
industry invested 12 years of hard work before averaging more than $10,000 per
month. Some earned more, even above $100,000 per month. Think about how long you
have spent getting where you are now in conventional jobs. Isn’t it worth it to invest 12
years into a lifetime income? Not everyone will earn this kind of money, but whatever
you earn will be more than what you would have earned in just a job and will be more
2. Expect difficulties. Life itself is full
of difficulties. Why do we think MLM
is any different?
3. Don’t judge yourself along your journey to success. We all have different dynamics
in our lives. Don’t judge the program or yourself by the difficulties you encounter
along the way. Each circumstance has many factors involved and some of them are
outside of your control.
4. View your journey to your maximum success as a learning experience that with
each step will teach you something that will enhance your chance for great success.
When you approach life this way it reduces stress, which drains you of emotional
5. Always find a way to
view your circumstances
in a positive way.
Negativity is like pouring acid on your success
and that of others. Staying positive is like
investing wisely in your future. When you view
everything as a lesson that will enhance your
understanding and help you become more
successful, it doesn’t seem as negative.
6. Always convey to your
distributors a caring and
understanding heart.
Don’t talk down to them or get frustrated with
them. Kind and understanding words are like
seeds planted in their minds that will bring
forth a harvest of blessings.
(More information on personal success in Part 2)