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St Louis County, Minnesota
School Directories
School Directories gleaned from the old St Louis County GenWeb files.
Compiled and reformatted to a searchable pdf ~ December 2014
Arnold School, Duluth, MN
1933 Eighth Grade Graduates
Amundson, Violet
Bartig, Robert
Berg, Robert
Billeter, Dorothy
Bostrom, Gunhild
Carlson, Alice
Carlson, Allan
Channer, Bertha
Erickson, Esther
Foster, Dora
Gorton, Nellie
Herstad, Allan
Herstad, Joyce
Johnson, Shirley
Kampf, Roger
Lissant, Kenneth
Nelson, Helen
Palmquist, Albin
Solem, Elsie
Thomas, Margaret
Wickstrom, Clarence
Submitted by Shirley Solem
Arnold School, Duluth, MN
1935 Eighth Grade Graduates
Alvar, Rose
Amundson, Alice
Carlson, Helen
Cooper, Florence
Eastman, Roger
Forsberg, Harold
Submitted by Shirley Solem
Frantz, Melvin
Goyetto, Wayne
Grimstad, Margaret
Gunderson, Lyle
Hayes, Hazel
Johnson, Mary Ellen
Oden, Gerdis
Otto, Delores
Roberts, Harriet
Rogers, Robert
Williams, Violet
Arnold School, Duluth, MN
1937 Eighth Grade Graduates
Alvar, Lonis
Bostrom, Leonard
Christensen, Le Roy
Forsberg, Charles
Forsman, Harold
Frantz, Marion
Hackley, Aili
Holzmer, Jacquelin
Johnson, Maxine
Kolbak, Eugene
Logergren, Virginia
Nordin, Kenneth
Otto, Hazel
Stein, Charles
Thomas, Robert
Submitted by Shirley Solem
Chisholm High School, Chisholm, MN
Chisholm graduating class of 1938, taken from the yearbook The Ranger 1938, Chisholm, M
Aho, Viana
Alden, Glen
Allegrezza, Dante
Anderson, Arthur
Arko, Raymond
Arnson, Elmer
Badiali, Silvio
Banen, Betty
Belluzzo, Fiorenzo
Bartick, Mike
Benedetti, Edo
Berkman, Robert
Bertolini, Helen
Bizal, Robert
Bobich, Helen
Bovitz, Olga
Bradach, Edward
Bradach, Margaret
Briski, William
Bukvich, Olga
Bussone, Mike
Butkovich, Kathryn
Cappo, Arthur
Cassidy, George
Cermak, George
Champa, Rose
Chase, Catharine
Costanzi, Jennie
Cox, Robert
Cvar, Harry
Danielson, Evert
Drechnik, Rose
Drobnik, Anne
Du Champ, Ruth
Enrico, Alda
Eskel, Arnold
Ferrell, Myrtle
Finberg, Albert
Freeman, Ruth
Goroni, Louis
Govednik, Martin
Gregorich, Frances
Grigoni, Frances
Groschel, Helen
Gumbus, Joe
Hakola, Eugene
Haley, Charles
Hanley, Willard
Hikkinen, Irene
Hiti, Leonard
Hulme, Helena
Humenick, William
Iannarelli, Orlando
Jackson, Roberta
Janezich, Helen
Janezich, Stanley
Jenko, Olga
Johnson, Albert
Johnson, Ruby
Jokinen, Blanche
Julance, Kathryn
Kellow, Mabeth
Kerzie, Steve
Kirk, Mary
Klanchnik, Ignatius
Knezovich, Ann
Kochevar, Gertrude
Kolodji, Anton
Komidor, Isabelle
Kordish, Joe
Koshcak, Rose
Kosiak, John
Kotula, Mary
Krause, Lloyd
Kuriatnyk, William
Kusniryk, Amelia
LaCoursiere, Shirley
Lampi, Elinor
Lamprecht, Sophie
LeDoux, Shirley
Lehtola, Rune
Leschak, Frank
Lesnak, Olga
Lesnak, Valentine
Leustek, Jennie
Lindstrom, Dorothy
Livens, Gladys
Logefeil, Richard
Lukkarila, Russell
Mainerich, William
Maki, Ralph
Maki, Ruth
Marinkovich, Dorothy
Marsich, Jennie
Mattson, Richard
Mattson, Ruth
Maurin, Julia
Meade, Frances
Mehle, Mary
Mihelich, Agnes
Mihelich, Angeline
Mihelich, Ann
Miller, Joyce
Mitchell, Audrey
Mockey, John
Mohaupt, Bernice
Muscal, Eva
Myers, Philip
Namisnik, Julie
Nickson, Elsie
Oreskovich, Margaret
Orlich, Dessa
Ovuka, Stephen
Pahule, Helen
Palmquist, Elizabeth
Petrack, Louis
Petrack, Violet
Petranovich, Emil
Ponikvar, Jane
Popovich, John
Popovich, Peter
Pospichal, Gerald
Powers, Donald
Prebil, Alyce
Prevetz, Frank
Rebrovich, Arthur
Regis, Jean
Rell, Edward
Rintala, Theodore
Sachen, Margaret
Salmi, Florence
Salo, Aune
Salonen, Elmer
Santi, Viola
Sartor, Rose
Sartori, Donald
Schafer, Hazel
Sertich, Julia
Setina, Olga
Shuster, Margaret
Smilanich, Mitchell
Stanich, Mildred
Steinbrecher, Jack
Sterle, Edward
Sterle, Mollie
Stolcis, Eileen
Stonemark, Jean
Stonich, Stephen
Sundness, Margaret
Sutich, Andrew
Svetich, Tom
Syrjamaki, Ina
Taskinen, Reino
Taskinen, Roy
Toldo, Eleanora
Turk, Albert
Turnisky, Helen
Tusin, Edythe
Udovich, Julia
Verant, Edward
Vicari, William
Vidmar, Frank
Vitali, Zelinda
Vukadinovich, Peter
Wadnar, Rose
Watson, Helen
Wright, Jack
Yatso, Mike
Znidarsich, Edward
Submitted by Mary Lukkari - [email protected]
Duluth Industrial High School
Class of 1909-1910-1911-1912-1913
I have the "Oracle" for Duluth Industrial High School for the Class of 1913 from my
Great-Aunt Minnie Blakney. There was also a list of names for the classes of 1909-1912 but
no pictures. If you have a relative that you want me to scan in the 1913 class, I will gladly
send you their picture. [Note: 2014, No idea if the email addy below is valid]
Senior Class of 1909
Senior Class of 1910
Senior Class of 1911
Jennie Baudin
Bessie Brown
Thomas Doyle
Mary Dunn
Katherine Dunleavy
Irene Galbraith
Marion McCormack
Knute Nelson
Katherine Neubauer
Dorothea Olson
Ollie Onsgard
Clarence Schermerhorn
May Swenson
William Wendland
Peter Wick
Ida Backlund
Elizabeth Buckbee
George Deatherage
Anna Felix
Clarence Fleischer
Emma Fredrickson
Walter Harkins
George Highmark
Oscar Magnuson
Anna Morgan
Elmer Nelson
Barbara Pecor
Inga Slordal
Floyd Williams
Irvin Mathew Amundson
Emma May Anderson
Victor Alonzo Dash
Helen Marguerite Grimes
Fred Henry Johnson
Olga Esther Johnson
Eva Lucile Ketchum
Fred Mattson
Hildur Florence Melin
Anna Amelia Nelson
Ruth Hildur Rennell
Ethel Spellman
John Lester Whalen
Senior Class of 1912
Senior Class of 1913
Isadore Abramson
Inez Dorothy Anderson
Myrtle Sophia Amundson Minnie Blakney
Edna Eliz. Brigham
Hildur Eugenia Becks
Catherine Gert. Connelly Earl Wildon Brooks
Esther Anna Donald
Florence C. Brunnell
Francis Joseph Her
Grace Joyce Buckbee
Alance Mable Isaacson Mayme Davidson
Julia Anna McNulty
George Doyle
Anna Mary Neubauer
Ellen Engberg
Edith Mae Pollock
Esther Fieldman
Theresa Quinn
Florence Myrtle Salter
Mildred Eliz. Simons
John Everett Simpson
Edna Earle Spindler
Clifford R. Stowell
Roy Earl Williams
Eleda Berthena Frank
Lillian Frank
Esther Florence Giliuson
Esther Siguhild Johnson
Erland August Larsen
Alma Lucy Mattson
Mary Elizabeth McVeigh
Isabel Eleanor Melin
John Hamilton Morgan
Annette Peffer
Charles A. Pollock
John Harold Rennell
Harold Sherdon Spindler
Anna Katherine Swenson
Frances Eliz. Vlahavich
Submitted by Sharon Busselle Schuyler at [email protected]
Ely High School
1913, Ely, MN
Coffey, Angela Mary
Freidsburg, Oscar T.
Habian, Vincent F.
Handberg, Clara Judith
Hagen, Pearl J.
Hanson, Ernest W.
James, Mercedes C.
Johnson, Mayme Elizabeth
Kayute, Helia L.
Knutson, Ernest W.
Lindbeck, Elmer J.
McMahan, Albert J.
Mayer, Rosalie M.
Mitchell, Audrey
Nankervis, Florence
Nappa, Gussie
Submitted by: Jan Mackey [email protected]
Ely School District Meeting
Article printed in the Ely Miner on April 29, 1927
Official Proceedings, Independent School District No. 12
Ely, Minnesota, April 22nd, 1927
Nicholas, Hazel
Saari, Mathew Henry
Schaefer, Alvin
Smith, Florence A.
Takkunen, Maedi Florence
Trezona, Martha
Williams, Vida Mildred
Special meeting of the Board of Education for the re-election of a
stated meeting was called to order at eight o'clock P. M. by the
Chairman, Wm. Olds, Jr. On roll call, the following members were
found to be present: --Duncan, Gianotti, Harri, Olds, Slabodnik and
Thompson. Absent:--None
Application of John Skantz for work as common laborer was read and
Communication from the Suomi Synod church requesting the use of some
of the class rooms for conducting a Finnish Summer School be granted.
Motion carried unanimously.
Moved and supported that the requisition for twelve dozen water glasses
for the cafeteria be approved and ordered. Motion carried unanimously.
Moved and supported that Joseph Schweiger be employed as common laborer
at a daily wage of $4.50 per day, effective April 26th, and that John
Skantz be employed as a common laborer at a daily $4.50 per day, subject
to the call of the Chief engineer. Motion carried unanimously.
Moved and supported that the salary schedule for teachers remain as now
in effect, except that the salary of Miss Lucy Demulling be adjusted
accordingly for the ensuing school year. Motion carried.
Ayes:--Duncan, Olds, Slabodnik and Thompson. Nays:--Gianotti and Harri.
Moved and supported that the following teachers be re-elected to
positions in the schools of this
district at the salaries set opposite
their names, and that the proper officers be authorized to enter into
contracts with those accepting positions:-JUNIOR COLLEGE:
Lulu E. Cummins
Mary H. Kraft
Sigurd F. Olson
Elmer A. Pearson
J. H. Santo
Gayle C. Shirey
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
10 months
9 1/2 months
Gertrude A. Allen
Thora A. Anderson
Ernest A. Bailey
Edward T. Buckley
Faye A. Collicott
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
10 months
12 months
Elsie M. Doty
Esther E. Eby
Marvel S. Ellisson
Ethel Forbes
Grace C. Garland
Louisa(e) Gellerman
Carol m. Herrick
Max M. Herseth
Marie M. Hodapp
Florence C. Johnston
Susan H. Loyald
Mildred K. Madden
Harry D. Meyer
Grace E. Morgan
Bernice I. Nolan
Rugh I. Olson
Anna E. C. Rann
Mary Sutton
Margaret K. Tupper
Gertrude A. Wolff
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
10 months
9 1/2 months
10 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
Joseph M. Flen(?)ing
C. B. Hilliard
Eugene J. Joncas
Thomas J. Murn
$260.00 per month for
$230.00 per month for
$220.00 per month for
$260.00 per month for
10 months
10 months
10 months
10 months
Florence G. Bates
Marian J. Davis
Lucy Demulling
Lillian M. Hosking
Ann Johnson
Clarence C. LaLonde
Cecelia M. Nankervis
Gunhild Paulson
Saima Porthan
Mary H. Quinlan
Zella Richter
Inga Rogstad
Marion R. Satterfield
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
Helen M. Anthony
Jeanne S. Brouillette
Frances G. Campbell
$110.00 per month for
$150.00 per month for
$155.00 per month for
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
Gertrude E. Clancy
Kathleen Coffey (?)
Edna M. Erickson
Elaine C. Fenske
Gladys F. Fry
Joanna B. Gohla
Gladys M. Hawkins
Veronica J. Hodgins
Irene A. Hopper
Inez M. Johnson
Loras S. Johnston
Marie Rose Kelly
Irene M. Mikkelson
Marion W. Mitchell
Vera M. Nelson
Sydney D. Neilson
Glenn Powers
Adella C. Rudow
Rosa M. Schmidt
Veronica J. Schouweiler
Henrietta Simpson
E. May Smith
Emily T. Turnquist
Mary M. Zgonc(e)
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
10 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
Ida Antilla
Zella S. Austin
Agnes L. Borehardt
Marie I. Brainerd
Hazel M. Campbell
Helia S. Koski
Kathleen A. McGuire
Gladys Merrill
Florence Nankervis
Mildred A. Quinn
Emily L. Stember
Ethel K. Tibbetts
Hazle B. Walters
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
Toine E. Ahola
Marguerite E. Hovde
Gerda C. Lindberg
Rose McCarthy
Clara I. Powell
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
Faith M. Walsh
$135.00 per month for
9 1/2 months
Estella M. Dahl
Sylvia A. Heikkila
$165.00 per month for
$170.00 per month for
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
Ursula L. Baden
Pearl G. Johnson
Mildred E. Olson
Viola Ritchie
Margaret J. Schwarzbauer
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
per month for
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
Alma E. Turula
$165.00 per month for
9 1/2 months
Clara Handberg
May Meenahan
Joseph Rolando
$165.00 per month for
$165.00 per month for
$210.00 per month for
9 1/2 months
10 1/2 months
9 1/2 months
Motion carried. Ayes:--Duncan, Gianotti, Olds, and Slabodnik.
Dr. Thompson voted aye on all except Marie Brainerd. Mr. Harri voted
aye on all except, Ruth Olson, Marie Brainerd and Hazel Campbell. Moved
and supported that the Board adjourn until four o'clock P. M.,
April 23rd, 1927. Motion carried.
J. Gianotti, Secretary
Ely, Minnesota, April 23rd, 1927
Adjourned meeting of the Board of Education was called to order at
4:00 o'clock P. M. by the chairman, Wm. Olds, Jr. On roll call,
the following members were found to be present:--Duncan, Gianotti, Harri,
Olds, Slabodnik, and Thompson. Absent:--None
Moved and supported that William A. Baldauf be re-elected as high school
principal for the ensuing year at a
salary of $310.00 per month for
10 1/2 months and that the proper officers be authorized to enter into
contract with him. Motion carried. Ayes:--Duncan, Gianotti, Olds,
Slabodnik and Thompson. Nays:--Harri
Moved and supported that Walter E. Englund be re-elected Superintendent
of Schools for the ensuing year at a salary of $5520.00 per annum and
the proper officers be authorized to enter into contract with him.
Motion carried unanimously.
Moved and supported that the Board adjourn. Carried.
J. Gianotti, Secretary
Submitted by Jan Mackey [email protected]
Jan's family members are: Florence Nankervis, Cecelia Nankervis,
Inga Rogstad and Marion Mitchell
Ely High School, Ely, MN
Senior Class of 1958
This information was taken from ""The 70th Anniversary Celebration"
of Ely, 1888-1958", in conjunction with the Minnesota Statehood Centennial.
Senior Graduates, Ely High School, 1957-1958
"Minnesota's second century belongs to us. Yesterday was yours; Tomorrow is ours."
Mary Ryan, salutatorian
Ahola, Judith
*Ahola, Luanna
Anderson, John
Annerer, Diane
Barich, Bernard
*Bartovich, Marianne
*Beaty, Maxine
Call, Clarene
Carlson, Janice
*Cerar, Darlene
*Chernivec, Gerald
*Crothers, Carolyn
Delak, Dorothy
Deyak, Veronica
Doran, Michael
Doran, Suzanne
Ellis, Patricia
Engebretson, Robert
Engelhart, Beverly
Esterberg, Everett
Evanish, John
Ferderber, Patrick
Gasperlin, Diane
Kovach, Bernard
*Kovach, JoAnne
Laine, Luella
Larson, Judith
*LeDonne, Judith
Levar, Genevieve
***Lobe, Beverly
Lundeen, Karen
Lundgren, Forrest
Lunka, Anne
*Luthanen, Theo
Makela, Wayland
Makela, Weldon
Maki, Clayton
Manni, Gene
Marolt, Dexter
Mattila, Richard
*McDonald, Sandra
Merhar, Margaret
Mistek, Gloria
*Moroni, Barbara
Muhvich, Irene
Muhvich, John
Pennala, Janice
Pluth, James
Prasnicki, Stephen
Preblich, Rosalie
Pruse, Katherine
Pucel, David
Pucel, Jane
Rayer, Anthony
Rein, Orvald
Richards, Mary Ann
Riikola, Ronald
Rosandich, Janice
Rova, John
**!Ryan, Mary
Sansted, Marianne
Schager, Pauline
Seliskar, Judith
*Simonick, Sandra
Skube, Frank
Skule, Mary Lou
*Slabodnik, Theresa
*Somero, George
Theno, Gary
*Golobich, Lois
Grahek, Richard
Haapala, Sandra
Hill, James
Hokkanen, David
Holm, Cresten
*Jarvi, Joyce
Jensen, Joseph
*Johnson, Kay
*Klug, Maryella
Klun, Shirley
Koivisto, John
Korkki, Janet
Koschak, Thomas
Musich, Raymond
Nadeau, James
Nelson, Scott
Newville, Particia
Nichols, Mary Ann
Nikkinen, Paulette
Nirva, Ronald
Novak, Joanne
Ojala, Raymond
Okstad, Marjorie
*Olson, Russell
Pahkala, Judith
Palombi, Albert
Patka, Jan
Pelto, Werner
*Tomsich, Robert
Tratnik, Josephine
Tuomela, LaVonne
Tuthill, Gary
Wahlberg, Judith
Wahlstrom, Carolyn
Ward, Donald
Weinzierl, Michael
*Whitt, Joyce
Williams, James
Yadlosky, Larry
Yuzna, Raymond
Zbacnik, Laura
Zgonc, Louis
Zupancich, Maria
*Honor Students
!National Merit Scholarship
Submitted by Jan Mackey- [email protected]
Eveleth High School - Class of 1938
Eveleth, MN
Transcribed from "The Open Pit," Tuesday, June 7, 1938
Margaret Adamic
Kathryn Ahcan
Bernard Ahlin
Roy Amundson
Dorothy Anderson
Ralph Anderson
Ronald Anderson
Florence Baratta
Walter Barfknecht
Pauline Bazil
Carl Begich
Sam Belcastro
Archie Bellucci
Donald Berg
John Karakas
Helen Karisny
Carl Karju
Josephine Karosich
Henry Kauppi
Dorothy Kenyon
Edward Kokal
Anna Krall
Carol Krinning
Joe Laboda
Jennie Laurich
Basil LaVine
Walter Lepisto
Ositha Loehlein
Frank Rahne
Hilda Rajala
Nelma Rajala
Rose Rokovetz
Vaino Ranta
Ellen Rasula
Fred Raumer
John Rebol
Mary Ronzoni
Albert Rosati
Edward Rupert
Gordon Ruud
Leo Salmi
Howard Sand
Bruno Bertucci
Margaret Blazevich
Velna Bostrom
Robert Boyle
Peter Bruzenak
Kathryn Buncich
Doris Buranen
Jane Burgett
Matt Capan
Charlene Champlin
Ruth Cherne
Vera Chiodini
Julia Cossalter
Helen Davich
Angeline DelViccio
Mercedes DeYoannes
Glesner Eide
Ellen Ekquist
Bernard Erjavec
Ruth Fogelberg
Margaret Fortuna
John Franks
Herbert Fred
Dick Gallup
Ambrose Garavaglia
Marjorie Goldberg
Anna Gornik
William Granros
Lois Grant
Willard Harju
Martha Heikkila
Shirley Hendrickson
Virginia Hill
Margaret Hlastala
Mildred Ikola
Mary Intihar
Doris Jacobsen
Roswell Jacobsen
Donald Johnson
Elsa Johnson
Willard Luoma
James Lushine
Herbert McCarty
Marcella McDonald
Mary Markovich
Madge Masucci
Jeanette Merandi
Jack Miller
Mary Jane Moline
Donald Moog
Dorothy Moore
Josephine Motti
Janet Murray
Eileen Nelson
Dagny Newman
Harold Niemi
Isadore Novak
Edward Oberstar
Violet Orazem
Lorrayne Olson
Paulyne Orehek
Anne Oven
Mary Pasrnich
John Perushek
John Peshel
Dorothy Peterson
Lester Peterson
Victor Petrovic
Fred Phillips
Eleanor Pietrantonio
Jessie Plattner
Frank Plesha
Lillian Poznanovic
Louis Press
Elsie Prinkkila
Elaine Prout
Frances Sarich
Edward Saxhaug
Robert Sedey
Jane Segal
Angeline Semich
Katherine Shterk
William Shutte
Joe Skofich
John Spolarich
Frank Sorcan
Ludvig Steblay
Alexander Strand
Katherine Sulentich
Matt Surina
William Takala
James Tapp
Leonard Tobin
Jean Toti
Dorothy Udovich
Julia Uhan
Mauritz Uhrbom
Mary Usenik
Lillian Usnik
Alfred Vito
Lloyd Wainionpaa
Frank Wilcox
Julia Zadnikar
Josephine Zbosnik
Robert Johnson
LaRue Johnston
Submitted by: Anna - [email protected]
Eveleth Junior College, Sophomore Graduates 1939 Eveleth MN
Transcribed from the Hilltop Yearbook, 1939
Ellen El Ahonen, Brimson
Paul Anderson, Iron
Jennie M. Bartol, Aurora
Helen Marie Bayuk, Eveleth
Mabel I. Beckman, Eveleth
William L. Bernicke, Leoneth
Myron Bright, Eveleth
Leno Caradori, Eveleth
Joe J. Cerar, Eveleth
Marie Ciagne, Eveleth
Roy R. Coldagelli, Eveleth
Arnold DePaul, Eveleth
Irma Doris Eide, Eveleth
Virginia Farley, Eveleth
Julia A. Fattore, Eveleth
Mary C. Gerchman, Eveleth
Anne F. Gerencher, Eveleth
John J. Grevich, Mt. Iron
Harry Groschel, Troy
Gordon Harrison, Eveleth
Frank Ipavec, Gilbert
Hubert C. Johnson, Eveleth
Kenneth Johnson, Eveleth
Irving Kaner, Eveleth
William Kastelz, Aurora
Arnold Keturi, Eveleth
Agnes Kochevar, Eveleth
Olaf Kolari, St. Louis River
Raymond Korpi, Gilbert
Rudolph Kucler, Eveleth
John E. Kunelius, Embarrass
Arne Lassila, Iron
Edward B. Lindaman, Eveleth
Edwin Luoma, Eveleth
Magdalene McDonald, Eveleth
Alice McKinnon, Zim
Malcom Mahaffey, Eveleth
Mertsy Maki, Aurora
Julian Malec, Leoneth
Charles Malevich, Eveleth
Arthur Malknecht, Eveleth
Eva Martinich, Leoneth
Frances Martinich, Leoneth
Angeline Mattei, Eveleth
Frank Micketts, Leoneth
Frank Modetz, Aurora
Phebe Molander, Iron
Walter E. Morrison, Eveleth
Elizabeth Neilon, Eveleth
Owen Niemi, Eveleth
William Niemi, Gilbert
Elizabeth Oven, Eveleth
Aldo Palazzari, Eveleth
Maxine Peterson, Eveleth
Henry Pouchnik, Eveleth
Matt M. Prebonich, Eveleth
George Rajacich, Eveleth
Lorraine Sackery, Chisholm
George Sadar, Eveleth
John Shterk, Eveleth
Helen Siro, Embarrass
Bernard Skrinner, Eveleth
Doris Stead, Iron
Jerry Strukle, Gilbert
Gordon Tassi, Eveleth
Clement Vandell, Leoneth
Elide Varani, Eveleth
Marjorie Walstrom, Eveleth
Helen Luoma, Eveleth
Submitted by: Anna - [email protected]
Eveleth Junior College, Sophomore Graduates 1940
Eveleth MN
Transcribed from the Hilltop Yearbook, 1940 (alphabetized by transcriber)
Ahcan, Katheryn, Eveleth
Ahlin, Bernard J., Eveleth
Ambrozich, Harold F., Eveleth
Amundson, Roy Francis, Forbes
Anderson, Ronald J., Eveleth
Anderson, Dorothy M., Eveleth
Angerilli, Harry J., Eveleth
Axelson, Alvin L., Eveleth
Belcastro, Sam, Eveleth
Brady, Robert H., Elcor
Burgett, Jane, Eveleth
Capitanelli, P. Arthur, Eveleth
Cavanaugh, Edward F., Biwabik
Champlin, Charlene, Eveleth
Chiodini, Vera I., Eveleth
Davich, Helen M., Eveleth
Erjavec, Bernard P., Eveleth
Evans, Charles E., Eveleth
Franks, John, Eveleth
Fred, Herbert W., Eveleth
Godich, Joseph R., Gilbert
Grant, Lois A., Leoneth
Gualtieri, Virgil, Two Harbors
Heikkila, Martha, Eveleth
Hill, Virginia, Eveleth
Hjulstad, Herbert, Eveleth
Hlastala, Margaret M., Eveleth
Ikola, Mildred, Eveleth
Jerome, Anthony, Eveleth
Johnson, Elsa L., Wolf
Jurkovich, Eveleth
Karja, Carl, Iron
Karosich, Josephine, Eveleth
Knudson, Gerald V., Eveleth
Mahovlich, Frank, Gilbert
Maki, Leonard A., Embarrass
Markovich, Mary A., Eveleth
Masucci, Madge Elizabeth, Eveleth
McDonald, Marcella, Eveleth
Merandi, Jeanette, Eveleth
Mihelich, Margery, Tower
Moe, Russell J., Wolf
Moline, Mary Jane, Iron
Moog, Donald J., Eveleth
Murray, Janet McCall, Eveleth
Newman, Dagney M., Eveleth
Niemi, Harold, Eveleth
Orazem, Violet M., Eveleth
Oven, Ann M., Eveleth
Pagliarini, Fred, Eveleth
Park, Edwin Leonard, Iron
Perko, Frances, McKinley
Perushek, John, Eveleth
Peshel, John, Eveleth
Pietrantonio, Eleanore, Eveleth
Press, Louis, Eveleth
Rantala, Raymond Henry, Embarrass
Raumer, June Virginia, Eveleth
Rautio, Mary Ann, Aurora
Riccelli, John J., Eveleth
Sedey, Robert M., Eveleth
Shterk, Katherine, Eveleth
Shutte, William, Eveleth
Skenzich, Mitchell C., Gilbert
Smolich, Joseph G., Aurora
Takala, William A., Iron
Tomes, Arthur Charles, Aurora
Toti, Jeanne R., Eveleth
Kochevar, Frank M., Eveleth
Korenchen, Albert J., Aurora
Korpinen, Wilho E., Gilbert
Kraker, James A., Gilbert
Krinning, Carol, Eveleth
Laboda, Joe S., Eveleth
Lewis, Patricia A., Eveleth
Luoma, Willard, Eveleth
Udovich, Dorothy, Eveleth
Uhrbom, Mauritz, Eveleth
Usenik, Mary Rose, Eveleth
Vito, Alfred, Eveleth
Vukelich, John, Orr
Vukson, Miles, Eveleth
Wuotila, Rudolph, Gilbert
Zeleznikar, Edward, Aurora
Submitted by: Anna - [email protected]
Floodwood High School, Floodwood, MN
Classes of 1926-1929
Class of 1926
Marie Canfield
Pearl Garland
Hannah Huttunen
Howard Post
William Stenback
Class of 1927
Luke Dusek
Claire Freese
Clarence Freese
Illae Huttunen
Submitted by [email protected]
Class of 1928
Arnold Bowman
Marion Greer
Tina Hannula
J.Ed. Huttunen
Ed Isaacson
Henry Kanniainen
Ray Mattson
Leonard Plotnik
Lydia Rahja
Elmer Raihala
Alexander Smekta
Nedville Stageberg
Frances Zelazny
Class of 1929
Francis Abrams
Nancy Auvinen
Kalervo Finnila
Eleanor Johnson
Aila Karttunen
Wilford Kespohl
Bertha Luoma
Evelyn Mattson
Aina Nurmi
Elsie Nurmi
Helen Rahja
L. Vienna Sahlstein
Tuano Stenback
Sylvia Swen
Lempi Tabell
Julia Tetrick
Anna Wifila.
Homecroft School, Duluth, MN
Eighth Grade Class, 1936
Anderson, Donald
Dahlin, Edward
Davidson, Kenneth
Dulinski, Angeline
Fenske, Reginald
Gibbs, Merle
Johnson, Everett
Reid, Peggy
Rudd, Donald
Seeley, William
Singleton, Edith
Sundre, Robert
Wilson, Chester
Thank you to Barb Werner - [email protected]
Hermantown Senior High School, Hermantown, MN
Class of 1952
Aanonsen, Roger
Anderson, Dolores
Anderson, Gerald
Anderson, Lorraine
Armstrong, James
Backstrom, Dorothy
Bergson, John
Berntsen, Beverly
Bloom, Carol
Brackett, Gene
Brecklin, Thomas
Buran, Shirley
Bussa, Lois
Elstad, Marilyn
Erickson, William
Floodstrom, Shirley
Gronlund, Janice
Gunnarson, Marvin
Halverson, Marilyn
Halvorson, Lorraine
Hanson, Joanne
Hill, Beverly
Isaacson, Clifford
Johnson, Carol
Johnson, Rodney
Kristensen, Alice
Leslie, Donna
Marshall, Kathleen
McDonald, Judith
Milek, Jean
Murphy, Paul
Nelsen, Robert
Nordeen, Robert
Olson, Beverly
Peterson, Robert
Ronding, Joann
Schaumberg, Dorothy
Shaw, Allen
Sirois, Thomas
Strom, Donald
Stuberud, Doris
Swanson, Allen
Swanson, Arlene
Tafs, Marilyn
Trygg, William
Wagner, Earl
Wargin, Richard
Westberg, Georgia
Whitney, Dale
Weiler, Floyd
Submitted by Julie Wickstrom Goddard - [email protected]
Hermantown Senior High School, Hermantown, MN
Class of 1953
Ahlgren, Floyd
Allen, Bill
Anderson, Joyce
Anderson, Theodore
Archambeau, Jedion
Baker, Lee
Briesemeister, Gerald
Briesemeister, Marilyn
Drennen, Richard
Edberg, Margaret
Ek, Ray
Engquist, Carole
Gilberg, Roberta
Govednik, Joyce
Gratiot, Violet
Gregg, Russell
Gunderson, Ardis
Hanson, Ronald
Hill, Rita
Jakubek, Marie
Janzig, Marion
Jarpe, Jay
Johnsen, Beverly
Johnson, Charles
Johnson, Darrold
Johnson, Delores
Kaneski, Rosemary
Le Sarge, Mary
Lofald, Lorna
Lokke, William
Luczak, Thomas
Lund, David
MacDonald, Joan
Mansfield, Caryl
McDonald, Jean
McGovern, Benjamin
Meirick, Michael
Merila, Shirley
Monson, Myron
Murphy, James
Nelson, Joyce
Nelson, Patricia
Nelson, Robert
Nyholm, Carol
Omundson, William
Paulson, Richard
Setter, William
Smith, Donna
Soderholm, David
Sornberger, William
Stuberud, Hannah
Suiter, Richard
Veech, Richard
Velander, Dennis
Whitney, Stanley
Wilson, Lois
Zebott, Richard
Submitted by Julie Wickstrom Goddard - [email protected]
Hermantown Senior High School, Hermantown, MN
Class of 1954
Anderson, Elizabeth
Archambeau, Gene
Barthol, Katherine
Baumgartner, Martin
Benson, Joan
Bergson, Ollie
Besser, Donald
Bloom, Royal
Bosiacki, Richard
Briesemeister, Janice
Chesney, Marjorie
Dagger, Sheila
Eilefson, Beverly
Eld, Margie
Erickson, Donald
Fralick, Robert
Fritz, Artha
Grussendorf, Eleanore
Gunderson, Paul
Halverson, Kenneth
Halversen, Roger
Hart, James
Hockman, Wallace
Huttel, Larry
Jarpe, Jack
Johnson, Jacqueline
Johnson, Keith
Kallberg, Duane
Kellett, Richard
Levander, Robert
Liljegren, Charles
Lindberg, James
Lokke, John
Luettgens, Floyd
Lund, Margaret
MacIntyre. Robert
Martin, William
Medalen, Lawrence
Miller, Melvin
Nelson, Carol
Nusser, Miriam
O'Connor, Joan
Olson, David
Pearson, Marshall
Peterson, Carol
Price, Claudia
Reitan, Roger
Ruse, Dawn
Ruth, Barbara
Ruth, Phyllis
Rutka, Joan
Saxin, Robert
Schinn, Lorayne
Sieger, Sharon
Smith, Marilee
Stuberud, Ottway
Thompson, Barbara
Wagner, Arlene
Wargin, Darlene
Winter, Gail
Wolff, Warrem
Youngquist, Ralph
Submitted by Julie Wickstrom Goddard - [email protected]
Hermantown Senior High School, Hermantown, MN
Class of 1955
Ahlgren, Maynard
Anderson, Delores
Anderson, Donald
Anderson, Shirley Ann
Archambeau, James
Ashmore, Leslie
Aune, Mary Ann
Baker, Peggy
Benson, Mary Ellen
Berg, Patricia
Berntsen, Roger
Briesemeister, Fred
Carlson, Robert
Carlson, Roger
Cederstrom, Sally
Davis, Betty Lou
Dillon, Nancy
Eckstrom, Joanne
Edberg, Ralph
Enger, Darold
Erickson, Betsy Ann
Forsell, Barbara
Fossum, Dale
Fossum, Duane
Foster, Richard
Gellerstedt, David
Gregg, Marlene
Gronlund, Anita
Gronlund, William
Hantelman, Joanne
Honkala, Delores
Jakubek, Leonard
Johnsen, Robert
Kaneski, Marion
Langlee, Donald
Larue, Adele
Leach, Daniel
Lindahl, Robert
Lunda, John
Lyes, William
Marshall, Rosalie
Medalen, Carol
Merila, Robert
Nelson, Roberta
Nicholson, Jeanne
Niemi, Shirley
O'Connor, Marilyn
Peterson, Maryann
Peterson, Jean
Reitan, Janice
Reitan, Joyce
Roman, Wayne
Ronning, Jack
Siemsem, Merlin
Sirois, Robert
Sirois, Warren
Skarp, Joan
Smith, Margaret
Sornberger, Donald
Stebner, Earl
Suomela, Ronald
Wagner, Martin
Wetterlind, Willard
Wickstrom, Bruce
Witte, Larry
Submitted by Julie Wickstrom Goddard - [email protected]
Hibbing High School, Hibbing, MN
Senior Class of 1934
Aamodt, Margaret
Aho, Martha
Ahola, Walfred
Alimenti, Flavia
Almly, Glen
Anderson, Helen
Anderson, Norma
Arnebeck, Wallace
Aslakson, Hedwie
Atkinson, Beatrice
Bachnik, Joe
Backa, Signe
Backstrom, Myrl
Baratto, John
Basta, Marsha
Bauers, Alice
Bay, Elizabeth
Beaton, Catherine
Bebler, Norman
Beck, Earl
Beebe, Neil
Berklich, Mary
Bernard, Phillip
Blagoue, Alexander
Bonacci, Rose
Bonaventuri, Ezia
Boone, Thayne
Booth, Elizabeth
Boria, Erminia
Borovitz, Anna
Boyle, Tim
Brklacich, Anna
Brown, Elizabeth
Bumala, Helmi
Bumala, Rauha
Chiodi, Mary
Christenson, Sylvia
Chubiz, Louis
Collyard, Mary
Cook, Dorothy
Corcoran, Marie
Coschignano, Angeline
Crenella, Juliette
Curran, Catherine
Debelak, Frank
De Coster, Bernard
De Millo, Rose
Di Giambattista, Ellen
Dominic, Harold
Dragich, Margaret
Drummond, Victor
Dyer, Cynthia
Dyer, Fred
Eaton, William
Eddy, Gail
Eldridge, Florence
Ellis, Harry
Englund, Helen
Englund, Helga
Engstrom, Einar
Erickson, Dorothy
Erickson, Geraldine
Erickson, Gustie
Eslinger, Loretta
Fearing, Clifford
Forstrom, Nancy
Frank, Annabelle
Freidman, Deanne
Gabardy, Joe
Geiselman, Veronica
Hammerbeclk, Dorothy
Hansen, Francis
Hansen, Merwyn
Hanson, Haaken
Hanson, Violet
Harrington, Ursula
Hayden, Lucille
Heffron, Madonna
Hendrickson, Einar
Hill, Edith
Hill, Ora
Hoikkala, Walter
Holmberg, Eleanor
Homa, Mary
Howell, Mildred
Hutchinson, Roland
Jackopick, Jennie
Jackson, Elna
James, Lenore
James, Serene
Jaskey, Roseline
Jenson, Leona
Jivery, Blanche
Johnson, Evelyn
Johnson, Laura
Johnson, Norah
Johnson, Robert
Johnson, Violet
Jovanovich, Lucille
Jurichich, Steve
Kafut, Mary
Kalm, Curt
Kampen, Doris
Kapla, Jack
Karlos, Athena
Byrnes, Eleanor
Caligiuri, Charles
Claigiuri, James
Caligiuri, Russell
Calvin, Robert
Cameron, Jean
Capra, Aida Laura
Carlson, Elvera
Carroll, Jack
Casey, Arthur
Catani, Ramo
Krause, Betty
Landswick, Luella
Laurie, Eleanor
Lervik, Toborg
Logefeil, Alyce
Lynch, Marjorie
Mc Dowell, John
Mc Kusick, Tom
Mc Whirter, Edith
Malkovich, Mirko
Maracchini, Joe
Maras, Mary
Markell, Goldie
Mattila, Aida
Milkes, Dean
Minerich, Bessie
Munter, Violet
Negri, James
Nelson, Roy
Nyberg, Grace
Oja, Helen
Olson, Harry
Paglarini, Joe
Perpich, Joe
Ranta, Helen
Rickard, Albert
Rinkenberger, Adelle
Gherardi, Mary
Gilligan, Beatrice
Giombetti, Tom
Goldberg, Gladys
Gorshe, Elizabeth
Grady, Eugene
Grife, Margaret
Grillo, Mary
Gustafson, Daisy
Hagen, Eleanor
Haglund, Saili
Kurtzman, Gretchen
La Tendresse, Arthur
Leach, Clair
Linjanen, Edla
Lundquist, Edwin
McDermid, Jean
Mc Hale, Edward
Mc Murtrie, Edna
Majerle, George
Manchini, Mafalda
Maras, Kathryn
Maras, Paul
Martin, Linus
Meittunen, William
Miller, Marrian
Monti, Renard
Murphy, Michael
Nelson, Belva
Ness, Kermit
O'Donnell, Helen
Oldham, Helen
Olson, Verna
Paquette, Allan
Peterson, Albert
Raukar, Antonia
Ring, Arline
Rinne, Aune
Karlos, Ellen
Kellman, Terolle
Keppel, Eileen
Kilen, Clara
King, Wilbur
Kirsling, Sylvester
Klasnya, Zorka
Klisurich, Nick
Koivula, Doris
Koski, Laila
Kosovich, Kathryn
Lampi, Violet
Lauhala, Savelle
Lehman, Ray
Linko, Eva
Luzaich, Gilka
Mc Dowell, Jean
Mc Hardy, Marion
Mc Whirter, Bertram
Maki, Otto
Mannila, Eugene
Maras, Katie
Marinucci, Enes
Marttila, Hazel
Mickola, Elmer
Minelli, Ernest
Munter, Dorothy
Nadeau, Woodrow
Nelson, Carl
Nides, Bernice
Ogden, Marguerite
Oliver, Richard
Oreskovich, Mary
Parker, Vivian
Pogerels, Ann
Reese, Merle
Ring, Howard
Roe, Willard
Rukavina, Martin
Ryan, Frances
Sabin, Mary
Sanborn, Robert
Schmidt, Everal
Seppa, Eugene
Shega, Frances
Skorich, Mayme
Stenglein, Homer
Strafaicio, Leonard
Swanson, Dorothy
Techar, Rudolph
Toivola, Toivo
Topinka, Rudolph
Uoti, Saimi
Ventura, Fred
Wallin, Margaret
Wendt, Roy
Williamson, Ragnhild
Zaitz, Mary
Loomer, Ardys
Russ, Mary
Rydosz, Julia
Sallila, Irene
Satovich, Anna
Schmitz, Joseph
Severson, Donald
Silliman, Ann
Spadaccini, Louis
Stimac, Matt
Strom, Elma
Swenson, Darrell
Thouin, Majorie
Tommassoni, Laura
Tumoela, Bernice
Valem, Mike
Vukelich, George
Wellems, Leslie
Wickham, George
Winsor, Alphonse
Zemi, Louise
Russo, Alfred
Saari, Helen
Salo, Marie
Savage, Don
Selvo, Lena
Sharich, Julia
Skorich, Julia
Sparks, Nora
Stone, Marie
Sundvick, Howard
Tappan, John
Timpane, Donald
Toole, Albert
Tyson, Harry
Valeri, Zenobio
Wahlstrand, Edwin
Welo, Clarence
Williams, Grayce
Wolfe, Nellie
Zubich, Augustina
Submitted by Barbara Hutchinson O'Dell - [email protected]
Hibbing High School, Hibbing, MN
Machine Shop - Class of 1928
From left to right: Napolean Ayotto, Tony Chaidi, Sam Sicilia, Sam Norvich,
Frank Bachinick, Alvin Bateson, Joe James, Chas. Moore, Alex Minelli, and
Oliver Wang
Submitted by Keith Aleckson- [email protected] [From James Moore]
Hibbing Junior College, Hibbing, MN
Class of 1936
Aamodt, Margaret
Braiovich, Mike
Clymer, Guilford Lamotte
Englund, Helga
Johnson, Robert C.
Pesola, U. A.
Selvo, Lena E.
Browne, Aloha
Library Science:
Komidar, Joe
Brown, Charles B.
Kenney, Franklin
Home Economics:
Adamich, Julia
Bertodatto, Henry
Carnaish, Bob
Cox, Bennett
Erickson, Dorothy
Kangas, Richard
Ring, Howard P.
Starcevich, Ann Kathryn
Bonaventuri, Ezia
Christiansen, Dora
Eddy, Gail
Ewen, John M.
Maki, William
Sallila, Irene
Ventura, Frederick Thomas
Johnson, Ernest W.
Griese, Paul Howard
Lervik, Tobory
Ogden, Marguerite
Ciochetto, Peter D.
Sartori, Marcella
Dyer, Cynthia
Thouin, Marjorie A.
Baker, Virginia
Brown, Elizabeth
Christianson, Lillian L.
Hatch, Dorothy
Sloan, Elizabeth M.
Di Giambattista, Ellen
Haraden, Anne
Kaner, Ethel
Mason, Thomas
Vecchi, Mary E.
Physical Education:
Klisurich, Nick
Steckman, Jack
Anderson, Herbert M.
Globokar, Edward L.
Mandelin, John
International Falls
Savage, Don
Waltz, Edward
Anderson, E. William
Two Harbors
Emanuel, Joe
Hiro, Edwin W.
Magnusson, Arthur
Dragich, Margaret
Lynch, Marjorie
Fennig, Lola M.
Bryant, South Dakota
Rinkenberger, Adelle
Gracie, Enid B.
Hayden, Lucille
La Riviere, Freda
Prosen, Edward J.
Hakala, Esther
Johanson, Clarence
Sacred Heart
Maras, Katherine
Ring, Arline E.
Kuntz, Marian Isabelle
Waltman, Reuben E.
Renfors, Theodore
Doyle, Cecil
Hutchinson, Roland
Miller, Arvold
Silliman, Arthur Parks
Welo, Clarence
Drummond, Victor
Knight, Jere D.
O'Donnell, Vencil E.
Stanton, Earle Poster
Bonacci, Ralph Joseph
Galloway, Richard S.
Leino, Tauno A.
Maracchini, Joe
Cusciotto, Paul A.
Hernyak, Mike
Levisen, Martin
Olson, Robert
International Falls
Pakarinen, Olavi
Backstrom, Myrl K.
Geary, Wilbur
Atkinson, Beatrice
D'Andera, Marie C.
Jackopich, Jennie M.
Nelson, Robert
Sachs, Betram H.
Science, Literature and Arts:
Bevacqua, Carmella L.
Lord, Ione Lucetta
Olson, Margaret
Social Service:
Berklich, Mary Margaret
Erickson, Robert
O'Donnell, Helen M.
Saarnio, Edwin U.
International Falls
Beecroft, Kathlyn L.
Crinella, Juliette L.
Berklacich, Anne M.
Dragich, Antonia
Magnusson, Arline I.
Blagoue, Alexander C.
Gilbertson, Reginald A
Grand Marais
Nelson, Belva C.
Murphy, Michael
Monti, Renard
Flippi, Catherine E.
Lukone, Vertone C.
Taylor, Dorothy
Lervik, Ruth
Nelson, Carl
Boni, Erma J.
Mahon, Phyllis
Skorich, Julia
Erickson, Mabel A
Maloney, Eleanor
Submitted by Barbara Hutchinson O'Dell - [email protected]
Morgan Park Senior High School, Duluth, MN
"Parktorians" Graduating Class of 1943
* denotes individuals in active military duty at time of graduation
Adams, Royal
Adolphson, Florence
Anderson, Vivian Martha
Bakaric, Victoria
Bauers, Betty
Bellingham, Laurel Joyse
Bergen, Rose Marie
Bergloff, William *
Brewer, Robert
Budimir, Mathilda
Cassutt, Leon
Ceskic, Kathryn Joan
Coleff, Roza Florence
DeMille, Louise
Desich, Helen Cynthia
Despot, Helenora
Dille, Dena Mae
Dorich, Catherine
Dunsmoor, Patricia Jane
Dutton, Claire *
Dzuck, Helen
Ethier, Eugene
Ethier, Lloyd
Faustick, Betty Lou
Fierek, William *
Freeman, Lorene
Garfolo, Rose Marie
Gerard, Lyle
Glusac, Bertha
Graick, George
Gunderson, Beverly
Hegwood, Lowell
Johnson, Ernest LeRoy
Johnson, Glendon
Johnson, Robert
Kiehl, Clifford
Kremer, Sarah
Kriel, Wilmer *
Lampman, Walter
Larson, Clarice
LaRue, Donald *
Lee, Virginia
Lindquist, James Clarence
Lowe, Robert Boyer
Maisuk, Olga
Mark, Drusila
Matkovich, Katherine
McDonald, Kathryn
McDonell, John
McEwen, Margaret Jean
McMillan, Virginia
Mega, Frank
Miernicki, Betty
Milakovich, Ann
Milne, Margaret Mary
Moore, Evelyn
Myers, Jeanne Ellyn
Naud, Barbara
Naud, Rosemary
Newgren, Dorothy
Nilsen, Audrey Louise
O’Bradovich, Helen
Olson, LaRayne
Orak, Calvin
Orescanin, Walter
Panyon, Edward
Pederson, Estella
Petrich, George
Petrich, Rose Marie
Prettner, Anita
Puhl, Florence
Radich, Anne
Radulovich, Eli
Salstrant, Cyrilla
Samarizia, John
Sampson, Margery
Sellards, Eugene
Sever, Francis
Shelgren, Lloyd
Simi, Irene Mae
Smith, Noble
Snider, Ralph Harold
Solomon, Urban Francis
Srdar, Frank
Stipac, Mary Ann
Stipac, Mildred Rosemary
Stojevich, Josephine Florence
Stoyonaff, Florence
Swanson, Bett Lou
Thompson, William James
Udjur, George
Walsh, Cecelia
Walsh, Lucille
Westlund, Betty
Zuck, William
Submitted by Barbara Lowe Hively - [email protected]
My father is Robert Lowe
Morgan Park Senior High School, Duluth, MN
Class of 1952
Antonutti, Dolores
Bartle, Rose
Carey, Betty
Coombes, Paula
Dezell, Phyllis
Dumford, Janet
Dunsmoor, Betty Jo
Dutmer, Paul
Feick, June
Floreano, Nadine
Foucault, Dean
Gagne, Roderick
Griak, Donna
Halvorson, Harlan
Hedberg, Geraldine
Hickey, James
Hill, Delores
Hollingsworth, Dennis
Hopkins, James
Huther, Hans Karl
Johnson, Isabel
Jahn, Claudia
Kervina, Robert
Lang, Loraine
Larson, Janet
Long, Donald
Meagher, Richard
Menor, Marie
Murray, James
Myre, Kathleen
Narsevich, Jane
Nedesky, Cathleen
Nemec, Joanne
Orescanin, Janet
Papike, William
Patch, Edwina
Pearson, Lois
Peterson, Carol
Peterson, Mary Lou
Picconatto, Virginia
Plesko, Janet
Popovich, Nick
Prince, Geraldine
Pryatel, Donald
Puchalla, Wallace
Putnam, Wayne
Rask, Clarice
Rutter, Patricia
Schultz, Patricia
Stein, Joann
Stevens, Jack
Stolis, Paul
Strand, Diane
Sundstrom, Dorothy
Taylor, Richard
Vivian, Rae
Submitted by Julie Wickstrom Goddard - [email protected]
Morgan Park Senior High School, Duluth, MN
Class of 1953
Aubin, John D.
Babcock, Lannon
Bagley, Janet
Benassi, Joe
Benson, Ronald D.
Bargstrans, Barbara
Bibeau, Joanne
Bourbonniere, Noella
Bubalo, Dan
Christen, Della
Corrigan, Paula
Damkroeger, William
Dille, William
Dincau, Bert
Engstrom, Jean S.
Erickson, Richard O.
Fredrickson, June
Freeman, John
Grover, Dennis J.
Gulliford, Shirley
Halvorson, Earle
Hendrickson, Leroy
Hill, Darlene
Hopkins, Adine
Hunt, Eleanor
Jasper, Charles
Johnson, Joanne
Jukich, Joseph
Kennedy, Janet
Kilgore, Bernard
Kohl, Robert
Kresky, Robert
Krmpotich, Nick
Larsen, Leroy
Lemier, Beverly
Londo, James R.
Maisuk, Dorothy Mae
Mayberry, Mary Louise
Meyer, Joyce
Midthun, James R.
Miscevich, Sam
Moe, Dean
Mullin, Frances
Murray, Ann
Natali, Roger J.
Nelson, Jerry
Nickila, Arnold
Papike, Audrey
Puhl, Phyllis
Putnam, Helen
Richter, William
Ritchie, Rose D.
Samarzia, Anton
Strand, Rodney
Tusken, Charlene
Warble, Kay
Wedan, Carole
Wolfe, Donald
Submitted by Julie Wickstrom Goddard - [email protected]
Morgan Park Senior High School, Duluth, MN
Class of 1954
Bakke, Mavis
Bastie, Rodney
Bergman, Roberta
Blatnik, Anthony
Bogart, Richard
Brand, Alvin
Bubalo, Rudy
Crom, William
Dincau, Selores
Dincau, Raymond
Economos, Marina
Eskola, Jacquelyn
Frederick, Harold
German, Janice
Hill, Alice
Hunt, Earlene
Jasper, Rose
Jukich, William
Kahring, Carolyn
Kennedy, Faye
Kline, Charles
Long, Patricia
Lukovsky, John
Maisuk, Ray
Marnich, Daniel
Matetich, Carol
Michaud, Donna
Moran, Joan
Myers, Pat
Nedesky, Joseph
Nemec, Patricia
Neumann, Marie
Nielsen, Marlene
Norgren, Donna
Nygren, Gail
Odberg, Ann Marie
Pepel, Winnifred
Pierce, James
Plesko, Nancy
Seppi. Lawrence
Stoner, Shirley
Swanson, Mary Ann
Torgerson, Shirley
Wakeman, Dallas
Submitted by Julie Wickstrom Goddard - [email protected]
Mt. Iron High School, Mt Iron, MN
Classes of 1915-1924
Class of 1915
Apuli, Helmi
Beck, J. Lennert
Beck, Leo
Gagnon, Joseph
Hanson, Mable
Kangas, Olga
Lempi, Esther
Mattson, Tuni
Peltier, Elizabeth
Class of 1916
Endriz, Frank L.
Endriz, John D.
Gagnon, Eva Mae
Hinkley, Edwin M.
McCarthy, Richard M.
Muench, Henry F.
Simonich, John
Class of 1917
Apuli, Waino E.
Gagnon, Laura V.
Hanson, Orville
Partanen, Olga
Peltier, Margaret Z.
Simonich, Frank
Class of 1918
Haurunen, Elaine
Jurisch, Miles
Keistinen, Aina Marie
Lasky, Arnold
Lasky, Mae Florence
Mattson, Selma
Class of 1919
Beck, Lilliam Augusta
Keistinen, Aurora
Kimball, Margaret
Mattson, Esther Julanda
Tieberg, Hulda Emilia
Class of 1920
Frasa, Eli Victor
Hanson, Ethel R.
Lukkarila, Aili I.
Pesola, Aili E.
Rautiola, Anna
Shimmich, Margaret D.
Stefancich, Anna V.
Class of 1921
Apuli, Karl A.
Gagnon, Henry
Krall, Margaret J.
Lovallo, Joseph A.
Mattson, Emil
Saari, Ida Evelyn
Stefancich, Josephine
Class of 1922
Bauer, Adelaide D.
Eilertson, George A.
Johnson, Elsie I.
Kleimola, Jack W.
LaPage, Mayme M.
Lindholm, Vaino J.
Niemi, Tuni J.
Norman, Beryl L.
Peltier, Corinne C.
Pesola, Hugo E.
Scroot, Selma E.
Class of 1923
Apuli, John A.
Beck, Clarence
Comparoni, Celia
Hanson, Bennie
Enroth, Helen
Harwood, Lester
Keith, Helen
Kelly, Rose (Lovallo)
Kerola, Ellen
Lukkarila, Hugo
Leppi, Theodore
Mattlila, Edith
Class of 1924
Anderson, Ward
Carlson, Gideon
Charmoli, Carmella
Dimberio, Antoinette
Farley, Ethel Mae
Fraser, Glenn
Gidos, John
Haurunen, Ethel
Johnson, Olga
Kerola, Theodore
Keto, Helmi
Kolstad, Arnold
Mattson, Fanny
Scinto, Daniel
Soloski, Daisy
Walwick, Anna
Krall, Peter
Linval, Ellen
Lostrom, Elsie
Lukkarila, Alice
Mattson Arthur
Mitchell, Elizabeth
Nelson, Elizabeth
Paulson, Mildred
Perala, Fannie
Pesola, Waino
Seppa, Iley
Shimmich, Amelia
Weckstrom, Anna
Wood, Minnie
Submitted by John Otava - [email protected]
Mt. Iron High School, Mt Iron, MN
Classes of 1925-1930
Class of 1925
Anderson, Lulu Irene
Bianchi, Dewey
Burley, Arthur
Charmoli, Louis
Crothers, Emily
Eilertson, Lee
Frasa, Ethel
Harwood, Geraldine
Henry, Edward
Laine, Walfred John
Lambert, Mary Louise
Lindholm, Loury
Lostrom, Clara
McGregor, Donald
Moore, Frank
Niemela, Sikri
Paoletti, Janet
Salo, Irma Irene
Schur, Chester
Class of 1926
Anderson, Mary
Babbini, Edith
Barker, Harold
Beck, Laurence
Bianchi, Margherita
Carlson, Esther
Drobnich, John
Drobnich, Mary
Hellman, Oscar
Juusela, Toivo
Kaihlanen, Arvo
Kerola, Waino
Lambert, Cecelia
Mattson, Ellen
Norman, Robert
Saari, Lempi
Sampson, Mary
Sassone, Mary
Seppa, Amelia
Class of 1927
Anderson, John M.
Belpedio, Ralph
Cerkvenik, Anton
Carlson, Waldemar J.
Charmoli, Arnold
Comparoni, Julia D.
Danielson, Edythe V.
Doris, Samuel R.
Eilertson, Harry B.
Erickson, Paul J. Jr.
Grevich, Minnie J.
Henderson, Beatrice A.
Herrmeyer, George C.
Janasky, Gertrude M.
Keto, Leah A.
Kortela, Iley D.
Krall, John G.
Laine, Eva F.
Leppi, Helia E.
Schur, Rachel
Vannucci, Carman
Vannucci, Raphael
Vilsmeyer, Angeline
Vilsmeyer, Marcus
Zeppi, Nellie
Staff, Lempi
Wright, Harry
Young, Esther
Lostrom, Carl O.M.
Lukkarila, Helmi E.
Martinson, Waino M.
Mattila, Lillian E.
Mitchell, Mildred
Moore, Robert L.
Nikunen, Wilho
Norcia, Mathew A.
Nordeen, Wilner J.
Pesola, Leo J.
Pogorelce, Julianna A.
Rantanen, Tom J.
Riccio, Tony D.
Saari, Ernest A.
Scinto, Rose A.
Scinto, Mike J.
Seppi, Urho J.
Shimmich, John J.
Shimmich, Rose L.
Simonich, Frances L.
Soloski, Thoedore, R
Vannucci, Diodato
Viitala, Fannie M.
Class of 1928
Anderson, Rudolph W.
Bakalarzek, Stephen J.
Barone, Evelyn M.
Beck, Charles J.
Brosie, Marion E.
Buchanan, Robert P.
Carlson, Myrtle A.
Carman, Joy M.
Cerkvenik, Mary E.
Comeau, Theresa M.
Doris, Ruby K.
Downing, Ena F.
Drobnich, Frank
Farley, Mildred H.
Fiola, John M.
Class of 1929
Anderson, Ethel I.
Babbini, Alma Jean
Bakalarzek, Frances H.
Beck, Roland Arthur
Bjork, Anfred August
Buck, Reginald Joel
Buria, Edward George
Carlson, Signe Emily
Cerkvenick, Ann Agnes
Dimberio, Frank J.
Dylen, Mayme V.
Gulla, Frank Angelo
Johnson, Charles Oliver
Johnson, Effie C.
Jusela, Vera Sofia
Class of 1930
Anderson, Clarence Eugene
Anderson, Helen Pauline
Anttila, Esther Helga
Barone, Palma Margaret
Bianchi, John
Bianchi, Stephan Anthony
Buck, Evelyn Alma
Carlson, Roy L.
Carman, Bernard Ralph
Cerkvenick, Florence Stanna
Charmoli, James Arthur
Charmoli, Glenn Anthony
Dimberio, Peter Anthony
Fiola, Julius Douglas
Gidos, Stephen William
Gidos, Anne D.
Grivich, Mary A.
Haapala, Carl
Harwood, Melvin C.
Hill, Ellen
Johnson, Helge C.
Johnson, Ragnhild C.
Kangas, Leo J.
Kauppila, Helmi S.
Keto, Marie E.
Komulainen, Thelma V.
Kutsi, Ellen E.
Lundgren, Aili Agnes
Mattila, William I.
Meglen, Mary
Otava, Kaarlo J.
Perala, Urho W.
Riley, Glenwood A.
Robbins, Viola M.
Saari, Arthur M.
Schur, Harold E.
Setala, Walter H.
Shimmich, Anna S. J.
Swedman, Evelyn
Tuomiranta, Ellen M.
Wainio, Ero G. I.
Wilson, Leatha L.
Kailanen, Viekko E.
Kerlo, Edward Nicholas
Keto, Heimo Andrew A.
Kindred, Herbert Lee
Krall, Julia Katheleen
Laine, Arne Waldemar
Lindeman, Emil T.
Lostrom, Ernest Edmund
McGregor, Lawrence C.
Maki, Arvo A.
Martilla, Eino Jacob
Mattson, Lillian Alice
Mutton, Miriam Mutton
Orcutt, Leon Russell
Osmonde, Evelyn Ruth
Paoletti, Joseph Luke
Pesola, Helmi Irene
Rossi, Mike John
Salo, Inga
Samppala, Walfred S.
Staff, Alfred Waldemar
Viitala, Rudolph S.
Vilsmeyer, Clara Helen
Wainio, Eva Lillian
Warglin, Raymond W.
Whitney, Helen Martha
Yelenich, Anne B.
Grivich, Michael
Hansen, Ronald Edwin
Harwood, Ruth Matilda
Hill, Ida Aileen
Hoey, Blanche Louise
Hurtig, Ellyn Theresa
Johnson, Earl Albert
Johnson, Haakon
Kauppila, Helen Miriam
Lahti, Elma Ellen
Lambert, Homer Joseph
Larson, Bernice Virginia
Lundgren, Sylvia Helen
MacGregor, Lucile Miriam
Martinson, Sylvia Elaine
Meritt, Lianda Ann
Moore, Mary Dorthea
Nelson, Lloyd Malcomb
Norsted, Melvin Woodrow
Olsen, Gudrun Sophie
Perala, Helvi Marie
Rossi, Alcide Paul
Setala, Arne W.
Shimmick, Mary Katheryn
Tiedeman, Sadie Ann
Weckstrom, Elias Nicholas
Submitted by John Otava - [email protected]
Mt. Iron High School, Mt Iron, MN
Classes of 1931-1935
Class of 1931
Anderson, Hugh Leander
Bianchi, Dante James
Buchanan, Margaret Bernice
Burley, Marvin Westby
Class of 1932
Anderson, Alvin Adolph
Babbini, Katherine Marie
Bianchi, Theodore Mario
Buchanan, Lucile Frances
Class of 1933
Anderson, Ardyce Harriet
Anderson, Hjalmer Anton
Carlson, Arne Harold
Carlson, Margaret Lucille
Doris, Jane Christine
Dylen, Ruth Jane K.
Erickson, Erlene Emily
Erickson, Richard Fredrick
Fabish, Rose Evangeline
Grivich, John Daniel
Hietala, Elma Sophie
Hietala, Elsie Irene
Huhtala, Laina Johanna
Johnson, Doris Abigail
Johnson, Helene Louise
Joki, Elina Esther
Keating, Rose Jeanette
Knoll, Jack Louis
Laine, Oliver Herman
Lambert, Agard Louis
MacGregor, Lester Anthony
McLean, Donald James
Marttila, Laimi Emily
Merritt, Genevieve Phyliss
Muench, Fredrick Brown
Nikunen, Veikko
Olson, Carol Winnifred
Parkkonen, Esther Fanny
Perala, Elsie Josephine
Pesola, Alma Emelia
Pesola, Emil John
Rautiola, Alma Emelia
Roine, Reijo
Ross, Alma Ingeborg
Rossi, Mary Florence
Ruha, Aune Sylvia
Ruha, Rachel Mary Ann
Saari, Arvid John
Saari, Elmore John
Saari, Raymond Harold
Secola, Michael Antonio
Simonich, Johanna Katheryn
Webb, Edna Grace
Wilcox, Jerome Denton
Carlson, Edwin Ludwig
Cerkvenik, Frances Kathleen
Comparoni, Bonnie Dora
Fiola, Clara Florence
Fiola, Mary Lucile
Gidos, Frank Paul
Golden, Betty Irene Mary
Gulla, Antoinette Marie
Hoey, Jack Francis
Hyle, Irja Gunilla
Isaacson, Bernard Solon
Jackson, Elna Mary
Jarvi, Elma Elain
Johnson, Henry Floyd
Kangas, Lila Helen
Keto, Waino Henry Alex
Kindred, Vivian Margaret
Komulainen, Hilma Helen
Lostrom, Mytle Ellen
Lungren, Eino William
Maki, Taimi Dagmar
Marincel, Matthew Peter
Muench, Arthur Joseph
Mutton, Leslie John
Nelson, Elma Susan
Norcia, Peter Alfred
Norman, Donald Lawrence
Olsen, Fredrick Olaf
Olson, Carl Stevens
Olson, Clarence Everett
Orcutt, Kenneth Giles
Otava, Oliver Waldemar
Pearson, Leonard August
Robbins, Berniece Theodore
Ross, Gladys Lillian
Ruha, Calervo Alexander
Saari, Helen Juliet
Samppala, Lila Lillian
Sassone, Ann Kathleen
Schur, Burrell Elizabeth
Carman, Lawrence Philip
Charmoli, Mariette Ann
Crothers, James Richard
Dimberio, Rudolph Martin
Doris, Melba Pauline
Dylen, Marive Louise
Eilertson, Murle Elizabeth
Forsland, Audre Clarence
Gagnon, Melody Lucille
Grivich, Anna Lucille
Grivich, Joseph James
Grivich, Mary Louise
Grivich, Michael Peter
Gullekson, Carl Leslie
Hansen, Ferne Irene
Harju, Kathryn Orvokki
Herrmeyer, Vernon Henry
Johnson, Oscar Gustaf
Kauppila, Helmer Oswald
Koski, Walter Helmer
Laine, George Isaac
Laine, Theodore Frederick
Larson, Lucille Marie
Lund, Evelyn Myrona
Makela, Rayno
Markus, Taimi Sylvia Galli
Menelli, Sistie Steven
Merritt, Ora Virginia
Muller, Raymond Leroy
Nenonen, Lillian Violet
Nordberg, Gene Rundle
Nordeen, Roy Edwin
Olson, Elaine Genevieve
Otava, Gertrude Kyllikki
Pejavich, Robert James
Pesola, Ida Mary
Risku, Alfred Evor
Salo, Alvar Jacob
Secola, Ferdinand Phillip
Shimmick, Elizabeth Agnes
Seppi, Auni
Staff, Grace Marie
Stauty, Gladys Gertrude
Swedman, Lillian
Vilsmyer, Margaret Therese
Yelenich, May Agnes
Class of 1934
Anderson, Anne Elizabeth
Anderson, Joyce Melba
Bianchi, Ludwig Dominic
Bianchi, Victor John
Canute, Marjore Mae
Cerkvenik, Frank Fredrick
Charmoli, Louise Mary
Comeau, Harry Joseph
Conaway, Gertrude Marie
Crothers, Ruth Hope
Erickson, Ruth Clarice
Foss, Helen Lucille
Francovich, Mary Agnes
Golden, Katherine Etta
Grivich, Katherine Louise
Harwood, Dorthy Marion
Hoglund, Eleanore Esther
Huhtala, Onnie Victor
Johnson, Clifford Charles
Johnson, Naomi
Johnson, John Russell
Jokinen, Sylvia Matilda
Kauppila, Rayno Nestor
Komulainen, Minerva Bertha
Koski, Esther Vienna
Lahti, Elmer John
Lostrom, Walter Daniel
Lundgren, Ellen Esther
Marincel, Anne Pauline
Marincel, Mary Elizabeth
Therrien, Maxine Ellyn
Vanhala, Mona Jean
Viitala, Ellyn Irene
Viitala, Julia Dagmar
Wick, Evelyn Lenore
Wilson, Violet Eleanor
Class of 1935
Anderson, Edmond Morris
Anderson, Irene Jennice
Babbini, Jack L.
Barone, Carl Vincent
Brozich, Charlene
Buchanan, Dorthy Rose
Burley, Ruby Jeanette
Carlson, Carl John
Charmoli, Alfred Michael
Dimberio, Margaret Carmella L.
Dodge, Isadore Mae
Doris, Geraldine Alta
Forstrum, Olavi Oskar
Fox, Robert Phillip
Gagnon, Francis Mose
Gidos, Mike Mathew
Grivich, Nicholas Michael
Harwood, Mildred Vivian
Keto, Sylvia, Tellervo
Koskela, Laila Ilona
Laine, Alvar A.
Laine, Armas Anthony
Lambert, Jeanette Freda
Larson, Carolyn A. Cecilia
Lahtinen, Eino Victor
Lukkari, Dagmar Margaret
Makela, Bertha Violet
Maki, Otto Michael
Maki, Toini Mary M.
Marincel, Michael Anthony
Markus, Ina
Martinson, Helen Irene
Meglen, Louise Lawrence
Muller, Dorthy Eileen
Norcia, Leonard Nicholas
Nordberg, Enid Ruth
Norman, Carole Lois
Olsen, Ingeborg Randine
Perala, Eino Henry
Perkio, Betty
Ross, Florence Greta
Rossi, Mobello Michael
Ruha, Corinne Emilia
Saari, Kenneth Vernord
Severson, Vera Mae
Simonich, Fredrick Paul
Vanhala, Enid Lorraine
VanPelt, Donald Francis
Vidmar, Mary Celia
Viitala, Elma Kathryn
Voss, William George
Yelenich, Stephana Angeline
Yoki, Vienna Katherine
Martinson, Lyla Elizabeth
Martinson, Signe Marie
Moilan, Theodore Andrew
Muench, Katherine Josephine
Nelson, John Jalmer
Nelson, Sadie Mae
Nenonen, Arnold Edward
Norcia, Mary Bernice
Orcutt, Leslie Vincent
Pejavich, Jean Agnes
Pejavich, Nicholas Nick
Perala, Saimi Evelyn
Rautiola, Elmer Henry
Saari, Sylvia Julianna
Schur, James Louis
Staff, Toivo Armas
Stauty, Edna Irene
Vidmar, Anne Angeline
Weckstrom, Eva Alexandra
Wick, Harold B.
Submitted by John Otava - [email protected]
Mt. Iron High School, Mt Iron, MN
Classes of 1936-1940
Class of 1936
Anderson, Arthur Raymond
Anderson, Helen Helmi
Anderson, Lyle Milton
Bergquist, Bert Arvid
Bergquist, Harold Hjalmer
Buria, Rose Elizabeth
Cerkvenik, Amelia Louise
Charmoli, Patsy Peter
Class of 1937
Anderson, Edwin John
Anderson, John Alfred
Anderson, Ruth D.
Babbini, Caroline R.
Barone, Genevieve Lucille
Beeman, Fern G.
Carlson, Doris E.
Carlson, Esther A.
Class of 1938
Anderson, Byron Kirk
Anderson, Esther Emelia
Anderson, Joyce Vyola
Barone, Leopold Jerome
Bergman, Robert Edmund
Buffetta, Frank Bruno
Cadeau, Kenneth Gerald
Carman, Katherine Mary Ann
Eklund, Alfred Waldemar
Emerson, Charles Ralph
Erickson, Janet Louise
Forsland, Carolyn Emma
Grevich, Stephen Robert
Groves, Madge Leona
Harper, Irene Bernice
Heisel, William John
Huhtala, Lila Anne
Jackson, Virginia
Johnson, Harriet Alberta
Johnson, Henrietta E.
Johnson, Raymond Leslie
Jusela, Larry Jalmer
Koski, Hilma Ellen
Lostrom, Paul Edgar
Lundgren, Gertrude Elina
Lundgren, Lila Irene
Maki, Waldo Arnie
Marincel, John Joseph
Marincel, Mary Margaret
Meglen, Ann Therese
Moilan, Vivian Elvira
Morgando, John Darwin
Nelson, Averil Venetta
Nelson, Edwin Martin
Niemi, Walter Henry
Norcia, Lena Lucille
Olson, Cyrus Robert
Pearson, Raymond Clifford
Perkio, Ailie
Riccio, Daniel James
Rossi, John Michael
Sanderson, Virginia Mae
Seppi, Eino Martin
Severson, Howard Albert
Shimmick, Irene Josephine
Sorenson, Robert Roy
Swaim, Nellie Mae
Swedeman, Florence Alma
Carlson, Lester James
Cerkvenik, Rose Marie
Charmoli, Edith Marie
Charvollotti, Anthony Mario
Conaway, Geneviece Lorraine
Dimberio, Tony M.
Fabish, Joe Theodore
Fiola, Albert Thomas
Forstrom, Orva Ivar
Foss, Mildred Juliette
Fox, Margaret Delores
Gidos, George Gordon
Grivich, Ann Elizabeth
Grivich, John Joseph
Hautamaki, Rudolph William
Hoglund, Evelyn A.
Johnson, Edith Marie
Johnson, Gladys Marie
Kauppila, Verner S.
Lahti, Edwin J.
Lostrom, Florence Esther
Lostrom, Ruth Viola
Ludenia, Genevieve Barbara
Makela, Alice
Maki, Tyyne Mariette
Norlander, Alton L.
Norman, Betty LaBelle
Olson, John Ragnar
Olson, Norman A.
Olson, Homer J.
Otava, Bertha Miriam
Peterson, June Catherine
Pevach, Daniel Theodore
Ranta, Wesley Edwin
Riccio, Rose Marie
Roswold, Edith Delois
Roswald, Raymond Roy
Saari, Phyliss Lorraine
Salo, William Roy
Samppala, Florence Fannie
Dean, Earl Vincent
Dodge, Gene Kay
Doris, John Kenneth
Downing, James LeRoy
Dubruiel, Leona Patricia
Filander, Will Emil
Foss, Hartley Emerson
Gagnon, Alice Anne Marie
Giru, Alfred James
Grevich, Eleanore Lucille
Grivich, Mary Janet
Gulla, Della Josephine
Gullekson, John Victor
Hagbloom, Dorothy Virginia
Hagstrom, Rose Viola
Johnson, Chester LeRoy
Johnson, Marie Olivia
Johnson, Ruth Evelyn
Jusela, Walter Leo
Koskela, Ernest
Kovich, Anne Angeline
Laine, Elsa Alyce
Levin, Evert Johnson
Lundberg, Ralph Donald
Lundgren, Lillian Marion
Marconett, Bert Junior
Marincel, Anne Elizabeth
Martinson, Edwin Richard
Martinson, Lynda Miriam
Matson, Jeanne Elizabeth
McCarthy, Melodie Blanche
McLaughlin, Richard Hennie
Merritt, Florence Belle
Morgando, June Angelita
Norcia, Rose Marie
Nyberg, John Stanley
Oettel, Richard Rienhart
Olson, Esther Regina
Radcliffe, Pearl Carolyn
Riccio, William Lawrence
Terrio, Harvey LeRoy
Wainio, Eli Edwin Ernest
Schur, John Michael
Secola, Orlando Albert
Shimmick, Lillian Eleanore
Susnik, Angeline Josephine
Sy, Keith Lorean
Tyberg, Jane Geraldine
Vidmar, Teresa JoAnn
Viitala, Esther
Viitala, Everett Mathew
Vukelich, George Joseph
Wayrynen, Viola Florence
Whitehead, Rose Esther
Wickenheiser, Orlee Catherine
Wilcox, Robert Elizabeth
Yelenich, Rudolph Paul
Yoki, Helvi
Class of 1939
Anderson, Beryl Alice
Anderson, Erma Louise
Anderson, Lorraine Iona
Barone, Olga Josephine
Bean, Ardith Joyce
Beeman, Myrtle Mae
Begich, Ann Marie
Benzing, Millicent Jane
Bergman, James Albert
Bianchi, Dominic Stephen
Bianchi, Sylvester James
Carlson, Lloyd Segard
Charmoli, Carmella Clara
Dimberio, Virginia Marie
Dimberio, Wallace Vincent M.
Ellison, James Karl
Fabish, Florence Violet
Fabish, William John
Franich, Minnie Lucille
Giru, Marie Anne Josephine
Groves, Theodore McAllister
Riley, Joyce Arbutus
Rossi, Elmendo John
Roswold, Edith Lelois
Schur, Beulah Gertrude
Seppi, Ilmer Edwin
Staudahar, William Albert
Stauty, Vern Edward
Stauty, Vivian Elveria
VanPelt, Olive Marjorie
Viitala, Verna Hagar
Wayrynen, Edwin Ernest
Class of 1940
Anderson, Katheryn Gaile
Babbini, Dorothy Alice
Bean, William Douglas
Buffetta, Katheryne Mary
Carman, Edward Frank
Charmoli, Louise Mary Ann
Dodge, William Horace
Emerson, Ruth Agnes
Franich, Verona Marie
Grevich, Angeline Marie Ann
Grevich, Katherine Cecile
Groves, Frederick Arthur
Hansen, Danita Maree
Hoffer, John Richard
Hoglund, Richard Hjalmer
Hurtig, Ethel Elizabeth
Korpi, Eila Vivienne
Kosevich, Lorraine Muriel
Koski, Fred Wesley
Koski, Tillie Hazel
Lehto, Violet Helen
Gulla, Joseph Raymond
Gullekson, Walter Kenneth
Hansen, Robert George
Henderson, Leile Adele
Hill, Dorthy Ellen
Hoffman, Lily Edna
Hope, Jeanne Virgil
Jacobsen, Peter Jacob
Johnson, Kenneth Harold
Johnson, Marian Matilda
Kangas, Bernhardt Arthur
Keating, Edward Stephen
Kovich, Joe Mike
Kutsi, Bruno Otto
Lostrom, Harry Theodore
Magajna, Esther Mary
Maki, Oiva Orscar
Marincel, Jennie Lucille
Marincel, Katheryn Louise
Mattila, Delores Elizabeth
Mattocks, Eliner Jane
McDonald, Teresa Mary
McLaughlin, June Edna
Mellin, Miriam Katherine
Muller, Grace Ethel
Nelson, Eugene Douglas
Nelson, Ina Sophie
Norman, William Roland
Roy, Eva Lucille Beatrice
Ruha, Esther Amelia
Saari, Dorothy Lorraine
Samppala, Edwin Sylvester
Sanderson, Russell John H.
Ulicsni, Rose Margaret
Vidmar, Helen Joan
Winquist, Virginia Lagne
Yelenich, Paul Joseph
Yelenich, Peter Lawrence
Risku, Arvid
Bruznak, Pearl
Marincel, Madelyne Helene
Markus, Sadie Julia
Mattson, Marilyn Joy
Menelli, Lawrence Vincenzo
Moore, Jean Cora
Nelson, Evelyn Hilda
Norlander, Alvin Milton
O’Niel Joseph Jeremiah
Orcutt, Vernon George
Rikala, Emil John
Saari, Walter Jack
Shouse, Henry Ford
Tero, Melvin Carlo
Terrio, Alice Hilda
Winquist, Carl Roy
Wonser, Florence Irene
Woods, Marian Claretta
Yoki, Albert Valarian
Submitted by John Otava - [email protected]
St. Mary's Hospital Nurses School Graduates
Duluth MN, May 1924
Alexander, Ninette
Anderson, Margaret
Carrell, Marie
Cashen, Helen
Cleveland, Josephine
Doran, Mary
Finn, Monica
Fischer, Hazel
Helwiski, Claire
Hendrickson, Ila
Holm, Margaret
Johnson, Alma
Kessler, Cecilia
Kitowski, Aurelia
Kitowski, Melania
McCusker, Helen
Pfeffer, Isabelle
Pikka, Anita
Poupard, Jessie
Spencer, Gertrude
Vicovatti, Sophia
Wasdahl, Mildred
Weigert, Henrietta
Zien, Helen
Submitted by Shirley Solem
St. Mary's Hospital Nurses School Graduates
Duluth MN, May 19, 1927
Bordeaux, Ethel
Callahan, Francis
Carrell, Margaret
Carroll, Catherine
Coleman, Lucille
Crotty, Rosella
Gablou, Leone
Geram, Josephine
Golla, Elsie
Hermes, Eva I.
Klune, Caroline
Kuelthau, Emma
La Londe, Victoria
Lampert, Minnie
Lindgren, Edith
Maddy, Eunice
Mattson, Hazel
Submitted by Shirley Solem
McGivern, Ann
Mooney, Clara
Musich, Catherine
O'Donnell, Pauline
Olson, Esther
Polaski, Claudier
Quinn, Francis
Ralstakka, A. Senia
Ryan, Margaret
Shanahan, Mildred
Simonich, Mary
Skule, Julia P.
Slaughter, Helen
Sullivan, Margaret
Theofreda, M, Sister, O.S.R.
Zwicky, Zelia
Class Flower: American Beauty ~ Class Colors: Red & White
Class Motto: “Impossible” is Un-American
Class Officers: President, Amandus Halvorson ~ Vice President, Hazel Martin
Secretary-Treasurer, Ida Thorpe ~ Poet, Adolph Naslund
Historian, Ragnild Nickolson ~ Valedictorian, Adolph Erickson
Salutatorian, Amandus Halvorson ~ Highest Ranking Girl, Alta Howe
Branwell, Helia
Martin, Hazel
Eikrem, Florence
Murphy, Lillian
Erickson, Adolph
Mutka, Nick
Hallock, Ethel
Naslund, Adolph
Halvorson, Amandus Nickolson, Ragnild
Hill, Hellen
Osterberg, Esther
Hill, Lydia
Sovde, Esther
Howe, Alta
Talle, Jennie
Kitto, Mintie
Thorpe, Ida
Berglund, Rudolph
Limstrom, Hildur
Ericson, William
Murphy, Leonore
Forss, Adeline
Pearson, Edwin
In Memory of Hepola, William Wahlstein, Lillian
Johnson, Helmer
Williams, Fred
Williams, Hattie
Submitted by Robin Karvonen [email protected]
JUNIOR CLASS OF 1916 (Graduating Class of 1917)
Class Officers:
President, Bella Thomas ~ Vice President, Olga Lofgren
Secretary, Gilbert Larson ~ Treasurer, Reuben Lindquist
Bodine, Esther
Kitto, Alberta
Bowman, Jennie
Larson, Gilbert
Carlson, Harold
Lindquist, Reuben
Chiabotti, Ida
Lofgren, Olga
Congdon, Guerdon
Napier, Lloyd*
Hepola, Matt
Nelson, Cella
Hepola, Hilma
Nelson, Selma
Howe, Inez
Olson, Hjalmar*
Jacksha, Mamie
Pederson, Ruth
Jeffrey, Owen
Peterson, Evelyn
Johnson, Elsie
Sipola, Helen
Johnson, George
Sipola, Ina
Johnson, Nannie
Sovde, Elsie
Karvala, Helen*
Thomas, Bella
*left school
Submitted by Robin Karvonen [email protected]
SOPHOMORE CLASS OF 1916 (Graduating Class of 1918)
Class Officers:
President, Fritjof Peterson ~ Vice President, Anna Jacksha
Secretary, Jacob Hallock ~ Treasurer, Ellen Bystrom
Sergeant at Arms, Jacob Skala ~ Class Advisor, Miss Williams
Class Colors : Orange & Black
Bystrom, Ellen Jackson, William Peterson, Fritjof
Hakala, Helen Johnson, Hjalmar* Pearson, Elsie
Hallock, Jacob
Kuretich, Annie
Skala, Jacob
Helstrom, Carl
Merrill, Eugene
Thorpe, Arnold
Jacksha, Anna
Naslund, Ames
Weinzierl, Aloys
*left school
Submitted by Robin Karvonen [email protected]
FRESHMAN CLASS OF 1916 (Graduating Class of 1919)
Class Officers:
President, James Eden ~ Vice President, Gladys Merrill
Secretary, Fern Peterson ~ Treasurer, Morris Howe
Sergeant at Arms, Russell Thomas ~ Class Advisor, Miss Williams
Class Colors: Maroon & Gold
CLASS ROLL ~ *left school
Aronson, Beda
Keskitalo, Helga
Aubin, Eunice
Martin, Albert
Bystrom, Lillian
Merrill, Gladys
Corser, Adelbert* Osterberg, Florence
Corser, Alger*
Palmer, Walter*
Eden, James
Pearson, Elmer
Ericson, Lillian
Peterson, Fern
Gruben, Ella*
Sovde, Adelaide
Holter, Walter
Stefanich, Annie
Howe, Morris
Thomas, Russell
Jackson, George
Weinzierl, Edward
Johnson, Viola
Wiseman, Myron
Submitted by Robin Karvonen [email protected]
Swedish Parochial School
Duluth, St. Louis Co., MN
Swedish Parochial School of St. Bethany Lutheran Church, Duluth, St. Louis Co.,
June 17, 1901 - August 9, 1901 presented by Titus Anderson, Teacher
Class A.
Ella Johnson
Josephine Erickson
Alma Peterson
Lydia Johnson
Marie Johnson
Ida Anderson
Christine Soderlund
Edith Ryden
Anna Nordstrom
Selma Timanson
Hulda Johnson
Ida Johnson
Edith Carlson
Esther Olson
Carl Palmquist
Emma Jepson
Anna Anderson
Florence Nelson
Olga Nicholson
Olga Dahl
Clara Swenson
Hjalmar Holmstrand
Odelia Olson
Lillie Larson
Alma Olson
Ateley Anderson
Emily Hanson
Arthur Johnson
Sigrid Nelson
Ruth Cassel
Class B.
Esther Carlson
Jennie Swenson
Ivar Anderson
Arthur Soderlund
Oscar Carlson
Arvid Carlson
Blanche Erickson
Willie Anderson
Elvira Horngren
Alfred Swantstrom
Ellen Dahlin
Oscar Anderson
Arthur Johnson
Selma Granfors
Adolf Sjoberg
Esther Johnson
Esther Anderson
Edith Akerman
George Larson
Anna Olin
Ida Vilander
Selma Nygord
Hilda Johnson
Tilda Soderlund
Jennie Johnson
Arthur Johnson
Esther H. Johnson
Albert Peterson
Henry Anderson
Evir Wolean
Eddie Nelson
Hildur Anderson
Anna Norquist
Lottie Swenson
Delia Swenson
John Thoreson
Victor Nelson
Gotfred Lilyman
Esther Nelson
Emma Swenson
Alice Johnson
Agnes Erickson
Agnes Wedholm
Eddie Anderson
Arvid Anderson
Hildur Fahrman
Class C
Alfred Sundholm
Esther Gransfors
Florence Johnson
Daniel Olson
Arthur Hallgren
Alice Headsten
George Wallen
Adolf Lindstrom
Edward Anderson
Gilbert Wester
Mabel Ahlstrom
Curt Akerstrom
Bror Akerstrom
Oscar Larson
Victoria Benson
Peter Hanson
Hilda Carlson
Jennie Samson
Annie Peterson
Alfred Lindgren
Hulda Olson
Hulda Wallen
Carl Hogberg
Edith Sundholm
Carl Cassel
Ernst Samson
Edwin Swenson
Josef Backman
Alice Anderson
Ernst Norquist
Ralph Johnson
Ida Peterson
Helga Erickson
Class D
Carl Swenson
Selma Mattson
Class E
Vendla Erickson
Agnes Peterson
John Olson
Earl Miller
Emma Nelson
Einar Holmstrand
Ernst Hammar
William Anderson
Mabel Hallgren
Anna Ekstrom
Gertrude Fahrman
Clarence Lindskog
Elsa Johnson
Paul Johnson
Lambert Sherman
Andrew Vilander
Edith Lindstrom
Lily Rosenquist
Martin Vilander
George Peterson
Martin Carlson
Arthur Peterson
Arvid Johnson
Mamie Nelson
Lillie Dahlin
Ruth Swenson
Gustaf Gustafson
Gertrude Erickson
Edith Hallgren
Oscar Hogberg
Lillie Tengblad
Oscar Johnson
Irene Week
Hilda Granfors
Annie Larson
Victor Benson
Ernst Vedholm
Ernst Henrickson
Harry Anderson
Oscar Johnson
Alma Johnson
John Lundstrom
Albert Ekeroth
Clarence Johnson
Maria Norquist
George Volean
Willie Engstrom
Signe Gronlund
Bernard Gustafson
Arthur Nelson
Effie Lindahl
Leonard Lilyman
Class F
Carl Anderson
Leonard Peterson
Arthur Tengblad
Olivia Larson
Annie Anderson
Henning Lindgren
Hulda Hegstrom
Emil Wallin
Willie Tengblad
Alice Wallen
Theodore Broman
Hulda Engstrom
Gustaf Olson
Eunice Willner
St. Mary's Hospital Nurses School Graduates, Duluth, MN
May 1930
Duluth Herald, Friday, May 8, 1930 - page 18
{picture appeared in paper} Note: 2014, Genealogy Bank does not have the Duluth Herald
Members of the graduating class of the St. Luke's hospital school of nursing, whose
commencement program will be held Tuesday evening at the United Baptist Christian
church, include the following, left to right: First row--Misses Alice Gilling, Sigid Yderstad,
Marion Melton, Ruth Johnson, Irma Brunelli, Helen Ulvila, Annette Gulliksrud, Edna Medjo,
Nellie Swenson and Ruth Pennie. Second Row--Misses Edna Trevarrow, Beatrice Rydeen,
Clara Kuerno, Ruby Anderson, Ilo Strickland, Clara Olson, Rosine Schneider and Constance
Bredeson. Third row--Misses Rachel Middaugh, Margaret Ness, Martha Holmstrom, Muriel
Bradley, Margaret Robins, Anna Amundson and Ann Nelson. Other graduates, not shown in
the picture, are Misses Dorothy St. Mary, Hazel Smith, Margaret Lundberg, Helen Appleby,
Isabel McDonald.
Submitted by Shirley Solem
Virginia Senior High School Commencement
Virginia MN
June 7, 1929
Class Officers:
President - Harold Engman
Vice President - Grace Halliday
Secretary - Elsie Niemi
Treasurer - Olga Jensen
Class Motto: "We Build The Ladder By Which We Climb"
Class Colors: Royal Purple and Orchid
Class Flower: Lilac
Agriesti, Mary Jeanne
Aho, Aune Ida Marie
Anderson, Irma Lucille
Anderson, Mabel H.
Bloomquist, Inez Evelyn
Brude, Alice M.
Bruneau, Ethel Lilliam
Canossa, Ida Delores
Johnson, Earl Arthur
Johnson, Harold Ernest
Johnson, Hida I.
Kauppinen, Elma Aline
Kehoe, Elinor J.
Kehus, Irene Elma
Kenner, Saragrace
Kirkman, Gladys Elvera
Niemi, Hilda S.
Nikka, Archie A.
Norby, Mabel
Noyes, Virginia Eileen
Nykanen, Holger
O'Leary, Kathleen Marie
Olsen, Rhoda Marguerite
Paciotti, Lenore
Carlson, Florence Olive
Charlesworth, Robert William
Chilcote, Lydia Mae
Christopherson, Ralph Hane
Corgan, Mary Bartley
Crist, Leita Evalyn
Cundy, Lawrence R.
Cuppoletti, Bruno Rudolphe T.
Degrugillier, Paul David
Devich, Steve Mathew
Duhant, Helen Teresa
Eldien, Florence C.
Elkington, Alyce M.
Engman, Harold Anselm
Engman, Walter Sigfred
Erickson, Ilmi Luella
Erzar, Stanley F.
Flemming, James Emmett
Garon, Eleanor
Gillespie, Harry William
Glumack, Sophia Marian
Granholm, Edwin H.
Gunderson, Vivian Gladys
Halliday, Grace Caroline
Hedman, Cecilia V.
Heikkila, Gertrude Sylvia
Hendrickson, Vendla Marja
Hill, Theodore R.
Hinchliff, Daisy Alice LaVerne
Ilse, Elvera Bernice
Jacobson, Kermit G.
Jarver, Anna A.
Jensen, Olga N.
Kizenkavich, Marian Magdeline
Klefler, Ernest Henry
Koebensky, Anthony M.
Korting, Viola K.
Koskela, Wagner Elmer
Koski, Gertrude K.
Laakso, Edward O.
Larson, Alice Marguerite
Lassilla, Vienna M.
Laukka, Irene I.
Lindman, Arthur C.
Lox, Edith Evelyn
McDonough, Mary Patricia
McQuade, Helen Irene
Mack, Raymond Frederick
Magagnini, Fred J.
Makela, Marion I.
Maki, Fanny I.
Maniko, Hazel Helen
Matkovich, Ann R.
Mattson, Russel F.
Michals, Leona Constance
Milroy, Mary
Mobroten, Ruth Mildred
Mobroten, Tilda Josephine
Morton, Virginia Claire
Murray, Enid Kanetta
Myrvold, Trya Pauline
Nelson, Adeline
Nelson, Jane
Nesbitt, Reuben Andrew
Niemi, Bertha E.
Niemi, Elsie Johanna
Pearce, Edward Harold
Pearce, Raymond Walter
Pelto, Olaf John
Pera, Erma LaVerne
Perras, Raymond Walter
Person, Melvin G.
Phillips, Impie Marie
Poupard, Mamie
Prijanovich, Rose Teresa
Raihala, Irma Tellervo
Reinke, C. Alanson
Rorvek, Mabel Eleanor
Rosenberger, Anna Malinda
Ruha, Nelo Henry Russel
Salmela, Elsie
Salminen, Harold Armas
Salminen, Theodore Adolphe
Sippola, Suamma Helena
Sirvio, George O.
Sisel, Lucille C.
Skarp, Edward
Sloan, Amy H.
Smegal, Eleanor R.
Sooger, Signe Marie
Stapleford, Ethel A.
Svedberg, Bayert William
VonMehren, Ann Marie
Watson, Hugh M.
West, Carl Gustave
Westby, Jessie Virginia Marie
Wilkinson, Raymond John
Winkler, Arthur Eldon
Virginia Senior High School Commencement
Virginia MN
June 7, 1934
Class Officers:
President - Alfred Skarp
Vice-President - Elizabeth Ann Prince
Second Vice- President - Conrad Peterson
Secretary - Eleanor Robinson
Tresurer - Charles Prasky
Class Colors: Blue and Silver Bronze
Class Flower: Pink Rose
June Graduates 1934
Aaseng, Fay Evelyn
Anderson, Emil C.
Anderson, Fern Ione
Anderson, Luther Elvin
Babiracki, Genevieve Helen
Babiracki, Hedvig
Bailey, Monica Loretta
Belay, Fred Lawrence
Bergerson, Berger
Berglund, Ruth E.
Bochna, Anthony J.
Bodell, Burnette
Bosshardt, Marion Norma
Bradish, Violet
Buck, Jeanette V.
Buvarp, Esther Norma
Burton, Carol Lorraine
Canelake, Helen E.
Carey, June Patricia
Carlson, Alvina E.
Carlson, Ferne Dorothy
Carlson, Reino W.
Cerquettini, Cledo S
Chilcote, Max E.
Hickox, Marjorie
Hunter, Mercedes Harriet
Jacobson, Leone Margaret
Jensen, Richard E.
Johnson, Esther V.
Josephson, Gustav R.
Kaminski, Chester John
Karakas, Ann M
Koebensky, Pauline Therese
Korting, Willard P.
Koskela, Mabel Anna
Koski, Lillian Eleanor
LaBeau, Lester F.
LaPatka, Rose Marie
LaVigne, Howard Joseph
Lahti, A. Eugene
Larsen, Milton Chester
Larson, Jack E.
Laspi, Roy M.
Leighton, George Benjamin Jr.
Liming, Charles A.
Lonnstrom, Afilie Marie
Luke, Jack Lloyd
MacVettie, Ilene Claire
Pfeifer, Chauncey L.
Pietrini, Theodore Joseph
Pineo, Carol Mae
Prasky, Charles
Prince, Elizabeth Ann
Raukar, Rudolph F.
Reed, Marcus A.
Renzaglia, Zaida Marie
Richards, Mary
Richards, Roy A.
Robinson, Eleanore Jane
Rodby, Stanley Edward
Rodorigo, James V
Rothnem, Nordis
Russo, Amelia A.
Russo, Carl J.
Salo, Lempi I.
Scholtus, Lucille Carol
Schultz, Natilie Muriel
Shapiro, George C.
Skarp, Alfred B.
Smith, Charles H.
Smith, Edith Josephine
Smith, Marguerite L
Cimperman, William J.
Coning, Doris Geraldine
Cosgrove, Lillian Mary
Cox, Chester Charles
Dahl, Howard P.
Devich, Aurora C.
Doane, Dora Lenore
Dougherty, June Alice
Downing, Florence Virginia
Dwyer, Catherine Virginia
Egan, Jennie E.
Engman, Catherine Virginia
Engstrom, Bernice M.C.
Engstrom, Lucille O.V.
Erickson, Lempi K.
Erickson, Lorraine A.
Erkkila, Edna M.
Erkkila, Ethel E.
Fayone, Ann Delores
Frederick, Maxine
Gabrielson, Karen Eleanor
Gasparich, Annie T.
Gentilini, Johanna M.
Granger, Gael Gloria
Guralski, Lucille
Gussmann, Delores Barbara
Hagan, Kathryn M.
Hall, Jack H.
Handberg, Beatrice Marion
Hansen, Nadine A.
Harris, Dorothy N.
Haryn, Vieno
Hawker, Allen Buell
Heelstone, D. Margaret
Heitkemper, Eleanor Doris
Hendrickson, Vivian M.
McCullough, Malcolm S.
Mack, Dorothy Ann
Magill, Marjorie Blanche
Maki, Ellen Marrie
Maki, Helen Ruth
Maki, Mayme Matilda
Makie, Aune
Martin, Arnold William
Martin, Russell J.
Mather, Jane E.
Matko, Olga M.
Matson, Kendrick Boyd
Mattson, Lorraine L.
Mattson, Myrtle Pauline
Meehan, George J.
Michalowski, Helen Ann
Miltich, Anna Mae
Minelli, Charles
Mykra, Olga Helen
Nelson, Dorothy Pauline
Nesbitt, Arthur H.
Niles, Walfred
Niska, Gladys M.
Nivala, Oras B.
Novak, Luverne C.
Olson, Martha I.
Pakola, Edwin A.
Palm, Esther Violet
Partanen, Jorma O.
Pazzelli, Jessie Marie
Pelto, George E.
Person, George W.
Peterson, Conrad R.
Peterson, Elsa Ruby
Peterson, H. Victor
Petroskey, Jane Violet
Smith, Mary Lee
Solberg, Louraine G.
Spehar, Anna T.
Starkovich, Thomas M.
Stepich, Josephine A.
Stickney, James Arthur
Stickney, Mary Jane
Suliin, Anna Lydia
Swanson, Edmund A.
Symanski, Florence
Thayer, Arthur F.
Thomas, Frances A.
Tillman, Bernice
Tomazin, Ann T.
Tulpo, George A.
Tuomi, Hilda Miriam
Tuominen, Veikko W.
Turino, Jane Caroline
Vack, Donald J.
Vail, Byron J.
Vail, Dorothy Elaine
Vanderbloom, Alta G.
Vanecek, Agnes Mary
Venaas, Margaret A.
VonderHaar, Alphonse J.
Vranicar, John Joseph
Walden, Ellen V.
Warren, Harold Francis
Westby, Arline
Whitney, Evelyn Ethel
Wicklund, Viola F.
Wilcox, Lawrence F.
Williams, Ina T.
Zadra, Margaret
Washington Junior High School, Duluth MN
1929 9A Class Roll
Abernathy, Pauline Hall, Arthur
Abrams, Helen
Hanson, Erling
Abrahamson, Elna Hanson, Jennie
Adelson, Sylvia
Hanson, Muriel
Amundson, Lester Hanson, Rockford
Anetil, George
Harvey, Harry
Anderson, Jean
Haskins, Wendell
Anderson, William Hayes, Thomas
Andres, Dale
Havdahl, Fred
Anseth, Dorrisy
Hecken, Otto
Apostolakas, Virginia Helpa, Joseph
Bachke, Clarence
Hervola, Gust
Barker, Milton
Hessert, Mary
Bartell, Helen
Hewitt, Clarence
Bate, Catherine
Heetanen, Allie
Behring, Marjorie
Hill, Bjarne
Bemke, Dolores
Hill, Vera
Bennett, Eathel
Hellquist, Gladys
Berg, Arthur
Hoar, Nancy
Berg, Jennie
Hole, Lucille
Bergal, Freda
Ignasiak, Edward
Bergal, Bennie
Irvin, Robert
Bergman, Ray
Jackson, Beulah
Bernsten, Raymond Jacobson, Eleanor
Bertossi, John
Jacobson, Helmi
Bjornstad, Martha Johnson, Arlene
Bongey, Arlene
Johnson, Freda
Boushala, Violet
Johnson, Gladys
Boynton, Lucy Jane Johnson, Helen
Brown, Marie
Johnson, Howard
Brown, Merle
Johnson, Ida
Buchring, Anna
Johnson, John
Burns, Emmett
Johnson, Lillian
Carlson, Edith
Johnson, Myrtle
Carlson, Gertrude Johnson, Raymond
Miller, Joyce
Mondow, Bud
Mrozik, Robert
Muckart, Margaret
Nelson, Ervin
Nelson, Helen
Nelson, Loyd
Nelson, Aileen
Nossum, Margaret
Nyman, Margaret
Nystrom, Lillian
Ogston, Allen
Ogston, Lauren
Olson, Helen
Olson, Margaret
Oxman, Fay
Palmer, Sterling
Pappas, Henry
Patterson, Edward
Peterson, Margaret
Peterson, Orville
Peterson, Roderick
Peterson, Vivian
Pringle, Mary
Rahko, William
Randall, Floyd
Refseth, Betty
Reitan, Evelyn
Rhode, Robert
Rich, Louise
Richardson, Grace
Rinne, Irga
Robinson, Edward
Rodahl, Arthur
Rogers, Adeline
Carlson, Lillian
Carlson, Ruth
Cartier, Joseph
Chatovitz, Liby
Clark, Courtland
Curtiss, Neal
Cyrol, Adele
Cyrol, Chester
Dahl, Lester
Davidson, Burton
Drewett, Esther
Dunlop, Dolline
Drydahl, May
Ekroot, Raymond
Ellingson, John
Emanuelson, Jane
Even, Martin
Evens, William
Farrell, Gordon
Fastovsky, Freda
Fleer, Beatrice
Forbort, Gladys
Forsberg, Evert
Forsell, Thora
Foster, Muriel
Fostoff, Harold
Fredrickson, Ethel
Fredrickson, Gladys
Fortin, Helen
Frehse, Mary Jane
Fuhrman, Bernice
Glazman, Betty
Glockle, Lovella
Goldfine, Minnie
Goldsmith, June
Gordon, Julius
Grandell, Adolph
Green, Ida
Johnson, Stanley
Rogers, Marcellus
Johnston, Dorothy Round, Irene
Jones, Herbert
Reeden, William
Jones, John
Sage, James
Kahring, Kathleen
Sahlman, Vivian
Kanen, Nellie
Saloski, Jeanette
Kari, Eugene
Shea, Patricia
Kelly, Pat
Sher, Jane
Kern, Lyle
Silvonen, Suto
Knucky, William
Singer, Rosalyn
Knutson, Orton
Sink, Josephine
Knutson, Ray
Slotness, Elna
Koutsoyan, James Smith, Herbert
Kovack, Olga
Smith, Mildred
Krovitz, Ann
Snyder, Alice
Kucharsky, Margaret Sorman, Harry
Kurri, Dora
Sproal, Jean
Kurtilla, Ellen
Staubs, William
Kutz, Beatrice
Stenberg, Edith
Lahtinen, Arthur
Steinle, Arthur
Lappi, Lauri
Stevenson, Harriet
Lamke, Myrtle
Stewart, Marvin
Larke, Isabelle
Strum, Dorothy
Larson, Harold
Summers, Adeline
Leiness, Pearl
Tangen, Helen
Lent, Genevieve
Teske, Dorothy
Levendusky, Bernard Thayer, Camille
Levy, Evelyn
Thompson, Vivian
Lind, Olga
Tinseth, Conrad
Lofgren, Alice
Toivenen, Edward
Lofgren, Eleanor
Vanderburg, Naemi
Lovell, Carl
Walsh, William
Lovald, Henry
Walczak, Teresa
Maki, Arne
Ward, Ruth
Marcovitch, Sam
Whalen, Ruby
McComber, Charles Williams, Ruth
McGill, Elva
Wilkes, Ralph
McKellops, Colette Wilson, Allen
Grinde, Loyd
Gunderson, Helen
Gunsolus, Harriet
Hagenson, Dorothy
McNulty, Helen
Medlin, Jethro
Meidal, Chester
Miller, Florence
Wilson, Charles
Wilson, Elinor
Wilson, Torrance
Wold, Lucille
Submitted by Wiley Spencer Fulkerson - [email protected]