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Created Date: 11 October 2014
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A place which...
Its altogether a good place if
you love high tides in sea. I did not
got enough time to explore local
market but we saw the Ganesh
Visarjan that...
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About Alibaug
Alibaug, a small town in the Konkan region of Maharashtra, is known for its beautiful beaches
and scenic locations. It's one of the most popular weekend getaways for Mumbaikars.
History of Alibaug
Alibaug’s history dates back to the 17th century. The town was founded by Sarkhal Kanhojio
Aangre, the naval chief during King Shivaji's regime. Alibaug has been witness to numerous
historical events.
Things to do in Alibaug
A beach destination with loads of sea, sun and sand, Alibaug is a great place for travellers
looking for peace and tranquility. Dotted with forts, churches, temples, there many things to do
in Alibaug. For travellers looking to indulge in water sports, Nagaon Beach is a great bet where
you can go on a banana boat ride, jet ski, and enjoy parasailing at reasonable prices. People
interested in going on a fort exploration trail, must-visits include Kolaba, Khanderi and Janjira.
There are a number of local tour guides who can be hired for local sightseeing tours. However,
make sure to bargain and get the best price.
For diving enthusiasts, Alibaug is just the place. A number of stretches on the beach are
recommended. Head towards Kihim, Varsoli, Akshi, Nagaon, Kashid and Murud for an
exhilarating diving experience. Beaches like Aksi and Nagaon are good places for families as
they are flat, have less depth and have vast expanses of sand, which is ideal for activities on
the beach and to build sand castles. However, expect a lot of crowd in weekends. Travellers are
suggested to carry sunscreen, flip flops, sunglasses and a frisbee.
Beaches like Murud, Kashid and Kihim are picturesque and less crowded. Since Alibaug is a
popular getaway, expect a lot of tourists on weekends. Also, travellers are recommended to
drive down to Alibaug in their own car as local transport is expensive.
Food & Shopping in Alibaug
Since Alibaug is located in the Konkan region, you can’t afford to miss Konkani cuisine, which
comprises curries made of local fishes such as pomfret, rawas and surmai flavoured with
coconut. Bakri roti and kokam sherbet are popular too. Alcohol is available across the city,
however, it’s better to carry your own as many shops Alibaug only sell beer. Shopping options
are limited to local produce like Konkani masalas, kokam and honey.
Travelling to Alibaug
The best time to visit Alibaug is during winter, between November and February. If you are in
Mumbai, the fastest way to travel is by ferry from the Gateway of India, which operates from
morning till evening. At nominal charges, travellers can reach Mandwa jetty in 45-60 minutes.
From there, Alibaug is 20-25 minutes by bus or auto. Do remember that this service is closed
during monsoon, between July and September.
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Travellers can also reach Alibaug by road. Start early and follow the Mumbai–Goa highway.
Alibaug is close to 65 km from Panvel. Grab some hot vada pav at Shri Datta Snacks at Panvel
near the intersection and later make a quick stop over at Roti Shoti and Chai Nashta near
Karnal Bird Sanctuary for some good and inexpensive tea and breakfast.
Be careful while you drive down the road as the stretch near Pen does not have any dividers
and has heavy traffic movement throughout the day. Besides, the road condition in Pen is very
poor. After Pen, roads are comparatively better with very little traffic.
Accommodation options in Alibaug
There are plenty of hotels, resorts and homestays available in and around Alibaug. You can
choose one based on your preference and budget. Alibaug also has plenty of bungalows to
choose from.
Contributed by: Raj
Kamal, Traveller
Famous for/as: Beach
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Summer 22 To 40В°C, Winter 12 To 33В°C
Featured review about Alibaug
Enchanting 'ALIBAUG'
"Famed for its fresh air, clean water and sands, Alibaug is a coastal town in Maharashtra.
Situated at the south of Mumbai, this town is the headquarters of Raigad district.
The captivating mix of tranquil, sleepy fishing villages and various beaches, that it provides
makes it a popular weekend getaway for Mumbai revelers. The place boasts of being a well
liked center for business conferences during weekdays.
This place enjoys a pleasant climate throughout the year due to the vast number of trees.
Monsoon is very heavy and thus, some times ferries and catamarans are not operational from
mid-June to late September. However, the downpour and greenery make Alibaug irresistible
during the monsoons.
Best Time to Visit?
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Throughout the year, especially in the monsoons.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Bhajias on the Beach
Nature has a habit of tempting and tantalising you, and literally supplying wings to your
imagination, but Alibaug, where nature, religion and history share an easy camaraderie, lets you
have your head in the clouds without letting your feet stray too far from the ground. The vast
water stretches in Alibaug lure you with the promise of dreamy, somnolent afternoons,
punctuated with lazy sips of cool coconut water and bhajias on the beach, even as the temples
up in the ghats soothe all who make the effort to reach their sanctum. A promise that they never
fail to keep.
This sylvan seaside getaway has long tried to please all comers, so whatever your fancy, some
avatar of Alibaug will present itself before you. So if it's an active weekend you prefer, or a
spiritual retreat, or even a journey into Maratha history, Alibaug has it.
After all, not for nothing did Salim Ali, India's best known ornithologist, spend the better part of
his life watching birds here. And not for nothing have the modern-day maharajas of Mumbai
built their Weekend-Getaways-on-Sea by the shores of the Arabian Sea in Alibaug.
If you are the bhel puri, alu bonda loving type, you need not look beyond Alibaug Beach. Flora
Restaurant in Alibaug has a good selection of Indian veg and non-veg items. Their alu paratha
is worth a bite. There are several brands of local ice-creams available here, but not at most of
the hotel restaurants because of erratic power supply. For a hearty South Indian breakfast head
for Avni Dining Hall at Hotel Sea View, but for local Konkani veg fare head to Suman Hill
Resort's restaurant. More Konkani and Gujarati food can be had at Hotel Ravikiran's Sudama
Restaurant. The Royal Feast Restaurant at Big Splash is good for variety. They serve Chinese,
South Indian and Punjabi. If you're visiting Versoli around noon, Parnakuti serves Konkani, but
they need advance notice.
Prime Attractions of AlibaugThe place which was developed in the 17th century by Shivaji's naval chief Kanhoji Angre
houses many forts, churches, synagogues and the famous Tower of St. Barbara.
BeachesВ· Alibaug beach: This is the key beach of the town. The Kolaba fort becomes visible from here.
В· Akshi Beach: It is situated 5 km away from Alibaug.
В· Kihim Beach: Kihim is a private place at a distance of 12 km from Alibaug. The place is famous
for intense cover of Coconut trees and forests which house butterflies, birds and flowers.
В· Kashid Beach: It is situated on the Alibaug-Murud highway, about 30 km away from Alibaug.
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В· Mandawa: Situated 20 km north of Alibaug, many celebrities own bungalows here. The
catamaran/ferry services are available from Mumbai to the Mandawa jetty.
В· Nagaon beach: Located about 7 km away from Alibaug, this place is famous for coconuts and
betel nuts.
Other AttractionsВ· Kolaba fort: Built by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj in 1652, this fort is situated just a furlong away
from the shore. Its most spectacular feature is the freshwater well inside. The huge front
entrance arch has tigers, peacocks and elephants sculpted on it. With two gates, one at the
shore side and the other at the seaside, you can visit the fort either by walking across the
seashore or taking a buggy ride. Do keep a check on the tide, though before venturing out.A
prime location, this fort is situated in the sea at a distance of 1-2 km from the Alibaug shores.
One can walk to the fort in waist-deep water, at the time of fall. However, during the tide, boats
need to be used.
В· Kanakeshwar temple: This religious place is falls on the way to Mandawa, is on a hill near
Mapgaon village, about 12 km from Alibaug.
В· Chaul: This historic town; 15 km from Alibaug is famous for its Portuguese ruins, an old
church, a synagogue, Buddhist caves, the Hamam Khana and a temple.
В· Vikram Vinayak Temple or Birla Temple, Salav: The temple falls on the way to Janjira, 20 km
from Alibaug.
В· Murud-Janjira: Janjira is a celebrated fort situated not very far from Alibag.
. Vrindavan Farm: Spread over 28 acres, this farm houses over 70,000 plants on sale, which
include several exotic varieties of crotons and cacti to the more common species of mangoes
and guavas. Also located within the farm is Tiny Wings, which is an arts and crafts gallery with
several bidri ware, patta chitras and other pruce from Bastar Tribe on display.
Being a tourist center, there are many hotels, resorts and lodges in the town:
1. Big Splash
2. Hotel Ravikiran
3. Kashid Beach resort
4. Prakruti resort
5. Sand piper resort
6. Sunglow resort
7. Windmill resort
8. Tropicana Resort
9. Doctors Farm
10. Sahyadr Hotel
11. Ghanvatkar Bungalow
12.Sidz Cottage.
13.Kamath Residency
14.Sun N Sea Beach Resort
15.Sunglow Resort
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16.Petron Resort
17.Seaview Hotel
18.Jogalekar Cottage
19.Vedant Holiday Home
20.Akshay Bungalow.
21.Sagar Lodge.
Activities & things to do: Mumbaikars spend their weekends in a rejuvenating way in Alibaug,
play beach games on its scintillating beaches, enjoy the delicacy of the sea-food, vegggies go
for pani-puris & Bhelpuris, Feel the fresh breeze of the sea on the beaches, and there are lot of
activities you can do to enjoy the perfect weather of this tourist destination.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: How to get there?
Alibaug is easy to get to in about an hour by the combination of a catamaran/ferry from
Gateway of India in south Mumbai (three hours) and then by bus from Mandwa jetty across the
It is also accessible by road via Panvel in about three hours (124 km).
By Boat/Cataraman/FerryThere are three agencies that run ferry services/catamarans: PNP, AJANTA and MALDAR. The
ferry/catamaran takes you to Mandwa from Gateway by the sea route and from Mandwa, buses
of the respective agencies takes you to Alibag by road. Catamarans are small ships. The tickets
(costing 40 or 50 rupees) have to be bought beforehand and it includes the fare of the ferry
service and the bus, both combined. Suppose you catch the ferry run by AJANTA, then
remember after reaching Mandwa, you should not be in a mood to roam around because you
have to immediately catch the connecting Bus of AJANTA from Mandwa to Alibag. Or else you
will be left behind only to wait for the next bus. AJANTA and MALDAR’s ferry services helps to
enjoy the sea breeze while PNP’s catamaran service takes you in a fully covered AC coach and
as a result you can by no way enjoy the sea. Don’t forget to collect a timetable of the services of
each agency at the ticket counter at Gateway. The last catamaran that leaves Gateway is by
PNP at 8:10 PM. If you wish you can also have a view of the sea from the top of the ferry during
your travel by the sea. The guys may charge you 10 bucks extra for going to the top of the ferry.
The view of the Taj and the Gateway from the sea is awesome and don’t forget to snap them,
although Photography is prohibited on the Ferry as per notice by the Navy. The skyline of
Mumbai is worth getting snapped. BUT its wise and better to ask the ferry personnel beforehand
or else you may land up surrendering your film roll etc with embarrassment. Avoid planning ur
travel during monsoons because this ferry service is stopped for three and a half months during
the monsoons. The time taken to reach Alibag from Gateway via Mandwa is around 2 hours.
The catamarans are faster than the ferry service so if you catch a catamaran you reach faster.
Small passenger service boats ply frequently between Mumbai and Mandwa or Rewas. They
are cheap but take more than 90 min
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By RoadThere are a number of buses plying round the clock from Mumbai, Parel, Dadar, Boriwali and
Thane. Alibag is on the Mumbai-Goa route (not exactly - from Vadkhal - there is a diversion)
and is also accessible by Konkan Railway. Get down at Panvel and you can catch a bus.
By RailOnly two options - Get down at Panvel (65 Km) or Pen (Only Konkan Railway - Get down at
Ramawadi Station - 23 Km). You can catch a bus. I will not recommend this option.
By AirMumbai is the nearest airport. (Approx - 110 Km). Pune is another one.(140 Km). Getting off at
Pune is not a good choice. You don't get frequent buses and journey is horrible." - Tarun
Jain, Bangalore, Apr 13, 2009
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Top attractions in Alibaug recommended by travellers
Kihim Beach
Entry: Free
Ranked: 1 Of 28
Ratings: 5.45/7 (17 Reviews)
"Its not a paisa vasool beach.. very dirty... very highly priced food... It has very limited activites...
you will get a horse ride if the vendor is not sleeping Wanna go alibaug go naigaav beach :)" Mayur Gijam, Dombivli, Today
Alibag Beach
Entry: Free
Ranked: 2 Of 28
Ratings: 5.29/7 (14 Reviews)
"We had some group activities here and beach games were played organized by an event
group. It was fun. Food was arranged by the organizing group. Safety gears and PPEs are
required if you are venturing into the sea." - Shibu zachariah Thomas, , 1 week ago
Janjira Fort
Entry: Free
Ranked: 3 Of 28
Ratings: 4.92/7 (13 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 07:00 To 18:00 , Saturday - 07:00 To 18:00 , Sunday - 07:00 To
Page 7/14
18:00 , Public Holidays - 07:00 To 18:00
"Good beach to go for holiday...long beach with greenery and less croud during the
weekends............f family can try oout this destination...far near from chondi villege..." - Manoj
Patil, Adoor, 1 month ago
Nagaon beach
Entry: Free
Ranked: 4 Of 28
Ratings: 5.53/7 (12 Reviews)
"The beach is nice and many sports are available. Mini goa the great crowd and
fantastic atmosphere. Feels to stay all day..and enjoy. Its was a paisa vasool destination and I
tel all the people to have a look at this destination..." - Rajni Rambo, Mumbai, 1 month ago
Mandwa Beach
Entry: Free
Ranked: 5 Of 28
Ratings: 5.08/7 (4 Reviews)
"The beach is just next to Varsoli beach in its beauty. Some contend that this is the most
beautiful beach in Alibag due to the beautiful Jetty that it has, amazing view and you can also
see the Mumbai skyscrapers. There are 4-5 shops with lot of..." - Dhanan Jay, Pune, 2
months ago
Varsoli beach
Entry: Free
Ranked: 6 Of 28
Ratings: 6.10/7 (4 Reviews)
"I rate this beach as the best in Alibag. Nice sand and not as much crowded as Kihim Beach.
This beach and Mandwa beach are comparable and good. You will get water sports and other
activities here. The entrance to the beach is narrow and..." - Dhanan Jay, Pune, 2 months
Kanakeshwar Forest
Entry: Free
Ranked: 7 Of 28
Ratings: 6.00/7 (2 Reviews)
"Start early in the morning before the sun starts to trouble you. There are about 800 steps (no
car road or rope way). Halfway after climbing the dense woods start and you can enjoy a
beautiful nature.. The Water well / Kund is very beautiful and..." - Dhanan Jay, Pune, 2
months ago
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Kulaba Fort
Entry: Free
Ranked: 8 Of 28
Ratings: 5.33/7 (1 Reviews)
"It\'s like history live again with cannon still available on fort. ASI presence enable proper
maintenance of fort." - Sandesh Bhivande, Mumbai, Sep 20, 2013
Someshwar Temple
Entry: Free
Ranked: 9 Of 28
Ratings: 5.50/7 (1 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 06:00 To 19:00 , Saturday - 06:00 To 19:00 , Sunday - 06:00 To
19:00 , Public Holidays - 06:00 To 19:00
"in tempal we have praye to god save the fort the lifetime" - Jedia , , Jan 19, 2014
10 Khanderi
Entry: Free
Ranked: 10 Of 28
Ratings: 6.00/7 (1 Reviews)
"Must watch a light house on this fort . Boats to go there are available" - Aptesharvari
Harvari, , Oct 31, 2013
Popular hotels in Alibaug recommended by travellers
Jogalekar Cottage
Rs. 3,200 - 3,800
1 Of 107
5.44/7 (166 Reviews)
Near Z. P. Marathi School
Awas- Alibaug
Preferred by: Couple, Group | Mumbai Travellers
"Great stay .. More like a home stay . If ur going with a family , specially kids, it's
great. They will go out of the way to help you out with food. Don't expect luxury ,
it's simple , but we enjoyed it, as it's Different from normal 5 star..." - Nilesh ,
Ahmedgarh, 3 days ago
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Hotel Sea View
Rs. 2,200 - 3,500
Ranked: 2 Of 107
Ratings: 4.89/7 (113 Reviews)
Address: Sea Beach
Phone: 91-9850552003
"it was excellent being there, it was a superb nd awesome experience there at
hotel, the sea view was excellent nd enjoyed a lot there.... room service was
excellent.. the seen was excellent everywhere.. i would like to visit again the
next..." - Ashish , Agartala, Today
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Radisson Resort & Spa
Rs. 10,500 - 20,000
3 Of 107
5.92/7 (75 Reviews)
Near Gonthal Pata
Preferred by: Couple, Group | Mumbai, Delhi Travellers
"We had gone to this place for attending our annual conference and stayed
there for 2 days. It was a nice stay and rooms are neat and clean. Rooms were
spacious. Not much of activities is noticed in this Hotel. Since we were in group
we had a nice..." - Shibu zachariah Thomas, , 1 week ago
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Samudra City Hotel
Rs. 2,000 - 2,600
4 Of 107
5.16/7 (60 Reviews)
Mandva Road, Opp Ameli Rice Mill
Near Bank Of India
Chondi, Alibaug
Preferred by: Couple, Group | Mumbai, Delhi Travellers
"Hotel staff was very cooperative. decent stay. clean rooms. for travelers i can
say its a value for money . little away from main city . but surroundings are
peaceful. there are some couple of restaurants near by this hotel.. can give a
Page 10/14
nice food..." - Darshan , , Today
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SeaView Hotel
Rs. 2,200 - 3,000
5 Of 107
5.12/7 (58 Reviews)
At Alibaug Beach
Preferred by: Group, Family | Mumbai, Pune Travellers
"It was altogether a good hotel with nice sea view.But it need some renovation
work.Rooms are ok-ok.Food was good but dining should be more clean and
fresh. Staff is helpful and they were always ready to help and hear you.They
opened a extra..." - Satya Saini, Jaipur, 1 week ago
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Big Splash Hotel
Rs. 2,400 - 3,900
6 Of 107
4.91/7 (45 Reviews)
Near Bus Dep
Preferred by: Couple, Group | Mumbai, Chandigarh Travellers
"Big Splash Hotel is purely family destination, with a large swimming pool and
water slides. There was a recreation room too and a working Gym. Food was
great and service was unbeatable. We were 3 couples and had a great
weekend. Its in alibag..." - Iasif Khan, , 2 months ago
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Nirmal Cottages
Rs. Upto 5,000
Ranked: 7 Of 107
Ratings: 5.66/7 (33 Reviews)
Address: At Nandaipada
Alibaug - Mandwa Road
Jhirad, Taluka: Alibaug
Phone: 91-8976436600
Page 11/14
"The hotel was very good to stay.the hotel food was also very good.I had a good
experience to stay in the hotel.I enjoyed playing indoor games.the hotel interior
location was very greenery.overall I had a very good experience staying on
normal..." - Deepak gada , Mumbai, 3 weeks ago
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Ghanvatkar Bunglow
Rs. 2,000 - 2,800
8 Of 107
5.73/7 (31 Reviews)
Near Patil Poultry Farm
Alibagh - Mandwa Road
Preferred by: Couple, Group | Mumbai, Pune Travellers
"I visited Alibaugh in month of june,it was raining heavily that time weather was
really awesome.I stayed in Ghanvatkak banglowon the Mandva - Alibag Road.
Was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Would like to highlight the following [1] The place..." - yadav nitisha , , Nov 12, 2013
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Sahyadri Hotel
Rs. 1,400 - 3,000
9 Of 107
5.05/7 (24 Reviews)
Near Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre Nagar
Preferred by: Group, Couple | Mumbai, Pune Travellers
"this is very good hotel to stay in weekends...rooms were very well maintained
and clean..wooden furniture was old but very well service was a bit
slow but this part , its a normal was excellent,especially non
veg..." - Vaishali Davekar, Mumbai, 3 weeks ago
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10 Tropicana
Page 12/14
Rs. Upto 7,700
10 Of 107
5.66/7 (22 Reviews)
Chondi Naka
Mapgaon Road
Preferred by: Family, Couple | Mumbai, Pune Travellers
"It was a trip with family. This hotel was conviniently located. The appearance
was very ncie. The food quality was very nice. There was no delay in check in
and check out. The room facility was very good. There was a pool view from
room. The..." - Manish Bhatia, Thane, 3 weeks ago
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Best way to travel from Mumbai to Alibaug
Alibaug is situated at a distance of around 96 km from Mumbai. It is a beautiful coastal town and
is connected to Mumbai by roadways. The best way to reach Alibaug is by bus that takes
around 2 hours. The places covered between Mumbai to Alibaug are Mumbai – 13 km ->
Mankhurd -28 km -> Panvel -20 km -> Chirner – 15 km -> Govirle – 7 km -> Pen – 12 km
-> Shahabaj – 16 km -> Samarth Nagar – 3 km-> Alibaug. Several BPCL petrol pumps and
food joints, restaurants, hotels and hospitals are available on the way to Alibaug from Mumbai.
Transport options from Mumbai to Alibaug
Mumbai to Alibaug By Bus: Take a direct bus from Mumbai to Alibaug that takes around 2
hours. The Alibaug bus stand is located at a distance of around 2 km from the city centre and
can be reached by taking auto rickshaws and taxis. Recommended for individual travellers and
Mumbai to Alibaug By Car: Rented cars and taxis are available from Mumbai to Alibaug, which
takes around 2 hours. Taxi or cab fares range from INR11 to INR30 per kilometre, depending
upon the showtype of car. This mode of transport is suitable while travelling with families,
seniors and kids.
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Mumbai To Alibaug
Pune To Alibaug
Thane To Alibaug
Ahmedabad To Alibaug
Nasik To Alibaug
Hyderabad To Alibaug
Surat To Alibaug
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Delhi To Alibaug
Alibaug weather
Best Season / Best Time to Visit Alibaug
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