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About Puri
Puri is located on the eastern side of India in the province of Orissa. Lying on the coastal strip in
the Puri district, the destination is 60 kilometre from the city of Bhubaneswar. This coastal city
lies on the golden triangle of Orissa, connecting with Konark and Bhubaneswar.
The city of Puri is known for its historic immemorial, sanctorum, architectural magnificence,
balanced climate and divine significance. Counted among the most sacred pilgrim centres for
Hindus in India, the destination is a seat of Lord of Universe, Jagannath, as per testimony of
Skanda Purana. Honoured with the famous Jagannath shrine, the spiritual city is also known as
Jagannath Puri. Positioned along the coast of Bay of Bengal, the city is one of the frequented
tourist destinations in India.
All the cities of the triangular axis have well-known pilgrimage venues, exotic landscapes,
beaches, historical sites that attract travellers throughout the year. Besides, the destination is a
repository of art and architecture of India with testaments dating back to 3rd century B.C. This
ancient town has ruins and testaments belonging to the period from 3rd century B.C. to 17th
century A.D.
The spiritual city attracts devotees along with tourists from around the world for witnessing
attractions like Temple of Child Krishna at Indradyumna Tank, Atharnala Bridge and Sudarshan
Crafts Museum. The city also has the famous Sun Temple of Konark.
One of the major highlights of the city is Rath Yatra (Car or Chariot festival), which is hosted
every year in the city. Puri Rath Yatra 2012 starts on 21st June at Jaganath Temple, Puri,
Orissa. The festival marks the journey of Krishna known as Jaganath in this region, from Gokul
to Mathura. Three huge chariots carrying the idols of Jaganath, his brother Balbadra, and his
sister Subhadra are pulled along the streets from the Jaganath temple to the temple of
Gundicha Mandir. On the ninth day, Rath Yatra is repeated in the opposite direction. Pilgrims
and tourists throng to the destination to cherish the international event besides an annual Puri
Beach Festival held in the month of November.
The coastal city gained fame after Chodaganga Deva who built the temple of Purusottama
Jagannath after winning a war. Over the years, association with Lord Rama, influenced
renaming of city to Purusottama Kshetra, also known as Purusottama Puri, which exists as Puri
at present.
Among well-known attractions in and around, Puri features Chilka Lake, a large inland saltwater lake, Puri Beach, Gundicha Ghar and the Childlike Wildlife Sanctuary. Over the years, the
coastal city has emerged as an industrial centre with major industries like rice milling,
handicrafts and fish curing.
The pleasant weather of the coastal city all round the year makes it an ideal destination for the
travellers. With mild summers and cool winters, October to March is considered the best time to
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visit Puri.
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Featured review about Puri
Wonderful Seaside and Religious Destination
"Abode of the Lord of the Universe, clean golden beach, many old monuments and temples,
beautiful sunrise and close to Konark and Bhubaneswar makes it a woberful sea side and
religiuos destination.
Do visit:
- Lord Jagannath Temple
- Have "Abhada" (prasadam) from the temple. Generally served around 5 p.m.
- Loknath Temple
- Gundicha Temple
- Art and Crafts Village
- Sakhi Gopal
- Pipli
- Sea Beach (please do not litter and beware of sporadic under currents)
- Konark
- Bhubaneswar. (Temple City)
- Cuttack (Silver City - Purchase Terracota and Silver Filgiri Work)
Best Time:
- November to February
- Sunrise and Sunset (avoid afternoons especially during summer months)
Best Places To Eat:
-Lord Jagannath Temple
-Maharaja Restaurant
-Chung Wah
Best Places to Stay:
-Toshali Sands
-The Chariot
-Sea Hawk is also good.
-BNR Hotel- Sarkari Style, basic but magnificent.
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Things to do:
Submit yourself to the divine deity and experience bliss. Surrender yourself to the lord. Admit all
your mistakes. Share your worries and sorrows and BELIEVE. You will be a much relaxed and
rejuvenated human being. Beware of the Panda's and unfortunately only Hindus are allowed
inside the temple. Take a stroll on the beach either during sunrise or sunset.Please do not litter.
Beware of sporadic under currents. Beach wear is a complete no no. Ladies do not wear bare
back or low neck dresses. It is considered indecent here. Purchase "Chandua" from Pipili;
"Patta Chitra" and Odisha art and artifacts. Trust me they need our support else they will perish
very soon. Have "abhada" (prasadam) from the temple, Chena Poda; Rabbidi and Rossogolla.
- Do not get into a tiff or argument with the Panda's. It may as well cost you your life or a broken
- Only Hindus allowed inside the temple.
- Dung and spit on the roads.
- No low neck and bare back dress code for women.
- Purchase drinking water.
- Roadside canine and bulls." - Subhendhu , , Sep 28, 2013
Puri: A must go place for all
"Puri is situated at the coastal area of Orissa, Just 62 Km from its capital, Bhubaneswar. Puri is
a district town and very popular tourist destination. In June-July millions of pilgrim visit Puri to
observe famous �Rathayatra’- Lord Jagannath travel by chariot. The Lord Jagannath Temple
and golden sand beach of Bay of Bengal: These two made Puri a blend of pilgrimage and
tourist destination. As a tourist destination it has a unique composure of all sorts of facilities.
Thus it can be explored by any kind of people ranging from a lower middle class person to a
millionaire. One can find all categories of Hotels, holiday home, �Dharmashala’ for staying; very
cheap hotel to a good quality restaurant for food, low cost bus to air conditioned car to roam. In
this way Puri became a reachable destination for all categories of people.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Puri has a lot of hotels which can provide quality foods.
Besides, a number of food stalls are run in seashore. Bengali, Chinese, South Indian cuisines
are most popular.
There are some important places around Puri. These are Lord Jagannath Temple, Konark Sun
Temple, Nandankanan Zoo at Bhubaneswar, Chilka Lagoon at Satapada.
Puri is famous for arts and crafts. Sambalpuri Silk sarees, Katki printed sarees are very famous
souvenir of Puri. Various shell made articles are also found here at reasonable prices.
Activities & things to do: Observing spectacular view of Sunrise and Sunset over Bay of Bengal
is a must do activity in Puri. Boating at the Chilka lagoon to visit Rajhans Island and dolphins
may be a good endeavour. Bathing at sea is very popular activity, but due to over crowd
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sometimes it creates nuisance.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: The best way to reach Puri is by rail. It is well
connected by major cities of India by a lot of Express Trains. However, one can fly to
Bhubaneswar and then take a cab to reach Puri." - Banerjee , , May 15, 2013
PURI- In my eyes
"Puri is a well Known place for all Indians I believe. Here I am to share my personal views about
this place. I found it out that people from west Bengal frequently visits here so you will find lots
of Bengali shops around puri . Beware from the Pandas (monk)'. I think government can implant
some more police to this place then it will be a great place to visit for religious and tourism
purpose. Overall Its a good place which easily attracts people around the world .
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: There are plenty of options form Bengali to Kerala dishes are
available . if you stay in a small hotel then its better to go for outside food . It may help you to
stay in your budget. There is nothing mush to purchase. You can buy handmade crafts, and
some stuff for your interior. Dont miss Konark Temple once you come to puri as it is very
nearby. I was just amazed by its beauty.
Activities & things to do: You can go to the beach but make it sure you put on your clothes. Its
not like any other beach because most of the people come here with their family and kids.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Take a train from Bhubneswar . Its just one and
half an hour journey . If you are coming form far then it is better to take a train from your city or
any bigger city nearer to your place . Like If are from Assam then its better to take a train from
Guwahati or else you can come down to Kolkata and can change the train." - Purna Rath, ,
Feb 16, 2012
Ever interesting destination
"Puri - its really a ever interesting destination. Sea, sea beach, Temples of Jagannath, Ma
Bimala, Mahalakshmi, Narsimdeb and many more. Inside the Jagannath temple there are many
more temples and the beautiful scluptures in the body of temple. It\'s just amazing. Most
interesting part that Jagannath\'s kitchen is the world\'s largest kitchen where everyday it cooks
for 1 lakh devotees. 56 types of bhoga are prepared everyday in earthen pots in fire wood. Most
of the foods are steamed and few are dry confectionaries prepared from sugar, gur, wheat flour,
milk, cheese, ghee etc. These foods after offering Jagannath and Ma Bimala, it becomes
'Mahaprasad' goes to 'Ananda Bazar' - the temple food market (in north east corner of the
temple). Its a open air huge hotel in the world where everyday thousands of devotees purchase
and eat together irrespective of their caste and creed. In the social functions like marraige etc.
most of the residents of Purin entertain their guest with these Mahaprasad.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Food - normal eastern India food available. Among sweets Chanapora and Khaja are unique. Don't miss hot thick milk on the way to Temple.
Obviously, nothing better than Jagannath's bhoga. Advise all of you to have these maximum
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food products.
Fishes are very good quality, specially Prawn, Pomfret, Parseh etc.
Common Sight-seeing - Konarak, Pipli, Chilka Lake, dolphin point, Sonar Gouranga,Gundicha
Mandir, Chandan Sarovar, Hanumanji Temple ,Nandankan.
other sight - seeing - Allharnath, Raghurajpur (please visit this villegers unique craftmanship),
Birgovindapur Kali temple,(where all your wishes will come true), ISCON temple.
Shopping - Pipli's applique work of different items. Items like - Wood carvings, Stone carvings,
leaf painting, Beetal Nut painting (from Raghurajpur) are very special. Don't miss to buy Sambalpuri, Cuttki and Ikkat products.
Activities & things to do: Take a relax walk before sunrise and see the sunrise thereafter. Sea
bathing is must. Hours after hours passes for that and also very good exercise. But please take
proper caution for that like local sea guide called 'Nulia' - they will help with bit of money
ofcourse. During sea-bath session you can refresh yourself with coconut water , cucumber and
local sweets ofcourse, which is available on the seasore itself.
Afternoon/Evening time seasore become an open Art Gallary by Sand Artist.
Evening - to see hoisting flags on top of the Temple is an wonderful experience.
Famous Festivals - Dol Yatra, Chandan Yatra, Snan Yatra, Ratha Yatra, Makar Sankranti,
Kartik Purnima etc.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Best time - Winter. If you are adventures, then
visit in Moonsoon. It is well connected by Train from all over India. Nearest Airport Bhubaneswar (around 55 km away).
Beware of - Hotel pimps,hired car driver. Like other pilgrims not to flash moneys.
Non-Hindus are not allowed inside the Temple.
It's impossible to describe Puri in few word. In fact it needs a book to write about Puri.
JAI JAGANNATH !" - Santa Mukherjee, Kolkata, Jun 10, 2011
Land of Sri Jagannath
"Puri is an all-time favourite to me. Being a tourist for over a dozen time, I intend to do another
Puri comes with a full package at the most affordable price.
The golden sea beach of Puri and Chandrabhaga, The awesome Sun Temple at Konark, Sri
Jagannath temple at Puri, Historical monuments at Udaigiri,Khandagiri,Dhaulgiri,Lingaraj
temple, Mukteshwar - all under one trip.
One might as well go to Chilika, the nearest point from Puri being Satapada.
Even a drive to Chandrabhaga along the coast is a pleasure.
For one thing, Puri does not have anything called 'off season'.
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Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Food is an important item at Puri. The variety of fish attracts
Bengalis throughout the year. Nowadays, reasonably good Chinese and tandoori itmes are also
available for non-fish persons.
Sweet is another plus point. The famous 'madanmohan' is enough reason to drag you to the
beach, not to forget the ever popular 'khaja'.
Shopping also, forms an integral part of the agenda. The handicrafts at Peepili or Sambalpuri
and Bomkai sarees are all time hits.
Activities & things to do: Take a stroll around the beach, tan your skin (even if you do not want
to), have lots of food (putting aside the word 'diet').
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Puri is well connected by train from Howrah. All
the major South bound trains hals at Bhubaneshwar, the nearest junction and airport ( around
70 kms). Being the state capital, Bhubaneshwar is also connected by train from New Delhi and
Chennai. Flight frequencies, although, are not that much." - Sumit Roy, Kolkata, Apr 30, 2011
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Top attractions in Puri recommended by travellers
Lord Jagannath Temple
Entry: Free
Ranked: 1 Of 40
Ratings: 6.28/7 (114 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 06:00 To 22:00 , Saturday - 06:00 To 22:00 , Sunday - 06:00 To
22:00 , Public Holidays - 06:00 To 22:00
"A must visit for any person looking for spiritual getaway. Beware of touts and visit the temple
yourself. Leave all valuables in your hotel rooms/cars as it may be unsafe to take them inside.
Camera are not allowed." - Nihar Jain, Kolkata, 4 days ago
Puri Beach
Entry: Free
Ranked: 2 Of 40
Ratings: 6.25/7 (73 Reviews)
"The model beach is very good. Beach near Swargadwar is however too much congested. For
relaxing model beach is too good. Any one can take sun bath during day time, can take a dip
into sea, can find biodiversity during evening hours etc." - Snehashish Basu, Kolkata, 6 days
Chilika Lake
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Entry: Free
Ranked: 3 Of 40
Ratings: 5.58/7 (29 Reviews)
"This is the biggest salt water lake with semi-greenish water. This lake is directly connected with
the sea. Even if your luck favours then you can see the dolphins at the mid lake. There are also
a island in the lake. beauti of that island is..." - Sandhikshan Das, , 4 weeks ago
Entry: Free
Ranked: 4 Of 40
Ratings: 4.80/7 (14 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 06:00 To 22:00 , Saturday - 06:00 To 22:00 , Sunday - 06:00 To
22:00 , Public Holidays - 06:00 To 22:00
"Any one who visited Puri must have to go Swargadwar, as because every thing is accesseble
in this area. If you want to take good quality of food, any kind of garment and gift item and so
may thing are available in Swargadwar area. So this is the..." - Arghya Ray, Kolkata, May 15,
Sakshi Gopal Temple
Entry: Free
Ranked: 5 Of 40
Ratings: 4.83/7 (8 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 06:00 To 21:00 , Saturday - 06:00 To 21:00 , Sunday - 06:00 To
21:00 , Public Holidays - 06:00 To 21:00
"This falls on way while coming back to Bhubneshwar and is not uncommon This temple has
Religeous and Historical significance.I did not find anything special in the temple.." - Deoki
nandan soni , Bhopal, 1 month ago
Raghurajpur Artist Village
Entry: Free
Ranked: 6 Of 40
Ratings: 5.83/7 (5 Reviews)
"I have been at Puri several times before. But this time I planned beforehand to visit this unique
village, where locals are engaged in art-works. I have found their traditional paintings on areca
nut, coconut, tasar etc very attractive and..." - Arijit Pal, , 2 months ago
Konark Sun Temple
Historic Place
Entry: Paid
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Entry: Paid
Ranked: 7 Of 40
Ratings: 6.38/7 (5 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 10:00 To 17:00 , Saturday - 10:00 To 17:00 , Sunday - 10:00 To
17:00 , Public Holidays - 10:00 To 17:00
"Archeological Survey of India is doing renovation presently. Landscaping is very good and
properly maintained.There are so many old trees which bear the symbol of historic presence of
the temple." - Snehashish Basu, Kolkata, 6 days ago
Kanchi Ganesha Temple
Entry: Free
Ranked: 8 Of 40
Ratings: 5.38/7 (4 Reviews)
"As I said before you can get mental strenghth. You can start your business with goodluck form
Bappa. The temple is very nice.You can give puja of Ganapati Bappa here." - Rony
Banerjee, , 3 months ago
Daya River
Entry: Free
Ranked: 9 Of 40
Ratings: 5.21/7 (4 Reviews)
"This looks now very common, but it has aHistorical importance. The water of this river had
turned red with the soldiers'blood who were killed in the battle fought by Samrata Ashoka
Ashoka later moved with this changed his Heart and gave up..." - Deoki nandan soni ,
Bhopal, 1 month ago
10 Gundicha
Entry: Free
Ranked: 10 Of 40
Ratings: 6.08/7 (3 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 06:00 To 22:00 , Saturday - 06:00 To 22:00 , Sunday - 06:00 To
22:00 , Public Holidays - 06:00 To 22:00
"This is a place where Lord Jagannath along with Balbhadra and Subhadra live for some time
and reach in Rath Yatra. Visit to this place during Rath Yatra has a special significance. Though
it is very very crowdy those days" - Deoki nandan soni , Bhopal, 1 month ago
Popular hotels in Puri recommended by travellers
Puri Hotel
Page 9/14
Rs. 400 - 800
1 Of 295
5.2/7 (813 Reviews)
Sea Beach
Preferred by: Family, Group | Kolkata, Delhi Travellers
"The Puri hotel is awesome. The arrangement for the people who return after
bathing from the sea was really intelligent as no sand will go inside. The inner
decoration was really beautiful. The customer service was pleasant. The view
from the..." - Sanjoy Sadhukhan, Ranaghat, 2 days ago
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Victoria Club Hotel
Rs. 700 - 2,900
2 Of 295
5.56/7 (461 Reviews)
Sea Beach
Puri Dist.
Preferred by: Family, Couple | Kolkata, Bhubaneswar Travellers
"Hotel was nice. Location was fantastic as hotel was situated at neat to the
beach. Appearance of the hotel was nice. Staff behavior was friendly. Services
were quick. Rooms were well furnished, neat and clean. All basic amenities
were available..." - Dhuleswar Garnayak, Bhubaneswar, 2 weeks ago
Read 461 hotel reviews on
Holiday Resort Hotel
Rs. 2,400 - 6,000
3 Of 295
5.59/7 (286 Reviews)
Chakaratitha Road
Preferred by: Couple | Kolkata Travellers
"Holiday resort located in the town of Lord Jagannath i,e puri, Odisha is a good
hotel where I stayed for 3 days. The room rent is average and not so high but
bookings are very difficult to make because its always crowded so you have to
book a..." - Ritvik Mohapatra, Bhubaneswar, 5 days ago
Read 286 hotel reviews on
Page 10/14
Sonali Hotel
Rs. 600 - 1,500
4 Of 295
4.97/7 (308 Reviews)
Sea Beach,Swargadwar
Puri Dist.
Preferred by: Family, Group | Kolkata, Agartala Travellers
"Great experience, we really enjoyed a lot. We visited there in December 2012.
Sea view was so beautiful, specially in early morning. Restaurant was very nice,
food quality very good. They also serve in the room. We enjoyed both Veg &..." Amit Singh, Delhi, 3 days ago
Read 308 hotel reviews on
Holiday Home
Rs. 500 - 1,300
5 Of 295
4.54/7 (260 Reviews)
Chakratirth Road
Puri Dist.
Preferred by: Family, Couple | Kolkata, Durgapur Travellers
"The service was good, the staffs are well mannered, food was good,
arrangement was nice. I did not stay in this hotel, but I went there to visit my
friends. Honestly, I liked the appearance of the hotel . It has a spa, a modern
swimming pool,..." - Rajashree Bhanja, Bhubaneswar, 6 days ago
Read 260 hotel reviews on
Naren Palace Hotel
Rs. 1,400 - 2,500
6 Of 295
5.6/7 (195 Reviews)
Chakratirtha Road
Preferred by: Couple | Durgapur Travellers
"It is a good hotel and situated in a imp. place of puri.staying in this hotel is worth
paying.Hotel is nearer to sea beach of puri town.All the rooms are sea facing. it
is very enjoyable to see the beautiful scene of the sea.The hotel provides..." - P
Page 11/14
Choudhury, Agartala, 2 days ago
Read 195 hotel reviews on
Pulin Puri Hotel
Rs. 900 - 1,900
7 Of 295
4.98/7 (215 Reviews)
New Marine Drive Road
Swargadwar, Puri Dist.
Preferred by: Group, Family | Kolkata, Jamshedpur Travellers
"I traveled there by bus. I did direct booking. Hotel was located in opposite to the
beach. Look of the hotel from inside and outside was very good. There was no
problem in check in and check out time. The behaviour of the staff was good
in..." - Jogi Agarwal, Cuttack, 2 weeks ago
Read 215 hotel reviews on
New Sea Hawk Hotel
Rs. 2,500 - 2,800
8 Of 295
5.29/7 (184 Reviews)
Puri Dist.
Preferred by: Couple, Group | Kolkata, Hyderabad Travellers
"When I traveled at Puri then I stayed in New Sea Hawk Hotel. Overall, my
experience was excellent in this hotel. Hotel was absolutely value for money
paid. Staff behavior was helpful and friendly. Food was better than average. You
can see sea..." - Shankha Sen, Kolkata, 2 weeks ago
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Deepak Hotel
Rs. 850 - 1,400
Ranked: 9 Of 295
Ratings: 5/7 (152 Reviews)
Address: Near Ramkrishna Math
C.T. Road, Puri
Phone: 9338177197
"I booked my room through makemytrip. I faced no problem during check in and
check out process. Reception was average. Location of the hotel was good.
Page 12/14
Hotel was situated at near to the beach. Rooms were neat and clean. Beach
view was available from..." - Rajeev prasad , Kolkata, 2 weeks ago
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10 Dreamland
Rs. 1,200 - 4,000
10 Of 295
5.03/7 (141 Reviews)
New Marine Drive Road
Ballia Panda
Preferred by: Couple, Group | Kolkata, Bhubaneswar Travellers
"There can be hardly any other better place to stay in Puri other than Hotel
Dreamland. Excellent Location. Sea View Rooms are wonderful. Excellent
Service. very nice and homely Food. Next time if i visit any other place i will
search for..." - Deepam Chakrabort, Kolkata, 1 week ago
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View all Puri hotels
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