Voters Guide
A nonpartisan publication prepared by the League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area
containing candidates listed on the ballots of Union County Voters
Tuesday, November 4, 2014
Answers to Questions:
You may take this
publication into the voting
booth with you.
This Voters Guide lists U.S. offices first, then state offices. The candidates
listed are those whose names appear on the official ballot. They are
listed in ballot order with the party of the governor given precedence.
The option to write in a candidate is available on the voting machine.
10th District
Description of office: Congress, the
legislative branch of the federal government,
is composed of two houses. The upper house
is the Senate. The lower house is the House
of Representatives. A majority vote by both
houses is necessary to pass a law.
Term: Two years
Salary: $174,000
Vote for one.
U.S. House of Representatives, 10th
District includes all of Union, Bradford,
Juniata, Lycoming, Mifflin, Pike, Snyder,
Sullivan, Susquehanna, and Wayne
Counties; and part of Lackawanna,
Monroe, Northumberland, Perry, and
Tioga Counties.
All candidates for U.S. Representative
were asked:
1. How do you believe the Voting Rights
Act should be amended in the light of the
US Supreme Court actions?
2. Many voters are concerned about
“gridlock” in Congress which has resulted
in little action on problems facing this
country. What specifically could you and
other members of Congress do to improve
this situation?
The Voters Guide is provided free of charge by members of the League of Women
Voters of the Lewisburg Area. The League thanks the Union County businesses
who so generously contributed to the financing of this Guide (see page 5).
Occupation: I currently serve as
Representative in Congress for
Pennsylvania’s 10th Congressional
Tom Marino
Lycoming County
D.O.B.: 08/13/1952
Qualifications: I served as Lycoming
County District Attorney from 1992 to
2002 and then as United States Attorney
for the Middle District of Pennsylvania
from 2002 to 2008. I was first elected to
represent the 10th Congressional District
in 2010.
Williamsport Area
Community College,
Studies, 1982-1983;
Lycoming College,
Science/Education, Magna Cum Laude,
1984-1985; Dickinson School of Law,
J.D., with Honors, 1985-1987
For instance, Section 2 provides
the most effective means to block
discriminatory voting procedures or
impediments. Section 3 grants the Courts
the authority to require �pre-clearance’ of
voting law changes in a jurisdiction if a
pattern of discrimination exists.
We should be looking for ways to
employ and defend the various other tools
provided by the Voting Rights Act to
combat discrimination.
2. We currently have a Republicancontrolled House of Representatives, a
Democrat-controlled Senate, a Democrat
President, and a Supreme Court that
is essentially divided ideologically.
Needless to say, this is not a recipe for
efficient law-making.
The good news is that divided
government makes us more careful and
deliberate – something the Democrat
majority in the House and Senate failed to
consider when they passed Obamacare.
Representative in U.S. Congress:
10th District
Pennsylvania Governor
Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor
1. As a member of the House Judiciary
Committee, I have studied the Supreme
Court’s Shelby County decision. While
portions of the Voting Rights Act were
thrown out, vital provisions of the Voting
Rights Act remain in place.
Representative in PA General Assembly:
84th District
85th District
Polling Places
I also strongly support a Constitutional
amendment to impose term limits so old
grievances go away as more new fresh
voices are able to come to Congress.
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US Representative, con't.
Scott F. Brion
Lycoming County
D.O. B.: 11/26/1969
Liberty H.S., 1988;
Wharton School
of Business, Univ.
of Pennsylvania,
B.S.E., 1992
Principal, Tioga Resources–A firm that
owns and manages real estate, advises
landowners and community stakeholders
regarding natural gas leasing, and
Qualifications: 20+ years professional
career in real estate, energy and
international business; 13 years
expertise—energy markets and policy; 5
years community support and education
to Pennsylvania lessors and landowners;
Member NARO–PA Legislative
Committee; Pennsylvania small business
Answers to Questions:
1. The Voting Rights Act should be
amended to reflect current factual
conditions in the coverage formula such
that states and local jurisdictions with
significant federal violations of election
law are subject to approval of election
law changes. Further, the act should
be amended such that jurisdictions not
subject to approval can be added to
the list of states requiring approval for
law changes based on new violations.
A suitable notice period prior to any
election law change and a review
of gerrymandering should also be
2. As a Member of Congress I would
reduce gridlock by supporting only
serious legislation with positive policy
implications that benefit the citizens of the
10th district. I will not support legislation
based on partisan principals or intended
primarily for partisan purposes no matter
which party might be perceived to benefit.
I will further seek to reach across party
lines freely to advance the interests of the
10th district.
nicholas troiano
The League of Women Voters publishes this Guide free of charge as a public
educational service. Nothing in the Guide should be construed as an endorsement
of any candidate by the League of Women Voters. The material was obtained from
questionnaires sent to all the candidates and compiled by volunteers from the League
of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area. Each candidate’s reply has been reprinted as
submitted, except to use standard abbreviations, and by editing from the bottom when
a candidate’s reply exceeded the word limit. Photos of candidates were requested and
have been used whenever submitted.
Editor: Liz Clement
Designer: Dawn Maneval
Thanks to Mary Candland, Marge Duck, Keay Hathaway,
Carole Madle, Sue Travis, Susan Warner-Mills and
the Union County Elections and Voter Registration Office
LWVLA President: Janice Bigelow
The League of Women Voters
The League of Women Voters is a nonprofit organization of women and men. Its
purpose is to promote political responsibility through informed and active participation
of citizens in government.
The League is nonpartisan: it does not support or oppose any candidate or party.
It does, however, take positions on public issues and encourages its members to
participate as individuals in the party of their choice. League members study and reach
agreement upon issues before taking such public positions.
Membership is open to all women and men, and inquiries are welcome. You may
go to the LWVLA website at: or contact us at 570-524-4439.
Contributions to support our educational activities are greatly appreciated. Taxdeductible contributions can be made out to LWVLA Education Fund and sent to
PO Box 206, Lewisburg, PA 17837.
For more information about the League or to receive material about state and/or
federal government, write or call: The League of Women Voters of Pennsylvania,
226 Forster Street, Harrisburg, PA 17102-3220 or 1-800-692-7281, or go to their
homepage at: Additional candidate and voter information can be
found at:
The League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area would like to
give special thanks to two businesses who have very generously
sponsored the publication of our legislative directory, Facts for
Voters, for many years:
Penn One Real Estate
regional office for
You may find the Facts for Voters at public libraries, post offices,
government buildings, banks, and some businesses throughout Union
County. You may also find it online at:
Lycoming County
D.O.B.: 06/03/1989
Delaware Valley
H.S., 2007;
Georgetown Univ.,
2011; Georgetown
Univ., M.A./
American Government, 2013
Occupation: Self-employed
Qualifications: Nick’s experience and
qualifications span the non-profit, public,
and private sectors: Co-founder, The
Can Kicks Back (non-profit); Writer,
The Pike County Courier; Visitors
Services Representative, Delaware
Water Gap National Recreation Area;
Owner/operator, Hot Diggity Dogs (food
concession business).
Answers to Questions:
1. Government should work to make it
easier for people to vote and do more
to protect the integrity of our electoral
process. I am concerned that the recent
actions of Congress, the Supreme Court,
and many state legislatures are working
against this goal.
Many are surprised to learn that there is
not an explicit “Right to Vote” in the U.S.
Constitution. I would support amending
the Constitution to add this fundamental
and important right in order to guarantee
the voting rights of all citizens, make sure
each and every vote counts, and stop any
attempts to disenfranchise voters.
2. We are gridlocked because politicians
care more about serving their party bosses
and campaign contributors than we,
the people. In order to change the way
politicians govern, we must change the
way they get elected. For example, I am
running as an independent and refusing
special interest contributions so that I will
only be beholden to our community.
Further, I support a range of
political reforms that would incentivize
cooperation over conflict and progress
over partisanship — including opening
our primary elections to all voters,
establishing an independent commission
to end gerrymandering, and reforming
campaign finance system to empower
small donors.
PENNSYLVANIA state government
Description of office: The Governor
is the chief executive officer of the
Commonwealth, administers the laws
and manages the financial affairs of the
state, has extensive appointive powers,
may approve or veto every bill passed by
both houses of the General Assembly, and
is Commander-in-Chief of the Military
Forces of the Commonwealth, except
when they are called into the actual
service of the United States.
The Governor must annually present
to the General Assembly a balanced
operating budget and a capital budget
for the ensuing fiscal year as well as a
financial plan for not less than the next five
succeeding fiscal years. The Governor
can remit fines and forfeitures and grant
reprieves. If the Board of Pardons has
first held a public hearing and made a
recommendation, the Governor can also
commute sentences and pardon persons,
except in cases of impeachment. The
Governor certifies elections for Presidential
Electors in the Electoral College and
provides Congressional election returns
to United States officials. S/he also issues
commissions to persons for Judge of the
Supreme Court or Superior Court and for
every court of record.
Term: Four years
Salary: $187,256
Vote for one.
All candidates for Pennsylvania Governor
were asked: You are in the midst of an
expensive election campaign. What
are your thoughts on campaign finance
Allegheny County
D.O.B.: 06/17/1949
Education: Lebanon
Valley College, B.A./
Political Science; St.
Mary’s Univ. School
of Law, J.D.
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Unofficial election results will be posted on the Union County website as soon as
they become available on election night. Please visit the Union County Elections
and Voter Registration Office homepage at:
After accessing the homepage, click on “Unofficial Election Results.”
If you moved or can’t remember where you vote, call the Union County Elections and
Voter Registration Office at 570-524-8681 to make sure you go to the right polling place.
This information is also on your Voter Registration card.
United States Attorney, Western
Pennsylvania; Captain, PA National
Guard; Assistant District Attorney,
Allegheny County; Teacher, Pine Grove
Area High School
Answer to Question: We must continue
implementing reforms to make campaign
finance more open and transparent. I
would err in favor of broadly construing
constitutional rights, especially
where First Amendment protection
of free expression is concerned. Total
transparency of campaign finances and
political spending by interested parties is
the most effective method for maintaining
accountability. It is for this reason the
Department of State recently revamped
the campaign finance website to provide
the public with greater access to campaign
finance reports.
Registered voters who are ill, disabled, or will be absent from the municipality
on Election Day may vote by absentee ballot. You may get an absentee ballot
application from the Union County Elections and Voter Registration Office,
Union County Government Center, 155 North 15th Street, Lewisburg, PA 17837.
COMPLETED APPLICATIONS for civilian absentee ballots must be received
by the Elections Office by 5:00 p.m., Tuesday, October 28, 2014. COMPLETED
CIVILIAN ABSENTEE BALLOTS must be received by the Elections Office by
5 p.m. on Friday, October 31, 2014.
If an emergency arises (unexpected illness or business trip) after the Tuesday
application deadline and before the 5 p.m. deadline on Friday, call your Elections
Office for information on emergency absentee voting. An emergency application
and ballot can be obtained and voted by 5 p.m. on Friday, October 31.
Accessibility and Assistance in Voting
Occupation: Chairman, Wolf
Any voter having questions regarding the accessibility of a polling place should
contact the Elections Office. Any voter who has a physical disability that requires
assistance in voting or using a voting machine may complete a declaration at the
polling place and receive assistance.
If your right to vote is challenged at the polls on Election Day and the problem
cannot be resolved at the polling place, the Judge of Elections at the polling place
will telephone the Elections Office. The problem could be resolved by phone if
your name appears on the county records. If it does not, you must be given the
opportunity to cast a provisional ballot. If it is determined that you are eligible to
vote, your ballot will be counted.
Poll workers are there to help you. They'll show you how to work the machines and
can give you a provisional ballot if you need one. If you’re at the wrong polling
place, a phone call to the Elections Office should direct you to the right one.
If you registered to vote while applying for or renewing a driver’s license AND you
have received a Voter Registration Card, you are eligible to vote in this election.
Qualifications: Governor,
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; Attorney
General, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;
York County
D.O.B: 11/17/1948
College, B.A.,
1972; Univ. of
London, M. Phil.,
1978; MIT, PhD,
Qualifications: I have a different
background that uniquely positions me to
promote the values we all share. I served
in the Peace Corps, I built a business
twice, and I served as Governor Rendell's
Secretary of Revenue. Read my story:
Answer to Question: I believe stronger
campaign finance and disclosure
reforms can help reduce the potential
for corruption in state government while
providing transparency in the political
process in Pennsylvania. As governor,
I will support legislation to establish a
public finance program, set campaign
contribution limits, and create stricter
reporting requirements for contributions
and late filing fees. You can read more
about my campaign finance reforms on
my website.
В© Copyright 2014 LWVPA-CEF
PA State Government, con't.
Qualifications: Lt. Governor,
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania;
President, Pennsylvania Senate;
Commissioner, Bucks County Board of
Commissioners; Former Member, Bristol
School Board, Bristol Township
Lieutenant governor
Description of office: The Lieutenant
Governor will be elected jointly with
the Governor in the General Election
although candidates are nominated
separately in the Primary. The Lieutenant
Governor is President of the Senate
and Chair of the Board of Pardons.
S/He presides over the Senate, but has
no vote unless the Senate is equally
divided. The Constitution provides that
s/he shall be chosen at the same time,
in the same manner, for the same term,
and subject to the same provisions as
the Governor, and that in case of the
death, conviction or impeachment,
failure to qualify, resignation, or other
disability of the Governor, the powers,
duties, and emoluments of the office for
the remainder of the term or until the
disability be removed shall devolve upon
the Lieutenant Governor.
Term: Four years
Salary: $157,293
Vote for one.
All candidates for Pennsylvania Lt.
Governor were asked: You are in the midst
of an expensive election campaign. What are
your thoughts on campaign finance reform?
Answer to Question: I support
Governor Corbett’s objective of making
Pennsylvania’s campaign finance system
more open and transparent. We must
continue to promote public accountability
while preserving the First Amendment
rights of all Pennsylvanians.
The League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area (LWVLA)
is celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2014. We were founded in 1954 as a provisional
league, and since our founding, we have had continuous publication of a Voters Guide.
From 1954-1962 the Voters Guide appeared within a newspaper. In the early years
it often was a simple listing of candidates. In 1963 the first separate publication was
issued. As time went on, the Guide expanded to include biographical information about
candidates, and candidate responses to timely questions of interest to the voting public.
Information about when, where, and procedurally how to vote was also included. In
recent years informational articles have been included on issues such as Voter ID
requirements and reapportionment in order to educate voters on such issues. A 1961
newspaper Voters Guide introduced the public to one of our League’s favorite sayings:
Bucks County
D.O.B: 06/22/1969
Education: Temple
Univ., B.A./Political
Science; Temple
Univ. School of Law,
Lt. Governor, Commonwealth of
60 Years of Voters Guide Editors
The League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area is proud that we
have provided 60 years of informing and educating the voters of Union
County with a Voters Guide published prior to elections. These publications
were made possible by the generous support of business donors from our
community. Listed below are the names of the editors of these Guides, many
of whom have been editor for multiple editions.
Francis Carr
Margie Jones
Ellie Gersten
Mrs.Edward Staiano
Mrs.Gerald M. Farkas
Margie Maxwell
Nancy West
Anne Cooper
Carmen Arndt
Evelyn Schneider
Ann Grundstrom*
Jeanne Malewski
Linda Godfrey
Sandra Kent
Lynn Henry
Kathleen Kaufmann
Stacy Hinck*
Ellen Donovan
Donna Laszewski
* editor of multiple editions of the Guide
Joan Sinclair
Judy Harris
Judy Anderson*
Linda Naugle
Susan Travis*
Dawn Maneval
Marge Duck
Liz Clement*
Susan Warner-Mills
Philadelphia County
D.O.B: 06/05/1963
LaSalle College
H.S.; LaSalle
Univ.; Villanova
School of Law,
Occupation: State
Senator, Attorney
Qualifications: State Senator, 13 years;
Democratic Chair of the Banking and
Insurance Committee; Captain in PA
National Guard, 7 years; served in Governor
Casey’s Administration
Answer to Question: Campaign
contributions must be fully disclosed in
a timely manner, with steep penalties for
breaking the law. I support the prohibition
of corporate dollars being used in
Pennsylvania campaigns. I disagree with
recent Supreme Court decisions that will
allow more unregulated money in federal
sustaining sponsorship
The League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area gratefully acknowledges
and its affiliates
LWVLA thanks them for their generous support of its educational activities.
Specifically, a portion of the 2014-2015 sponsorship will fund the upcoming
How to Run For Office Workshop
scheduled for Saturday, February 21, 2015.
The League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area
would like to thank the following Union County businesses who so generously
contributed to the financing of the 2014 LWV Voters Guides.
Attorney at Law
230 Market Street, Lewisburg 570-524-2300
Law offices of Brann & Light
Andrew D. Lyons
Terry W. Light, J.D.
Attorney at Law 570-523-3239
B.Z. Motors
The Open Door—
Framing & Art Restoration
Daniel J. Clement
David R. Robinson, DMD, Dentistry
Coldwell Banker
Penn One Real Estate
Rose Pool and Patio
Rt. 15, Lewisburg
Attorney at Law 570-523-3207
Route 15 South
Wehr's Beverage
Art • framing • design
229 Market St., Lewisburg
Mifflinburg, PA
West Milton State Bank
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in the PA
In Pennsylvania, the legislative branch of
government is composed of two houses: the
Senate is the upper house and the General
Assembly is the lower house. A majority
vote by both houses is necessary to pass a
Term: Two years
Salary: $84,012
Vote for one.
All candidates for State Representative
were asked:
1. Many citizens are concerned about the
possible negative impacts of Marcellus
Shale gas drilling operations in PA.
Do you support levying a natural gas
extraction/severance tax on gas companies
to pay for the costs of protecting our
infrastructure and environment? Why or
why not?
Answers to Questions:
Based upon the 2010 Census, Pennsylvania lost one seat in the U.S. House of
Representatives. The same data is used for State Senate and State House redistricting.
In 2012, the Legislative Reapportionment Commission (LRC) prepared a plan for
reapportionment and submitted it for public review. Following appeal by a citizen, the
PA Supreme Court decided to delay implementation of the plan until 2014 because it
did not meet the mandates of the PA Constitution requiring compactness, contiguity,
and integrity of political subdivisions. This year the plan finally passed and will be in
PA Senate: Previously, New Berlin and Hartleton Boroughs, and Lewis, Limestone,
and Hartley Townships were part of the 34th District, served by Jake Corman.
However, the new reapportionment includes ALL of Union County in the 23rd State
Senatorial District, which is currently served by Senator Gene Yaw. This is a change
for those municipalities mentioned above.
PA House of Representatives: The PA House of Representatives now contains two
districts in Union County instead of one. Previously, all of Union County was in the
85th District served by Representative Fred Keller. Now, the municipalities of White
Deer and Gregg Townships are in the 84th District, which is served by Representative
Garth Everett. All other Union Country municipalities remain in the 85th District.
2. What are your top three legislative
priorities for Pennsylvania?
in the 84th
Legislative District
Includes Gregg and White Deer Townships
in Union County, and part of Lycoming
Lycoming County
A permanent injunction against the PA Voter ID law was issued by Commonwealth
Court Judge Bernard McGinley in January 2014. Judge McGinley called voting
rights "irreplaceable" and decided that the law violated the fundamental right to
vote protected in the State Constitution. Although the law was enacted in 2012,
it was never implemented due to legal challenges by a coalition of voting rights
organizations, resulting in three trials and a preliminary injunction before the
permanent injunction was issued.
NOTE: The first time you vote in your precinct you are required to show ID, but it
doesn’t need to have a photo on it.
Montoursville H.S.,
1972; Penn State
Univ., B.S., 1976;
Penn State Univ.,
J.D., 2000
Qualifications: Officer US Air Force, 20
years; Municipal Solicitor, 12 years; State
Legislator, 8 years
2. My top three legislative priorities
are: A) Fiscally responsible budgets that
balance the needs of all Pennsylvanians;
B) Provide every child in Pennsylvania
with a great education; and C) Develop
an environment that fosters economic
development and prosperity for small and
family owned businesses.
D. O. B.:
Occupation: State Legislator
1. We already have a per-well impact fee
to pay the aforementioned costs which
has brought in $530,000,000 in the last
two years - most of which has gone to
municipalities and agencies impacted or
involved in the regulation of the industry
with the rest going to non-impacted
municipalities and environmental
programs. Before I could support a gas
extraction/severance tax, I would need
assurance that impacted municipalities
and agencies would continue to receive
the same share of the proceeds that they
now receive under the impact fee and
how the remaining proceeds would be
spent to protect our infrastructure and
Lycoming County
No reply received
in the 85th
Legislative District
Includes all of Union County EXCEPT
White Deer and Gregg Townships; also
includes part of Snyder County.
HAVE ID AND PROOF OF ADDRESS WITH YOU! Voters appearing at a precinct
for the first time must show identification (ID). If you registered by mail, the first
time you vote you must bring a photo ID, or other ID that shows your name and
address. Sample valid forms of ID include: a valid PA driver’s license or PA DOT
ID card, any other photo ID issued by a U.S. or PA government agency, a Voter
Registration ID card, a valid U.S. Passport, student ID card, etc. If you do not have
one of these forms of ID, call the Union County Elections and Voter Registration
Office at 570-524-8681 to get a list of additional, acceptable forms of ID.
Fred Keller
Snyder County
D.O.B.: 10/23/1965
Shikellamy H.S.,
1984; Don Paul
Shearer Real Estate
School, 1995
Occupation: State
85th District Pennsylvania General
Qualifications: Elected to State House
in 2010; Township Auditor, six years;
manufacturing experience at Conestoga
Wood Specialties, 25 years; member/
deacon First Reformed Church; life
member National Rifle Association;
member Central PA Chamber of
Commerce, Greater Susquehanna Valley
Chamber of Commerce and Middlecreek
Valley Chamber of Commerce; coached
youth soccer, softball, and Little League
Baseball; den leader/merit badge
counselor, Boy Scouts of America.
Answers to Questions:
1. I voted to increase well construction
safety and collect additional revenue from
gas producers in Pennsylvania to protect
our environment and infrastructure. The
Act 13 impact fee provides dedicated
funding for: Conservation Districts, DEP
Environmental initiatives (related and
unrelated to natural gas) and county/
municipal governments to address
local impacts. Candidates advocating
for severance tax haven’t mentioned
using the money for the environment
or infrastructure. They want more
money deposited into the general fund to
increase spending on initiatives unrelated
to the environment or infrastructure in
Pennsylvania. Environmentalists should
be fighting to keep the Act 13 impact fee
in place.
2. We must address the public pension
crisis. The commitment to retirees
and current employees’ earned benefits
must be honored while providing future
employees a way to save for retirement.
The system must be affordable for all
taxpayers while discontinuing to mortgage
our children’s future. Continue to create
an environment that promotes responsible
business growth/development to keep
our families in Pennsylvania. We must
address the growth in spending by
local school districts; annual spending
increases that continually exceed the rate
of inflation causes property tax to become
unaffordable for our senior citizens and
working families.
The League of Women Voters of the Lewisburg Area wishes to
thank the following people for their generous contributions since
our Voters Guide of Fall 2013. We very much appreciate this
financial support to increase voter participation, to keep the
electorate informed, and to take action on vital political issues.
Janice & Frederick Bigelow
Marilyn Brill
Liz & Daniel Clement
Martha Donahue
Kathleen & Anthony Fornataro
Marty Gates & Swan Stull
Marie & Larry Ginsburg
Margaret Greaves
Patricia & Hood Johnston
Virginia and Fred Kessler
Rebecca Mauch
Pamela & Paul Mauger
Nancy Neuman
Cindy & Dick Nickelsen
Sally Nyquist
Judy & John Peeler
Sallie & Jack Pyper
Cynthia Smith
Margie & Douglas Sturm
Susan Warner-Mills
Martha Zeller
Beverly & Thomas Zorn
JoAnne Lyons
Carole & Ronald Madle
Diane Meixell
Marilyn Murphy
Betsy Noyce
Susanne Pugliese
Elsbeth Steffensen
Mary Suttles
Susan Travis
Chris & Neal Woodruff
Gail Zimmer
Owen Anderson
William Becker
Joyce Betz
Ann & David Goehring
Deonne & Robert Gronlund
Ann Grundstrom
Jane & Ellis Harley
Keay Hathaway
Lesley Livingston
Patricia Longley
Mary Lotspeich
Walter & Allethea Bruce
Judith & Richard Ellis
Pat Fisher
Bruce Jackson
Linda Korb
Martha & Charles Root
Sharon Silberman
Cindy & Richard Skelton
Anna Weist
michael sundberg
Union County
D.O.B.: 12/30/1963
Education: Jersey
Shore Area H.S.,
1981; Lock Haven
Univ., B.S./ Social
Sciences Secondary
Education, 1985;
Master’s Equivalency in Education
Occupation: Teacher
Qualifications: Teacher of PA State and
Local Government, U.S. Government and
the Government Process for over 25 years
Answers to Questions:
1. I believe the gas companies, like all
major industry and corporations, have
a responsibility to the environment of
PA and need to be held accountable for
protecting it. I also believe that any tax
levied on the natural gas industry needs
to be carefully crafted to make sure that
the burden of the tax rests with the large
corporations responsible and not be
allowed to be simply or easily passed on
to the middle class and the consumers
in the form of higher prices. They must
pay their fair share for the opportunity to
prosper in Pennsylvania.
2. If elected, my number one priority
would be to return the funding to public
schools that has been taken away by the
last administration. Increased class sizes,
teacher’s jobs lost and increased strain
on the local tax systems through higher
property taxes have been the result. Our
young people are our greatest asset and
their education is most important. My
second priority would be to help find ways
to keep our youth here in PA with greater
jobs and opportunities. And third, would
be to decrease the burden on the middle
class which continues to struggle under
the current administration.
В© Copyright 2014 LWVPA-CEF
Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
LEWISBURG 1 Senior Center, 116 N. 2nd St.,
LEWISBURG 2Union County Court House lobby,
103 S. 2nd St., Lewisburg
LEWISBURG 3 Larison Hall, Bucknell Univ.,
521 St. George St., Lewisburg
LEWISBURG 4 St. John's United Church of Christ,
1050 Buffalo Rd., Lewisburg
BUFFALO 1Township Bldg., 2115 Strickler Rd.,
BUFFALO 2The Youth Center,
3150 New Berlin Mtn. Rd., Lewisburg
E. BUFFALO 1Township Bldg., 589 Fairground Rd.,
E. BUFFALO 2 Public Library for Union County,
255 Reitz Blvd., Lewisburg
E. BUFFALO 3 Donald Eichhorn Middle School,
2057 Washington Ave., Lewisburg
E. BUFFALO 4 Weis Center, 525 Weis Drive,
Bucknell Univ., Lewisburg
LIMESTONETownship Bldg., 3840 Wildwood Rd.,
MIFFLINBURG EAST Mifflinburg High School,
75 Market St., Mifflinburg
W. BUFFALO Township Bldg., 577 Johnstown Rd.,
GREGG Warrior Run Fire Dept. Social Hall,
188 White Deer Ave., Allenwood
HARTLETON Union Church, 115 Catherine St.,
Community Center, 1724 State Rt. 235,
MIFFLINBURG WESTFirst Evangelical Lutheran
Church, 404 Market St., Mifflinburg
NEW BERLIN Community Center, 318 Vine St.,
New Berlin
UNION/ Township Fire Company,
40 Municipal Lane, Winfield
KELLY 1Township Bldg., 551 Zeigler Rd.,
KELLY 2United in Christ Lutheran Church,
1875 Churches Rd., West Milton
WHITE DEER 1 Municipal Bldg., 2191 Creek Rd.,
New Columbia
LEWISTownship Bldg., on the Village Green,
116 Maple St., Millmont
WHITE DEER 3 Community Park Bldg.,
992 White Deer Pike, White Deer
WHITE DEER 2 New Columbia Civic Bldg.,
224 3rd St., New Columbia
WHITE DEER 4 St. John's United Church of Christ,
Social Hall, 214 Tabernacle Rd.,
New Columbia
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