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Printed on recycled paper
May / 2014 - No.119
Information Bulletin
Hamamatsu population: 810,964
Foreign resident population: 21,159
(Population figures are as of May 2014)
A group of animal volunteers held an animal
handover event at the newly opened Animal
Care Education Center on Mar 28 th (Fri).
Witnessing smiling children enjoy their first
encounter with the slightly wary puppies
warmed everyone's hearts.
「広報はままつ(生活情報編)」5 月号
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EVENT ..........................Page 4
*This bulletin contains selected information from the Japanese edition published
by City Hall.
*The telephone numbers listed in this bulletin will all be answered in Japanese only.
◆ ◆ ◆
◆ ◆ ◆
1st Call for Municipal Housing Applicants
< 第 1 回市営住宅入居者の募集 >
Application Period Jun 2nd (Mon) – 10th (Tue)
* Relevant materials for housing applicants (such as a list of which buildings have units available) will be available starting May 20th (Mon).
Please refer to these materials for more details.
* Please direct any enquiries regarding your housing application to the designated managers below.
Applications / Enquiries Hamamatsu Municipal Housing Designated Managers
[Naka-ku, Higashi-ku, Nishi-ku, Minami-ku]
☎457-3051 Taisei-Yuraku Real Estate Co. Ltd.,
Hamamatsu Municipal Housing Management Center (Shiei Jutaku Kanri Senta)
[Kita-ku, Hamakita-ku, Tenryu-ku]
☎401-0323 Hamamatsu Machidukuri Kosha Group,
Hamamatsu Municipal Housing Northern Management Center (Shiei Jutaku Hokubu Kanri Senta)
Housing Division (Jutaku-ka)
Issuance of Municipal/Prefectural Tax Certificates is Scheduled to Begin from Jun 10th
< 市・県民税の証明書の交付は 6 月 10 日から交付開始予定です >
The issuance of municipal and prefectural resident taxation certificates and income certificates in 2014 (for the 2013 fiscal year) will begin on
Jun 10th at the service counters and from automatic certificate issuing machines from Jun 13th.
Certificate issuance will be available at the following locations: Municipal Tax Division (Shiminzei-ka) (Genmoku building), Tax
General Affairs Division (Zeimu Somu-ka) (Main building), Kita-ku/Tenryu-ku Tax Group (Zeimu Guruupu), Ward Municipal Services
Division (Kumin Seikatsu-ka) at local ward offices, Municipal Service Centers (Shimin Sabisu Senta), Community Collaboration
Centers (Kyodo Senta) (Except for Hokubu, Nanbu, Chubu, Seibu, Kami and Futamata), Fureai Community Centers (Fureai Senta)
(except for Komyo).
* Please note that personal identification documents such as a driver’s license are required when applying for issuance of tax certificates
(e.g. Municipal/Prefectural Resident Tax Certificates). Those applying for certificate issuance on behalf of a third party must present a valid
power of attorney document along with their identification documents.
Municipal Tax Division (Shiminzei-ka)
Hamamatsu Information Bulletin / May 2014
◆ ◆ ◆
◆ ◆ ◆
Temporary Stoppage in Tax Certificate Issuing
< 税務証明書の交付中止 >
During the tax year switchover period, there will be a temporary stoppage in the issuing of tax certificates.
Service counter: Jun 7th (Sat), 8th (Sun)
Automatic Certificate Issuing Machines: Jun 7th (Sat) – 12th (Thu)
Taxation General Affairs Division (Zeimu Somu-ka)
% 457-2151
Please Have Your Children Vaccinated for Measles/Rubella
< 麻しん・風しん予防接種をうけましょう >
In Shizuoka Prefecture, the number of identified measles patients has risen above the yearly average.
Please act quickly to have your children vaccinated according to the routine vaccination schedule at designated medical facilities in the City
(and at no cost to you).
[First Vaccine] Children age 1 (from the child’s first birthday up to the day before the child’s second birthday).
[Second Vaccine] Children born from Apr 2nd, 2008 to Apr 1st, 2009 (children in the last year of Kindergarten/Preschool, etc. (nen-cho).
Vaccination period ends Mar 31st, 2015
* The vaccine is administered as a Measles and Rubella combined vaccine in one injection.
* If a child has missed the first vaccine, he or she may still receive the first vaccine at public expense through the second year of Kindergarten/Preschool (nen-chu).
* For more details, please contact your Ward Office (Kuyakusho) Health Promotion Division (Kenko Zukuri-ka), or the City website. Search
Pippi on the City website.
Public Health Promotion Division (Kenko Zoshin-ka)
Sunday & Evening Blood Tests and Consultations for AIDS and Other STDs
< 休日 ・ 夜間のエイズなど血液検査 ・ 相談 >
Sunday blood tests (AIDS only tests; immediate results): Jun 1st (Sun) 9:00 – 11:00 am
Evening blood tests: Jun 3rd (Tue), Jul 1st (Tue), Aug 5th (Tue) 4:30 – 8:00 pm.
Where Health Center (Hoken-jo) (Kamoe 2-chome, Naka-ku)
What AIDS, Syphilis, Chlamydia, Hepatitis B and C blood test.
* No appointment necessary, please go to the venue directly on the day.
* Tests are free and anonymous.
* Tests should be taken at least 3 months from the date of suspected infection.
* For those needing Spanish or Portuguese interpretation, it is necessary to call in advance.
* With the exception of same-day results offered on June 1st, please come back in one week and present your claim receipt to receive your results.
* Weekday examinations are offered on the 2nd-5th Tuesdays of each month (excluding holidays), 9:00-11:00 am and 1:00-3:00 pm.
Health and Disease Prevention Division (Hoken Yobo-ka)
Please Cooperate with Water Leakage Inspectors in Miyakoda, Mikatahara, Shinzu
and Kasai Districts
< 都田、三方原、新津、笠井地区地区の漏水調査にご協力ください >
Period Jul
Workers will be inspecting to ascertain whether there are any leaks from the roads to the meters.
For details, please visit the City website
* Some private companies may be visiting homes offering to clean and inspect water pipes and equipment, but please note that this is not
at the request of the City Water Services Department (Joge Suido-bu).
Search Rousui Chosa on the City website
Waterworks Construction Division (Suido Koji-ka)
Free Legal and Daily Life Consultations for Foreign Residents
< 外国人のための法律・生活無料相談会 >
What Who
May 29th (Thu) 1:00 – 4:00 pm (sign-up 9:00 am – noon)
Intercultural Center (Tabunka Kyosei Senta) (inside CREATE Hamamatsu, Hayauma-cho, Naka-ku)
Consulting provided by members of the Shizuoka Bar Association
(Assistance available in English, Portuguese, Spanish and Tagalog.)
Foreign residents or their proxies, or persons with concerns regarding foreign residents
Same-day registration at the Intercultural Center venue, 9:00 am – noon.
Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication & Exchange (HICE) (Kokusai Koryu Kyokai)
% 458-2185
Hamamatsu Information Bulletin / May 2014
◆ ◆ ◆
◆ ◆ ◆
The 36th Lake Hamana Clean Strategy
< 第 36 回浜名湖クリーン作戦 >
When Jun 1st (Sun), 8:00 am - 10:00 am (Will be held in light rain)
Where Lake Hamana Shore (Kanzanji Sun Beach, Murakushi Shore, Yuto Shore, Nagisaen, etc.)
* For individuals wishing to participate, please come directly to the meeting space on the day of the event.
* For groups wishing to participate, please contact the Ward Development Promotion Division in the Nishi Ward Office (☎597-1150), or the
Kita Ward Office (☎523-3120).
* Depending on location, the event starting time will differ. For details, please inquire with the Ward Development Promotion Division in the
Nishi Ward Office or the Kita Ward Office.
Environmental Policy Division (Kankyo Seisaku-ka)
Applications Now Open: Grants for Caregiver Training Course
< 介護職員初任者研修奨励金の申込受付 >
Period Until Mar 31st, 2015 (Tue)
What 50,000 yen per person (within the scope of the training course fee)
Capacity 80 applicants (first-come basis).
Eligibility Residents who fulfill all of the following requirements:
ubmits an application within one year from the completion date of the Caregiver Training Course (Kaigo Shokuin Shoninsha Kenshu Shoreikin)
hree-months of continuous employment (20 hours per week) at any nursing insurance service offices within the city (some exclusion),
and is still working at the same office at the time of application.
③ Not receiving assistance from national, prefectural or other public government organizations
④ Up to date with their tax payments
Sign-up Within a month from the completion date of the Caregiver Training Course or the day you have fulfilled three continuous months
of employment at the same office, gather all the necessary documents and submit them to the Long-term Care Insurance Division
(Kaigo Hoken-ka) in person or by post (〒430-8652 Naka-ku Motoshiro-cho 103-2 ☎457-2862).
* Application materials will be distributed through the Long-term Care Insurance Division.
Forms may also be downloaded from the City homepage.
介護職員初任者研修奨励金 で 検索
Search Kaigo Shokuin Shoninsha Kenshu Shoreikin on the City website
Long-term Care Insurance Division (Kaigo Hoken-ka)
Issuance of Subsidy for Energy Creation, Energy Conservation and Energy Storage
Households Promotion Project Fee
< 創エネ・省エネ・蓄エネ型住宅推進事業費の補助金を交付しています >
Issuance of subsidy for persons who install any of the following systems at their residential home within the city limits.
Eligible System
Subsidy Amount
Solar Power System (Standard output of 3kw and above (Excludes wholly purchased amounts.))
Household fuel cell cogeneration system (ENE-FARM) *1
Household gas engine type cogeneration system (Eco-Will)
Household storage battery *2
Home Energy Management System (HEMS) *3
*1 Eligible systems for the subsidy Consumer Use Fuel Cell Introduction Support Subsidy granted by (General incorporated association) Fuel Cell Association.
*2 Eligible systems for the subsidy Fixed Lithium Ion Storage Battery Introduction Support Project Fee Subsidy granted by (General incorporated association) Sustainable Open Innovation Initiatives.
*3 Eligible systems for the subsidy Residential/Building Innovative Energy Conservation Technology Introduction Promotion Project Fee
Subsidy granted by (General incorporated association) Sustainable Open Innovation Initiatives
* For those who have installed more than one system, a subsidy will be granted for each system they have installed.
Period Until Mar 31­st 2015 (Tue) (or until funding budget reaches maximum available resources).
Eligibility Those who fulfill all of the following requirements
① Have not received similar system installment subsidies from the City in the past
② Up to date with their tax payments
③ Completed payment for installation costs for eligible systems within the 2014 fiscal year
④ Are the owner of the residential house with the system installed and are currently living there (not leasing out their residence)
Sign-up Fill in all the necessary information on an application form, attach all required documents and submit them to the Environmental
Policy Division (Kankyo Seisaku-ka)
* Application materials will be distributed through the Environmental Policy Division. Forms may also be downloaded from the City homepage.
スマートハウス補助金制度 で 検索
Search Suma-to hausu hojokin seido on the City website
Environmental Policy Division (Kankyo Seisaku-ka)
Hamamatsu Information Bulletin / April 2014
◆ ◆ ◆
EVENT ( イベント )
◆ ◆ ◆
International Exchange Event
< 国際交流イベント >
When Where What Capacity Fee
May 25th (Sun) 1:30 – 3:30 pm
Futamata Community Collaboration Center (Futamata Kyõdõ Sentã) (Teryu-ku Futamata-cho Futamata)
(1) An introduction of Hamamatsu-Myanmar relations by foreign residents from Myanmar in Hamamatsu
(2) A presentation of the Filipino "Coconut Dance"
(3) Exchange event
80 participants (first-come basis)
Hamamatsu Foundation for International Communication & Exchange (HICE) (Kokusai Koryu Kyokai)
☎ 458-2185
Lake Hamana Flower Exposition 2014 "Hamamatsu Day" Events
< 浜名湖花博 2014「浜松市の日」イベント >
Where What Fee
Jun 1st (Sun), 9:00 am - 4:35 pm
Hamamatsu Flower Park, Hamanako Garden Park
Speeches and presentation about Hamamatsu City’s initiative for flower and greenery promotion, introductions to traditional arts
and industry, a Hamamatsu's flower and greenery stories award ceremony, etc.
Events are free. However, there are separate payments required for entry to the "Lake Hamana Flower Exposition 2014" and
parking cost.
Green Areas Policy Division (Ryokusei-ka)
Swap Meet: “Mottainai Market”
< 不用品リユース市「もったいない市」>
When Where What
Jun 8th (Sun) 9:00 am – noon (items accepted until 11:30 am) * Canceled in case of rain
Western Garbage Disposal Plant (Seibu Seiso Kojo) Multi-Purpose Room (Shinohara-cho, Nishi-ku)
Don’t discard and reuse items that can still be used! Reduce waste.
Submit your items for free, and browse for other items that you may need. Each person is allowed to take home up to 10
Reusable clothing, books, toys, daily use items (shoes, handbags, towels, soap, plastic wrap, etc).
Crockery, stuffed animals, and home electronics will not be accepted.
* No advance sign-up; just come!
* Each person bringing newly found items home is asked to make a donation of ¥100 or more.
Funds collected will be used for environmental awareness activities.
Western Garbage Disposal Plant (Seibu Seiso Kojo), “Ecohama”
Promenade Concert
< プロムナードコンサート >
When ① May 17th (Sat), 24th (Sat), 31st (Sat), Jun 7th (Sat),14th (Sat) 3:00 pm – ② Jun 1st (Sun) 10:15 am –
Where ① JR Hamamatsu Station North Exit “Kitara” ② Hamanako Garden Park
* Please come to the venue directly on the day
* ① Canceled in case of rain
Hamamatsu Cultural Foundation
Hamamatsu Information Bulletin
Edited by: HAMAON, Inc.
Published by: Public Opinion and Relations Division
(Kocho Koho-ka)
Date of publication: May 2014
(Published once a month)
Printing: 1,300 copies
☎ 451-1151
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