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Neebing Rural Municipal Police Costs - OPP
In Ontario, municipalities are required by law to provide police
services for their constituents.
There are only two legal ways to do
this. One is to create a municipal
police department (as is the case in
Thunder Bay). The other is to use
the services of an existing police department (such as a neighbouring
municipal police force or the Ontario Provincial Police). The minimum standards for creating
municipal police departments make
creating an in-house service costprohibitive for small municipalities.
As a result, most of Ontario’s small
and rural municipalities use the
services of the Ontario Provincial
Police, either by contracting with
the OPP directly for a specified level
of service, or through the “default”
provisions of the Police Services
During 2013 and 2014, the Provincial Government has been undertaking a review of the formula
under which Ontario municipalities
pay for the OPP services that they
receive. As a result of that review,
the billing formula has been
changed. There was an initial
billing model proposed and pub-
lished for consultation. Municipalities and municipal associations and
organizations provided feedback to
the Province regarding that model.
In September, the Province finalized
the new billing formula. On September 30th, Ontario municipalities
who use OPP services received the
information relating to what they
will have to pay in 2015, along with
detailed explanations of how the
costs were calculated. During the
funding formula review, the OPP
cancelled any service contracts that
had existed with Ontario municipalities, effective December 31, 2014.
The impact on Neebing’s 2015
budget is not pretty.
In the calendar year 2014, Neebing
paid $111,961.00 for OPP policing.
This was paid under a contract for
services which was terminated during the review. Under the new funding model (ignoring any phase-in
reductions), the annual price tag for
police services in Neebing will increase to $304,000.00. This is an increase of 271%.
Some of the feedback that had been
provided to the Province during the
consultation period was from municipalities like ours where the price
Information from Your Council
was proposed to jump by a very significant amount. The budget impact
(which equates directly to an impact
to the residents’ pocket books)
would be crippling. In response, the
Province has decided to “phase in”
any increases (or decreases, in the
few instances that they occur). The
phase-in will occur over a time
frame of 5 years. Because of this, the
actual price that Neebing will pay
for the OPP services in 2015 is
$159,642.00. That represents an increase of 42.59% over 2014. Although that compares favourably to
an increase of 271%, it is still an unmanageable increase for a small and
primarily residential municipality.
One must also keep in mind that the
“real” increase of 271% will happen
– it will just happen over time.
Your municipal council, together
with many other local government
councils across Ontario, provided
input during the consultation phase
at every opportunity, protesting the
proposed increases and trying to explain to the Province the impact that
would result if the increases were to
be finalized at these levels. It does
not appear that their voices were
heard. Council continues to protest
November 2014
the new billing model. It is working hard on a strategy to overcome
this new challenge.
The billing model is based, in part,
on the number of calls that a municipality’s constituents place to
the OPP. While Council members
would never advise those who really need police assistance for protection of people or property to
avoid calling the police, Council
also wishes to bring this issue to
the attention of the public. While
Neebing is grappling with this
issue, please think twice before
calling the OPP for neighbourhood
disputes or minor infractions. In
no case should anyone consider
“taking the law into their own
hands” – this is not the point of this
article. However, where a by-law
may be of assistance to resolve an
issue, you may wish to consider
bringing the matter to the attention
of the municipality rather than the
Rest assured the battle over this
price increase is ongoing – but it is
proving to be an uphill climb. 2015
may be a significant belt-tightening
year in many ways.
Sounds of Superior Chorus, Regional Competition 2014
Come Join the Chorus
submitted by Sharron Kershaw
Hard work really does pay off! Earlier this year Sounds of Superior Chorus attended our Regional Competition in Rochester, MN and we are very proud to have
placed 3rd in our division!
We have had a very busy exciting year celebrating our 40th Anniversary and
are now gearing up for a busy fall. Regular practices started up again in early September and we are brushing up on our future competition pieces as well as our full
repertoire. We are looking forward to a coaching session in October working on
techniques to produce that full resonant sound and choreography to tell the story of
the song.
Preparations are also underway for our annual fall fashion show. This year
“Harmony in Style” will be held Sun, Nov 9, 2014 at Superior High School with entertainment by Sounds of Superior Chorus, fashions by Kitty Cucumber Children’s
Boutique, Vanderwees Home and Garden Fashion Boutique and Jockey Person to
Person Fashions. Tickets are available from any chorus member or contact Carole
at 768-9700, Adult tickets - $20, Children 10 and under - $10.
New this fall is a Recruitment Incentive Program. Beginning on Monday, October 20, 2014 ladies are invited to give the chorus a try. Join us on the risers each
Monday at our regular practice held at Superior High School on High Street at 7
pm. Get the feel of the harmony and experience being a part of this award winning
chorus. Learn two songs and perform with the chorus at our Christmas Concert to
be held at Superior High School on Wed, Dec 17, 2014. Musical training is not necessary, with four part harmony there is a part to fit every woman’s voice range. For
more information contact Carol Morgan at 345-8078 or email [email protected] Visit our web page at
October 25th and October 27th were busy voting poll days in
Neebing. The Returning Officer and Deputy Returning
Officer for the 2014 election would like to extend a
huge “thank you” to the volunteers who so ably
provided their assistance at this busy time.
Thank you, sincerely, for serving your community
in this capacity.
What does “Off-Road” Mean when it comes to ATVs?
Laws can be confusing – and the rules surrounding just where you are allowed to drive your All-Terrain-Vehicle are
no exception! Roads in Ontario can be subject to rules from a variety of sources.
The Federal government enacts laws that regulate criminal behavior – which can include “criminal negligence” in
the operation of a vehicle on any highway, regardless of what level of government would otherwise regulate that
particular highway.
The Province enacts laws (called “legislation” or “statutes”), including laws that regulate highways. Some provincial laws regulate only the Provincial highways, while others also apply to municipally owned roads. Two statutes
have a direct effect on ATV operation on roadways. One is the “Highway Traffic Act” and the other is the “Off
Road Vehicles Act”. Provincial legislation often grants authority to the Lieutenant-Governor in Council to pass
“regulations” on topics that fall under a particular statute.
There is a regulation under the Highway Traffic Act which governs off-road vehicles, and there is a regulation under
the Off Road Vehicles Act as well. Keeping in mind that many roads are not officially opened as government roads,
whether they are on private property or government property, there are a number of other provincial statutes that
apply to those tracts of land. These include the Trespass to Property Act and the Occupiers’ Liability Act, among
Once you’ve managed to drill down to an understanding of all of the Federal and Provincial rules that apply – you
then turn to the Municipality. This level of government passes by-laws to regulate the roads that are
under municipal jurisdiction.
There are several Provincial highways (Numbers 61, 595, 597, and 608) in Neebing. All of the other roads
in our municipality are either private roads (on private property or on Crown land) or Municipal roads
(whether opened and maintained, or unopened).
Disobedience of the rules that are found in Provincial statutes or regulations, or in Municipal by-laws can
lead to the issuance of an offence notice and prosecution for a “provincial offence”. These are not criminal offences and a conviction does not lead to a criminal record, although the penalties that are applicable can include jail time and/or significant monetary fines. Examples of provincial offences under
Ontario law include: charges for speeding, driving without a licence, hunting out of season, etc. Examples of provincial offences under Municipal by-laws include: parking tickets, contravening zoning bylaw requirements relating to property use, disobeying noise by-laws, etc.
The Highway Traffic Act provides (Section 191.3) that no one can drive an “off-road vehicle” on any
highway except in accordance with the regulations under that legislation, the Off-Road Vehicles Act
and all municipal by-laws. Regulation 316/03 passed under the Highway Traffic Act distinguishes between “all terrain vehicles” and “off road vehicles”.
An “Off-Road Vehicle” is defined as a vehicle which is motorized, and either has three wheels or less,
or is a specifically-mentioned type of vehicle with more than 3 wheels. An “All Terrain Vehicle” is one
of those specifically-mentioned. It is defined as a type of “off road vehicle” that has 4 wheels, steering handlebars, a seat that is straddled and is designed to carry only one person (no passengers).
There is a long list of highways in Schedule “A” to Regulation 316/03 where all types of “off road vehicles” are expressly prohibited. There is another long list in Schedule “B” to that regulation where
“all terrain vehicles” (but not other types of “off road vehicles”) are expressly allowed.
The Municipality of Neebing does not have any by-laws allowing off-road vehicle operation on the
municipal roads or any other municipal property. None of these vehicles, regardless of the number
of wheels they have or whether or not they are licensed and/or safety-checked, are permitted on the
municipal roadways. Driving one of these vehicles where you are not permitted to drive it will expose you to risk of prosecution. It also exposes you to liability for property damage (caused, for example, by the vehicle’s wheels on soft ground) or personal damage (resulting from a collision).
If you are considering driving an ATV on one of the provincial highways where you are permitted
to drive it, the Off-Road Vehicles Act and its regulations, as well as the regulation under the Highway Traffic Act, contain many other applicable rules. There are requirements for licenses (including
a valid Ontario Driver’s License), speed limits, the wearing of helmets, rules about liability, equipment such as reflectors and lamps, etc. One cannot just assume that because
one of the regulations lists a highway as one on which an ATV may be driven,
Written applications will be received from persons interested in serving as a
that you are “home free” to simply drive out there. There are obvious dangers,
member on the Committee of Adjustment for the Municipality of Neebing for
and anyone owning or using one of these machines should be completely faa four year term.
miliar with all of the rules. This will not only help to keep you on the “right
side of the law”, but will also help to keep you safe.
Applications will be received at the Municipal Office until 4:30 p.m. on Dend
cember 2 , 2014, with a view to having the appointments made at the regular council meeting of December 3rd, 2014.
Applications can also be submitted by facsimile to 474-5332 or by electronic
mail to [email protected]
The Municipality of Neebing is in the process of dismantling the outdoor skating rink located in Pearson Township. Lack of interest in using it for the past
The Committee of Adjustment is established under the authority of the Planseveral years has led to its falling into a state of disrepair. Vandalism to the
ning Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. P.13, as amended. Its meetings are technically judihydro lines servicing the site, together with the boards’ disrepair caused safety
cial-style hearings at which various types of applications for planning
concerns. The baseball diamond will remain and will be maintained in the
approvals are considered. The Committee’s jurisdiction includes applications
spring and summer, as usual.
Residents of Pearson are more than welcome to approach Council to re-estaba) consents to sever (divide) property;
lish recreation facilities at the site should a need arise in future. For the presb) �minor’ relief from the provisions of the Municipality’s zoning by-law;
ent, it was necessary to return the site to a safe condition.
c) interpretation of the terms of the Municipality’s zoning by-law;
d) extending or enlarging legal non-conforming uses; and
e) validation orders.
Ziggy Polkowski
In Neebing, the most common applications are the first two – the other three
are quite rare.
Councillor for Crooks
Bev Dale
Neebing’s Committee of Adjustment is composed of 7 members. Meetings
(hearings) occur as required to respond to applications received. Each comCouncillor for Scoble
Mike McCooeye
mittee member is asked to view the property which is the subject matter of
the meeting, if possible, prior to the hearing. An honorarium is paid to each
STAFF – 474-5331
member per hearing attendance.
general email: [email protected]
[email protected]
The new Committee would commence its duties on December 4th, 2014 and
Nadia LaRussa
[email protected]
serve for a term commensurate with that of the Municipal Council, expiring
Erika Kromm
[email protected]
November 30th, 2018 or as soon after that time as replacements are apFire Chief
Dale Ashbee
[email protected]
Gordon Cuthbertson
[email protected]
Outdoor Skating Rink in Pearson Township
page 2, The Neebing News, November 2014
By Gladys Grant
Winter is fast approaching and the ber which is 285В·0836. Calls will be refood bank is getting much busier. We ceived between 10 a.m. and 9 p.m.
had 71 hampers in October and No- daily. Please leave a message on the
vember is expected to increase in answering machine and someone will
numbers because of job losses, gas get back to you as soon as possible if
prices, heating costs and utility prices you have any questions or concerns.
going up.
A TAX RECEIPT will be issued tor
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone donations of $20.00 or more, as we are
who contributed to the Harvest Food a non-profit registered charity.
Drive in October at the Odena with
ATTENTION: In our efforts to seek
the groceries going to us and the out a new building for our operation
money collected going to The Re- in the last few years, the Rural Cupgional Food Distribution Association board Food Bank has been given an
(RFDA). Our food bank receives food opportunity to acquire a building that
items every food bank and many meets all accessibility and operation
times during the year from RFDA as standards. In order to acquire a suitwe are a member of the organization. able building, supply water and
A BIG THANK YOU also to all the sewage and meet the ever growing
volunteers who looked after the sta- need of our clients and volunteers we
tion and the Odena tor allowing us to will be required to raise the capital to
be collecting there and our many vol- do so. We would like to call upon the
unteers for the food bank and clients residents of Thunder Bay and surrounding municipalities for their fiwho help out also.
A BIG THANK YOU to everyone nancial support. Donations can be
who made donations to the food bank mailed to the address listed above.
in memory of Jack Johnson of O'Connor Please make cheques payable to the
Rural Cupboard Food Bank. Your conTownship. It was greatly appreciated.
Food can be dropped off at the sideration for support is greatly apProvincial Alliance Credit Union in preciated and desperately needed to
Kakabeka Falls and the Oliver continue with this worthwhile comPaipoonge Library in Rosslyn Village munity service.
Next meeting is Tuesday, Novemduring business hours and also the
Neebing Municipal Office. Reusable ber 18th at 6 P.M. at Redeemer in the
shopping bags are always needed and Church Hall.
can be dropped off at the above loca- ATTENTION: Please mark the date of
tions or at the food bank at times listed Sunday, November 30th on your calbelow.
endar to attend the Christmas Concert
You can bring them on Tuesday af- for the Food Bank put on by Emternoon November 18th from 1 P.M. to manuel Country Gospel of Redeemer
2 P.M. or in the evening from 7 P.M. to Lutheran Church at the Kakabeka Le8 P.M. when people are at the food gion who match all monitory donations. The Kam Valley Fiddlers and
bank preparing for food bank day.
The next food bank is Wednesday another group along with Emmanuel
November 19th from 11 A.M. to 1:30 Country Gospel will preform from 2
P.M. tor distribution of hampers. If P.M. to 4 P.M. Admission is a tree will
you have some tree time available and offering at the door. Come out for a
are willing to help out at the food time of music, fun and fellowship. A
bank, please call our food bank num- time to start getting into the Christmas Spirit!
Written applications will be received from persons interested in serving
as volunteer members of various boards and committees for the Municipality of Neebing for the year 2015.
Applications will be received at the Municipal Office until 4:30 p.m. on
December 2nd, 2014, with a view to having the appointments made at
the regular council meeting of December 3rd, 2014.
Applications can also be submitted by facsimile to 474-5332 or by electronic mail to [email protected]
Cloud Bay (Crooks) Cemetery Board
(5 positions) District Veterinary Services Committee
(2 positions) Neebing Recreation Committee
(5 positions)Livestock Evaluators
(up to 3 positions) Economic (Development) Advisory Committee (5
positions) Fence Viewers
(3 positions)
Further details regarding the duties for members of any of these Committees is available at the Municipal Office. At present, all appointments are for a one year term, for calendar 2015. The committees
have been asked to review their terms of reference to see whether alternate term lengths would be preferable, so the appointment terms
may change in future.
Please note that if you are a sitting member of any of these committees, you do need to re-apply for the upcoming calendar year term.
Dear Agricultural Partner,
I am forwarding the link below regarding the Northern Ontario Heritage
Fund Corporation (NOHFC) funding support for Agricultural Projects.
NOHFC is accepting applications through the following project funding
1. Regional Land Clearing and Tile Drainage Projects, through
the Strategic Economic Infrastructure Program
2. Individual Agricultural Projects, through the Northern Business
Opportunity Program
For further details regarding these project funding programs, please
visit the website:
Please don’t hesitate to contact my office if you have any questions regarding these programs.
Bill Mauro
MPP Thunder Bay-Atikokan
240 S. Syndicate Avenue
Thunder Bay,ON P7E 1C8
t: 807-623-9237
f: 807-623-4983
e: [email protected]
website: t
All adult readers welcome!
Murillo LibraryВ В 7pm
640 Beverly Street
(807) 344-3232 Office
(807) 344-5400 Fax
1-888-837-6926 Toll Free
[email protected]
Monday,В November 17thВ by Alice Hoffman
For more
or to reserve a book,
please contact
Maxine at
935-2729 or
Ray Johnson
Barb McEwen
(807) 626-3860 CELL
• Firewood delivery
• Tree cutting & stump removal
• Land clearing • Building site preparation
• Driveways & ditches
• Culvert replacement
• Excavator services
• Basement & pond digging, etc.
• Earth levelling & removal
5211 Hwy. 61
• Log loading & hauling
• Scrap vehicle removal
H 964-2380
• 20 tonne float services
C 628-6841
Take Off Pounds
We meet every Tuesday at
6:00 pm
at Blake Hall. Drop in for
a meeting.
Phone: Rose Marie at 5775924 or Rhonda at 475-9529
[email protected]
With Susie
Murillo Community Centre
Tuesday [email protected]!
Di tch t h e
wo r k o u t ! ! !
a rt y
Jo i n t h e p
Session runs from Oct. 28th- Dec 9th ( $45 for 7 week session)
Rosslyn Community Centre
Thursday [email protected]!
Classes run until Nov 13th ( drop in or punch cards only)
Punch cards: $35 (5 punches, can be used at both locations)
Drop-In: $8 per class
Phone: 935-2787 Website:
ZumbaВ® in Murillo and Rosslyn
The Neebing News, November 2014, page 3
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4777 Hwy 11/17
page 4, The Neebing News, November 2014
MON-FRI: 10-6 SAT:10-5
Neebing Emergency Services
by Dale Ashbee, Fire Chief - Neebing
CO Alarm Regulations in
time for the Heating Season
For some months now I have
been indicating that the new
Ontario regulations requiring
alarms in Ontario homes was
coming. And you will see that
much of the fire safety messaging in this month’s Neebing
News is focussed on CO
alarms and CO safety.
A few points to remember
with this new requirement for CO
alarms include:
More than 50
people die each year
monoxide poisoning
in Canada, including
11 on average in
The Ontario
Building Code has
installation of carbon
monoxide alarms in
homes and other
r e s i d e n t i a l
buildings built after
В· Carbon monoxide
detectors will now
(as of October 15,
2014) be required
near all sleeping
areas in residential
homes where there is
В· Carbon monoxide
alarms can be hardwired,
battery-operated or plugged
into the wall.
В· CO mixes with air in the
home and CO alarms do not
need to be placed near the
В· If a combined CO / Smoke
Alarm is used it must be
placed near the ceiling to
provide for early smoke
В· Home owners will have six
(6) months (deadline -April
15, 2015) to install CO
alarms in their residences.
To focus awareness on the
Monoxide and introduce the
new requirement for CO
residences the province has
designated Nov. 1-8, 2014 as
the first Carbon Monoxide
As you put your Christmas
list together you may want
to include a few CO alarms
for those you love.
Briefly on other fronts it appears we
will depart the burning season with a
relatively quiet year. In addition to
the rain this year the response by residents in obtaining permits and following the safety requirements for
open fires has been exceptionally
Even though you are not required to
obtain a burn permit after October
31st remember to burn safely as open
fires can still get away and cause
property damage regardless of the
calendar date.
A big Thank You to the interest from
residents to become fire fighters and
first responders in the community. It
is important in providing the best
possible service to have volunteers
from all areas of the community. If
you are interested in joining drop by
or call the Municipal Office 474-5331
to obtain an application.
Stay Safe.
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The Neebing News, November 2014 page 5
Neebing Emergency Services
References OAFC and OFM-EM
November 1 – 7, 2014 marks the first
ever National Carbon Monoxide
awareness week in Ontario..
Most people know the benefits of
Fire Alarms (IT’S THE LAW) and
smoke detectors. What some do not
realize is that Carbon Monoxide
(CO) detectors too can help save
your life.
Neebing Emergency Services wishes
to ensure the safety of all Neebing
residents and offers the following information on the dangers of CO to
assist residents understand the dangers and take the necessary steps to
ensure their safety:
Why Should I Care About Carbon
It Kills. Many Canadians die every
year from carbon monoxide
poisoning in their own homes, most
of them while sleeping.
It Injures. Hundreds of Canadians
are hospitalized every year from
carbon monoxide poisoning, many
of whom are permanently disabled.
Everyone is at Risk - 88% of all
homes have something that poses a
Carbon Monoxide is a colourless,
odourless, tasteless, toxic gas that
enters the body through the lungs
during the normal breathing process.
It replaces oxygen in the blood and
prevents the flow of oxygen to the
heart, brain and other vital organs
Where does Carbon Monoxide
Come From?
CO is produced when carbon-based
fuels are incompletely burned such
Wood; Propane; Natural Gas; Heating
Oil; Coal; Kerosene; Charcoal; Gasoline
What Are the Main Sources of
Carbon Monoxide in my Home?
Leaking exhaust systems in wood
burners, gas and oil furnaces, gas
stoves, gas refrigerators, gasoline
Located on Mission Island
We purchase
Scrap Steel,
Copper, Aluminum, etc.
$$$ Recycle Metals
Make some money & save our environment
Some restrictions may apply
Fast Forward Auto
Full Service Auto Repair; 4 Wheel Alignments
1024 Boundary Dr. W., Neebing Shop 628-8551
Blake Hall - For Rental call 474-5331
Founder's Museum
Hwy. 61 & Gillespie Road, Phone: 475-5114
Fax: 473-4663, Email: [email protected]
Crupi’s Concrete
Forming, finishing, repair, parging, all types
628-3693, 939-4164 Peter
St. Benedict’s Chapel
Sunday Mass is always the 3rd Sunday
of the Month at 1:30pm.
Priest: Fr. Thomas Mullamangalam, 473-97222
Thunder Bay Seventh-day Adventist Church
1770 Oliver Road, Phone: 807 346 4583
Services on Sat.: Sabbath School 9:30 a.m
Worship Service-11:00 a.m. to 12:15 p.m.
Bible Study & Prayer Wed. 7:00 -8:15 p.m.
page 6, The Neebing News, November 2014
by Wendy Scott-Ligate
engines, kerosene heaters. During
power failures BBQs and generators
should never be operated inside the
home as they produce CO.
How Can I Tell if There is a Carbon
Monoxide Leak in my Home?
В· Headache, nausea, burning eyes,
fainting, confusion, drowsiness.
В· Often mistaken for common ailments like the flu
В· Symptoms improve when away from
the home for a period of time
В· Symptoms experienced by more than
one member of the household.
В· Continued exposure to higher levels
may result in unconscious, brain
damage and death.
В· The elderly, children and people with
heart or respiratory conditions may be
particularly sensitive to carbon
В· Air feels stale/stuffy
В· Excessive moisture on windows or
В· Sharp penetrating odour or smell of gas
when furnace or other fuel burning
appliance turns on.
В· Burning and pilot light flames are
yellow/orange, not blue
В· Pilot light on the furnace or water
heater goes out
В· Chalky white powder or soot build up
occurs around exhaust vent or chimney.
How Can I protect Myself and my
В· Regularly maintained appliances
that are properly ventilated should
not produce hazardous levels of
carbon monoxide
В· Have a qualified service professional inspect your fuel burning appliance(s) at least once per year.
Have you chimney inspected
and cleaned every year by a W.E.T.T.
certified professional.
В· Be sure your carbon monoxide detector
has been certified to the Canadian
Standard Association (CSA) CAN/CGA
6.19 standard or the Underwriters
Laboratories (UL) 2034 standard.
В· Install a carbon monoxide detector in
or near the sleeping area(s) of the home.
В· Install the carbon monoxide detector(s)
in accordance with the manufacturer’s
What Should I Do if my Carbon
Monoxide Detector Starts Beeping?
If you feel ill exit the home and dial
If you feel fine check alarm to test
battery before dialing 911
To Keep Safe Please Remember:
A carbon monoxide detector is a
good second line of defense. It is not
a substitute for the proper care and
maintenance of your fuel burning
appliance(s). Take the time to learn
about the use of carbon monoxide
detectors in your home to ensure
you are using the equipment
properly and effectively.
Where To Install A Carbon
Monoxide Detector
Since carbon monoxide moves freely
in the air, the suggested location is
in or as near as possible to sleeping
areas of the home. The human body
is most vulnerable to the effects of
carbon monoxide during sleeping
hours. To work properly the unit
must not be blocked by furniture or
draperies. Carbon Monoxide is
virtually the same weight as air and
therefore the alarm protects you in a
high or low location.
For maximum protection, a carbon
monoxide detector should be
located outside primary sleeping
areas, in sleeping areas and in each
level of your home.
Where NOT to Install a CO
Some locations may interfere with
the proper operation of the alarm
and may cause false alarms or
CO detectors should not be installed
in the following locations:
В· Where the temperature may drop
below 4.4o C (40oF) or exceed
37.8oC (100oF).
В· Near paint thinner fumes or household cleaning products. Ensure
proper ventilation when using these
types of chemicals.
В· Within 1.5m (5 feet) of any cooking or
open flame appliances such as furnaces,
stoves and fireplaces.
В· In exhaust streams from gas engines,
vents, flues or chimneys.
В· Do not place in close proximity to an
automobile exhaust pipe; this will
damage the detector.
Sold and Serviced by
Daniel Vanlenthe
Authorized HeatMaster Dealer • 939-1013
Test your carbon monoxide detector
regularly to make sure it is operating
properly. The owner’s manual
should tell you how to test your
alarm. Remember to check the
manual for information on when to
buy a new carbon monoxide
WETT Inspections and
woodburning appliance
installation & maintenance
If you have any questions regarding
co safety, please contact NES.
- See more at:
Executive Cleaning
Commercial & Residential Cleaning
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On The Roads by Dawne Kilgour
Last Monday, Mayor Ziggy and the majority of Council embarked on our
annual Fall Tour of Neebing roads. We had agreed earlier to visit all of the
projects worked on this summer. Falls Rd, Farm Rd, Boundary, Cloud Lake,
Cloud Bay, Memory Rd, took up most of the morning. The weather was
overcast and damp but as noon approached, sunlight brightened our travels and gave us much more colour, along the long stretches of wilderness,
tamaracks, creeks, rivers and mountains, particularly as we headed through
Pardee and Pearson to end in Scoble, that wonderful hill that reveals the
silos and farmland as you drop down towards Highway #61. Our bridges
were all given special attention as they must be inspected every two years.
The new bridge at Lankinen Rd is a template for future bridges, steel, modular, in place in 2 days, and less expensive than our older bridges. Bill Lankinen, our Roads advisor, stated that this bridge is guaranteed for 90 to 100
years. New culverts, more grading and gravelling and crush, new signage
to be added, was discussed as each road was evaluated and future maintenance listed. Erica, our Deputy Clerk, was notetaker and was kept very busy
enumerating the recommendations.
What a change from my first road trip seven years ago....all gravel
roads, beaver-damage overtaking and flooding many of our major routes,
potholes and dust everywhere. Chip seal and milled asphalt are now becoming evident on Neebing roads
and they work their magic. No
flats, chipped windshield or wheels
unbalanced by mud for some time,
and that is a decided asset for our
residents. Sturgeon Bay is now
paved to Margaret St, and the only
drawback is that some now feel free
to speed. Once the whole municipality has the 60 k signs in place,
the speeding will be discouraged
by whatever Police presence we
have hired.
I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who
supported Council and myself,
over the last few years, and especially those who put up with some
of my “city girl” ideas. I could
never have guessed what a wonderful RIDE, it would be.
Thanks for the memories......
NFRA Lottery Winners
by Clara Butikofer
The Neebing Fire/Rescue Association is pleased to announce the recent winners of their raffle (lottery licence 690515 ) . 1st Prize 14.5 ft
kayak, paddle, skirt and a life vest.
Value $1274.19- Ray Koenig ticket # 1525, 2nd Prize- 32” television
donated by Canadian Tire, Arthur St- Bob Vangel # 0122 and 3rd
Prize- a $300 Gift Card from K & A Variety, Winner- Lesly Kapush#486 . Thanks to all tickets sellers and to you the ticket buyer for
supporting this fundraiser so much needed equipment can be purchased for Neebing Emergency Services. Our next raffle has begun
with a $200 Money tree to be won on December 13th at our annual
Cookie Sale . Tickets ( valued at $2.00) are available at the municipal
office and from NFRA members. ( lottery licence # 690517)
The Sandhill
and Scoble
Landfill sites
will commence winter hours as
October 2,
2014 to April
1, 2015. The
hours will
9 a.m. to 5
12 noon to 4
The Rural Family
Resource Centre/
Best Start
(4509 Oliver Road)
Morning sessions run from
Monday to Friday 9:30 - 12:00
Afternoon sessions are on
Wednesday from 1:30 - 4:00
Runs weekly from 10:00 to 12:00
No pre-registration is necessary,
however, we ask that you provide a
nut-free snack for your child
Call 935-3009 for
further information.
The Neebing News, November 2014 page 7
Saturday November 29, 2014
1 – 4 p.m. – Blake Hall
The gingerbread house will be made of chocolate and
decorated with various cereals and candies.
All materials will be supplied. The instructor will be
Edith Tivendale.
Cost of this class is $25. payable in cash in advance.
For more information and to register, please call Edith
Tivendale at 964-2088
? Computer Repairs
? Computer/Laptop Sales
? Software/Hardware
? Wireless/Network
Router Install
? Hardware/Memory Upgrades
? Virus/Windows Reload
? Data Transfer
995 Golf Links Rd.? Thunder Bay ? Ph. 344-0200
Deadline for the DECEMBERissue
of The Neebing News NOV. 20.
Submissions and photos of community events and articles of interest are welcome, and can be sent to
Chris Vaclav at [email protected]
Items, articles, and announcements that are of community interest and non-profit always run FREE OF
CHARGE in The Neebing News.Please indicate
that you’d like your submission to appear in The
Neebing News. The Neebing News is an excellent monthly
rural publication and a fantastically cost-effective way for businesses to directly reach the rural market. For rates, please contact
Chris Vaclav at Design House Publications, designhouse, 628-7271.
Neebing Fire/Rescue Association
Metal and Aluminum Can
Collections at Landfills
and Neebing Municipal office
Thank you for your donations!
page 8, The Neebing News, November 2014