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Matter of Fact
January 2015
A free monthly community newspaper for Venus Bay, Tarwin Lower and district.
Published by Venus Bay Community Centre.Vol 8. Issue No 1
Summer Holiday Family Fun activities
10.00 – 12.00
For the third year the Community Centre will be providing a free Shuttle service to the beach
for 17 days over summer. We aim to provide folk with the opportunity to get to the beach
safely and leave the car at home. Over 100 people per day used the service last year which
helped to alleviate parking congestion at Beach 1.
Call or email us to register your interest: 5663 7499 or [email protected]
Captain Mick Moore Talks Fire Safety
Tarwin Lower and District CFA Captain Mick Moore
encourages people to have a fire plan this season. Mick has
been a member of CFA for 7 years and has recently been
elected as Captain. As well as the station at Tarwin Lower the
brigade also have satellite stations at both Walkerville and
Venus Bay. Information on fire safety can be viewed on the
CFA website at www.cfa.vic.gov.au or by phoning the Bushfire
Information Line on 1800 240 667 or community members
can attend Walkerville Fire Station on the first Friday of every
month at 6pm or Tarwin Lower every Sunday morning at
9.30am. New members are also welcome to attend at these
The CFA will be attending the Venus Bay Community Centre
on the 9th January at 10am with discussions on preparing a
fire plan and the following day will be handing out
information at the Venus Bay Shops.
Mick would also like to remind people that Fire Restrictions
are now in force and no open air burning is permitted
without a written permit and failure to comply will result in
prosecution by Police. For Information regarding applying
for a permit visit the CFA website or phone 1800 240 667.
Mick and members from Tarwin Lower & District Fire brigade would like to wish residents and
visitors a safe and fire free holiday period.
Venus Bay has been assessed as having a VERY HIGH BUSHFIRE RISK in summer. There
is only one road in and one road out. There is NO DESIGNATED SAFER PLACE.
Basic preparations will ensure you are ready:
Make sure your block is clear of rubbish
Install the CFA app on your smart phone
*Have an up to date fire plan& act on it
Have a kit in your car – woollen blanket, woollen clothing, water,
change of clothing
Keep your precious items together or offsite
Tune in to local radio
Be aware of the signs: Hot windy dry – leave early
Be aware that if a fire comes through there will be NO power and therefore NO water
Keep your car full of petrol and park it facing the street
*The CFA will be at the Community Centre on the 9th of January 10am to
discuss how to put together a Fire Plan.
Between the Flags
Once again the Venus Bay Surf Lifesaving Club is once again keeping our beach safe with volunteer lifesavers
patrolling #1 beach Saturday afternoons, Sundays and public holidays from late November until the weekend
after Eater. Paid lifeguards supplement this service on all other days between Boxing Day and Australia Day.
Our volunteer lifesavers spend over 2,000 hours each year patrolling the beach ensuring a safe environment
between the red and yellow flags. Please go up to them if you have any questions or give them a pat on the
We are also running a very successful the nipper program for kids 5-13 years of age. This is a fantastic way for
the kids to learn surf skills and make new friends. Whilst enrolment for nippers has closed for this season we
welcome new members and pride ourselves as having a strong family culture.
Being a totally volunteer organisation we are always looking for ways to raise much needed funds, some of
which comes through grants, fantastic support from the local businesses and through fundraising. This year
we have a busy fundraising calendar and welcome everyone from the community to get involved.....we have
Saturday night dinners at the clubhouse, a fun packed Trivia night, Venus Bay's Got Talent night and much
more. Check out our website for the most up to date notices and club diary at www.vbslsc.org.au.
For any general enquiries please contact myself on [email protected] or 0425 858 834, or for
Social & Fundraising events Julian on 0438 332 126.
Remember....always swim between the red and yellow flags.
Summer Social & Fundraising Calendar
Saturday night dinner - Malaysian Venus Bay SLSC
Venus Bay’s Got Talent night
Venus Bay SLSC
Barefoot Bowls
Tarwin Lower Bowls Club
Saturday night dinner – Luigi’s
Venus Bay SLSC
Trivia Night
Venus Bay SLSC
Saturday night dinner – Paella
Venus Bay SLSC
Saturday January 3rd
Wednesday January 7th
Friday January 9th
Saturday January 10th
Saturday January 17th
Saturday January 24th
Tarwin Landcare members learn about history and local grasslands
The Tarwin Landcare group visited their local cemetery to learn more about their local area’s history and
grasses last Friday night.
Ken and Marg Fisher, whose family have looked after the Tarwin Lower cemetery for generations, shared with
the group stories of those resting in the cemetery including many notorious individuals, local families and
early settlers. Ken still looks after the cemetery to this day.
Local Landcarer Michael Buckley also shared his passion for the area’s native grasses and delighted the group
by pointing out rare indigenous grasses and shrubs.
“The cemetery is renowned for its orchids appearing in late winter/early autumn” He said. “There are
commonplace, as the cemetery has not experienced grazing since 1888.”
Michael took the group around the cemetery pointing out many rare and precious grass and shrubs. “Native
grasses are very important, such as those found at the cemetery. To support one tree there will be 10 midstory shrubs and 100 grasses.”
The history of the area was also revealed at the cemetery. There are a number of family burial areas in the
cemetery which tell a great story of farming in the area. Local farmer John Box shared his memories of the
Black family.
“The Black’s and McMicking Family have been very important to the local community in the 1900’s.” He said.
“The Black Family ran an enormous milk enterprise at Tarwin Meadows and were a major employer in the
The group were impressed by the enormous monument to the Black family.
Another local farmer Marjorie Pearson talked of the Cashin family and showed the group local Granny
Cashin’s grave, an important local farmer and the namesake of the creek in Middle Tarwin.
Today the cemetery remains divided into the Presbyterian, Church of England, and Catholic denominations. In
the 1900s the first set of identified trustees covered all of these denominations: Archibald Black
(Presbyterian), William Cashin Jr (Presbyterian), William Fisher (Church of England) Harold Webster (Church of
England) and Archibald McCaughan (Catholic).
The evening ended at the local cafГ© the Cavity in Venus Bay, where the group continued to reflect on the past
and tell stories. Michael Buckley had grown several native plants, including the beautiful Tarwin Lily, which he
gave to every member to take home.
Next year the group plan to continue to learn from the past and will look at local aboriginal history at Liptrap
and the changing attitude to Landcare at the group’s president’s property Rod Cope.
For more information on Landcare in South Gippsland contact Jenny O’Sullivan on 0419153377.
South Gippsland Landcare Network
December 23nd, 2014
Merry Christmas to all our Landcare family and friends
The board and staff would like to wish you a very happy Christmas and hope you have a healthy and
productive year in 205. Thank-you for your hard work over 2014 and we look forward to working with you
again promoting sustainable farming practices and to help you preserve, protect and enhance the
environment in South Gippsland. The office will be closed from December 24th to January 5th.
Events and field days
Time & Date
Celebrate the history of
Turtons Creek
Saturday January 10th 4.30pm-6.30pm at
Little Turtons Creek
Friday February 13
Mossvale Park,
6.30pm to 8.30pm
Jenny O’Sullivan
Monday February 16th Ron barnacle
108 Anderson Hill Rd,
9.45am – 2.30pm
Friday February 13th
Port Welshpool
A series of workshops Coal Creek car park,
held in Jan-Feb 2015 Food Hub
Jenny O’Sullivan
Thursday March 5th
Nicole Walsh
Jenny O’Sullivan
Do you want bees in
your bushland?
Opportunities for
landowners and bees
Shade and Shelter for
livestock production
Discover Corner Inlet
Southern Gippsland Ag
Climate Resilience
project Summer Series
Tunnel erosion- getting
out of a hole
Port Phillip CMA
paddock to plate tour
March 23, 24 and 25th
There will be a cost.
Program just being
finalised. Numbers
Poowong area- details
to be confirmed
3 day tour from South
Gippsland, Mornington
Peninsula to Baw Baw
Jenny O’Sullivan
Kate Williams
0428 317 928
Visit the sustainability
website click here
A hive of activity
The Network will be hosting a �Bee Friendly’ market day stall at Michaels Super IGA in Leongatha on Thursday
the 26th of February. Funds raised through the donation of customer points will go towards a bee project,
(funded by Michaels Super IGA Community Grants Fund 2014) designed to raise awareness on the use of bee
friendly plants. So if you’re in town, bee sure to pop bye and say hello!
Friends of the Strzelecki Koala-Habitat for Life Project Update
The Network received a great deal of interest for Landcare projects this year as part of the Friends of the
Strzelecki Koala Project. 14 projects have been approved for funding under the third round of the Koala
project totalling $51,068
iFarm Mapping Course in Leongatha
Calculate distances and areas on your farm quickly and learn to create detailed and accurate farm plants
complete with fence lines etc. The course is run over 3 sessions facilitated by an iFarm trainer. Contact the
Network on 5662 5759 to register your interest or email [email protected] Course is run on 3 consecutive
Wednesday evenings; March 25, April 1 and April 8 2015, from 6.30-9.40pm. Cost is $120.00 per farm.
What is your opinion about Coal
Seam Gas mining in this area? Come
in to the Centre to register your view.
Bluebell Creeper!
Parks Victoria needs help in the removal of bluebell creeper from your property.
Bluebell Creeper is a highly invasive environmental weed for the Cape Liptrap
Coastal Park. Birds can spread the seeds and the plant grows quickly overtaking
native vegetation. If you need advice or assistance in removing this weed call
David Farrar Senior ranger at Foster Office on 5683 9005
Bluebell creeper Identification
Billardiera heterophylla (formerly Sollya heterophylla) is a species ofd flowerin
plant in the family Pittosporaceae known by the common name Bluebell creeper.
It is nateive to Western Australia, but it is grown as an ornamental plant in
approrpirate climates worldwide. It can sometime be found growing in the wild as
an introduced species or garden escapee, for example in Victoria, where it is
popular in landscaping. It is a major weed for the Cape Liptrap Coastal Park. It is a
climbing shrub with vine-like branches that twine around other plants for support.
The glossy green leaves are up to 5 centimetres long. The inflorescence is a single
hanging flower or pendant array of up to five. The flower has ficve petals up to a
centimeter long which may be white to deep blue or pinkish in color. The fruit is a
berry up to 3.5 centimeters long with pulpu flesh and many seeds. The cylindrical,
sausage shaped fruits ripen to greenish or blue purple or black in color.
T h e
H o o d i e s
o f
V e n u s
B a y
The beaches of Venus Bay are home to a special bird that has recently been listed as vulnerable under Federal
Environmental legislation – the Hooded Plover. There are only around 500 birds in Victoria and their numbers
are rapidly declining because so few birds produce young successfully. Their breeding season occurs over the
busy spring and summer period. Hooded Plovers nest on the beach above the high tide mark and sometimes
in the dunes, laying their eggs in a simple scrape that is very well camouflaged. The adult birds abandon the
nest to keep it hidden if a person or animal is nearby and will not return until the disturbance ends. When the
eggs are left unattended they can overheat, be buried or eaten by a predator, or be accidentally trampled.
The eggs must be incubated for 4 weeks and if they successfully hatch the tiny chicks cannot fly for another 5
weeks. They need to feed on the beach but are easily frightened. They will often hide next to seaweed, so are
easily stepped on. With enough time they will run to the dunes to hide, but if they spend too long hiding they
can die of starvation.
How can you help? By following these simple actions you will help ensure the survival of these endangered
birds. Thank you!
п‚· Respect the Parks Victoria signs indicating the presence of nesting birds and obey the points designed to
reduce the threats to their breeding success.
 When jogging, walking, fishing or collecting pipis keep to the water’s edge and avoid high tide times.
п‚· Keep out of the dunes as they offer a safe haven for nesting birds.
п‚· If you see a Hooded Plover during nesting season, walk 100 metres along the beach before settling.
п‚· Please follow the Venus Bay dog regulations (for more
information contact Parks Victoria 13 19 63. Dogs are
prohibited on Venus Bay beaches except between Beach
No 1 and Beach No 5, where they must be on a lead at all
times. Additional time restrictions apply between
December and April. Unleashed dogs have a greater chance
of stepping on a Hooded Plover chick and disturbing the
parents away from their eggs/chicks.
п‚· Do not litter the beach. As well as being unsightly and a
health hazard, rubbish can attract nest predators. If the
bins are full take all rubbish with you, especially food and fishing line.
To find out more about Hooded Plovers and BirdLife Australia’s Beach-nesting Birds Project, or if you are
interested in helping our Hoodies by becoming a local Volunteer Monitor go to www.birdlife.org.au
Information compiled from BirdLife Australia material
Are you interested in Life Drawing?
We hope to run a term of life drawing classes starting
in February on either a Monday or Thursday evening.
Renowned local artist Kevin Mortensen will lead the
classes and there will be a life model; classes will cost
We need at least 6 people to run the class, so if you are
interested, please contact Al yson on 5663 7499 or
[email protected]
Are you new to the area?
Want to find out what is happening or how to get involved?
Our Welcome kit is full of local information, maps, tide charts,
gardening information and a community directory.
Come and pick up your copy at the Centre
BOOK CLUB IN A BOX….with wine and
Second Tuesday of each month from 5pm at the Community
Centre Venus Bay.
Our current book is HEAVENLY PLEASURES by Kerry Greenwood.
Tuesday 13 January: Venus Bay Community Centre
Come along if you would like to join in, or come into the Centre to pick up a copy of the book
prior to the discussion. It’s free to join, you just need to bring your library card.
Do you need to borrow a bicycle or two?
We will soon have a small fleet of
bicycles for community members and
visitors to borrow for a small donation.
We have kids and adult bikes as well as a
groovy tandem bicycle. You can also
bring your own bicycle in and learn how to repair/look after it, or just to pump up
your tyres.
Our aim is to repair and refurbish the donated bicycles we already have and to
offer these for community use by donation. We hope to provide an opportunity to
learn about bicycle repair and to provide an option to leave the car at home and
ride around town.
Come into the Centre on Saturdays to find out more about SPOKES: our bicycle
share and repair project.
Summer Holiday Twilight Market and Fete Weekend! Weekend of January 10th
EXERCISE CLASS Wednesday Night:
Choose to Move F i t n e s s
Paige Holness will be running a high energy fitness class this term,
Wednesday evening at Venus Bay Community Centre
From 6-7pm, cost $10 per class
Suitable for all ages and fitness levels
Plant of the month: Kangaroo Grass Themeda
Kangaroo Grass Themeda triandra is a perennial tussock
grass with reddish flowering stems to over 1 metre high
and limp, flat or channelled bluish-green leaves to 50 cm.
The attractive bronze inflorescence or flowering structure
contains fertile and infertile spikelets enclosed in a sheath
on branched stems, from September to March.
Kangaroo Grass is a dominant species of grasslands that
used to cover wide areas of Australia, but are now
critically endangered due to land clearing, weed and
grazing pressures with less than 5% of the original
grasslands remaining in Victoria. Several significant patches remain at Venus Bay and these should be
preserved and protected. Unlike exotic weedy grasses that dry out in early summer and constitute a fire
hazard, Kangaroo Grass grows over the summer period and remains
green over the hot dry months, posing little fire threat.
Clumps of Kangaroo Grass make interesting garden or rockery plants
with their nodding heads. It is adaptable to most soils and conditions.
Maintenance is not necessary but if slashing is done this should be
done in early spring. Propagation is from seed or division of older
clumps. The Aborigines used the stems and leaves to make string and
nets and the seeds were ground to make cakes.
Grasses belong to the Poaceae family, one of the largest in the world,
and are found in almost every habitat. Themeda comes from the
Arabic �thaemed’ a clay pan and the genus triandra comes from the
Greek �tries’ meaning three and �aner’, man. For further information please visit FVBP website above. Photo:
Lorraine Norden.
Bus trip-April 24th - The WW1 Centenary
Exhibition coming only to Melbourne Museum,
opens in April 2015 to commemorate the
Centenary of the First World War.
This is the most historical and significant exhibition
from IWM to ever leave Great Britain and visit our
$60 by February 24th Contact Mike 56637173
Pick up Venus Bay & Inverloch
If you have a holiday house here and you rent it sometimes over summer, why not consider getting a 6
month rubbish pick up service? It costs $127 and really would help alleviate the extra rubbish we have over
the summer. Contact the Shire on 5662 9200
Bus trip June 10th
$100 by April 10th
Contact Mike
Pick up Venus Bay & Inverloch
Dear Matter of Fact editor
Did anyone else in our district wonder if SGSC might have wasted our rates on its recent citizen online
survey/consultation about budget priorities? Were they left feeling as dissatisfied as me?
The ten top issues to attract votes were as follows:
Foster pool
Mirboo North Pool
Free green waste collection
Equestrian centre at Stony Creek
Cultural and arts based tourism
Rates reduction
Coal seam gas exploration
Funding for community houses
Pipi collection and visitor management at Venus Bay
Development of Coal Creek Tourism Park
These are my concerns:
1. Congratulations to the council for attempting a survey but I only heard about it when I was lobbied to
vote. That’s not democratic. A survey would reach all ratepayers if it was included in the newsletter
that gets posted out.
2. I went online and found the survey technically difficult to navigate. Voters could leave comments but
once you drilled down into comments you were blocked from getting back to the survey – a good idea
wrecked by poor technical design.
3. Each person who participated had 7 votes. 4000 votes were registered, possibly most of them from
around 500 people like me who voted because they were alerted to the process by someone who
nominated an issue and who lobbied for votes. No surprise then that pools at Foster and Mirboo –
worthwhile issues for sure – came out at the top. Next time I hope the council chooses a process that’s
less open to manipulation.
4. Did any new issues emerge? All these issues are well known to council staff and councillors. Why did
the follow up forum only talk about the top five? That’s really strange. What will happen to all the rest?
Why was the forum restricted to only a few citizens? I heard that they were nearly outnumbered by
council staff and councillors. Will we get a report of the forum in the SGSC newsletter?
5. This was a shallow process that denied us the opportunity for mature reflection on the pros and cons of
each budget issue.
On the plus side, it was good to see issues I cared about in the top ten – opposition to coal seam gas
exploration (I presume opposition?), funding for community houses and pipi collection and management at
Venus Bay. I hope they get a go in the budget.
Helen Macrae
Vicki Bradley, Social Planning Officer, South Gippsland Shire Council is interested to hear from the community
about the impact of increased seasonal populations on our coastal towns. Community members should
expect a survey in the week following 15 December via clearly marked unaddressed mail for residents and
addressed post for non-resident ratepayers. Survey respondents have until the end of January to complete
the survey. This is the community’s opportunity to tell us about any issues that arise with seasonal increases
in the population in their town. Council staff will also be present in Venus Bay during early January to survey
visitors to the town about the same issues as listed in the resident survey. The survey will be followed up with
community workshops and online forums to be held between February and April when we will investigate key
issues and possible solutions further.
Sat 10th – Sun 11th January 2015
Tarwin Lower Recreation Reserve
:: EVENT UPDATE :: The event has now SOLD OUT
Community Involvement:
It is with great pleasure that we announce the following community groups’ involvement in UNIFY 2015.
Tarwin Lower Recreation Reserve For the use of the recreation reserve RED HILL Entertainment will be paying a site fee
to the Recreation Reserve Committee to cover any costs for the event and to go to improving the rec reserve facility for
the future.
Tarwin Lower Football Club The football club will be one of two community caterers at the event, serving delicious food
to the 3,000 guests. This will be a major fund raiser for the club as they will be taking all profits from the sales of food
and drinks after a 15% site fee has been paid to RED HILL to cover the generators and lighting supplied.
The club will also be contributing volunteers to help with car-parking, rubbish collection and guest marshalling. For
these services RED HILL will be donating money to the club.
Venus Bay, Tarwin-Lower & District Men's Shed The Men's Shed will be the second community caterer supplying food
to guests. As above, all profits will go to supporting the Men's Shed's many community-based projects.
RED HILL Entertainment will be hiring from the Men's Shed their mobile putt-putt mini golf course for guests' to enjoy.
The hire fee will go to the Men's Shed.
Tarwin Lower Netball Club The Tarwin Lower Netball club is going to be providing catering for the artists and backstage
crews during the event. For their time the event will be donating to the club.
Tarwin-Lower Community Health Centre The Health Centre is going to be utilised for artists and contractor accreditation
along with food preparation by the Tarwin Lower Netball Club. A donation will be made by the event to the Health
Noise & Noise Management:
As with all outdoor music events sound is produced from a sound system that has been designed for the number of
guests attending the event. In consideration of the Tarwin-Lower Township's proximity to the recreation reserve, a
noise management plan has been developed to minimise the impact of noise leakage for local residents. A full copy of
the noise management plan can be supplied upon request. (See contact information at the end of this document).
Depending on weather conditions during the event days, music may be heard in and around the township of TarwinLower during the following times:
DAY 1 - 3pm Saturday 10th to 2am Sunday 11th January
9 hours of relative silence overnight - Main sound system turned OFF during this period
DAY 2 - 11am to 3pm Sunday 11th January
If you feel you may be sensitive to noise please get in contact and we can offer ways of minimise any impact that may
result during the event.
Post-Event community consultation:
Getting feedback on our events is a really important part of how we can improve for the future.
Two weeks after the event (while the event is still fresh in everyone's minds) we will be holding a Post-Event Community
Consultation night at the Tarwin-Lower Football Club rooms where we will invite everyone that was involved in the
event and members of the local community to come and give their feedback and experience of the event.
There will be three questions asked during the consultation:
п‚· What were the positive outcomes?
п‚· What were the negative outcomes?
п‚· How could we do it better if we were to run it again?
From your feedback we can assess the success of the event.
If you have any questions about the event don’t hesitate to get in contact.
Rhett McLaren - M: 0409 252 005 -E: [email protected]
S m a l l
B y t e s
It’s that time of year again when we send Xmas cards. The practice may be diminishing a little as many people
now opt to send eCards instead. However, whilst there are many free services available a number of them will
fill your email inbox with spam once you register. In the worst cases the links on some sites can lead to viruses
or malware being installed on your computer.
For peace of mind an excellent paid service is Jacquie Lawson’s website. Jacquie is an artist residing in the U.K
who has a large collection of beautifully animated eCards for all occasions, not just Christmas/New Year.
Annual membership to her site is just $12 so it represents great value. As with other similar sites you can
personalise the text on all the online greeting cards. You will get a confirmation email sent to you when the
recipient opens their eCard.
The service comes highly recommended and for a small outlay you will have access to a host of great eCards.
You will only receive the occasional email from them informing you of new additions to their card data base.
Check out the site at www.jacquielawson.com
If you like the idea of personalised cards but want to send a traditional paper card then check out
They have a large variety of templates for you to use for all greeting occasions. You can upload your own
photos and personalise the text. It’s a way of producing a great looking card with that added personal touch.
For a standard size card the service costs only $6.65 including postage Australia wide.
For orders completed before 2pm they offer same day postage.
If you would rather see the card first, then Moonpig will post the card to you instead. You can then forward it
to the recipient at your convenience.
Whether it’s for a birthday, wedding, anniversary or some other special occasion, Moonpig offers a great
individualised means of sending a special greeting card.
If you’re happy making purchases online then some of the larger stores now offer an alternative service to
postage. It’s called Click �n Collect (the name may vary from store to store).
You simply complete your purchase online and choose the collection method rather than postage. You have
to designate your nearest (preferred) pickup branch of the store concerned eg. Wonthaggi, Leongatha. When
your goods are available for collection you will receive an email from the store letting you know. You will have
to provide ID when you collect the item, typically a driver’s licence or similar.
It’s a great way of shopping for items on special in the store catalogues. No more rushing out to make sure
they haven’t sold out on your item ! Just order it and the site will confirm stock availability and then complete
your transaction. Then just await notification that your item is ready for collection. And of course you save on
postage costs. Stores like Target, Big W are already using the service.
Over the course of the year we’ve touched on many different issues relating to all things computer. Topics
have included free email, using Paypal, using System Restore, Facebook notifications, using BitTorrents, free
Download Managers, defragging your computer, eBooks, Computer Malware, accessing Cardless Cash, Google
Maps and much more. You can refer to the previous offerings by accessing the back issues of Matter of Fact,
downloadable from our website.
A very Merry Christmas and a Safe and Happy New Year to all our would-be computer buffs.
Flood Guide
Community Information Session & Supper
21st January 7pm
At Venus Bay Community Centre
Tarwin Lower & District
Community Health Centre Inc.
19 Walkerville Road,
Tarwin Lower VIC 3956
Telephone 03 5667 5680
The Health Centre needs new volunteers if you are interested in more
information phone Pat 0433 415 287
These brochures are available at the Centre and at local shops to help visitors to Venus Bay.
If you would like to contribute an article or some community news or
information to our newsletter, we would love to hear from you.
[email protected]
If you have an interest in helping to produce and distribute the newsletter
each month, please contact Alyson on 5663 7499.
FIND US ON FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Venus-BayCommunity-Centre/121189768021814
The Centre’s Regular Groups
 Food Culture program Mondays 10-1
 Shall we Dance Monday 6-7pm
 Crafty Girls Tuesday 12-3
 Computer classes Wednesdays 11, 12 and 1pm.
 Cook n Book Thursday 10.00 to 12 noon
 Broadband for Seniors
 Public Internet access by donation
 Book Club: 2nd Monday of the month 5-6pm
Contact details for VBCC Inc
VBCC is at 27 Canterbury Rd, Venus Bay
Ph 56637499
Send mail to Post Office Box 786, Venus Bay, 3956
Email:[email protected]
Web site: www.vbcc.org.au
Office open Mondays, Wednesdays Thursdays from 9.30 to 3.00 (and many other times
depending on activities and volunteers)
Venus Bay Community Centre is supported by: South Gippsland Shire
Council;Department of Human Services (Victoria) and the Commonwealth
Our Website is www.vbcc.org.au
You are able to find current and back issues of Matter of Fact on our
Please contact us if you wish to be on our email distribution list.
O u r C o m m u n i t y R e c y c l i
M o n d a y , W e d n e s d a y , T h
f r o m 1 0 a m
g O p S h o p
r s d a y a n d
o 2 p m .
i s o p e n :
S a t u r d a y
We are always looking for volunteers to help in the op-shop, come and see us to find out more