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Pag*2 Panorama Thursday, Augusts, 1999
Thursday, August 5,1999 Panorama Page 3
How to help boyfriend showing signs of depression
Dear Carolsnti:
You once told a girl not to nag
because then she would lose any
influence she might have had over
her boyfriend. I've reaUzed my
nagging has had that very effect.
My boyfriend has recently become
"depressed" and dropped out^of
school. He has also been unemployed for almost a year, but I
didn't mind that so much because
at least he was in school. Now, I
can't stand to watch him sit home
and do nothing. I can't help but
nag him every day because 1 feel
like he needs to be told he's being
lazy. He just tunes me out. In the
past, I have seen him work harder
than anyone I know, and wish 1
could somehow verbally "slap"
him into enlightenment.
Behold, the cure for cancer:
berating it into remission.
Depression (not to be confused
with "quote-unquote depressed")
is an illness, and though I'm no
doctor, your boyfriend's throwing
Uke confetti ofTa cruise
ship. The enlightenment he needs
is a warm reminder that life
doesn't have to be a wretched
trudge toward death, and that
help is available regardless of
what's wrong with him, and that
as soon as he's ready to get it,
youll do anything you can to support him.
If you're up to it. People are
starting to grasp that depression
causes real suffering in its victims — but few reaUze how friends
and family suffer, too. You get it,
somewhat. Are you ready for
Your daily nag-athon already
has your boyfriend on the defensive, so I can just imagine how
he'll relish any mention of psychiatric help. Try instead to get him
a full medical check-up. If he's got
physiological signs of depression
or other mental illness, a doctor
(whom you've also maybe just coincidentally
beforehand) will pick up on them
' .
and steer him toward help.
Dear Carolyn:
I've been dating someone for a
while and things are going well
except for one thing: I'm Jewish,
and she isn't. Although my parents Uke her, the religion question
has reared its ugly head a few
Although I've tried to engage
her in conversation about it, she
really doesn't want to talk about
it, won't consider converting and
has said that we could raise the
children in both religions.
I disagree and told her so, but,
because she refuses to talk about
it, we're not really going anywhere
on the issue. Any suggestions?
Religious conflict may have an
ugly head, but if you want to see
hideous, check out the melons on
'not talking" and "not budging.
it's a cop-out and unfair to kids.
Write to "Tell Me About It," c/o
The sole exception would be ifyou
The Washington Post, Style Plus
Tell her your future with her is give them evenhanded exposure
1150 15th St., NW, Washington
contingent on your ability to dis- to both religions and a pressure
DC. 20071 or e-mail:
cuss the Big Issues. Religion is -free choice when they're 12.
[email protected] Chat online
just one of several beasts that will Even then, it should be a last with Carolyn each Friday at noon and
Monday at 8 p.m., both Eastern
eventually knock at your door, resort, and only for parents of
and you have to greet them there equally intractable religious zeal. tinne, at
together — otherwise, the beasts
break in and trash the house and
issue a media release proclaimxxxxxxxxx
iFnraiwpwiuw iivВ«wВ»w '^
ing a "holy war."
Assuming she agrees to talk,
"'^odM '^ocdl ^^mSyuudeu^' State
you'll both have to work on listeny^ • Personalize Your Gifts • Your Items or Ours
ing — and accepting that with
Embroideiy and Heot Transfers •
i\ • ^'
religion, there are just so many
possible configurations. You ei• Golf Itenns • Hots • T-shirts • Corporate Logos 'f
ther keep your separate faiths, or
• Over 20,000 Designs •
someone converts, or you break
up. You raise kids either in one
faith or the other, or neither, or
,,. ^ . • Relocated * Relocated * Relocoted*
you find a more liberal form of I
'We've moved from our bosk Rd. Locotion to:
worship. You both have faith —
doesn't that matter more to you
v'^ V
Downtown Henderson
than its trappings? Or, you go 5
I agree with your disagreement J Atondoy - Thursday 10Qm-6pm
Fridoy - Saturday 10pm-4pfn ;
HuMMmitt JMJii t
Be prepared but not frightened about Y2K HOST FAMILIES NEEDED
It had to happen eventually.
I can put it off no longer. I mean,
what kind of two-bit computer
columnist would I be if I never
addressed the problem of the
Y2K Bug?
For those of you living under
a rock, the Y2K (Year 2000) or
Millennium Bug is the computer foible that could
potentially either bring an end
to society as we know it, or
cause not so much as a hiccup of
disruption to our busy lives.
Back in the Stone Age, when
computers were young, the word
"megabyte" was rarely spoken.
Forget "gigabyte," I doubt the
term had even been coined.
ConvBUtffir prftgramme rfl cu^ corners wherever they could to
(HBServe precious memory, and
one of the things they deemed
unnecessary was the century
distinction in date codes.
Thanks, braniacs.
Hence, 1980 was known to
computers of the day as just
plain old "80." Fine at the time.
But fast forward to 1999, when
millions of computers around
the world are still using outdated system software, and still
see the year as "99."
When the changeover from
Dec. 31, 1999, to Jan. 1, 2000,
occurs, those same computers
are going to know only "OO,"
which they are (allegedly) go-
ing to assume is 1900.
What will this mean to the
global community? No one really knows. Well, someone
probably knows, but he ain't
telling us. Which is probably a
bad thing.
It could mean that all over
the world, as "The Artist Formerly Known As..."and the rest
of the population are partying
like it's 1999, the lights will go
out. End of party.
It could mean that you will
fitart getting, bills in the mail
that say you're 100 years overdue on your payments, and owe
100 years' worth of interest.
It could mean that computercontrolled locks, such as bank
vaults and (yikes) prison cells,
may either open automatically
or seal themselves off for 100
Or, it could mean none of
this, which is why I haven't
written about Y2K before now:
I just don't know.
Consider this, though: most
every major corporation in the
world is spending millions or
billions of dollars to address
this issue, and are scrambling
to upgrade their systems before
the ever-looming deadline.
The words "Y2K compliant"
are becoming the catch phrase
ofthe '90s (or, I guess I should
say, the 19908). A friend told
me of a restaurant that proudly
boasts that its chicken is "Y2K
compliant." Oh, how I long for
the simple, "Where's the beef?"
days ofthe '80s. Oops, 1980s.
People everywhere, probably
in your neighborhood, are stocking up on delicious military
surplus food, bottled water,
power generators, flashlights
and, frighteningly, guns, in
preparation for the New Year's
Party to end all New Year's
Parties (er... I didn't mean that
the way it sounded).
My advice, if you don't mind
taking advice from a smart
mouthed columnist who admits
that he really doesn't know that
much about it, is to be prepared,
but please don't freak out. I
have a feeling that if there is a
crisis, it will be because people
are panicking and feeding off
one another's frenzied reactions.
Have some flashlights, blankets and good books ready
(when the boob tube goes out,
we're all going to be doing a lot
of reading). Have a week's supply of food and water, just in
case. But don't worry.
The Good Book says it best,
The News You Need rs On Now!
las Vegas ONE Live News Coverage
iwiniiAci Mit
"... do not worry about your life,
what you will eat; or about your
body, what you will wear. Life
is more than food, and the body
more than clothes." (Luke
12:22,23) And also, "Who ofyou
by worrying can add a single
hour to his life?" (Luke 12:25)
One more for good measure,
"Therefore do not worry about
tomorrow, for tomorrow will
worry about itself Each day
has enough trouble of its own."
(Mt 6:34)
Hanna, IGyrs.
Malce a new lifelong friend
from abroad. Enrich yqur
family with another culture. Now you can host an
exchange student (girl or
boy) from Scandinavia,
Germany, France, Spain,
England, Japan, Brazil,
Italy or S. Africa. Becoming
a host to a young international visitor is an
experience of a lifetime!
Jan, 17 yrs.
Call for information or to choose your own exchange student. Large
variety of nationalities, interests, hobbies, etc. now available (single
parents, couples with or without children may host). Call now
Local Area Rep: Bob Huddleston at 255-3172
Petra at 1-800-733-2773
Weidenfeld, a staff member of
the News, writes every other
week about computer-related
issues. His e-mail address is
[email protected]
~TВ»^to.В«.t .TLc^rf <.(В»wВ«. В«coB~.В« I
Water Safety Council reviews recent festival
I received my monthly newsletter from the Desert Valley
Water Safety Council and it contained a thorough recap and
evaluation ofthe recent festival
held at the special events beach
in May.
Overall, from what the report stated, the event was
successful. However, the council had many areas of
organization that needed to be
improved. The report listed suggestions and ideas to make
future events run more
smoothly and efficiently.
One area would be building a
boat out of cardboard. It seems
the glue used did not set quickly
enough and this was by far, the
most popular activity ofthe festival.
I was only there for the opening day and only for about an
hour. But all ofthe comments I
have heard referred to this fun
event. I know the box sled event
held in the Mt. Charleston area
las Vegas ONE News Programs
Thimtay, Ai^nt 5
Secretn or a Virleo
I>3ker TPInner
BJ30'0-J30 pm
7:00-8:00 pjn.
8iM)-lh30 pm
Learn winning video poker strategries from one of the world's
foremost experts. Bob Dancer. The classes S^f <210||||1B
are free so yoiiVe
yoii'ye got nothing
nothine to lose•\lfeM^^£
and possibly a whole lot to gain.
The Bureau of Land Management unveiled its Red Rock
Canyon General Management
Plan (GMP) to the public.
The proposed General Management
requirements of Congress to prepare a plan for the Red Rock
Canyon Visitor Canyon National
Conservation Area (NCA).
The Act of Congress which created the NCA contained five
specific subjects which are included in the draft GMP.
"What is There - Impressions
& Reflections," an art exhibit by
Patricia Woolley will be on display at the Lost City Museum
during August.
las Vegas ONE, Your local 24 Hour News Source
during the winter draws many
entries and gets great television coverage. I imagine the
DVWSC will latch onto this concept and do some extensive
publicity for next year.
Many ofthe sponsors are committed to return and Barb
Henderson, a radio and TV personality, has volunteered to
again emcee the event. Let's
hope the festival grows bigger
and bigger each year. The council is to be congratulated for
their efforts to promote safety
for everyone that eiyoys activities on the water.
I have been reprimanded by
Grandma (Adelle) for not mentioning our granddaughter
Brittany who also had some very
their separate ways. Ourfi-eezer
is now well-supplied with some
nice trout thanks to two very
special grandkids.
The Las Vegas Power Squadron announces that the next
Boat Smart class will be held
starting Oct. 6 at the Cashman
Junior High School on W. Desert
Inn Road. The cost ofthe course
is $15. If interested, call Clint
Moore, 255-3590. The regular
membership meeting will be
held on Aug. 12 at the Debriefing Room, 1250 Bumham Ave.
Also in the works will be a
cruise to Middle Point Aug. 2122. If you enjoy boating or want
to find out about the lake, plan
to attend the August meeting.
Until next time...keep your
bilge dry.
Eicher, a long-time valley
resident, considers hinnself a parttime boater and fishernrian. His Email address is
[email protected]
iiiВ«-|(iilifiv; AiTiВ«*iiВ«-ii's r<В»i> i*В»<> CO iiii<l ytitir CliciU'O of i l*i-oiniiirti
M<В»viВ«> imckjii^os Of AiiMTfurii'i* r<>i> i<><В» CO |>ttjs yoiif cliotc<^ cif
Those five plannings are:
• A continuing program of environmental education.
• Management of Cultural resources.
• Facilities and improvements.
• Wildlife management.
• Dispersed recreation opportunities.
The GMP also discusses:
Biodiversity and ecosystem management, including riparian areas
and springs, wild horses and burros, vegetation, wildlife and
endangered species.
Under the heading recreation
management comes: road and
trail designations, camping, facility improvements, commercial
recreation permits, and rock
climbing management.
Other major areas of discussion include: environmental
education and interpretation,
public safety, cultural resources
protection and cooperation associations.
The draft Environmental Im-
riay smarter.-
Woolley is a member of the
Utah Watercolor Society andhas exhibited^i^ughoutUtah.
She has studied with Ian
Ramsey, Arnie Westerraan,
Martha Manns and various others.
The museum is open ft^om 8:30
a.m. to 4:30 p.m. daily. There is
a $2 admission fee for visitors
^В«><> Ij.isit: 1^1 <В»1 fs>,M mill I iis(nllВ«tticВ»n iiicli-iclos n
• -•-»•-••- f^tr »._
• »-»..__•_ ^
I. RTil" Off Alt «»i >,o«:c»ncl
Oisli Antennn.
Resort Electronics
.•••: Henderson, NV 89009
www resortclcctronics com
ST. T W 0 K K
Barb Henderson
pact Statement (DEIS) presents
five management alternatives
where alternative three is the
Bureau's preferred alternative
and is the basis for action in the
The public comment period is
scheduled to run through Sept.
29. Copies ofthe GMP are available at the BLM's Las Vegas Field
Office, 4765 West Vegas Dr., Las
Vegas, NV 89108. Or the public
may call 647-5000 to have a copy
ofthe plan mailed to their homes.
ages 18 and over. Call 397-2193
for further information.
At 7:05
970 AM
Henderson Home News
proud to be a sponsor
'Outdoors With BaiMr
The News Covers Your Community
Real property taxes for the 1st installment of the 1999/2000 tax year are due on
Monday, August 16,1999.
Payments may be made:
By mail.
- :
By phone, using a VisaВ® or MasterCardВ® at 455-4323."
(A fee, collected by the processing bank, will be assessed for credit
card transactions.)
At the Treasurer's office in the Clark County Government Center
(Debit and DiscoverВ® cards can be accepted at the office windows.)
At any Bank of America branch in the county
" j
(Current tax year payments only. Payment must be a check or money
order and accompanied by the payment stub. Penalty payment cannot be
Checks should be made payable to: "Clark County Treasurer" and should
have your parcel number(s) written on the check.
If you have not received a tax bill or a Notice of Distribution card, please
contact the Treasurer's offTice immediately at 445-4323, or you may request a
duplicate bill from our website: www.
As required by .state statue, if 1st installment taxes have not be paid within 10
days of the due date, a penalty charge of 4% will be added and must be included
m your payment.
As an added convenience, the Treasurer's office windows will be open from
7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. on August 16.
Soitnd fair to you? We're at 1-615
and W. Lake Mead Drire in
good luck in catching fish while
with her parents on a recent
Utah fishing trip. I wrote about
it a few weeks ago.
Brittany is not as excitable
as grandson Jared when describing her fishing experiences.
Nor as excitable as Grandpa
when I catch a big one for that
matter. When I asked how she
did, all I got was an "OK." She
even told me the truthful size of
the fish she caught when I asked
her what size. I imagine she
had Jared clean them and she
will just do the catching.
Usually kids will lose interest if the fish are not biting, so
consider a trip to Utah where
the fishing is currently outstanding. It might be a nice
weekend for the entire family
and there is nothing like seeing
your kids latch onto a fish and
bring it into the net.
The look on their face is one
you will treasure and remember long after they have gone
BLM unveils Red Rocic Canyon management plan
:' '
:":• •
Woolley art display set this month at Lost City iVIuseum
The News covers
your community
Be a **saver,'' not a "waster^!
loin Deputy Drip's gran roots
water conservation effort.
/ QSyS per week
Z tirn6S a day, between 2 am-5 am
5 minutes each watering
•The actual amount of time yoo water may vary due
to drtferent soils, spfinkler systems and weather
Laura B. Fitzpatrick. Treasurer
Clark County Government Center
500 S. Grand Central Parkway. 1st Floor
La-s Vega.s, NV 89155
• Water between ttie hours of 2 A.m. and 5 aLin.
• Make sure sprinklers water the lawn, not the sidewaHc
• Don't water on windy or rainy days.
• Use a broom, not a hose, to clean sidewalks
and driveways.
• Fix leaky faucets and toilets.
Visit us on the Internet at www.$ or dial •«-2-0 on your cell phone (it's a fue call?)
This tnessage sponsored by the Southem Nevada Water Authority and Southern Nevada Coalition 2000.
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