November 2014 - Al Kader Shriners

Illustrious Sir Dave Johnson Proclaims
Saturday, November 8, 2014
Chief Rabban Night
See Page 3 for Details
Al Kader OASIS
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Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-9600
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Subscription Price $5.00/Year
Potentate...Dave Johnson
Chief Rabban...Tom Bland
Asst. Rabban...John Nerski
High Priest & Prophet...Ron Gamble
Oriental Guide...Art Hermanson
Treasurer...Robert Keller
Recorder...Dick Duer
1st Cer. Master...Ron Eggers
2nd Cer. Master...Todd Weedman
Director...Carl Thompson
Marshal...Albert Martinez
Capt. of the Guard...Ray Glass
Temple Outer Guard...Tomey Greer
Chaplain…Carson Bailey
Outer Guard...Richard Crist
Outer Guard...Skip Weisgerber
Outer Guard...Bill Quier
Outer Guard...Fred Wendt
Outer Guard...Carey Huckaba
Outer Guard...Gary Dentinger
Outer Guard...John Koch
Outer Guard…Zack Balylack
Outer Guard…Don Denton
Executive Aide…Pete Ohlman
Chief Aides…Fred Hardin
and Mearl Kroker
Aides…Hap Baldwin, Frank Brewington
Bob Brown, Mel DeHut, Justin Jones,
Keith Leamon, Bob Swan,
Chris Woolcock
Director of Units...Gib Thonstad
Assistant – Rick Laird
Staff – Phil Strother
Temple Attorney...Richard Lee
Temple Auditor...TBA
Hosp. Transportation...Dick Duer
Ambassador at Large
Skip Stanaway, Kenji Yaguchi
Gary Scott...Ambassador
Ken Jubb - Photographer
Roy Armentrout...Recorder
Robert Timm; Ken Jubb...Ambassadors
Robert Keller...Treasurer
Noel Keister...Chaplain
Publisher...Dave Johnson, Potentate
Acting Editor...Dave Johnson
Photographer...Art Thompson
Items must be received by the 10th
of the month preceding date of issue.
Advertising Rates On Request
“Dave Says...”
Continuing from where I left off last month—we still
need volunteers for the PACE Program. I have 2 Past
Potentates (need 4 more); I have 2 women, 1 from a
Club and 1 Past Potentate’s Lady (need 1 more PP’s
Lady, 2 Divan Ladies, 1 new member’s Lady and 1
widow); I have 4 Club/Unit reps (need 2 more); I have 2
PR reps (need several more—please see Noble
Carey’s article in this edition); I have 3 Membership
Committee Reps (I am asking Asst. Rabban John
Nerski and Membership Chairman Carl Thompson to
recruit several more—if you are interested, please
contact one of them. I will be in touch with MWB Wick,
this week, for his nominees.
Time is short. We need to have these groups identified
by 7 November to give Imperial time to send out the questionnaires on which they will base their initial plans for us.
Dave Johnson
Potentate 2014
Moving on... Lynn and I traveled to Hermiston for the Hermiston Lodge’s reception of the
Grand Master. I was pleased with Al Kader’s support of the reception. Those of you who
were there were treated to an exceptional dinner, good entertainment and a fun raffle.
Plus the fellowship that accompanies these get-togethers is what the Blue Lodge is all
I have participated in Central Oregon’s Food Caravan since I joined COSC in 2002, but
had never been with the Eastern Oregon Caravan until this year. Because we were in
Baker City for the Baker Valley Scottish Rite Reunion, the Caravan picked us up there,
and the normally 5-6 hour drive to Wilsonville lasted from 8:00 AM to 4:20 PM. At each of
the stops we picked up donations and more cars/trucks. By far the largest addition to the
Caravan was in Hermiston, where we had lunch at the Elks Club. There we added
several cars and pickups, and 2 tractors—1 donated by Walmart and one donated by
FedEx. The Walmart tractor pulled a trailer with 40,000 pounds of food. The FedEx
tractor pulled a double, and I have no idea how much they had, but both trailers were full.
It was also in Hermiston that I was extremely fortunate to experience a “Shrine Moment”.
Noble Clayton Orr and I were standing by his pickup, when a lady parked her car in the
lot, got out and approached us. She said that she didn’t know why we were there.
Clayton immediately told her that we were doing the Food Caravan…and before he could
continue, she interrupted.
“I’m (neither of us could remember her name), and you took care of my daughter. We
were in a terrible accident and her leg was crushed. If it hadn’t been for you, she would
not be alive and walking!” She handed Clayton a $20, and started to walk off. He tried to
get her name for the record, but she was gone.
I don’t know about you, but just remembering “Shrine
Moments” like this one brings me close to tears. They
happen in parades, and you can’t stop and tell the little girl
that is pointing at her brace or prosthetic and saying,
“Thank you”, but when you get to experience one “up close
and personal”, you know why Lynn and I came up with our
Mission Statements—Focus on the Mission, and The
Mission is the Kids.
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 2
Don’t forget Your Fez
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 3
Director’s Corner
by Noble Gib Thonstad
Nobles and Shrine Ladies,
The month of November is a very busy month
for the units as we get ready for 2 big
Parades, the fall Ceremonial and Chief
Rabban Night. November 11 is Veteran’s Day
with the Parade in Albany stepping off at 11:00 AM. This is a
Large Parade and the people of Albany really turnout. Shriners in
the Greater Portland/Salem area should attend and support not
only our Veterans but our Shrine Center as well. Wear your Fez
and Shrine Shirt and join the crowd. The Friday after Thanksgiving is the Macy’s Parade in down town Portland. This is the
“official” last Parade of our season. Several of our Units will be
participating and once again it would be nice to see lots of Shrine
Shirts and Fezzes along the Parade Route. Step off is 9:00AM.
The Independence Parade is on Dec. 6th and is an evening
Parade, lights required.
Chief Rabban Night is a special night for the Chief Rabban to kick
off his year as Potentate. Please mark your calendars with this
important date: November 8th, honoring Tom and Kathy Bland as
they kick off their Journey through the EAST. Come and see and
hear what is being planned for next year.
The following week is busy with Stated Meeting, Unit Head/Divan
meeting, and our Fall Ceremonial. Unit Captains, Unit Officers,
and Unit Members let’s get those Shriners to be initiated. Remember that “Unit Growth” is part of determining Unit of the Year. The
best way to get members for your Unit is to self-recruit. By lining
up new candidates for the Shrine by recruiting members to join
your Unit.
Captains, I hope that you are all preparing your Unit’s resume for
the year. The due date will soon be upon us. We will have the
categories and criteria available at the November Unit Head
Meeting. From what I have witnessed, the Units and Clubs remain
the heart of the Shrine Center. Like the Hospitals are our philanthropic focus, the Units and Clubs are the individual members
focus and gives value to being a Shriner. Remember that we have
20% of our membership being considered active and 80% of the
active members in the Shrine belongs to a Unit/Club.
your Fez.
by Noble John Nerski - Asst. Rabban
Did you go to the Food Caravan? If you didn’t
make it try to make it next year because it was
an incredible event. We welcomed Hillah back
who brought in several cars (first time in quite
a while), Central Oregon brought in a total of
nine trucks and I can’t tell you how many trucks were brought in
by Eastern Oregon. Rumor is that one of the semi-trucks was a
triple! Everyone should be out there publicizing the work of all of
the Nobles and their Ladies that brought this together. Remember
the phrase “build it and they will come?” If we put out a great
product people will want to become involved to be a part of it In
this case the product is $166,000+ of cash and food stuff for the
Portland Shriners Hospital for Children. That is how this relates to
membership, if we tell people about the wonderful deeds that are
happening and the fun we have in doing it, men and especially
their ladies will want to belong.
It is still not too late to get the petitions for Nobles into the office
so we can vote on them at the stated meeting and get them
started on their journey. We have a Ceremonial coming up on
November 22nd so we need to get the petitions in as soon as
possible. We reviewed the numbers recently and we are still in
the running for a Gold Award from Imperial! Wouldn’t that be a
great thing, to cap off the year with a Gold Award? If you were at
the last Stated Meeting you witnessed yet another fete by Carl
Thompson who submitted another six petitions for membership,
thanks Carl!! Get out there and get those petitions! Also, if you are
aware of a Noble in need who is having difficulty in keeping up
with his dues, don’t sit on the side lines, call us to let us know.
There are programs out there that can help your Brothers, let’s
keep all of the Nobles in good standing.
What’s Inside This Month
Pote’s Message
Chief Rabban Night
Director’s Corner
Stated Meeting
Wild Game Dinner
Unit News
Tech Tip
HP&P Message
Club News
Al Kader Family Picnic
Ladies News
Hospital Happenings
Annual Notice of Election
Public Relations
History Display
OB Crab Feast
Birthday Card
Cut the Bull
Live at the Shrine/Black Camel
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A Ceremonial to Honor
IS Bill Doherty 2005
Fri-Sat, November 21-22, 2014
Al Kader Shrine Center
Monday, November 10, 2014
Al Kader Shrine - AAONMS
Shrine Center - Wilsonville, Oregon
2014 Dues Card Required
Doors open at 5:30 PM
Oasis available - Dinner at 6:00 PM
Ladies Welcome for Dinner and
Ladies Program which starts at 7:00 PM.
Menu and cost will be available when you call.
Pay at the door.
6:00 PM Friday, November 21 - Candidates
arrive at the Portland Shriners Hospital for
dinner and a presentation/tour of the Hospital.
9:300 AM Saturday, November 22 - Candidates
arrive at the Shrine Center for registration ond
11:00 AM - Divan Meeting for new candidates
requiring vote
11:30 AM - Arch Degree - Ladies and Guests
12:15 PM - Lunch and set-up for Ritualistic
1:15 PM - Ceremonial - Oriental Band and
Daughters of the Nile PADIR will perform.
Ladies and Guests will be excused for
a brief period during the Ceremony
2:15 PM Video on Clubs and Units
2:45 PM - Fezing of new Nobles
and Group Photos
3:30 PM - Meet with Clubs and
Units in the Sun Room - No-host
bar available
5:00 PM - Have a Safe Trip Home
Please call your reservations into
the Center Office 503-682-4420
By Order of: Dave Johnson, Potentate
Attest: Dick Duer, Recorder
Proofreaders’ Contest
Lady Jan Sundeen and
Noble Clem Norton were the
only proofreadeers, again, this
month. They are having theirnames entered for the finals of
the drawing.
Chinook Winds Casino Resort
1777 NW 45th Street
Lincoln City, OR 97367-5094
Casino Phone: 1-888 CHINOOK (244-6665) or
(541) 996-5825 Fax: (541) 996-5852
Hotel Address:
1501 NW 40th Place
Lincoln City, OR 97367-4811
Hotel Phone: 1-877-4 BEACH 1 (1-877-423-2241)
or (541) 994-3655
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 5
Wild Game Dinner
by Noble Carey Huckaba - If you did not attend the annual Wild Game Dinner at Al Kader Shrine Center on
October 11th, you certainly missed out on some mighty fine food and so much fun.The first thing that I
noticed upon arrival, was that everyone was warmly greeted in such a manner that it resembled a family
reunion. In a sense, I suppose it was. It epitomized the truest form of fraternalism.Yea! Its back! Those
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 6
warm fraternal greetings that made Shrinedom the epitome of fraternities by the turn of the nineteenth century. What’s more, the wild game
was prepared in a manner befitting the Waldorff Astoria. It was the best prepared feast in many years, if not ever. And the portions were
generous. Indeed, a delicious meal. I still can’t decide on a favorite main entrée between the smoked trout, elk steak, the bear, the quail, the
game bird, or the chili? They were all my favorites. Still more fun and excitement was had at the gaming tables, as (continued on page 8)
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 7
by Noble Clem Norton
The sun shone brightly as the Concert Band played for the Al
Kader Family picnic held on September 20 at Champoeg State
Park. We opened the ceremonies by playing the Patrol in with the
Colors and performing the National Anthem. After the welcoming
remarks, we played the Patrol out and then played for about 45
minutes some selections from our "Pop" Book. Many thanks to
the Oriental Band for letting us play off of their trailer.
Sadly, once again the Black Camel has visited the Concert Band.
On September 29, Noble Francis E, Mills was called to Eternal
Light. Frank became a Noble in 1992 as a vocalist with the Al
Kader Chanters. When that group disbanded in 1998, he joined
the Band in the trumpet section, where he renewed his old
friendship with Noble Earl Barton, with whom he had played with
in the band at Portland's Jefferson High School. Frank seldom
ever missed a rehearsal or a performance, until his recent illness
prevented his attendance. He was a Past Master, and for many
years Secretary, of Portland Lodge #55. His big smile and dry wit
will be missed.
The Band is preparing for the coming Food Caravan, the
Children's Christmas Party, a Christmas concert at Jennings
McCall and the 2015 installation of Al Kader officers. Fine for now.
by Noble Patrick Sheehan
Cyclowns are encouraged to be on their best behavior. We
acknowledge that best behavior is a relative term and we expect
arrests will be made. To mitigate this, we resolved that all Secret
Santa gifts be given in the form of bail money.
The meeting closed with President Don Hayhurst declaring that if
the Kader Clowns show up again he's going to give them all a
"Shriner shiner," after which he attempted to pay his tab with
irrelevant Entertainment Book coupons he stole from Noble Carl
Thompson. Security caught up with Hayhurst in the parking lot
and he was compelled to pay his tab in US currency.
by Noble Don Slezak
October was a very busy month for the Greeters. November is
looking busy also.
Our election of officers is November 3rd. This will be our regular
meeting and will be held at the Claim Jumper in Clackamas. This
is a stag meeting. We have a table reserved. If you want to be
involved in the Greeters plan on being there so you can get your
pick of the offices. If you are not there you might not get your first
choice. Of course the Greeters will pay. Plan on being here at
6:00 PM.
The Chief Rabban Night is November 8th. Doors open at 5:30 so
plan on being at the Shrine Center by 5. The uniform is formal i.e.
blazer, white shirt, tie etc. This is when we get the schedule for
next year from the next Potentate.
Cyclowns monthly meeting was held on October 6th at Chan's
Restaurant in Milwaukie. 12 Nobles were in attendance including
Noble Brian Wright who arrived in full clown makeup. He offered
no explanation.
Al Kader stated meeting is the 10th. The Winter Ceremonial is on
the 22nd.
The highlight of the meeting was Noble Jim Lang pushing
Entertainment books on everyone with the enthusiastic support of
Cyclown President Don Hayhurst, who likes to use coupons
wherever he goes. The annual extortion being over ensures the
next 11 meetings will be free of Entertainment Book solicitations.
Looking ahead to December we have the ABATE Toy run at the
hospital on the 6th, Stated Meeting on the 8th and the Christmas
Party and Honors Social on the 13th.
Noble Tate was kind enough to take notes, but he was not legible
– or perhaps literate enough – to make the events of the evening
clear. It appears that someone of some importance is visiting the
next Cyclown meeting on November 3rd at 5:30 PM at Chans in
Milwaukie. We will either be visited by a Pope, Potentate or some
type of Pork.
Prior to discussion of the Christmas party, our meeting was again
crashed by the Kader Clowns. This time, they were duped by
Desert Patrol into thinking the Cyclowns were putting on a
makeup clinic. The Kader Clowns were turned away when it was
revealed they only brought lipstick and mascara.
It was decided the annual Christmas party will be at the Old
Spaghetti Factory on Macadam on December 1 at 6:00 PM. His
majesty the Pope is expected to attend, and members of the
Be sure you turn in your car raffle tickets NOW, sold or unsold as
the drawing will be during the Chief Rabban Night social.
If you didn’t work or attend the Octoerfest you missed seeing the
Al Kader food trailer. It was a great opportunity to show the fez
and see us in action. Carol Pratt did an outstanding job of
manning the grill and keeping the food following. Al Kader has a
great location and will be there next year. If you missed it, it is
your loss.
Wild Game Dinnercontinued from page 7
attested to by the cheerful shouting, the high-fives and an
occasional scream by the winners.
If you have not attended a special event or a social at Al Kader for
some while, you may be missing out on the very things that
attracted you to the Shrine in the first place.
Wake up…….Smell the Roses! Check out what’s fun at Al
Kader…..Your Shrine Center.
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 8
by Noble Dennis DeSanno, Captain
Greeting Nobles and Ladies
Here we are October, Haunted House time. We’re had our Food
Caravan onSaturday, October 18, 2014, and I want to welcome
Hillah back with us again. I’m looking forward to seeing all the
Nobles and Ladies. This should be a great time and it’s for a great
cause (the children in the hospital). It’s not going to be long and
we’ll be having Chief Rabban night, November. 8, 2014, and
raffling the Cobra away. All of you who have purchased tickets,
thank you, and for those of you have procrastinated please buy
your tickets right away. The ABATE run is coming up on
December 6.
For those of you that have motorcycles and want to have a great
ride on a brisk December Saturday please come join us.
by Randy Shepherd, Veara
Today’s Communication
Back in the day, the phone company was known to charge a price
which limited the amount of time one could talk to a relative or
friend far away. Think of the changes which have occurred - we
can now talk with anyone, anywhere and in many cases as long
as we want, as often as we want. Conversation from the US to
Israel on a cell phone sounds like you are next door! Communication is evolving.
This community event will be presented by Fred Myer and Major
Sponsors are Republic Services, Columbia Bank, Andy Green,
American Family Insurance, Wilsonville Family Fun Center and West
Chiropractic. Storybook land with the Kiwanis Imagination Library
program, Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue will have their safety house,
Wilsonville Community Sharing will be providing hot chocolate, coffee
and cookies and collecting food, personal care items and toys to give
to those in need. Wilsonville Theater Company will be greeting families
and answering questions throughout the day as fun holiday characters.
You can see this is a wonderful opportunity for Al Kader to be part of a
large community activity hosted in our Shrine Center. Please bring
your family, neighbors and Lodge members to this event.
On another note I had the opportunity to represent Al Kader at the
Shrine Circus and Fundraising Association (SCAFRA) in Greenville
South Carolina at the end of September. I presented several
workshops on making a Haunted House a fundraising event. I did
come away with great information from other Temples that host
Haunted Houses as well as other successful fundraising events. Lady
Gail also attended with me and we enjoyed some wonderful southern
With this evolution, it is hard to believe we might think that the art
of communication is being compromised, what with all the new
software and devices we hear about every day. One might
conclude we are losing the personal touch, and that people,
especially younger people, have simply lost the ability to communicate. I challenge this - it is simply not true. We in fact communicate much more and with a greater number of people than ever –
we are just doing it differently.
Al Kader uses several forms of communication to stay in touch,
including; website, email, Facebook, and Twitter – to learn more
about the technology of today’s communication, visit the following
link on the Al Kader website.
by Noble Ron Gamble, HP&P
I would like everyone to mark their calendar for Saturday November
29, 2014 for our annual Children’s Christmas Party. This year we are
teaming with the Wilsonville Chamber of Commerce to present 1st
Annual Santa’s Winter Wonderland from 10:00AM – 4:00PM. Al
Kader will have our traditional Santa’s Workshop with photos with
Santa. There will be music by our Concert Band and other musical
groups will be performing.
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 9
by Noble Terry Griffith
IS Dave Johnson was presented with the signed Game Ball by
the E/W Committee Chair, Bill Quier, at the recent October
Central Oregon Shrine Meeting. Along with the game ball, he was
also presented the Champion Award for the “Market Rabbit” he
purchased. This has been a yearly tradition for several years,
where the Potentate gives money towards the purchase of the
rabbit. In the picture (l-r) Bill Quier, chair E/W Committee, IS Dave
Johnson and Dave Stephenson, President COSC.
year. There were 23 nobles selected from the Shriners total
membership appointed this year for this honor. IS Bob Walliker
was also appointed to serve again this year.
We will donate $50.00 to the Russ George Foundation, a benefit
for the Raineer police officer who was shot in the hand while
making a traffic stop last summer.
Noble John Ridenour will coordinate our traditional contribution of
$300.00 to purchase holiday turkeys for the Shriners Hospitals for
ChildrenВ®- Portland at the Food Caravan. Social at the Shrine
Center. This is the 60th year for this successful collection of
donations for the hospital.
We will be combining the Columbia County Shriners November
and December meetings into one single meeting to be held on
Thursday, December 11th at 6:30 PM. This is because the usual
meeting dates would have fallen on the Thanksgiving and
Our monthly fundraising breakfast continues on the 1st Saturday
of each month at the St. Helens Club Building. Our new signage,
shown below, will direct you to the site. Please join us for a hearty
country style breakfast to enjoy home-style cooking and social
COSC is also hosting a Donkey Basketball Game on November
22, 2014 and will be held at the Redmond High School. Last year
we had a great turnout and this year we are hoping for a larger
event. A team from the Deschutes County Sheriff’s Office will
square off against the Crook County SO, seeking revenge from
their last years, loss.
We had nine children of which we referred five to the hospital, one
of which was an 18 year old girl who had a serious problem which
needed help. We couldn't understand why this hadn't been
corrected earlier and we feel this underscores what we are doing
in referring patients to the hospital. Kids slip through the cracks.
by Noble Ron Ellenson
After our summer recess the primary focus is the fall Club
schedule and election of officers.
The nominating committee chairman Noble John Ridenour will
meet to develop a slate of officers for the 2015 Shrine year. They
will report their suggestions and the Club will schedule elections.
Our members continue to be enthustic participants of our newly
organized Club.
The Club plans to sponsor a table at their St. Helens Children’s
Fair at their traditional Halloween Health and Safety Fair at the
high school commons on October 25th. This community awareness day function has been a highlight of the St. Helens and
vicinity for over 20 years.
Imperial Sir Dale Stauss, Imperial Potentate of Shiners International, appointed our Noble, Ron Ellenson, as an Imperial
Potentate’s Personal Aide staff member for the current Imperial
by Ron Henderson
Linn & Benton County held their Screening Clinic at the Lebanon
Hospital on Sept. 27. We had a total 5 Nobles and 4 ladies.
Lebanon Masonic Lodge did their child ID program. We could
have used more help to cover entrance doors to the hospital.
The pediatricians at the clinics are referring a lot of patients, but
are not seeing all of the problems. Talked about doing more
advertising, different locations, etc.
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 10
We want to thank everyone that was there to help. All the nobles
wore their Fezzes and Melinda Schoonover took pictures.
by Noble Jay Garrett
On the second Sunday of October each year Snake River Shrine
Club holds an annual Auction. The auction was started approximately 58 years ago to raise funds with which to purchase food,
and items for the annual Food Caravan to the Portland Unit.
The 2014 version was probably one of the most productive ever
We had a 28% increase gross funds. The result of substantial
support by families of current and former patients and increased
support of the local business community we sold more produce,
a golf cart donated by a friend of Shrine, a hand made oak
rocking chair and quilt donated by a friend of Shrine family, the
very famous jars and jug of honey donated by two suppliers, wall
art, tools, 65 gift certificates in the silent auction.
The grandmother that won the donated doll house that was raffled
off made a very excited granddaughter very happy. Toys
auctioned off every year have substantially reduced many
grandparents wealth.
Baker Auction Company conducted the auction providing many
laughs and entertainment while auctioning the more than 150
items donated. A substantial portion of the proceeds from the
auction was used to purchase food products requested Pby the
Portland Hospital.
The next business meeting and dinner will be at the Peppermill
Restaurant, 17455 SW Farmington Road, (Intersection of
Farmington and Kinnaman Road), Aloha at 6:00 pm on Wednesday, November 19, 2014. If anything changes between now and
then I’ll let you know by mail, email or phone call.
My email address is still [email protected] and my
home phone is 503-691-6711.
Have a great Thanksgiving.
by Noble Skip Weisgerber, Outer Guard
On September 23 and 24th the Union County Shrine Club had its
work days at Bear Mountain Pizza in La Grande Oregon.
The Club uses this function to raise monies for the Al Kader
Temple. Depending on the vote of the Club membership, the
money is either donated to the Temple transportation fund or to
the hospital fund.
This is also the time when we have the winning ticket drawn for
our raffle. This year we raffled off a Henry Golden Boy 22.
The winner this year was Colleen Clark, (who I'm told could be
heard squealing over the phone all over the Pizza Shop, needless
to say she was excited.
by Noble Herb Richardson
Okay, it's November already and time to consider a Shrine Club
Christmas Party for next month. If anyone has an idea for a
Christmas event theme or some form of entertainment please let
President Ralph know now so we can get some plans put in
place. Perhaps a singing group or instrumental. Give us your
ideas to work with and we'll get moving. We'll plan on having the
Christmas party on our regular meeting date of December 17th.
According to my calendar it looks like we should have had first
nominations for Tualatin Valley Shrine Club Officers for the year
2015 during the October meeting. At this month's meeting we will
have a second call for nominations and then a final vote and
election in December. The installation of the new club officers will
take place during the January 2015 meeting.
I regret that I will not be able to attend the meetings in November
or December this year, but Maureen and I will be on our long
awaited cruise to the Amazon River and Brazil. I will promise a
travel log and maybe some video when we return. We hope that
you have an amazing Thanksgiving Holiday and a wonderful
Christmas party. We will see you in January 2015.
The winning ticket was drawn by one of our local hospital
patients, Braden Trice.
The Club raised $4,596.00 for the Transportation fund at AL
Happy Thanksgiving
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 11
Al Kader Family Picnic
We decided, early on, to try a different venue for the Picnic this year. After searching around for a
place that would hold what we thought was going to be the usual crowd, and a place where we
could cook our hot dogs and hamburgers the committee settled on Champoeg State Park. It is quite
a drive to get there, and the logistics required to get the food, tables, chairs and the OB float there
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 12
were considerable, but very well handled. Our hats are off to those that made it happen. The usual crowd didn’t show up. We only had about
80 folks. Those who made the trek to Champoeg had a good time. The food was great, and the mood was relaxed. Both the Concert Band
and the Oriental Band performed on the stripped-down OB float. However, because of all of the issues, and the lower turnout, I have been
told that we will probably be going back to Oaks Park next year. Thanks to our Center Photographer, Art Thompson for the Picnic photos.
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 13
Nydia Temple No. 4
Daughters of the Nile
by Queen Judy Smith
Fall has come rushing in with gusto for Nydia Temple No. 4,
Daughters of the Nile. In September we had 6 of our 21 Official
and one Unofficial visit to the clubs. At those meetings we
received sewing items for the Portland Hospital and monetary
donations for the Daughters of the Nile Foundation. The
foundation is the way the Daughters of the Nile may contribute
monies directly to the Shriners Hospitals for Children.
October brings our annual
fundraiser with Shurtah Club of Al
Kader. It was “A Night at the
Speakeasy” and we heard that
fun was had by all. We do not
know the financial numbers yet,
but the dinner, music, casino,
and “mug shots” were a huge
success. There are more Official
Visits this month and most
importantly, the visit from Marsha
D. Sowers, our Supreme Queen. Supreme Queen Marsha
SQ Marsha is from Nebraska and and Queen Judy Smith
during her year will visit 136
temples and 22 Shriners Hospitals for Children. October 22 is the
date of her visit to Nydia and that day she will witness a
ceremonial and then be our guest of honor at a banquet. We are
also honored to have the Administrator of the Hospital, Craig
Patchin, IS David Johnson, Potentate of Al Kader Temple, and
Michael Wick, Grand Master of Masons in Oregon be our guest
speakers at that event. The next day, Supreme Queen Marsha
will visit the Portland Hospital before going south to Medford for
the Official Visit to Zuleima Temple.
BREAKING NEWS: It was announced at our October stated
session that our Cruise to Alaska brought us a donation of $500 to
our Nydia Temple general fund and $2000 to the Daughters of the
Nile Foundation. Thank you Past Queen Paulette Schlee from
Nydia Temple and the 64 Alaskan Cruisers!
The Forget Me Nots
By Lady Janis Ferlisi
Our last get together was on September 24th and it was at the
Golden Crown in Beaverton, we had a very small group, but we
sure did enjoy ourselves. We discussed where we would be in
October – Gustav’s in Tigard – and talked about what had
happened to most of us over the summer plus what everyone
knew about missing members.
Slips were pasted out to come up with ideas for the next year of
restaurants and everyone wanted to take the slips home and
decide and let me know. We will discuss this at the October
Remember your ideas and I’ll see you at Gustav’s – at 1130 AM,
in Tigard across from Washington Square by Red Lobster on
Greenburg Rd. – 503-639-4544
Al Zahrah Court #58
Ladies Oriental Shrine
by Lady Nora Timm, PHP
Al Zahrah Court initiated 3 Ladies at our High Priestess' Official
Visit September 13th. We welcome Linda Tate (Milwaukie); Linda
Stauffer (St. Helens); and Margaret Vockrodt (Longview) to
membership with us. Following the afternoon Ceremonial was a
really fun time at the Spaghetti Factory with some of our Nobles
and husbands also. A special thank you went to the Ladies of
Ahmes Court from Seattle who visited and performed a skit which
the Ladies of our Court haven't seen done in over 15 years!! It
was fabulous, very well done and a surprise for our Candidates.
8 of our Ladies attended the Western Area Organized Units Meet
in San Diego September 17-20. Some even braved a bus tour to
Tijuana to see the new Ambulatory Clinic of the Los Angeles
Shriners Hospital. The ways of doing business at Shriners
Hospitals is ever changing and this will make it easier for the
Mexican children to have follow-up appointments there instead of
sometimes difficult and time consuming border crossings.
We plan another Ceremonial to initiate more new candidates
whose petitions we received in February. It's not too late to get
your petition to one of our members. If you don't know a Lady who
belongs, the Shrine Center office Ladies can assist or you can call
our High Priestess Rayna Keller (503) 679-1045 or Nora Timm,
PHP (503) 318-2750 or our Recorder, Lady Julie Penge, PHP
(503) 990-8555 in the Salem area. Come check us out - we are
having lots of fun and fellowship! Or see the Ladies Oriental
Shrine of North America website.
Save the Date -
December 31, 2014
The event is a New Years Eve party to
kick off the year of fund raising. It
starts about 8:00 PM with drinks,
hors d'oeuvres, prizes, raffle and music.
The entertainment is going to be
Billy and the Rockets and a breakfast
will be served about 12:30 AM.
La Quinta is providing discounted rooms
and a shuttle to and from the hotel.
Price for the event is $30.00 each,
all inclusive with a single person
with the hotel is $100.00 and
a couple is $130.00.
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 14
by Pat Grennan, Director of Community Afairs
Hello Al Kader
I wanted to let you know that the ABATE Toy Run is on; scheduled
for Saturday December 6th, 2014.
Last year’s event was a much scaled down one, due to very bad
ABATE was given permission to run a much smaller parade this
year, it will be handled like a “memorial procession” and will be a
much shorter route.
We will say a prayer for decent weather…as that may ensure
bigger participation than last year.
I hear the Al Kader Motor Escort group has already been contacted to participate in the �scaled down’ parade…and a big thank you
from ABATE for their assistance.
Please share this information with your membership as there may
be questions as to whether the event is on. We have already
been hearing inaccurate rumblings that the event was cancelled
again this year. “Nay, Nay”, I say!!
by IS Dave Johnson, Potentate
Notice is hereby given that the meeting for the election of Officers
of Al Kader Temple, Shriners International will be held on Monday,
December 8th, 2014 at 7:00 P.M. at the Al Kader Shrine Center,
Wilsonville, Oregon.
The purpose of this meeting is to elect the first seven Officers of
the Temple for one-year terms and the four representatives from
Al Kader to the 2015 Imperial Council.
325.11 Election Regulations.
(a) Electioneering. A candidate for an elected office in a Shrine
temple may print, publish and circulate during the year he is
seeking the elected office, a rГ©sumГ© consisting of his educational
background, his vocational history, and his Masonic and Shrine
record. Except as provided in the prior sentence, the printing,
publication, circulating or distribution of resolutions, letters,
telegrams, tickets, email or other devices, by a Unit, Club, Noble,
or group of Nobles, suggesting, recommending, opposing, or
containing the names of proposed candidates for office in the
temple is prohibited.
(b) Expenditures Prohibited. The expenditure of money for gifts,
favors, or entertainment on behalf of a candidate for elected office
is prohibited.
(c) Violation. For any violation of (a) or (b), the Imperial Potentate
may suspend any offending Noble, and he may declare the
election of the officers void and order a new election.
(d) Notice. At least one week prior to the annual meeting or any
election, the temple Recorder shall mail to each member a notice
thereof containing this section. (This requirement is deemed
satisfied by this notice.)
Amended 2011
Public Relations
by Noble Carey Huckaba
Want to make good things happen?
If you read the potentate’s column “Dave Says…” on page 2 of
the October OASIS, then you know that Al Kader is breaking new
ground in public relations as a new approach to attracting quality
members while also improving our public image.
Edward L. Bernays, the father of modern public relations, coined
the phrase, �The Engineering of Consent.’ In fact, in his book by
that very name, this is how he defined PR. “Public Relations is the
attempt, by information, persuasion, and adjustment to engineer
public support for an activity, cause, movement or institution.”
Al Kader is forming a Public Relations Committee charged with
establishing a PR program with four goals. (1) Attract quality
members for Masonic Lodges and Al Kader. (2) Give the public a
positive impression about Shrinedom and Shriners Hospitals. (3)
Develop a membership relations program to inform Shriners
about International Shrinedom and Shriners Hospitals. (4) To
accomplish PR projects for the Illustrious Potentate.
If you would like to be a part of a committee that will provide a
brighter future for Al Kader Shriners while you learn about the
fascinating field of public relations, then contact Al Kader Shriners
and express an interest in the PR Committee. Or, if you have
questions, contact Carey Huckaba via email:
[email protected] or telephone: 503 842 5326.
Al Kader History Display
by Noble John Smith, Historian
Al Kader Shriners History and that of the World has been touched
by many heroines. We have several Masonic Family Women’s
Groups. Even many of our Shrine Hospital volunteers are
Al Kader has been so touched. Our sweethearts attend our
Shrine practices, iron our Shrine uniforms, go to our parades,
decorate our Shrine tables, fix many of our Shrine meals and do
so much for us. When we call Al Kader Shrine, we usually first
talk with a WOMAN. History teaches us that most Shriners and
Shrine events have a Shrine sweetheart supporting us, yet
unhonored. History challenges all Shriners to honor their sweethearts.
Help us write or document Al Kader History. Tell us your ideas by
calling Al Kader Shrine and asking to talk to a Noble.
Call 503-266-2163 (a woman may answer) or 503-682-4420 (Al
Kader) or email History at [email protected] (a woman may
read it first).
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 15
Don't Miss The Al Kader Oriental Band's Annual
World's Greatest & Best Fresh Crab Feast
A Sit Down Affair At
Al Kader Shrine Center
Saturday – January 15, 2014
Cost Is $30.00 Per Person
(Bring your own crackers & picks)
(Breast of Chicken will be available as
the alternative choice of entree.)
Tables of eight or more may
one name - and full payment
table reservation. Seating is
and prepaid reservations are
ets will be sold at the door.
be reserved in
must accompany
limited to 400
a must! No tick-
This event ALWAYS sells out, so...
get your reservations in early!
Tickets are available from any Oriental Band member or by calling
your credit card (Visa - Mastercharge only) to Ted Schoessler at
503-682-4420, or by calling Ralph Jubb at 503-255-3367, or
Wade Robley at 503-786-3680. Checks payable to the Oriental
Band may also be sent to the Attention of Ted Schoessler at the
Shrine Center, 25100 SW Parkway Ave., Wilsonville, Oregon 97070-9612
There will be a Raffle and Gaming with many prizes
Invite your friends and relatives to this great event
Doors open at 5:00 PM
All net proceeds benefit the Oriental Band & Al Kader
Shrine General Funds. Payments are not deductible as a
charitable contribution.
Al Kader OASIS - November 2012 - Page 16
Noble Winford H. Dillard
Named Shriner of the Month
Noble Winford H.
Dillard, better known
as “Wink,” of Egypt
Shriners in Tampa,
Fla., has been named
Shriner of the Month
for October 2014. The
award program was
developed by the
leadership of Shriners
International to honor
outstanding nobles
who demonstrate an
extraordinary commitment to both the
fraternity and its
philanthropy, Shriners
Hospitals for Children.
in Tampa, Fla.,
Named Shriner of the
his cost. Today, Noble Dillard continues to organize all the patient
transportation trips, which add up to about 15-20 hours per week.
He keeps one van at home, and another in the eastern part of Polk
County to better serve the patients and their families.
The Epitome of a Shriner
In addition to being dedicated to the transportation of patients,
Noble Dillard is also a devoted volunteer at the Tampa Shriners
Hospital. For the past six years he has volunteered in the seating
department, which manages the selection of wheelchairs, seating
technologies and components that meet the anticipated growth
needs of the patients. He has a regular full-day weekly shift with
the department, and also comes in to work additional days when
he transports patients to the hospital. So far, Noble Dillard has
logged a total of 2,164 volunteer hours at the Tampa Shriners
An Important Asset for Patients and Their Families
Noble Dillard was born in Welch, W.Va., where he married his
Lady, Willa, in 1960. They have three children, nine grandchildren, and five and a half great-grandchildren. Not long after Noble
Dillard moved to Lakeland, Fla., he joined Egypt Shriners and the
Lakeland Shrine Club. There, he met Noble Don Markell, who had
been transporting the children of Polk County to Shriners Hospitals for Children — Tampa for many years. Noble Markell was
very ill, and he recruited Noble Dillard to take his place as the
patient transportation driver for the club. Taking over the responsibility with immense enthusiasm, Noble Dillard made his first trip in
May 2005. The number of patient transports began increasing, so
Noble Dillard recruited several more drivers and co-pilots to fill the
growing needs of the program.
An avid Corvette enthusiast, Noble Dillard was having his
personal car serviced at Stingray Chevrolet in Plant City, Fla.,
when he approached the owner regarding the patient transportation program. As a result of the conversation, the owner said he
would donate gasoline to fuel the hospital excursions. From then
on, the patient transportation drivers would fill up the vans at
Stingray Chevrolet, allowing the money saved to be used
elsewhere. In 2010, Noble Dillard spoke to the owner again about
purchasing a new van to replace their aging one. The following
week, the owner donated a van to the Lakeland Shrine Club to
help them manage the increasing number of patient transports.
The patient transports continued to grow, and two years later,
Noble Dillard convinced the owner to sell the Club another van, at
Noble Dillard also collects aluminum tabs and cans, and so far he
has brought more than 120 gallons to the hospital. He also collects
cans from the local golf course, as well as his subdivision, and
sells them to raise additional money for the Tampa hospital. Noble
Dillard also takes the old batteries from the hospital’s seating
department, sells them and donates the money back to the
department – to date, the donations have amounted to more than
$1,000. He also assists with car show fundraisers and volunteers
with the Lakeland Fire Department at their annual open house,
where he shares burn awareness materials with the community.
The impact of Noble Dillard’s many activities on behalf of the
fraternity and its philanthropy is immeasurable. He used the
knowledge that comes from having a degree in mechanical
engineering from Virginia Tech to initiate a mobility equipment
service that accepts used equipment, reconditions it, and then
donates the equipment to children who do not have the financial
means to obtain it. The service, which started out to include just
walkers and manual wheelchairs, has grown to also include power
wheelchairs, scooters and various accessories. According to Craig
Kraft, the seating coordinator at the Tampa Shriners Hospital,
“Most wheelchairs cost from $500 to $5,000. Noble Dillard helps
us maximize our resources to help more children who need
seating and wheeled mobility equipment here at Shriners Hospital
for Children — Tampa.”
In addition to the obvious tangible benefits of his efforts, Noble
Dillard’s hard work provides an example to look up to, which
inspires and motivates fellow members, creates a positive impression in the community, and, in turn, strengthens membership.
According to those who know Noble “Wink,” he truly loves volunteering, and his dedication and commitment to Shriners International and its philanthropy, Shriners Hospitals for Children, are the
personification of a Shriner.
Congratulations to Noble Dillard for his achievements and for
being chosen Shriner of the Month.
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 17
Al Kader
Gulbranson 11/5
C. Shelton Jones
Shoemaker Ii 11/6
Nathaniel Pratt
Burdick Jr
Dr John Wallace Ii
Henderson 11/7
Joaquin Reis Iii
Thomas Hembree
G. John Heddle
Gordon Johnson
Rutherford 11/10
Michael Ryan
Hoffman Jr
Lawrence Mulock
Christopher Warren
E. Ned
Saturday, November 1st
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 18
Kids with physical disabilities are twice as likely to be
bullied, according to our friends at the National
Bullying Prevention Center.
At Shriners Hospitals for ChildrenВ®, we get to know
thousands of patients who are coping with
orthopaedic conditions, spinal cord injuries, burns, or
cleft lip or palate. And it breaks my heart to think
they may be subjected to abuse when they return to
Help us take a stand against bullying at
I’m so proud to have former patient, award-winning
actor, and Shriners Hospitals for Children Love to the rescueВ® Ambassador RJ Mitte
serve as part of this effort. RJ has spoken eloquently about his experiences:
“I was born with cerebral palsy, and my disability made me a target for bullies. I was
harassed, knocked down and even had my hand broken. But, I was lucky. I had my
friends, my family, and Shriners Hospitals for Children to help me become stronger —
inside and out.”
That’s why Shriners Hospitals for Children’s care doesn’t stop at the hospital
door. We go into schools to teach our patients’ classmates about how everyone
deserves respect.Together, we can #CutTheBull and put an end to bullying. We
have the ability to make a difference. We can embrace others for who they are, not who
we think they should be.
Visit to learn more and sign the pledge! Please share this
special message with your friends and family today.
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 19
(Rev 2013-50/50)
– Wilsonville,Oregon
– Wilsonville,
[email protected]
[email protected]
Golf Club
full, must
and be
be by
by or
or MasterCard.
The special
is $50*.balance
The firstofyear’s
will dues
be prorated
fees, fees,
in full,inmust
and may
The special
fee isfee
the first
and Imperial
based on date of initiation. The $20 Imperial Per Capita tax must also be paid - $5 Hospital Assessment which is included, is tax-deductible.
*Cost of Fez not included (Felt - $123.75, Velour - $153.75, Fez case+accs - $35)
Ceremonials will be held on
May 18th
7 and November 22nd 2014
Anyone desiring to schedule additional
Cold Sands initiations, please contact
the Recorder or Potentate.
Total 50/50 Fees for Initiation - Shrine Year 2014 ...$50.00*
Enclosed is payment in the amount of $ __________________ Check No. _______
Please charge my Visa/MasterCard No. __________________________ Exp. Date ______
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 20
Permanent Contributing Member
A Contribution That Lasts A Lifetime
The Shrine offers Nobles a chance to be a life
member of its hospitals! Through the Shrine’s
Permanent Contributing Membership (PCM)
program, you can purchase a certificate for
$150 relieving you, as a Shriner, of the annual
$5 hospital assessment for life. This contribution is deductible as a charitable deduction.
It’s an excellent way for you to support the
World’s Greatest Philanthropy. Your membership adds to a special endowment fund which
directly supports our hospitals. This means
your gift will serve for generations to come
because only the income from the gift will be
spent annually to help our hospitals.
A Noble contributing to the fund will receive a
certificate suitable for framing and a dues card
bearing a special seal indicating he is a Permanent Contribution Member. The PCM is an
excellent gift for fathers to give their sons
when they become Nobles, wives to give their
husbands who are Nobles, or units to use as a
special recognition for outstanding Shriners
who are officers or volunteers.
Application for Permanent Contributing Membership to Shriners Hospital
I hereby request the honor of becoming a Permanent Contributing Member
of the Shrine Hospitals.
Noble’s Name ___________________________________ Date Submitted ____________
Street Address ________________________________ City _________________________
State __________________ Zip __________________ Phone No. ____________________
My payment of $150.00 made out to “Shrine Hospital PCM is enclosed.
This is a tax deductible donation in lieu of the annual Hospital assessment which will not
be added to your annual dues in the future.
Please return this form and your donation to:
Recorder, Al Kader Shriners Center
25100 SW Parkway Ave.
Wilsonville, OR 97070-9600
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 21
Al Kader OASIS - August 2006 - Page 2
Adult Living You Design!
Now offering
Memory Care.
he Jennings McCall
management has more than
80 years of experience in
caring for the needs of
aging adults.
Jennings McCall —
amenities, choices
and individual services
suited to your needs.
Assisted Living
supports your choices,
enhances your dignity,
and ensures your privacy
and individuality. Retirement
Living provides a life of
independence, confidence and
freedom. Contact Tina Purdy at
503-357-4133, or by email at
[email protected]
2300 Masonic Way
Forest Grove, Oregon 97116
Where Good Friends Gather to Dance!
Marianna Thielen Vocalist Supreme
Will Join The John Bennett Dance Band
"The Best Damn Dance Band in
the Pacific Northwest" a dancer's quote
Sunday, October 26th
A "Silent Auction" will be going on to Support & Help
"Owl Be Better With Music", a Volunteer Group
that gives a "Party" each month For The Children
at the Shriners Childrens Hospital.
Great Location,
Beautiful Ballroom and Plenty of
Free Parking.
$10 per person Recommended
More If You Wish, This Is A Fun(d) Raiser You Know!
Down Beat 4pm
No Host (Adult Beverage) Bar & New Salad Bar
Net $proceeds$ go to the Shriners Oriental Band
Live @ the Shrine Dance Center
Information??? Call: Earline @ 503-789-5608
Frank Mills
Culbertson, NE
Donald Swan
Stanley Timmerman
Robert Wagenblast
The Dalles
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 22
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 23
Al Kader Shrine
Shriners International
Name _____________________________
Old Address ________________________
City ______________State ___ Zip ______
NEW Address ______________________
City ______________State ___ Zip ______
25100 SW Parkway Ave
Wilsonville, OR 97070-9600
Dated Material
Please Rush
Please add Telephone # (
) __________
Recorder, Al Kader Shrine Center
25100 SW Parkway Ave.
Wilsonville, OR 97070-9600
(503) 230-0500
Your Home Window and Door Specialists
Locally Owned and operated
NO Subcontractors
Need New Windows? Call US, your local window guys, estimates are FREE
We are locally owned and operated sales & installation specialists. We provide quality
vinyl, п¬Ѓberglass, wood and aluminium products from a variety of manufacturers.
We are now offering Roofing, Siding, Window and Door replacement
Take advantage of our FREE in-home consultations and no-obligation, zero-hassle
estimates. We accept all major credit cards, and offer financing to qualified buyers.
We use our own staff of experienced installers - no subcontractors.
14710 SE Lee Avenue, Portland, OR 97267
(Corner of Oak Grove Blvd and Lee)
Please note that all dates and events shown here are subject to change without notice
November 2014
December 2014
Friday, November 7
Chief Rabban Set-up
Saturday, November 8
Chief Rabban Night - 5:30 PM
Monday, November 10
Stated Meeting
Doors Open 5: 00 PM
Monday, November 17
Board Meeting- 6:30 PM
Thursday, November 20
Unit Head/Divan Meeting - 5:30 PM
Friday, November 21
Dinner and Hospital Visit
6:00PM at SHC - Portland
Saturday, November 22
Winter Ceremonial
Shrine Center - 11:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday, November 29
Kids’ Christmas Party
Shrine Center - 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
Saturday, December 6
ABATE Toy Run - 10:00 AM
Parade of Lights
Independence - 5:00 PM
Monday, December 8
Stated Meeting Elections! - 5:30 PM
Saturday, December 13
Christmas Party and
Honors Social - 5:30 PM
Monday, December 15
Board Meeting- 6:30 PM
Sunday, December 21
Divan Appreciation Dinner - 5:00 PM
Stockpot Restaurant
Wednesday, December 31
New Year’s Eve Party
It’s only one step
from Apron to Fez!
January 2015
Friday, January 2
Divan Fellowship 6:00-8:00 PM
Saturday, January 3
Installation of Officers 5:00 PM
Saturday, January 10
Hillah Installation of Officers 5:00 PM
Monday, January 12
Stated meeting 5:30 PM
Friday,January 16
Club/Unit/ Divan Networking 6:30 PM
Saturday, January 17
Club/Unit/Divan Training 8:00 AM
Monday, January 19
Board Meeting 6:00 PM
Saturday, January 24
East/West Football Committee Meeting
Prineville- 8:00AM
Monday, January 26
Divan Meeting 6:00 PM
Thursday, January 29
Unit Head Meeting 6:00 PM
Saturday, January 31
Oriental Band Crab Feed 5:00 PM
Nile Shrine Center Potentates Ball 6:00 PM
Al Kader OASIS - November 2014 - Page 24