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PHONE: 631-281-5743
Roman Catholic
Shrine Church of
St. Jude
[email protected]
FAX: 631-395-5786
“To the Greater Glory of God and the Salvation of Souls.”
Celebration of
the Eucharist
Saturday Evenings
Vigil Mass
Spanish Mass
English & Italian
Children’s Choir
Adult Choir
Youth Mass
Monday, Tuesday,
Thursday and Friday
Holy days
as announced.
Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time- October 12th 2014
Rev. Gregory Yacyshyn Thomas Gillen
Kenneth Geoghan
In Residence
Mark Herrmann
Msgr. John Heinlein
Joseph Simeone
John Gagliardi
Senior Priest
Rev. James Leone
Parish Office
Monday, Tuesday,
Closed Holidays
Useful Numbers
Parish Outreach
Nursery School
Queen of Apostles
St. Vincent Depaul
Sacrament of
Anointing of
the Sick
Sacrament of
Couples wishing to be
married should contact
Available in danger of
death or whenever there the rectory at least one
year in advance to meet
is a personal need, call
with one of the priests
the rectory for an
to make wedding
Pre-Cana is required for
of Penance/
all couples.
Sacrament of
Celebrated most 1st and
3rd Sundays throughout
the year. Please contact
Also by appointment the rectory to set up
an appointment with a
Parish Outreach
member of the staff to
arrange for the
Baptismal preparation
Closed Fri., SAT.,
SUN., And Holidays and then to arrange for
a Baptism date.
Miraculous Medal
Mondays after the
9:00am Mass
St. Jude Novena
Thursdays after the
9:00am Mass
Adoration of the
Blessed Sacrament
Benediction at 1:00pm
First Friday
Benediction at 9:00pm
The Holy Rosary
Monday through Friday at
8:30am; Saturday at
Masses for the Week
Saturday, October 11, 2014
Elizabeth Jiminez-Palermo †Parishioners of St. Jude
Sunday, October 12, 2014
Romeo D’Ambrosio †James J. Green †Rosemary Gannon †Joseph Mohr Sr. †MONDAY, October 13, 2014
Catherine Frescia †9:00am
Frank Pisano †Tuesday, October 14, 2014
Wednesday, October 15, 2014
9:00am James J. Green †12 Noon (Guild) Robert Leyra †, Roberta Ekberg †, Intentions of Elvin & Melissa Rodriguez,
Intentions of Kay Mineo
Thursday, October 16, 2014
Edwin John Jackson †Friday, October 17, 2014
Guiseppe Notaro †Saturday, October 18, 2014
8:30am Rollins Otten †5:00pm Parishioners of St. Jude
7:30pm Giuseppe Cumbo †Sunday, October 19, 2014
8:00am Pietro Gullo †9:30am Timothy Clifford †11:30am Shrine of St. Jude K of C Council
5:00pm Intentions of Daniel Moran
†Denotes Mass is for deceased
For the Sick: Patricia Ambrosino, Benjamin
Archer, Joseph & Cindy Balzer, Christina Bobas,
Joseph Boyle, Janet Brandimarte, Gary & Jennifer
Brendel, Rev. Robert Burgess, Francis X. Butler,
Dana Celentano, Al Clerico, Samantha Davis, Robert
DiFrancesco, Joann Dillman, Raymond Dhyne,
Tara Doring, Michael Drury, JoAnn Eppaillat, Joe
Fazio, Joseph & Stephanie Frigano, Edward Fusco
Sr., Felice Gagliardi, Nora Getchell, Ann & Frank
Giordano, George Gunther, Steven Heerbrandt,
Marybeth and Virginia Hoffman, Gary J., Matthew
Kaminsky, Lawrence Katz, Philomena Leone, Lewery
Family, Freddy Liguori, Mr. & Mrs.C. Linsalata,
Marilyn Lyden, Ronald Nappe, Jennie Paruolo,
Jessica & Joan Passaro, Frank Perez, Elvin Rodriguez, Justina Rodriquez, Eugene & Salvatore Russo,
Richard Thomas, Desmond Vella, Madeline Villardi,
Stephanie Walsh
For the Deceased: Robert Mahon
For the Military: John Abel, Nicholas Acierno,
Matt Corica, Michael Cuervo, Daniel Engo, Cody
Farrell, Kyle Christopher Gray, Patrick Gross, Jeffrey
Holmes, Chris Howell, Steven Kay, Richard Kruger,
T.J. Kurlowicz, Chris Manakides, Thomas Mannix,
John Maresca, Richard Mclaughlin, Joe Occhineri,
Anthony Ochoa Jr., Katherine M. Onorato, Ramon
Ortiz, Matthew Parenti, Rich Pinckney, Kerri-Anne
Pliego, Gerard Posillico, John Redding, Jr., Eric Reilly, Vinnie Riveria, Steven Schloesser, Carl Seaman,
Don Skelton, Arlise A. Smith, Bobby Sosa, Anthony
Thompson, Timothy Weisner, Robert Weyer
Important Information
All parish offices will be closed on Monday, October 13th in observance of
Columbus Day. There is one Mass at 9AM.
All Saints Day
All Saints Day is Saturday, November 1st. It is NOT a Holy Day of Obligation when it falls on a Saturday. Our regular Saturday Mass schedule applies 5PM and 7:30PM(Sp.).
All Souls Day
Sunday, November 2nd is All Souls Day. The names of those buried from
our church since All Souls Day last year will be placed at the foot of the
altar. Please return your All Souls Novena Envelopes received in your mailing packets in time to have your intentions remembered in the Novena
Masses. Envelopes can be placed in the collection baskets or dropped off
in the rectory. Additional envelopes are also available in the vestibule. All
Souls Day we will follow our regular Sunday Mass schedule.
Faith Formation
NO CLASSES & the Faith Formation Office will be CLOSED on Monday,
October 13th in observance of Columbus Day.
CHURCH TOUR-Wednesday, October 15th (4:15- 8 pm class sessions)
and Thursday, October 16th (5:30-8 pm class sessions), for grade levels 1,
4, RCIC1 Lower, CP1 & High School 1 students during regular class time.
Sign in and out will be done in our church lobby. Catechists will meet their
students at our church. If the Church Tour needs to be cancelled, Theresa
will notify all Catechists, then the Catechist will notify your parents to
come directly to the parish center for class and not the church. So, please
have a lesson planned in case of a cancellation.
St. Vincent de Paul “Giving Thanks Walk-a-thon”
Saturday, October 18th, you can walk any time between 1pm thru 3pm
This is a good opportunity for children to earn their Community Service!
All are invited to help raise funds to help care for the needy in our community. We will have food, beverages and entertainment. Registration fee is
$1 OR a non-perishable item on the day of the event. Every $20 donated
earns 1 free raffle for some great prizes! You can pick-up a Pledge Form
at therectory or by calling our hot-line @ 631-219-3542. We will also be
at the Mass the weekend of October 11th & 12th for anyone who may wish
to participate or make a donation. PLEASE help us to help them!
Our Lady Queen of Apostles Regional School OLQA
Annual Candy Sale
Students will be selling candy at the end of each Mass this weekend, October 11th & 12th. All bars are $1.00.
Proceeds support the financial obligations of the school. Thank you in
advance for supporting our fundraiser.
World Mission Sunday
Next weekend, October 18th & 19th is World Mission Sunday, our Holy
Father, Pope Francis, calls every Catholic to celebrate at the Eucharist, our
vocation to be missionary and to help the Missions. As Catholics around
the world, here at home and in the Missions, gather at the Eucharistic
table, let us pray for the Church’s worldwide mission and offer financial
help through the Propagation of the Faith for more than 1,150 dioceses
in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Pacific Islands. Thank you for your
Lighthouse Catholic Media
A Voice for the Unborn – Lila Rose
Lila Rose is the president of Live Action, a new media non-profit dedicated
to ending abortion and building a culture of life. Although she is only in
her early 20s, she is a regular guest on The O’Reilly Factor, Hannity, and
several other TV programs. In this talk, Lila describes her daring undercover investigations into America’s most notorious abortion facilities, shedding light on the greatest human rights abuses of our time.
2014 CMA
As of 10/08 pledges are $68,795. Payments received are $61,730.50. Our
goal is 61,900.
From the Pastor
October 12th, 2014
Twenty-Eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time
apital Campaign Update
We have completed the parish planning study that was conducted during the months of May through July,
seeking input, advice and suggestions from all parishioners on our hope to accomplish major projects and capital
improvements. A summary of the report prepared for us by Parish Development was published here in the bulletin
twice in early September. I do hope that you read it. If not, you can obtain a copy at the rectory.
First let me say Thank-You to those of you who participated in the planning study. To date, we have received
over 400 responses, and your feedback and input has been very valuable to me and parish leadership as we move
forward with the next steps.Overall, the results are very promising and show that parishioners see the need and support the plan to remove the old rectory, address the candle shrine, and replace the deteriorating old Church with a
new structure that will honor and recognize St. Jude Parish’s history and countless memories. It seems clear to me
that the parish is ready to move forward with these important projects and the other proposed capital improvements
to the parish center and to the “new” church.A quick review shows that:
•When parishioners were asked the question: “How would you rate the parish?” - 98% responded “Very Good” or
•When asked about their involvement and whether they would give to a campaign - 82% responded “Yes.”
•When asked about the top concern about conducting a campaign, many responded that “the economy” was a concern. Many mentioned the concern about being on a fixed or limited income. However, many also said they had no
concerns – or that if we did not address these needs soon, conditions will worsen and become more costly and even
dangerous, especially in the case of the deteriorating old church.
I understand that many of you mentioned a concern about security of any structure built in place of the old
church and hope that we can maintain the integrity of that sacred space. In light of that, and in response to numerous suggestions, we are strongly looking into replacing the old church with a slightly smaller scale model of it
to be employed as a Daily Mass Chapel, with the St. Jude Shrine attached. With your support, this will become
a reality!
“Why,” many have asked, “can’t we just renovate the old church? Why does it have to come down?” In simplest
terms, the former church was built in 1937 as a �Mission Church’ of St. John, Center Moriches. A priest would travel
from St. John to offer Sunday Mass and the Sacraments during the summer months, when people “came out to the
country.” Mission churches were built as small, simple, temporary structures in order to accommodate the fledgling
Catholic population in an area; the expectation being that when in 10-20 years or so, and when the community grew
sufficiently and became its own parish entity (as St. Jude did in 1949), the mission church would be demolished and
give way to a permanent, larger, properly structured and appointedchurch building to accommodate the parish for
many years to follow.
Looking at old photos of the edifice, one can see that it was originally just a rectangular “box”structure, consistingof the nave (main body) and sanctuary. There was no sacristy (I suppose that the priest brought the requisites
he needed for Mass and set up and vested right in the sanctuary), and the eastern transept (perpendicular wing) did
not exist. There was no heat source, no plumbing, no stained glass other than in the sanctuary (which are now in the
new church confessional and in the niche above the statue of Our Lady), and only one entrance/exit: the front doors,
which opened onto a wooden stoop and steps. At some point in the 1940s, the sacristy was added, and subsequently
added to; the transept was added as well, with the furnace in the cellar below the wing to provide forced air heat for
winter use. The roof consists of softwood 4”x12” trusses/rafters, 10’ on center, supported only by 4”x6” posts with
a 2”x6” sistered on! The structure in-between these rafters and posts is comprised of 2”x4”s, and 4”x4” roof purlins
are located between the trusses to support them. Translating this for those unfamiliar with construction/carpentry,
suffice it to say that the roof and walls are very under-structured; so it is no wonder that a number of the trusses and
cross ties have split, and that the western wall is bowing out under the weight of three layers of roofing. And thus,
the reason why a renovation is just not feasible.
When asked to indicate a potential level of giving to a capital campaign, 151 families responded with gifts
ranging from $50 to $20,000 which totaled $331,500. I was very encouraged by the willingness of so many to estimate their giving at this early stage. This is an excellent starting point for us and I appreciate this strong and very
generous level of support. Most pleasing to me was that many commented on their love of the parish, appreciation
for being asked their opinion and a sincere willingness to want to help the parish move forward. So with a very good
percentage of the parish participating and a solid majority supporting our need to accomplish the proposed projects
and improvements, the recommendation is that we move forward with a capital campaign to handle the costs.
I am very conscious and most appreciative of your generosity to previous fund-raising campaigns and please
know that it was a difficult decision for me to have to begin another campaign, especially in these economically challenging times. Yet, as your pastor, I am paternallycommitted to leading this parish and putting the parish property
and buildings in good working order. I appreciate your participation in the planning study and continued support of
our parish with your gifts of time, talent and treasure. I am certain that working together, we will succeed in this effort and have a long and strong future for St. Jude Parish. More details will soon follow so that we can – by the grace
of God and our participation – set this campaign in motion!
In Christ, Fr. Greg
“Country Hoe Down”
(Music by Frankie K-Your Country DJ)
(Country Dance Lessons –by Frankie K & “Lessons by Lynn”)
(plus -- Popular Country Music selections and “requests” for the “pros”)
SATURDAY- OCTOBER 25, 2014 - 7:00 to 11:00 PM
Where: St. Jude Parish Center
TICKETS- $30 per person/$55 per couple
INCLUDES: Bar-B-Q Dinner
(Chicken, Hamburgers, Frankfurters and Salads. Plus, beer, wine, soft drinks, desserts, cake and coffee.
Tickets can be purchased at the rectory Monday-Thursday 9-5 pm.
Tickets will be sold at Masses next weekend, October 18th and 19th.
For more information, please call Benny Schiraldi at 281-6501.
The Shrine of Our Lady of the Island
“Getting to Know God: the Unexpected Encounter and Fantastic Journey”
Thursday, October 23, 2014 at 7:30 PM
Charlotte has been married for 55 years and is a loving mother and grandmother. She is retired after a diverse career
in nursing, including serving as a Nurse Manager of an Oncology Unit. She has completed three years in the Pastoral
Formation Institute and now serves at her parish, St. Joseph the Worker in East Patchogue, in many ministries after
an unexpected encounter with God, Charlotte shares how the Lord transformed her life into a fantastic journey with
Him. Please join us for an evening of praise and worship, inspirational testimony, and healing prayer held in Pilgrim
Calling All Jaspers!
Manhattan College invites you to attend a reception for alumni and friends on Wednesday, Nov.
19 at the Rockville Links Club from 6:30-8:30 p.m.
at $30 pp. Visit http://manhattan.edu/alumni for
more information and to register.
Living Stewardship
We are grateful this week for all stewards in our parish
who share their gifts by cooking or providing meals for
the homebound or those in need at soup kitchens or
community centers.
News from Parish Outreach
There has been a greater demand than usual for
emergency food over the past few weeks so we ask
you to please keep outreach in mind when you are
shopping, especially when you get a good buy-oneget-one sale. We’d love to have the “extra.” We
always need cereal, peanut butter and jelly, tuna
and pasta, soup and canned vegetables, and we are
beginning to collect items for Thanksgiving dinners.
Long Island Coalition for Life
You’re invited to join Christians around the country in the
40 Days for Life campaign to bring an end to abortion.
From Sept. 24th through Nov. 2nd, pro-life people will be
making a concerted effort of prayer and fasting and
peaceful vigil on behalf of the unborn babies dying by
abortion. The 40-day vigil will take place daily, from 7AM
to 7PM, on the public sidewalk outside the Hempstead
Planned Parenthood abortion facility at 540 Fulton
Ave. (Hempstead Tpke, just west of Hofstra). We ask that
you spend at least one hour at the vigil during the 40 days
in memory of the unborn babies and all those hurt by abortion. For more information, please call 631-243-1435 or
email us at [email protected].
St Jude Youth Group
WANTED: young musicians and singers in grades
7 – 12 for the 5pm Sunday Youth Mass beginning
October 19th. Come share your time and talents. If
interested or have questions please email stjudeyg@
gmail.com or call the rectory and leave your contact
information. ALL youth are welcome and encouraged
to join.
Bulletin Reflection
In today’s second reading, St. Paul thanks the Philippians for being willing
to share in his hardships and promises that God, in turn, will fully supply all
their needs. Our God truly cannot be outdone in generosity!
St. Christopher’s Elementary School
Looking for alumni to help celebrate the 100th Anniversary of our Parish.
Please email us at: [email protected] or contact Jaime Riecker Seloverat at St. Christopher’s rectory516-223-0723
The Rosary Altar Society would like to welcome 8 new members: Elizabeth
Bianco, Roberta Cimusz, Eileen Hughes, Michele McCaffery, Rosalie Muller,
Kris Schoen, Eileen Stigliano,Marilyn Stein. The enrollment ceremony was
conducted by Fr. Greg on October 6th. “God Bless our New Rosarians.”
Catholic Pilgrimage
To Rome with Papal General Audience, the Shrines of Italy including Montecassino, Padre Pio, Assisi, Lanciano, Padua, Exposition and viewing of The
Shroud of Turin & The Passion Play in Sordevelo, Italy. Nonstop air from
JFK. For more information or a flyer please call Michael Milano at 631-5692617.
Christmas Fair
Keep the date in mind Saturday, December 6th is our Annual Christmas Fair.
We are looking for donations of fully assembled baskets for the Chinese
Auction. We have some baskets to get you started. Please let us know if you
can help by calling the rectory. If fully assembled baskets could be turned
in by Thursday, November 13th this would be helpful with planning. Thank
you for your continued support and generosity. Donated baskets should
range in value from $5 to $50.
St. Vincent de Paul
It is incredible that the invited guests could refuse to come to such a significant and lavish banquet! But we are invited to a feast even more lavish
and we, too, can fail to see its significance and fail to prepare ourselves. “If
somebody asked Our Lord, �Why did you come on earth?’ He would answer:
�To assist the poor…’ And so, are we not then the happiest of people to be
part of the Mission for the very same reason that moved God to become
one of us?” Join the Society of St. Vincent de Paul?
Winter Coat Drive
Next weekend, October 18th (5pm Mass) & Sunday, October 19th coats
will be collected before and after all scheduled Masses. All coats will be
donated to the St. Jude Outreach for the needy of our community. Thank
you for your support! Please call Squirettes Chief Counselor Susan Donahue
for more information at 729-3711. Drive is sponsored by the St. Theresa
Squirettes of Mary.
Catholic High Schools Open Houses
You are invited to explore the benefits of a Catholic High School Education,
feel free to visit the schools during the times and dates listed:
Saturday, Oct. 18th- McGann Mercy Diocesan H.S. 9am.-12pm
Sunday, Oct. 19th- St. John the Baptist Diocesan H.S. 10:30am.-2:00pm
Adult Choir Call
Come join us as we begin to practice for Advent and Christmas. Men and
women (must be 18 years old) needed!! Rehearsals are for ONE hour only,
MONDAYS at 7:30 PM. If you can read music, it’s a plus. However, it’s not
necessary. Only requirements are “love to sing”. Just show up on Monday!!!
Children’s Choir
All children welcome (5 years old and older). Come join the Children’s
Choir at St. Jude Parish. We will meet at 9am before the 9:30 Mass each
Sunday. Meet Ms. Wendy in the REAR OF THE CHURCH.
Mass Attendance
5pm 7:30
Sept14 280 105
Sept21 265 140
Sept28 270 195
Oct.5 244 185
8am 9:30 11:30 5pm Total
223 275 315 151 1349
198 296 335 194 1428
199 289 370 186 1509
196 336 350 154 1465
Weekly Collection
Oct 5th
Respect Life
Special Collection
(Persecuted Christians in Middle East)
Scripture Readings
MONDAY , Oct. 13, 2014
Weekday- Gal 4:22-24, 26-27, 31-5:1/Lk
Tuesday, Oct. 14, 2014
Weekday- Gal 5:1-6/Lk 11:37-41
Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014
Memorial of Saint Teresa of Jesus, Virgin and
Doctor of the Church- Gal 5:18-25/Lk 11:4246
Thursday, Oct. 16, 2014
Weekday- Eph 1:1-10/Lk 11:47-54
Friday, Oct. 17, 2014
Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, Bishop
and Martyr- Eph 1:11-14/Lk 12:1-7
Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014
Feast of Saint Luke, Evangelist- 2 Tm 4:1017b/Lk 10:1-9
Sunday, Oct.19, 2014
Twenty-ninth Sunday in Ordinary Time: Is
45:1, 4-6/1 Thes 1:1-5b/Mt 22:15-21
Altar Bread and Wine
Have been donated:
In honor of our Wedding Anniversary
Walter & Ana Haass
Available weeks:
December 1,22,&29th
Altar Flowers
Available dates
Oct.26th Nov.9& 23rd
Sofia Rose Lucadello, Craig Joseph Armstrong
Jr., Eric Robert Montpetit Jr., Landon John
May God Bless them and their families!
Fiscal Years Ending August 31st
Total Regular Collections
Total Funding Raising
$ 47,054
$ 49,664
$ 53,211
Total Parish Programs
Total Auxiliary Revenue
Total Collect on Behalf of Others
$ 34,281
$ 35,936
$ 39,535
Total Non-Operating Revenue
$ 6,819 $ 6,510
$ 4,645
Total Extra Ordinary Other Revenue
$ 48,442
$ 79,743
Total Revenue
Total Salaries
Total Fringe Benefits
Total Fund Raising
$ 5,958 $ 6,389
$ 1,896
Total Parish Programs
$ 78,935
$ 77,156
$ 68,317
Total Parochial School
$ 89,461
$ 90,735
$ 86,090
Total Printing and Office
$ 21,196
$ 21,224
$ 22,681
Total Auxiliary Expenditures
$ 85,155
$ 88,643
$ 94,086
Total Rectory Household
$ 8,538 $ 13,094
$ 11,433
Total Collect on Behalf of Others
$ 34,281
$ 35,936
$ 39,535
Total Bldgs/Utilites & Maintenance
Total Extraordinary Other Expenditures
$ 29,835
$ 2,269
Total Extraordinary Capital Expenditures
$34,347 $ 1,967
$ 1,789
Total Expenditures
$917,041 $933,471
Net surplus/ - Deficit
Diocesan Building Loan
Diocesan -Accounts Payable
$ 10,684