2014 Spring Newsletter - California Living Museum

Spring Fling........................ 2
Reciprocal Facilities.............. 2
Prevent Wildfires.................. 2
Wish List............................. 3
In Memory.......................... 3
A quarterly publication for members & supporters of the California Living Museum
Spring 2014
You are invited to attend CALM’s
t’s the California Living Museum’s 31st Birthday Bash, Saturday, May 17, from 9
a.m.–4 p.m. Once again, we have a line-up of presentations and activities that will
provide entertainment for just about everyone!
In celebration of our 31st Birthday, kids up to 12 years old are FREE with a paying
adult. As always, CALM members are admitted free.
Throughout the day, CALM’s Animal Keepers will provide wildlife presentations
and our docents will stroll the grounds with our ambassador animals. A variety of
nature-related and civic organizations will be on hand to provide party guests with
information and give-a-ways.
No birthday will be complete without a bounce house, train rides, food and
beverage booths.
It won’t be a happy birthday without you! Please mark your calendars for Saturday,
May 17, and attend the festivities.
Super Bowl Psychic............... 3
Making It Happen............. 4-5
Calendar of Events................ 6
Docent & Wildlife Rehab
Class of 2014...................... 6
500,000 Visitor................. 7
Mother & Father’s Day
at CALM........................... 7
HolidayLights 2013
a Success............................ 7
CALM adds
new zoos and
museums to
reciprocal list
We are happy to announce the
following new additions to our
CALM Member reciprocal list:
April 12-19, 2014
9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
CALM debuts two new mountain lion kittens!
•Kern County Museum,
Bakersfield, CA
•Houston Zoo, Houston, TX
•Utica Zoo, Utica, NY
•New York State Zoo at
Thompson Park,
Watertown, NY
When visiting these facilities,
you will always be required to
show your CALM membership
card and photo identification.
Some restrictions may apply. Visit
calmzoo.org for the entire list.
Not a CALM member? Just fill
out the member application on
the back page of this newsletter
and support your zoo!
All children (up to 12 years) admitted FREE
(with paid adult admission)
Animal Encounters presented four times daily by
CALM’s Animal Keepers. CALM’s Docents will be
strolling the grounds with Ambassador Animals.
Central California Children’s Railroad will be
operating – 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. (weather permitting)
Children’s Craft Corner
Smokey Bear says,
"Remember, only
YOU can prevent
w w w. s m o keyb e a r.c o m
Psychic Cinnamon predicts
Super Bowl Winner
Wish List
Gift cards from Pet, Grocery,
Hardware, Feed or Office
Supply Stores
Cash donations to purchase
items listed, or donation from the
following list:
It’s a “three-peat” for Cinnamon, resident black bear at the California Living
Museum! His prediction that the Seahawks would win Super Bowl XLVIII was
correct. For the past three years, KGET-TV, Channel 17 Sportscaster Mark Haas has
called on “Psychic Cinnamon” to predict the outcome of the Big Game. For the past
two years, Cinnamon chose the underdog only underscoring his credibility.
Delores Regedal
August, 1923—November, 2013
A Founding Member, Delores was actively involved with CALM since 1983.
Even though she and her husband Richard (who passed in 2012) moved to
Minnesota in 2004, she continued to faithfully support the zoo. Her dedication
to CALM will always be remembered.
Lillie Gamez George
September, 1929—February, 2014
Lillie Gamez George passed away in Bakersfield with
her family at her side. Lillie was a Founding Member of
CALM. Through her connection with the zoo, Mexicali
Restaurants, Inc., have always held
a Business Membership.
“…to know one life has breathed
easier because you have lived.
This is to have succeeded.”
Esbilac-puppy milk replacement
KMR-Kitten Milk Replacement
Dried fruit—apricots, apples, etc.
(no raisins)
Frozen chicken—thighs or legs
Yams (raw/fresh)
Nuts—unsalted & unflavored—
walnut or pecans with shell
Bales--alfalfa, oat hay, timothy hay
Wire Exercise Pens (3 foot & 4 foot)
Liquid Chlorine
Reptile Aquariums (10 and 20
gallon) with lids
Rock-style reptile dishes (any size)
Rolls of Aviary Weld Wire—
1/2 inch x 1 inch
8 foot, plastic folding tables
ВЅ HP Sump Pump
Shop Vac
Gas powered wet steam &
hot water Power Washer
Grass fertilizer
PVC pipe-schedule 40—1”, ¾” or ½”
Rodent Breeding System—
Battery powered saw
Leaf vacuum
Solar powered electric fence
charger—Gallegher preferred
Mist system tubing—1/2”
Rubbermaid tool storage shed
Medical equipment:
X-ray system
Vet Hospital Caging Units
~Ralph Waldo Emerson
Making it happen…
CALM received the following donations and memberships October 2013 through February 2014. We are sincerely grateful for the continued support
of the following businesses, organizations and individuals.
Kate & Kevin Abernethy
Todd & Louise Ablin
Michael & Alice Abril
Diane Ackley
Karen & Tyler Adams
April Adams
Chris & Amity Addrisi-Boicelli
Sandy Adkins
Dov Adler
Gerardo & Christina Aguilar
Judith & Doug Aitchison
Rosa Alderete
Shama Aleemuddin
William & Suzanne Alexander
Maria Alfaro-Maguyon
Fahad Ali
John & Doreen Allen
Robert Allison
Adam & Katherine Almeda
Ana Amaya
Stephanie Amezcua
Darryl Amour
Mac & Vickie Anderson
Jared Annan
Stephanie & Ron Antongiovanni
Teddie Anzaldo
Nancy Apodaca
Victoria Arapaho
Veronica & Juan Arevalo
Janet Armentor
Minor & Linda Arnold
Linda & Juan Arriola
Elizabeth & Lionel Ashby
Stephanie Asuncion
Gabriel & Amanda Atkinson
Jason & Alison Ayala
Marion & Robert Baca
Gera Bahr
Sandra Bailey
Kathey Baird
Judy & James Baird
Alysia & Nicholas Baker
Reyna Banda
Kara Bankhead
Jeremy & Tiffany Barbour
Earl & Carolyn Barnes
Warren & Cheryl Barr
Bonnie & Terry Basham
Tammy & Scott Bates
Annette Bazzell
Kenneth Beals
Jamie Belflower
Tammy & Brian Bellman
Robert & Ellen Bennett
Melissa Bennett
Jamie Benson
Clayton Benson
DeAnna Benson
Andrew Benton
Maren & Christopher Berg
Melissa & Mark Berryman
Wendy Bertagnole
David & Susan Bervel
Rocky & Kathy Bess
Emile & Angela Bettez
Candance Biagi
Bruce & Cherryl Biggar
Caleb Billings
Kristine Billings
Jimmy & Deanna Black
Michelle Black
Sarah Blades
Sara Blalock-Herrera
Donald Bledsoe
James & Mari Blowers
Steve & Kristen Bluhm
Tisa & Mike Bobrowsky
Andy & Kala Bogursky
Peter Boldt
Terry Bolt
Andrea Boren
Sally & Steve Bowles
Annika & Blake Bowser
Greg & Dianne Boylan
Pamela & Robert Boyles
Stacy Bozeman
Alyse & Chris Braaten
Tom & Angela Bracken
Cherise Bradshaw
Chelsea & John Breland
Dana Brewer
Andi & Kevin Bridges
Rebekah & Barry Bridgitte
Michael & Kristen Briggs
Terri Bright
Jerry Broaker
Warner & Loyanne Brooks
Ashley & Andrew Brown
Paula Brown
Lisa Brown
Chris Brown
Jan Brown
William Bryant
Melissa Bryniarski-Pollard
Abby & Chris Bryski
Kelli Buchanan
Alissa & Jeff Buckey
Kathlene & Ryan Buford
Robert & Cheryl Bugge
Carolyn Bunker
Wayne & Serena Burke
Joanie Burke
Richard & Kathleen Busch
Jerry & Nancy Buzzell
Adam & Stefanie Bye
Mary & Greg Bynum
Donna & Mark Cabe
Adam & Viviana Cabrera
Rebecca Callaghan
Allison & Matthew Campbell
Darren & Haley Campbell
Louie Campbell
Perla & Blanca Campos
Rebecca & Michael Cantrell
Adam & Helen Capehart
Laura Capron
Janet Cardoza
Nicole & David Cardwell
Cathy & Art Carls
Amy & Joe Carlson
James & Joan Carroll
Hector Casas
Scott & Linda Casavant
Octavio Casillas
Arturo Jr. & Carolina Castaneda
Kristyn Castaneda-Mayo
Carmen & Anastasia Castillo
Jennifer & Lorraine Castillo
Steve & Cindy Castro
Beth & Tony Catalch
Nancy & Laura Catherman
Kelly & Cecilia Caudle
Manuel & Natalie Cavazos
Amy & Mark Caya
Lorie & Scott Chambless
Joshua & Jessica Champlin
David & Joanna Chapin
Anthony & Zakkiyya Chase
Quinlan & Amanda Chaves
Camila Chavez
Sylvia Chavez
Adan Chavez
Sandra & Fernando Chavolla
Johnny Cheatwood
Raj Cheshire
John & Marshalo Chicca
Diane & Kevin Chidgey
Deborah Christ
Kasidy & Curtis Christian
Paul & Robin Cierley
Hector Cintron
Dennis & LeAnn Clark
Mary Clark
Matthew & Rachel Clayton
Michael Clayton
John & Jolyn Cleveland
Melvin & June Cochran
Candace Coffee
Joshua & Tana Coffey
Christine & Richard Cohn
Angel Conrad
Glenda Contreras
David & Janell Coolidge
Mary Copelin
Grace & Michael Cornett
Ramiro & Erika Cortez
Jon Cota
Mike Cotterell
Gary & Carol Cousineau
Jarod & Jennifer Cox
Jason & Jackie Crabtree
Bethany & Jesse Cranfill
Cache & Rachel Crawford
Casey & Jason Crawford
Karen Crawford
James & Barbara Crettol
Willa M. Crump
Candy Cummings
Brian & Ellen Cypher
Matt & Melissa Dabbs
Kimberly & Bill Damron
Lyle Damron
Alice Dang
Tiffany & Andreas Dauner
Stacy & Dave Davis
William & Floy Davis
Dusty Davis
Roberto & Emily De Leon
Breanna Demaree
Julie & Mark Detloff
Harold & Jeanette DeWitz
Karen & Jason Dixon
Ronda Dobrow
Brett & Kimberly Dobson
Sara Dodgin
Dora Dominguez
Karin Dooley
Caryli & Justin Doss
Carol & Steve Downs
Linda Dudonis
Crystal Dukes
Jillynn & Steve Dulcich
Elmer Dumapit
Lindsay Duncan
Laurie Dunham
Pierre Dunham
Aaron & Megan Dutto
Tammy & James Eason
Hannah & Todd Egland
Amber & Yale Eick
Amanaghawon Elaiho
Jay & Manoi Ellefson
Gary & Sharon Ellington
Donna Ellis
Rosemary & Keith England
Becky & Brandt Enterline
Tate & Cher Enterline
Maria Esgueda Temores
Esequiel & Claudia Esparza
Salvador & Carolina Esparza
Charlie & Eva Espitia
Larry & Ann Etue
Kevin & Monique Eubanks
Michelle & Jim Evans
April & Chris Evens
Janea` Everett
Ken & Christina Fabrizio
Kevin & Kari Fabrizio
Russell Fagan
Alison & Ryan Farler
Jacque Farr
James B. Faux
Don Fenderson
Royce Fenwick
Bernadette & Luke Ferguson
Humberto Fernandez
Jennifer Fields
Christine Findley
Melanie & Josh Finney
Kristen Finney
Larry & Marilyn Fisher
Matthew & Andrea Fisher
DeAnne & Brandon Flammer
Matthew & Damaris Flores
Sean Flowers
Jenna & Liston Foster
Naissa & Mark Foster
Chris & John Fraizer
Phillip Franco
Phillip Franco
Billy & Katie Freels
Maria & Dave Frickel
Karen Frieson
Cynthia Fuentes
Thelma Fuentes
Mary Fulfer
Trevor Fulks
Melanie Gaines
Lori & Benito Gallardo
Sofia Galvan
Uriel & Yesenia Galvez
Stephanie Gandara
Leslie & Sergio Garcia
Omar & Marlene Ore Garcia
Sarah & Lucas Garcia
Antonio Garcia
John & Cheryl Garone
Matthew & Jennifer Garrett
Ryan & Heather Gates
Patrice & Nick Gatti
Dave Geare
Eric & Kate Geigre
Nikki Gelhaus
Sara & Mike Gerrity
Jennifer Gesinger
Michael & Elizabeth Geyer
Donna & Kenneth Gibb
Nita & Vernon Gibson
Steve & Becky Gifford
Diane Gifford
Jason & Kathy Giles
Ajaib Gill
Jennifer & Dustin Gillet
Dorothy Gillick
Deidre Gilmore
Breanne & Ryan Glover
Heather & Steve Gold
Carolyn Golden
Meghan Goldstein
Shelly & Paul Golla
Marilyn Gonzalez
Jorge Gonzalez
Kathleen Goodal
Bob Gooding
Billie & Frank Goodman
Deborah & Robert Gordon
Irene Gorman
Patricia & Douglas Gosling
Rudy & Patricia Govea
Susan & Steven Gowan
Cody & Carrie Grant
Brian & Kathy Graves
Frank & Julie Graves
Megan & Tad Graves
Natalie & Ryan Green
Richard & Nancy Groves
Randy & Beverly Grueber
Janet & Jim Grundt
Sarah Guerra
Gianni & Jeff Gutierrez
Lauren Gutierrez
Paul Gutierrez
Edward & Jennifer Guyton
Gay Guzinski Meyer
Robert & Stacia Guzzo
Matthew & Andrea Haddon
Cynthia Hagar
Andrea & Kristopher Hagen
Bryce & Allison Hall
Jimmy & Chelsey Hall
Lynn & Renee Hall
Ann Hallum
Jared & April Hanawald
J.T. & Judy Hanawalt
Joe Hanawalt
Paul & Cheryl Hancock
Michelle & Nathan Hansen
Dan Hansen
Kenneth & Sally Hanson
William & Susan Hanson
Laura & Larry Hanssen
John & Edna Harbin
April & Bryce Hares
Pierre & Sheryl Harispuru
Justin & Magie Harl
Sandy & Ken Harman
Rianna & Christopher Hartsell
Kim & Richard Harvill
Aimee Haskins
Niclaus & Neeley Hatridge
Gina Haun
DeAnn Hawley
James & Victoria Hay
Scott & Stephanie Hay
Alicia D. Hayden
Ashley & Martyn Hayward
Seth & Tara Hazdovac
Channa Hear
Chris & Amanda Heasley
Ronnie & Jeanne Heath
Julia Heatherwick
Jerry Hedges
Robert & Simone Heinlin
Val & Debra Hemingway
Tina & Paul Henderson
Jamie Henry
Kim Henslee
Marie Henson
Margarita & Raul Hernandez
Rebecca Hernandez-Alvarez
Carol & Gary Hewer
Elizabeth & Chris Higbee
Lee Higgins
Kathy & Angie Hill
Danielle Hill
Carl Hill
Lindsay Hilliard
Erin & Sterling Hills
Ryan Hillyer
Marcia Hirst
Angelina & Daniel Hitchcock
Valeria Hochman Adler
Kelsey Hodge
Eddie & Patricia Holden
Mason Hollingsworth
Steven & Vicki Holton
Nicole R. Honey
Crystal & AJ Hope
Dale & Barbara Jean Hopwood
Larry Hosler
Thelma & Andrew Houchin
Peri Howell
Mandy & Matt Howland
Chin-Yuan Hsu
Roberta Jill Hubert
Scott & Misty Huhn
Gayle & Deborah Hui
Debra Hulsa
Jake & Beth Hunter
Mark Huntley
Julie Hurley-DeMent
Donald & Sandra Huskins
Jim & Hilari Hussey
Loretta Ice
Rachel & Will Ireson
Melysa Irvin
Amanda & James Isaac
Dwight & Brenda Isenhower
Tony & Alice Ivey-Valenti
Sara Marie James
George James
Richard James
Debby & Mia Jameson
Jeff & Linda Jarvis
Robin Jaske
Keith & Kasmira Jensen
Joan Webb
George & Ashley Johns
Cathy & Gary Johnson
Diane & Ron Johnson
Jason & Kim Johnson
Mary Jo Johnson
Matthew & Heather Johnston
Wayne & Karen Joiner
Mikaela & Randy Jones
Roy L. Jones Jr.
Linda Jordan
Geoff & Vicki Juneau
Tristan & Jerica Kasinger
Allison Kaukola
Kamaljeet Kaur
Shinder Kaur
Simone & Ian Kelly
Shaun Kelly
Lee Kennedy
Shaun & Nicole Kester
Jiyoun Kim
Patricia & Tom King
Jillian King
Naomi King-Ruiz
Hilda & Buck Klein
L. Michi & Glade Knight
Kelly Kobdish
Ron & Sarah Koch
Mary Koharchick
Brian Patrick & Anne Kolodji
Steve & Roxanne Kolodziej
Lisa Krch
Darcy & Jake Kristy
Dave Krohman
David & Tamara Kuge
Veronica Kuhs
Anastasia & Kent Kwan
Lauren & Nick Lacher
Jeffrey LaJoie
Lisa Lamborn
Kris & Joe LaPress
George & Sandra Larson
Felize Lascano
Maria Lazzerini
Jared & Noel Leavitt
Rosanne & Jon LeFever
Debbie Lemons
Lucia Leon
Jose Lepe Ayala
Crystal Lewis
Sandy Lewy
Arturo & Ana Leyva
Pat Lindsay
David Linenberger
Diana Lines
Victoria Liu
Stacey & Pajseu Lochungyu
Jeff Locke
Donna & Thomas Long
Ryan & Megan Long
Robert Lopez
Rosa Lopez
Anna Lopez
Marylynn Lopez
Belinda Lopez Rickett
Irene & Isael Luna
Alvaro & Maria Luna
Johnathan Lunsford
Richard & Darlene LyBurtus
Bryan & Jennifer Maddern
Forrest & Teresa Madewell
Jon & Jennifer Madrid
Alexis Maguyon
Jon & Lydia Malamma
Liana & Joe Mangisi
Alan & Laurel Manning
Donna Marquez
Amy & Patrick Martin
Breanne & Joe Martin
Tim Martin
Victor Martin
William M. & Mary K. Martinez
Carlos Martinez
Kuldeep Mathur
Tonya & Steven Matney
Jason & Julie Matthews
Jeff & Yolanda Matthews
Megan & Scott Mawson
Kelly & Terry Maxwell
Bethany Maynard
Jonathan Mayo
Scott McArthur
Christopher & Katelyn McCarthy
Cheron & Daniel McClive
Thomas & Debra McCormick
Karen & Michael McDevitt
Nick & Megan McGill
Jason McGill
Gina McGlothin
Gary & Minnie McKibbin
Robert McMinn
Ruth McNaughton
Elaine McNeely
Mary Alice & John Means
Jaime Mechaley-Roughton
Kara & Anthony Meeks
Hani Mehrpouyan
Bruce Meier
Stacy Melchor
Jess & Yvonne Mendez
German Mendez
Adriana Mendiola
Michael & Susie Meras
Sandra Merrick
Kelly & Tom Messinger
Steve & Sharon Mettler
Tom & Kate Mettler
Kristin Mikottis
Donna & Gary Miller
Heather & Aaron Miller
Jessica Miller
April Miller
William Milliken
Isaac & Tiff Mojica
Noel & Toni Mojica
George & Bri Moncier
Tim Monsibais
Steven & Mindy Montanio
Rosa Montano
Crystal & Frank Montoya
Jane Montoya
Suzanne & Robert C. Moody
Melissa Moody
Brian & Keli Moore
Ginger & John Moorhouse
Edward & Cassandra Morgan
Emilee & Andrew Morgan
Lindsay & Travis Morgan
Ellen Morgan
Brenndan Morlan
Trent & Nancy Morris
Amy Moss-Russell
Shiela & David Munis
Steve & Stacie Munoz
Natalie Muralles
Ron & Staci Muse
Jennifer & Aaron Mykytiuk
Gay Nacca
Shubhika Nag
Joe & Beth Nahama
Amy Nakanishi
Yvonne Napier
Bonnie & Prakash Narayan
Julio Navarro
Margaret Nelson
Leah Ness
Priscilla Neufeld
Tara Newfield
Kim Nguyen-Amour
Reville Niccolls
Sherry & Erik Nichols
Tina & Steve Nichols
Kathy & Jackie Nixon
Carson & Chelsea Noble
Matthew & Tiffany Nord
Karen Noriega
Consuelo Noriega
Barbara Norman
Vicki Norman
Bob & Edna Norwood
Lucy Novinger
Jack & Susie O’Brien
Jeanne O’Neill
Anna Marie & Larry O’Rourke
Attas Obaid
Teresa Oleson
Carlos & Gracie Olivas
Casey & Seth Olson
Kelly Olson
Diana & Manuel Ornelas
Priscilla Ornelas
Miriam & Ivan Orozco
Rodrigo Orozco
Paul Ortiz
Clarissa Ortiz
Melissa Osborne
Fawn & Ian Ottsman
Jenny Ou
Debbie & Misty Ousley
Justin & Danyel Owens
Kaaren Page
Shelly & Brian Palla
Dave Palmer
Francine Papadimitrakis
Debra & Jim Pappe
Jaclynn & Jason Parizek
HeeWoo Park
Peter & Erin Parra
Fernando Parras
Nancy Parrott
Nima Patel
Manuel Paz
Antoinette & Harry Peacenti
Jessica Pedroza
Dianna Pelton
Rick & Vonda Perales
Stella & David Perez
Frances Perez
Josephine Perez
Margarita Perez
Lisa Perich
Sonia Perizzolo
Tammie & Daran Perkins
Aubray & Kenyatta Peterson
Jeremy & Sydney Peterson
Gale Peterson
Aaron Philley
Angela & Jeremy Phillips
Reasmay Phinith
Brittany Pisar
Dallas & Kate Plotner
Brad Pollard
Steve & Cindy Pollock
Carla Polm
Debra Portello
Joe & Carol Porter
Cynthia & James Postiff
Linda & Drew Pounds
Beth & Robert Powers
Danielle & Brian Powers
Michelle & Justin Powers
Mark & Rebecca Press
Jonathan & Kayley Price
Billings Priscilla
Gene & Norma Procell
Theresa Puga
Michael & Ellen Quon
Marilyn & Stephen Radon
Hanna & Josh Rahberger
Dalia & Chris Ramirez
Emily & Aaron Ramirez
Nancy Ramirez
Felix Ramirez
Kathy & Alvie Ramos
Eduardo & Amaris Rangel
Linda & Dale Rankin
Kara & Eric Ranney
Jeanette Ransom
Mike & Pat Rascoe
Pamela Ready
Miriam Real
Douglas & Nancy Reber
Josh Reeves
Joy Reid
Hunter & Rebecca Rennels
Geldy Reyes
Geldy Reyes
Milly & Jan Ribaudo
Adriene Richards
Justin & Ashley Rickett
Jason Rickett
Joel & Tara Riess
Kristan & Andrew Rios
Regina & Cecelia Risi
Stephanie Ritchey
Iliana Rivera
Dale Robbins
Shanna & Jarred Roberts
Erica Roberts
Mary Robey
Cynthia & Dan Robinson
Ryan & Ashley Robinson
Gaby Robles
Carmen Rocha
Patsy Rodgers
Louis & Maria Rodriguez
Adam & Karri Rogge
Freda Roll
Juana Romero
Ronald McDonald House
Karen & Jeff Roney
Rudy & Melissa Rosales
James & Pamela Ross
Diane Rosso
Ronnie Roughton
Jennifer & Delfino Ruiz
Tito Ruiz
Paul & Joanna Russell
Mark Russell
Richard Rutherford
Laura Safedra
Sterling Sage
Luci & Jesse Sager
Melissa Salazar
Larry Saldana
Ayman Saleh
Mario & Dolores Salinas
Mark & Lindsey Sanchez
Apolonio Sanchez
Brian Sanchez
Jorawar & Manmeet Sandhu
Esther & Enrique Sandoval
Tania Sandoval
Phil & Carol Sansone
Rosalina Santillan
Josh & Anne Sarapin
Jay & Erica Schlosser
Mary & Gerhard Schmidt
Lavonne Schuetz
Janelle & Johnathan Schultz
William & Gabriela Scully
Patricia Sedgwick
Scott & MaryAnn Seven
Devin & Cathy Shaffer
Stephanie & Andrew Sheffield
Wyatt & Jillian Shipley
B.W. Shipman
Jeremy & Kelly Shirley
Andy & Rebecca Shogren
Daniel & Katy Short
Ryan & Rebekah Sikola
Alaura Silas
Jim & Margo Siler
Garrett Simpson
Diane & Robert Sincoff
Suzan & Scott Sindelar
Hardam Singh Aulkah
Spencer Sipe
Tommy Sipes
Jason & Danielle Slaughter
Cheryl & Allen Sloan
Meaghan & Don Smith
Christina & Dainer Smith
Gene & Terri Smith
Rodger & Darlene Smith
Shirley Smith
Brenda Smith
Dawn Smith
Karen & Bryan Smith
Gregory Smith
Elisabeth & Brock Snider
Rhiannon & Alex Solorzano
Stephen Sommerville
Joseph Soto
Shawn & Tammy Southerland
Daniel & Glennda Spears
Charles & Irene Spencer
Kanae & George Spriesterbach
Ryan & Jacquelyn Star
Kevin & Cassandra Steers
Robert & Sara Stein-Torres
Ami & Truman Stephens
Patricia & David Stephens
Mikki Stevens
Karen & Bob Stewart
Eileen Stewart
Julie & Chris Stovall
Betty Streiff
Linda Sullenger
Rachel Svrcek
Daniel Swisher
Samat & Saloeub Sy
Theresa & Garrett Tabar
Kirsten & Chad Taggart
Cristi Tallman
Chuck & Juli Tam
Austin Tanore
Sadia Tariq
Ken P. & Pamela J. Taylor
Taylor & Ken Taylor
Tony L. & Nikki J. Taylor
David Temores
Jesse & Martha Terrazas
Geraldine Terry
Justin & Barbie Thompson
Nancy L. Thompson
Steven & Veronica Tidmore
Jim & Brooke Tighe
Dianne & Kyle Tiner
Kristin Todd
Jeanette & Zach Toelke
Daniel Kirk & Wanda Jean Tonoli
Russ & Lowana Towes
Krista Towes
Dawn Towes
Trish & Todd Transmeier
Victoria Trichell
John Trino
Channan Tripp
David & Kathy Truesdale
Trish Truitt
Jason Truitt
Jerry & Jan Unfried
Leah Unruh
Michael Valdez
Arthur Valdivin
Jessica & Erik Valles
Yolande Van Noord
Robert & Regina Vann
Jim Varley
Evangelina & Luis Vasquez
Monica & George Vasquez
Natalia & Jose Vazquez
Philip & Desiree Vejarano
Lucinda Velasquez
Brandy Venzel
Cinda & Jake Violante
Erin & Vradenburg
Arlene Vradenburg
Donna & David Vrbsky
Denise & David Wachob
Jennifer Wagner
Margie Walden
Scott & Laura Wallace
Donald & Merrily Waln
Kimberly Walton
Keith & Magdalena Wardlow
Melissa & John Warren
Kayde & Clay Watson
Tiffany & Austin Weaver
Curtis Webb
Natalie Webb
Lana Wehunt
Kenneth & Tiffany Weldin
Karen & Michael Wells
Mary Wells
Nathan Ryan & Danielle Welton
Chad & Jamie Wenter
Jenna & David Wessels
Debra Wheat
Dave & Mary White
Malcolm & Carol White
Jordan White
Shirlee White
Jacqueline & Timothy Wiebe
Matthew & Kim Wiggins
Michele & Brad Wilbert
Erin Wilcox
Emily & Bryon Willett
Richard & Frances Williams
Darren & Julie Willis
Melissa & Ken Willis
Christopher Wilson
Wendy Wimberly
Debra Wingo
Mike & Vivien Winward
Karynn Witchard
Jacquelyn & Brian Wobbe
Milt & Mary Woken
Samantha Wood
Kenneth & Paula Woodard
Dennis & Lorelyn Wright
La Neisha & Markco Wright
Nicole Yaksitch
David Ybarra
Danette & Ronald Young
Penny & Larry Young
Quinten Zalud
Maria Zamora
Jose Zepeda
Joe & Florence Ziemann
Ed & Brenda Zifcheck
Deborah & Megan Zimmermann
Pete & Kate Zimmermann
Brandon & Deborah Zollinger
Mexicali Restaurants
Sergio Abrego
Marsha Armstrong
Lani Ashby
Bakersfield Californian
Bakersfield Track Club
Sarah Baron
Big O Tires - Mall View Road
Lynda Blake
Sharon Boyles
Nancy Catherman
Lisa & Mike Coburn
Steve Coffman
Peter Cook
Jeffrey Coomber
Mary Alice Copelin
Florn & Sherry Core
Culligan Water
Jennifer Curtis
Custom Home Alarm
Devin Deuel
Ishmael Diaz
Discovery Store
Carol & Steve Downs
William R. Edmonds
Lana Fain
David Fiddler
Scott Fieber
Karen Hardin
Terri Hayes
Beverly Henemann
Robert & Dolores Hoffman
Timothy & Cynthia Holland
Linda Holman
Brian Holmes
Vicki Holton
David Irving
Carlton & Roberta Isbell
Darleen Jehnsen
Marilyn & Gregory Johnson
Kern Radio 1180 - First Look with
Scott Cox
KGET-TV, Channel 17
KERO-TV, Channel 23
KBAK-TV, Channel 29
Kern Animal Emergency Clinic, Inc.
Kern County Fire Department #281
Kiwanis Club of Oildale
Lynn Knapp
Jim & Dianna Knapp
Lou Koutroulis
Teegan Lahamner
Kathleen LeMay
Hayley Lampela
Lassen’s Natural Foods & Vitamins
Tanya Lasso-Tanksley
Bill & Holly Lazzerini
Chloe Lemons
Vicki Leuck
William McCalla, Jr.
Dinah McHone
Mary Alice Means
Tracey Ocker
Theresa O’Hanlon
Kacy O’Malley
Jeff Ontiveros
Pet Brokers
John L. Peterson
Tom Pinell
Antoinette & Harry Placenti
Jennalle Price
Lisa Duncan-Purcell
Rain for Rent
Gail Ramos
Jerry Ridgeman
Sal Ruiz
Pam Sanders
Steve Sanders
Pamela Scoonover
Lynn Sekeres
Janet Sennewald
Alaura Silas
Ginger Smith
Surface Pumps, Inc.
Pauline Terrell
Thomas Family
Jeff & Elaine Thomson
Janet Tinkle
Joan Utt
Don & Lorraine Ward
Max & Barbara Whitson
Wildlife Society
San Joaquin Valley Chapter
Peter Wonderly
Carolyn Cadle
Shelly Coburn
Dean Davis
George Duiln
Ryan Floyd
Violeta Laddaga
John & Carla McCoy
Robin McKenna
Dora Nelson
Cassandra Polsie
Ron Pruitt
Jerry Rodriguez
Robert Stein
Maud Swich
Andrew Tipton
John Vigil
In Honor of John E. Ross
From: Hilda & Buck Klein
In Honor of Stan & Ginnie
Eschner’s 60th Anniversary
From, Kelly Solari
In Memory of Betty Fain
From, Anonymous
Lana Fain
Jim & Dianna Knapp
In Memory of Judy Thomson
From: Robert & Dolores Hoffman
Bald eagle
Emili & Tashy Rudd
Big horn sheep
Garrett Etter
“JoJo” Boar goat
Tristan Graves
Rylan Graves
Gray fox
Camille Rose
Great horned owl
Allen & Karen Altman
Mountain lion
Evan Graves
Miguel A.
Estephania Abinco
Honoria Aguliar
Austin Alben
Victoria Almengor
Jennifer Alvarado
Belaya Anastoslya
Cade Anderson
Gordy Anderson
Alondra Aparicio
Maureen Arnold
Austen Asbury
Rosalia Ascencio
Samantha Ascencio
Anthony Avila
Luis Avitia
Sarah Bailey
Judy Baird
Patricia Baker
Valeria Barybina
Emilee Baste
Clarissa Batista
Anastasiya Belaya
Donald Belflower
Sally Belflower
Christian Bell
Richard Belt
Shilley Bender
Aleena Berumen
Jessyca Bibera
Emily Blakslee
Boo at the Zoo Volunteers
Paige Bowen
Rosemary Bowen
Rosemary Bowman
Caitlyn Bradford
Austin Brimm
Seth Brown
Steven Browne
James Brunsell
Elizabeth Bryant
Ian Buckley
Building Blocks
Celeste Burns
Cuesta Burns
Angelique Cabasa-Camson
Brennen Canfield
Ron Cardy
Reyna Carrillo
Hubertina Castillo
Miriam Castro
Richard Cattrill
Grace Cecil
Nicole Cecil
Nick Chambers
Jasmine Contreras
Lindsey Cook
Ron Cordy
Alice Cornelius
Richard Cotrill
Cameron Cuevas
Christy Cuevas
Jennifer Curtis
Mickey Cushine
Cole Dandy
Sheanna De Palma
Kim Dean
Gerald Dees
Kristin Delmarter
Maria Derez
Andrew Di Picto
Liliana Diarte
Cole Dowdy
Moses Duenas
Austin Duffield
Kalizia Durick
James Dy
Cyle Easley
Caitlin Elledge
Kiana Elliott
Silke Elliott
Allison Ellis
Rachal Emerson
Karen Enriquez
Jason Esteves
Cindy Estrada
Ethan Evans
Carol Ewing
Mark Felisilda
Anthony Ferrora
Marissa Fielding
Edgar Figueroa
Mayra Figueroa
Olivia Fisher
Laura Flores
Nigel Flores
Shannon Foy
Freise Hope House
Kristi Frick
Gina Gatienz
Amarys Galvan
Ismael Garcia
Jaimy Garcia
Matt Garcia
Samantha Garcia
Veronica Garcia
Samm Gareid
Abigal Geronimo
Armando Gomez
Yessina Gomez
Ashlee Gonzalez
Ron Gordy
Emmanuel Guerrero
Irene Guiltner
Colin Gutherie
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Ryan Haddad
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Edna Harbin
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Alex Harrison
Jeff Hathorn
Natalie Haviland
Terri Hayes
Mallory Hearon
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Nicholas Heredin
Elizabeth Hernandez
Rose Hernandez
Jordan Herrera
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Dana Hicks
Heather Hicks
Kate Hopwood
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Danielle Humecky
Brandon Huynch
Barbara Iwanso
Johanna Izquierdo
Jeremiah Jefferies
Darleen Jehnsen
Susie Johnson
Steven Johnston
Lyubor Kleychenikorp
Meghan Kaiser
Zachary Kaiser
Holly Kapler
Kelsey Keels
Khrystyna Keetsula
Ethan Kend
Liz Kimbrell
Baily Klepacki
Ron Korner
Aleksandar Kovodevic
Khrystyna Kretsula
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Sandra Ruiz
Valerie Ruiz
Carlos Ruldan
Seth Schuman
Esperanza Salazar
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William Sauner
Owen Schoneveld
Jayson Schultz
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Austin Schwebel
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Abbi Seal
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Shelbee Serdinsky
Abigail Serna
Kristan Sigler
Matthew Silva
Justin Skyberg
Lisa Smith
Juan Soberon
Ashleigh Staib
Tyler Stampes
Stockdale High School National
Honor Society
Camelia Stoleanence
Cicily Stone
Clarence Stubbs
Angelica Subido
Iskander Sungatov
Barbara Swansa
Monica Tavera
Rebecca Taylor
Sam Taylor
Emilio Tirado
Sally Toris
Alejandra Torres
Brent Utterback
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Joseph Valenzuela
Vada Valley
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Samantha Vasbinder
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Macey Wernsman
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Cherish Wilson
Macy’s Winsconsin
Claire Witham
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Morgan Witwer
Amanda Woods
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Holly Lazzerini
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Mary Alice Means
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Marilyn Radon
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Janet Sennewald
Alaura Silas
Cindy Stodola
Leia Trusty
Don Turkal
Yvonne Turkal
Joan Utt
George Washington
Lois Watson
Daniel Weinheimer
Calendar of Events
The Spanish Radio Group &
KIX Country
Dia del Nino
Saturday, April 5
Kids up to 12 years old–FREE
(must be accompanied by an adult)
Spring Fling
April 12-19
Kids up to 12 years old-FREE
(must be accompanied by an adult)
See page 2
April 20
CALM Closed
Univision Family Day
Saturday, April 26
Kids up to 12 years old–FREE
(must be accompanied by an adult)
Mother’s Day
Sunday, May 11
All mothers and grandmothers
$5 admission
CALM’s 31st Birthday Bash
Saturday, May 17
9 a.m.–3 p.m.
Kids up to 12 years old-FREE
(must be accompanied by an adult)
See front page
Memorial Day
Monday, May 26
All veterans FREE
Ronald McDonald House
Walk for Kids at CALM
(benefits Bakersfield Ronald
McDonald House)
Saturday, May 31
For information--www.walkforkids.org
Father’s Day
Sunday, June 15
All fathers and grandfathers
$5 admission
Twilight at CALM
Every Saturday evening
July 12–August 30 (Except August 23)
5-8 p.m.
Kids Free Days
The last Saturday of each month,
kids are admitted to the zoo FREE!
Senior Discovery Day
Each Monday,
seniors 60+ receive 50% discount
on admission and 10% discount in
the Gift Store
Our congratulations to the
graduates of the 2014 Docent and
Wildlife Rehabilitation classes!
Docent Class 2014
Connie Bach
Anne Benvenuti
Rosemary Bowman
Jaclyn Casas
Emily Cole
Cameron Cuevas
Susie Dawson
Megan Dawson-Ingles
Madison Hedge
John Hipskind
Elizabeth McGill
Aidan Moore
Kaelan Moore
Pamela Prewett
Kimberly Silva
Rajiv Sinha
Phyllis Wachob
Jen White
Wildlife Rehabilitation
Class 2014
Aleah Adame
Misty Baughman
Anne Benvenuti
Kim Brown
Seantelle Castenada
Cameron Cuevas
Susie Dawson
Megan Dawson-Ingles
Mary Decker
Cody Despot
Sarah Dessy
Ashlee Hackney
Daniel Hall
John Hipskind
Casey Hoover
Destiny Jones
Sheyanne Juarez
Kelsey Keeler
Ronald Korner
Bailey Layne
Nicole Lowrie
Catherine Marshall
Pamela Prewett
Kyle Rader
Rajiv Sinha
Melissa Tenhet
Sally Torris
Amy Voss
Melissa Warren
George Washington
Jen White
H O L I DAY L I G H T S 5 0 0 ,0 0 0 T H V I S I T O R
Another amazing
year for HolidayLights at CALM
More than 49,000 visitors shared
in the magic called HolidayLights
at CALM. Helping guide our guests
were over 800 volunteers donating an
amazing 4,000 hours!
This award-winning event is a
project of the CALM Foundation
which is responsible for capital
improvements at the 31-year-old
zoo. Past projects have included the
The 500,000th guest walked through the gates during HolidayLights
at CALM 2013. Twins Natalie and Nicole shared the moment
along with their Mom, Maddy Harootian, winning a Golden Bear
Membership to CALM.
Mom and Dad
Celebrate Mother’s Day (May 11) and
Father’s Day (June 15) at the California
Living Museum.
On their special days, Mom and Dad
(Grandma and Grandpa, too) will receive
a 50 percent discount on admission and
will be eligible to win a CALM Family
Membership. Bring a picnic lunch and
enjoy a family outing at the zoo.
Don’t forget to look in CALM’s gift store
for nature-related gifts.
Cats of California Exhibit, Bighorn
sheep Exhibit, improvements on the
vet clinic and the Central California
Children’s Railroad.
Each HolidayLights ticket
purchased is an investment in CALM
and we thank you for your continued
support of the zoo and this wonderful
Vol 16 No 2
Spring 2014
A quarterly publication of the
California Living Museum (CALM).
Lana Fain
Jordan Reed Editor:
Lana Fain
Pre-Production Services
Production: Kern County Superintendent
of Schools Office
California Living Museum (CALM)
10500 Alfred Harrell Hwy.
(661) 872-2256
FAX (661) 872-2205
Visit CALM’s Web site
California Living Museum
10500 Alfred Harrell Highway
Bakersfield, CA 93306-9654
Return Service Requested
CALM’s mission is to teach a respect for all living things through education, recreation, conservation and research.
Membership Application
Renew or extend your membership today! Buy one as a gift for a friend!
This membership is for:
This membership is from:
Please indicate your category of support:
In addition to the above, all CALM
members receive a 10 percent
discount on gift shop purchases,
advance notification of education
programs and special events,
admission to members-only events
and a one-year subscription to
“Critter Capers,” CALM’s member
Individual (free admission for cardholder only)
Family (free admission for two adults and their children under age 18)
Two adult names:
*Number of children _____
Contributing (family benefits plus four guest passes)
Two adult names:
*Number of children _____
Sustaining (family benefits plus six guest passes and a CALM T-shirt)
Two adult names:
*Number of children _____
Golden Bear (family benefits plus eight guest passes and two CALM T-shirts)
Two adult names:
*Number of children _____
*Children must be under 18 years old.