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(Sunday 13 July 2014)
St John’s is a place of soul-stirring worship, challenging preaching, fine
art and music, warm fellowship and outreach. It remains as Dee Why’s
oldest institution.
We are an Anglican parish in the Catholic Tradition of Anglicanism,
п‚· welcomes everyone
п‚· seeks to live the life of Christ in community
п‚· reaches out in love to others to share this life
If you are a baptised communicant Christian from another Church you
are welcome to receive Holy Communion with us today, or you may
choose to come forward to receive a blessing.
Please join us for refreshments after all services.
as we celebrate
Ordinary Sunday 15
(Sunday 13 July 2014)
Holy Eucharist
96, 519, 452 (TIS)
A Parish Mass (Michael Dudman)
Family Eucharist with Godly Play
96, 519, 452 (TIS)
Messe Breve no. 7 in C (Charles Gounod)
Thou Knowest Lord (Henry Purcell)
We adore thee (Giovanni da Palestrina)
Crown Imperial March (William Walton)
No Adult Preparation for the Sacraments
Choral Evensong
150, 252 (NEH)
Ferial Responses
Magnificat in F (A. Herbert Brewer)
Nunc Dimittis (Thomas Morley)
If ye love me (Thomas Tallis)
St John’s Anglican Church acknowledges the traditional custodians of this land
and pays respect to all Aboriginal people, and to their families past and present.
For more information please visit our website
13 July 2014
St Paul's apostolate was wide-ranging, and in addition to his letters where
possible he visited the Church communities around the Mediterranean. The
Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Justin Welby, in his many-sided ministry is
continuing in part that of his predecessor in visiting Churches of the Anglican
Communion. Not being a pope, and having few canonical powers outside
England, he ''presides in charity'', seeking to build bridges and offer
encouragement in widely differing cultures, and is able to exercise moral
authority. Please read the report on his recent visit to South Africa posted on the
lobby noticeboard.
On his visit, he called on Christians to the disciplines of prayer and spending time
in “contemplation and wonder”; “there has never been a renewal of the Church
without the renewal of prayer”, observing that while Jesus calls us to be �the light
of the world’ our internal issues can create barriers.
“Reconciliation is a complicated, fragile product and it takes time,” he explained.
“The mistake is to ignore it. It’s like a bicycle, which when you stop riding, will
fall.” “We are not to be like a political party excluding those that disagree with
us.” The Church does not have the luxury of throwing out people with whom it
disagrees. We are to be a beacon of hope on diversity and many other issues in
the church.
Archbishop Justin’s program included visiting Alexandra, one of the oldest –
mainly black and poor – townships, walking in witness to a small one-roomed
house where Nelson Mandela lived, connecting with and washing the feet of
young people, and referring to Jesus’ teaching that whoever wants to become a
leader must be the servant of all.
Sat 19 Jul
Sat 2 Aug
Sat 9 Aug
Sat 23 Aug
Sat 20 Sun 21 Sep
Sat 11 Oct
Sun 19 Oct
Mon 3 Nov
Sat 22 Nov
Sun 23 Nov
Men’s Breakfast following 7:30am Eucharist
St John’s Op Shop 8:30am
Organ Recital 2:00pm
Trivia Night 6:00pm
Weekend Festival of Music
Afternoon Tea Dance 3:00pm
Bear Cottage Benefit Concert 7:00pm
Dedication Festival and Parish Lunch 10:00am
All Souls’ Day – Fauré’s Requiem 7:30pm
St John’s Parish Fête
Christ the King – Cathedral Singers 10:00am
Fr John Butterworth: Thank-you for again officiating at this morning’s services
while Fr Steven and Dn Sandra are on leave.
Amnesty International: Letter writing will be conducted today after each
morning service. For more information please speak with Neridah Byrne today.
Music notes for today’s Family Eucharist: The setting this morning is by the
French composer, Charles Gounod (1818-1893); this mass was originally written for
tenor and bass soloists and later adapted for a four part choir. This morning the choir
will sing two anthems: the first written by the English composer Henry Purcell (16591695) as part of the Funeral Sentences composed for the funeral of Queen Mary in
1695, and repeated later in the same year at the composer's funeral. The second
anthem is by the Italian composer Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (c. 1525-1594), who
was maestro di cappella in several churches in Rome, most notably at the Julian
Chapel in St Peter's Basilica in the Vatican. Palestrina left hundreds of compositions,
including 105 settings of the mass. The voluntary is an arrangement of the orchestral
march composed in 1937 for the Coronation of King George VI by Sir William Walton
(1901-1983). The stirring central march section (in E flat) is contrasted with the fanfarelike theme (in C major) which frames the march.
St John’s Men’s Group Breakfast on Saturday 19 July in the Parish Centre
will follow the 7:30am Eucharist. Our guest, parishioner and police force officer,
Winston Langthorne, is to speak on “how policing both challenges and
affirms one’s faith”. All welcome ($5 donation invited); to assist with catering,
please add your name to the list in the lobby.
The Australian Church Women (ACW) Fellowship Day Service will be
held on Friday 25 July, 10:30am at St David’s Uniting Church (3 St David Ave,
next to the police station) and followed by morning tea. The theme of the service
is “Building up the Body of Christ” with guest speaker Salvation Army Major Lyn
Middleton (National President of ACW). Offerings collected will go to support
training for young women in the Asia Pacific Area.
Happy Birthday: Joan Butler (13th), Kayden Bate (eight on 14th), and Tim
Swales (19th)
Op Shop: St John’s Op Shop raised $2,360 on Saturday 5 July. Many thanks to
all who contributed and helped.
St John’s Church and Community Centre - Sanctuary for all seeking
purpose in life; finding and sharing hope and strength; a place for prayer,
meditation, learning, understanding, friendship, care, encouragement and
Reading this week’s pew sheet, please reflect on ministries that focus on:
Women and Family Life at St John’s.
How can we encourage all involved?
Fellowship at St John’s (Focus on Women and Family Life)
St John’s has several Christian fellowship groups focusing specially on women
and family life.
o They provide within their programs scope for fun and fellowship, spiritual and
personal growth, intellectual stimulation, friendship, discussion, sharing of
ideas and experiences.
o They are open and welcoming to new members (who do not necessarily have
to belong to the Church).
o They seek to share Christ's love by encouraging, strengthening and
supporting marriage and family life.
Mothers’ Union
“MU Australia” was known for most of its history as the Mothers' Union and is
part of a worldwide movement, established by Mary Sumner in England in 1876,
within the Anglican Church. The movement sought to unite mothers in prayer,
fellowship and example in the discharge of their great family
responsibilities. Apart from Christian outreach, MU has been involved in a wide
range of social and political reform activities, mostly relating to the welfare of
vulnerable groups and in support of charitable work. The St John’s MU Branch
usually meets at 11:20am on the third Wednesday of the month after the
Wednesday morning Eucharist.
Caritas is part of MU Australia. It was originally known as “Young Wives” and is
less structured than MU. CARITAS, meaning “Christian Love for Others”, has
the motto: “Friendship in Action”. In Caritas, people find an unconditional hand
of friendship and a warm caring welcome. Caritas usually meets at 7:30pm on
the first Monday of the month.
All welcome
Both MU and Caritas welcome everyone into membership. You don't have to be
married or a mother or even a woman! There are many male members of MU
throughout Australia and worldwide, though at present we don't have any here.
For information on these groups, please see the weekly pew sheet for the week
before each meeting or speak with Deacon Sandra.
Other Activities
Other regular activities also provide a focus of fellowship for Women and Family
Life, for example in:
o Children’s ministries – Playtime, Godly Play
o The Songbirds (formerly the Singing Mums) – young mothers’ choral group
In addition to their own programs, members of both MU and Caritas are deeply
involved in the many other activities of the Parish, including:
o Sunday worship – lessons and prayers, sidespeople, choir
o Weekday worship, prayer and bible study
o Hospitality, welcoming and reception – volunteers in the Café and Office and
supporting various events
o Support – cleaning the church, grounds and brass, the Op Shop and fundraising
Family home become too big? Too lonely?
Living in a Serviced Apartment at Willandra
Village you can continue to enjoy your independent
lifestyle in a friendly and caring environment.
With the added benefit of letting someone else
look after the meal preparation, cleaning and
heavy laundry.
For more information call 1800 026 388.
81 Willandra Road Cromer
Where to find us:
Cnr Avon Road and Oaks Avenue, Dee Why 2099
Parish Priest:
Fr Steven Salmon SSC
9971 8694 (Office and Rectory).
[email protected]
0417 359 792 (mob)
The Rev’d Sandra Salmon (Hon)
[email protected]
9971 8694 (Office and Rectory)
0409 412 798 (mob)
The Rev’d Jennifer Barry (Hon)
[email protected]
0457 396 323 (mob)
Parish Deacon:
Assistant Deacon:
Bev Bingham (on leave)
Robyn Couch
Tony Johnson
[email protected]
0414 645 338 (mob)
0419 225 011 (mob)
Tom Edwards
[email protected]
0481 563 258 (mob)
Lynette Johnson
Dn Sandra Salmon
0408 254 125 (mob)
Pastoral Care:
Lynette Johnson
0408 254 125 (mob)
Director of Music:
Dn Sandra Salmon
[email protected]
(Baptism Preparation and Hospital Visitor)
Office phone:
Office hours:
Office email:
Postal address:
Beck Whelan (part-time)
9971 8694 (Fax 9971 8252)
9:30am–2:00pm (Mon–Fri)
[email protected]
[email protected]
PO Box 495
Dee Why NSW 2099
Heather Andrews
Don Fisher
Dudley Johnson
Don Stephens
Valda Ashover
Pam Fisher
Roz Peterson
Katherine Ward
Neridah Byrne
Lynette Johnson
Anne Seddon
St John’s Parish seeks to be environmentally aware and responsible in our
use of resources.
The church is open during the day for personal prayer. Morning and Evening Prayer is
normally said each day (except Tuesdays) at 8:15am and 5:15pm.
Mon 14 Jul
Tue 15 Jul
Wed 16 Jul
17 Jul
18 Jul
St Bonaventure
Op Shop Sorting
10:00am-1:00pm CafГ©
(by appointment) Cottage Counselling
Junior Choir Practice
Senior Choir Practice
Holy Communion Liturgy
MU Annual Deanery Day (St Faith’s Narrabeen)
(by appointment) Cottage Counselling
Street Mission: Wednesday Night CafГ©
(by appointment) Cottage Counselling
Holy Eucharist (chapel)
12noon-2:00pm Multicultural Carers Program
Holy Eucharist (chapel)
10:00am-1:00pm St John’s Café
The Songbirds (formerly Singing Mums)
Sacrament of Reconciliation
(A priest is normally available in the church for Confessions from
5:30 pm to 6:00 pm or contact Fr Steven for other times)
19 Jul
20 Jul
Memorial of the Blessed Virgin Mary
Holy Eucharist (chapel)
Holy Eucharist
Family Eucharist with Godly Play
Adult Preparation for the Sacraments
Sung Evensong
Morning Readings: Isaiah 55:10-11; Romans 8:18-23; Matthew 13:1-23
St John’s weekday ministries (including children’s and young people’s activities
and Wednesday Bible Studies) resume this week, after a well-earned break for
our ministry leaders! Fr Steven and Dn Sandra return on Wednesday 16 July.
Mothers’ Union: Reminder that instead of the usual July meeting, St John’s
MU branch will be visiting St Faith’s Narrabeen for the annual Deanery Day on
Wednesday 16 July. (The Service at St Faith’s starts at 10:30am; some MU
members will go straight there, and others will attend St John's Holy Communion
Liturgy at 10:00am, after which Deacon Sandra can drive them to Narrabeen.)
For information, please speak with Margaret Winters.
Those who are ill:
Ana, Sophie, Gill, Louise, Mary, Suru, Yvette, Michael Aitken, Pam
Andersen, Margaret Baker, Annette Bird, Kay Burton, Stephen Butler, John
Byrne, Luiz Castro, Nora Davidson, Gary Fenton, Marie Hansen, Leah
Hermanns, Peter Hill, Marj Hoysted, Kerrie McAlpin, Ross Morgans, Anne
Newell, Ken O’Donell, Elaine Rich, Kevin Ross, Jan Smith, Brian Taylor,
Joan Van Leeuwen, Pamela and Allan Ward, Stephen Ward, Noel Warr,
Bob Wilson
Others in need of prayer:
Belinda, Larka, Anita, Donna, Russell, Thomas, Jasmine and Ryan, David,
Greg, Leah, Lisa, Mark, Fay Baker, Virginia Baker, Elizabeth Balharry, Joy
Beness, June Bennett, Cameron Browne, Bob & Margaret Brownley, Joy
Burge, Craig Butler, Shirley Butler, John and Norma Byles, Susan Caldis,
Dorothy Cole, Beryl Cornish, Betty Coward, John Cranfield, Fr Jim
Cranswick, Anne Evans, Jean Field, Kevin Flicker, Clarrie and Stella
Greaves, Norma Halford, Eric Hastings Snr, Michelle Hayden, Peter
Huckleby, Margaret James, Sue Kinging, Alec, Midge Lee, Joanne Lucock,
Grace MacKay, Lois Maze, Bob and Vivienne McMullin, Lilian Miles, Byron
Moore, Grayden Moore, Joan Morgans, Del Nattrass, Rebecca O’Donnell,
Jessica, Angus, Daniel and Lucy, Stephen Palmer, Bill and Karin Peters,
Fiona Peterson, John Posener, Joan Preuss, Isabel Ridgway, Tom
Ridgway, Debby Roberts, Olwyn Rogers, Patricia Sara, Bob Satchell, Pam
Seddon, Lena Simpkins, Denise Soltau, Don Stephens, Jill and Kareena
Sutcliffe, Jennifer and Michael Taylor, Joan Taylor, Phil and Margaret
Turley, Audette Vaughan, Cynthia Watts, Florence Watts, Kimberley
Webster, Ted Wenning, Val West, John Wickes, Kath Yabsley
Those who died recently:
Ashley Wren, Alle Tesoriero, Hilary Dowe
Those whose anniversaries of death occur at this time:
Denis Moore (13th), Belle Vella (14th), Ronald Bain (15th), Betty Symonds
(16th), Vernon Rowland, Jeane Warne, Betty Hastings (17th), Peg Jones
(18th), Jenny Smith (19th)
13 July 2014 – Ordinary Sunday 15 – Rostered Duties
Morning Tea:
Godly Play
Roger Soltau
Stan Jeffery
Dianne Greenhalgh
Jean Knight
Brian Thiel
Kay Thiel
Joan Butler
Graeme Couch
Brian Butler
Jess Rynd
Anne Seddon
Loraine and Ray
- Storyteller:
- Door person:
Pam Fisher
Tony Johnson
Valda Ashover
Helen Hastings
Heather Andrews
Neridah Byrne
Lynette Johnson
Valda Ashover
Lesley Flood
Debby Roberts
Roz Peterson
Adam Roberts
Alma Ondevilla
Kathe Swales
Robyn Couch
Kyle Cutugno
Barbara Emmett
Krisztina Keller
Lesley Flood
Jess Rynd
Mark Ashover
20 July 2014 – Ordinary Sunday 16 – Rostered Duties
Glen Kinging
Alan Plambeck
Anne Seddon
Dianne Greenhalgh
Peter Cunningham
Anne Seddon
Jess Rynd
Jess Rynd
Roz Peterson
Alma Ondevilla
Tony Johnson
Bob Brownley
Margaret Brownley
Wendy Johnson
Katherine Ward
Michael Johnston
Adam Roberts
Debby Roberts
Adam Roberts
Matthew Robinson
Michael Roberts
Morning Tea:
Helen Hastings
Shirley Butler
Godly Play
- Storyteller:
Valda Ashover
- Door person:
Neridah Byrne
Alan Plambeck
Mary McDougall
Don Fisher
Cecily O’Donell
Ray Phelps
Kathe Swales
Roz Peterson
Alma Ondevilla