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Created Date: 25 October 2014
Best of Mahabaleshwar Recommended by Indian travellers
It is really a very nice place in
Maharashtra near Pune. It is a
hill station. The atmosphere is
awesome in monsoon. It is a good
destination for...
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About Mahabaleshwar
Mahabaleshwar is both a city and a municipal council in the Satara district in the state of
Maharashtra. It is located in the Western Ghats range of India, which spreads from north to
south along the Deccan Plateau. The hill station is at an elevation of 1,353 metres above sea
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Mahabaleshwar lies 285 km south-west of Mumbai and is bound by valleys on all sides. It is a
plateau measuring an area of 150 square kilometres.
Mahabaleshwar constitutes three villages – Malcolm Peth, Old �Kshetra’ Mahabaleshwar and
some part of the Shindola village. The river Krishna originates from the mouth of the legendary
statue of a cow in the temple of Mahadev situated in Old Mahabaleshwar and flows across
Maharashtra, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. Four other rivers also flow from the mouth of the
cow, before they merge into the Krishna; these are Koyana, Venna (Veni), Savitri and Gayatri.
The destination was ruled by various dynasties including the Mauryas, Chalukyas,
Rashtrakutas, Adil Shahi, Shilahar, Marathas, Peshwas and Satavahanas. The history of
Mahabaleshwar dates back to 1215, when king Singhan of Deogiri visited Old Mahabaleshwar.
A temple and a water tank were constructed by him at the source of the Krishna. This area was
invaded by a Brahmin dynasty in 1350.
In the 16th century, the Maratha family of Chandarao ruled over the city. Later, in the 17th
century, Jaoli and Mahabaleshwar were taken over by Shivaji Maharaj, who constructed the
Pratapgad Fort in 1656. The city also witnessed the imprints of the British, who included the
destination in the territory of the Raja of Satara in 1819.
Getting around Mahabaleshwar is not a problem for tourists. Travellers can hire a taxi or board
a bus to explore the city and its attractions. Mahabaleshwar is famous for strawberries and
mulberries. Tourists can enjoy 'strawberries with cream' from January to February and
'mulberries with cream' from April to May. Also, strawberry milkshake and vada pav made here
is a must-try for tourists. The city also produces fresh jams and marmalades, which can be
bought. Tourists can also buy fresh honey from the various bee farms in the city.
The moderate climate of Mahabaleshwar makes it destination tourists can visit any time of the
Famous for/as: Hill
1438 M
STD code:
Summer 15 To 35В°C, Winter 10 To 32В°C
Featured review about Mahabaleshwar
Eco Friendly destination
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"One of the most populer hill station, easy to reach and nice to stay with all facilities in terms of
good to luxerious stay & variety of food veg, non-veg & jain. Most popular for strawbery gardens
& Ancient fort call Pratap Garh.
Minimum 3 days visit require to enjoy this hill station at fullest.
Good morning with cooku songfs if your choose to stay in little out skirt.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Hill top station with lots of greenaries, strawbery gardens,
Ancient forts [pratap garh] and boat tour in evening at veena lake that make perfect holiday at
very cheap cost for maharashtra people. All variety of foods available depends where you
prefer to stay. Market becomes very live every evening with all variety of gifts & shopping. In
house amusement in market area for kids [incl elder kids] for entertaintment. Even hugh
amusement park are now available for full day entertaintment.
Activities & things to do: - Pick best of strawberies while to your return journey. You can choose
to order your quantity during your visit to strawberies garden in advance and they will ensure
fresh strawbery delivered to your hotel on the day of your departure, sounds gr8, isn't it?
- Boat riding in venna lake [or prepferably vaigaon] is must have attraction
- Hill point visits like echo points, monkey point is alos prefered places to visit though it's quite
similar to matheran, if you have already been there. Still you with family can spend some quality
time [but not more than 2-3 hrs]
- best part is to have complete rest with family and breath in air with lots of oxygen which is not
available in urban cities.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: First time travelers, it is good you take
public/private bus trnasportation as it is not so safe to drive, not bcoz of road conditions but due
to very deep curves which going up to top of the mountain called Mahabaleshwar, to avoid
invite unfortunate accident.
Visitors can enter wither from pune or pane side. it is ~150 KMs from mumbai. it's better to take
train to pune or atleat till Mumbai for out station visitors then rest can be travelled through road.
Do propoer planning before starting sight seings. There is only 2 directions you have to plan 1)
Towards Pratap Garh 2) Panchgini. Even for Pratap Garh, public bus is avaialbe from bus
depot [which in the centre of market]. Visiting Pratap Garh is half day tour, but exauhstive so
better take rest during remaining day. Atmost visit market in evening b/w 6-9 PM. thera lots of
attraction on the way to Panchgini such as Strawbery Gardens, Amusement Park, Lord Shiva
Temple, Venna Lake and most popular Mapro & Mala factory. Againg this is half day tour so
have good rest during other half.
Do proper bargain before hiring cabs [which is the only option] for sight seings to avoid
unpleasent arguments at the end of the day.
Mostly full day cab [9AM to 6PM] will charge Rs 1500 which has capacity to accommodate 2
families." - Suresh Satasia, Mumbai, May 30, 2012
Just cant get enough...!!!
"Mahabaleshwar has been a favorite with the Pune and Mumbai crowds for quite sometime
now. But even then, it still hasnt lost its charm because there is just so much to see and do.
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Laid back, frantic adventures, long walks, boat rides, great food, markets, resorts, you just
name it and you have it. And the weather is what keeps pulling people all year round. And did I
miss the Strawberries....well that everyone knows for sure...!!!!
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Growing as a tourist hot-spot for all these years, almost all
cuisines are avaliable in the hills now. The markets are filled with local things to Dominoz to
fruits. Just take your pic and hog on.
The favorites still remain the 1.Mapro Garden, with its fresh Pizzas and Sandwiches.
2.Woodland with the valley-view sitting area. 3.Bageecha for the to-die-for Strawberry Cream
4.The Strawberry Farms.
For sight seeing, you have plenty of spots which lead to the valley. Monkey point, Arthurs seat,
Suicide point, Sunset point, etc. You just take a road and go ahead and it woould end in some
point in the valley. Then you have the waterfalls too, which would be almost after every 200mts
if you go in the Monsoons.
The place most people miss out on is the Mahabaleshwar Temple, after which the region is
named. Tucked away in a far end, it surely deserves a visit.
Activities & things to do: You can eat, shop, play, walk, trek and even explore the hills
depending on the time you have. Just make sure you include food between your site seeings
and sports coz that really is the true essence of the place. You have numerous play parks too
for dirt bike rides, fun rides, paint ball, go carting etc to keep yourself entertained all day long. A
late evening boat ride and a horse ride would be a perfect end to a long day.
For the more adventurous there are paragliding trips too right near the start and from table top.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: It is about 130kms from Pune and the road is a
delight with the sights. NH7 is a dream ride and plenty of street side food joints to keep you full
for the journey.
Driving in the ghats is not advisable in the dark so make sure you start early and head back
right after sunset." - Shagun Segan, Nagpur, Apr 26, 2011
Back after 28 years
"Located approximately 300 km from Mumbai; hill station at a high altitude 2 hours drive from
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Do stop at Akbarally's Panchgani and savour the delicious
Parathas just 20 km before Mahableswar. Do not miss out on Santosa on the Pune expressway
while coming to Mumbai and while going from Mumbai you could probably stop at either
MacDonalds or Food Court depending on your choice. Also enjoy the strawberry and cream
and Makai rotis at Mahableshwar.
Activities & things to do: If you are a sports buff do go to PJ hindu Gymkhana which has two
tennis courts; table tennis and billiards. Apart from the Lake you can go to the race course and
shop in the market.
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Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: Take the Mumbai-Pune expressway. You colud
also travel by Volvo or Mercedes Benz; daily early morning or late night buses." - Rasesh
Mehta, Mumbai, Mar 20, 2011
"The best time to visit Mahabaleshwar is during Nov-Jan when you can enjoy maximum of the
nature, and give a treat to your eyes. well the city is developing with quite a lot of entertainment
in the evening in the market place, and lots to buy. the place is very scenic, the cabs
overcharge you so its better if you have your own car to travel around. the roads are quite
pleasant to drive and its a wonderful drive on the Panchgani road. avoid frequent visits to the
crowded market as it takes away the vacation mood.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: The best places to eat in Mahabaleshwar are quite few but
still follow my advice and you will not be disappointed , for lunch you may visit this dhaba on the
way to Pratapgarh which is called as saraswati, in the market there are very few joints to eat but
if you are looking for a small snack there is nescafe shop besides a bakery which makes
excellent sandwiches. also if you are looking for a wonderful dinner you may go to brightaland
hotel for dinner its very pleasant at this point of time. for sight-seeing go to pratapgarh, all the
points like monkey point, valleys and all as the nature is at its best here and that will take you
away from the rush and make you feel on the heaven truly. If you are a shopping freak do the
fruties, chocolates ( falero/mala the best) and other eatables shopping during afternoons, and
spare the evenings for foot-wears and other household stuff. one of the best places
Activities & things to do: Guys something very interesting that i saw on the way back from
Panchgani to Mahabaleshwar was a colour gun fight its a very unique game, you form teams
and are handed over with colour guns to all individual and can play this game in the fields
besides. Trust me its wonderful game for youngsters and very much funfilled. Visit Venna lake
for boating, and also you could go to tapola for boating as they say it is truly the Kashmir of
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: It is better if you book through a traveller like
holidayiq, as they will book everything for you the a/c mercedes coach, a hotel to stay 'as per
your budget', they also organise a sight -seeing as per your stay days. this way you dont waste
time to look around for hotels or cars to travel or places to visit, hence i would reccomend if you
are going with your spouse you better book through holidayiq you will get the best. if you want to
travel by your own car try and reach by 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning as the hotels get empty by
this time and it will be easy for you to check in directly instead of waiting for their previous guest
to check will also be a great help if you do not have any booking in any of the hotel as at
this time you can hunt for the best hotel that you want stay in at the best rates. and dear friends
it is in your interest to book the hotel through reliable tourist agent than booking on your own as
the pictures on the net of the hotel could be mis-guiding, hence i say book through holidayiq." Vikas Vichare, Mumbai, Jan 16, 2011
Heaven on Earth
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"Overall, it is definitely unforgettable experience to hang out with your loved one in such a
beautiful heaven. Though Mahableshwar can be fully covered within 2 days, but it can be more
enjoyed with 1-2 extra days, where you will not cover any points and just take fantastic round of
Mahableshwar without any stress of your office/home and bring back those classic memories.
Food, sight-seeing and shopping: Like all tourist places, local sightseeing tours are organized
by tourist taxis (either indica or maruti van) and guides. But good thing is that the rate for all
tours are fixed and which has to be obeyed by all taxis, though the rates are quite high and
displayed at main taxi stand. There are total six different local sightseeing tours
1) Mahabaleshwar – 1: Duration 2.5 Hours, Rs. 355
2) Mahabaleshwar – 2: Duration 2.5 Hours, Rs. 355
3) Panchgani Darshan: Duration 2.5 hours, Rs. 425 (additional 200 Rs and 1 hour for
4) Pratapgarh Darshan: Duration 3 hours, Rs. 560
5) Mini Kashmir (Tapola): Duration 3 hours, Rs. 580
6) Panchgani and Wai Darshan-2: Duration 4 hours, Rs. 610
Though you can find 8-10 points under each tour, the actual point is located in very near area.
(Like Arthur Seat, Window Point, Echo point, hunter point, are within 100 mtr area.) There is
heavy bargaining on tour. We paid total 1200 Rs for first 3 tours. Most of the tours are not
covering Sherbaug in their list, but I found it the most obvious reason to go back to
Mahableshwar once again. For budget tourists, MSRTC organized tour charge 70 Rs per
person and cover all the points in Mahabaleshwar (not Panchgani) Following points are worth to
1) Arthur Seat (during Mahabaleshwar-1): Spectacular view of Koyna valley.
2) Lodwick point and Elephant head (during Mahabaleshwar-2): both the points are 100 mtr
apart, not covered during MSRTC tour.
3) Ket’s point (during Mahabaleshwar-1): Breathtaking view of Krishna valley, near by points are
Echo point and needles’ hole
4) Table land (during Panchgani Darshan): located in Panchgani.
5) Sherbaug (during Panchgani Darshan): One of the most beautiful place. Botanical garden
filled with lots of flora of different varieties in acres of land . Must visit for all nature lovers.
Though they claim that it will take around one hour to fully cover Sherbaug, but acoording to
me, 3-4 hours are also less. Definitely entrance fee of 100 Rs is worth to pay. Its really almost
impossible to describe in words what the place is and what effect it has on you.
6) Veena lake: Most happening place of Mahabaleshwar, boating in paddle boat or rowing boat
can be done in one of the most beautiful point at Mahabaleshwar for 100-150 Rs for 30 minutes
per boat.
Due to time constrain and poor review of Tapola and Prtapgarh fort, we did not visit those two
Activities & things to do: Other activities include marketing at main market, where lot of
bargaining is possible. Important attractions are wooden articles, caps, shoes apart from other.
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How can one forget fruit jams, jelly, crushes, for which Mahableshwar is famous since long.
Mahabaleshwar trip cannot be completed without taste of fresh strawberry with cream. One can
also purchase fresh strawberry from gardens, but if you are buying the same from market, do
not forget to bargain.
Travel tips, How to reach, travel warnings etc: After reaching Pune station by train, in the
morning we took MSRTC bus from Swargate for Mahabaleshwar. (There is no train going to
Mahableshwar directly) MSRTC bus starts in the morning around 6.00 a.m with quite good
frequency. But it is better to get reservation to get seat for 3 hour run. (Bus ticket: 90 Rs per
For almost all hotels at Mahableshwar, Check in time is 9.30 a.m. and check out time is 8.00
a.m. so one has to plan their tour accordingly. The atmosphere at Mahableshwar is pleasant
and full of greenery; definitely it is heaven for someone, coming from concrete jungle.
On the last day, we checked out the hotel in the morning 8.00 a.m. and moved to visit few
sightseeing points and catched the MSRTC bus in the afternoon 2.00 pm towards Mumbai. It
takes 180 Rs per seat in MSRTC bus and 7 hours to reach Mumbai central. You can also opt
for private luxury bus (which also start at 2.00 pm) which takes 400 Rs in so called Volvo A/C
bus, but before booking, please confirm whether they are reaching to Mumbai directly (in 7
hours) or via Pune (in 9 hours)" - Darshan Shah, Baroda, Jan 19, 2008
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Top attractions in Mahabaleshwar recommended by travellers
Mapro Garden
Entry: Free
Ranked: 1 Of 64
Ratings: 5.83/7 (76 Reviews)
"treat yourself & your family with sumptuous pizza/sandwich and must try strawberry topped
fresh ice cream. pamper yourself at counters for free tasting of fruit squash/crush. buy handful
fruity chocolaty gift for yourself and dear ones...." - Sushovan Saha, , 3 days ago
Venna Lake
Entry: Free
Ranked: 2 Of 64
Ratings: 5.70/7 (38 Reviews)
"This lake is natural lake created by barraging the water of venna river. The size of lake is very
big and view is very fantastic. It relaxes the mind of person and person don't want to leave that
place." - Rupesh Surana, Mumbai, 3 weeks ago
Wilson Point
Page 7/14
View Point
Entry: Free
Ranked: 3 Of 64
Ratings: 5.31/7 (22 Reviews)
"just be in the touch with nature. you should visit such places and to have good view over
mother natures creation . all these things are beyond imagination." - Amol , Delhi, 3 weeks ago
Elephant's Head Point
View Point
Entry: Free
Ranked: 4 Of 64
Ratings: 5.55/7 (19 Reviews)
"very good view is available from here, when you see down. I loved this place. Slippery
Footwear should be avoided. Keep safe from monkeys and do not feed them ready made
stuffs, as it is not good for them. Sometime they can attack also." - Suman Kumar, Pune, 3
weeks ago
Lord Mahabaleshwar Temple.
Entry: Free
Ranked: 5 Of 64
Ratings: 5.98/7 (17 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 06:00 To 19:00 , Saturday - 06:00 To 19:00 , Sunday - 06:00 To
19:00 , Public Holidays - 06:00 To 19:00
"I had to go to this temple because I was visiting with my family. The architecture is worth
viewing because it is supposedly 600 years old! The 'shivling' is something I have never seen
before, in the shape of a 'Rudraksha'. It is said the lord..." - Deepesh Bharani, Indore, 1
month ago
Pratapgarh Fort
Entry: Free
Ranked: 6 Of 64
Ratings: 5.63/7 (17 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 10:00 To 19:00 , Saturday - 10:00 To 19:00 , Sunday - 10:00 To
19:00 , Public Holidays - 10:00 To 19:00
"this point is 35 km far from mahabaleshavar and it takes time around 1.5-2 hour to reach there
from mahabaleshvar. But it will be good to spend that time to mahabaleshavar as there is
nothing special for sightseeing. but if you have enough time..." - Turkesh Patel, Ahmedabad,
1 week ago
Arthur's Seat
View Point
Entry: Free
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Ranked: 7 Of 64
Ratings: 5.21/7 (15 Reviews)
"Not miss to visit this place if yo visit mahabaleshvar. Surely you will enjoy lot because of special
Design of mountain there nature generates low air pressure at bottom side so from top of
mountain(at this place) it you throw coin it will float." - Turkesh Patel, Ahmedabad, 1 week ago
Panchanganga Mandir
Entry: Free
Ranked: 8 Of 64
Ratings: 5.53/7 (8 Reviews)
Timings: Monday - Friday - 06:00 To 19:00 , Saturday - 06:00 To 19:00 , Sunday - 06:00 To
19:00 , Public Holidays - 06:00 To 19:00
"its really magic of nature Panchangana is paisa vasul spot fiver rivers flow from small spots
from this Mandir. you can see those flow by you eyes. its in old mahabaleshwar surrounding are
good. and main point in its very peace and low crowded..." - Mahendra Patil, Mumbai, May
13, 2014
Lingamala falls
Water Fall
Entry: Free
Ranked: 9 Of 64
Ratings: 5.18/7 (6 Reviews)
"awesome one of the best place in mahabaleshawar...there is a small small area where u can
sit while heading for the was the best exp ....but i was expecting some fishes there but no it
was totally rain water so just go there sit and have..." - Suumeet Darshan, Mumbai, 2
months ago
10 Kate's
View Point
Entry: Free
Ranked: 10 Of 64
Ratings: 5.39/7 (6 Reviews)
"This is one of the few points of sightseeing. Its basically on top of the hills with valleys
surrounding. Views are just amazing. It feels like we are in the clouds during the sunset." Abbas Surti, Pune, 1 month ago
Popular hotels in Mahabaleshwar recommended by travellers
MTDC Holiday Resort Mahabaleshwar
Page 9/14
Rs. 1,000 - 3,100
1 Of 175
4.99/7 (400 Reviews)
Preferred by: Couple, Group | Mumbai, Pune Travellers
"Very decent place to stay. Cool, silent and beautiful place. Only worry is the
transport, you need to pay 200 bucks to every time to go to market for both
sides. Clean Place, well maintained, away from crowded area. Nice view from
west end of..." - Sujay chauadhari , Mumbai, 1 week ago
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Shahee Resort
Rs. 4,000 - 6,000
2 Of 175
4.99/7 (180 Reviews)
Village Bhilar,
Panchgani – Mahabaleshwar Highway,
Dist. : Satara
Preferred by: Couple, Family | Mumbai, Pune Travellers
"we stayed at shahee resort for three nights. we have a group of 20 persons.
This resort have a very good and peaceful location. the hotel staff was very cooperative. the food is also very good. only thing is that the resort should be kept
more..." - Amit Shah, Allahabad, 2 weeks ago
Read 180 hotel reviews on
Rajesh Hotel
Rs. 3,600 - 7,000
3 Of 175
5.4/7 (154 Reviews)
Near ST Stand
Preferred by: Couple, Family | Mumbai, Ahmedabad Travellers
Read 154 hotel reviews on
Page 10/14
Pratap Heritage
Rs. 2,300 - 4,100
4 Of 175
5.25/7 (145 Reviews)
Preferred by: Family, Couple | Chennai, Pune Travellers
"its very good property, located near the market place..excellent rooms,tastefully
done interior...staff was friendly and offered us inexplicable was
excellent and during our 3 day stay, we preferred to take meal in house..." Parul Medhi, Mumbai, 1 month ago
Read 145 hotel reviews on
Ramsukh Resorts
Rs. 5,700 - 12,500
5 Of 175
5.54/7 (94 Reviews)
Near Mahabaleshwar Temple
Preferred by: Family, Couple | Mumbai, Hyderabad Travellers
"this was without any doubt the best weekend stay we have had before...the
location as such that u can just sit around and enjoy the natures beauty without
doing anything...superb property was really done
tastefully...nice..." - Abhishek Poddar, Mumbai, 4 days ago
Read 94 hotel reviews on
Rama Executive Hotel
Rs. 2,000 - 4,200
6 Of 175
5.04/7 (85 Reviews)
Near Main Market
Preferred by: Couple | Bhopal, Mumbai Travellers
"I have visited MAHABALESHWAR in July-2014 month end. And had a
pleasant stay with. Hotel Rama Executive. Rooms are really nice, tidy and clean.
Page 11/14
5 min walk away from S.T. stand, in center of the market gives you freedom for
late night outing...." - Ashitosh , Delhi, Yesterday
Read 85 hotel reviews on
Hotel Poonm
Rs. 4,500 - 6,000
Ranked: 7 Of 175
Ratings: 5.08/7 (68 Reviews)
Address: Poonam Chowk
Main Market
Phone: 91-9822028899
"It was a nice Hotel package for me , I got the nice bad room as well ,and
excellent room service as well . If was a nice breakfast in morning and tea,
coffee as well. Good thing is that there is excellent reception and specially there
is big..." - Maiur , Agartala, Today
Read 68 hotel reviews on
Valley View Resort
Rs. 4,100 - 6,000
8 Of 175
5.45/7 (88 Reviews)
Valley View Road
Near Market
Preferred by: Couple, Group | Mumbai, Ahmedabad Travellers
"Very good hotel best hotel to stay in mahableshwar this is nice place to stay
with family Far away from city but rooms are very good 5 out of 7 Staff was good
service is also good average hotel Awesome experience away from alibaag go
with this..." - Chunky jaisinghani, Agartala, 1 week ago
Read 88 hotel reviews on
Lake View Hotel
Page 12/14
Rs. 6,800 - 10,500
9 Of 175
5.42/7 (93 Reviews)
Satara Road
Preferred by: Couple, Family | Mumbai, Pune Travellers
"we were for weekend trip and this property totally made our stay
memorable..spacious and clean rooms, nice ambiance..staff was extremely
polite and helpful..service was over the was delicious too..swimming
pool was big and all..." - Kalpesh Koshe, Mumbai, 2 weeks ago
Read 93 hotel reviews on
10 Hotel
J Excellency
Rs. Upto 2,800
10 Of 175
5.22/7 (76 Reviews)
280, Murry Peth
Satara Dist.
Preferred by: Couple, Group | Mumbai, Pune Travellers
"overall good Experience, awesome climate, Staff behavior and service was
good. Outside and interior side look of the hotel was average. Room was very
neat, clean and all amenities are in working condition...." - Sachin Kamble,
Mumbai, 1 month ago
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View all Mahabaleshwar hotels
Best way to travel from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar
Mahabaleshwar is situated at a distance of 266 km from Mumbai. Situated at an elevation of
1,353 metres above sea level, Mahabaleshwar is well connected to Mumbai by road. The best
way to reach Mahabaleshwar from Mumbai is by road, a journey of about 5 hours 20 minutes by
car. The places covered during the journey from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar are Mumbai - 76
km -> Khopali - 57 km -> Tathawade - 103 km -> Wai - 32 km -> Mahabaleshwar. Several
ATMs and hospitals fall on the way. Rest stops, dhabas and restaurants such as Bhairawanath
Chinese are present on the route. Petrol pumps of Hindustan Petroleum (HP), among others,
are also available at regular intervals.
Transport options from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar
Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar By Car: Hire a cab or rent a car to drive down to Mahabaleshwar,
which takes about 5 hours 20 minutes. This mode is ideal for group travel or for families with
senior citizens and kids. Approximate cost of cab per kilometre is about INR 10 to 35 depending
upon the type of car hired.
Read more Travel options on
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Mumbai To Mahabaleshwar
Pune To Mahabaleshwar
Ahmedabad To Mahabaleshwar
Hyderabad To Mahabaleshwar
Nagpur To Mahabaleshwar
Thane To Mahabaleshwar
Bangalore To Mahabaleshwar
Surat To Mahabaleshwar
Mahabaleshwar weather
Best Season / Best Time to Visit Mahabaleshwar
Mahabaleshwar is a hill station at a height of about 4,400ft in Maharashtra. The maximum and
minimum temperatures vary significantly however it remains pleasant throughout the year. The
weather in Mahabaleshwar is conducive for strawberry cultivation. The summer months in
Mahabaleshwar stretches from March to June. The temperature can rise up to a maximum of
29Вє Celsius and fall to a minimum of 16 Вє Celsius at night. The day is warm but because of its
height there is a constant breeze blowing and so the weather is mild and pleasant. The
monsoon season in Mahabaleshwar lasts from mid June to September. The annual rainfall in
Mahabaleshwar is approximately 660 cm. The rainfall enhances the beauty of the hills and
tourists can find many waterfalls around the area. The weather remains cold and damp. This
time is the best for honeymoon couples. The winter season in Mahabaleshwar begins in
November and last until mid March. Temperatures can rise up to a maximum of 24Вє Celsius and
fall to a minimum of 5Вє Celsius. Due to its proximity to the Arabian Sea the hills do not get cold.
The days are pleasant and the sun is soft. However, at night be prepared to use woollens to
avoid the cold. This period sees a lot of tourists as the place are ideal for Christmas and New
Year celebrations. The best time to visit is October to May. From November to January there is
a festive atmosphere in the air and the place is abundant with tourists. From February to May
the weather is mild and the sun is not harsh. Tourists who do not like monsoons should avoid
visiting Mahabaleshwar during the monsoon season.
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