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Leisure World News
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 • Published the First and Third Tuesday of Each Month
New Leisure World Veterans Project
Spotlights World War II Vets
Nov. 11 “Veterans Luncheon” at Clubhouse I will
be invited to sign up to schedule their interviews.
Leisure World Veterans History Project
The U.S. Congress created the VHP in 2000 as
(VHP) has been formed in partnership
part of the American Folklife Center at the Library
with the Library of
of Congress, one of the world’s
Congress to collect first-hand
most respected research and
remembrances of individuals
cultural institutions. The
who have served in the
mission is to collect, preserve,
American military or who
and make accessible the
worked as civilians in direct
personal accounts of veterans
support of military operations.
so that future generations
Initially, the founding
may hear directly from them
Leisure World group will
and better understand the
spotlight World War II
realities of war. The Library of
veterans. Interviewers will guide them through
Congress relies on volunteers, such as the Leisure
a conversation about their wartime experiences World group, to conduct the interviews.
and how their lives were affected. Most
Each veteran interviewed will be given a copy
interviews will run about an hour and take place of the video and accompanying paperwork.
in a Leisure World meeting space. As needed,
A duplicate copy will also be provided to the
arrangements for home interviews can be
Rossmoor Library Guild for a special collection
arranged. Each interview will result in a video
the guild has committed to house.
recording for inclusion in the growing collection
Residents who are coordinating this new
of veteran’s history at the Library of Congress.
Leisure World project are individuals associated
with their mutuals, veterans activities, and the
Help Get the Word Out
Leisure World News: Marian Altman, Larry
Clubs and organizations are encouraged
Cohen, Norma Flaherty, Joan Guberman, Sally
to pass on the information about this project
MacDonald, Martha Robinson, Billie Saunders,
through their memberships as a way of
Richard Saunders. Leisure World VHP sponsors
getting the word to veterans who may want to
are: The Foundation of Leisure World, the Lions
participate. World War II veterans attending the
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by Martha Robinson
Final Flu
Shot Clinic
9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Thursday, Nov. 13
Clubhouse I
Residents’ Forum ...... 4,5
Governance &
Information .................. 6
News Extras from the Oct. 28
BOD & FEP Update............. 7
Notice to Residents
Residents’ Meeting
Facilities Enhancement Plan
Be there. Ask questions and get answers on project plans and
3 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 18 • Clubhouse I, Ballroom
See pages 4, 5, 6 and 7 for related matter.
Bob Barnett, LW’s First
doctor in profile ......... 11
Low Vision ................. 14
Events &
Entertainment ............ 18
Holiday Bazaar, Holiday
Shows sponsored by E&R &
Foundation of LW ......19, 20
Thanksgiving Eve Service
at Inter-Faith.............. 21
Last of series on WW II
70th anniversary ........... 8
Health & Fitness ........ 11
Club Annual
Open House
Nov. 13 ... 22
Travel Video London, North
England & Durham, 2 p.m.
Monday, Nov. 17, Auditorium
Clubhouse II sponsored by
the Foundation of LW. .....23
Clubs, Groups &
Organizations ............. 28
Sports &
Scoreboards .............. 44
Classes & Seminars ... 47
Brief Notes ................ 49
Calendar of Events ..... 51
Governance Calendar 51
Classifieds ................. 52
Fun & Fancy
In Association with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.
Tuesday, Nov. 4
7 a.m-8 p.m.
Voter Contacts
For Election Day
Precinct 13-54, Clubhouse I
Democratic Precinct Chair:
Alice Scipio, 301-598-9261
Republican Precinct Leader:
Mary Ann Johnston,
Precinct 13-69, Clubhouse II
Democratic Precinct Chair,
Joyce Temple, 703-727-3299
Democratic Precinct Vice
Chair, Barbara Levin,
Republican Precinct Leader,
Fred Denecke, 301-460-2964
Precinct 13-71,
Inter-faith Chapel
Democratic Precinct Chair:
Rosie Engman, 301-318-4866
Republican Precinct
Leader: Fred Seelman.
The LW Republican Club
is coordinating all GOP
precinct matters and may
be contacted through Club
President Fred Seelman
Sweet Charity
Sweet Charity A Musical Comedy
Presented by the Fun & Fancy
Theatre Group
Nov. 14, 15, 16, 22 & 23
See pages 3 & 18 for who’s who in
the show and ticket information.
A Musical Comedy
5 Performances Only
Nov. 14, 15, 16, 22 & 23
Auditorium, Clubhouse II
Ticket Sales Nov. 1-21, 2014
Watch for Details!
Photo Matinee
Venice & China
Nov. 9
See page 2
History Project
from page 1
and Kiwanis Clubs, and the
Rossmoor Library Guild.
For general information
about the project, this article,
and to volunteer to help,
contact Martha Robinson,
[email protected] or another
member of the group you know.
To sign up for an interview,
contact Sally MacDonald,
301-598-0246, or email
Joan Guberman,
[email protected].
Sunday Photo Matinee—
Venice and China
by Fred
Shapiro on Venice
and China will
take place at 3:30
p.m. on Nov. 9,
at Clubhouse II,
The matinee,
sponsored by
Rossmoor Camera Venice by Fred Shapiro
Club, will display
the interesting photos on a large screen and provide comments
about the tours. Admission is free.
MVA Mobile Office Returns
he MVA on Wheels returns to Leisure World on Thursday,
Nov. 13. The van will be located in the Clubhouse II parking
lot and hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Services offered include renewal of non-commercial drivers
licenses, Maryland photo identification cards and vehicle
registration. You can also obtain a duplicate driver’s license, a
certified copy of a driving record, disability placards, substitute
stickers, duplicate registrations, return tags, change your name
and/or address, register to vote and register as an organ donor.
14011 Georgia Ave.
Friendly, personal and professional service!
Free transportation home and back when you leave your car for service!
•Complete Automotive Maintenance Service & Repair • All Makes & Models
• Two Years/24 Month Warranty • Factory Scheduled Maintenance
10% Auto Service Discount
Courtesy Check
UP TO 5 QTS, 10W30 OIL
• Chassis Lubrication
• New Oil Filter
All prices plus sales tax
and shop supplies. Most Cars.
Expires 11/30/14
$9.95 -
(most cars)
Present this Coupon
with Incoming Order
Expires 11/30/14
Maryland State
Save $10
Expires 11/30/14
Maryland State Inspection Station
2 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
also reduced. They really seem
serious about conservation.
One area that the committee
recommends is the Quick
Home Energy Checkup
(QHEC). During a QHEC,
a PEPCO contractor, at no
cost, will assess your home’s
energy efficiency, recommend
upgrades to reduce energy
use and a certified, licensed
technician will install up
to 12 CFL light bulbs. The
homeowner will also be eligible
to receive a new waste-saving
showerhead, faucet aerators,
surge protectors (power strips)
for qualifying television sets
and other items that will help
save energy and money, and
help the environment.
To schedule your Quick
Home Energy Check-up, visit
com/quick-home-energycheck-up-program or you can
go to, click on My
Home, select Efficiency Rebates
and Incentives Programs, then
MD Customers or call 1-866353-5798. Two organizations
have been selected by Pepco to
execute QHEC as contractors.
They are both nearby: Ecobeco
(240-396-2141) and Efficient
Home (301-476-7680).
An official publication of the Leisure World Community Corporation
Published Twice Monthly
Owned and Operated by BENNY Since 1980 "or ask for my son DAN."
Includes 30 Point
s fall returns and we
realize winter is not
far behind, it is a good
time to remember that fewer
daylight hours means more
electricity use for the average
LW resident. One way to blunt
the increased cost is to use
more efficient light bulbs.
Compact fluorescent light
bulbs (CFLs) use 75 percent less
electricity and deliver the same,
or even better brightness than
your incandescent units. The
government has helped you make
your decision in this regard by
passing the Energy Independence
Security Act of 2007 (Pub.L.
110-140). The act authorized
stopping the United States
production of incandescent bulbs
in 2012, 2013, and completing
the manufacturing this year. At
present CFLs are more expensive
to purchase than the old favorites.
Discounts can be found, but
remember the CFLs’ tenfold
lifetime will make their use
provide significant savings.
Pepco, your electricity
supplier, understands that if
current demand – which we
understand is at peak capacity
now – is reduced, the need
for more supply power plant
units at high capital cost is
Tire Rotation
Quick Home Energy
Checkup (QHEC) Energy
Savings Program
Leisure World News
вќ’ Energy Advisory Committee
The Leisure World News is a publication for the benefit of Leisure World
residents. Its mission is to provide news and information about community
governance and other relevant issues, events, and activities, and to provide
residents a forum for their opinions and an opportunity to contribute articles of
general interest. All matters concerning the Leisure World News will be decided
with this mission in mind.
Managed, edited, and produced collaboratively
by Leisure World staff and the Leisure World News Advisory Committee
[email protected]
Assistant Editor: Dee Martymuska • Publications Manager: Miriam Pinheiro
Publications Assistant: Kathleen Brooks • Bookkeeper: Angela Bufalo
Editorial, Classified, or Display Ads: 301 598-1310
3700 Rossmoor Blvd., Silver Spring MD 20906
[email protected] or [email protected]
The Leisure World of Maryland News reserves the right to reject or discontinue any advertisement believed
not in the best interest of Leisure World. We shall accept advertising on the same basis as other reputable
publications: that is, we shall not knowingly permit a dishonest advertisement to appear in the Leisure World
of Maryland News, but at the same time we will not undertake to guarantee the reliability of our advertisers
n Fun & Fancy Theatre Group
Curtain Time for Sweet Charity
by Allan Okin
Five Performances
n November 14, 2014, Sweet
Charity struts her stuff on stage
at Leisure World for the first time.
While the Fun and Fancy Theatre Group
claims to have “no stars” (all cast members
“star” in every production), stepping
into the very demanding role is Patricia
Having appeared in monthly shows for
the past two years, Pat’s stature was sealed
last year when she became Sandy in Grease
which became a “hit” under Ron Sarro’s
direction and Trish Baker’s choreography.
She is certain that they and the large cast
will succeed again in Sweet Charity.
Pat plays “Charity”—a girl who has
romantic ups and downs with three men,
but always sees the bright side of love and
life and moves forward with the support of
some very special friends. Onstage much of
the time, Pat often acts, sings, and dances
As soon as the show was announced,
Pat bought a DVD of the movie version,
the CD of the original Broadway score,
and watched the Italian movie classic.
She watched, listened, read, “over again
and again—and again,” she says. For her
audition, she arrived wearing a costume
almost the very image of that in the
original playbill and sporting a heart tattoo
just below the shoulder, ready to belt out
“If My Friends Could See Me Now”.
A Family Affair
When Pat was a young, typical middle
child, she recalls that she was “always
into something to get attention,” whether
Nov. 14, 15, 16, 22, & 23
Auditorium, Clubhouse II
Evening performances are at 7:30 p.m.
Matinees are at 2 p.m.
Ticket Sales
11 am-2 pm Clubhouse I Lobby
$8 Reserved Seats, cash or check
[Friday Oct. 31] & Saturday Nov. 1
Weekdays Nov. 3-21 (except Election
Tickets may also be purchased after Fun
and Fancy’s monthly meeting at 7:30 p.m.
Wednesday, Nov. 5 following a preview/teaser
of Charity, and one hour prior to curtain time
before each performance if tickets are still
Left to right Karen Poland, Ernie Poland, Pat
McConnell, John McConnell. Photo by Marge
a play, a contest, or a chorus in the small
town where she lived. Her mother was
her “biggest fan”. With her husband John
through thirty years in the Army, she
“auditioned here and there, and got into
some dance classes,” then “life forces
kicked in and performances were on
For “Charity,” her “baby” brother,
Ernie Poland, who has also performed
since he was five, joins Pat on stage for
the first time. Using familiar lyrics, Ernie
says, “Theatre is among my favorite
things, like whiskers on kittens…” He
plays a variety of men’s roles in the show,
and is a kind of de facto understudy
reading for any man who is absent for a
Thus, this show is actually a family
affair with Pat’s husband John in
charge of lighting and Ernie’s wife
Karen operating the complicated sound
system. Together with Fun and Fancy’s
huge, talented cast, they are bringing
Charity Hope Valentine, the lovable
heroine of screen and stage, to Leisure
For more on Sweet Charity cast and
background, see page 18
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 3
Residents' FORUM
Resales Fund Is
Restricted Money
As a resident of Leisure
World and Chair of the
Community Planning Advisory
Committee, I have become
increasingly concerned about
the misconceptions I hear
concerning the use of the
Resales Fund to finance the
Facilities Enhancement Plan
The Resales Fund is
accumulated as each new
homeowner in Leisure World
pays 2 percent of the purchase
price of his/her unit into it.
The Trust Documents state
that this money cannot be
used for any purpose other
than capital Improvements to
Trust Properties. This money
cannot fund enhancements
of any kind in the individual
mutuals, which are separate
corporations. It cannot even
be added to the Operating
Budget of the Leisure World
Community Corporation.
We may, and we do as a
community, disagree about
how to proceed with the FEP
projects, but let us get this
clear. Using Resales Fund
money to pursue these plans is
not depriving any individual or
entity of financial support that
might otherwise be available.
— Carole Kennon
Make Your Voice
Leisure World Residents
have recently seen and heard
numerous suggestions about
Facilities Enhancement
Plans (FEP) for changing
Trust properties. Some urge
major or minor adjustments
to architect’s suggestions for
the Administration Building;
others recommend leaving the
lawn activities undisturbed;
some comment on planning
for access to the renovated
restaurants; many have given
solid reasons for leaving the
crystal chandelier in place in
a renewed ballroom; parking
access is a concern of many;
preserving environmental
assets concerns others. Many
are worried about the cost of
proposed changes.
All of these concerns— some
expressed eloquently; some
shouted in threatening terms
—are all healthy for Leisure
World of Maryland. Too often
in the past, residents have
taken a “leisurely” approach
when asked to help shape the
community we live in and love.
When the FEP was being
developed last year, several
“Open Forums” sought input. I
attended most of them, usually
along with fewer than 30 other
residents. Recent Open Forums
drew similar sparse attendance.
All too often, when discussing
plans for the Administration
Building, I have heard back,
“they are going to do what?”
Participation should be
taking the place of leisure!
As we approach our 50th
Anniversary, we have an
opportunity to shape Leisure
World of Maryland for its next
half century. Granted, few will
have the opportunity to fully
experience the results; but we
all have a responsibility to help
shape the community for the
benefit of those who follow us
as residents.
That requires participation!
We can, and must do better.
You should try to attend
upcoming meetings of your
mutual board, and Leisure
World Board of Directors
meetings to inform members
about your opinions. You
should express your views
at Open Forums (such as
the discussion of the FEP
scheduled for Tuesday,
November 18 at 3:00 p.m. in
Clubhouse I). You should also
try to attend the next meeting
of the Board of Directors on
Tuesday, Nov. 25 at 9:30 a.m.
in Clubhouse I. It may be
your last chance to speak up
on various aspects of the FEP
before binding decisions are
4 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
There is plenty of time for
leisure after we make the best
possible plans for the Trust
facilities; now is the time for
you to help shape those plans.
— Bob Namovicz
My Turn
Let me identify myself as
someone who gets nauseous
when having to write a check
anywhere near a thousand
dollars or more. That being
said, let’s take a look at this
issue of the new Administration
Building. It’s more than a place
where people work. The bank is
a source of revenue; the USPS
is a convenience for all. Could
some more space be made
available for both conveniences
and revenue?
Since I was in high school, I
have seen short sightedness be
costly. By the second year of its
existence, space in a brand new
school space was so short in
supply, the cafeteria had to be
used for study halls. It was built
in compliance with state laws
and regulations, OOPS! Since
then I have seen the cheap
materials used right here in
Montgomery County come back
to bite the present homeowner.
Each of us moved to a
mutual that has eye appeal and
that we can afford. Whether
that mutual is kept up, is up
to that group of officers and
To me the “Town Center”
would be a jewel that attracts
every prospective resident and
should be first class. From what
I have seen of management and
the different committees, they
are trying to come as close as
they can.
— D.C. Copeland
Get the Facts
About the FEP and
As a member of the Board of
directors, I am concerned about
inaccurate information being
circulated about the status of
Residents’ Forum Guidelines
from the LW News Advisory Committee
he Leisure World News welcomes submissions from its
readers. We will publish as many as possible to reflect the
widest span of LW community issues. To increase your
chances for publication, please follow the guidelines below:
Guidelines for Letter Writers
1. R
esidents’ Forum (RF)
submissions must be emailed
to lwnadvisorycommittee1@ or delivered to the
LW News Office.
2. RF submissions must state
the writer’s name, address,
telephone number, and
email address, if any, but if
the material is published, it
will include only the writer’s
3. R
F submissions must
adhere to all General
Guidelines, including but
not limited to:
• Material must be of interest
and value to the community,
respectful and in good taste,
clear, concise, accurate,
non-repetitive, relevant, and
avoid personal attacks
• All submissions will be
subject to editing. Writers
will have the opportunity
to approve substantive prepublication edits.
• LW News does not guarantee
when or if any submission
will be published.
• Editing is not to be confused
with censorship. LW News
welcomes constructive
criticism (or praise), as long
as it is clearly identified as
“opinion” and adheres to
all other guidelines for LW
4. Receipt of RF submissions
will be confirmed by email
or telephone.
5. If an RF submission refers
to another source, such
as an article in another
publication, a press release,
a legal opinion, etc., a copy
of that source must be
provided for verification and
6. RF submissions are strictly
the opinion of the writer.
the Facilities Enhancement
Plan (FEP) approved by
the Leisure World Board of
Directors more than a year ago.
Residents have a perfect right
to their own opinions, but it is
a disservice to the community
to disseminate misinformation
and/or selective choice of
information. Responsible
opinions must state all of
the facts and not tailor the
information or mislead to
justify a cause. Bad-mouthing
the Board of Directors or the
community to serve an agenda
or a personal vendetta does
not help, and, in fact, hurts
our efforts to promote Leisure
World of Maryland.
Recently, for example, a
petition drive was initiated to
oppose a new Administration
Building. It said that the
LW Board voted to spend
$5 million dollars on the FEP’s
Administration Building as if
the ongoing evaluation and
decision-making process does
not exist. This leaves the totally
false impression that residents
and resident opinions are not
Neither $5 million for the
Administration Building nor
the estimated $10 million in
spending for all FEP projects
has been approved by the LW
Board of Directors.
Only preliminary concepts
for most projects, including the
Administration Building, are
before the Board of Directors.
Only the fitness center project
has advanced beyond concepts.
Absolutely no construction
work toward implementing the
FEP projects has commenced.
In addition to regular
monthly meetings of the Board
of Directors, multiple LW
advisory committees, made up
of residents representing the
many mutuals, have discussed
and made recommendations on
this preliminary work.В Open, advertised forums
about the FEP have been
held and descriptive articles
have been published in the
LW News. Participation by
residents has taken place
with well over 130 written
comments presented to your
Board. Resident participation
will continue to be invited.
Information is also available
on the Leisure World website Another
open forum is scheduled for
November 18, 3 p.m. Ballroom,
Clubhouse I. That’s a place to
find out the true status of the
FEP projects and separate facts
from fiction.
— Henry Jordan, Member,
LWCC Board of Directors
Fitness First
Information in the Leisure
World News relating to
proposed construction and
remodeling projects has left
me confused and bewildered.
From what has been published,
I’m not sure I understand the
priority being given to these
projects or a timeline for
В In my opinion, the most
urgent project being discussed
and the number one priority
for ASAP completion is the
fitness center. The current
fitness center, a windowless
structure with no amenities,
old equipment, and limited
capacity is aВ disgrace to the LW
community and an affront to
those who use it. As a user, I
sometime witness real estate
agents bringing their clients
inside the door of the fitness
center to acquaint them with
what LW has to offer. I often
wonder what these clients must
think especially those who
may have had experience with
the many up-to-date fitness
centers that are all over the
Washington, DC area.
While the remaining
proposed projects also
require prioritization and a
construction timeline, there
is one, in my opinion, that
is open to question. I am
referring to the proposed new
Administration Building. I
think the current building is
suffering from a design flaw
and with creative remodeling
and the eviction of Weichert
Reality from its premises there
would be more than ample
space to conduct LW business.
I still can’t figure out why this
reality company or any other
commercial company should be
located in the Administration
Perhaps it’s time to let all
LW residents weigh in on these
issues by asking forВ their vote
of confidence. By proposing
these construction projects,
does LW management really
know what LW residents want
now and in the future?
Assuming that construction
funds are available or will
become available, it is
most important that the
prioritization and timetable
reflect the interest of all LW
residents who hopefully
will benefit from these new
— Herbert Morris
available units available as a print
out. I do not think there is any
sales/marketing/business reason
to deny knowing where units
for sale are--especially if Leisure
World wants to attract new
— Janet K. Schlosser
New Residents and
Prospective Buyers
The Chandelier
I believe that higher priorities
exist rather than to spend
$5 million on the Administration
Building for the number of people
who work there.
Following are enhancements I
feel would help new residents as
well as attract new buyers as units
are vacated through attrition:
Make all administrative
services available from at
least 8:30 a.m. until noon on
Make a drop slot outside
the administrative offices for
depositing co-op checks and
other documents of a business
nature. Require other services
such as the post office and Bank
of America to be open a half-day
on Saturdays. Do a utilization
study for the post office and
Bank of America and if not used
sufficiently, abolish completely.
Install bike lane striping
around Leisure World Blvd. to
make bicyclists safe from car
traffic and an attractive feature
to active adults. In every Leisure
World News, caution drivers, not
bike riders, about bicycle safety
rules. Numerous people pull out
from the courts without looking.
Create precise walking
maps that show where various
sidewalks and sections of the
Broadwalk hook up. The ones
given to new buyers are not
detailed, and don’t show where
paths interconnect.
Install separate metering
systems in each unit. That
way, owners, or heirs, are not
paying the full monthly fees for
units that are unoccupied, (and
consequently using almost no
energy) and most important,
residents have an incentive to
conserve energy.
Establish a clear method for
people to know when units are
for sale. A small tasteful sign or
even a small window decal would
help. Some residents may want
to move within Leisure World,
or have friends who would like
to move here. Make the list of
As a long-time resident
of Leisure World, I am very
disturbed at the suggestion that
this beautiful chandelier could
be removed, or worse yet, have
its crystals reused in new light
fixtures or even sold. IВ would
rather see some unexpected
force of nature cause it to fall
and shatter into thousands of
pieces than see its beautiful
crystals be transferred into an
unnamed fixture in some other
part of Leisure World.В There is
something ugly and disrespectful
about dividing up those crystals
and fitting them into some
other fixture, or even selling
them. Will they be foundВ in
a bathroom? In an ill-lighted
hallway? TheВ possibilities make
me shudder. All of their beauty
will be gone.
People’s memories live
withinВ that chandelier. Is money
so important to us now that
destroying reminders of days
gone by is so valuable? Is there
no heart left in us any more?
When I moved here more than
20 years ago, there was only a
huge round holeВ in the ballroom,
with bricks surrounding it, where
an occasional fire burned. I
remember thinking that someday,
a careless person would trip and
tumble into that architectural
hazard. Finally, the chandelier
was bought, installed and
gloried in by the residents.В IВ am
always proud to giveВ strangers
the directions, when theyВ ask
where aВ dinner, or occasion is
being held. “In the room with
the huge chandelier. “ I say and
they smile. “This is a place where
beauty is valued,” I want to add,
but the message doesn’t need to
be put into words. It is there in
the glow of the chandelier.
To those who want to remove
the chandelier, it is possible
that no argument is going to be
successful. To those of us, who
value the past,В and have rejoiced
in the loveliness of the chandelier,
we can only hope that that past
will not be demolished in the
name of progress or economics.
— Mary Zenchoff
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 5
Governance & INFORMATION
Dial 301-598-1313
for recorded Daily Events
2014 Broadcast Schedule - Channel 974
Each meeting begins its broadcast on the Thursday the week AFTER
the meeting. It will broadcast every day at 4 and 7 PM until the next
Executive Committee Meetings
The Oct. 16 Executive
Committee Meeting is
broadcasting now.
Board of Director Meetings
The Oct. 28 Board of
Directors meeting will begin
broadcasting on Nov. 6.
Group Email Addresses
Residents wishing to contact Leisure World Management, the LWCC
Board of Directors, or the Executive Committee may send an email
to the appropriate email address listed below. It will automatically be
forwarded to all members of that group who have an email address
on record.
Messages to any of the email groups should pertain only to the
management and operation of Leisure World trust properties,
services , or activities. Please do not send emails to all three
addresses, as there will be a duplication of recipients and will not
result in a faster response to your question or comment. Messages
pertaining to mutuals or anything else which Management, the
Board of Directors, or Executive Committee does not control should
also not be sent to these groups.
The group email address are:
• LWMC Management - [email protected]
• LWCC Board of Directors - [email protected]
• LWCC Executive Committee - [email protected]
Best Italian
Full Bar • Fine Italian Wine
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6 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
General Manager’s
Report October 2014
Community Topics
Year-to-date, as of 9/30/14,
net operating expenses are
approximately $156,000 under
A complete financial statement
package is available in the Leisure
World library (Clubhouse I), for
review by residents.
In addition, a complete
financial statement package is
available at, under
the link “Governance/Financial
Final Flu Shot Makeup Day
The final makeup day for flu
shots is Thursday, Nov. 13 from 9
a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in Clubhouse I.
Resident Meeting
A resident meeting has been
scheduled for Tuesday, Nov. 18
at 3 p.m. in the Crystal Ballroom.
Information on projects
that are part of the Facilities
Enhancement Plan will be
presented, and residents will
have an opportunity to ask
questions. Residents who plan
to attend should register with
the Education & Recreation
office at 301-598-1300.
Starting the week of Nov. 1,
information boards will be placed
in the lobbies of buildings where
project work is scheduled.
In addition, updated status
reports on each project will be
made available in the Leisure
World library.
Also, identification
stakes will be placed on the
Administration Building/
Clubhouse I site, which will
identify the proposed new
location of the Administration
Building and the boundaries of
the proposed access road.
Lifeline Emergency Call System
Management anticipates
confirmation of the pricing of
the new “Go Safe” program will
be received the week of Oct. 27.
In early November,
management will release
information and develop
promotional material.
911 Calls from Clubhouse II
At a recent community
meeting, a resident expressed
concern regarding the inability
to contact 911 from phones in
both the Fitness Center and the
indoor swimming pool. Please
be advised that these phones
can be used in emergency
situations to contact 911;
however, you must first dial 9.
LW of Maryland
New Hires: Yasmeen Owen,
receptionist, Oct. 13.
Resignations: Raymond Lee,
mutual accountant, Oct. 24 and
Peggy Lowe, accounting clerk
PPD, Oct. 3.
Open Positions: Carpenter,
director of communications,
security guards, shuttle bus
driver, accounting clerk PPD
and accounting AR/AP.
Independent Member
Manage your Cellular Nutrition
with delicious shakes,
and SKIN Nutrition is a must!
Sara Hoffman
Your Neighborhood Coach
Phone: 240-833-2060
Email: [email protected]
News Extras
From the Leisure World Board of Directors’ Meeting on Oct. 28
by Martha Robinson
Closed Circuit TV Programming
According to a policy adopted
by the Leisure World Community
Corporation Board of Directors
(LWCC/BOD) on Oct. 28, use
of its two closed circuit TV
channels “must be of interest
to the residents at large and be
of a non-commercial nature”.
The policy also establishes that
“programming is limited to
events that take place on the
Leisure World of Maryland
property.” The policy is an
affirmation of previous practice.
Closed circuit service is provided
under Leisure World’s contract
with Comcast. Broadcasts of
Executive Committee and Board
meetings and Inter-Faith Chapel
services, provided for some time,
constitute the only programming
approved to date.
General Manager’s Development
The Board approved use of
“the areas of focus, tasks, and
benchmarks laid out in the
General Manager’s Specific
Development Plan” for the 2014
evaluation process, to be used
to monitor his performance and
be part of the 2015 evaluation
process. The General Manager
and the Board’s Evaluation and
Executive Committees agreed to
this plan.
LWCC Finances
The General Manager reported
an operating surplus of $156,000
for the first three quarters of
2014 due primarily to savings in
salaries and benefits. He reported
that as of Sept. 30 LWCC has
an operating cash balance of
about $420,000, a reserve fund
balance of about $8,504,000,
and a Facility Enhancement Plan
(FEP) fund balance of about
Landscape Report
During a discussion of a
Landscape Advisory Committee
report to the Board, which
included a list of products, used
by LW landscape contractor
McFall and Berry, that company’s
spokesperson said that M&B
uses an organic-based fertilizer,
which is different from synthetic
fertilizers. Further discussion
of the cost of organic-based
v. organic products ensued.
M&B was requested to prepare
a short description of these
products. Landscape Advisory
Committee Chair Marian Altman
also reported that plans are in
the works to establish rain and
conservation gardens throughout
the Cascade Park area (right side
with the daffodils bloom) going
toward the entrance of Clubhouse
I. She expects that basil, parsley,
and other annual herbs will be
planted for residents to snip
and use. Deer, she said, are not
known to eat herbs.
The Facility
Enhancement Plan
North Wing Clubhouse I
Streetsense, the architecture
firm leading FEP development,
proposed for Board action down
the road ways to create a more
inviting and pleasant dining
experience. He sees the Cascade
Room as becoming a “jewel” of a
place to gather with a mix of stone
on the walls, plenty of glass to
bring the outside in, an adjacent
patio, and a bar and lounge area
at the interior entrance from the
clubhouse. Sketches projected
on screens for the Board to see
included contemporary light
fixtures, comfortable chairs, and a
The Streetsense proposal also
addressed interior changes to
the Terrace Room, including
rearranging the current buffet for
center aisle use and opening up
space to the often-overflowing
Stein Room. He described adding
small additions to the Terrace,
Cascade, and Maryland Rooms
to accommodate appropriate
entrances. The Maryland Room,
wedged between the Cascade and
Terrace Rooms, will temporarily
lose some space if the Cascade
expansion concept is approved.
When exterior work is possible,
the Cascade would recover and
perhaps exceed its original size
with a bump-out addition toward
the back. In discussion about the
north wing plans, the age of the
clubhouse was placed at about 48
years. Yes, the whole wing could
be taken down and replaced, the
architect said, if there was an
unlimited budget. He believes, he
said, that the improvements he
suggests are “viable” and realistic
and will result in the promotion
of “good service, good food, and a
good environment.”
The Post Office
A motion that originated in the
Community Planning Advisory
Committee to reconsider the
option of including a post office in
the Administration Building did
not carry. That means that the
Board’s earlier action this year to
maintain the possibility of postal
service remains in place as the
FEP decision-making process
Resident Petitions Against FEP
Loop Road
Elsie Maxam presented
petitions opposing a proposed
loop road that would displace
existing lawn sports. Her
2-inch stack of petitions,
topped with a perfectly tied
gold bow, contained about
770 resident signatures. Some
petitions, which she described
as definitely an “unscientific”
survey, simply “disappeared”,
she said, suggesting that many
more people may have wanted
their signatures counted.
She said that coverage in the
Leisure World News, the
upcoming Nov. 18 information
meeting on the FEP for
residents, plus large-scale
schematics for residents to view
in the clubhouses will help, she
hopes, to address the view of
many residents that they “have
no say.”
The petition itself calls for
“abandoning the present plans
for the installation of the circular
drive and leaving the sports area
as is.” The proposed driveway is
intended to add a drop-off place
to increase resident access to
the north wing (restaurants) of
Clubhouse I. Rationale against
this roadway includes, Maxam
said, disturbance of the vista from
the pool lanai and the restaurant
as well as displacement of lawn
sports representing “a total loss
of $256,000” for the lawn bowls/
croquet court plus the cost of
Bocce and shuffleboard courts.
The Administration Building
FEP Project Manager Nicole
Gerke handed each Board
member a new binder containing
a review of this project. One
binder has been placed in the
Rossmoor Library in Clubhouse
I; Board Chair Barbara Cronin
asked that more copies be made
available in the clubhouses, and
that the information be added to
FEP Watch List
Updates and Background
Project Review Binder
Rossmoor Library, Clubhouse 1
Nov. 18
3 p.m. Residents’ Meeting
Clubhouse 1
the website if possible at
An executive summary of
the binder contents addressed
the original three options, to
renovate, expand, or construct
a new Administration Building.
The summary describes these
options in terms of square
footage, construction cost, design
and permit fees, contingency
fees, relocation expenses, and
construction duration. Site plan
issues are also spelled out in the
summary. This document places
the cost of the proposed and
disputed access/drop-off road
at $95,000; its impact on lawn
activities is detailed as to size and
relocation costs.
Board and visitor discussion
and questions about the
Administration Building
focused on the need for updated
information about space needs
and current cost comparisons for
renovation v. new construction.
No action was taken.
Other FEP Matters
Pond rehabilitation project:
design work is underway.
Crystal Ballroom: community
comments on the proposed
concept for the ballroom are
being collected and discussed
with the architect. The update
report states that a decision
on the crystal chandelier “will
be required” in November to
continue with development of
project plans and that funding
will be requested at the November
Board meeting for design
Salt storage shed: this is
pending county review.
Physical Properties customer
service renovation—this is
pending a bid process.
Fitness Center—design
development continues; an
inventory of existing fitness
equipment is being documented
to determine the age and life
expectancy for each piece before
developing a final equipment list
for the project.
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 7
“Remember September”
by Paul Roberts
his plaintive
cry, “Remember
September,” is
heard throughout
the Netherlands
every September,
since the combined might of
the First Allied Airborne Army
dropped from the skies in
broad daylight in the largest
airborne operation of the
war on Sept. 17, 1944, freeing
the southern populace of
Holland from the brutal Nazi
oppressors. It is not only a
cause for joy but a reiteration of
the love the Dutch people have
for Americans, and especially
on this 70th Anniversary, when
my group of eleven Airborne
veterans went to the festivities
and paid tribute to all those
brave men who fought and died
in the Market Garden attempt
to shorten the war.
Ironically, two days before
Sept. 17 disquieting intelligence
from the Dutch resistance and
our eavesdropping came to
light. Reconnaissance photos
confirmed that elements of
two SS Panzer (tank) divisions
were not far from the intended
drop zone of the British
paratroopers, making the whole
plan sheer madness.
But no one was willing to do
what should have been done—
cancel Market Garden in its
cradle. And so it happened, the
people of the southern part of
the country benefitting, but the
British and Polish paratroopers
were crushed, decisively.
Led by Brigadier General
James Gavin, commander of
the 82nd Airborne Division,
the landings were with little
opposition, and right on the
landing zone. He was one
of the first to jump from
a C-47, followed the next
day by hundreds of gliders.
With them were teams of
Jedburghs, an OSS (Office of
Strategic Services) component,
whose job was to link up with
Dutch resistance fighters and
supply them with materiel
and coordinate their vital
intelligence of the enemy.
At the 70th Anniversary of
Gen. Joseph Gavin suiting up for jump into Holland. Photo from the Paul
Roberts collection
Paul Roberts at Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery. Photo from the Paul
Roberts collection
this World War II battle, the
brave actions of the Dutch
resistance were recreated for
we eleven veterans of the First
Allied Airborne Army, the Troop
Carrier Group, the First British
Parachute Brigade, and the First
Polish Independent Parachute
Brigadethe. We watched today’s
8 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
soldiers of the Royal Dutch
Army and young 82ndAirborne
paratroopers cross the Waal
River on rubber rafts similar to
those led by a platoon lieutenant
named Megellas 70 years
earlier. In the reenactment,
retired 82nd Airborne Colonel
Jack Magellan, now 96 and
holder of the Silver Star led
the charge—complete with
background noises of machine
guns and howitzers blasting.
Wherever we went, the
reception was overwhelming.
Visits to American Military
cemeteries, such as Henri
Chapelle in Belgium, and
Margraten, the Netherlands
American Cemetery, were
sobering, indeed, especially
when viewing a dominating
bronze statue of the Angel of
Peace bestowing the olive branch
upon the heroic dead. The
Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra
appropriately chose Benjamin
Britten’s “The War Requiem” to
highlight the event’s Liberation
Concert. It was so intensely
moving I found myself shedding
a few tears. The combination
of those tombstones and this
dedication to the war dead was
more than I could handle.
The Dutch have never
forgotten the sacrifices made by
the Allied forces, and have built
a culture around memories
of American military might.
They have formed clubs or
associations, similar to our
Kiwanis and Rotary Clubs.
The club members wear
uniforms emulating U.S.
paratroopers. The only way we
could tell whether a uniformed
person was a veteran was by
age. They drive World War II
jeeps, operate Sherman tanks
and two and half ton trucks,
all having been restored by
the world’s leading machine
renovators, the Sindorf Corp.of
Ter Apel. They have meetings,
drill and do what the military
does. It’s all in good humor,
with no profound or political
underpinnings—just a bunch of
“kids” who weren’t even born
when this all happened, playing
and re-living the past. I rode on
top of a Sherman tank around
the parking lot, and felt secure.
And this is done every
September like clockwork. All
Holland is aroused, stops work
for two minutes of silence, and is
reminded of its liberation from
oppression all those years ago.
This is the last of a 3-part series
on the 70th anniversary of the
liberation of Europe.
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Day Trips
9/11 Memorial and Museum Trip – Sat., Nov. 15
6:45 am-11:45 pm – $120.00 per person
The Memorial Museum is an educational and historical institution honoring the victims
and examing 9/11 and its continued global significance. The museum displays artifacts
associated with the events of 9/11 while presenting stories of loss and recovery. (Security
screening on-site.) Includes a $10 Gift Card to Cracker Barrel.
BSO at the Myerhoff – $79.00 per person per show
Nov. 23 – Bernstein & Beethoven
Dec. 10 – Holiday Pops!
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Flower Show offers an on-site food court and numerous vendors with a wide assortment
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return show. Across from the Pennsylvania Convention Center you can also visit the Reading
Terminal Market. This fabulous food emporium includes 80 merchants and many food options.
American Treasures, Oaks, PA – Mon., March 16
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Tea and Tour – National Cathedral, Washington, D.C.
Wed., Dec. 3 – Noon-6:00 pm – $79.00 per person
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The Forbidden City at the VFMA
Thur., Dec. 4 – 8:45 am-7:30 pm – $105.00 per person
Drawn from the collection of the Palace Museum in Beijing, Forbidden City will offer visitors a
unique journey through a palace once forbidden to the general public, and provide a glimpse
into this hidden world through rich and diverse objects from the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing
(1644–1911) dynasties. Featured works include large portraits, costumes, furniture, court
paintings, religious sculptures, and fine decorative arts such as bronzes,lacquer ware, and
jade. This exhibition explores the significant roles of imperial rituals, court painting, imperial
family life, and religion in the Forbidden City. Trip includes: docent lead tour/admission to
exhibit and lunch.
Donny and Marie Osmond at the National Theater
Sun., Dec. 7 – 2:10 pm-7:15 pm – $139.00 per person
With a dash of Christmas spirit and their trademark show-stopping production numbers,
Donny & Marie: Christmas at the National features Christmas songs and cheer plus hits
from their illustrious careers, all mixed with their irresistible chemistry that made them
international stars.
See tens of thousands of items displayed over three acres on the American Treasure Tour.
A 90-minute guided tram tour takes you through decades of American history. Two of the
major exhibits are mechanical music and classic preserved automobiles. Additionally, they
also have a jam packed display of animated store window advertising, dolls, doll houses,
model airplanes, circus, patriotic, holiday items and many surprises. Lunch included.
Cherry Blossom Tour – Fri., April 10
9:45 am-2:55 pm – $69.00 per person
Drive the tidal basin and visit some memorials along the way! Lunch included at Old Ebbitt
Odyssey Cherry Blossom Luncheon Cruise – Mon., April 13
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Enjoy a leisurely lunch cruise along the Potomac River for a breathtaking view of the famous
Cherry Blossoms.
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Biltmore & Asheville – Dec. 1-4
It’s a Wonderful Life at Dutch Apple – Sun., Dec. 7
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Charleston, Savannah, Jekyll Island – April 18-24
Niagara Falls, Canada – June 21-24 – Passport Required
Symphony of Lights & the Shanty Grille – Tues., Dec. 9
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Sight & Sound “Moses” – Fri., Dec. 12
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Moses is a biblical epic that the whole family will enjoy! Trip includes: lunch at Hershey
Farms Restaurant, tickets to the show and deluxe motorcoach transportation.
DC Monuments by Moonlight – Sat., Dec. 13
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Christmas Cheer Concert in the Mansion – Sat., Dec. 20
10:00 am-5:30 pm – $120.00 per person
The raves keep coming in about this popular trip! The Concert Artists of Baltimore present
their annual Christmas Cheer Concert. The pre-concert buffet and show are presented in
the beautiful Engineers Club, located in the Garrett-Jacobs Mansion. We expect a full bus so
register early!
“New” Swing Time the Musical & Lunch at Carmines
Tues., Jan. 10 – 10:45 am-5:30 pm – $95.00 per person
Irish Splendor – March 25-April 9, 2015
Northern National Parks – June 5-12, 2015
Alaska Cruise & Land Tour – July 28-Aug. 9, 2015
Experience the magic of movies and horticulture as the 186th PHS Philadelphia Flower Show
celebrates the silver screen. Lights, Camera, BLOOM! will be unveiled Feb. 28, 2015. The
(all Trips
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Casino Trips
Harrington’s Casino and Raceway – Fri., Nov. 14
8:15 am-5:45 pm – $42.00 per person
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Horseshoe Casino – Wed., Jan. 14, 2015
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Grandeur of the Seas – Western Caribbean – April 18 – 10 nights
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V American Cruise Line Memphis-New Orleans
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Grandeur of the Seas – Bermuda – Oct. 12 – 8 nights
Grandeur of the Seas – Bahamas – Oct. 24 – 8 nights
Partake in a “Family Style” meal at Carmines in Washington, D.C., prior to heading over to
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Philadelphia Flower Show – Thurs., March 5
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NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 9
10 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
Health & FITNESS
Leisure World’s First Medical Director
Before the First 100 Residents
by Auburn Mann
few months ago
retired physician
Robert Alexander
Barnett MD moved from
Manor Club across Georgia
Avenue into Leisure World.
He was Leisure World�s first
medical director in the late
1960s and has witnessed
the community’s near halfcentury narrative unfold:
from its infancy in 1966 when
the iconic hollow globe, that
greets the endless sea of
Georgia Avenue travelers, was
just going up at the main gate
to Leisure World’s current
610-acre complex of houses,
condominiums, townhomes,
and apartments and a
plethora of amenities enjoyed
by 8,000 residents.
“Less than 100 people lived
here then,” says Barnett.
Chuckling at the irony, he
added, “Many of the top
internists in Silver Spring and
Bethesda predicted it would
go belly-up within the first 10
Barnett grew up in
Bethesda, attended Chevy
Chase Elementary and Leland
Junior High, but opted
to enroll in and graduate
from Woodrow Wilson in
Washington. As most young
men of the times, he was
drafted in 1943 and over
two years served tours in
Germany and Great Britain,
as a radio operator in the 8th
Air Force’s 305th Bomb Group,
which conducted systematic
aerial assaults over Berlin
and multiple other sites via
B-17 aircrafts. “When you are
19, you think you are going
to live to be 300,” he said.
“You never really think about
mortal danger.”
After World War II he
briefly entertained the idea
of becoming a lawyer, but
instead used the G.I. Bill to
graduate from the George
Washington School of
Medicine in 1952. “I wanted
to help people”, said Barnett,
“I felt I could do more good
in medicine.” He went on
Dr. Robert A. Barnett. Photo by
Auburn Mann
to intern at the U.S Public
Service Hospital in Baltimore
and undertook surgical
training at Presbyterian
Hospital at the University of
By 1956, he and his
late, first wife Bess were
experiencing a fair share
of adversity. They lived in
a Philadelphia flat. Being a
young resident, he earned a
meager salary of $60 a month
in compensation for what
he remembers as a grueling
100-hour work week. Bess,
who had a Master’s degree in
hospital administration from
Northwestern University,
was able to supplement their
income. Barnett laughs as he
remembers the reaction of an
IRS auditor to their financial
status. “He looked at my W-2
form and said �I didn’t think
anybody in the U.S. made that
little money.’”
In 1964 Barnett returned
to Montgomery County to
start a private practice and
moved his young family into
Manor Club. A few years later
Barnett received a call asking
him to direct the medical
facilities across the street at
Leisure World where he had
practically no assistance until
1970 when a doctor from
Montgomery General Hospital
joined him.
After leaving Leisure World
in the mid 1970s, Barnett
served for a time as chief
of surgery at Montgomery
General. He eventually
become the state chair for the
Commission on Cancer. He
oversaw the cancer programs
of 46 Maryland hospitals
and started the program in
Montgomery General, which
would become Montgomery
County’s first certified
hospital for cancer treatment,
and was involved in the
certification of 178 different
hospitals elsewhere in the
U.S. He became a fellow of the
American College of Surgeons
(FACS) and International
College of Surgeons. In 1982,
he became the Governor of
Maryland’s FACS chapter.
“I was the first one from
and based in Montgomery
County,” he says proudly.
Barnett retired from practice
in 1996 and spent the next
15 years volunteering at local
clinics in the metropolitan
Barnett may have left
his duties at Leisure World
long ago, but not his ties to
the community. He is now
settling into the property
that he purchased here and
rented through the years. He
resides with his wife Carolyn,
a former banker, whom he
was introduced to as a patient
about a decade ago, a few
years following the death of
Bess Barnett, after fifty years
of marriage.
“It’s really nice that Leisure
World now has so many
options for seniors to get out
and be social,” he says. “Now I
need to go and explore them.”
Auburn Mann is a graduate
student at the University of
Maryland and has offered to
write occasional pieces for the
Leisure World News.
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 11
Migraine Headaches
by Arthur Kaufman, MD
Custom Blind
"Quality Window Treatments with
a Solid Reputation"
Your “shop at home” solution - we
do it all - consultation, measuring
& installation
Wood Blinds * Mini Blinds
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Offer expires 11-30-14
igraine headaches
are recurrent, usually
severe, headaches
often associated w1th nausea,
vomiting, and sensitivity to
light, sound or smell. Typically
the headache affects one side
of the head, is throbbing in
nature, and lasts from 2 to 72
hours. The pain is generally
made worse by physical activity.
Up to one-third of people with
migraine headaches are aware
of a prodrome called an aura
which signals that the headache
is about to occur. The aura is
usually in the form of a visual
disturbance such as flashing
lights in the eyes or an area
of blindness, but may include
other disturbances in touch
or feeling, language, or even
paralysis of a limb.
The exact mechanisms of
migraine are unknown but
they are believed to be due to a
combination of environmental
and genetic factors. About twothirds of cases run in families.
In adults, these headaches
12 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
occur two to three times more
frequently in women than
men. Many migraine sufferers
are able to identify “triggers”
which bring on a migraine.
Common triggers include
red wine or other alcoholic
beverages, aged cheeses,
strong smells like perfume, or
changes in barometric pressure.
Premenopausal women may
notice that migraines come
right before or during the
menstrual period. Women may
notice an increase in frequency
of migraines during the
perimenopausal period, followed
by a decrease or cessation of
migraines after menopause.
Initial recommended
treatment is with simple
analgesics such as ibuprofen
or acetaminophen for the
headache, an antiemetic for
the nausea, and the avoidance
of triggers. Resting in a dark
room with a cold compress on
the head may help. Prescription
medications called triptans can
abort an ongoing migraine.
Other medications may be
taken chronically to prevent
migraines. Most people with
migraines have periods of
lost productivity due to their
disease. However, typically the
condition is fairly benign and
usually doesn’t lead to anything
more serious. However, people
with a sudden severe headache
need to be evaluated to make
sure it is not something else
that requires immediate
attention. If you are suffering
with migraine headaches, it
is wise to see a neurologist
to confirm the diagnosis and
initiate treatment.
Dr. Kaufman is a member of
the Health Advisory Committee.
вќ’ Leisure World Health Advisory Committee
Don’t Let COPD Take Your Breath Away!
by Vlady Rozenbaum, Ph.D
he World Health
Organization designated
November as the Chronic
Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
(COPD) Awareness Month with
the World COPD Day to be
observed this year on Nov. 19
Coughing. Wheezing.
Shortness of Breath
For many people familiar
with COPD, it may be clear that
these are symptoms. But to
many more people nationwide,
these signs can seem to be
from a common cold, being
out of shape, just getting older.
Therefore, they may be less
likely to bring these symptoms
up to their health care provider
because they don’t think it
matters. As a result, many
Americans who have COPD go
undiagnosed, and their quality
of life worsens unnecessarily.
Today, more than 12-million
people have been diagnosed
with COPD and as many are
likely to have the disease and
do not know it.
COPD is a serious lung
disease that over time makes
it hard to breathe. Also known
as emphysema or chronic
bronchitis, COPD is the 3rd
leading cause of death in the
United States. Symptoms
include constant coughing
(smoker’s cough), shortness
of breath during typical daily
activities, wheezing, and
inability to take deep breaths,
excessive sputum production
and feeling like you can’t
breathe. If you have these
symptoms the best next step is
to talk to your doctor or health
care provider.
“We urge you to pay special
attention to how you are
breathing, especially if you
become short of breath during
your daily activities,” says
James P. Kiley. “Learn more
about the symptoms of COPD
and if they sound like you, start
the conversation with your
health care provider. Talking
about any symptoms you may
be experiencing will help them
help you.” Kiley is Director,
Division of Lung Diseases,
NHLBI (National Institutes of
Health). “COPD is a common
disease that affects one in five
adults over the age of 45,” he
says. “While there is no cure
for COPD, early diagnosis and
treatment can help people with
COPD improve their symptoms,
cut down the flare-ups of the
disease (exacerbations) and
get back to the things they love
COPD can be diagnosed
with a simple, non-invasive
breathing test called
spirometry. If you or a loved
one experiences any of the
symptoms of COPD, take some
time to learn more about it.
With proper diagnosis and
treatment, people with COPD
can live longer and improve
their quality of life.
Without global intervention,
deaths from COPD are
projected to increase by more
than 30 percent in the next 10
years. COPD is the only major
disease that continues to show
annual increases in mortality
rates. Furthermore, chronic
bronchitis and emphysema take
a heavy toll on the economy.
The national annual cost of
COPD is estimated at
$50 billion by the NHLBI.
You can find out more about
COPD by visiting the COPD
Foundation at
Vlady Rozenbaum is a
member of the Leisure World
Health Advisory Committee
and on the Boards of Directors
of the U.S. COPD Coalition and
the Pulmonary Education and
Research Foundation. He is also
the founder of the COPD-ALERT.
com. a member of the American
Thoracic Society, Board of
Directors of the U.S. COPD
Coalition, and the founder of
the, a major
national support and advocacy
patient organization. He can be
reached at 301-598-6693 and at
[email protected].
Wills, Wealth Planning & Trusts
Phone: 301-518-0423
[email protected]
Housecall: No charge!
Simple will:
$175/person; $330/couple
Financial power of attorney $90
Estate and tax planning.
Probate: flat fee or hourly, not
a percentage of estate.
Living will/medical directive
Luann Battersby
Leisure World neighbor
3510 Chiswick Ct
Silver Spring, MD 20906
I also assist clients in other
related matters when they need
my help.
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 13
вќ’ Leisure World Health Advisory Committee
Memory Expert Returns
to Leisure World
by Sandra W. McLeskey RN, PhD
r. Scott Turner,
Director of the Memory
Disorders Program at
Georgetown University Medical
Center will return to Leisure
World to talk about memory
loss on Dec. 6 at 2 p.m. in the
Clubhouse II Auditorium. He
previously spoke here in June
about his research studies.
His talk, “Where Did I Put
my Keys? – a Presentation on
Memory Issues”, is sponsored
by the Mental Health
Subcommittee of the Health
Advisory Committee. To avoid
overcrowding for this talk,
please obtain a free ticket at
one of the E & R offices in the
Dr. Turner holds both an
MD degree and a PhD in
pharmacology and is boardcertified in both neurology
and psychiatry. He has been
involved in research on
cognitive disorders, including
Alzheimer’s disease and its
basic mechanisms, and in
the past and currently has
conducted many clinical
studies of dementias and
possible treatments. Dr. Turner
will discuss a wide range of
topics pertaining to memory
loss, including the difference
between normal absentmindedness and pathological
memory problems, genetic
influences on memory loss,
how a diagnosis of memory
loss is made and how it may
progress, current and future
medications to treat memory
loss, future research directions,
and techniques for improving
memory. There will be a brief
question and answer session at
the end of the talk.
The Mental Health
Subcommittee is sponsoring
this talk in response to the
mental health survey that was
previously published in the
Leisure World News. People
who returned the survey
indicated a high level of interest
in memory issues including
how to improve memory. If
you have not yet filled out
the survey and wish to, it is
available on line at https://
Sandra McCleskey is a
member of the Health Advisory
Committee and the Mental
Health Subcommittee.
n Low Vision
Defining Eye Disease Get The Facts
by Janet Morrison
ave you been told
that you or someone
you care about are
prediabetic or have Type 2
diabetes? It is important to
be reminded that the serious
disease can cause irreversible
vision loss and blindness.
Diabetic retinopathy often
has no symptoms in the early
stages; there is no pain and
vision may not change until
sight loss becomes severe. The
good news is, vision loss can
be treated—in today’s world—
before any severe loss occurs.
Learn about risks, detection,
treatment and research!
14 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
The Leisure World Low
Vision Group presents this
informative program at
1 p.m. Wednesday, Nov. 12
in Clubhouse I to help our
neighbors save their sight
or the sight of someone
they love. Guest Expert
Presenter: Aziz Khanifar,
M.D., ophthalmologist/retinamacular specialist. To register
or more information, call Jane
Brinser (301-438-2599).
n Patients’ Rights Council of Leisure World
What You Should Know to Help
You Make an Informed Decision
for Senior Care
by Mary Ann Johnston
he Patients’ Rights Council of Leisure
World meets next on Wednesday,
Nov. 12 at 1:30 pm in Clubhouse I.
There will be a panel presentation moderated
by Kathy Rickard, president of ElderCare
Consulting and Companionship LLC,
Resources for Seniors in the Community. The
panel focus will be “What You Should Know
to Help You Make an Informed Decision
for Senior Care.” The panelists are William
S. Fralin, Esquire, president of the Estate
Planning and Elder Law Firm PC, speaking
on “Estate Planning Essentials;” Alisa
Scheiner, MA, MAGS, president of Loving
Decisions, on “Health Care Advocacy, Tips
on Talking to Your Physician;” and Linda
Ryan, Marketing director for Arden Court
of Kensington Memory Care Community,
“Solutions for Memory Care, There is no cure
for Alzheimer’s Disease.” There will be time
for questions following the presentation.
This promises to be an interesting
discussion of issues we need to face and
should provide us with answers to some of our
questions about senior care. All residents and
guests are welcome at our meetings.
The Patients’ Rights Council strives to
educate seniors on health and end-of-life
issues and our programs are of interest to
all people who are concerned about how to
address problems that may be associated with
aging. We also oppose attempts to legalize
physician-assisted suicide. We encourage
compassionate care for the seriously ill that
will allow them a natural death surrounded by
family and loved ones.
n Parkinson’s Support Group
Kathy Morris to Discuss
Parkinson’s Screening Tests
by Manny Horowitz and Carlos Souto
he Parkinson’s Support Group will meet
Nov. 12 at 3 p.m. in Clubhouse II. Please
note that because the second Tuesday of
the month falls on Veteran’s Day, the meeting
has been scheduled for Wednesday, Nov. 12.
Our guest speaker is Kathy Morris, a
graduate of Ithaca College in 1986 with a
degree in physical therapy and a master’s
degree in Healthcare Administration in
1994 from the University of Maryland. Her
professional experience includes work in the
acute care setting at the Washington Hospital
Center, inpatient rehabilitation, at the Kessler
Institute and the National Rehabilitation
Hospital, and home health care with Potomac
Home Health Care. For the past six years,
Kathy has worked as an outpatient physical
therapist with the National Rehabilitation
Hospital at Olney and also at Leisure World.
She has treated patients with
neurobiological disorders including
Parkinson’s disease, stroke, head injury,
spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis
among others. In addition, her professional
orthopedic experience includes neck and back
pain, joint replacement patients and those
with multiple traumas.
Ms. Morris will discuss current screening
tests for Parkinson’s disease, including
construction and administration of the test.
Since balance plays such an important role
in falls by Parkinson’s patients and senior
citizens, she will include current balance tests
in her presentation, such as the Mini-BESTest
illustration, Functional Gate Assessment
(FGA) Test illustration and the 10 Meter Walk
Tests. As one of the symptoms of Parkinson’s
disease may be a voice problem (loudness)
and projection, Kathy will discuss the Lee
Silverman Voice Training Program (LSVT).
The presentation will also discuss services
available at Medstar NRH Leisure World.
The lecture will conclude with questions
and answers, although questions and
comments are welcome at any time.
We look forward to an interesting and
informative presentation with lots of
participation by the members of the support
FISH Depends
on Donations
by Beth Leanza
ISH is a volunteer organization
that lends assistive equipment to
residents and employees of Leisure
World. All the items we have were
donations. We really appreciate all those
who have thought of FISH.
We do not charge for this service.
Occasionally, we do receive small
cash donations. We are a tax-exempt
organization, so you can get a tax credit.
We cannot put a price on equipment. A tax
professional can help with that.
We use those monies to keep the FISH
office supplied (pens, markers) and we
buy the loan forms and labels for the
equipment. Recently, we have had an offer
from a Leisure World resident to try to
repair some equipment. (Up to now, if we
got damaged equipment returned, we just
had to trash it!)
If you need assistive equipment
(wheelchair, walker, cane, crutches,
commode, bath chair, elevated toilet seat),
even if you are planning to purchase it,
come to FISH and borrow it first. That way
you can find out what features you like
or don’t like. You can feel free to borrow
one item, return it, and borrow another
FISH is in Clubhouse II. We are open
Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.
We do close if Montgomery County public
schools close for weather, and we close for
major holidays. Our phone number (301598-1320) goes to the E & R office. Ask for
FISH. Availability of any particular piece
of equipment varies from day to day – and
even from hour to hour!
You can call Beth Leanza (301-598-4569)
for more information.
MedStar HealtH Medical center
3305 n. leiSure World Boulevard
Bennett Taff, DMD
Carmen DeVries, DDS
Mao Lin, DDS
Serving the oral health care needs of our residents for over 30 years.
"I am very pleased with the dentistry and personalized services that I have received from
dentists and their wonderful staff." Faye Haralamos
For Appointments and Information, call 301-598-1015
The Right Care at the Right Place.
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 15
Stan Moffson
Authorized Leisure WorldВ®
#1 In Sales In Leisure WorldВ®
“B” Model-Overlook-$219K
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,035 sf + Garage
”G”Mdl-Villa Cortese-$399K
3 BR, 2.5 FB, 1,587 sq.ft. + Garage
”H”Mdl-Villa Cortese-$359K
3 BR, 2.5 FB, 1,629 sq.ft. + Garage
”E”Mdl-Villa Cortese-$275K
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,354 sq.ft. + Garage
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,520 sq.ft. + Garage
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,242 sq.ft.
3 BR, 2.5 BA, 1,530 sq.ft.
“C” Model-Turnberry-$199K
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,092 sf
“J” Model-Fairways-$199K
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,317 sf + Garage
“J” Model-Fairways-$195K
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,317 sf + Garage
“O” Model-Fairways-$185K
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,138 sf + Gar & golf crt
“Capri” Model-$169K
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,415 sf
“A” Mdl-Overlook-$159K
1 BR, 1 FB, 930 sf + Garage
“F” Model-Greens-$149K
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,115 sf + Garage
“GG” Model-Fairways-$145K
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,195 sf
“Ellicott” Model-$137K
3 BR, 2 FB, 1,340 sf
“Berkeley” Model-$122,500
2 BR, 1FB, 2HB
“E” Model-Fairways-$119,500
2 BR, 2 FB, 990 sf
”L”Mdl-Villa Cortese-$359K
3 BR, 2 FB, 1,515 sq.ft.
”D”Mdl-Villa Cortese-$268K
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,330 sq.ft.
3 BR, 2.5 BA, 1,530 sq.ft.
“Berkeley” Model-$118,650
2 BR, 2FB, 1HB, 1,445 sf
“A” Model-Fairways-$115K
1 BR, 1 FB, 850 sf
“Warfield” Model-$112
2 BR, 2FB, 1,043 sf
“C” Model-Greens-$99,500
2 BR, 1.5 BA, 950 sf
“Elizabeth” Model-$89K
2 BR, 1.5 BA, 1,308 sf
2 BR, 22 FB, 1,325 sq.ft.
пѓ©Cabot Model-$265K
3 BR, 2 FB, 1,193 sq.ft.
”D”Mdl-Villa Cortese-$219K
2 BR, 2 FB, 1,312 sq.ft.
“Raleigh” Model-$78K
1 BR, 1 FB, 990 sf
Let Stan Do The Same For You. Call Today!
Cell: 301-928-3463 Web:
Office: 301-681-0550 x 135 Email: [email protected]
16 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
Stan Moffson
Authorized Leisure WorldВ®
#1 In LISTINGS In Leisure WorldВ®
New Construction
Ask me about Villa Cortese V
 “J” Mdl-Fairways-$210,000
2 BR, 2FB, 1317 sq. ft. Updated
kitchen, garage space, golf course
view, close to elevator.
“D” Mdl-Villa Cortese-$219K
2 BR, 2FB, 1300 sq. ft. Hardwood
 “CC” Mdl-Turnberry-$179,000 floors, designer kit. , master BA,
2 BR, 2FB, 1090 sq. ft. Eat-in kitchen close to elevator.
”H”Mdl-Villa Cortese-$359K
3 BR, 2.5 FB, 1605 sq.ft. Table
space kitchen, large separate
dining room, garage space incl.
Freshly painted, new carpet.
пѓ©Royal Aintree-$325,000
2 BR, 2FB, 1393 sq.ft. One car
garage, updated kitchen and
bath, Florida room.
3 BR, 2 BA, 1520 sq.ft. Fresh paint,
new carpet.
пѓ©Dartmouth Model-$139,000
2 BR, 1.5 BA, 1400 sq.ft. Separate
dining room, bay window, patio.
2 BR + den, 2 FB, 1520 sq.ft.
Freshly painted, large enclosed
balcony, garage space included.
пѓ©Huntington Model-$375,000
2 BR, 2FB, patio home. 1410 sq.ft.
Florida room, new carpet,
2 car garage.
“A” Mdl-Overlook-$159,000
1 BR, 1.5 BA, 930 sq.ft. Hardwood
floors, golf course view, garage
“C” Model-Overlook-$189,000 space included.
2 BR, 2FB, 1090 sq.ft. Fresh paint.
”L”Mdl-Villa Cortese-$359K
3 BR, 2.5 FB, 1520 sq.ft. Freshly
painted, new carpet, table
space kitchen, sep. DR, enclosed
Experience for yourself why Stan is #1 in Leisure WorldВ®
Call and List with Stan Now!
Cell: 301-928-3463 Web:
Office: 301-681-0550 x 135 Email: [email protected]
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 17
n Fun & Fancy Theatre Group
Still in the Spotlight
by Allan Okin
here are 25 Leisure
World performers in the
cast of the upcoming
stage production of “Sweet
Charity.” Some have been
profiled in past Fun and Fancy
columns. Besides the feature on
page 3 of this newspaper, here
are two more reasons to see
this show.
“Believe it or not,” says
Maria Hidalgo, “I have been
performing practically all of
my life—not for audiences,
but for family and friends.”
Doing things for others is part
of her good nature, but a while
ago she questioned, “Who
is performing for me?” The
painful reality was “nobody.”
So Maria set out to “entertain”
herself by joining Fun and
Fancy, and she auditioned for
“Sweet Charity.” These days,
she performs for herself to
“nourish my inner soul, to
fulfill my dreams and to share
my hidden talents.” Director
Ron Sarro must have sensed
this when Maria tried out,
because he cast her as one of
the Fandango dancers, and
she plays the Good Samaritan
who saves the leading lady in
Act I. Dancing comes easy for
Maria, who is serious about
learning the songs and her
lines, one of which is a riot
if you understand Spanish.
Listen carefully during the
“Big Spender” number. Maria
is impressed with the cast’s
energy, dedication, talent, and
progress, and feels that the
show will demonstrate this.
Another debuting cast
member, Steve Hull, performed
in a musical theater production
in preschool at age four; he
sang and tap danced with a
giant panda to “The Good Ship
Lollipop.” Steve later sang in
children’s church choirs and
choirs in junior high and high
school. He was in the Accapella
Choir and Madrigals. When
his voice changed, his music
teacher recommended he give
up clarinet lessons and join
the school chorus; his parents
arranged for him to have
private vocal lessons and he
studied with noted teachers.
At Frostburg University, Steve
was the first non-music major
permitted to present a solo
recital. He joined various
musical and theatrical groups
during high school and college,
after which he performed
around the region with “The
Pickwick Puppets,” his family’s
puppet troupe. Following a
hiatus of more than 25 years
away from the stage to focus on
family, career, and continuing
education, Steve returned with
the music and drama group
at Goddard Space Center in
Work with the agent that does it all!
New Villa Cortese V
Open Saturday and Sunday, 1- 4 pm.
Call sales office #115 from lobby phone
to be buzzed in.
Direct: 301.651.3082
Office: 301.681.0550 x 161
Email: [email protected]
Model O
2 bedrooms, 2 baths,
open kitchen 1321 sq. ft.
Model R
2 bedrooms, 2 baths, library,
open kitchen 1538 sq. ft.
Model U
2 bedrooms, 2 baths,
and a library 1530 sq. ft.
Model Q
3 bedrooms, 2 baths 1575 sq. ft.
Model S
3 bedrooms, 2 baths,
powder room 1790 sq. ft.
All units feature stainless appliances, granite counter tops,
full size front load washer and dryer, and enclosed
sun porch with tile floor.
18 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
2008. He has also sung with
the Chancel Choir of Good
Shepherd Lutheran Church. We
are fortunate to have Steve in
the “Charity” cast as Vittorio,
a narcissistic actor who
romances two women at a time
in a highly comic scene, during
which he sings the musical’s
forgotten love song, “Too Many
Tomorrows.” Ladies, Steve will
become your new matinee idol
at Leisure World!
News Bits
Auditions for Dee Smiley’s
December show, “Holidays
around the World,” went well
with many new entertainers
trying out. More about the Dec.
3 revue in the next column.
Hold the date!
Auditions for the January
show, “The Music of Jerome
Kern,” will be held right after
“Holidays around the World.”
This is a joint endeavor
by Tash/Okin/O’Leary/
Kaufman; the first half will
be a revue of Kern’s songs
before “Showboat,” and the
second half will be a miniconcert version of the landmark
musical. Audition details will
be reported later in the month.
Plan to try out with a Kern song
of your choice.
At press time, we are happy
to report that Jean McGoldrick
is reportedly making a good
recovery from her illness
reported last month. Keep
improving, Jean!
We provide painting services
for residential and
commercial properties.
Our skilled craftsmen will treat
your home with care.
Call us for a free estimate
(301) 340-6004
Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
Women’s Vocal Ensemble Nutcracker Dreams
to Present Holiday Show & Contemporary
sponsored by the Foundation of Leisure World and
the E&R Department
sponsored by the E&R Department
he E&R Department is
pleased to welcome Blake
High School’s Women’s
Vocal Ensemble to Leisure
World on Friday, Dec. 5 at 10:15
a.m. in Clubhouse I’s ballroom
They will sing a variety of holiday
songs, like Jingle Bell Rock,
Shalom and Under the Winter
Moon, that you are sure to enjoy.
Joining the ensemble is a string
quartet and soloist. Tickets, $4
per person, go on sale Tuesday,
Nov. 4 at 8:30 a.m. in both
clubhouses. Please bring your
Leisure World ID.
Members of Women’s Vocal
Ensemble at Blake High School
learn the fundamentals of choral
singing technique. Consisting of
mostly freshmen, these girls are
active participants in a multitude
of sports and clubs such as
basketball, soccer, cross country,
Blake Stage Theatre Company,
and Debate Team. Membership
in this choral group is
open to all women and
regardless of previous choral
experience. Students sing a
variety of songs that explore
different musical periods and
languages in exciting and
creative performances!
n Saturday, Dec. 13 at
2:30 p.m. in Clubhouse
II’s auditorium, members
of the Akhmedova Ballet Academy
will present a program of classic and
contemporary ballet. Tickets, $9 per
person, go on sale in both clubhouses
beginning at 8:30 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 4.
Please bring your Leisure World ID.
The Akhmedova Ballet Academy is dedicated
to providing the finest quality ballet training
utilizing the Vaganova method with personal
and artistic mentoring to prepare young
talented dancers to become strong and fully
developed artists ready to take their places
in major dance companies around the world.
The academy is supported by the Akhmedova
Ballet Foundation, Inc., a 501c 3 charitable, taxexempt, non-profit organization.
The Foundation of Leisure World is a 501(c) 3 organization,
which was established for charitable, health, educational
and cultural purposes. Contributions to the foundation may
be claimed as deductions on income tax returns to the extent
permitted by law.
Exceptional Physicians. Focused on You.
MedStar Health at Leisure World Boulevard
MedStar Health is committed to meeting your healthcare needs,
providing access to medical experts and quality health services
right here in your community. By choosing to receive your health
care at the medical center, you can connect with some of the
area’s finest physicians in the following specialties:
Internal Medicine and
Family Practice
Nutritional Services
Rehabilitation Services
Urogynecology (special
gynecology needs such
as urinary incontinence)
Laboratory Services
301-598-1590 MAIN LINE
301-598-1015 DENTAL
301-598-1005 PHARMACY
301-598-1581 SOCIAL WORK
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 19
3305 North Leisure World Blvd. • Silver Spring, MD 20906 •
Holiday Arts
& Crafts Bazaar!
sponsored by the E&R Department
he E&R Department is planning
a Holiday Arts & Crafts Fair.
Join us on Saturday, Dec. 13 in
Clubhouse I’s Crystal Ballroom from
9:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Do all, or at
least some, of your holiday shopping
right here in your own community!
Vendors, all Leisure World residents,
will be offering for sale a variety
of holiday gift items – all new and
Calling All Arts & Crafts Purveyors
You do not have to belong to a
Leisure World arts or crafts group or
organization, but you do have to be a
resident who has produced the items
offered for sale. All items must be
new and unused. (Note: This is not
a flea market!) E&R is looking for all
ceramicrafters (poured and thrown);
artists, woodworkers, jewelry
makers, photographers, weavers,
needle-workers, knitters, crocheters,
seamstresses, quilters and anyone
else who can offer new and original
art and craft items for sale.
This is also a great opportunity for
Leisure World groups, organizations
and clubs that create art and craft
items to raise money for charitable or
other pursuits.
Registration will open at 8:30 a.m. on
Tuesday, Nov. 4 in Clubhouse I.
At registration, you will be
asked to fill out a form
indicating what you
will be offering for sale.
Payment can be made by
check, payable to Leisure
World of Maryland
Corporation, or by MasterCard,
Discover or VISA.
To accommodate the greatest
number of residents and groups,
space is limited to a maximum of 12’
of space, i.e. the equivalent of two 3x6
tables or one 3x6 table and one rack.
Tables can be rented $18 for 3x6 and
$9 for 3x3. One chair is provided for
a 3x3 table, and two for a 3x6 table.
The fee for extra chairs is $1 each. A
limited number of clothing racks are
available to rent for $10 each.
Tables, chairs or racks cannot be
brought into the sale. (Display racks
that fit on top of rented tables may be
brought in). Merchandise may not be
placed on chairs, next to or in front
of tables and racks. Space is limited;
items placed around the rented space
impede traffic and is a major safety
concern and therefore will not be
Beginning at 7:30 a.m. on
Saturday, Dec. 13, numbers will
be given out to vendors who want
help bringing merchandise into the
clubhouse. Fair vendors may begin
bringing in their merchandise at
8 a.m. The market will open to the
general public at 9:30 a.m.
Vendors are reminded that
they must remove all unsold
merchandise and debris (boxes,
hangers, wrapping materials,
etc.) when they leave.
Individuals and organizations
are responsible for the collection
and payment of sales tax. You can
obtain this license at the Maryland
state Department of Taxation office
in the Westfield Wheaton South
Ernie Pyle –
Tickets Still
from the E&R Department
teve LaRocque returns to
reprise his one-man show
Byline: Ernie Pyle on
Monday, Nov. 10 at 2 p.m. in
Clubhouse II. Tickets at $3 per
person are
on sale in the
E&R offices
in both
Please bring
your Leisure
Steve LaRocque
World ID.
portrays journalist
Ernie Pyle. Photo by
Ernie Pyle
features actor Harvey Levine
as Ernie Pyle, recounting the
major events of World War
II in Pyle’s own words. The
actor becomes the reporter,
appalled at the tragic waste of
war and the brutal conditions it
imposes on the men who fight
it, and personally committed
to going back to it, again and
again, until the end. Most of the
people Pyle met on the front
lines were men, but this version
of the show includes the story
of Mary Anne Sullivan, a nurse
in the North African campaign.
n Rossmoor Art Guild
by Teresa Milne
n Ballroom Dance Club
Reminder – Last Dance of the Year
by Jackie Harrell
his is just a reminder about the last dance of the year on Saturday, Nov. 22 in the Crystal
Ballroom from 7:30 to 10:30 p.m. Music will be provided by Pocket Change. If you are
coming as a single, please bring a partner for dancing. Joan Soffer will take reservations.
Call her at 301-598-2528.
On Dec. 6, we will have a holiday dinner dance. Call Billie Saunders for reservations at
20 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
ur visit to the Louvre
will continue on Nov.
13 (second Thursday
of the month) at 3:30 p.m.
in Clubhouse I. Lectures will
focus on Rubens and Flemish
paintings, and Rembrandt,
Vermeer and the Dutch
school in general.
All residents are invited to
attend these lectures. Come
early for socializing and refreshments.
n Inter-Faith Chapel
Annual Thanksgiving Eve Community Service
Wednesday, Nov. 26 at 7 p.m.
Residents ofВ Leisure World, the UnitarianUniversalists of Leisure World and Our
Lady of Grace Catholic Church. We will
ne of the special events
hear special anthems by the combined
for the Leisure World
choirs and the Inter-Faith Chapel Handbell
community is the annual
Choir, coordinated by Kevin Clemens. The
InterfaithВ ThanksgivingВ EveВ Service. It is an speaker for the evening will be Rabbi Gary
opportunity for all of us to come together
Fink. The service will be held at the Interin an act of worship and praise as we give
Faith Chapel, 3680 South Leisure World
thanks to God for all the benefits that we
enjoy. The service is sponsored by the
An offering will be received in the form
Interfaith Committee of Leisure World.
of cash donations and non-perishable
Participants will include representatives
food items. In this time of financial
from The Inter-Faith Chapel, the Jewish
crisis, many individuals and families find
by Dr. Ramonia L. Lee, Minister of
Congregational Life
themselves in greater need than ever
before. Our offerings will be directed to
a local food bank and the LW Committee
for the Homeless and Working Poor. In
this Thanksgiving season, let us share our
thanks as we reach out to help others.
If you would like to sing in the combined
choirs, rehearsals will be held on
Thursdays, Nov. 13 and Nov. 20, from 8 to
9 p.m. in the Fellowship Hall.
Following the service we will gather in
the Fellowship Hall for a time of fellowship
and light refreshment.
n Gem, Lapidary and Mineral Society
The History and Art of Pietra Dura and Micromosaics
by Mary Beth Mason
n Wednesday, Nov. 12
at 7 p.m., the Gem,
Lapidary and Mineral
Society (GLMS) will meet in
Clubhouse II to hear Diane
Grimes speak on the history
and art of pietra dura and
Pietra dura - painting
for eternity - uses inlays of
cut stones to create images.
In ancient Rome, pietra
dura was used to decorate
floors and walls. During the
Middle Ages, it appeared on
tombs and altars. Byzantine
craftsmen used it in creating
small religious figures. During
Diane Grimes wearing a brooch
the Italian Renaissance, the
comprised of micromosiac art.
Florentines made table tops
and smaller items in the form
of jewelry, wall plaques, garden
ornaments and fountains.
Micromosaic figurative
images are crafted with
remarkably small mosaic pieces
(tesserae) of glass – or, in
later Italian pieces, an enamellike material. A distinctive
feature of micromosaics is
that the tesserae are usually
oblong rather than square. The
finest work comprises 3,000
to 5,000 tesserae per square
inch. Micromosaic art reached
the height of popularity in the
mid-19th century when Rome
was the center of production.
Pictorial landscapes were
created in panels small enough
to be inset into furniture,
jewelry and small objects such
as snuffboxes.
Diane, a member of our
GLMS, has more than 40 years
experience with antiques. She
owned an antiques shop in
London from 1971 to 1973. In
1976, after she moved back to
the U.S., she opened Briar’s
Antiques in Olney. Eventually
she sold her shop and moved to
Leisure World. She still deals
in antique jewelry, including
appraisals and interpretations.
Diane’s presentation will
feature a slide show, which
will focus on miniaturization
and how mosaics were usedВ in
jewelryВ in the 19th century.
She will exhibit specimens of
her personal micromosaic and
pietra dura jewelry and invites
members and guests to bring
their own for show-and-tell.
The program will be followed
by refreshments and a door
prize drawing. You do not
have to be a GLMS member
to attend our meetings. For
information on joining the
Leisure World GLMS, please
contact President Chuck Mason
(301-933-3093, sugartree2@ or Membership
Chair Mary Beth Mason
(240-558-4013, m.b.mason@
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 21
St. John’s Instrumental n Ceramics Club
Music Ensemble Concert It’s Just Around the
by Gail Bragg
Photos courtesy St. John’s Episcopal School
sponsored by the E&R
he E&R Department
is always pleased to
bring local musical
talent to Leisure World,
especial youth groups. On
Friday, Nov. 14 at 1:30 p.m.,
the St. John’s Instrumental
Music Ensemble will give
a free performance in
Clubhouse I’s ballroom. Their
performance will feature
music you will all recognize
and reminisce about, like
Gershwin’s ’S Wonderful,
chuckle about, like Leven’s
Cruella de Vil or Mancini’s
Pink Panther or reflect on
like Debussey’s Clair de Lune,
to mention just a few pieces.
While the performance is
free, tickets are required, two
per household, and will be
available in both E&R offices
beginning at 8:30 a.m. on
Tuesday, Nov. 4. Please bring
your Leisure World ID.
St. John’s Episcopal School
has been graduating students
of character and faith for
over 50 years. Located in
the heart of Olney, St John’s
draws students from all
over the Montgomery and
Howard county areas. The
school has an outstanding
performing arts program
called OASIS. OASIS stands
for Olney Arts School in a
School and features advanced
studies in musical theatre and
instrumental music.
Our OASIS Instrumental
Music Ensemble performs
numerous concerts each in
the Olney area and is noted
for its Chamber Music Tours,
which bring our students and
their music to senior centers
and nursing homes. They
also compete as soloists in
the regional and state Solo &
Ensemble Festival for both
private and public schools.
In addition, they form the
core group concert band,
jazz ensemble, pep and
parade bands. Our ensemble
is assisted by our excellent
percussionist Tara Close.
hat is just around
the corner? You
may be thinking “a
little Halloween trick-or-treat
monster,” but I am talking
about the Ceramic
Club annual Open
House! So mark your
calendar for Nov. 13
from noon and
7 p.m. and the 14th,
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.– see
ad in this issue of
the Leisure World
News. Notice this
year we have added
early evening hours
for those of you who
work or have working
family members
who would like to
attend. We will also have a
few members demonstrating
some of the techniques used
in making a ceramic piece. We
may use molds as our base, but
the work does not necessarily
stop there. So, drop by during
the open house hours to meet
some of our artists and crafters
and see some of the things they
have made. Feel free to bring
your wallets or checkbooks as
most display items are for sale
with profits going to charity.
If you would like to join us
and learn how to craft your
own homemade ceramic pieces,
we would love to have you.
Membership is $10 a year and
this includes your lessons!
You can also view some of our
ceramic pieces at our website.
It can be reached via the
Leisure World site www.llwmc.
com. Select “LW Residents”
then “Residents;” there you
will see a listing of all the clubs
with websites. You can also go
directly to
We hope to see you soon.
Reminder: Community
Fair Planned Nov. 19
Community Fair will be held on Wednesday, Nov.
19 from 9:30 a.m. to noon in Clubhouse I. This is an
opportunity for all residents to get more information
about the many active groups and organizations in the
community. There is still time to reserve a table.
Letters and entry forms were mailed out to all groups and
organization. If you group or organization has not received one,
please contact the E&R Department at 301-598-1300.
Personal Care Services In The Comfort Of Your Home
Household chores
Medication reminding
Daily living and companionship
Meal planning, preparation and
monitoring of eating habits
• Overseeing activities, such
as walking, to minimize
the risk of accidents
Family Owned & Operated
Serving Montgomery County
• Shopping for groceries,
with or without client
• Bathing and grooming and
general personal hygiene
• Help with planning and
making decisions
• Nursing services and many more!
Call for a Free Consultation and Assessment  
301.717.2212 
22 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
World News
Double Play
вќ’ Foundation of Leisure World
presented by the E&R Department
London, North England
and Durham
oin Double Play flute
and tuba as they
present, “Our Silver
Season!” Celebrating 25
years as the “world’s only
professional flute and tuba
duo”! The program on
Thursday, Nov. 20 at 4:30 p.m.
in Clubhouse I will feature
selections from the Baroque,
Broadway and Beyond!
Tickets, $5 per person, are on
sale in both clubhouses.
This husband-wife—Patrick
Sciannella, tuba, and Amy
Ridings, flute—team has
appeared in 45 states, the
District of Columbia and
Mexico. Founded in Arizona
in 1989, they now reside in
Farmington Hills, Michigan.
This will be their fourth visit to
Leisure World.
Patrick is a 1982 graduate
of DeMatha High School
(Hyattsville, MD) with both
Sponsored by the Foundation of Leisure World
Travel Video Series (Free)
2 p.m., Monday, Nov. 17
Auditorium – Clubhouse II
bachelor’s and master’s degrees
from the Eastman School of
Music. Amy is a graduate of
the Oberlin Conservatory.
Their discography includes
four recordings: Old, New,
Borrowed for Two; Summer
2001; Impossible Dream; and
Tunes for Two.
Thursday Afternoon at the Movies
he E&R
is pleased to
present “Thursday
Afternoon at the
Movies.” The
movies are shown
in Clubhouse II’s
auditorium at
1 p.m. Thursday,
Nov. 20 is the
date for the
screening of
“Diana” (2013, Rated
PG-13 for brief strong
language, some sensuality
and smoking; 1 hr. 53 mins;
not closed captioned). Free
tickets, limit two per person,
are required; they can be
obtained from the E&R office
in either Clubhouse I or II
beginning Tuesday, Nov. 4 at
8:30 a.m. Please bring your
Leisure World ID.
Princess Diana, the world’s
most-watched woman,
struggles to find herself after
her painful divorce. In the two
years before her death, she
embarks on a vital campaign
to ban landmines and on a
passionate love affair with
heart surgeon Hasnat Khan.
The movies are for your
t has been some time
since our last trip so we
hope that you all had a
good rest over the summer
and are ready to travel again.
This time our guide, Rick
Steves is taking us to London
and North England. We will visit many of the sites London
is famous for— Buckingham Palace for the Changing of the
Guards, the House of Lords and House of Commons, Big Ben
and more. We will not miss Westminster Abbey and Soho.
After London we will tour Northern England with its
picturesque towns, stop at the home of William Wordsworth,
view sheep shoring, and tour a slate mine. Our trip to England
will end in Durham, an old Norman city.
Refreshments will be served when we return. All residents
and their guests are invited to attend. There is no charge or
solicitation of funds. We hope you will join us.
The Foundation is supported completely by contributions from
our residents.
enjoyment; there
is no charge. Be
sure to pick up
your ticket(s)
if you plan to
attend. Please note
that no one will be
seated after 1 p.m.
to help cover
the expenses
associated with the
presentations are
gratefully accepted.
A basket will be available for
your contribution.
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 23
n JRLW and the Coming of Age Program
Death to the Infidels:
Radical Islam’s War Against the Jews
by David Firestone
uthor and lecturer Mitchell Bard
will discuss his recent
book, Death to the
Infi dels: Radical Islam’s War Against the Jews. Bard is
the executive director of the
nonprofit American-Israeli
Cooperative Enterprise (AICE)
and a foreign policy analyst
who lectures on U.S.-Middle
East policy. Bard will talk on
Thursday, Dec. 4, 1:30-2:30 p.m.
in Clubhouse I. A Q and A will
follow. Tickets will go on sale at
8:30 a.m. in the E&R Office in Clubhouse I
for $6 per person, check payable to JRLW.
Bard is also the director of the Jewish
Virtual Library, a comprehensive online
encyclopedia of Jewish history and
culture, and a writer, lecturer
and commentator. For three
years, he was the editor
of Near East Report, the
American Israel Public Affairs
Committee’s (AIPAC) weekly
newsletter on U.S. Middle East
policy. He has written and
edited 22 books, including Will
Israel Survive?; The Arab
Lobby: The Invisible Alliance
That Undermines America’s
Interests in the Middle East;
and Israel Matters: Understand the
Past - Look to the Future. Mr. Bard will
Celebrate a Holiday
Tradition with the
Olney Concert Band
from the E&R Department
n Wednesday, Dec. 17 at 7:30 p.m., the Olney Concert
Band returns to perform a concert in Clubhouse II that
is surely a Leisure World holiday tradition. You will hear
seasonal favorites, as well as some new concert pieces, that are
sure to put you in the holiday spirit.
Tickets, $5 per person, go on sale Tuesday, Nov. 4 at 8:30 a.m.
in both clubhouses. You will want to bring your children and
grandchildren to this seasonal event, too. Please bring your
Leisure World Id when purchasing tickets.
п‚·пЂ п‚·пЂ п‚·пЂ п‚·пЂ п‚·пЂ п‚·пЂ DEMENTIA CARE
All-Inclusive Rates
Physicians visits on-site
Social programs
In home Registered Nurse
Medication Management
be featured on Nov. 16 at the JCC Book
The Sturgeon Queens, a movie
matinee, will be shown on Monday,
Dec. 22, 1:30-3 p.m. in Clubhouse II’s
auditorium. Four generations of a Jewish
immigrant family created Russ and
Daughters, a Lower East Side lox and
herring emporium that thrives to this day.
This documentary features interviews with
two of the original daughters, now 100 and
92 years old. Discussion will follow. Put
the date on your calendar.
And do not forget The Outrageous
Sophie Tucker film on Thursday, Nov.
6 with tickets in the E&R Office in
Clubhouse I for $6 per person, check
payable to JRLW.
Reminder - Veterans of
Leisure World Luncheon
by Billie D. Saunders
would ike to recognize the Chair of the Board of Directors
Barbara Cronin and the committee for donating their time
in helping to put this affair together. We also want to thank
the following mutuals who generously donated money for this
luncheon: L.W. Foundation, Montgomery Mutual, Mutual 5,
Mutual 6B, Mutual 6C, Mutual 7, Mutual 8, Mutual 9, Mutual 12,
Mutual 13, Mutual 14, Mutual 15; Mutual 17A, Mutual 18, Mutual
23, Mutual 24, Mutual 26, and Mutual 27 board of directors.
For all the veterans who have called and made their
reservation, this is only a reminder that the doors will open at
11 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 11 and the program will start at 11:30
with lunch immediately afterwards.
The Angels Garden Assisted
Living LLC is owned and
Operated by an experienced
Registered Nurse and a team of
caring staff. We
offer Holistic
care in beautiful
homes settings.
Call Us
for a Tour :
Three Beautiful Homes near Leisure World Community!
п‚·пЂ 4101 Bel Pre Road, Rockville, MD 20853
п‚·пЂ 14017 Breeze Hill Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20906
п‚·пЂ 3200 Bustleton Lane, Silver Spring, MD 20906
24 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
Rockville Musical Theatre
Fridays, Oct. 31, Nov. 7 and 14 at 8 p.m.;
Saturdays, Nov. 1, 8 and 15 at 8 p.m.;
Sundays, Nov. 9 and 16 at 2 p.m.
Tickets: $22 Adult;
$20 Senior/Student (62+/student ID)
F. Scott Fitzgerald Theatre
Great performances in the neighborhood.
Rockville Civic Center Park •
603 Edmonston Dr., Rockville, MD 20851
Box Office: 240-314-8690
n Garden & Environmental Club
Native Plants
by Arnold Litman
nother expert
will enlighten the
horticultural spirit of
Leisure World on Monday,
Nov. 10 at 10:30 a.m. in
Clubhouse I. Mary McKnight,
a master gardener since 2004,
will present a talk and displays
featuring “Native Plants in
the Garden – Benefits and
Mary’s presentation will
explore the many benefits of
growing native plants in your
personal garden, including
reduced use of pesticides,
fertilizer and water. She plans
to describe species that provide
color and interest in the garden
from early spring until late fall,
including differences for shady
and sunny areas. A key part
of the rewards discussed will
include increased population of
butterflies and birds.
She has been an enthusiastic
gardener for more then 60
years. Mary has had her hands
in soil in many states in the
Mary McKnight
U.S. Currently, she manages
the greenhouse at Black Hill
(BH) Regional Park. The nature
program, operated by Friends
of BH, grows native plants for
the Visitors Center landscape
and for the April BH open sale.
GEC is now recruiting for
new garden enthusiasts. This
meeting would be a good
time to bring guest prospects,
residents or not, to enjoy the
talk and, later, refreshments.
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 25
5Star ASP140802-Chef_Ad_R5 10/27/14 4:00 PM Page 1
Meet Aspenwood Senior Living’s Chef
Chef Brad Smith
Aspenwood Food Service Director
Growing up in Maryland, Chef Smith learned
to cook alongside his mother and grandmother.
After studying at L’Academie de Cuisine in
Gaithersburg, he honed his skills at several
popular D.C. restaurants. His passion led
him to the kitchens of Miami, Philadelphia,
and Atlantic City before joining the Five
Star Senior Living team.
“I love surprising and delighting our residents every day.”
How’s the food? It’s one of the top questions families ask, and it’s why we
ensure that every meal we create is Five Star.
• All Day Dining
• Always Available Choices
• Favorites designed by celebrity
Chef Brad Miller
• Over-the-top culinary events
Call today to tour & experience our Five Star dining and Senior Living
14400 Homecrest Road
Silver Spring, MD 20906
В©2014 Five Star Quality Care, Inc.
I N D E P E N D E N T L I V I N G • A R E A ’ S O N LY I N D E P E N D E N C E P L U S
26 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
Celebrating 25 Years
spenwood Senior Living Community gives residents plenty of
reasons to celebrate:
• Full-size Independent Living • Affordable monthly rentals
and Assisted Living
with no buy-in
apartments with full kitchens
• Five Star dining every day
• Long-standing, dedicated team
*Limited time offer, restrictions apply, subject to availability, offer valid on
select units. See Executive Director for details.
Call 301-598-6424 to learn more about our savings.
14400 Homecrest Road • Silver Spring, MD 20906
В©2014 Five Star Quality Care, Inc.
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 27
n Camera Club
Plan Ahead
by Nina Parish
he Rossmoor Camera Club has a few
exciting events planned between now
and the end of the year. Our Sunday
photo matinees continue to be a big hit with
avid photographers, armchair travelers and
members of the LW community who enjoy
viewing some outstanding photos. We have
planned one more event before the end of the
year. Join us on Sunday, Nov. 16 at 3:30 p.m.
in Clubhouse II for a show entitled Venice
and China by our own Fred Shapiro.
We have also planned one more
informative presentation at our regular CC
meeting on Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 7 p.m. in
Clubhouse II. For those of you interested
in still life art and/or photography, Terry
Popkin will present a hands-on Still Life
Set Up activity. The meeting is open to all
members and non-members. Attendees will
have the opportunity to photograph still life
set ups put together by a professional studio
photographer. Cameras and tripods should
be brought to this activity.
“A fine photographer must not only be an
expert craftsman but must have a unique
Photo taken in Portugal by John Fife
and creative vision in order to produce the
finest photographs possible. Fine art and fine
photography are inseparable. My passion for
both enables me to produce beautiful images
that elicit feeling,” said Popkin.
On Tuesday, Oct. 7, E. David Lauria
gave an informative talk on architectural
photography, accompanied by many photos
of local monuments and buildings. Lauria,
who conducts photographic safaris in
Washington, D.C., graduated from the NY
Institute of Photography and studied in Paris
under the iconic photojournalist, Claude
Bresson. Laurie reemphasized the importance
of photographing images either in early
n Italian Social and Cultural Club
No November Meeting
by J. B.
sunrise or sunset. He also noted, however,
that when photographing white buildings and
monuments, direct sunlight will also provide a
brilliance to the architecture. He advised us to
use the sides of a building as the vertical edges
to the photo and that, when photographing a
tall structure, not to lean back and snap the
picture, but rather to walk a distance away
to grab the whole structure in the frame.
Adjusting the white balance to tungsten, he
said, often will give us a blue sky on a cloudy
day. Laurie showed us many hidden gems in
D.C. waiting to be photographed and gave us
hints for future photographic trips there. All
in all, this was an informative and delightful
On Nov. 25, the Camera Club will conduct
a photo competition, “Roads and Highways.”
Remember that you may submit either
three photos in the advanced or general
print division or three digital images in
the advanced or general digital division.
If you submit in both the print and digital
divisions, you may submit a total of four.
Bring your mounted prints on the night of
the competition or submit your digital images
up until midnight, Nov. 22, to rossmoorlw@ For further clarification on the
competition rules, please visit our website,
Reminder to Members
by Barbara Walter, President
here is no meeting in November due to the
Thanksgiving holiday. However, be sure to mark your
calendar for Dec. 7. This is the date for the Christmas
dinner meeting. If you have not paid your dues yet, you must
pay them before the meeting. For information, call Jo (301598-4501).
Seniorita Sunshine
he NARFE meeting is on Monday, Nov. 17. Arrive at
Clubhouse I at 1:30 p.m. for snacks and, at 2, hear the
presentation by Dan McGrath, president of the NARFE
Maryland Federation.
Then, what happens in December? Our holiday party at Nova
Europa, date and time to be announced.
I look forward to seeing you on Nov. 17.
!! Don’t Miss It !!
The Ceramics Studio
Clubhouse II
& Holiday SALE
November 13th 12-7 p.m.
November 14th 9 a.m.-4 p.m.
Warming hearts w/song, dance
& laughter!
28 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
ALSO: Demos of
n LW Association for African American Culture
Future Fancies, Past
by Florence Butler
gnore the pumpkins,
skeletons and other
such end-of-October
paraphernalia. Think snow
and cold temperatures; they
will be here soon enough. And
with them come the December
holidays to which we all look
forward. So here is a set-aside
date: Dec. 13. Our annual
dinner dance is scheduled for
that Saturday from 6 to 10 p.m.
in the ballroom, Clubhouse I.
Further information (ticket
availability date, price, etc.) will
be included in future issues of
the Leisure World News.
Now, for a bit of little-known
black history. A skinny child,
she was born in Twine, Okla.
in 1902. Her family were
descendants of slaves and
Creek Indians. Her name was
Sarah Rector and she became
known as “the richest colored
girl in the world.” Under the
Dawes Allotment Act, Creek
lands were divided among
Creeks and former slaves.
Joseph and Rose Rector,
Sarah’s parents, were given
hundreds of acres thought not
fit for farming. In 1911, Joseph
leased Sarah’s portion of land
to a Pittsburgh oil company to
pay a $30 tax bill. Two years
later an oil driller hit a “gusher”
that reportedly produced 2,500
barrels a day. By 1913, this
acreage was said to be earning
$300,000 a year, drawing
suitors to Sarah, despite her
age. In October 1914, Sarah
enrolled at the Children’s
House, a school for teens at
Tuskegee Institute. At age 18,
Sarah relocated with her family
to Kansas City, Mo. By then
Sarah owned stocks, bonds, a
boarding house, a bakery and a
cafe in Muskogee, Okla. For the
next several years, wrangling
continued over Sarah’s wealth,
but by 1922, Sarah was able
to make her own decisions
and she married Kenneth
Campbell and had three sons.
She eventually divorced him
and married restaurant owner
William Crawford with whom
she remained. When she died
in 1967 at age 65, her fortune
had diminished but she was
still a wealthy woman.
To join LWAAAC or renew
send your check for $20 to
LWAAAC, P.O. Box 12316,
Silver Spring, MD 20908. Our
board meetings are open to
all and are held on the first
Wednesday of the month at
4 p.m. in Clubhouse II.
Innovators in Memory Care
Arden Courts’ mission for 20 years has been to
provide a home-like, safe and supportive setting
that nurtures the individuality of those living with
memory impairments and provides their families
Arden Courts:
• 100% dedicated to memory care
• Through experience and research, our umbrella of
programming has been carefully developed
to maximize our resident’s capabilities and
• Part of the HCR ManorCare family and continuum of
care which includes skilled nursing, rehabilitation,
home health, IV therapy and hospice care
• For the past seven years the number one reason
Arden Courts were chosen by families was based on
their good reputation*
2008-2014 survey data (“excellent” and “good” responses) from annual
My InnerView customer satisfaction results.
For more information or to schedule your personal tour,
call the location nearest you.
Experience makes a difference.
Silver Spring
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 29
n Baby Boomers
Anyone Can Join!
by Beth Leanza
aby Boomers usually
meet on the first Sunday
of the month. However,
the next meeting is our Holiday
Party on Dec. 13 (a Saturday)
at 7 p.m. in Clubhouse II. We
are having a potluck dinner
followed by music and dancing
by Chyp and Andrea.
Anyone can join the club!
(The club did start with a few
people looking for other Leisure
World residents who were not
their mother’s age, but anyone
can become a member!) Come
meet the Baby Boomers, either
at a monthly meeting or for one
of our activities. Our annual
dues are only $5.
Our web page is easy to find.
Just Google BBCLWMD (think,
Baby Boomer Club Leisure
World Maryland). Our site will
be the first hit. Or you can type
this URL into your browser:
bbclwmd/). On the website
you will find two calendars,
hosted (club activities) and unhosted (other activities some
Baby Boomers participate in.)
Or, you can call our president,
Mike Schwartz, for information
We are mostly a social club:
watching movies, playing
games or going out to theater
events and racetracks. Did we
mention that we like to eat?
If you are into sports,
we usually bowl once a
month (fourth Sunday) in
Gaithersburg. Want to play
games? Come to Clubhouse II
on Sunday night around 6:30.
A few play on the Wii, but
sometimes people bring board
If you know how to play
Mahjong, there is a group that
meets Tuesday and Wednesday
nights at 7 p.m. in Clubhouse
II. For information, contact
Donna Copeland (240-4330391 or dc@grandmathegeek.
A few walkers meet at
Clubhouse I at 5:15 p.m. each
night, Monday to Friday. The
walk around the Broadwalk
(in Montgomery Mutual) takes
about an hour. Each walker
goes at his or her own pace.
On Sunday’s, some of us take
a longer walk (around the LW
circle). They meet at 8:30 a.m.
starting at Arden Court or at an
outside location. (Check the unhosted calendar.)
There is a member who
leads walks in nearby parks on
Fridays, at 1:15 p.m. All ages
are welcome! You will walk at
your own pace. Bring water.
Nov 7: Carderock Park, (Cabin
John, MD 20817): just over
the bridge, turn right into the
parking lot and park near the
restroom building. Nov 14:
Lake Needwood, (Rock Creek
Regional Park, Derwood, MD)
Meet in the parking lot near the
hiker/biker trail at 1:15 p.m.
Go north on Muncaster Mill
Rd. to Needwood Rd. Make a
left at the light onto Needwood
Rd. Continue to the entrance of
the park and turn left. Travel
several miles to the parking lot.
Transportation from
Leisure World is available. For
information and directions, call
Dawn Carlisle (301-598-7098)
by Thursday evening if you
want to share a ride or check
the Baby Boomer calendar for
un-hosted events for directions.
The local AVA clubs hold
longer walks (usually three
miles) that some Baby Boomers
participate in. You can check
the Baby Boomer calendar
for un-hosted events where
some of these AVA (American
Volkssport Association) walks
are listed.
W hat Makes Olney Assisted Living
U nique?
Olney Assisted Living is a memory care specific community for
seniors with dementia. We provide compassionate care and daily life
enrichment programming with the goal of enhancing cognition, feelings of
accomplishment, and quality of life.
You’re Invited
The Diagnosis & Treatment of Dementia:
Answers to Common Questions
Presented by Terry Ullman, MSW, LCSW-C, LICSW
Wednesday, November 12 • 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
{registration at 5:30 pm}
Free event. Light hors d’oeuvres. RSVP to (301) 570-0525.
Hosted by Olney Assisted Living at 16940 Georgia Avenue.
Take a tour while you’re here and learn more about our new
community or call us to schedule your personal visit.
Coordinated Services Management, Inc. - Professional Management of Retirement Communities Since 1981
30 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
Memory Care
Call (301) 570-0525 or visit
16940 Georgia Avenue
Olney, MD 20832
n Comedy & Humor Club
Spamalot Adventure Huge Success
by Al Karr (301-598-5077)
[email protected]
MG! Our Comedy
and Humor Clubsponsored bus trip to
Fredericksburg, Va., to see and
hear the Riverside Center Dinner
Club version of the rollicking
Monty Python show, Spamalot,
was a roaring success.
First, because the show was
funny beyond description—an
updated version of the Monty
Python show, Monty Python
and the Holy Grail, but even
funnier (hard to believe, I
know, but it’s true) — our
group of club members and
guests give Spamalot high
marks. It was also a spoof of the
Broadway Show, Camelot. The
cast was fabulous, highlighted
by the portrayal of the Lady of
the Lake by Victoria, who was
also the luncheon waitress for
many of us (cast members did
double duty serving lunch) and
a skillful satirical performance
by King Arthur.
Victoria wasn’t on stage for
all for very much time, but
when she was, her excellent
singing voice and comedic
acting sparkled, figuratively
and literally. All of the cast
was great, the music was
tremendous, the lyrics so fast
and funny you couldn’t catch
them all.
The actors repeated this
writer’s favorite line from
M P and the H G, when a
guard spews a long string of
obscenities from a window high
up on a French castle, at King
Arthur and his men, with one of
them finally asking, plaintively,
“Is there somebody else that we
can talk to?”
This will be one of the
highlights of this year’s CAHC
activity, but we also have
occasional luncheons, holiday
celebrations (like last week’s
Hallowe’en funfest), and a
bevy of jokes delivered by
our Comedy Clubsters that’s
every Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. in
Clubhouse II.
At two recent meetings, those
who went to the microphone
included new member Jim
Owen, Herbert Hodes, Gloria
Horwitz, Dolly Benoff, Jack
Melnick, program chairwoman
Irene Spector, president Sam
Hack, Marvin Jaffe, treasurer
Sumner Levin, me, Roy
Rosfeld, Jack Ralph and vice
president Mim Parizer, who
sang a memorable song.
But first, we welcomed
word that Fannie Falk, a
promising young comedienne,
is recovering from surgery. And
we sang Pennies from Heaven
and Side by Side.
Herb told about the Catholic
priest who told a rabbi that he
should stop eschewing ham and
start chewing it, and the rabbi
shot back, “I’ll eat ham when
you get married.”
Gloria: Town’s chief of police
asks a man to watch the jail
for a while, comes back and
finds the man itching to leave
to go to a wedding. Chief says,
don’t worry, they’ll be in a good
mood when you get there.” The
man replies, “Don’t count on
it—I’m the groom.”
Dolly: Woman reading
shampoo label, where it says
“adds body,” complains, “But
we’re already fat.” And Dolly
sang parodies of Somewhere
Over the Rainbow and You
Gotta Have Heart.
Jack: Fat woman gets stuck
in the bathtub; her hubby
can’t get her out. So he covers
her most private area with a
yarmulke and calls 911. The
EMT arrives, takes one look,
and says, “We can get her out,
but it’s too late for the rabbi.”
Sam: One DNA says to
another, “Do these genes make
me look fat?”
Marvin: Billy Bob says
his wife gets pregnant every
vacation. So, he concludes, “This
time I’m taking her with me.”
Sumner told of the woman
who killed a guy by rubbing
him with sandpaper, but says,
“I only intended to rough him
up a bit.”
Roy sang several comedy
duets with Dolly and Irene,
including one about The Old
Lady and the Fly.
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 31
n Democratic Club
Travel the ICC Arundel Shuttle to Live! Casino
Challenge to Voters:
Reclaim LW’s Leadership
Every Wednesday 11:15am-5pm
Friday 1pm-8pm
Saturday & Sunday 9:45am-4pm
Cost $25 per person.
Receive $40 in slot play from Casino.
Reserve at 301-337-0517.
Pick up / drop off at Leisure World Plaza.
The Animal Place Veterinary Hospital
Full Service Veterinary Clinic
*Routine Care *Dental *Surgery *Grooming *Boarding *Acupuncture
*Leisure World Residents Only. Pickup & Delivery Service
Available on Limited Basis*
Arlene F. Gardsbane, D.V.M.
13818 Georgia Ave. • Located in the Northgate Shopping Plaza, near Kohls and Michaels
"Nurturing Care for Pet and Owner"
Kitchen & Bath Remodeling
Tubпѓ Shower Conversions
Just completed in Leisure World:
Two more custom kitchens,
and lots of new countertops!
MHIC# 36674
32 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
Democratic Candidates attend GOTV Leisure World Rally Oct. 16.
Photo by Fred Shapiro
by Emile Milne
n unusual thing
happened in the primary
election last June: nearly
85 percent of Montgomery
County voters did not show
up at the polls, the worst
result in the state. In a county
that prides itself on its civic
commitment, this was cause for
fear and consternation among
politicians and voters. After all,
in the previous general election
in 2012, about the same
percentage of MoCo voters (75
percent) had actually voted,
including 80 percent of all
voters in Leisure World.
In Leisure World, the 2014
primary results were not nearly
as bad as they were countywide.
But in a community, probably
as well known for its strength
at the polls as for its beauty and
comfort, the primary turnout of
40+ percent (more than double
the percentage in the county)
was still disappointing.
Even in a neighborhood
attuned to the unpredictability
of life, cries went up: How could
this have happened in a bastion
of democracy with a reputation
for involvement in selecting its
political leaders? The Internet is
full of speculation:
• Moving the primary date
from September confused the
• The races were less than
• The candidates were
uninspired or uninspiring
• Institutions—from the press to
the Chamber of Commerce—
fell down on their jobs
• The trade unions did not
do enough to promote their
candidates. Who knows?
But no group has escaped
blame—especially the voters. And
their offense? The Big A: apathy.
But before we go there, it is
clear voters are worried about
a variety of issues: the rise of
the Tea Party, cynicism and
dysfunction in government,
massive income inequality,
economic threats to seniors; the
crumbling infrastructure and
the poisoned environment. Will
the voters truly evidence their
demands for action at the polls
this time? We will see.
There is one thing I know
for sure: Democrats in Leisure
World, who are as sophisticated
as they come about their
politics, will always consider
the alternative, and act
accordingly. The June primary
is history. Now is the time to
reclaim our title as leaders in
voter turnout in Montgomery
County and Maryland.
If apathy is truly the problem,
there is a cure. Vote once on
Nov. 4 and call to congratulate
your favorite winning candidate
in the morning.
DCLW November Meeting
The next monthly meeting of
the Democratic Club is Thursday,
Nov. 13 at 7 p.m. in Clubhouse
I’s Crystal Ballroom. Featured
speakers are Kevin Walling,
chairman of the Montgomery
County Democratic Central
Committee, and Dana Thompson,
director of federal relations in the
governor’s Washington office.
They will discuss implications of
the Nov. 4 general election.
n Writers’ Workshop of Leisure World
Our Latest Literary Efforts
by Mary Zenchoff
ur cheerful group met on Oct. 16,
eager to share our latest literary
efforts. Ron Davis began with a
well-known poem by Leroy Jones about a
brutal lynching, describing the shameful
death of an innocent man. Ron later
amused us with a reminiscence of the “old
days” when we did our writing with pen
and ink, rather than with the computer
that corrects our spelling. “Which world is
better?” Ron asked us, “the new or the old.”
Danuta Montorfano brought into focus
the miracle of a delayed blossoming of
a camellia. In addition to giving us a
beautiful picture of a flower, she reminded
us that emotion can enter our lives at any
Carlos Montorfano gave us a positive
approach to doctor visits. He advised
delaying thoughts of being dropped in the
“final hole,” rather than dwelling on times
gone by in a morose sort of mindset.
Joe Brandt provided us with two
thought-provoking poems, one on the
final end of a man’s life, using the ticking
of a clock that finally stops. All the
appointments that the man had made went
unkept. The second poem humorously
presented the picture of a fashion slave
whose hairstyle changed regularly, with
death finally unable to trail her, always one
vogue behind her.
Radha Pillai pleased us with an
insightful poem, about the various groups
in a community, namely: the minority, the
majority and the in-betweens. Which group
is each of us in? It is interesting to look at
ourselves as diverse members, depending
on which cause is being considered.
Joe Fickey provided an amusing view
of the way we see ourselves in various
situations. His perspective on the role one
plays in time of crisis can be a rat, during
wartime, to the relief of the countrymen
who are depending on him to help battles
that must be fought.
Barbara Hill Hudson continued with
an insightful description of the way that
relationships in a newly formed group
develop. Just when you think that you
know which two people are going to “click,”
you are surprised by the outcome.
Grace Cooper reminded us of the
reasons why we love seasons during some
times in our lives, but find them cause for
melancholy at other moments.
Terry Laiken wrote a poignant poem that
began with a question, “Ask me,” followed
by a long list of psychological cruelties. Its
ending, “ask me if I loved her…because one
day I will die and you’ll never know.”
A chilling poem, Terry!
Marion Bedell’s tale of her introduction
to jury duty in the mid-60’s gave us a
fascinating presentation of the unfair ways
in which women jurors were treated during
that time. Personal recollections like this
bring dry stories to life!
Verna Denny discussed the differences
between two Saturday nights, the first
spent with the mother reviewing a
health care proxy that will be notarized
the following day, the second with
the daughter excitedly bursting in via
phone and text discussing tattoos. Two
Tom Anessi gave an engrossing account
of a Vietnamese officer and his adjustment
to his country’s changes as his people
regain control of their lives and futures.
Waltruda sends out a frantic message to
Snowden to return her computer if it was
transferred to him in error.
Sid shared the charming actions of a
beloved child as he learns to walk.
Our next meeting is on Nov. 6 in
Clubhouse I at 11 a.m. Please bring 10
copies to share.
sEnior living At its BEst
Club House 1
Maryland Room
1:00 PM to
2:00 PM
Volunteers of America
Points of Light
3330 Leisure World Blvd., #5-823
Silver Spring, MD 20906
NOVEMBER 13, 2014
• 2 bedrooms, 2 full baths
• Well maintained
• Lots of natural lighting
• Bright dining room
with window
• Sun-filled table space
kitchen with walk-in
pantry and window
• Garage parking
space included
Call me for more information
or a private tour!
Office: 301-681-0550
EunicE PhilliPs 301-455-8167
We’re never too old to get all of our
benefits from Service to our country!
Come and learn what you may be
missing! Most of us may not even
know what benefits we might still be
entitled to receive, so come and learn.
Maryland Department of
Veterans Affairs
Charlotte Hall Veterans
Home of Maryland
Light Refreshments will
be served
For information contact
Leisure World Veteran
Mike Townshend
All are welcome
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 33
Long and Foster at
Leisure WorLd PLaza
Maynard E. Turow
Agent 18 years...Listings, Resales, New Sales
Or Friends-Relatives Buying?
Living in and working in
this community, I give
you the attention to detail
your property needs to
sell successfully. I know
the marketplace and can
bring you excellent results.
n Center for Lifelong Learning
A Survivor’s Tale
by George Birnbaum and
Diane Leader, CLL
(O) 301-598-7500
Free brochures, Comps, Layouts, Info
Direct: 301-518-3834
[email protected]
he man who now teaches
a CLL course on the
biographies of individuals,
who were influential—and
controversial—in their societies,
has a biography of his own in the
Shoah Foundation founded by
Steven Spielberg. That biography
began with George Birnbaum’s
birth in Krakow, Poland. When
he was eight years old, the Nazis
invaded Poland, and George and
his parents moved to the eastern
city Lwow (now the Ukranian
city of Lviv). After Germany’s
occupation of the city in 1941,
the family was forced to move
into a ghetto. A year later, he and
his mother were rounded up for
deportation to a death camp.
After the train destined for the
camp was full, they managed to
escape when his mother pulled
George into the bathroom in the
school where the remaining Jews
were locked up.
The family spent the next
Red Hat Audiology
Change Your Life
Many insurance plans,
including Blue Cross/ Blue With Better Hearing!
Shield, GEHA, and Compass
Rose, now have hearing
a pair of digital hearing aids.
aid benefits.
$400 Off
Take advantage of this
benefit and call us for
more information today!
Dr. Gwyneth Newcomb
and Dr. Mary Adams
Clinical Audiologists
Fall Special
Free clean and check of
existing hearing aids.
*Not valid with other offers or with insurance benefits.
Leisure World Plaza
3804 International Drive, Silver Spring
Email: [email protected]
Web: www.
34 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
years hiding in an apartment
outside the ghetto. In 1943,
George and his parents
walked for two nights over
the Carpathian Mountains to
Hungary. George was 12 years
old, and the trip was especially
strenuous after his enforced
inactivity in that apartment.
The family stayed in Hungary
until the end of the war; they
were among the few Jewish
families from Poland who
survived the war together. After
the war, his family settled in
Vienna and George was able to
complete secondary school.
In 1952, George immigrated
to the U.S. to attend Columbia
University in New York,
where he obtained a Ph.D.
in chemistry. He stayed at
Columbia researching the 3-D
structure of insulin for five
years, and then worked at the
National Research Council of
Canada in Ottawa for 30 years,
where he continued research
in structural chemistry and
molecular biology.
When George and his
wife moved to Maryland 20
years ago, he took courses
at the Jewish Community
Center on the biographies of
famous people. He became
especially interested in those
people whose careers were
controversial. Last fall, he
offered his first biography
class for CLL, the Center for
Lifelong Learning. His research
for each person has involved
months of work, and one of his
students expressed amazement
at the wealth of information
in his course. He is offering
this course, Biographies of
Controversial People, for four
weeks beginning Nov. 18.
See Community Classes and
Seminars for details.
For more information, see If you
are interested in presenting
a one-time lecture or a class,
please send an email to
[email protected], or call
a CLL member.
n Book Club Network
What We Read This Year
by Verna Denny
his summer the Book
Club Network marked
its first year anniversary
as a Leisure World club. Below
is a compiled list of books that
Book Club Network clubs read
during the first year. The date
in parenthesis is when the book
was reviewed in the Leisure
World News. Pick out a favorite
book and start reading!
Restless by William Boyd
(July 2, 2013)
The Ritual Bath by Faye
Kellerman (July 2, 2013)
The Human Stain by Philip
Roth (Aug. 8, 2013)
The Round House by Louise
Erdrich (Aug. 8, 2013)
The Immortal Life of
Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca
Skloot (Aug. 8, 2013)
Tea Rose by Jennifer
Donnelly, (Aug. 20, 2013)
The Samurai’s Garden by
Gail Tsukiyama (Oct. 15, 2013)
The Light Between Oceans
by M.L. Stedman (Oct. 15,
2013) (Feb. 14, 2014)
Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine
Brooks (Oct. 15, 2013)
Hotel on the Corner of Bitter
and Sweet by Jamie Ford (Oct.
15, 2013)
A Thousand Acres by Jane
Smiley (Oct. 15, 2013)
First Class: the Legacy of
Dunbar, America’s First Black
Public High School by Alison
Stewart (Nov. 11, 2013)
The Space Between Us, by
Thrity Umrigar (Nov. 11, 2013)
The Invisible Bridge, by Julie
Orringer (Nov. 11, 2013)
The Angle of Repose by
Wallace Stegner (Nov. 11, 2013)
Shutter Island by Dennis
Lehane (Nov. 11, 2013)
Proof of Heaven, by Eben
Alexander (Nov. 11, 2013)
1,000 White Women by Jim
Fergus (Feb. 4, 2014)
The Dressmaker by Kate
Alcott (Feb. 4, 2014)
Unbroken by Laura
Hillenbrand (Feb. 4, 2014)
Remarkable Creatures by
Tracy Chevalier (Feb. 4, 2014)
From the Hood to the Hill by
Barry Black (Feb. 4, 2014)
The Guernsey Literary and
Potato Pie Peel Society by
Shaeffer & Barrows (Feb. 4,
Loving Frank by Nancy
Horan (Feb. 4, 2014)
The Commoner by John
Burnham Schwartz (Feb. 4,
2014) (May 6, 2014)
The Aviator’s Wife by
Melanie Benjamin (Feb. 4,
2014) (April 1, 2014)
The Book Thief by Markus
Zusak (March 4, 2014) (Aug. 5,
The Glass Castle by Jeanette
Walls (March 4, 2014)
Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
(March 4, 2014)
Let the Lion Eat Straw by
Ellease Southerland (March 4,
Luncheon of the Boating
Party by Susan Vreeland
(March 4, 2014)
And the Mountains Echoed by
Khaled Hosseini (April 1, 2014)
The Color of Water by James
McBride (April 1, 2014)
Someone by Alice
McDermott (April 1, 2014)
(July 1, 2014)
Personal Injuries by Scott
Turow (April 1, 2014)
The Good Father by Noah
Hawley (May 6, 2014)
Casual Vacancy by J.K.
Rowling (May 6, 2014)
Waiting by Ha Jin (May 6,
The Death of Santini by Pat
Conroy (May 6, 2014)
Americanah by Chimamanda
Ngozi Adichie (May 6, 2014)
The Three Weissmans of
Westport by Cathleen Schine
(May 6, 2014)
A Brief History of History by
Colin Wells (May 6, 2014)
Three Junes by Julia Glass
(July 1, 2014)
Gift From the Sea by Anne
Lindbergh (July 1, 2014)
Tatiana by Martin Cruz
Smith (July 1, 2014)
Innocent Blood by PD James
(July 1, 2014)
Missing Steps by York Van
Nixon III (July 1, 2014)
The Burgess Boys by
Elizabeth Strout (July 1, 2014)
The Book Club Network is a
collection of book discussion
groups. Currently, there are
eight small book clubs that
are part of the network: five
daytime book clubs (“The Page
Turners,” “Diversity Strong,”
“The Rose Readers,” “The
Bookies,” and “The Searchers”);
one nighttime book club (“The
Night Owls”); and two thematic
book clubs (“The African
Heritage Book Club” and “The
Muse Within”). Note: “Book
Worms I,” a long-standing club
that was highlighted in the Oct.
7 issue of Leisure World News,
was incorrectly identified as
being part of the Book Club
If you would like to join a
book club or have an idea for
a new club let us know. Clubs
are formed on an ongoing
basis. Prospective members
are put on a waiting list. When
four new people express an
interest in a particular club,
an organizational meeting is
For further information,
contact Verna Denny (301-5981418, [email protected]).
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 35
n Republican Club
Review of GOP Candidates in the
Nov. 4 General Election
by Fred Seelman
ellow Leisure World
Republicans: The club
asks you to focus on the
Nov. 4 general election. Much
can be changed for the better if
our Republican candidates are
Be sure to vote for Larry
Hogan for governor and Boyd
Rutherford for lieutenant
governor. Larry loves Leisure
World. He has already been
here three times in 2014 and,
during his last visit, took time
after addressing the club to talk
to the bingo players. He has
demonstrated his leadership
abilities by running for profit
and non-profit businesses. Both
he and his running mate,
Boyd Rutherford, held cabinet
positions in the Gov. Ehrlich
administration. Larry has told
me personally of his concern for
seniors. Boyd and I have also
conversed, and I can vouch for
his right-mindedness and great
ability. Finally, the Larry Hogan
ticket has been endorsed by
our local Montgomery County
newspaper, the Gazette.
For the second most
important position, comptroller,
choose William Campbell. The
comptroller is the state’s chief
financial officer. Bill was just in
Leisure World on Oct. 20 and
wowed us with his experience
and cogent ideas in the area
of finance. Bill is a senior and,
therefore, knows our needs and
has also been endorsed by our
local Gazette.
Unfortunately, the club was not
able to find room in its schedule
for Jeffrey Pritzker, the GOP
candidate for attorney general.
But don’t let that stop you from
voting for him. He has a good
reputation and deserves your
For Congress, go for Dave
Wallace. Dave also visited us on
Oct. 20 and impressed us with his
wide-ranging accomplishments,
valuable knowledge and
wonderful enthusiasm. After the
meeting, he invited several club
officers out for a late night meal at
Burger King and provided us with
more personal insights. He has
hands on leadership experience,
36 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
running his own business for over
30 years and before that working
for the renowned research
facility, NIH. Pick him on your
For the Maryland General
Assembly, select Martha Schaerr
and Felix Ed Gonzalez. Martha
also addressed our club on Oct.
20. She is running for the House
of Delegates and is the only
Republican candidate for the
three openings in our legislative
district. So to help Martha, just
vote once for her and no one
else. Martha has a long-standing
relationship with Leisure World
by virtue of her service as this
area’s county Republican Central
Committeewoman. In addition
she appeared on a panel here
about why women should vote
Republican. Felix is running for
state senator. He was invited
to the club but a personal
emergency prevented him from
attending. Felix has served as
a county office holder. Vote for
both of them.
All of our county Republican
candidates came to our Leisure
World club in 2014. The
top one, Jim Shalleck, our
candidate for county executive,
has been here twice; once to
speak and once to march with
us in the 4th of July parade.
Jim’s address was memorable
for among other things his
well thought out positions on
education and public safety. All
the at-large county council
candidates—Robert Dyer, Chris
Fiotes, Adol Owen-Williams
and Shelly Skolnick—came
here and flawlessly presented
their positions. And our county
council district candidate, John
O’Malley, did the same. Robert
Dyer even came here on July
4th and marched with Jim and
club members in the parade. Be
certain to choose them on
Election Day.
Remember, for election day
information and volunteering,
contact the following as
appropriate: Clubhouse I
Precinct 13-56 Leader, Mary
Ann Johnston, 301-5980647; Clubhouse II Precinct
13-69 Leader, Fred Denecke, 301460-2964: and Inter-Faith
Chapel Precinct 13-71 Leader,
Fred Seelman, fseelman@gmail.
com. All those who volunteered
for the June primary election day
and any new volunteers are asked
to call their precinct leader and
volunteer for the Nov. 4 election.
Send comments or questions
about these or any other matters
and/or offers to volunteer
- to the club’s president, Fred
Seelman, by emailing them
to [email protected], sending
him a letter at his address in
the LW phone book or calling
an officer. Join us for another
quality event at our next meeting
at 7 p.m. on Monday, Nov.
17. And enjoy the dessert that we
have begun serving again.
n Mt. Scopus Hadassah
n Kiwanis
Heber Bouland Speaks on
October Recap
His Book “The Last Trolley Stop”
by Barbara Eisen
n Wednesday, Nov. 19, Heber
Bouland will speak on his book,
“The Last Trolley Stop:
Memories of Poverty, Bigotry,
and Religiosity in Washington,
D.C. and Rural Kentucky during
the Great Depression.” He
worked for the U.S. General
Accounting Office in analyzing
community, housing and
economic development programs,
and also directed relief and
development projects in Africa,
Central America and the Philippines.
Native Washingtonians will be particularly
interested in the book. Dr. Barry Casey
from Trinity Washington University
commented on the book: “I loved it! It
is full of historical information, cultural
customs, humor, and sensitivity.”
Socializing begins at 12:30 and the
meeting starts at 1 p.m. in Clubhouse I. All
residents are welcome to attend.
The Mt. Scopus Judaic Study Group
meets on Monday, Nov. 17 at 1:30 p.m. in
Clubhouse I. New members are welcome.
For further information call Joan Lees
Carol Wendkos is our new mah-jongg
chair for the 2015 cards. Standard
cards are $8 and large print cards
are $9. Please support Hadassah
by buying your cards from Carol.
Make your check payable to
Hadassah and indicate how many
cards of which size that you want
to order. Send your check to Carol
Wendkos, 14805 Pennfield Circle
#212, Silver Spring, MD 20906.
Be sure to encourage all your
mah-jongg friends to buy their cards from
Hadassah. The deadline date is Jan. 9,
2015. If you have any questions, call Carol
(301-598-1745) or email carolwenkos@
Hadassah sponsors many activities to
further the worthwhile projects it supports
in medical, educational, and social
programs in Israel and in the U.S.A. If you
are interested in knowing more about our
group, call our membership vice president,
Janet Lazar (301-598-4066).
n Leisure World Gardens
Clean Up Time
by Mary Lalley
e are into cleanup, clear and
remove clutter time. While there
are no available plots, there is
a waiting list and 25 percent of present
gardeners have not renewed their plots. So
if you wish to continue to “farm,” please
get your application at the E&R office in
Clubhouse I, read it carefully, and return
it so that Susan Curow can process it and
secure your plot and bin for the 2015
Water will be turned off at the first frost,
but hoses will have already been drained,
coiled and stored away. A person is still
needed to weed and clean gardens left
by people who can no longer maintain a
plot. This is a situation to be evaluated
by everyone. When maintenance of a
plot becomes impossible, it is time to let
Susan know so that it can be rented. Be
sure to clear plots of all clutter—chairs,
lumber and material not associated with
The last meeting of the season is
Tuesday, Nov. 11 at 9:30 a.m. in Clubhouse
1. Since there will be no more get-togethers
for the year, it is an opportunity to gather,
share ideas and, more importantly, vote
for the board for the coming year. Present
members are willing to serve another
season, but anyone with a garden is
welcome to run for any position; and this
position of publicity is always open for a
new writer to jump in and bring a fresh
prospective to our reports. Think about it!
When filling out the application, please
include the name of an emergency contact
person nearby who would be notified,
should a problem occur in the garden.
So my fellow diggers and weeders, the
season is coming to a close and we should
all be cleaning up, moving perennials,
redesigning and dreaming of another plan
for next year. Stay in shape over the winter,
have some good holiday times, and I will
see you at the meeting (and maybe in the
dirt, too, for a few more weeks).
Eileen Lavin, Sponsor (left) with Dr. Corinne Hartin
byВ David Firestone
n Oct. 17, Dr. Corinne Hartin
presented a broad overview of current
understanding of climate change.
Precipitation has increased across North
America and Europe. From 1970, temperature
has increased as has carbon dioxide levels,
and carbon dioxide levels are now near 400
ppm. And sea levels have been increasing
while glaciers are retreating. The press is
now warning that danger to Americans is
potentially dire as the greatest near-term
harm may be a rise in extreme weather events
as more violent tornados occur in a short
period of time, while the total tornados per
year are similar. Efforts to lessen impact of
climate change include use of more efficient
vehicles while reducing vehicle use. Also
we must increase use of nuclear power and
develop carbon capture and storage processes.
And increased use of solar and wind power
is required. Also, strong methane rules are
needed to control climate pollution from oil
and gas development, since methane is 86
times more powerful a greenhouse gas than
carbon dioxide.
On Oct. 17, Susan Leshner introduced
Sherry and Paul Hauser as the newest
addition to our club. Syra Weiss reported
that, on Oct. 10, several Community Service
members went to Our House for a tour of
the facility. Our House works with young
boys who have been in trouble. It houses
about 16 boys, teaching them carpentry,
auto mechanics, as well as classroom studies
for their GED. Community Service will now
be collecting gently used or new books for
Harmony Hills Elementary School and cash
donations are also welcomed.
Members of the James A. Blake High
School Key Club bought supplies, including
bread, peanut butter, and jelly, to make
sandwiches to donate to the less fortunate.
The sandwiches were delivered to Shepherd’s
Table. On Nov. 7, Einstein and Blake high
schools will celebrate the annual recognition
of Key Clubs being established in 1925.
The Einstein Jazz Band will perform. Our
Kiwanis Club donated $1000 to the Kiwanis
International Foundation for Project
Eliminate, receiving a second Hixon Award.
Every Monday night, the club operates Bingo
in Clubhouse I to support programs for the
children of Montgomery County.
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 37
n JustUs Club
Montgomery County Bill Introduced Would
Require Board Member Training/Certification
by s.l.katzman, President
he online
syndicated “JustUs”
article, “Grade”A”
R-E-S-P-E-C-T, Truthfulness
and Advocacy,” provided
the background and need
A valon
Nail Spa
3846 International Drive
Silver Spring, MD 20906
(Leisure World Shopping Center)
(301) 598-5780
(301) 598-2000
Mon - Sat 10:00-7:00pm
Sunday 11:00-5:00pm
Your Leisure is our Pleasure !
10% OFF
any service
for legally mandating
training and certification
of homeowners association
board of directors
members. Montgomery
County Council Vice
President George Leventhal
has sponsored legislation
by introducing Bill 4514: “Common Ownership
Upon passage and effective
Jan. 1, 2016, this legislation
would require CCOC
(Commission on Common
Ownership Communities)
to develop an educational
training curriculum requiring
training on the responsibilities
of directors for all common
ownership community
governing body members.
It would also require a
member of the governing
body of a common ownership
community to complete this
training or similar training
approved by the CCOC within
90 days of their election or
appointment. Those who
were elected or appointed
prior to the effective date
must successfully complete
the training requirements
within 90 days after the law
takes effect. The governing
body must certify to the
commission, that each
member has successfully
completed this training and
retain a copy of the certificate
of completion for inspection
by the members of the
association for the duration of
the governing body member’s
The sole argument voiced
against mandated training
requirements is, “if volunteers
are required to be trained,
no one will be willing to run
for a seat.” Those favoring
requisite certification say they
would be more inclined to
serve knowing they were in
the midst of others who have
been equally informed and
The writer and other
“JustUs” members hearing
testimony held on Oct. 21,
2014 before the Montgomery
County Council Planning,
Housing and Economic
Development Committee
(PHED) can be viewed online
As president of the Leisure
World of Maryland resident
advocacy organization
“JustUs,” I want to thank
Councilman Leventhal and his
staff for honoring my request
and introducing this most
significant legislation.
(Justice: giving voice to
all residents)
“JustUs” advocates to
enhance the quality of
life for all Leisure World
Whether Buying or Selling, let Sue guide you in her 55 + Community of Leisure!
Let her ENERGY, 25 years of experience, floor plans, contractors, staging, color brochures,
visual tours, website & statistics ELECTRIFY your Real Estate Experience!
Sue Heyman 301.580.5556
Office: 301.681.0550 x 115 Email: [email protected]
Top 1% Agents Nationwide  
Community Resident  
Former Mont. Co. Teacher
Senior, Relo & Regency Specialist  
Riderwood Preferred Realtor
JUST LISTED! $140,000
Greens “F”
Popular 2BR, 2FB, model with
fresh paint, updated table
space kitchen, newer HVAC,
enclosed balcony!
JUST LISTED! $155,000 PRICE IMPROVED! $155,000
End Brick Condo Townhome
Greens “G”
Berkley, 2BR, 2FB, 1HB, fresh paint 2BR, 2FB, new stove & carpet,
and carpet, updated kit., granite, newer HVAC, fresh paint, splenstainless, carpeted patio, new
did view of golf course pond!
lighting, view of 17th Fairway!
JUST LISTED! $200,000
Greens “H” with Garage
2 BR, 2 FB, almost everything
new, beautiful views & lots of
thought put into renovation!
Greens “N” with Garage
Grand 3BR, 2FB, 1HB, fresh paint,
enclosed balcony plus coveted,
reserved garage space!
MY Sept/Oct Sold
Listings & Sales
• 2 Cabots, 3 BR, 2 FB, 2 car gar
• Co-op TH, 2 BR, 1 FB, 2 HB
JUST LISTED! $334,995
Creekside “G”
Vantage Point Hi Rise “J”
Vantage Pt. W.“H” w Garage
Prince Frederick Patio Home
Almost new 2 BR, 2 FB, fabulous Spacious and bright, 3BR, 2FB,
2BR DEN, 2 FB, hdwds, marble,
Spacious 2 owner’s BR, 2 FB,
balcony view, great kitchen and fresh paint, new carpet, custom new carpets, updated kit., large stylish updates, Florida rm, close
over-sized laundry room
built-ins, large balcony
enclosed balcony, great gar. spot to Norbeck Gate & Clubhouse II
38 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
• Fairways “J,” 2 BR, 2 FB, gar
• Regency, 4 BR, 3 FB, 2 car gar
• Greens “H”, 2BR, 2FB
• Greens “GG”, 2BR, 2FB
n Rossmoor Woman’s Club
Focusing On The Positive!
by Ileana Eblighatian
hange” is the main
feature of our time
and we must be able
to adjust to the fast advancing
society of today and tomorrow!
Yet aging is a serious and
inevitable feature of our life
and it affects our response
to daily demands. But we
all have means to - at least slow down this process. With
our life experiences, we can
adapt to the exploding new
advancements in science,
technology and the computer.
“Old age” is and has always
been a state of mind!
With that in mind, the
Rossmoor Woman’s Club
constantly provides its
members with new informative
projects that keep us up to date
about these changes through
trips and meetings where
guest-speakers present the
“innovations” in his or her field
of activity and much more.
The Rossmoor Woman’s
Club Executive Board members
are currently working on our
holiday program and are in the
process of researching subjects
and possibilities. We will
keep you informed as soon as
definitive decisions are made.
The RWC Executive Board
members welcomed Alma
Melcher, our new historian
Congratulations to Harriett
Krakow who won the 50-50 at
our luncheon.
Meantime, please remember
the RWC fruit/pecan sale: Mary
Sue Pletcher and Ann Connolly
chairpersons/coordinators of
fruit/pecans RWC project will
offer pecans, chocolate covered
and cinnamon glazed, for sale
as well as a new item: chocolate
turtles candies, from Tuesday,
Nov. 18 to Saturday, Nov. 22
in the Clubhouse I lobby from
10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Please note
corrected date.
RWC’s next event is the
Executive Board meeting (Lunch
Bunch) on Monday, Nov. 10 in
Clubhouse I at 10:30 a.m. Please
check for the assigned room
on the electronic display in the
lobby. All RWC members are
invited to attend, listen and/or to
make suggestions.
American Bath Inc.
Professional Bathroom Remodeling and
25 Years Local Experience
Bathtub-to-Shower Conversions
Full and Partial Remodels
We are always ready to listen
to our members’ suggestions;
working together we will be
able to create programs of
interest for all our members
and attract new residents of
our community in becoming
Rossmoor Woman’s Club
members. The more members
in the Rossmoor Woman’s
Club the more possibilities to
financially help the needy in
our area; 85 – 90 percent of the
membership RWC fee goes to
financially help organizations
and students in our area.
New members are always
welcome to Rossmoor Woman’s
Club! Anytime is a good time to
join us! Call our Membership
Committee chair Janet Soslow
(301-598-5490). She will
answer all your questions.
Please call Janet today and
become a Rossmoor Woman’s
Club member! Go for it! You
will appreciate and enjoy our
activities, friendship and goals.
We are pleased and proud
to inform you that two women
received the 2014 Nobel Prize:
- May-Britt Moser of Norway,
psychologist, neuroscientist,
received the Nobel Prize
in Physiology or Medicine
for 2014, together with her
husband Edward Moser, a
Norwegian psychologist and
neuroscientist, and John
O’Keefe, American-British
neuroscientist. The prize was
awarded for work identifying
the cells that make up the
positioning system in the brain.
- Malala Yousafzai of Pakistan
received the 2014 Nobel Prize for
Peace for her work in helping to
promote universal schooling and
protecting children worldwide
from abuse and exploitation.
At just 17, Malala has visited
with President Obama and the
Queen of England, addressed the
United Nations, and become the
youngest recipient of the Nobel
Peace Prize since it was created
in 1901.
Call for FREE estimate
Family owned and operated
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 39
n Macintosh Club
How to Keep Your Mac Operating Effectively
n Nov. 20, our speaker
is Jim Ritz. Jim is a
long-time member
of the Washington Apple Pi
(, the local
Apple user group founded
in 1982. He is also a founder
of the MacRecycleClinic
org) a non-profit service
organization in Silver Spring
that refurbishes newer Macs
and recycles them back into
the community. They also
hold walk-in clinics for Mac
owners on Monday evenings
at their office in Four
Jim will discuss the periodic
tasks that everyone should
follow to keep their Mac
operating effectively. He will
follow up with a question and
answer session.
Today’s Tip - What’s New in
The new operating system
for the iPhone, iPad and iPod,
iOS8 was introduced by Apple
on Sept. 17 and contained
hundreds of new features. I
will review the major
ones here. For those
of you who have not
updated, the most
trouble free method is
to connect your device
to your Mac and use
iTunes to do the update.
That way, the new iOS
installer will download
to your Mac and not
overload your portable
device memory. For
a complete list of all
improvements, look
here: https://www.
Messages improvements
• Tap to Talk to send your
voice, a video or a photo with
just a swipe
• Group messaging options to
name a conversation, add a
contact, remove a contact, or
leave a conversation
• New details view with Do Not
Disturb, location sharing and
attachments view
Photos improvements
• Smart editing tools to adjust
light and color with a swipe
• Fine-tune controls to adjust
exposure, brightness,
contrast, highlights, shadows
and more
Camera improvements
• Time-lapse mode
• Capture timer
• Adjust exposure with a simple
nudge to lighten or darken a
photo prior to capture
QuickType keyboard
• Predictive typing personalized
to your writing style, and
customized based on the
recipient and the app
iCloud Drive
• Store all your documents in
iCloud and access them from
your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch,
Mac or PC.
• Edits you make on one device
update on all your devices
• New Health app with easy-toread dashboard of health and
fitness data
• Ability to share health data
with apps to provide a
more comprehensive way
to manage your health and
• Add a medical ID with
information about allergies,
medical conditions, and
more with the option to make
accessible from the lock
screen - very important
Continuity features so your
iPhone, iPad, and Mac work
together more seamlessly
• Handoff to continue what you
are doing as you move from
one device to another
• Make and receive calls and
send and receive SMS or MMS
messages on your iPad or Mac
• AirDrop compatibility with
OS X Yosemite
• New Tips app to help you do
more with your iOS devices
• Battery usage by app
• FaceTime Audio call waiting
n League of Women Voters
League To Discuss
Youth At Risk
By Elaine Apter
40 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
Family Sharing
• Share iTunes, iBooks, and
App Store purchases with up
to six members of your family
• Pay for family purchases
with a single credit card and
approve purchases by children
with Ask to Buy
e have just heard
of another school
shooting last week.
Who are these children that
find themselves in a place
where they just cannot
responsibly cope with their
life anymore? The League of
Women Voters November
unit on Wednesday, Nov. 12
at 10:30 a.m. is on “Youth at
Risk,” a look at what is being
done on Montgomery County
for those children who seem
to “fall through the cracks”
of our education and mental
health systems. We are looking
forward to an informative
discussion on another timely
topic. The Rossmoor unit of the
Montgomery County League
of Women Voters meets the
second Wednesday of the
month in Clubhouse I at 10:15
a.m. All meetings are open to
the public.
Our 2015 calendars are
available. Those of you who are
annual purchasers know how
informative these calendars
are. They list all the important
county phone numbers,
libraries with hours and
addresses, elected officials and
more. And the most popular
benefit of our calendars is that
you can erase on them. The full
size spiral calendars are still $7
each. We also have some twoyear pocket (2015-17) calendars
at $5 each. Calendars will again
be available through Gold
Castle Jewelers in the Leisure
World Shopping Center.
For more information about
the League of Women Voters,
calendars, school Board debate,
meetings, etc. please contact
Elaine 438-8707 or the League
office at 301-984-9585.
n Jewish Residents
Upcoming Events
Eat, Pray, Learn
by Althea Steinberg
lease note: the
November Hawaiian
Experience in Leisure
World has been postponed
due to slow response of
This New Years Eve,
Na’Amat will ring out the old
and bring in the new year in
a very special way. The event
is open to all so if members
expect priority, they need to
make their reservations as soon
as possible. To start the evening
off, all participants will board a
coach bus at Clubhouse II and
be on the way to the Signature
Theater in Pennsylvania, to
see a new musical based on
Barry Levinson’s hit movie
“Diner”. Then back to Leisure
World to enjoy a light fare:
cake, coffee and tea. For those
who like to bring in the New
Year with alcohol, a “cash Bar”
will be available. For more
information, contact Jo Ann
Cadeaux (301-438-0737).
Flyers will be sent out and
reservations will be accepted
with payment. Details are
available in the Club Trips
section of the Leisure World
On Wednesday, Dec. 3, our
chapter of Na’Amat will hold
the annual Maj Jong/Card
Party. Please put the checks
and the names of your group on
one paper and send it in with
the checks. You will receive
a flyer with more details to
Plans for a day bus trip to
Hillwood Estate, Museum and
Gardens in April are being
finalized. More details to come.
Although there will be no
general meeting this month,
there will be a board meeting.
If you would like to become
more acquainted with our
organization’s mission, it
would be interesting to come
to a board meeting. You can
meet some of the officers and
committee chairs who are
responsible for all the plans
and activities that are the big
fundraisers for each year. The
board meets in Clubhouse I at
10:30 a.m.; upcoming meetings
are Nov. 18, and Dec. 16. The
meetings are open and new
ideas are always appreciated.
Remember, when you attend
these events you are enjoying
yourself as well as contributing
to Na’Amat, RBZ’s fundraising
goals to support the important
programs for the children,
families and women in Israel.
This is an important time to
keep up our support.
Goldie Hutt has new
2014/2015 Entertainment
Books for $25. Call her at 301438-9626.
Chairperson of the
C0mmittee for Volunteers
thanks the following members
who helped too prepare the
latest mailing for the RBZ
chapter: Harriet Chaiken,
Dottie Dolinka, Charlotte
Eskin, Audry Frank and Joan
Any questions? Please call
Co-Presidents Ruth Reid
(301598-4051) or Trudy
Stone (301-438-0016). For
membership information, call
Helen Fried (301-438-3325)
and Tribute cards, Harriet
by Jonas Weiss
RLW offers a full palate
of activities in the next
few weeks, including a
Sabbath celebration, a Sunday
brunch with entertainment,
and the remembrance of
“The Outrageous Sophie
Tucker,” a documentary film
about the vaudeville and
television star, will be shown on
Thursday, Nov. 6 at 1:30 p.m.
in Clubhouse II. Tickets are $6,
available at E&R, with checks
made out to JRLW.
A Conservative religious
service is Friday evening Nov.
7 at 7:30 in the Inter-Faith
Chapel. The service and Oneg
is sponsored by the Jewish
War Veterans. Rabbi Gary Fink
will officiate and Gary Loube,
son of resident Milton Loube
and an active participant in
the Maccabi organization, will
A Saturday morning service
is Nov. 8 at 9:15 in Clubhouse
I. Rabbi Fink will conduct the
service and comment on the
Torah portion. Jerry Miller will
do the preliminary service and
Hymie Rosenberg will chant
the Haftorah.
Kristallnacht, the terrible
night that presaged the start
of the Holocaust will be
remembered and memorialized
on Sunday, Nov. 9 at 7 p.m.
Egon Guttman is the featured
A repeat showing of the DVD
on Israel is Monday, Nov. 10 at
2 p.m. in Clubhouse I. Tour the
country with Prime Minister
Our monthly brunch with
food plus entertainment
continues with a program
featuring the return of Cantor
Josh Perlman of B’nai Israel
congregation. This will be
in Clubhouse I on Sunday
morning Nov. 16 at 10. To make
a reservation, send checks of
$10 per person made out to
JRLW to Shirley Gordon, 15311
Beaverbrook Court, Apt. 3A,
Silver Spring, MD 20906.
Send donations needed for
the Torah fund (with checks
made out to JRLW, $25
minimum) to Annette Cooper,
15107 Interlachen Drive, Apt.
812, Silver Spring, MD 20906.
Donations for Yiskor, Kiddush,
an Oneg, or general tzedukah
should go to Susan Weiss, 3739
Glen Eagles Drive, Silver Spring
MD, 20906.
Foot, ankle or lower leg problem? Call our
podiatrists today, our practice has been
serving Leisure World 27 years!
Dr. Freedman and Dr. Venegonia
Leisure World Plaza Professional Building
3801 International Drive, Suite 204,
Silver Spring, MD 20906
On the Web:
Did You Know?
You can put your worries behind you!!
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 41
Your Old Friends from Cathy Gilmour Real Estate - Dedicated Since 1965 to Serving
This Wonderful Community - We Are Now Long & Foster Real Estate - Come See Us
FALCONCREST – Fabulous detached house located
in THE REGENCY. Four bedrooms, 3 full and 1 half
baths, including spacious owner’s suite on the first
floor. Master bath has separate shower and soaking tub. This was the builder’s model and contains
wonderful upgrades, beautiful millwork, hardwood
floors, gas fireplace, granite counters, stainless
steel appliances, fully finished basement w/bar and
additional upgrades, two car garage.
CABOT – Located in MUTUAL 9. Bedroom #3 has
been modified to a lovely, open den/sitting room. Two
bedrooms, two full baths, living room, dining room, bright
kitchen, lovely breakfast rm, flagstone patio, storage
+, 1 car garage.
BRISTOL – Two bedroom, two bath bungalow in MUTUAL 11 has updated kitchen, private patio with views
of trees and green space, new HVAC, freshly painted,
clean and ready to move in!
G - In the OVERLOOK, 7th floor. Golf course view,
everything you would expect and so much MORE.
H W/GARAGE – On the 6th floor in FAIRWAYS SOUTH, this apartment has light on two
sides with windows in the updated table space
kitchen and dining room, updated baths, bright
enclosed balcony, garage space. $185,000
C - Second floor condo in beautiful CREEKSIDE. Nice
upgrades, corian counter tops, maple cabinets, builtin microwave, glass-enclosed balcony with pleasant
views, table-space kitchen, master bedroom with bath,
second bedroom with tub bath.
two bedroom, two full bath garden apartment has light
on two sides, cross ventilation, glass-enclosed balcony,
ready for your personal decorating touches. $97,900
J - Panoramic golf course views from this sunny 2
bedroom, 2 bath apartment in GREENS II. Bright,
enclosed balcony is accessed from both living room
and 2nd bedroom. Master BR has walk-in closet plus
another closet! Table-space kitchen. Approx. 1300 sq.
ft. of living space. New carpeting, fresh paint. $164,000
EE - Located in VANTAGE POINT WEST - Bright and
beautiful fourth floor unit, amenities include marble
foyer, gourmet kitchen, enclosed balcony, 9 ft. ceilings.
F - Great opportunity in Bldg. 4 - THE GREENS - updated kitchen with newer cabinets, appliances and
flooring. Updated baths, new carpet, fresh paint, great
A - In VILLA CORTESE, Bldg. 2 - 3rd floor location w/
powder room, great updates, enclosed balcony table
space kitchen.
F - Two good-sized bedrooms with en-suite baths,
table space kitchen & separate dining room, raised
terrace accessible from enclosed balcony - a seldom
available plus! Easy access to rear door of building 4
ESSEX - 1,014 sq. ft of living space makes this
the largest 1 Bedroom in MONTGOMERY MUTUAL. Beautifully polished wood floors, bright
and sunny balcony, private laundry, close to Clubhouse I and Metro Bus stop.
C – In OVERLOOK, two bedrooms, two full
baths, open table space kitchen, living room,
dining area. Enclosed balcony faces northeast, giving you morning sun without excessive heat during the rest of the day. $205,000
AA - In VANTAGE POINT WEST – 3rd floor apartment
has powder room, large table space kitchen, new wall
to wall carpeting, flooring, paint.
CEDAR - Located in Mutual 22 – THE PINES – 2
Bedrooms + Den, 1-1/2 baths, newer HVAC, newer
flooring, enclosed balcony.
Don’t you deserve
To learn more about this unique
opportunity in our wonderful community,
call or e-mail
Maynard Turow
direct – 301-518-3834
e-mail – [email protected]
website –
We are always looking for real estate agents experienced or not. To learn more contact:
Susann Haskins, [email protected], 301-907-7600;
Leon Nasar, [email protected], 301-907-7600.
42 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
on two sides and cross ventilation! Freshly painted,
some new appliances, serene view from 1st floor
B/H Fabulous - The combination of two units - HUGE - 3
full baths - two balconies - with different exposures - all
rooms are spacious - wonderful views from excellent 7th
floor location, elegant finishes and updating throughout.
Free Notary Service by Appointment for Residents!
Please call and ask for Maynard Turow.
to Larger Quarters to Better Serve You!
Come and see us at 3836 International Dr.
We are easy to find - located between
Gold Castle Jewelers & the Dry Cleaners
G W/GARAGE – On the 3rd floor in VILLA CORTESE.
3 Bedrooms, 2 full baths plus powder room, master
bath has soaking tub and separate shower, beautiful
view from the large enclosed balcony, separate dining
room plus table space kitchen.
CAPRI - Large apartment with new wall to wall carpeting, fresh paint, new stainless steel range, refrigerator, dishwasher, electric fireplace, enclosed balcony,
covered parking. Move in ready.
P w/GARAGE - on the 3rd fl. in Bldg. 5, FAIRWAYS
SOUTH - Glass enclosed balcony accessible from
LR & BR #2, table space kit. 2 1/2 baths. $295,000
G - Very spacious, located in VILLA CORTESE. 3 bedrooms, 2 full baths, powder room, table space kitchen.
Master bath has soaking tub and separate shower.
Beautiful view from large enclosed balcony. And it
has a garage space!
M W/GARAGE – Located in beautiful CREEKSIDE, this fabulous 3 bedroom apartment
is loaded with upgrades. Hardwood floors,
new carpeting, freshly painted, lots of extras,
home warranty, and an offered $3,000 BUYER SUBSIDY at settlement!
LANDLORDS: Our quality of service will please
you. List with us and make your property work for
YOU!! TENANTS: Rentals can be hard to find but
we work with you to get the job done. Call Slavka,
our rental specialist, or email her at
[email protected].
C - In Creekside! Two bedrooms/2 baths, upgraded
kitchen, Corian countertops, maple cabinets, view of
trees from glass-enclosed balcony. $1,700 + utilities
F - Sunny 2 bedroom, 2 full bath apartment in The
Greens has enclosed balcony, new carpeting, flooring,
and lights. Great closet space! Scenic view. Pets considered with additional deposit. $1,500 + electric
VANTAGE POINT EAST, two bedroom, two bath has
open floor plan with large rooms, table space kitchen,
ceramic tile entry, kitchen, bathroom & enclosed balcony floors, great views. $2,000/mo + electric + gas
F – In GREENS I, Beautifully remodeled, renovated
kitchen, light Pergo flooring, neutral carpeting, glassenclosed balcony, beautiful view. $1,600/mo + electric
Why Not Give Our Agents A Try?
Haola Assani-Pio - [email protected]
Peg Beck - [email protected]
Eve Burger – [email protected]
Barbara Dashiell - [email protected]
Andrea Essex - [email protected]
Jean Griffifth [email protected]
Dan Harper - [email protected]
Eileen Kane - [email protected]
Kathleen Kane - [email protected]
Slavka Novakova - [email protected]
Frank Sergovic - [email protected]
Frances Silk - [email protected]
Maynard Turow - [email protected]
Dedication Does Make A Difference!
did Richard
and Ann move
to Riderwood in
Silver Spring?
For worry-free living in a great location!
Richard and Ann were already living maintenance-free, but they wanted to
find a community where they could feel completely secure about the future. At
Riderwood in Silver Spring, the Houghtons enjoy the peace of mind that comes
from having a full continuum of health care right on campus.
Living at Riderwood has also given Richard and Ann the opportunity to pursue
their passions and live life to the fullest. “There are so many activities here,” says
Richard. “I’m taking five classes.” “I’m in two choirs,” says Ann. The Houghtons
also love dining at the different restaurants on campus. “It’s a wonderful way to
make friends,” says Ann.
See why your friends and neighbors are choosing
retirement living at Riderwood. Call 1-877-871-5213
for your free brochure.
Silver Spring |
“The transportation here is wonderful. You
don’t have to program your life around a
schedule. You go outside, and a shuttle is
there within minutes.
Richard & Ann Houghton,
Moved from Leisure World
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 43
n Chess Club
Oil Prices, Wonderland, and Chess
by Bernard Ascher
t happened while you were
on vacation in June. The
international Energy Agency
reported that the United States
had surpassed Saudi Arabia
to become the world’s largest
oil producing country. New
technology used in locating
and drilling for oil has made
this possible. The world is now
awash with oil. Prices of crude
oil (once higher than $100 per
barrel) are coming down sharply
(approaching $80) and prices
of gasoline at the pump (once
reaching $4 per gallon in various
states) are sliding down gradually
(toward $3 and below).
The Organization of Export
Producing Countries (OPEC), the
global cartel that raised prices
drastically in 1973 through use
of the “oil weapon” (a trade
embargo) has done nothing to
halt the price decline. OPEC
members are in disarray. Saudi
Arabia and Iran have refrained
from cutting production. Russia
(now the third leading oil
producer) is being hurt more
by the drop in oil revenues than
by economic sanctions imposed
by western nations for Russia’s
aggression in the Ukraine.
So, where are the trumpets?
The parades? The music? Where
are the cute majorettes with long
legs and short skirts? Why are
we not dancing in the streets?
Where are the politicians? Where
are the speeches? Why is no one
taking credit for achieving energy
independence? Why is no one
proclaiming victory? Mission
As Alice discovered in
Wonderland, in this world, things
are not always the way they
appear to be. High oil prices made
it economically feasible to use
horizontal drilling and hydraulic
fracturing (“fracking”) to extract
oil in the first place. If oil prices
were to decline to a certain level
(perhaps below $70 per barrel),
it might become necessary to
close some wells, thus reducing
supplies and hurting the
Coming in 2014
The E&R Department of Leisure World is pleased to provide
the following programs.
Fri., Nov. 14, 11:30 am
St. Johns Instrumental
Music Ensemble
Wed., Nov. 19, 9:30 am-Noon
Community Fair
Thur., Nov. 20, 4:30 PM
Double Play, Flute & Tuba
Fri., Dec 5, 10:15 am
Blake Women's Vocal Ensemble
Sat., Dec. 13, 2:30 PM
Akhmedova Youth Ballet
Wed., Dec. 17, 7:30 PM
Olney Concert Band
Holiday Concert
Watch the Leisure World News for more information on these and other
upcoming programs throughout the year.
*Sponsored by the Foundation of Leisure World.
44 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
economies of North Dakota and
Texas, two leading producers.
Although consumers would
profit from lower gasoline prices,
investors and oil companies
would suffer losses in profits and
asset values. Pension funds would
drop in value.
Also, environmentalists are
opposed to fracking which, they
claim, contaminates the water
supply and makes the ground
more susceptible to earthquakes.
Politicians do not want to lose the
votes of environmentalists and
may not be willing to promote
higher production levels.
Moreover, many analysts
believe that the current price
decline is a result of reduced
demand in Europe, China,
Brazil and India, rather than
an oversupply in the market.
Lower oil prices are a signal
that the world economy is
weak. Prices are expected to rise
again when economic activity
increases. Celebration of energy
independence in the U.S.A.,
therefore, may be premature.
In Wonderland, Alice now
might be overheard saying:
“Cheap oil makes us yearn for the
good old days when prices were
higher and times were better.”
Unlike tourism, travel and
transportation, chess is not
sensitive to oil price changes.
Games at Leisure World
continue regardless of the price
level, as in the game illustrated
on this page. In this game, Black
has just promoted a Pawn to a
Queen and White’s King is in a
very precarious position. What is
White’s best move?
The answer will follow our
reminder that the Chess Club
meets on Monday, Wednesday,
and Friday at 1-4 p.m. in
Clubhouse II. Membership is
free. For further information,
call club President Bernie Ascher
(301-598-8577) or Activities
Chairman Pat Leanza (301-5984569). (Look for us at the Leisure
World Club fair in Clubhouse I
on Nov. 19.)
Answer: White can win the
game simply by moving the Rook
to a1, checkmate!
So, do not wait for oil prices to
drop further! Do not wait for true
energy independence! Do not go
dancing in the streets! Play chess
n Bridge Club
Gala Dinner
by Aaron Navarro
he LW Bridge Club
held its annual gala
dinner on Oct. 15 to
celebrate a great year of bridge
and announce the winners
of its annual tournament
championship. Over 70 club
members and guests were
in attendance, enjoying the
festivities, entertainment,
good food and dancing. Our
own wonderful organizers
Abigail Murton and Dora
Levin emceed the gala. Roz
Dixon, our club director, made
a heartfelt speech thanking
all the members for their
participation and presented
the championship trophy to
Doug Brasse and Merrill Stern
(see picture). Finishing second
were Bill Hudson and Diane
Keiper. Tied for third were Don
Jacobs, Elly Gotkin, Sue Swift
and Aaron Navarro. Lots of
door prizes were also given to
a number of lucky winners. All
in all, it was a fun evening to be
remembered till next year.
See you all at the bridge
n 10 Pin Bowling League
Come and Join the Fun
by Rita Mastrorocco
he league is based on
handicaps with averages
for the bowlers ranging
from 71 to 199. If you have
not bowled in years, come out
and join the fun. If you are
please call
Rita (301-8149196).
The league
standings as
of Oct. 17 are
as follows:
the Just
Wonderful in
first place; the
Huggers in
second place;
and the Pin
Busters and
the Winners tied in third place.
The week of Oct. 10 top
scores are as follows: Scratch
Game – the Wild Things
with 692 pins; Scratch Series
– the Winners with 1,900
pins; Handicap Game – the
Wild Things with 887 pins;
Handicap Series – the Huggers
with 2,542 pins; High Average
Men – Denny Woolaver with
202 pins; Scratch Game Men
– Steve Mueller with 235
pins; Scratch Series Men –
Denny Woolaver with 640
pins; Handicap Game Men –
Steve Mueller with 264 pins;
Handicap Series Men – Denny
with 688
pins; High
Women Judy Callan
with 184 pins;
Scratch Game
Women –
Judy Callan
with 189 pins;
Scratch Series
Women –
Judy Callan
with 553
pins; Handicap Game Women
– Lilli Metzger with 252 pins;
Handicap Series Women – Rita
Mastrorocco with 692 pins.
The week of Oct. 17, top
scores are as follows; Scratch
Game – the Winners with
736 pins; Scratch Series –
the Winners with 2035 pins;
Handicap Game – the Winners
n Bridge-Duplicate Tuesday & Friday
by Ileana Eblighatian
Partnership necessary to play.Need partner?
For Tuesday and Friday games call Rosemary Marks @301-598-2405
with 918 pins; Handicap Series
– the Winners with 2581 pins;
High Average Men – Denny
Woolaver with 199 pins;
Scratch Game Men – Steve
Mueller with 246 pins; Scratch
Series Men – Steve Mueller
with 687 pins; Handicap Game
Men – Pat Leanza with 286
pins; Handicap Series Men –
Steve Mueller with 774 pins;
High Average Women – Judy
Callan with 180 pins; Scratch
Game Women – Chris Porter
with 219 pins; Scratch Series
Women – Judy Callan with 515
pins; Handicap Game Women
– Chris Porter with 267 pins;
Handicap Series Women – Rita
Mastrorocco with 704 pins.
Hunan Delight
Featuring the Finest in
Hunan, Szechuan, Mandarin Cuisine
Unique Low Fat Menu
No M.S.G., Less Salt, Less than 2% Oil
301-774-7944 - 18220 Village Mart Drive, Olney, Md. 20832
10% OFF
10% OFF
to Leisure World Residents
May not be used for lunch.
May not be used for lunch.
to Leisure World Residents
With This Coupon.
With This Coupon
2014-2015 College Performing Arts Series
Written by Craig Lucas
Friday, October 10, 2014
1. Anna Pappas - Bob Bridgeman 1. Sue Swift - Susan Weiss
2. Elly Gotkin - Angie Riani
2. Lori Hegel - Saul Penn
3. Graham Hartwell - Mel Schloss 3. Shirley Light-Lois Stirling
Tuesday, Oct0ber 14, 2014
1. William Hudson - Diane Keiper 1. Doug Brasse - Merrill Stern
2/3. Donald Jacobs - Elly Gotkin 2. Jerry Miller - Gerald Lerner
2/3. Aaron Navarro - Sue Swift
3. Paul Chassy - Reina Chassy
Friday, October 17, 2014
1. Victor Stewart - Rosalind Dixon 1. Betty Hollrah -Joan Marie Thomas
2. Diane Keiper - William Hudson 2. Susan Weiss - Mildred Lieder
3. Lois Stirling – Elly Gotkin
3/4. Saul Penn - Lorraine Hegel
3/4.Jim Anschutz - Robert Kerr
Tuesday, October 21, 2014
1. Saul Penn - Donald Jacobs
1. Jerry Miller - William Hudson
2. Al Levin - Arthur Podolsky
2. Elly Gotkin - Lois Stirling
3. John Ryan - Alfred Caponiti
3. Gerald Lerner - Marlys Moholt
November 12-15 at 8 p.m.,
November 16 at 2 p.m.
Tickets are $10 Regular, $8 Seniors and $5 Students
RobeRt e. PaRilla
PeRfoRming aRts CenteR
Montgomery College • 51 Mannakee St., Rockville, MD 20850 • Box Office: 240-567-5301
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 45
n Golf
October Scorecard
by Rita Molyneaux
-Hole Ladies enjoyed
fine weather for the
Step Aside Scramble
on Oct. 14 where Mary Lee
Amato, Abigail and Joan
Reynolds teamed up to win
first place with nice 40s.
Mary Wells, Barbara Bynum,
Shirley Gilmore and Donna
Duke claimed second with 45,
followed by Linda Andrews,
Marilyn Sebastian and Doris
Desantis in third with 46. Lois
Falck, Pat Weingart and Mary
Helen Byrnes were right on
their heels with 47 for fourth
place, and Nedra Duffy, Ruth
Cougnet, Helen Montanaro and
Lexie McMahon closed out the
field with 48 to take fifth place.
No ties!
The following week, these
ladies lucked out when their
Mystery Hold turned out to be
#16. Barbara Fisher and Joan
Reynolds shared the first place
honor when they both scored
28. Following the trend, Lois
Falck, Jessie Warr and Marylee
Amato tied for third with 29.
Marilyn Sebastin, Mary Helen
Byrnes and Nedra Duffy took
sixth, seventh and eight with
33, 35 and 38 respectfully.
Linda Andrews and Lexie
McMahon tied for ninth with
40. The day was breezy and
cool, but at least they got to
L.W. Men were weathered
out on Oct. 15. And then again,
on Oct. 22.
MISGA –Sperry Says:
On Tuesday, Oct.14, Leisure
World fielded two teams at
Montgomery Country Club
competing in the annual
MISGA Division IV Pro Am
tournament.В This event is to
honor the Division IV Golf
Professionals for their help
and advice in the conduct of
MISGA events throughout the
year.В It was a great day for
golf with the weather breezy
and very comfortable, and the
course almost dry with carts
allowed on
the fairways,
despite the
rain from the
day before.
competed in
the step aside
The Leisure
World teams
were ably led
by Pros Alex
Lively (Red
Team) and
Matt Hill (Blue
Team).В Amateurs on the
teams were invited from
winners and runners-up in
the Leisure World Men’s
Championship flights first,
with volunteer alternates filling
in as necessary.В Red Team
players were Club Champion
Runner Up Bob Elks, along
with Doug Brasse, Frank Riffle
and Joe Boland. Blue Team
players were Club Champion
Doug Allston, along with Jack
Frensilli, Sam Choi and Sperry
The Leisure World Red Team
competed well with a tied score
of 68 for sixth place.В The Blue
Team placed tenth with a score
of 70. Kenmore Country Club
won the first place prize with a
score of 61.
18-Hole Ladies – The
weather and the course dried
up enough by Oct. 23 so the
18-Hole Ladies were able to tee
up for their final event of the
n Thursday Afternoon Ladies
October 16
First - Beatrice Sherman, 4050
Second - Helen Hughes, 2170
Third - Ruth Herr, 1820
October 23
First - Lois De Santo, 4970
Second - Rae Minushkin, 4570
Third - Beatrice Sherman, 3360
46 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
year. The field of 20 gathered
for their ABCD event, playing
nine holes, cart path only,
before adjourning for their
also final luncheon/meeting of
2014. Once again, first place
resulted in a tie between two
teams: Team
K.C. Choi,
Ursula Costa
and Nancy
Furdock, and
Team Susan
Kim, Kazue
Waller, Ronnie
Nisbett and
Peters, both
teams scoring
39. Third place
went to Mary
Ko, Mickie
McGeehan and
Joan Sumner
with 40,
followed by the team of Kathy
Frensilli, Jane Hughes, Priscilla
Schwab and Muriel Peake at
41. Beverly Haas, Young Sook
Lee, Marylee Amato and Judy
Mofffson’s 43 was good for fifth
L.W. Golf Board of
Directors Annual Meeting
was held on Oct. 16. Wrap-up
reports included the following
2014 Champions - 9-Hole
Ladies Jesse Warr; L.W. Men
Doug Allston; 18-Hole Ladies
K.C. Choi; 9-Hole 2-Lady Team
Shirley Gilmore/Doe Mccarren;
Men’s 2-Man Team Tom
Moriarity/Bob Koubek; 18 Hole
2-Lady Team Mary Ko/K.C.
Choi; Most Improver Golfers 9-Holes Linda Andrews;
Men Kevin McMahon; 18 Hole
Ladies Kazue Waller; 2015
Chairmen - Ruth Cougnet;
Bruce McKay; Jane Hughes.
Some Questions/Comments:
• Why isn’t there more grass on
the fairways and greens?
• Why not change the policy
re Cart Path Only to improve
pace of play, i.e. re-access
conditions during play?
• The main goal of the 2015
Renovation Plan, scheduled
to begin in October 2015,
is to improve drainage of
the course, resulting in
better course conditions and
increased pace of play.
• Promote awareness of deer
tick threat.
• Why are 9-Hole Ladies given
dispensation from the annual
membership fee? (This will be
looked into.)
• What is done for guests who
consider joining the golf club?
(There is a three-month trial
• Will cart paths be repaired?
Yes, about half of them.
• Tee box stairways will be
replaced during the winter
• Two dogs are currently
keeping the geese away.
• Golf storage room and lockers
will be painted and new carpet
• New maintenance program
– Email Doug or Alex when
golfers notice maintenance
• Rumors stating that the golf
course is closing are not true.
And so ends our 2014
year of organized competition
and most other golf activities.
However, during the offseason both men and
women will be able to sign
up for play on Wednesday
mornings, weather permitting.
Remember, beginning Nov. 15
the computers will be closed
for recording scores, but will
reopen on March 12, 2015.
Have a good winter.
n Friday Bridge Club
October 17
First - Bob Stromberg, 3,430 points
Second - Jerry Weiss, 2,920 points
Third - Mort Rudo, 2,810 points
Fourth - Sam Einbider, 2,650 points
October 24
First - Betti Goodman, 3,440 points
Second - Jerry Weiss, 3,420 points
Third - Irwin Bauman, 3,120 points
Fourth - Barbara Marcus, 2,830 points
Classes & SEMINARS
No sign-up will be taken
for any newly advertised class
before the date of the issue of
Leisure World News in which
it appears. All sign ups begin at
8:30 a.m. in Clubhouse I and
Clubhouse II. Residents can
register for themselves and two
other residents. Please bring
your Leisure World ID.
If required enrollment is not
met five days prior to start date,
class will be cancelled.
***Please note fees for
non-residents: add $10 for
1-6 session classes and $20
for classes of 7 or more
sessions. ***
Payment can be made
by check or credit card
(MasterCard, VISA or Discover)
in Clubhouse I (daily) or
Clubhouse II (M-F 8:30
a.m. to 4 p.m.); no cash will
be accepted. Checks must
be made payable to Leisure
World of Maryland Corp.
Please sign up in advance of
the starting date of the class
since instructors need to know
how many will participate.
Note: Registration will not
be accepted nor refunds
issued after the completion
of two sessions!
Leisure World does not
discriminate on the basis of
race, color, national or ethnic
origin in admission policies,
education policies or programs.
NEW – Internet for
Everyday Use: This is a
hands-on course, sponsored
by the Computer Learning
Center, on the everyday use
of the Internet. The Internet
Explorer browser basics and
the use of Google to obtain
simple information and to
search for useful Websites
will be covered. You will learn
to do the following online:
using Web email; locating
addresses on maps and finding
road directions; finding travel
resources, booking flights
and hotels; shopping online,
particularly on Amazon;
finding all kinds of information
on Wikipedia, and medical
information on Mayo Clinic
Website; Playing YouTube
videos for entertainment;
using photo sites to upload,
share, and print photos; using
the county library, registering
for courses and trips offered
by county’s Recreational
Department, and downloading
IRS tax forms. (Social networks
are not covered.) Participants
should have knowledge of
computer basics. Class meets
Tuesdays and Thursdays,
beginning on Thursday, Nov. 13
through Dec. 4 (no class Nov.
25 or 27, Thanksgiving week),
3:30-5 p.m. in the Computer
Learning Center. Fee: $15.
Register: Clubhouse II.
NEW – Biographies of
Controversial People I, a
CLL course: This is a repeat
of a previous class that was very
popular, with comments from
participants on how interesting
the stories of the people were
and the amount of historical
information presented. People
discussed are: Menachem
Begin – a guerrilla fighter
who became prime minister;
Armand – made a fortune
from business deals with the
Soviet Union and Libya; Lise
Mitener – co-discoverer of
nuclear fission and Chiune
Sugihara – Japanese diplomate
who saved thousands of
Jews during World War II.
Instructor George Birnbaum
obtained a Ph.D. in chemistry
from the Columbia University
in New York. During the
following 30 years, he was
engaged in research on
structural chemistry and
molecular biology, first at the
Columbia Medical Center, and
then at the National Research
Council of Canada in Ottawa.
Twenty years ago, he moved to
Maryland and became involved
in seminars at the Jewish
Community Center in Rockville
as a student, a lecturer,
and currently a member of
the Continuing Education
Committee. For more details
on this and other CLL courses,
see our Web site at www.cllmd.
com. Class meets Tuesdays,
Nov. 18-Dec. 9, 10-11:30
a.m. Fee: $18. Register:
Clubhouse I.
NEW – Move to the Beat,
evenings: If you do not like to
exercise but know you have to
keep moving, this is the class
for you. If you are coming home
from work, this is a perfect way
to unwind. Stretch, dance and
move to familiar songs (singing
along is allowed). Nothing to
remember; just follow along.
However, you must keep
moving, at a pace comfortable
to you. Grab a friend and join
Gerry and you neighbors as
they “Move to the Beat.” For
more information, call Gerry
(301-438-7452). Class meets
Tuesdays, Dec. 9-Jan. 13,
2015, 6:15-7 p.m. Fee: $39.
Register: Clubhouse II.
NEW – Tap with Gerry,
Evening: Tap is back! Men,
women, come and join “Tap
with Gerry” as she introduces
you to the fun of tap dancing.
The first half of the class is
for beginners where they
will learn basic steps and
combinations. The second
half of class is for the more
experienced tap dancer. This is
a way for the “performers” to
add “tap” to their resume. Be
adventurous; grab a friend and
come “shuffle off to Buffalo.”
For more information, call
Gerry (301-438-7452). Class
meets Thursdays, Dec. 4-Jan.
22, 2014, 5-7 p.m. Fee: $45.
Register: Clubhouse II.
NEW – Mild Exercise: All
exercises, seated or standing,
are led by instructor Shirley
Lloyd. Class meets Tuesdays,
Dec. 2-16 and/or Wednesdays,
Dec. 3-17, 11-11:45 a.m. Fee:
$18, 1 day per week; $30,
2 days per week. Register:
Clubhouse II.
NEW – Ba Duan: The
world’s oldest exercise for
seniors and those who need
to restore a normal, optimum
state of health. Participants
will learn to combine joint
movement and breathing
to improve balance and
to augment core strength.
Limited enrollment. Class
meets Mondays, Dec. 1-Feb.
2, 2015, 4 p.m. Fee: $15.
Register: Clubhouse II.
NEW – Beginner and
Advanced Tai Chi: A must
for seniors! Tai Chi builds
strength in muscles and bones,
promotes a healthy heart
and is fun and easy to do. It
improves endurance, flexibility,
breathing and circulation. The
class begins with 30 minutes
of stretching and muscle
strengthening exercises, which
promote greater agility, better
posture and strengthens
muscles. This is followed by
meditation for 10 minutes and
Tai Chi for 20 minutes. Tai
Chi is the best way to improve
balance and coordination,
thereby decreasing the risk of
falling and fractures. This Tai
Chi program was created and
taught for 15 years in Leisure
World by Grandmaster Jin
Pal Kim. The instructor is
Steve McCleary, a student of
Grandmaster Kim for six years
and a practitioner of Tai Chi
for over 20 years. Class meets
Tuesdays and Thursdays, Dec.
2-Jan. 29,2015, 9:30-10:30
a.m. (Note: No class Dec. 25,
make-up on Dec. 26; no class
Jan. 1, make up on Jan. 2; no
class on Jan. 20 or 22.) For
more information, call Maureen
McCleary (301-598-1145). Fee:
$30 for 1 day; $50 for 2
days per week. Register:
Clubhouse II.
NEW – Gentle Yoga –
Wednesdays & Saturdays
with Marilyn: Yoga is a
holistic system that combines
movement, posture, breath
and relaxation techniques to
improve overall health and
well being physically, mentally
andВ spiritually. A consistent
yoga practice has been
shown to increase mobility,
strength and flexibility, and
to provide skills to cultivate
a peaceful mind in the face of
life’s stresses and challenges.
This class is designed for
individuals with some ability
to get up and down off the
floor and can be adapted
according to the need of
the practitioner.В Beginners
and ongoing students are
welcome. Bring a yoga mat or
blanket to the first class.В Class
meets Wednesdays, Dec.
3-Feb. 11, 2015 and/or
Saturdays, Dec. 6-Feb. 14,
2015, 9 am. Fee: $80/1 day,
$140/2 days per week.
Register: Clubhouse I.
Zumba Gold with Denny
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 47
– Mondays or Fridays: This
program was designed for the
older active adult, a person
who has not been exercising
in a long time or individuals
who may be limited physically.
The biggest difference between
Zumba Gold and Zumba Basic
is that Zumba Gold is done at
a much lower intensity. It is
just as much fun just not as
fast! Zumba Gold utilizes the
same great Latin styles of music
and dance that are used in the
Zumba basic program. Class
meets Mondays, Nov. 24-Dec.
22, 10:30 a.m. or Fridays, Nov.
21-Dec. 19, 1 p.m. Fee: $31.25
for 5 sessions. Register:
Clubhouse II.
Chair Tai Chi with
Robin: This Tai Chi program
is a simplified form of nine
basic movements that can be
repeated and performed with
varying levels of complexity
sitting or standing. The
program is directed at
improving balance; increasing
strength, tone and range
of motion in ankles, knees,
hips and trunk; improving
circulation of blood and
lymph; promoting general
sense of well being and energy
and decreasing muscle pain.
The program is also good for
quieting the mind, soothing
anxiety and improving mood.
Instructor Robin M. Hartman,
certified holistic health coach,
registered yoga teacher and
yoga therapist with a diploma
in nutrition. She is licensed
to perform physical therapy
in Maryland and is certified
in Tai Chi for Arthritis and
Tai Chi for Balance. She is
available after class to answer
questions or can be reached
by phone at 240-350-8820.
Robin also maintains a private
practice for home visits. Class
meets Wednesdays, Nov.
5-Jan. 14, 2015 (no class Nov.
26, Dec. 24, Dec. 31), 2-3
PM. Fee: $100. Register:
Clubhouse II.
Ballet Barre with Betty
Smith: Join Ballet Barre with
Betty for a great time improving
posture and toning muscles
while moving to classical music.
Learn basic ballet positions
and combinations. Betty is a
certified AFFA group exercise
instructor, Leisure World
resident and has 20 plus year
working in health promotion
and fitness. Class meets
Wednesdays, Nov. 11-Dec. 10
(no class Nov. 26), noon or
7 p.m. Fee: $39. Register:
Clubhouse II.
Stretch, Tone and
Strength Training for the
Active, Working Adult
(5-6 p.m.): Join our fun
exercise class utilizing a
variety of equipment for the
active adult. This dynamic
strength training class will
develop a body instilled with
power and one that can move
with ease and confidence. Get
stronger, steadier and more
balanced as you develop new
body awareness, flexibility and
control of “usable strength.”
Weights, bands and balls
are provided and a mat is
recommended for some
floor work. Modification can
be made for the individual
exerciser and all are welcome
to join in the fun. The
instructor is Linda Ginsburg.
Class meets Mondays, Nov. 10Dec. 15 and/or Wednesdays,
Nov. 12-Dec. 17, 5-6 p.m. Fee:
$45, one day per week,
$65, two days. Register:
Clubhouse I.
Club Trips
Next deadline for trip submissions is Thursday, Nov. 6
The trips listed below are sponsored by Leisure World groups and organizations and not by Eyre Leisure World Travel. These trips are open to all residents, not
only members of the specific club. For information, contact the person listed with each trip. (Do not contact the Eyre Leisure World Travel or E&R Office.) Leisure
World clubs and organizations that want to be included in this column must send a typewritten submission to the News by Thursday at 4:30 prior to the deadline.
Due to space limitations, the Leisure World News reserves the right to edit or delete submissions. You may e-mail your information to [email protected].
Please Note: Member/Non-Member pricing is at the discretion of the individual clubs.
Atlantic City
Monday, Nov. 17 – Wednesday, Nov. 19
Join the Jewish Residents of Leisure World in a 3-day excursion to Atlantic
City for only $154 per person (based on double occupancy; add $76 for single
occupancy). This trip includes motor coach transportation, 2 nights lodging
at Casino Hotel, 2 breakfasts and 1 dinner, gaming with a complimentary $20
casino bonus, and sight-seeing in Atlantic City. Reservations should be made
with a $75 deposit to Sue Sandler (240-242-3742) by Sept.11.
“Diner” @ Signature Theatre
Wednesday, Dec. 31
The scene: Baltimore. The time: the 1950’s. A group of boyhood friends,
obsessed with girls and the Colts, has reunited at their favorite old hangout
to celebrate the upcoming wedding of one of them. This is “Diner.” Barry
48 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
Levinson and Sheryl Crow have joined forces to create a musical adaptation
of his iconic movie, which will have its world premiere run at the Signature
Theater in Arlington, Va. Na’ Amat has been able to obtain tickets for the New
Year’s Eve performance, Wednesday, Dec. 31, and we invite you to join us. Our
bus will leave Leisure World for the theater promptly at 6 p.m. Following the
performance, we will return to Clubhouse I to complete our holiday celebration
with a reception featuring an assortment of hors d’oeuvres and a cash bar. The
price of $119 includes the theater tickets, transportation, reception and all
gratuities. For further information, call JoAnn Cadeaux (301-438-0737). This
is certain to be a sell-out, so act quickly!
Attention Travellers!
All Leisure World travelers, please note that no group on travel can park
more than 12 vehicles overnight/long-term in the Clubhouse II parking
lot. Also, parking overnight/long-term is at the owner’s own risk.
Clubs & Groups
Short Story Group:
On Nov. 5 at 11 a.m., Janet
Schlosser will lead a discussion
on “The Second Tree from the
Corner” by E.B. White. On Nov.
19, Sumner Katz will discuss
“The Farmer’s Children” by
Elizabeth Bishop. The Short
Story Group meets on the first
and third Wednesday of the
month in Clubhouse I. For
information, call Sylvia Stoff
Knitting Corner: Join us
the 2nd and 4th Friday at the
Inter-Faith Chapel from 10 a.m.
to noon. Our next meeting is
Nov. 14. Bring your knitting
and enjoy the conversations.
We have patterns and yarn for
your project. Yarn donations
gratefully accepted. Call Joan
(301-438-1486) if you have any
Quilting Group: Come
and join us for fun sessions
of quilting, sewing, knitting
or any needlecraft in which
you are interested. We meet
in Clubhouse II (in the MultiPurpose Room) every 2nd
and 4th Thursday from 9:30
a.m. to noon. Come for all or
part of the session. If you have
unfinished projects with which
you might need some help,
bring them and we will put our
heads together to help you. Our
next meeting is Nov. 13. Call
Marianne (301-598-0444) for
more information.
Stitching Group:
Needlepoint, cross-stitch, and
more. If you enjoy stitching
or would like to learn, we
meet in Clubhouse II (in the
Multi-Purpose Room) every
1stВ and 3rd Thursday from 10
a.m. to noon.В Come and share
your finished work and enjoy
stitching with us while we learn
new skills together.В Call Audrey
Clipper Workshop:
Clipper Workshop is recruiting
members to help assemble
clown hand puppets for Holy
Cross Hospital. They are used
in the pediatric and emergency
rooms. No special skills are
needed. Some sewing skills are
necessary. We need a sewing
machine stitcher. Bring a
bag lunch (we will eat in the
lunchroom). We meet every
1st and 3rd Monday of each
month in Clubhouse II from 10
a.m. to 2 p.m. or any portion
that you can devote to making
a child smile. We are looking
for donations of cotton fabrics,
stuffing, thread and iron-on
facing. Contact Joan Mahoney
(301-438-1486) or Jane Brinser
(301-438-2599) for further
ModelВ Railroad Club:
The Rossmoor Model Railroad
Club is located in the basement
of Clubhouse II. We have 3
operating displays: O, HO,
and N gauge. Over 700 sq ft.
Club members get together on
Mondays and Wednesdays,
from approximately 6pm to
7:30pm. On Thursdays from
approximately 2 to 4pm.
We run trains and/orВ work
on scenery, track, etc. Our
monthly meeting is the 2nd
Thursday of each month at 4
p.m., Clubhouse II.
Call Marilyn Chmielewski,
301-438-3259 for further
information. All are invited to
our annual “Winter Open
House” on Saturday, Dec.
27, 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Amateur Radio Club:
Calling all hams! All resident
amateur radio operators
(hams) – or would be operators
– are invited to join in business
meeting/operating session the
second Tuesday of each month.
We meet in the “Ham Shack”
in the basement of Clubhouse
I at 2 p.m. For information or
to learn more about Amateur
Radio, call Bryan West (301598-0137).
Stamp & Coin Club: The
Stamp and Coin Club meets
on the first Thursday of each
month at 3 p.m. in Clubhouse
I. Members discuss their
collections, including first day
covers, day of issue programs,
yearbooks, coins, medals
and more. Also, they bring in
their stamps for “Show-andTell” and hold an auction of
members’ stamps. A door prize
of a gift certificate from Coins
of the Realm in Rockville is
awarded at each meeting. All
residents and non-residents
are welcome to attend. Annual
dues are $5. If interested,
contact Mason Goldman (301-
Wood Workers Users
Group of Leisure World:
Leisure World residents
interested in woodworking
and woodcraft are offered the
opportunity to visit and join
the woodshop. The woodshop
is located on the lower level
of Clubhouse I with entrance
from Gleneagles Dr. The shop
is open Monday-Friday 9 a.m.3 p.m., Saturday 9 a.m.-noon.
The shop is well equipped
with hand and power tools
needed to work with wood. A
reasonable annual fee provides
access and membership to
all. An experienced monitor
is on duty when the shop
is open to assist members
with their work and provide
instructions on operating and
using the hand and power tools.
Members are often willing to
repair and refinish projects
of Leisure World residents
for the cost of supplies. For
further information, call the
shop 301-598-1308, John Van
Dyke (240-650-9165) or Alan
Pechner (301-598-2824).
Hispanos de Leisure
World: This is to remind
residents who are Spanish
speakers that this club
continues to offer cultural
activities such as movies (every
month), bingo and other table
games on Fridays at 3 p.m.
in Clubhouse I, plus other
opportunities to meet and
socialize, such as the annual
“Fiesta de la Amistad” and
Christmas dinner. The annual
membership is $15 per person.
If interested, please contact our
president, Jose Soto (240-3081262) or vice president, Elsa
Fowler (240-780-6320).
Centering Prayer: Join
our group of centering prayer
practitioners on Wednesdays at
3:30 p.m. at 3588 Gleneagles
Drive. Centering prayer is a
method of silent meditation,
where you rest in God without
saying anything just happy
to be in God’s presence.
Our intention is be aware of
the presence of God and to
welcome the action of God
within us. Beginners are
welcome as are people of all
faith traditions. For more
information, call Eileen at 301-
Call for Open Prayers:
Share your intentions via
prayers. Join us—share and
receive inspirational goodies;
birthday blessings; name
day, etc. remembrances. Old
prayers, new prayers, original
prayers, traditional prayers.
We meet Thursdays, 2-3 p.m.,
Inter-Faith Chapel. Questions?
Call Deb (301-332-0361), Anna
(240-669-6546) or Miriam
Monday Night Bingo: No
Bingo Nov. 3. All residents
and their guests are invited
to play bingo in Clubhouse I’s
Crystal Ballroom on Monday
nights. Play begins at 7 p.m.
A $500 jackpot is available
each week as well as a 50-50
drawing and 14 cash prizes. All
proceeds benefit the service
projects of the Kiwanis Club
of Leisure World and charities
within Montgomery County.
Come join the Kiwanis Club
in an evening of fun and
Wanted! Mah Jongg
• Looking for three or four
Leisure World women for Mah
Jongg game at home. Call Bea
• Beginners wanted to learn
Maj Jong call 301-598-3438.
• The Wednesday Night
Chicago Bridge Group is
looking for new members.В The
group meets every Wednesday
in Clubhouse I. Play begins
promptly at 6:45 p.m. Bring
a partner and be ready for a
few hours of friendly games.
Questions? Call Doug (301448-8708).
• Men’s Bridge seeks
players. We meet Mondays
and Thursdays at 12:30 p.m.
in Clubhouse II. No partner
needed. Please, no beginners.
• Thursday Ladies Bridge
welcomes more card players.
If interested, call Trixie Lopes
• A few openings available
at the Greens. Thursdays 7-10
p.m. No prior experience
necessary. If interested, call
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 49
Earl (301-438-2822) or Al
• Men’s Poker are seeking
new members. Play is daily,
beginning around 9 a.m. in the
Game Room in Clubhouse II.
Pinochle Players: If you
enjoy pinochle, please join us at
Clubhouse II Monday evenings,
6:30-8:30 p.m. Call us at 301775-7238 or 240-669-8720.
Scrabble: Have Scrabble
game; will travel to Clubhouse
II, Tuesdays at 12:30 p.m. Call
Arlyne (301-438-7442) if you
are interested in playing.
Cribbage: We meet for
150 minutes of competitive
fellowship Thursdays at 9:30
a.m. in Clubhouse II. We have
cards and cribbage boards,
and would be pleased to teach
you the game. It is a mixture
of rummy and pinochle and is
pure fun (we do not even keep
score). For more information,
call George (301-598-9747) or
Bill (301-598-7270). We look
forward to seeing you.
Jigsaw Puzzle: We now
have a jigsaw puzzle table in the
Clubhouse II lobby. Please feel
free, at your leisure, to work on
Shuffleboard: Outdoor
Shuffleboard is a great
game that is suitable for all
ages and skill levels.В В From
novice to seasoned, all levels
welcome!В Play Thursdays from
9-11 a.m. on the Shuffleboard
courts located next to
Clubhouse I.
Bocce: Anyone can play
bocce! Once you play, you
are hooked.В Bocce requires
little athletic prowess, it is a
game of skill, focus, fun and
teamwork.В The game is also
simple to learn. Come out and
give it a try, meet others doing
the same! Bocce is played every
Wednesday from 9 to 11 a.m. at
the court next to Clubhouse I.
Duckpin Bowling: Join us
for the Duckpin Mixed Bowling
League Mondays at 12:30 p.m.
at White Oak Bowling Lanes,
11207 New Hampshire Ave. We
need bowlers of all skill levels
and will welcome you into our
enthusiastic group. We carpool
regularly so non-drivers need
not stay away. Call Grace White
(301-438-7892), Bud Money
(301-949-1599) or Flora Wolf
(301-598-5807) to join as a
substitute or regular bowler.
Tennis: Looking for tennis
players (USTA 3 to 3.5 level) to
play Doubles or Mixed Doubles
every Saturday and Sunday
morning (9). Please call Sam
Verma (240-669-8504) if
Fitness And Exercise
Club (supporting all Leisure
World physical activities):
Membership is open to any
resident interested in either
attending an existing activity
or in creating a new activity.
No membership fees. Sign
up by e-mailing your name
to LWMDfitness@gmail.
com.В The club is looking for
a representative from each
mutual to help us communicate
pertinent news through their
mutual newsletter, bulletin
board notices or mutual
meetings.В If you have signed
up but are not receiving any
e-mails announcing special
programs or updating on
the progress of the new
Fitness Center, please resend
your e-mail address. With
flu season approaching, it
is recommended that all
Fitness Center users wipe
off the equipment that you
are using, before and after
each use for maximum
protection. Four CPR classes
have been completed with
approximately 60 participants
becoming certified in CPR
and AED operation. New
classes will begin in spring
2015. If interested, e-mail
[email protected]
and you will be notified of
future class dates. If anyone
is interested in joining a small
committee to research the
viability of having a miniature
golf course in Leisure World
or any other outdoor activity,
please e-mail Richard Sherman
at [email protected].
Health and Well-Being
Patients’ Rights Council:
The Patients’ Rights Council
of Leisure World meetings,
the second Wednesday of each
month, will resume this month.
The purpose of the council is
the education of residents on
end-of-life issues and to voice
opposition to the legalization
of physician-assisted suicide.
The council provides wellqualified speakers on these
critical issues and encourages
compassionate treatment and
care for vulnerable individuals.
Contact is Mary Ann Johnston
(301-598-0647 or dancinliz@
50 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
Stroke Support Group:
The Montgomery County Stroke
Assn. (MCSA) meets monthly
from 1:30-3:30 p.m. on the 4th
Wednesday in Clubhouse II.
Stroke survivors and caregivers
are welcome. No registration
is necessary. For more
information, call Irene Spector
AL-ANON Meeting: AlAnon (for family and friends
affected by alcoholism) meets
Fridays at 2 p.m. at Our
Lady of Grace Church Parish
Center (near Leisure World,
enter through the back door),
15661 Norbeck Blvd., Silver
Spring, MD 20906. For more
information, call Mary Ann
Alcoholic Anonymous
(AA): Newcomers welcome. (If
outside LW, check in at the main
gate.) Meetings are: Mondays
at noon (Step Meeting) and
Thursdays at 6 p.m. (Big Book)
in Clubhouse I. Any questions!
Contact Don (301-598-3176).
Food Addicts in Recovery
Anonymous (FA): FA meets
every Wednesday, 8:30-10 a.m.,
at the Overlook, 3100 NLW
Blvd., in the party room. For
more information, call Bea (301438-3093).
Alzheimer’s Caregivers
Support: The Alzheimer’s
Support Group meets the 1st
and 3rd Wednesday of each
month at 3 p.m. in the InterFaith Chapel library. Please note
that on the 1st Wednesday in
November, the 5th, the church
will be closed. We will not meet
that day. For more information,
call Sunny (301-438-2446).
Free Blood Pressure
Testing: Free blood pressure
testing is available on the 1st
and 3rd Tuesday of the month
from 9 to 11 a.m. in Clubhouse I.
Medicare Benefits
Counseling: Senior Health
Insurance Assistance
Program (SHIP), a Maryland/
Montgomery County agency,
provides free individual
counseling to help with your
Medicare problems, Medicare
Part D, Medigap choices and
the many incoming savings
programs. Call 301-590-2819
to make appointments, 4th
Tuesday of each month 10 a.m.
to noon in Clubhouse I.
Wealth Management &
Estate Planning Clinic: SPC
Financial, Inc. Independent
Registered Investment Advisor/
SEC conducts a Financial
Wealth Management ~ Estate
& Tax Integration Clinic in
Clubhouse I every Friday
morning from 9:30-11:30 by
appointment only. We plan,
develop, integrate and advise
on comprehensive financial and
tax planning issues. To schedule
an appointment, call the E&R
office in Clubhouse II (301-5981320). Be sure to specify topics
of interest. Estate & Tax Law
Inquiries; Long Term Care &
Life Insurance Inquiries; Wealth
Management & Tax Integration
Inquiries; Charitable Gifting &
Transfer of Wealth Inquiries., 3202
Tower Oaks Blvd., Suite 400,
Rockville, MD 20852 (301770-6800). Securities offered
through Raymond James
Financial Services, Inc. Member
State Law: When operating
windshield wipers, headlights
must be on. Headlights must
be in use between sunset and
Searching for LW
Chamber Musicians! Call
Millie Perlow (301-598-6647) or
e-mail [email protected]. Please
note which instruments you
play and your telephone number
or e-mail so that groups, time
and places can be arranged.
Lost and Found: The FISH
Office in Clubhouse II serves
as the community’s Lost and
Found. Each month, one of
our members goes through the
items turned in and discards
the oldest ones. The discarded
items are donated to a church or
thrown away. FISH has all sorts
of items: car keys, umbrellas,
books, jackets and lots of other
Rossmoor Library: is
located in Clubhouse I right off
the main lobby. The hours are
Mondays 1 to 4 p.m., Tuesdays
to Fridays 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and
Saturdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Leisure World Post
Office: Located in the
Administration Bldg., it is open
from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., MondayFriday, and provides stamps,
mailing boxes, certified and
insured mail. Payment by check
or cash only. It cannot provide
Express or International
Business services due to local
Calendar of EVENTS
Sunday, November 2
Clubhouse I
Have a Happy Day
Clubhouse II
2:00pm Baby Boomers Group
2:30pm Fireside Forum
7:00pm Baby Boomers Movie
Monday, November 3
Clubhouse I
9:15am Stretch & Tone Class
10:00am 50’s Trends to Remember Class
11:25am Parallel Narratives Never Meet
1:00pm Paintbrush & Knife class
1:00pm CLL General Meeting
1:10pm Comparative Religions Class
2:00pm LW Chorale
2:20pm Connecting to Jewish Roots Class
Clubhouse II
9:00am Senior Sneakers Class
10:00am Clipper Workshop
10:30am Zumba Gold Class
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
1:00pm Chess Club
4:00pm Ba Duan Exercise Class
6:30pm Pocket Billiards Play
Tuesday, November 4
Clubhouse I
7:00am General Elections
9:00am Blood Pressure Testing
9:30am Art Class/Any Medium
1:00pm WC Techniques Class
4:30pm Lawn Bowls
7:00pm Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
7:00am General Elections
11:00am Water Exercise Class
1:00pm Non-impact Fusion Water Class
1:30pm Comedy & Humor
2:00pm Digital Photography Class
3:00pm Aqua Suspension Class
6:15pm Move to the Beat Class
Wednesday, November 5
Clubhouse I
9:00am Bocce Ball
9:o0am Gentle Yoga Class
9:30am Water Colors/Any Level
10:00am Scottish History Class
11:00am Short Story Group
11:30am Na’Amat USA Meeting
1:00pm Oil/Acrylics Class
2:00pm Book Club Network
2:00pm Compassion & Choices Group
6:45pm Chicago Bridge
Clubhouse II
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Ping Pong
1:00pm Get Wet N Fit Water
2:00pm Chair Tai Chi
3:00pm German Conversation
5:30pm Aqua Fit Class
7:30pm Fun & Fancy Theatre
Thursday, November 6
Clubhouse I
9:00am Shuffleboard
9:15am Stretch & Tone Class
10:00am Painting for Everyone
10:30am Essential Tremor Group
11:00am Writers Workshop
12:30pm Ladies Bridge
1:00pm Oil/Acrylics Class
3:00pm Stamp Club
4:30pm Lawn Bowls
Clubhouse II
9:00am Senior Sneakers Class
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi Class
10:00am Stitchers Group
11:00am Water Exercise Class
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
1:00pm Non-impact Fusion Water Class
1:30pm JRLW Movie
3:00pm Aquasize Class
3:45pm Balance & Stabilization Class
5:15pm Tap with Gerry
Friday, November 7
Clubhouse I
9:30am Basic Drawing Class
12:15pm Kiwanis of LW
1:30pm Watercolor/Any Level
2:00pm JustUs Group Meeting
3:00pm Hispanos De LW
7:00pm Friday Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi Class
1:00pm Ping Pong Group.
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Zumba Gold Class
1:00pm Friday Bridge Club
3:00pm Yiddish Conversation
Saturday, November 8
Clubhouse I
9:00am Gentle Yoga Class
10:00am Open Art Studio
Clubhouse II
9:15am Shabbat Services
7:00pm Going It Alone Social and Bingo
7:00pm Baby Boomers Movie
Sunday, November 9
Clubhouse I
10:15am Jewish War Vets
Clubhouse II
3:30pm Photo Matinee
6:30pm Baby Boomers Group
7:00pm Kristalnacht
Monday, November 10
Clubhouse I
9:15am Stretch & Tone Class
10:00am50’s Trends to Remember Class
10:00am Garden/Environmental Club
11:25pm Parallel Narratives Never Meet
1:00pm Paintbrush & Knife class
1:10pm Comparative Religions Class
2:00pm “Ernie Pyle”
2:00pm JRLW Video
2:20pm Connecting to Jewish Roots Class
2:00pm LW Chorale
5:00pm Stretch & Tone Class
7:00pm Bingo
Clubhouse II
9:00am Senior Sneakers Class
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
1:00pm Chess Club
2:00pm Chair Yoga
4:00pm Ba Duan Exercise Class
6:30pm Pocket Billiards Play
Tuesday, November 11
Clubhouse I
9:30am Art Class/Any Medium
9:30am LW Gardens Meeting
11:00am Veterans Day Brunch
1:00pm WC Techniques Class
2:00pm Amateur Radio Club
4:30pm Lawn Bowls
7:00pm Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi
11:00am Water Exercise Class
1:00pm Non-impact Fusion Water Class
1:30pm Comedy & Humor
2:00pm Digital Photography Class
3:00pm Aqua Suspension Class
3:00pm Parkinson’s Support Group
6:15pm Move to the Beat
7:00pm Camera Club Meeting
Dial 301-598-1313
for recorded Daily Events
Governance Calendar
November 2014
Community Planning
November 3, 10:00 a.m., Sullivan Room
Education & Recreation
November 4, 9:30 a.m., Clubhouse I
Emergency Preparedness
November 6, 9:30 a.m., Clubhouse I
November 7, 2:00 p.m., Sullivan Room
Physical Properties
November 11, 9:30 a.m., Clubhouse II
Foundation of Leisure World
November 12, 9:30 a.m., Clubhouse II
Budget & Finance
November 12, 2:00 p.m., Sullivan Room
Security & Transportation
November 13, 9:30 a.m., Clubhouse I
November 13, 10:00 a.m., Clubhouse II
Golf & Greens
November 14, 9:00 a.m., Clubhouse I
November 17, 10:00 a.m., Clubhouse I
Government Affairs
November 17, 2:30 p.m., Sullivan
November 18, 10:00 a.m., Clubhouse I
Resident Meeting
November 18, 3:00 p.m., Clubhouse I
November 14, 9:00 a.m., Sullivan
November 25, 9:30 a.m., Clubhouse I
3:45pm Balance & Stabilization Class
4:00pm Model Train Club
5:15pm Tap with Gerry
Wednesday, November 12
Clubhouse I
9:00am Gentle Yoga Class
9:30am Water Colors/Any Level
10:15am League of Women Voters
1:00pm Oil/Acrylics Class
1:00pm Low Vision Support Group
1:00pm Eyre Travel Show
1:30pm Patients’ Rights Group
5:00pm Stretch & Tone Class
6:45pm Chicago Bridge
Clubhouse II
12:00pm Ballet Barre
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Ping Pong
1:00pm Get Wet N Fit Water
1:00pm Stroke Support Group
1:30pm JRLW Movie
2:00pm Chair Tai Chi
3:00pm German Conversation
5:30pm Aqua Fit Class
7:00pm Ballet Barre
7:00pm Lapidary Club
Friday, November 14
Clubhouse I
9:30am Basic Drawing Class
10:00am Book Club Network
12:15pm Kiwanis of LW
1:30pm Watercolor/Any Level
1:30pm St. John’s Ensemble Concert
2:00pm JustUs Group Meeting
3:00pm Hispanos De LW
7:00pm Friday Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
10:00am Chinese Club of LW
10:00am Book Club Network
1:00pm Ping Pong Club
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Friday Bridge Club
3:00pm Yiddish Conversation
7:30pm Fun & Fancy Production Sweet
Thursday, November 13
Clubhouse I
9:15am Stretch & Tone Class
9:30am Flu Clinic
10:00am Painting for Everyone
12:30pm Ladies Bridge
1:00pm Oil/Acrylics Class
4:30pm Lawn Bowls
7:00pm LW Democrats
Clubhouse II
9:00am Senior Sneakers Class
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi
9:30am Quilters Group
10:00am MVA on Wheels
11:00am Water Exercise Class
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
1:00pm Non-impact Fusion Water Class
3:00pm Aquasize Class
3:30pm Internet for Everyday Use
Saturday, November 15
Clubhouse I
10:00am Open Art Studio
Clubhouse II
7:00pm Going It Alone Social
7:30pm Fun & Fancy Production Sweet
Sunday, November 16
Clubhouse I
10:00am Jewish Breakfast Forum
Clubhouse II
7:00pm Baby Boomers Group
2:00pm Fun & Fancy Production Sweet
Monday, November 17
Clubhouse I
9:30am Stretch & Tone Class
1:00pm Paintbrush & Knife Class
2:00pm LW Chorale
2:00pm NARFE Meeting
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 51
5:00pm Stretch & Tone Class
6:00pm LW Lions Club
7:00pm Republican Club Meeting
7:00pm Bingo
Clubhouse II
9:00am Senior Sneakers
10:00am Clipper Workshop
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
1:00pm Chess Group
2:00pm Chair Yoga
4:00pm Ba Duan Class
6:30pm Pocket Billiards Play
Tuesday, November 18
Clubhouse I
9:00am Blood Pressure Testing
9:30am Art Class/Any Medium
1:00pm WC Techniques
4:30pm Lawn Bowls
7:00pm Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi
11:00am Water Exercise Class
1:00pm Non-Impact Water Class
1:30pm Comedy & Humor
2:00pm Digital Photography Class
3:00pm Aqua Suspension Class
3:30pm Internet for Everyday Use
6:15pm Move to the Beat
Wednesday, November 19
Clubhouse I
9:00am Bocce Ball
9:00am Gentle Yoga Class
9:30am Water Colors/Any Level
11:00am Short Story Group
11:00am Community Fair Day
12:30am Hadassah
1:00pm Oils/Acrylics Class
5:00pm Stretch & Tone Class
6:45pm Chicago Bridge
Clubhouse II
12:00pm Ballet Barre
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Ping Pong
1:00pm Get Wet & Fit Water Class
2:00pm Chair Tai Chi
3:00pm German Conversation
5:30pm Aqua Fit Class
7:00pm Ballet Barre
Thursday, November 20
Clubhouse I
9:15am Stretch & Tone Class
9:30am Painting for Everyone
11:00am Writers Workshop
12:30pm Ladies Bridge
1:00pm Oil/Acrylics Class
4:30pm Lawn Bowls
4:30pm “Double Play” Concert
7:00pm Woman’s Club Program
Clubhouse II
9:00am Senior Sneakers
9:30am Quilters Group
9:30am Beg/Adv Tai Chi Class
10:00am Mac Users Group
11:00am Water Exercise Class
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
1:00pm Movie/“Diana”
1:00pm Non-impact Fusion Water Class
3:00pm Aquasize Class
3:30pm Internet for Everyday Use
3:45pm Balance & Stability Class
5:15pm Tap with Gerry
Friday, November 21
Clubhouse I
9:30am Basic Drawing Class
10:00am Book Club Network
1:30pm Water Colors/Any Level
2:00pm JustUs Group Meeting
5:00pm Hispanos De LW
7:00pm Friday Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
10:00am Chinese Club of LW
10:00am Book Club Network
1:00am Ping Pong Club
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Friday Bridge Club
1:00pm Zumba Gold Class
3:00pm Yiddish Conversation
Saturday, November 22
Clubhouse I
9:00am Gentle Yoga Class
10:00am Open Art Studio
7:30pm LW Ballroom Dance
Clubhouse II
7:00pm Going It Alone Social and Bingo
7:30pm Fun & Fancy Production Sweet
Sunday, November 23
Clubhouse I
Have a Happy Day
Clubhouse II
10:30am Jewish Friendship Group
2:00pm Fun & Fancy Production Sweet
7:00pm Baby Boomers
Monday, November 24
Clubhouse I
9:15am Stretch & Tone Class
2:00pm LW Chorale
5:00pm Stretch & Tone Class
7:00pm Bingo
Clubhouse II
9:00am Senior Sneakers Class
10:30am Zumba Gold Class
12:30pm Men’s Bridge
1:00pm Chess Club
2:00pm Chair Yoga
4:00pm Ba Duan Exercise Class
6:30pm Pocket Billiards Play
Tuesday, November 25
Clubhouse I
7:00pm Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
1:30pm Comedy & Humor Club
1:30pm Stroke Support Group
2:30pm UU’s Meeting
6:15pm Move to the Beat Class
7:00pm Camera Club
Wednesday, November 26
Clubhouse I
9:00am Gentle Yoga Class
5:00pm Stretch & Tone Class
6:45pm Chicago Bridge
Clubhouse II
12:00pm Ballet Barre
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Ping Pong Club
3:00pm German Conversation
7:00pm Ballet Barre
Thursday, November 27
Clubhouse I
12:30pm Thanksgiving Buffet
2:30pm Thanksgiving Buffet
5:00pm Thanksgiving Buffet
Clubhouse II
Friday, November 28
Clubhouse I
2:00pm JustUs Group Meeting
3:00pm Hispanos De LW
7:00pm Friday Duplicate Bridge
Clubhouse II
11:00am Ping Pong Club
1:00pm Chess Club
1:00pm Friday Bridge Club
1:00pm Zumba Gold Class
3:00pm Yiddish Conversation
Saturday, November 29
Clubhouse I
9:00am Gentle Yoga Class
Clubhouse II
7:00pm Going It Alone Social
52 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
Antique Village. We buy items or
estates for immediate cash. 35 years
experience. Call Georgina. 240-6459029. (1.2015)
furniture, collections, accumulations.
Buy out- clean up. 301-520-0755.
Point West. 2 BR, 2 BA, 1,315 sq. ft.
Garage parking, golf course view, open
kitchen, large enclosed balcony. Master
with step-in shower. $1,925 per month.
Call Roberta Campbell, Weichert,
Realtors, 301-681-0550 (office) or 301801-7906 (cell). (11.4)
BA, 1,225 sq. ft. Garage parking, golf
course view, multiple exposures, large
enclosed balcony, Pergo floors. $1,600
per month. Call Roberta Campbell,
Weichert, Realtors, 301-681-0550
(office) or 301-801-7906 (cell). (11.4)
oriental accent dining room table with
four cushioned swivel chairs. Use
closed, or with two leaves to seat eight.
Call for appointment in the Overlook,
301 908-2284. (11.4)
THE GREENS LUXURY highriseВ spacious 1 BR located on the 7th
floor, hardwood living room, washer
and dryer in laundry room.В Immediate
move-in.В Please call 301-768-0000.
3 BEDROOM, 3 FULL bath w/
garage and storage room.В $2,099 per
month. New carpet, paint, appliances,
view of pond and golf course. Pet
allowed additional $100. 2 Bedroom,
2 Full Bath, $1,400 per month. All
utilities included. Pet permitted, $50
additional per month. Long & Foster
301-548-9700. Contact Greg Marinik
240-994-5258 or Eve Marinik 301221-8867. (11.4)
2007 HONDA CIVIC LX – Four-door,
90,500 miles, MD inspected, four new
tires, automatic, power windows, a/c.
Leisure World car$7,990. Cars wanted.
I will buy your car even if you don’t buy
mine. Dealing with Leisure World for
38 years. Licensed and bonded. Cash
or cashier’s check for your car, van
or truck. I also detail cars. Please call
Marty Salins at Auto Plaza, 301-3251973. (11.4)
2004 FORD FOCUS – Automatic,
a/c, like new, only 12,700 miles. MD
inspected. $7,500. Leisure World car.
Cars wanted. I will buy your car even
if you don’t buy mine. Dealing with
Leisure World for 38 years. Licensed
and bonded. Cash or cashier’s check
for your car, van or truck. I also detail
cars. Please call Marty Salins at Auto
Plaza, 301-325-1973. (11.4)
– Six cylinder, loaded with leather, like
new, only 79,900 miles. MD inspected.
$4,999. Cars wanted. I will buy your
car even if you don’t buy mine. Dealing
with Leisure World for 38 years.
Licensed and bonded. Cash or cashier’s
check for your car, van or truck. I also
detail cars. Please call Marty Salins at
Auto Plaza, 301-325-1973. (11.4)
each. Discounted to $2,700 each if
two are purchased and to $2,250 if
four are purchased. With the purchase
ofВ all four plots, a garden can ben
added through cemetery management.
Exact location is Block 5, Site 1,2,3,4,
Lot 235.В Call 240-355-5339 for more
information. (11.4)
(double depth) (two burial rights). W
“C” Bronze 24 x 14 w, vase and granite.
A vault for each site. $5,800. Call LM,
301-929-9443. (first thru 12.2.14)
Desk – Rich cherry finish – all wood.
Ht. 48”, W 56” D 30”. Features include
rollout writing surface, keyboard
drawer, miscellaneous compartments.
Asking $350. Call 412-427-2940. (11.4)
Mobility Needs – Lift chair/recliner;
black faux leather – Less than one year
old; from nonsmoking environment;
lovely and comfortable, $350.
Adjustable bed with Tempurpedictype mattress – New condition—used
only five months; foot and head raise
and lower, $400 OBO. Motorized
Wheelchair; Hoveraround MPV5
Mk2 – Excellent condition; used
inside only; manual, battery and DVD
included; easy to operate; less than
two years old; $400 OBO. Transport
Wheelchair – Folds, foot rests detach
for easy loading into car; light and easy
to move. Walker with seat – Excellent
condition, $40 OBO. Walker (no seat)
red. $30 OBO. Call 240-388-5029 or
email [email protected]; local Leisure
World delivery is possible. (11.4)
Cemetery, Viers Mill Road. Nice
location at edge of driveway cemetery
drive $7350. Will sell for $3500. Better
now than later. 301-438-2004. (11.4)
The Leisure World News will allow
only those advertisers who show proof
of certification to advertise that they
are “certified nursing assistants.”
experience. Great reference. Available
for long days or nights. Can drive. 301806-3691. (1.6.15)
Citizens – Care you can trust and is
affordable. Reliable and qualified
aide and nursing staff available.
Companionship, personal care, meds,
housekeeping, shopping, driving. Full/
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 53
part-time or live-in. Flat rate for live-in
care. Call 240-533-6599. (11.18)
affordable care you can trust. Loving,
dependable caregivers for hourly, live
in/out. Licensed, insured, bonded.
Services include medications, bath and
personal hygiene, appointments, meal
preparation, housekeeping, laundry,
errands. Very low rates. Call for free
assessment (301-740-7667). Visit us
also at www.victoryhomehealthcare.
org. (1.6.15)
can trust and afford.” Companionship,
hygiene care, meal preparation,
housekeeping, errands, appointments.
Loving, dependable caregivers for FT/
PT or Live-in.В We offer a flat rate for
live-in care. В Low rates, no deposit
required. Call 301-490-1146. www. (1.6.2015)
SUPPORT: Serving residents of
Leisure World for over 20 years!В Call
for a special, reduced rate for Leisure
World residents only.В Mention this
ad to get your special discount.В Call
today for your complimentary inhome assessment. 240-430-1500.
Home Health Aide Caregiver – I have
proof of certification, license and
15 years of experience. I’m looking
for a fulltime private duty job. I will
provide health care services, tender
loving care to you and your loved
ones. Companion, housekeeping, daily
grooming, personal hygiene, shopping
and doctor’s appointments. Excellent
references. Please call Bola, 301-9965180. (12.16)
SIX YEARS of progressive experiences
as CNA, LPN & RN student with
practical clinical experiences. Very
passionate person that has worked
with seniors in providing exceptional
support, promoting wellness activities
and planning customized programs.
240-478-4741. (11.4)
Inc. – We provide quality rehab
(OT, PT and speech) for homebound
patients with skilled needs. We also
offer certified nursing assistants and
personal care assistants for more
individualized attention. Our mission:
to provide quality service with the
utmost integrity. Medicare/Medicaidcertified. Some private insurance
accepted. For more information,
call 1-888-336-2040. Email:
[email protected]. Website: (11.18)
a dependable, reliable, caring, loving,
kind aide with over 15 years experience
working home health and hospice
care? Licensed CNA, GNA, CMT,
patient care tech. and pharmacy tech.,
first aid and CPR. Current background
check. Available days or nights. Will
transport and run errands. Currently
working in Leisure World. 240-6217747, 240-422-9266. (12.2)
experience, elderly care. References
available. Drives. Florence, 240-2774053.
GNA/CNA – NINE YEARS experience.
Can drive. Available Monday through
Sunday. References available. Call
Jane at 240-486-1614. (12.16)
offers care an help to your senior loved
ones day/night/long/short hours.
Have great references, great driver,
21+ years in this career. Help with both
medical and non-medical care. Meds
reminders, doctor’s visits, activities of
daily living, etc. Price very reasonable.
Call me (Kadie) at 240-421-4993.
References, contact Jacklyne, 703-6775741; Etta, 240-438-7443. (11.4)
GNA/CNA – LICENSED and insured.
Over 20 years of experience working
with the elderly and patients with
hospice, dementia and Alzheimer’s.
Sadiatu Kabia, 240-605-3719. (11.4)
over 25 years experience proving
care, companionship, personal
healthcare, shopping, running
errands, etc.; seeking weekday parttime evening hours. CPR/first aid,
medical technician certification with
excellent references. I live within three
miles of Leisure World with my own
transportation. Contact Debbie: 240715-2403/[email protected]. (12.16)
tactful and diplomatic CNA/GNA
with over 20 years as nursing
professional. Tender hearted,
enthusiastic and dedicated lady,
seeks a private homecare position.
Excellent references. Please contact
Norma at 240-472-8834. Available for
immediate employment. (12.16)
CARE SERVICE BY LW resident of 13
years. Bachelor’s degree in health ed.,
recreation, biology, & P.E. (pre-med).
Master’s degree in counseling; 14 yrs.
experience. Advanced first-aid. Book
for 1 hr. $23, 2 hrs. -$22 per hr., 3 hrs.
-$20 per hr. Also will do food shopping
and driving. Call Suzie 301-438-3968.
work for loving family, 24-hour care,
live-in/out, night/day or weekend.
Over 16 years experience. Excellent
references. Phone: 240-688-2119 and
202-250-0837. (11.4)
14 years experience giving care to
elders in nursing homes, hospitals,
private duties at Leisure World.
Compassionate, reliable. Available
flexible time. Call Ellen at 301-5809808. (11.18)
caregivers team who took care of my
wife for years, available. Great team
– have vehicles and drive. Call Dr. C.
Schoman (301-598-5962) if interested.
ALZHEIMER’S, dementia, Parkinson
disease, CPR certificate with 15 years
experience. I am highly qualified for
homecare. I worked in Leisure World
before and Sumner Village for four
years with Ruth Olearns. I am available
immediately to work fulltime day or
night. I have a clean driving record
and have stellar references. Connie,
240-425-2221, [email protected].
54 | Leisure World News NOVEMBER 4, 2014
Med. Tech. Available daytime,
nighttime and weekends. Hours
negotiable. Good ref. Brenda Young,
240-277-0496. (11.21)
I’M A CNA WITH 25 years experience
with a good reference. I have been in
Leisure World for over 10 years. I live
right behind Leisure World which
helps if you need even on call basis.
Please call Olivia at 240-277-2452
or 301-598-3080. P.S. I have my
certifications. (11.4)
aide caregiver with years of experience
in elderly care. Good reference
upon request. Live in Aspen Hill. I
can be reached at 240-722-7967 or
[email protected]. (11.4)
HOME HEALTH AIDE seeks short
hours with Leisure World seniors.
Previously worked in Leisure World
since 1988 with nursing agency.
Chores include meal preparation, light
housekeeping, laundry, personal care.
Very caring, reliable, understanding.
Lives in Glenmont. Available for
interview. Call Rita, 954-274-6052.
I’M A CNA/GNA with 10 years
experience looking for work. I’m
honest, caring, committed and love
taking care of the elderly. Call Amy,
240-471-3937 or 301-947-1373. (12.16)
assistant with reference available
for work and can drive. Please call
Rebecca at 240-701-8169. (1.20.15)
– Certified CNA & CPR. Three years
experience. Light housekeeping, assist
with meal preparation and personal
care, companionship, medication
reminder. Available for long hours I
treat you and loved ones with respect.
Excellent reference. Biruh, 240-6020539. (11.4)
a wonderful caregiver with 15 years
experience. I am looking for a live-out
job. Contact number, 240-429-2265. I
am available now. (11.4)
person with a CNA and 10 years
experience seeking a job to care for
your loved ones. Feel free to contact
me at [email protected] or 240550-6212. (11.4)
IF YOU ARE LOOKING for a caring,
loyal and genuine nurse to take care
of you or a family member, I can be
reached at 240-515-4547. (11.4)
caring, reliable caregiver/companion?
Look no further, I am the right person.
Good references and rate. Call 240552-4222. (11.18)
aid holder. I would like to offer my
services, I’m available most of the time
including weekends. More info.: Please
callВ 301-310-1277. (11.4)
SEEKING A PERSON to make follow
up to ensure the customers are happy
with the work performed. The pay is
$13. per hour and the hours are flexible
and will be no more than once a week.
Ask for Gary McKee:В cell 301-7858580, Preferred Automotive Assoc.,
12356 Wilkins Ave., Rockville, MD
20852. (11.4p)
Come see us in the Leisure World
Plaza - located between Gold Castle
Jewelers and the dry cleaner. В See our
full-page ad this issue. (12.16)
A WISE CHOICE. Call me. Marilyn
Rubinstein of Weichert Realtors. Your
expert in this great community. Top
1% Nationwide. #1 Office Producer
with over 40 years of experience and
hundreds of sales right here. Call
me for a free market analysis. Please
call and we’ll talk. I make buying or
selling an enjoyable and successful
experience. Call Marilyn today – 301674-1288. (12.16)
home or that of a relative? Business
in 2014 has been brisk. Inventory is
slowly increasing. Days on the market
remain less than two months! Prices
are stable, call for specific stats on
your property. I’ve loved living in our
community for over 10 years. Meet me
at the Plaza office or our satelitte office
in the Leisure World Admin. Building.
I know all the floor plans and how
to price them! In the first quarter of
2014, I was #1 in community listings
sold and sales for Weichert. I love
to list…especially close to home! My
color brochures, multiple websites,
staging techniques and new visual
property tours display your home
and community at its best. My weekly
reports detailing web hits, showings,
& competing properties keep you
updated. Call for a free competitive
market analysis. References
available. Sue Heyman, Top 1% of
Agents Nationwide, Senior & Relo
Specialist,В 301-580-5556.
IT’S A “HOT” RENTAL market in
Leisure World! Looking for unit
owners and investors who want to earn
income from their property. Call Eve
Rados Marinik, 301-221-8867, Long
& Foster Real Estate, 301-548-9700,
[email protected] or Gregory Marinik,
240-994-5258. (2.2015)
ALTERATIONS - 27 years experience
in Leisure World! Men’s & woman’s
garments picked up and dropped off
at your convenience. Very competitive
prices. Call Mimi, 301-990-6468.
LOCKS - Deadbolt locks installed, or
your present lock re-keyed. Special
locks for people with arthritis. For free
estimate call Glenn Murphy at OLNEY
LOCK SERVICE, 301-774-7727. 10%
off with this ad. (11.8)
Remodeling – Cabinet and countertop
replacement, and bathtub to accessible
shower conversions. Please call Joe
at JML Remodeling. 301-598-8400.
Serving Leisure World since 1988.
MHIC# 36674. Thank you. (2.2015)
with your PC or Network? Computer
Systems Engineer will come to you
with help. Home, Business. Call David
G., 301-642-4526. (2.2015)
serving the Leisure World community.
Quality service at affordable rates,
weekly, bi-weekly, monthly intervals
available. Please call CC & Son for free
estimate. 301-253-0544. (2.17.15)
MEMORIES! Don’t let your precious
photos be forgotten or fade over
time.  I’ll transfer your photos, slides,
and mementos to a CDВ so theyВ can be
easily shared with friends and family.
Once they’re scanned, I can bring your
photos to life in a memorable DVD
slideshow that will make aВ creative and
unique gift for any occasion.В В Call Kim
at Virtual Computer Services, 301-4383140. (12.16)
– We conduct every move with care –
all your items are treated with utmost
respect – small or large – prices to
match the items. Insured notary. 240286-5854, [email protected].
SERVICESВ - Need help with
your computer? Training, new
computer setup,В troubleshooting,
installation.В Lessons at your residence
at your convenience.В Teach basic
computer, email,В surfing the web,
Windows 8, photos, digital cameras,
smartphones, and more. Patient
trainer willВ sit by your side and teach
you in plain English - no technical talk!
Shopping assistance for all electronic
& computer items.В Senior specialist
since 1996. Senior discount. Call David
at 301-762-2570.В ComputerTutor
LOCKSMITH – 35 YEARS servicing
the community. I pay particular
attention to detail and always leave
every space immaculate. I wouldn’t
settle for less—you shouldn’t either.
If you need me, I’m right around
the corner in Longmead Crossing.
Licensed, bonded and insured. I look
forward to serving you. Steve Allen,
301-346-9380. (2.2015)
only. Take down – rehanging/no
charge. Free pickup and delivery. Free
estimate. Call Barbara, 301-384-4390.
references. Good rate. Once a week or
every two weeks. 240-286-3807.
- $50/hour. Clean up viruses, spyware,
diagnose hardware problems, install
PC’s/printers, set up secure wireless
laptop/PC connections. Son of a
Leisure World resident. Gary, 301-3393544.
comes to Leisure World! We’re happy
to help by offering our cleaning
services 7 days a week. Want your
home looking spotless? Call United
Cleaning Group today at 240-4645104. (12.16) DOG WALKER – LW. Resident.
Experienced dog walker. Will walk
your dog on a regular basis or as
needed. Rain, hail, sleet or snow. Not
feeling well? Unable to walk your pet?
Very reasonable rates. Call Chris, 703965-4863. (first thru 1.6.15)
SPRINTER MOVERS – 1-888-4730110. Call George. Local moving
company. Full packing service
available, reliable, experience and
gentle with your furniture and
cherished possessions. Friendly,
caring, professional manner. www. (11.4)
women with seven years experience
in cleaning houses and apartments.
Good references. Good prices. Free
estimates. Please call Rosibel at 301655-4576 or by email: benitezbely@
PIANO LESSONS - Karen Wood has
taught piano to adults for over 35
years. Bachelor of Music, piano major,
voice minor. Students are guided by
standards of National Guild. Call 301512-8883. (11.4)
A+ COMPUTER SERVICES. Free inhouse diagnostic of your computer,
Printer, or basic set-ups. A+ certified,
virus removal, back up, and retrieve
important data, photos, and music.
Also will teach lessons on Microsoft
Office and basic computer skills at your
home. Alex Nowrouzi, (301-312-22770.
I reside in Leisure World. (5.2015)
(Medicare) Personalized Nutritional
assessments. Low energy, focus or
memory issues, intestinal problems,
diabetes, cancer survival nutrition,
cholesterol or other medical
challenges. Ask for senior discount.
Call Marietta Amatangelo, MS, RDN,
LDN, licensed nutritionist, at 877-4280555, or email [email protected].
needs odd jobs, home improvement
work. Free estimates, reasonable rates.
Call Kevin, 1-240-305-0708. (11.4)
bi-weekly, free estimate. Young
responsible person, experience in LW
and very good references. Good price
an accessible schedules. Call Samara,
240-701-9435. (12.16)
handyman services. 301-399-4803. Painting,
flooring and general maintenance.
CARE SERVICE BY LW resident of
13 years. Bachelor’s degree in health
ed. Recreation, biology and PE (premed). Master’s degree in counseling.
Fourteen years experience. Advanced
first aid. Book for one hour, $23; two
hours, $22 per hour; three hours, $20
per hour. Also will do food shopping,
driving. Call Suzie, 301-438-3018.
years experience) – Loving, dedicated,
reliable senior will care for dogs, cats,
birds and other small furry animals.
Daily dog walks, cat visits, in-home
sitting for vacations, middays, evening
feed and walks or business trips.
Leisure World references. Insured,
bonded, member PSI. Call Eileen at
PET SITTING & DOG WALKING The area’s #1 fully insured & bonded
pet care service for 10 years. We
provide live-in pet sitting and private
midday dog walking with just us and
your dog. Visit our website at Contact the owner direct at
301-699-1133 or cpuppetwalks@gmail.
com. (12.16)
references. I will thoroughly clean
your home for a fair price. All supplies
included. Please call Sara, 240-4772104. (1.6.15)
– Don’t take the risk if you have
a wrinkled carpet to trip and fall.
Ten years working at L.W. Good
references, painting and general home
improvements. Small jobs welcome.
Handyman. Special discounts. Call
Jesse Morales at 301-747-5054. (11.4)
LLC - We are in business to help you
manage your to-do-list, and give you
that peace of mind to enjoy things
that matters to you most. Whether
you need help with grocery shopping,
picking up or dropping prescription,
or just need a companion to talk with,
Easy Life Errand Services is here to
assist you. Our services are affordable
and tailor to meet each client needs.
To learn more, please call 240476-9677 or visit our website www. (11.4)
WANT TO RELAX, HEAL & distress?
Try therapeutic massage. We will
come to you. Now accepting regular
customers. 240-277-7971. Licensed,
insured and board certified. (11.4)
HOLIDAY SPECIALS! AVON makeup and more.В Through the end of
December 2014 you will receive
20 percent off your order ($20
minimum). Call Dottie todayВ to
getВ yourВ free AVONВ catalog:В 301-8711513. (11.4)
breakfast; 10:30 a.m., expo; Friday,
Nov. 7; Riderwood, 3120 Gracefield
Road, Silver Spring. To commemorate
the sacrifices of veterans and provide
information to them and their families.
John F. Kennedy High School will
serve as the color guard. Surprise guest
speaker. Representatives from local
government agencies will provide
information. (11.4)
Saturday, Nov. 8; Olney Library, 3500
Olney Laytonsville Road. If you are
a senior (age 55 or over) register by
Nov. 3. Limited competition slots.
Grand prize for first place. Fee:
$25. Sponsored by the Friends of
the Library, Montgomery County.
Reception with light refreshments
follows. 240-777-0020,
or email [email protected]. (11.4)
We’re Going to Broadway!!” with
special guests, Afterflow Quartet.
Tickets: $15. Call box office, 240-3148690 to reserve or book online at Tickets also
available day of the show. Visit us at or call 301-2301444. (HOM info line). (11.18)
CONCERT – 1 and 5 p.m., Saturday,
Dec. 6; Immanuel’s Church, 16819
New Hampshire Ave., Silver Spring.
The Wonder of Christmas with The
National Christian Choir. Kathy
Bowman, director; 170 auditioned
voices, full orchestra and fourth
annual Children’s Christmas Choir.
Tickets: $25, Director’s Circle; $18,
general admission; $12, children
(12 and under). Call for group
rates. Order tickets online at www. or call
301-670-6331 or 800-599-4710. By
mail: PO Box 1600, Germantown, MD
20875. (12.2)
CONCERT – 3 p.m., Sunday, Dec. 7,
Montgomery College Cultural Arts
Center, 7995 Georgia Ave., Silver
Spring. Piano Society. Free. (12.2)
PUT THE MUSIC YOU love back in
your life! Enjoy live jazz and swing
on the first Friday of the month at
Hollywood East CafГ©, Westfield
Wheaton Shopping Mall, 7 to 10 p.m.
Listen to the Night & Day Combo
perform the classic standard songs
of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, from Cole
Porter, Gerswin, et al. Great music,
great food, no cover charge!
dollars paid for your used car! Over
40 years experience serving Leisure
World. Leave message 24 hours. I will
come to you. Cash or cashiers check at
your request. I can also help with your
new car purchase, any make or model!
Md. Dealer #U2927. Call Marty Salins,
301-325-1973. (c)
Committee would like to take this
opportunity to thank all of you who
have donated the beautiful furniture,
in the past that was used to furnish the
houses provided by the organization.
We are again accepting furniture, in
good condition. Please call the Housing
Unlimited, Inc. office at 301-592-9314.
items. Cash paid for silver, gold, coins,
pocket watches, vintage wristwatches,
art, Asian antiques, guns, knives,
estates, collections. Call Tom, Silver
Spring resident, 240-476-3441.
BARBERSHOP Chorus Fall Show
– 1 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 22; F. Scott
Fitzgerald Theatre, Rockville Civic
Center Park, 603 Edmonston Road,
Rockville. “We’ve Done Rockville…
NOVEMBER 4, 2014 Leisure World News | 55
Karen Rollings
Sherry Felice
3410 N High St
Olney, MD 20832
Kathy Workman
A Sampling-As reported MRIS Statistics for Properties Closing in your community October 10, 2014 — Present
Days on
BLVD N #704-6
9+ Floors
BLVD #5-304
9+ Floors
BLVD #5-1029
9+ Floors
DR #4-709
9+ Floors
DR #522
9+ Floors
DR #3-106
9+ Floors
S BLVD #98-2B
Garden 14 Floors
DR #87-2F
Garden 14 Floors
Do you love living in Leisure World?
Our potential buyers would like to hear why! If you have an
opinion, we’d love to hear it! Drop us a
letter or send us an email!
We have a buyer looking for a 3 bedroom (or 2 bedroom with a den) home in Mutual #19!!! If you or
someone you know has a home they want to sell,
please give us a call!
[email protected]
3410 North High Street
Olney, MD 20832
Serving Montgomery County for 30 years! We are the company for all your flooring
needs. Carpeting, Hardwood, Laminate, Ceramic, Marble, Commercial, Residential. We
do it all! We carry major brand names in carpeting and hard surface flooring. For your
convenience we also sell and service most major brands of vacuum cleaners.
18167 Village Center Drive
Olney, MD 20832
only for purchases over $1000. Offer not valid with any other offers.