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6 Turning Resolutions Into Realities
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Pain Relief: A Nutritional Answer
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YOI.I d~ unbi~S4!d, resurch-b;tS4!d Inlorm~tion when it
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6 Health & Wellness Jal\uary
2014 - Middle
Turning Resolutions Into Realities
How to remove obstacles blocking you from reaching your goals
By Dr. Usa M. Webb and Dr. Kenith L Robins
fl~n тАв lis< ofNowY~ar" Re.oIUlions
is long and can ~ .nxi~ly provoking. Afler Ihe busy holidays, POSIholiday lei down. Ihe frum:lIion of
gym membership or OIher r.mind.rs of
f.:;l┬лI "",Iution, an mok~ wlnt.r months fffi
hopdns. h', importanllO remember Ih" Ihe No:>"
Y.. r i, a lime for people 10 mlcct on the p'" ye ..
and commit 10 m:ok po.i,ivelif",yle ch.nges----nOi
to serve as тАв cat.lyst f"r sw┬лping eh .... cte' chang<:$.
By making your "",Iu,i"n. rnlistic, ,h.re iтАвтАв
gre... r chan"" ,h.. you will k""p ,hem throUghOUI
the year .nd inc",VOl""/.tc healthy behaviors into
your ""eryday life.
By Febru.ry we of,.n see dien" th., h.ve mode
I"CIOlulion, bUI h."" eilhe" I. nOi begun the work
for th. resolUlion 10 rom. to ffUilion or new
~h.vior to b┬лome p.rt of ,heir lif., Or 2.
effort, and h.ve alrndy given up. T.ke Ih. pcrson
who rтАв ..,lved to =rcis<:----,hen on ,he Ii"" or
s┬лond workout o,""rex.rt┬лl, b┬л:>mc ..,rтАв тАв nd
tioligu┬лl, and Ihen ....
Ih" physiC3.1 ac,ivity
"didn't work (or ,h~m'- "Set,ing .mall, .,,':;nable
gools ,hroughou' ,he yc.>r, inStcod of a singular,
o""""hdminggool on}.nu.ry I can help you reach
wh ..""e, i, is you Slri .. for: says p,ychologist Lynn
Bulb, PhD. "Rtmember. it i, nOt ,h. Otlenl of the
ch.nge Ih .. matter>, bu, .. rher the at< of rerogni.ing Ih., lif"'yle change is imporranr and w",king
loward it, one step .. . limc'-'
So, instead of viewing raolulions as an opporruniry fo, personal """.rh.ul" of ...ry ~h ... lor or
pa" of you th .. you di,likc--,hink of ,hem,
in"..d, as pcrsonal "cvolUlion" ,t"!" Ih., willl..d
ro .u".in.bl~ life ch.ng... Chang<s--wherh┬л
,m.1l Or I'rg<:-"rтАвтАв proctS$ ,h. , takes time,
.uppon. and palience wi,h ..,If .nd oth.rs. On""
you're ,cody ro malee a change, ,he difficult parr i.
commiuingand following through. Here.re..,me
ways th." in".ad of f┬лling fn", .. t┬лl with ,he
lack of progrc┬л on "",IUlloM you mode January
1, can "set yourself up fnr .u┬лcss" .nd r""li ...
'lI>,ainabl. personal """"luI;nn":
Believe. Believe il Cln be done .nd surround
yourself wilh people who .re supportive of your
goals. We h.ve o(.. n .... n &mily, frienmo, lmpor,.nl significan' othen who occually de .. il тАв
pcrson', p'ogrcss or elfn", 10 chang. wi,h nog.. i'-e
... temenu .uch as ' you know th .. you ""nnol do
"x" b┬л:>U$C you h.ve tried '0 do "x" .., m.ny lim<:$
before" or by alling to remembrance .11 ,he tim ..
rh .. ~, eflOm ha.. nOi bc.::n ,u=ful.
Optimistic but Realistic. Be optimi"i, ,h.,
you c.n male. chang.. bm al.., rcalisrk wi,h rhe
ch.ng<:$ you wont to m.ltc. Th. bes, "",IUlion'
.'" specific, rali,,;' and measu .. ble. Using .n
ocronym oftcn u...J in bu.iness gool .."ing,
~=-~~~~:~~-=~~::::~~~~~-=S:M~ART, which stOnm for Spe.::ific, Measurable,
Att.in.ble, Reali.tic .nd lim.┬╖..,ruilive, to
eval...... nd SCI your goat. can ... iSl you '0 decide
upon chang.. '0 m.1tc th .. arc acrually an.in.blтАв. l
Make preparation - but don't get stuck in
the weeds, Stan to p..ctic. rhe new beh.vior.
You cann", juSt ..... Itc up on. mnrning .nd.1I the
brh.viots Ihal you h... eng.ged in over. liferime
be illltantly "gone" beau.. you .... n 'hry , hould
be. So if ,he g<:┬╗.1 were, ""y, 10 eat Iw or reduce
drinking, wh., beh.vior will replace il~ A, ,hi.
"prcp=rion" ,tage, .r.. nging for тАвтАв uppon .ystem
.nd making. public deda"nion is .1.., very helpful
'" ...ching you, goat тАв. Mueh like planning for.
long journcy_ a fitir amount of planning mu.t ,alee
pl.ce co rach ,he journcy's da,in .. inn ,
Rear .. nge your e"vironmen, and ,u,round
yourself wilh lhings 10 remind you of Ihe no:>"
brh.vior you .re ,rying 10 impbncm .nd ,oking
Ihin!',' our Ih .. <rigger ,he problem. For cx.ample,
ridding Ihe hous<: of .lenhol and n,,1 keeping any
.round ┬░ju" in ...., ..,rmone might come over"
and puning .<icky not .. atound the hous<: 10
motivate yourself can m.k. your environment
more conducive 10 mwng ,he chang.. you wam.
One ",udyover 30 y. . .. of .........h has found ,h..
,h.llhcsc: typc$ of ""'cgi<:$.re lh. least frequently
used bUI are most ofren ,he mOSl .uccessful in
helping ..,m""ne meet rheir g<:┬╗.kl
www.\nhealthandwe llness.com - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
M,ddle Tennessee┬╖ January 201" Health & Wellness
Action, not reaction. R=arch h...hown
,ha, i,', no. in,ulfiden! willpowe, ,ha, IтАвтАв d, '0
peoplc nOt .c",hing ,hci. go. l. b"t "uher > ..ries
of learntd skills ,ha, distingui,h .. people who are
тАв ueee ..f,,1 in re.ching ,heir resolu,ion from
unsuaC$$ful on .... Come up with healthier ot
more posi,ive .hern.,i". Mh.~io", 10 the ones
yo".re ,rying 10 change. Rewo.d ,,,e<essc_nd
don', reword f.il" ,... If )'ou arc not on ,rock wi,h
,he Mh.~io" YO" need 10 do '0 mee, your roolu┬╖
tion (e .g. losing weight). ,hen withd .... w тАв
┬╖,ewa,d" ,h .. might M usod .. td wi,h lruing
....,igh, kg. no, w>leh a f.vo,i'e TV .how).
Rew.rd you.┬лlf when the beh.vi", is on !I.ck
and wi,hdrow ,h.. ,cinforcemem when it is olf.
l he reword. em be .ny,hing: ,coding. playing
wi,h .he dogs, getting. foot m...... ge. It docsn't
have 10 be ""pen.ive.
Persevere and don't beat yourself up.
There will be ob"",les and .IipтАв. Remember ,h.,
minor mi .... ps when ..",hing your goal. arc
comple,ely no, mal .nd O K. It'тАвтАв n erroneous
belid ,h., slips k .d inevi, . bly into f.l1s.~ Don',
give up complctcly beau┬л you are. brownie .od
broke your diet, or ,kipptd ,h. gym for. w.ek
bee.u┬л you were busy. E.veryone hu ups .nd
down,; ,esolve
recover from yo", mist.k... nd
ge, b.ck on ".ck. Anol)'"'ing wh., ltd up '" the slip
On help d..:reuc ,h. chance of occurring .gain .
Ask for support. Acttp.ing help from thO$<: who
are .bour you.nd wmli"en help m m.noge " ....
cau.<ctl by the new chong.. you .... m.king. If you
feel overwhclmtd or un.bl.
mee, your gool. on
your own, conoid.. ┬л:eking help from <omeone ,hat
h.. helped o,h." be .u=ful on ,heir journey for
lif. ch.n ge. Psychologi... are uniquely ''''intd to
understond ,he conn..:,ion betwlXn ,he mind and
body. They an olf.r "ro'ogies .. to how to .dj...,
your gools <0 ,h.. they .....".in.ble, u well ... hdp
you change unh.,lthy beh.vio... nd addr... b.rri...
,h.. migh, M stonding in the.,.,.y of your goals.
Helping You Remove Obstacles
If you need help "nderstanding or removing
obsracles ,h .. ar. blockillg you from reach ing your
go.ls, the profeuion.ls ., Con$ul,ing Anoci',es.
LLC .re tr.ill,d '0 help you do exactly ,h.,. For a
conlidelld.1 ┬лInsult.,ion, pleuc conlO.. Dr.
Keni,h Robin. or Dr. Lisa Webb at 615-310-1491.
I . MoI<irC"... _"""'" _
Slid!; _
Psjd ........
-.;t--.opo-or&ll .........""' _ _ """oo::essed 1/5113
2. ~ """" HOw II) MlI<o _ """'" I!eooMions Sti<Io: O&.A
~ on u..... 0<\ 0'00<1." IOlpU _ _ con'If2012/12J
26/h(lW┬╖Ul-"'a ... ┬╖new┬╖)'ea ... '"'I"\iOO$-Slitl<""┬╖wi\II... pt~┬╖
~1Iioo!<2_lqo,I.. r..... llt<: 28. 2012.
~~ : ~I/I1/j3.
5. ~ """" Kow '" Mali! _"""'" R........,... Sti<Io: O&.A
MIl! on
on ~ ittIp"./I_.time.CDrI\f2012/12/
26/how┬╖h>-",ake-new┬╖)'e.rs-te5OIIItions-Slitl<",, - witlt~~┬╖
~IIIatlHdiNlqo,I.. T1me.llt<:
28. 2012_ \J6fll.
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8 Health & Wellness Jarluary
2014 - Middle Tenrlessee
Relaxation Techniques
By Robby Lee Feldmarl, Presiderlt , Trarlquil ityTV
trcss. Just thc word itself is stressful.
But treating stress can be fun. easy. and
crealive. You're about to sec how.
f irst, though, the mechanics of what causes stress.
When stress overwhelms your JIC1"VOUS system.
your body is flooded with chemicals that prepare
you for '"fight or fligh!." While the Stress response
can be lifesaving in emergency situations. it Wears
your body dowrl when conslantly activated by the
stresses of C\'cryday lik Funher. chronic stress
can lower your resistance to sickness and disease.
in the worst-case scenario contributing to canccr.
hear! disease, and depression.
Fun and Ells)' WB)'S to Reduce Stress
There are many clinical ways to reduce stress
and bring back your natural state of mental and
emotional balance. Some of the-sc are autogenic
methods. biofeedback. medilation. yoga. and
Pmnayarna.. These take tnlining. time. and discipline. So. for now. 1C1'S focus on some fun and
easy ways to reduce stress.
Here'l II limple word Irick to remember
willi! we'll tlilk IIbout :
R - Rest
E- Enjoy
L - Leave stress behind
A - Art
X- The ┬╖ X┬╖ factor
R - Rest and relaxation are the easiest way 10
calm down. However. everyone has their own
version of these. so go ahead and experiment to
find what works best for you. It could be simply
laying down in a darkened room and visuali7-ing
scenes Ihat you find relaxing like the beach or the
mountains. Nature, by┬╖the┬╖way, is One of the best
ways to relax. become centered. and even feel
spiritually refreshed.
E - Do the things you enjoy(and enjoy the things
you do). This could be spons. cooking. walking.
a hot bath. or anything you find enjoyable.
Studies prove that enjoyable activities Can lower
blood pressure. slow hean nile. and induce a
theta state of mind that indicates tranquility.
time with
is a particularly eITec-
L _ When possible. identify the causes of stress
and climinatc or at least reduce them. Many
people take their work home with them, both litenllly and figunltively. which can cause undue
stress. Many people also focus on Iheir problems.
creating what has been called the "negative spin
cycle." &> do your best to leave stressful situations or thoughts behind.
About Trarlquillty TV
TranquilityTV is a 2417 TV chanrlcl that
delivers captivating and eviderlce-bascd therapeutic relaxatiOrl film with specially_chosen
music. People who suITer physical pain also
suITer memal and cmotional pain. as the
founder discovered watchirlg his own mother
suITer with cancer three different times. This
was the inspiration for TranquilityTV's mission
of helping sick people feel belter, mOre
centered, arld to reCOver more quickly. Scierltific testing shows that Ihis type of therapeutic
tool can reduce stress. accelerate patient
re<:ovcry. and creatc an envirorlmCrll Ihat makes
treatment easier. With optiOrlal "Brarlding
Segments" featuring your OWn messages. TranquilityTV can also act as a highly effect;'┬╖e.
unique marketing tool. TranquilityTV is used
for hospital patient relaxation in the aClUal
rooms, in assistcd living centcrs, and in waiting
areas like doctors and dentists omcn.
www.tranqu ilitytv.com
A - Art is an evidence-based treatment for stress
and can work if you are creating it. and ev~n if
you're just enjoying it. This could be in thc fonn
of nature scenes, music, even writing. And while
wc're on the" As." there's
aromatherapy in the fonn
of incense or candles.
Scents that arc most helpful
include lavender. sandalwoo;:!, and cinnamon.
TrnnquilityTV has jusl released a mobile app so
that you ean take tnlnquility with you. wherever
you are.
The "X factor" can be
just about anything tbat
works for you. This can
include simply taking time
to breathe deeply, enjoying
a quict sunset, or perhaps
watching a nature DVD
with music.
So these are some fun and
easy ways 10 reduce stress
and create a healthier life_
style. Go ahead. experiment
with them and focus On the
methods that arc most successful. Because there's
neVer been a bciter time
than right now to RELAX.
Re ax.
Apple App
1'1 buu<tifW┬г~eD
WWW., ,."~u;t;,y, тАв.,omJ.pp
Middle Tennessee - January Z01" Health &- Wellness
A Nutritional Answer
Reducing Pain By Umiting Inflammation
Reducing pain through diet begins by
limiling the inflammatory process. This is
done in 1"'0 main ways:
I ) Limiting the majorcauses of"o~idation"
By Oavld Sheer, PT. OPT. MOMT. Resu~s Physiotherapy - Murfreesboro
2) Supplementing with antiOllidanlS
oils by ro:lucing the
omega 6 fats in our diet. These include sun_
flower. samower, corn. soybean, .:anoIa, and
peanut oils. These oils cause inflammation. They
present in most of all of our processed foods
including all snack foods.. chips. and salad dressinp. Read the labels. Instead. cat rood with less
procesiiing and use e~tr1I virgin olive oil and
coconut oil for cooking.
e all seek treatment when we are
in pain. We wam SQlnCOnc to stop
it. As therapists. physicians. and
patients. we arc seeking the quickCSl relief possible.
Usually. it is in the form ofmcdidne. s~h as pills.
injections. or surgery. At Results Physiotherapy.
our physical therapists provide relief with
"hands-on " manual therapy. e~ereisc. dry needling.
and othcr modalities. Now. wc can look to an addi┬╖
tional area to help us relieve pain: nutrition.
The Negative Effects of Bad Nutrition
In this new holistic health environment. cveryone is
becoming more conscious of the negative effec! of
chronically bad nutrition . Like the rusting of your
car, the body StaI1S a slow process of o~idaTion. We
understand it can contribute to high blood pressure.
diabetcs. obesity. dementia. ulccrs. colitis. Ctc .
What is not well known is that chronically bad
nutrition can increase our muscle and joint pain.
including arlhritis and fibromyalgia.
Second. we can oontrollhe free radical oxidation by taking foods rich in antiollidant~ such
as curcumin (turmeric) and quercitin (greenl
white tea). These 2 supplements can be bought
individuaily. When laken together and in ext'"
,┬╖irgin olive oit. their pOlency ;s increased
tenfold . They are two of Ihe best antioll,dant&
Imown. Supplemcnt these " 'ith othcr anliollidams such as ViUtminsA. C, and E.
Simple Diet ary Changes Can Help
Remember. we arc interested in providing
health care recommendations 10 supporl Our
physical therapy plan . This plan includes
retorning you to optimal physical functioning
while reducing your pain. Simple dietary
changes can help.
For funher information on the treatments
provided by Results Physiotherapy or to locate
the nearest Results Physiolherapy clinic. vIsit
us at _
.res ultsphysiothe.,,,.cDm or call
615┬╖373┬╖1350/ 800┬╖888┬╖053 1.
The damage to our tissues can oe<.:ur through
sudden injuries or gradually with rcpclitivc activilies. When it docs occur, another chemical response
starts in our bodies called inflammation. This is a
nonnal process of healing and should have a short
duration. Sometimes this inflammal<><y response
faubook.com / ResultsPhvs1otherapy
lasts too long. When it does. the pain can worsen.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www . \nhealthandwe llness.com _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
10 Keatth & Wellness January
2:014 - Middle Tennessee
Preparing for the Waiting Room
By Rodney Bakken, Director of Operations, Cornerstone Senior Services
y wife nearly died in early NovemOCr.
Twenty_six years together, and .....e┬╖ve
never had a shock like this! Her body
turned suddenly seplic, her kidneys and lungs
were failing, and hcr blood pressure was 44 .
Thai was just the start of her problems. I've
beeome deeply familiar with life in the waiting
room. And in the hospital room.
Since I mostly work with retired people, I'm no
stranger 10 the realities of sickness and aging. At
Cornerstone, .....e get to help families prepare for
hard times. Help people get their financial house
in order SO they Can WEATHER StOrmS like this.
BUll nevenhought my bride would get sosick in
her early fonies. [!.oy did I get a wakeup call'
Now. I'm having to take care of my bride
(visiting and sleeping at the hospital so she's
never alone), teach my children (we homeschool). handle all the household business. try to
get SOme work done, and coordinate long-term
care plans once my wifc goes into physical
rchab. Basically. I'm doing BOTH jobsofa full_
time homeschool teacher and mom. as ..... 1'11 as a
full time worker outside the home. Plus, I'm not
nearly as gifted as my wife is in cenain areas of
life. So where she excels. I struggle. We complement each other beautifully!
When you end up in the waiting room one day,
aner reading this anicle, you'll hopefully be well
prepared. And avoid extra stress and uncertainty.
Roles " Re sponsibilities
Gct to know what your spouse does for your
family. WRITE IT DOWN! YOU'll be extra
thankful for him or her once you realize all the
things they do. Some quick examples:
thick of things when survival was NOT assured
for my wife, I had no clear picture ofwlt.al family
business needed to be dealt with. [could have put
it together had I been home. Or had my bride
been awake. But she was on life suppon. And I
was at the hospital day and night.
- Yard work
- Home repairs
- Auto repairs
If you're married. chances are you don't know
EVERYTHING your spouse does at home. I
have huge gaps of knowledge in relation to
whal my bride docs day-ta-day. Well, I know
WHAT she docs. but not exactly HOW she does
it all. I trust her. Shc does her stuff, I do mine.
However, ['m having to rec.mstruct her Dlmnal
routine. She was in a coma for six days. Unable
to help me as [ stroggled to juggle our life. It
would have been amazing to have a Set ofdocumenlS prepared JUST IN CASE. Something we
could call a 'family responsibility journal.'
Things that would guide me in reconstructing
what was necessary to have life 'work' in CaSe I
was alone.
- Paying the bills
- Doing the dishes and laundry
- Watching children or grandchildren
- Investing and insurance
- Taking care of older family members or friends
Without clear details On the actual nuts and bolts
of what your spouse docs. during times of stress
and heartache, it will be too hard to put it together.
Some things just simply get dropped. Forexample,
my electric bill was due three days aner my wife
was Life_Flighted to the hospital. [ found out about
that when the electric company called me to ask
about the bill . [paid it immediately. Yet. in the
What's needed is a brief, clear
journal detailing EACH "Area of
Respons ibility" for each spouse.
So one spouse can keep the family
afloat if needed. Usc a 3-ring
binder to start. BUI start today!
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Middle Tennessee - January 2014 Health & Wellness
Gett ing Clear 8. Current
This idea of a family responsibility journal has
gained a 101 of traclion wilh my friends. Some
have told me. "I'm MUCH too disorganized to
do that'". or "Where would I even START'-"" II's
important 10 say Ihal if you ARE disorganized
now, it'll be much worse when you find yourself
in the hospital waiting room. Here are some
ideas of items 10 gel togelher in order 10 make
your plan:
I. Bills &: recurring business - PUt these all
together, BY DUE DATE, on a calendar. It
...┬╖O\Ild have been nice for me to know that on the
Sih oflhe monlh my electric bill is due.
2. Bun king &: financial - put retirement and
bank account info in a central place. alphabetically. List brief details like "Bob's company
40 I(k) retirement account ."
J_ lleulrh &: "'I!dical - lis! all doctors, medications and medical plan infonnatio". Trost me,
your husband won't really remember who your
OB/GYN is. Write it down, It would help to also
have a brief health history written down, like
dates of surgeries and health issues. l1's KEY for
you to have a Living Will and Healthcare Power
of Attomey for each spouse.
Wc'lI all end up in the waiting room one day. AI the
doctor's office or hospital. Waiting for test results.
Praying for someone Ihrough surgery or sickness.
Physical life is fragile life. 11 should provoke very
little shock. Tragedy strikes - everyone!
There is IIOJH for uS all. We
do not HAVE TO BE caught
totally surprised. Wilh a little
planning 'o'e can avoid SOme
of the worst shocks. We can
KNOW what needs 10 be done
so life can rctW1ltO nonnalcy as much as possible
in Ihe midst of a tcrrible situation. Wc can receive
support from those who love us. We can achieve
confidence and clarity, Bul only if we plan NO W
whcn life is ┬╖normal.' Let┬╖s face it, it wuld be thaI
tomorrow your life could take on "a I\CW nonnal."
Are you ready?
Sccuring Your Futurc_
Rodn"}' Bakken, Director of Operations can
really hl!{p you think through thesl! issues,
lie 's an cxJHrI Q/ planning for ,he JUIU,.."
And maximizing Ihl! present. Please reach
au' 10 him lodoy with your ques'iollS. Your
family willihank)"u in thejUlure
Rodney Bakken
Director of Operations
4_ Family &: Huusehold - galher a list of
exactly what you do in areas like, picking up kids
and grandkids, friends and family to nolify
during emergencies, and even laundry soap used.
a. About a week into my wife's ICU stay. I
went home to change, and found there were
no clean clothes. No problem! ['II do some
laundry! Well. my wife makes her own
laundry soap. And it was time 10 make a new
batch. There [ was. looking at a bunch of
boxes of laundry soap ingredients. Wilh no
clue how 10 make il. It turns out thaI soap is
not necessary. But you get my point. A friend
ended up buying uS SOme laundry soap,
b, More importanl is notih┬╖i/.g family and
friends. II was hard for me to know WHO I
had spoken to. 11>e first night in the hospital,
fifty friends from chureh showed up. I was
lext messaging and calling a huge amount of
other people There were many oversights.
Like all our extended family. Dad is the
youngesl of ten kids. So my family is
gigantic. We all need imponant friends,
family and coworkers listed in a cenlral
place. Pcople love you! They WANT TO
'"'~_ _::::~~_ _~::""""""""""""""""~
KNOW if you have an emergency
www.tnhealthilndwe ltness.com _
.. __
", _ _ I<CA_.
""" _ _ . _ ' 0
тАв ..,
_ _ _ ..
_ _ So
тАв ..
...." . " .. _ ..
3" l.and,um Pl..,.
4323 COroln. ... P.ot.WO)┬╖
Willi.m"", T.,..'., Suite 609
Fronkl;". TN 37067
Phon.: 6'5_~_'Soo ┬╖ F..: 6'5,550.>80,
Medic.l Art. 8uildi"S Suit< 84<><>
Oorb"ill<. TN 37043
I'bone: 93,.647.2828 . flax: 93 тАв.9(>6.0938
. w.-_Ed> ...
o....J~ . Or.JA
... __
тАв !.fo<ti- . .... G~ ┬╖ IV $oJat;""
, ,..,.... . _
..... . ForiJIo....JT_
. u,..-_lJtitWjMoOo ! .I . _
~ c...- SlotIonP_, _'OI
Spmg .... 1Nl"14
14 Health &- We llness January
Middle Tennessee
Caring For A Patient With Cancer
By Eric Vim, MO, FCCP - Compliments 01 Tennessee Comprehensive Lung & Sleep Center
I is easy 10 ~ .bsorbed in )'OIIr caregiver
role and lei your neNs go unaddressed.
When you I.ke Clre of youl'$elf, yo u feel
beller and you are тАв bencr earegiver. Taking
o;arc of youl'$Clf mIIy seem simple . Bul w~n
mosl of your energy is focuKd on someone
the. il is easy 10 forgel 'imple WIY' to revi\'e
your mind and spirit
тАв Oiselln ,-our role
Your love<! one may wan! to lell people .bout his
Or her cancer, or may ask you to share Ihal informalion. Make sun: you know your loved one',
wishes so you can offer SUPpOrt if necessary. Do
nol share infonnation meanllO be kept privale,
тАв Acupr diffeunt re" cr;olls
Some people may have inlcnse emolional reactions to the new' and olhen may not Each lime
you tdl somoone. you mighl gel. diffm:m and
cvrn unc~PCCled n:~lion , Family and friends
will need lime to proce$$ Ihe infonnalion before
lhey may be n:a.dy 10 otTer support,
тАв Aeupt 1111 ,,,.otiOIfS
It is normal to feel . wide ranse Ofemolions. AI
limes you might menl your role or feel frv.strated. Though you may feel guilty or ~lfish for
having 1hc:se feelings. it's imponallt to n:alitt
they arc normal.
тАв Srll,. poS;til~
This is easkr said than done: but тАв positive
anitude CiUl imprm'e you and your Io"ed one's
mood. St.ay positive by laking one day It Itime.
sening short-term achievable goals. ac┬лpting
your limitations. sharing I~ responsibility and
keeping your scnse of humor by doing ICtivities
you enjoy.
Support S)'It.ms Spt(tfic for lung Cane...
тАв Aut'pt IIt'lp
Help your IlUppoo1 S)'S1C1n ~lp you. Make .liSiof
things other people can ~lp with tit e running
errands, deaniDa:. living rides or preparing
ox. ls, My Fighting for Air Community CiUl help
organitt your \'Oluntecrs.
тАв Exercise
Try to do 5Om<: fonn of activity C'o'ery day. Going
on walks is a great way to clear your mind and
10ll'a your stress levels.
тАв Su yOll' doctor lind d,nWil fOl" reg.. /II' d.u kllps
It is easy to forget about goi ng to the doctor for
routine exams and scrttnings when you are busy
taking your loved onc to doo;;tor's appOintment'.
PnlCtieing preventative medicine will help you
stay well so you can be a bettcr caregiver.
Lurnlng .nd Support
тАв KnoтАв.-Iedgt builds cOlfftd""~e
Oflcn people feel like they don 't have control
when they an: dealing with cancer. Learning as
much as you can will ~lp yoo feel rrKH"e in control
of the situ.ltion and f┬лl less stressed. You will also
feel rno.e confident when talking to your care
team and making treatment decisions.
тАв Joilf 115l1ppon , roup
Yoo Cln find spccialllUpport groups just for o;arcgi\┬╖er1I. Ask your loved one's doctors if they know
of any looeal groups. Also cbeck OUI the American
Lung Associat ion',
locations around
and thcir online
fOf\lm. The Lung ConnO:Clion.
тАв CIIII rile LUllg lIt/pHlle
Call the American Lung Association Lung
IldpLinc at 1-800-LUNGUSA or 1-80(1-5864872 to speak to someone directly. or submit a
question online , Talking with an expert can help
ease some o f your fears and provide you with the
support you need.
: _ _ u.ng ",
Ii ...
тАв i4sk .1Ie5riollS
Evcry qllCStion you have is worth asking. Some┬╖
times medic.l providC"rs don'l bring up topics
~ause they aren't sure )'(lII wanl to heM _bout
them. Don'I wail for the doclOf 10 $Iart . 11 o f t~
con\┬╖<:natiOO$. Ask a ll of your questiOO$1J!d make
sun: they get answered in I way you undCTstand.
тАв See f~",il)' IIIId friellds
You might not feel like being social, but the
company of family and friends can lift your spiriu
and ~lp you Ihrough Ihe day. You may not ~ able
10 sec some in person. Keep in touch through
phone tails, emai ls. video chats or letter$.
Eric T. Vim, M,D.
IIootd C<nil\┬лl In I'IItlDOllary Medici ...
Sta,lng Hltalthy
тАв Gel tf",ugh sltt'p
Aim for 8 hours a day.
тАв Conn┬л t "';Ih religion ondf~;lh
Religion and failh-based organizations can ~ a
souree of strength and support for some people.
Prayer and meditation may hdp you cope with
┬╖ 1:.""I';ghf
Eat a balance<! diet. don't skip meals and ~eept
your el11Olions during this time. Reath OUI to a
meals from your support system if you are too
leader in your faith community to discuss your
spiritual needs.
tired to 0001<..
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www.tnllealthand wellneu.com _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
Tennessee Comprehensive
Lung Sleep Center
Middle Tennessee - January 2014 Health & Wellness
OsteoStrong Tennessee
Strong Bones, Healthy Joints, Better Balance
ounder and owner Kyle Zagrodzky
knew the opponunities of the OstcoStrong technology, bioDcnsity, as soon
lIS he: $aW it Kyle has bttn invol,1:d "'ith the
fil~ industry for many yc~rs. yet when he
was first introduced to lhe: OstcoStrong technology in Memphis, he did not believe a machine
intended fQf once-I-week use could provide
soch results. "11'5 like nothing l'd evcr SCCTl. and
[ thought I'd seen it all in the fitness industry.~
he $ayt;.
1bc OstcoStrong technology consists of static
ucreises during " 'hieh the client pushes or pulls
as hard iii! possible in specific ways. These short
bursts stimulate the nerves. mU!iclC$, and bones
to provide relief from symptoms of osteoporosis, joint and back pain. r>erve damage. poor
po!ilurc or loss of ne~ibility, balllllCc. or
stTClli\h . ACC(lf"ding to the company web site.
OslooStrong offers a pro'"cn. non┬╖pba.rmaceulical option to prolTlO!C healthy joints, Strong
borIes, mUS(:le Strength. and belle.. b;!lllllCe. "We
have mcmbi:n from ages 1 to 100 across our
franchise network. One of the things people
rcally like is that sessions only take about 1
minutes once a week. and that everyone can do
their $C$sions _Ming normal e,'cry day
clothes," $aid Kyle.
Kyle oompan:$ tlw.: cost of doctors┬╖ visits and pro:sc::ripfions to the much lower monthly eost of a
membership to OstcoStrong. 1"he COSt of a co-pay
is mon: than the ┬л>SI of a mcmbership,M he sllarcs.
"We provide an extremely accessiblc. affordable.
easy-to-implement modality to address ostooporosis. balance. and strength that is like nothing else
that iSlvailable."
Kyle has owned and managed he.lth dubs and I
software company. but his motivation is helping
people addn:ss health issues " 'ith natural solutions
in order mccI their optimal health and physical per_
forrnant:e ~Is. 1kcaUS(: of his previous background in the fimes, industry. one specifIC
characleristic stood out. This technology is noc a
gym, diet, Or drug, but instead U$C$ Ihe body's automalic rnponse Syslcm 10 trigger bone and muscle
&>'O\\1h and rcverses atrophy, a loss that .utOllUti┬╖
callyoccurs Ifter about age: 30. "A lot orthings $UCh
iii! diet and exercise lUjuirc тАв lifestyle changc,M Kylt 1IIys. '"I can get
you results htn:, and you don'l ha,'c
10 change yoor lifestyle."
OsteoStrong is тАв simple, effective
treatment for pain and many degenerative
diseases. llIe
provides a comfortable .tmosphere.
and the friendly. welcoming staff
takes the time to get to tnow the
clients. provide them " 'ith all the
infomnation they dC$ire, and guide
them through their experience at
OsteoStrong. Visit the "'cb site 10
read man: and schedule your
appointmenl 10 find rclief. rcnt"'ed
strength. and balance.
16 Keatth & Wellness January
2:014 - Middle Tennessee
"Sunt frumoasa!"
("I'm so pretty!" in Romanian)
15-year-old Moldovan blind orphan Maria saw herself for the very first time!
Mana, a 15┬╖)'ear┬╖old blind Ofllhan from Moldo-va,
had ooen bli nd and had neve, seen helSell
panial alrophy of bolh optic nerves . Even
Ihough Maria has been blind most of her life.
she is kind and had befriended all of the children
at the orphanage. They knew that if they weI"<'
sad or nceded somelhing, they could come to
Maria for help because she would smile joyfully
and do her best to help them. But Maria wanted
to be able to sec. At age 15. when a tcen is typically excited and looking forward to a lifetime
of happiness and possibilities. Maria had been
foreed to live in darkness and misery. and had
been told that she would have to remain tbere
for the reSI of her life.
Born prematurely. weighing only 2 pounds and
having no access to proper medical care, Maria
became malnourished and her physical dc\"elo~
ment suffered significantly from neglect, which
affected her vision most of all, Maria's ocular
history included an advanced, blinding cataract
in her right eye. chronic inflammation of both
eyes, a retinal detachmenl on her left eye
(which had left her totally blind in that eye),
The Road to Brlng Marla to the U.S.
This is where the Wang Foundalion came in .
Established by Ming Wang. Harvard & MIT
(MD, magna cum laude); PhD (laser physics).
Wang Foundalion for Sighl Restorntion
(www.wangfoundation.com) is a SOI(3) non┬╖
profit charily, which to date has helped patients
from over 40 states in the U.S. and 55 countries
worldwide, with all sight restoration surgeries
perfonned frcc..of┬╖dl3rge. The foundation doctOlS
he looked inl0 the milTQT _she stared al;t
and studied it intcntly ... and all ofsuddcn
;1 dawned on her that the beautiful girl she
saw looking back at her was a<:1Ually herseHl Maria
squealed with delight and exclaimed. "Sunt
frumoasa!" e'l'm so prcny!" in Romanian). as sm:
was seeing heTSclf for the very first time!
Amy Grant and Manilla McBride invited Maria 10 a
party, which was held in her honor to celebrate her
amazing journey f'Qrn darkness 10 sight. Maria, a
lS-ycar-old (formerly) blind Moldovan orphan, was
just One year away from being discharged from the
orphanage (all orphans are only permitted to stay
there until age 16). Lacking the skills needed 10
survive in the outside world, she would most likely
have been foreed into human trafficking and prostitulion, a devastating falC Ihat many Moldovan orphan
girls had experienced. However, fate dealt her a
much bener hand' She is now living in a fre<: country
where she is loved by all. and she is filled with joy
because she has gone from 15 ye3Js of darkness to
sight.., Maria CAN now s┬л' Maria's story is one of
persistence. love and failhful prayer ....... and God
has finally answered her prayer!
Maria's Story
It has been a lillIe Over a year since Ihe doctors at
Ihe Wang Foundation for Sighl Restoration first
learned from Steve and Lynn Hendrich ofa young.
IS┬╖year┬╖old blind girl named Maria. who had been
living in a sp┬лial needs orphanage in Balti.
Moldova. tn Ihe fall of2012. Maria's story became
the inspiralion and primary focus of the
foundation's annual fundraiser. the "EyeBalL" At
this gala evenl. over 500 allendees heard Maria's
story and were touched by her phOIO, which was
projected across the big screen. After that. many
kindhearted citizens began a projeCl to assist
Maria in obtaining her visa so that she could COme
to America and be seen by the foundation to
receive surgical treatments with the lalest sight
restoration technologies that could possibly allow
her to see again'
Mana travelled around the globe. to Dr. Ming Wang and Wang F<tundatlon 10' sight resto<atiO<l.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
www.tnhe~lth~ndwe l tness.com
Middle Tennessee - January 2014 Health & Wel lness
Maria had a complK:ated sight restoration SUrgefy.
have published 7 textbooks and a paper in the
",'Orld┬╖renowned journal "Nature", they hold
several U.s, patents fw new biQtcchnologies 10
restore sight, and they perfonned the world's first
laser-assisted anifieial oomca implantation. Upon
hearing Maria's life story, the doctors decided
unanimously that Maria would be the foundation's
next patient, However, the road to bring Maria to
the U.S. to be seen by the foundation was a challenging one. Maria's biological mQlher had to be
located, and then many allcmplS were made to
convince her to allow Maria to tnIve1to Am"';ca
10 receive the ne<:essary treatments, Dr. Wang
himself wrote many letters to consulates and
embassies asking for help in obtaining Maria's
visa. Due to the combined efforts of many caring
poople, led by SlCve and Lynn Hendrich. throughout the course of the past 12+ months, Maria
finally =eivcd her visa and came to America.
Or, Wang and His Team Evaluate Marla
Maria arrived at the Wang FouOOatiQn for Sight
Restoration On the morning of Monday, October
21, 201), whcrc she unde""ent a full eye evaluation. Dr. Wang and his team diseovered that
Maria had lost l00'Y. of her sight in the left eye
(due to a retinal detachment), and 99% in the
right eye (she could only see light). She had to be
led around if she wanted to go
anywhen::. Dr. Wang planned a complicated and high-risk cataract surgery
for Maria's right cye. The reason the
procedurc was SO risky is that she had
multiple eye diseases and issues,
including a small, scarred and
deformed pupil, tight adhesion Qf her
iris to her lens, a dense cataract,
uveilis, lhe unknown status oflens and
zQnular stability, and the possibility of
retinal and optic nerve diseases. Therefore, Dr. Wang and his learn had many
barriers 10 overcome, each which could
cause the surgery to fail entirely. If
even one step along the way was nOI
successful, Ihe team would most likely
nOI be able 10 continue 10 the next step.
All the barriers had 10 be overeome
successfully in order 10 have a chance
to reSlore even a portion of Maria's
sight. The odds of Ihis enlire process
being successful werc not good, i.e ..
similar to lhe odds of tossing a ooin in
A happy Maria (wtto now can seell alld Dr. Wang.
the air se>.nal times and receiving "heads"
on every lOSS, and if e,'en one lOSS resulted in
She counted fingers Ihal were held several fe<:t
"tails," the game would be over! So in Maria's sirufrom her face, then she looked al everyQne in the
atiQn, all of the surgical steps ("lOsses'") had to be
room .. and smi led.
performed with Ihc utmost p=ision ("heads'") in
order for the team 10 complete this complex and
When Maria rcrumcd 10 the Hendrich'$ home,
high risk surgery successfully.
whcrc she had been living for weeks but was now
seeing for Ihe firsltime, she marveled at the house
So with such high risks at Stake, why did Dr. Wang
and all its furniture. She lied down on the sofa,
want tQ do Ihis surgery? The reason is that if
looked up alld enjoyed counting lhe blades of the
nothing was done soon, Maria ""ould lose the 1%
ceiling fan, ThaI nighl, Maria ",'entlo Ihe balhroom
of sight that she had left in her right eye due its
tQ get ready for bcd. She looked imQ Ihe mim)r.,
gr(lWing, end-stage cataract, and she would then
she stared at it and studied it intently ... l1Ien all Qf
be completely blind. So the foundation de<:ided 10
sudden il dawned on her that the beautiful girl she
meet this challenge, and Ihey embarked upon a
saw looking back at her was actually herself! Maria
very difficult journey wilh Maria, praying
squealed with delight and exclaimed, "Sunt
Ihroughoulthe process that God would slep in and
frumoasa!" (''I'm so pretty!'" in Romanian). She
bless Maria wilh a successful surgical outoome,
was sccingh<nclfforthe very first lime! Maria has
and bring her out Qf darkness and inl0 sight!
finally come out Qf dan<ncss and into sight!
Seeing HerselffortheVery FirnTimel
For infonnation about the Wang Foundation
The fateful surgery was perfonned on Thur$day,
for Sight R cstQrat;Qn:
November 7, 2013, and took over 3 hours to
complete. Dr. Wang restored the distorted analomy
180 1 West End Ave, Ste II S0,
Nashville, TN, 37203,
of Maria's iris and pupil, n.x:<KiSttuctoo the pupil.
detached the iris and lens adhesion, remo\'ed the
[email protected] wangvisioninstitulc.eom
dense cataract, stabilized thc anterior segmenl and
implanted an intnlocular lens. God guided the hands
Please take a look al tbis amazing 30-se.:ond
of Dr. Wang and his team, and they ended up being
YouTube video: hltp:llwww.youlube .eoml
able 10 miraculously overcome each and every
wateh ?v-tm E1We_ xTK8 and story Qn our
obstacle 10 complete the surgery successfully!
bllp:lfwww.wangvis ioninstilUle.oom/
When the palCh was removed from Maria's right
story_ mana. hlml
eye after surge!)" she opened it and she could see!
Maria now can seel
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www .lnhe althilndwe ltness.com _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
18 Health '" wetness Janulry
2014 - MIddle Te n nessee
Are Your Resolutions Right for You?
"'!ling in shape. saving money and
m,,""ging Strc$ an: among ~ mo:st
popular goals on Arno:ric:aM' New Year ',
rnolurion checklists. But if )'OII ' re o,'er age 65,
your liSl is likely 10 vary. Many things change ~ we
pow older - including our a$.pIl'lnions and prioriti~ So don'l SClIIe for any one┬╖s ite-fil$-aU list of
rnoluliOll ideas. Ring in the new year with pis
that meet the unique n.ct:ds of your body and mind.
(elebl'" (ognltl"e Heal th
Most Americans will flood fiY11l5 and fitness
tClllm. Bul Ihis year. why nOt wone oul your
mind1 Many siudies re"eal lhal mm .. l excn:i5C
can help nutin ..in mcrnooy, slow down aging and
ev<:tl lid in the pre"cntiOll of Im'ntll health conditions. If you're looking 10 build ~ bmwn in
your brain. wmp your mind around these mindjogging goals:
тАв Take up a hobby to stimulate creativity and
encourage mental activily. Practice the fine arts.
pen Ilhon_,tory (or Start. b1oa) or ~autify your
home: with a gardming project . RC$Ol vc to stan a
proj┬лt. SCI I deadline and dedit ..e I few hours a
" 'eek 10 your hobby until you reach your goal.
wellncss programs designcd for older adults.
Also, online communities and fitness center bu!lelill$ often announce regular ,roup gatherings
for тАв variety of actiltit;es. RC$Olvc 10 test your
fitllCSl by signing up for a 5k run┬╖walk with a
frinId or commit 10 I group " 'ellncss prograntll
your Io<;al gym or senior center.
тАв Find focus in your fitness rouline. The NIH recommends that seniors concentrate on four key
areas to get the greatest bcnc:fits of ellerei..,:
balance. endurance, fle~ibilily and strength.
, Balanec teehniques. $lICh 15 standing 011 one
fOOl, lqt raises. yop and rai Chi, can reduce the:
risk offaUs.
тАв Endumnce e~=is.cs. such as walking. light
jogging, cycling and e,┬╖<:tI ballroom dancing, can
hc:lp improve cardiovascular hcalth .
, Flellibifity a<;liltities. lOCh IS stn:\ehing. can
help improve and pn:iCn'ejoint n1Obility.
up 10 at least 150 m;nulcs of cardiovascular
excrci5C eYery week and do strength exercises at
leasl a couple of ti~ a wcek. &5 encouraged by
tho: NEl l.
тАв Nourish )'OIl' health " 'ith Citing habits that ....ard
ofT ilIlICSI. " simple sv."ap, lOCh &5 removing the
salt shalrer from your dining table and switching
from white bread for 100% whole grain varieti es,
can improve hean h\:ahh. Also. filling half of
your plate wilh nourishing fruits and "egetablcs,
replacing mon: than half of your starches with
100% whole grain and CIting. mety of lean
protein foods can help )'OIl get the balanced nutri lion )'OIl need. If)'Ollr conc:em is caloric control,
eat mell~ from smaller plates. lIlCuure your
ponion sizes and avoid high...,alorie ~veragcs.
Resolve to read the lahels and ingredients ~fore
you cheek out of the grocery $lore and cat more
home-prepared foods. Also, bt:gin your nc:w
routine right by talking to your physician ~fon:
makin, lifestyle changes.
тАв S~gth tnining routines. with and .... ithout
weighlS. can help fmiIY bones and musc:le tone: our body's foundation. Resol,'c 10 build yourself
тАв Playing games is another fun way to nourish
your noggin. Many online resources, such as the
AA ltl", website. host games designed to enhance
scniors' mental activ'ty. And, when )'OII're away
from)'Olll ,omputer, conlinue to nell your mind's
muse Ie; challenge younclf with chess and
Sudoku, or untangle SO1m' ....ord problems in the
dai ly IlC'wspapcr. Resol" e to ~gin ea<;h morning
with. short game to help <:tIhanee your mC11>01)'
and coordination .
Wel[Oml Ph),sl,ll Wellnln
Younger g<:tlerations of""n resolve to get slim. But
It your Ige. you WlIIIttO ac:know1cdgc your body's
unique needs and focus on maintaining vitality.
The Nltional Institutes of IInhh (NIII) recommend! tMt smion get a combination of aerobic
Ind strength lraining a<;tivity throughout the week
while ,onsuming a balance of nutri<:tlt-rich foods
to help prevent and manage chronic illness. [f you
have wellneis in mind, make optimal health your
New Year's resolution with thelC ideas:
Life Can: Center ofliickory W'oods
.4100 MurfrttSboro Pike
Ant ioch, TN 3701l
Life C.re Center of O ld H ickory Village
6 15.847.1502
тАв Connect ",ilh your wmmunity. Exereising with
"SO Robin'KIn Rd.
ochtrs is I great way 10 stay moIi'┬╖IIed. Local gyms
Old H ickory; TN )71}8
and smior "mters oft ... prO'oidl: group <:>:=:i'IC and
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liealth /I, Wellness January 2014 тАв MIddle Tenrlessee
By Gretchen Campbell. M.D., KCAMedicai Group
here are lots of reasons for fOOl pain. SOmetimes it is due 10 structura l issues SlJch as
fallen arches, it cou ld be due to poor circulation, III it COIJId be due 10 a condition referred 10 as
There are other conditioos that can have the same
symptoms as neuropatlly. Pinched nerves in the t>ack,
narrowing of tile spina l column (spinal stenosis), poor
circulation as well as certain vitamin and minera l deficiencies or tolticities. 1t is important to see a neurologist
to determine the root cause of jOur symptoms. The
treatment of these cond itions is very different, and
sometimes ooe person can have both peripheral neu┬╖
ropattr,' as well as other conditions that cause toot pain.
H the conditions are not managed properly, they usually
eventually pro~ss.
Peripheral neuropattr,' is the NUMBER ONE CAUSE OF
UMB LOSS In the United States. Most neuropattr,' goes
untreated unW pain is severe. The more severe the
oeM damage, the more difficult ~ is to treat Early
diagnosis and treatment are very impottant
Peripheral ne!Jropathy is simply a colldition lII11ere!:lt tile
nerves have been damaged. 11 is a term thai loosely
refers 10 nerve dama~ of all typeS, but in the medical
world, \lie typically use this term 10 define nerve damage
that starts in the feet and eventually spreads 10 tile
hallds Wleft untreated,
The typical symploms{and ~u oon1 have 10 haY!! all of
these symptoms) are numbness, tingl ing, buming,
aching Of stabbing pa in. The pain is sometimes worse
al night. Usually the skin is I'ef)' hypersens;iNe 10 touch
(so bed linens on jOur feet may be bothersome.) Initia lly. the pain may come and f/.later, as the condition
progresses, the discomfort may become constant
Nerve pa in can be very difficul1lO manage, especially if
the diagnosis Is delayed. If it is identified and treated
early. outcomes can be very different left untoeated,
neuropathy can pro~ss to cause permanent
numbness, weakness and even difficuny with balance.
There are many, many potential causes. The most
common cause In the United Stales are diabetes and
akohol dependence. Other causes include Y1tamin
deficiencies, cena in medications, kidney problems and
many others. Certain typeS can also be heredita ry.
First, JOUr ne!J~ shoIjd e:0fI1ine JOU and try 10 deter┬╖
mine tile cause of jOUf symptomS. ff rt Is cSetermined that
neuropatlry is tile cause of JOUr foot pain, JOUr neu~
wi~ then need 10 find out v.tI)' JOU !\aYe neuropatlr! In the
first pIa(:e. Don1 accept me<e pain medications alone as
;oor treatment There is treatment direded towards
increasing tile IlUmber 01 nerve fibers which can stabilize
tile condition and decrease tile risk of ~,Typical
medications used to trei!t tile pain associated with nell┬╖
ropatIrf include I'Pbapentin, lyrica, Cymbalta and others.
These medications WOlle 10 decrease pain, but 00 not
impror.oe tile underlying condition. The tlesI treatment
ifMlI\IeS identification oIlhe cause of tile neuropatlr! (~
possible), treatment of tile under'l)mg cause, treatment of
the pain (\\'ith one Of a combination 01 tile aboo.e medica┬╖
tions) and treatment with medication aimed at increasing
JOUr nerve fiber density which can stabiliZe tile process
and ~ tile risk of limb loss.
Or. Campbell began her career as a neu┬╖
roklgist as an associate professor of
clinical neurology for vanderbilt University of Nashville TN. She attlined staff
appointment at Vanderbilt University
Medical C<!nter as well as Williamson
Medical C<!nter. After a six vear tenure at
Vanderbilt, Dr. Campbell transitioned to
her current position as a neurologist with
j┬л(A Medical Group in 2008. Shi! remains
on staff at Williamson Medical Center,
franklin TN, where her home office is
located. Dr. Campbell is board certified In
neurology, and treats all neurological illnesSE'S irICluding migraines, epilepsy, back
pain, ne<:k pa in, neuropathy, pinched
nerves, carpal tunnel syndrome, multiple
sclerOSis and a host of other conditions .
She offers multiple procedures to determine and treat the root cauSE' of
symptoms prior to treatment. KCA
Medkal Group is also an accredited
center for Tysabri infusions (an intravenous treatment for Multiple 5<:lerosis).
To schedule an appointment, please call
KCA Medical Group
615.550.1800 - FRANKLIN
931.647.2B2B - CLARKSVILLE, or
viSit us online at www.kcadocs.com .
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,i .......... ┬╖
' \.~
ClydcO. Southwell, M. D., FCCP
Certified!n PuI_ry.
Sleep" Crilical ear. MediciD<
Tennessee Comprehensive
Lung & Sleep Center
Welcome to Our Practice!
BrieT. Vim. M,O.
Boof<I Ctrtiflod in I'Dl",o",",. M┬лlid""
Uniquely qualified 10 help you breathe easier and sleep better.
Thousands in Middle Tennessee experience difficulty
breathing or trouble sleeping.
Are you one of them?
CALL 615-822-2214
353 New Shackle Island Rd., Suite 140C Hendersonville. TN 37075
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22 Health & Wellness Janu a ry
2:0 I 4
Middle Tenn e ssee
By Chris Taleghani, M,O., M,BA
n January I st, for one reason Or another,
I'm sure that many of you made a New
Year's resolution to stan (or maintain) a
more healthy lifestyle-but what most of you
probably don't know, is that your lifestyle choices
don't just relate to your overall health. they directly
relate to your spine health, too.
One of the keys 10 good spine health is p",,-cotion,
Make better lifestyle choices for better spine health
in 2014:
!'cople who are more active maintain mIlCh better
back health than people who spend mOSt of their
daysscdcntary, Staying actin, can help you maintain
a healthy weight, enhance your mobility, decrease
your likelihood of injury and illness, and reduce
length of recovery should injury or illness occur, As
you age, staying active becomes increasingly impor_
tant. Even small efforts toward a man.: active lifestyle add up. You can take thl: stairs instead of riding
the elevator. take a walk with a friend, orevcnjoin a
group fitness dass.likc yoga or tennis.
People who are ove-rweigh\ arc at a greatC1' risk for
back and j oint pain, As you can imagine, excess
weight pUIS strain and pressure on many parts of the
body, but especially the back. Maintaining a
healthy weight lowers your risk for back pain
and back injury.
We all know that smoking isn'l good for
you- but what most people don't know. is that
smoking has a direct impact on spine health.
Smoking causes plaque to build up inside of
your blood vessels. This build-up decreases the
blood supply to many areas, especially areas,
like the spine, Ihal are fed by liny vessels, This
decrcasc in blood supply makes il very difficult
for the spine 10 heal itself. which eventually
leads to degenerat ion, and latCT pain.
Improving poslure not only relieves current back
pain, il reduces the li kelihood of future pain, 100,
As We are sitting (or slanding). We lend 10 slowly
slouch forward, Try giving yourself a visual
n:minder~mething that will cal~h your allen_
tioll from time to time. You can place a colored
paperelip on your sleeve cuff, mOve a ring to a
different finger Or the opposite hand. Or even
misplace somelhing on your desk, sueh as a
slaplel, Each lime the reminder objc.:t catches
your eye. assess your posture and readju~1.
Chris Taleghani, MJ)" M.BA.
/JtJa;d Ctnifl~ NтАв ..roslUgei:m
Dr. Talegh(Jlli is a board unified neurosu rgeon K'ho specializes In minimally im'asi>,e
surgery <J/Jd complex spine and brain condilions, fie receiwd his Medical Degree at
Georgetown Uni.-ersity School of Medicine
and completed his N<'urosurg<'ry R<,s;d<'ncy
training at Pennsyll'(Jllia Slate Miltoll S
Hershey Mcd,'cal Cenrer.
Fou r clini c office locations
in Middle Tennessee
Phone: (615) 885-2778
Fax: (615) 986-6052
,_c_ __ _ _
~~y fu ~l;i~~s:n~~
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Middle Tennessee - January 201 4 Health & Wel lness
Tips to Improve Digestive
Health and Optimize Weight Loss
By W~liam Noois, M.D. , FACG
uring the holiday season. many people
make a New Vear's resolution to lose
weight Once the holiday parties have
ended, it is not uncommon to be faced with unintentional weight gain. 11 is common for many people 10
stan a diet at the beginning of a New Vear in an
effort to lose unwanted pounds. However. many
diets do not address many of the factors which play
a role in promoting healthy weight loss. which can
be su~tained.
The digestion of nutrients OCcurs in the small intestine. Alterations in the function of the small intestine may limit ones ability to losc weight. Research
studies are being conducted looking at the role of
s mall bowel bacterial overgrowth. possibly contributing to weight gain. Small bowel bacterial OVergro",h may lead to thc production of methane
gases which Can delay gastric motility and potentially lead to increased absorption of calories.
Recent evidence also suggests that maintaining the
ideal ratio of good bacteria to bad bacteria is impor_
tant in achieving weight loss goals. Many diets do
not address the imponanee of fiber in achieving
weight loss goals and maintaining good digestivc
health. It is also imponant to detenninc if medications that you are taking Can hamper your weight
loss effons. Cenain medications. such as tricyclic
antidepressants and conicosteroids. can lead to
weight gain.
Below are some tips which can improve overall
digestive health and optimi"lC weight loss goals in
the New Year.
Make a food diary and write
down everything you eat:
A food diary will f{)1"Ce you
to record your caloric intake.
This will also give you an
idea of what unnecessary
calories are being digested
and potentially hamper your
weight loss effons
Drink water:
Water in"eascs your metabolism. Make a goal of
drinking 64 OunCeS of water a day. Studies have
shown lhat drinking tWO 8 ounce glasses ofwaler
before breakfast. lunch and dinner will aid in
weight loss. Preloading with watcr will help you
feel the sensation of fullness faster and will make
you less hungry.
Reduce the portion sl:reoffood:
If you reduce the ponions of food consumed by
20%. you will notice a reduction of bodyweighl.
This can be achieved by using smaller plates with
meals. When dining out. ask the restaurant to put
half of your portion in a container to take home.
Most restaurant ponions are much larger than
what is recommended.
Increase fruit and vegetable Intake:
Fruits and ,┬╖cgetables contain a large amount of
fiber. Fiber helps optimize digestive function and
can also give the scnsation of fullness . A psyllium
fiber supplement Can also be helpful in achieving
the recommended daily fiber goals. It is recommended that men ingest 38 grams of fiber a day
and women consume 25 grams of fiber daily.
Engage In regular exercise:
Ellercise is a great way to improve digestion.
Resistance exercises and increased cardiovascular activity can increase the transit time of food as
it moves through the digesti'┬╖c tTaCt. Ellercise also
strengthens the digestive muscles which aid in
Dr. Norris is a rwti,-e of Delroy Beach. Fl~ lie
It'Ceil-ed his undergraduate degru from MOrFhouse College and gradl/ated fron] Meharry
Medical Cal/ege in 1999. His imemal medicine
I"tsideney ,,"tlj" completed at the Unil-el'$ity of
He spent nine years in the United States Army.
His medical carur began at 1"011 Compbell.
where he sen-ed as the Chiefo/Medicine dUTing
Ihe last year of his lOur. 111' subsequemly com plcled his gaslroenterology fellowship at Ifuller
Reed Army Medical Ceme~ and became board
certified in Gastroenterology after his /raining
was complete. He ..┬╖as selected for and co",┬╖
pleted on AiAonced Therapeulic Endoscaf'Y
Training Program at Ihe Uniwrsity of
Mary┬╖land. The """,ainder ofhis military carur
was served al lfulleT Reed Army Medical
Cemer. where he ,,"tlj" Ihe Dilt'ClOr of t.┬╖ndoscopy. III' held staffappointments al GOO'KelOwn
Unil'el'$ity School of Medicine and at the Uni┬╖
formed Sen┬╖ire! UniWf"$ity of Ihe llealih
Sciences. Dr. Norris is an Operation Iraqi
Fl"tedom ''eleran. sen┬╖ing a combal lOur ,,┬╖ilh
lSI Caw]lry Division in 2009. and is a Bran;;e
$tar Medal recipient.
After his military caru~ DI: Norris relocaled 10
Middle Tennessee. Ifis office is locoted on the
Skyline Medical Cemer Campus. anil he is on
Siaff at Skyline. I fendel'$on~iIIe and Cemennial
Medical Cenlers.
Eat small. frequent me~ls:
Instead of eating three meals a day. increase your
mcals to 5 meals a day, of smallcr ponions. This
will keep your metabolism up and increase
encrgy levels. which can promote weight loss.
Incorporating these changes into your weight loss
plan will promote healthy weight loss and help
you achieve good digestive health.
www . tnhe~lth~ndwe l lness.com
To learn more or to schedule an appointment, please c all Norris Gastroenterology
Group at 61 5-6 12-4998.
24 Keatth & Wellness January
2:0 I 4 - Middle Tennessee
By Angela M. Scanlan, PAl Medical Group
ne of only 34 ccnters in the world to
offer this technology, PAl Medical
GrouplWcGrowHair.com is excited to
introduce the ARrAS robotic systcm which helps
deliver the futUfC and gold standard in intelligent
hair restoT1ltion today.
Think back to your first introduction to robots. Was
it Dr. Smith┬╖s robot on wSt In Space, R2D2 and
C3PO in Star W;m;. the robots in the JC\soos or the
ro┬лnt Pixar animation film. WALL. E? Or maybe
you had a completely diffcn-nt first rncounter with
robots that was not related to film and cnten ainment.
Whatever your first experience with robots has been.
robots ha~e always represented intelligence,
progress. the future and advancement. "The truth is.
today'. robots an: fully functioning, refined and
highly technological maehincs that can reproduce
the same outcome over and o,'er without mistakes.
RcpC1ition and consistent prreision are hallmarks of
robotics. Robotics arc used for many good works
ranging from saving livcs, improving quality of life,
saving time. making your coffec in the morning
before you wake up. to assi~ing surgeons in procedures from hean transplants to hair transplants.
1IfodpIont .... 9 _
.... I_t.Ia<
What Is the ARTAS system and how does It
The ARTAS system is a 2Ist-cen1Ury state┬╖ofthe-an technological innovation that was designed
by medical imaging and robotic expcns in collaboration with leading hair restoration surgeons.
advanced digital imagery and plttis;on to safely
and effectively dissect and extract healthy,
viable follicular units accurately and consistently. hundreds to thousands of limes in a single
session. The ARTAS Robotic System's proprietary algorithms result in a nearly undetectable
donor area. which meanS no linear scar.
FUE is a tcchnique that has a rooted history in
hair transplantation whereby individual hairs
are haf\/CSlcd from what is callcd the donor area.
With the innovation of robotics, ARTAS has
now refined this FUE haf\/csting technique with
the most precisc cxtraction of any FUE mcthod.
In the past. it has been painstakingly tedious for
the surgeon. who must cxtract by hand each indi_
vidual hair one by onc with a biopsy surgical tool
PAl MecIcaI Grtq:I Nash~
ARTAS by Restoration Robotics Inc. enables hai r
or automated machine. until reaching the desired
Angela M . Scanlan
restoration physicians with the power of advanced
number of follicular unit hairs to be transplan1ed.
PAl MecIicaI Group
Many potential problems exist with this process.
imaging and plttision robotics. It docs so by using
!,oIedicaI CoottI<>aIO<~
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www.\nheal\handwe llness.com _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
$1,000 saving for both eye for attendees!
3D LASIK (18-60 YO>
Thursdays, January 9th and February 6th at 5:30pm
26 Heafth
Wellness J a nu a ry lOI " . MIddle T e nn e ss e e
Cyberknife - A Different
Approach to Radiation Therapy
By James R. Gray, 1.10, Radiation Oncologist, Temessae Oncology
1┬╗1 radialion treatments today
dcli,'eI'td by machines called linear
accelerators. These machines
generale Ihe high_energy, dccply penelrating
x┬╖rays used to trcal cancen. They are designed to
guidcand control Ihese x-rays in order to direct the
energy to Ihe JUmor and avoid ineidemal damage
to healthy tissues nearby. This requires advanced
engineering for precision, accuracy, reliability,
and, above all. safely. The classic design has been
a gantry-based model. allowing the radiation beam
to be rotatcd around Ihc patient, bringing the beam
to the target from differem angles. For mOSI appli_
cations of radiation treatment, this machine design
has worked Quilc well, and has been finc-tuned
through dccades of researeh and application of
computer eonlrol.
W hat 1$ Cyberknife and How Does It Work?
However. Cyberknife represems a significam
dcpanure from Ihis basic model. This device
borrows robotic comrollechnology from The aUlO_
mOli"e manufacturing industry and uses complex,
computcr-guided robotic anns 10 position both the
p'l1iem and Ihe linear accderalor. This vaslly
expands the number of positions and directions
from which the radiation can be aimed. SimultaneollSly, the Cyberknife uses a paired ~_ray imaging
system to precisely identify the position of the
target - the tumor - and communicates Ihis
po-;;ition infonnalion 10 the robotic ann ,ontrolling
the accelerator. This has led to an unprecedemed
combination of accuracy and nc~ibility, allowing
The radial ion on,ologisl 10 bener focllS radiation
energy on the tumor. even when it is moving.
Tumors don'l always stay pUi. Since our bodics an.:
dynamic, moving to some degree even when we are
at rest, the: tumors within US move - from day to day.
or even from one minute to the neXI. Some JUmors.
such as in the IWlg or liver. will move with a
rhythmic variability as we breathe - making our
lungs expand and contract. In order to ta.gCl these
tumors, we have generally accepted the need to treat
more healthy tissue surrounding them 10 makc sure
we encompass the range of their motion. Cyberknife
impro"es upon this idea with motion tracking.
focused while the tumor moves. Think of
walching a boal moving up and down on waves
and trying to spray-paint jusl one spot on the
side ofthc hull - you have to watch the mOlion
and mOVe your ann with the rhythm of Ihc
wa"es! Cyberknife allows us - for the firsltime
cver through robotic technology - 10 monitor
this motion and mOve the beam to compensate
and stay on target.
Motion tracking technology has improved our
ability to intensify r.diation doses safely to a
lung tumor, and this allows us 10 delivcr the
treatment more quickly and efficiently, while
simultaneously improving our ability to control
and eliminate a tumor. This same principle
applies 10 1"'er lumors. since the liver mo,'CS in
similar fashion duc to motion o(lhe diaphragm.
As a result, some JUmors can now be c1iminalcd
withoul surgical removal, with markedly
improved rC!;ults Over prior non-surgical treat_
ment using this new technology. Cancer invesligaTOrs are now trying to son OUi which lumors
need to be removed, and Which can be treated
with this improved technique.
This idea is only 10-12 years old. So the Jong-tenn
experience in treating prostate cancer this way is
lacking. BUl5 yean;expcricnce willT this approach
seems 10 suppon our calculations that this will
safely and effectively treat proslalC cancer, using a
shoner, more convenient trealment than wc have
typically used. Q,.,going research will clarify this
over the next few yean;.
Careful Evaluation Helps Determine Best
Treatment OptIon
So is Cyberknifc the new and best way 10 deliver
rndialion trcatment? In some Cireumsllmces, yes.
BUI patients must be carefully evaluated to see
how their cancer should be trealed: smgery, radiation therapy. chemotherapy. etc. MoS! paticnts
who require rndiation treatment are still beSI
lreated wilh our classical ganlry-based accelerator
machines. Howcver. for somc. thc precision and
tracking capabilities ofCyberknifc otTer a substanI;al improvement in our ability to trcal thcir cancer
and allow them 10 move on with their li, 'es without
complications from treatment
USing Cyberknife to Treat Prostate Cancer
This lechnology has also impacted how wc look
al Ihe t",auntnt of prostate CanCer. Many lreatmcnt options have been proven 10 be successful,
including surgical removal, external beam
rndialion treatmenl. and radioaClive seed
implantation. However, all of these carry certain
inconveniences and side effC{:ts al a minimum,
and possible long┬╖tenn damage risks. But in
cenain ways, prostate cancer is very different
from most cancen, requiring uS to re-think how
we lreat it with rndiation therapy.
Most caoc"... an.: best treated with a grndual treat_
ment using multipic fractions or individual daily
treauncnts ofrndiation. This opTimizes the killing
effect 011 lITe cancer cdls while pro1ecting the:
hcalllTy cclls nearby. SUI prostatc canccr is differen1. We now know lhat p!'OS\ll.te CIl/lCCf may be
better killed with f"",'cr. la.gcr rndialion lrealmenlS. requiring only aboul one weck oftrealTTwnt
Motion Tracking Technology
www. t"oncology.com
inslead of nine ",ecks. And OnC of the besl ways
MOIion tracking allows Cyberknife to identify the
Tennessee Oncology, 300 20th Awlnue HortII, Suite 301
to deliver Ihese few, la.ger lreatmcnts is wilh an
poSition of the target tumor - including both ils
cxtremely focused, motion tracking system such
H,slMlle, Tennessee 37203
po-;;itiOll in thrcc.<limcnsional space as well as ils
IToM Free: 1┬╖87H ENHONC
rolalion on th= axes - and keep Ihe radiation beam
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L' results
Physical Therapy with a 'Hands-On' Approach
' 1W>d.┬╖On m.nu .. t ....... py combillO'd with.n
i<"ldivi<l ..... ,i'ed . ... ┬л;~ P'09,.m.
тАв Trw ' Point o.y N..-dlir.g тАвтАв aila.,...
' Most
in,ufO"".' now . lIow W!┬╖,e!c<,. 1to
phy1i<.l thet.pyw,tI>oot тАв physi<"n', orde<.
Live life on your CNm terms with
personalized short -term therapy
that fits your unique lifestyle.
ContO(t u' today for dn appointment
Visit us for more information and a complete list of clin ics.
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STOP Osteoporosis
Mental health solutions . for li/e
Dr. Kenith Robins
Dr. Robins has ova.- 2{) years experience assisting men, women,
ch ildren, and famil ies make positive life changes. Over his tenu re
of health care practice he has worked with career ar.d life stress
management, chr<)nic pain cond ~ions. depression, anxiety, and
adult focus and attention concerns, life changes associated with
weight loss, fam ily member concerns after a loved ooe has been
depklyed. and assisting famil ies w ith stressors and emotions associated with ag ing family members. Or. Robins can help you or your
loved one to develop solutions to get your life. relationships. and
career back on track today.
Call our offices today - staff available 2417 for scheduling.
Many insu rance ar.d EAP program benefits accepted .
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28 Keatth & Wellness January
2:014 - Middle Tennessee
Taking Control of ADHD
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
By Jason B. Bour, Gertnied Ufe COach, A New Beginning COaching
An AOHD Coach Can Help You Achieve
Your Goals
An ADH D Coach can hclp you in every aspect of
your life to achieve your goals. Some of the areas
an AOIIO Coach can help include:
Job & Career
Personal Growth
Money & Financcs
here are several ways 10 lreal Allenlion Deficit Hyperactivity Di$Order
(AOHO): medication. cognitive
behavioral therapy, neurO feedback, holislic
treatments. relaxation therapy, meditation. or a
combination of Ihe above. One of the newer
ways to manage the symptoms of AOIlO is
ADHDCoach ing.
Health & Fitness
Personal Organization
тАв QualityofLife
What is ADHD Coaching?
AOHD Coaching helps the client to learn how 10
control AOHO instead of AOHO controlling the
elicnt. In ADHD Coaching. the clienl will work
on building structure in their lives. break old
destruclive habits, and form new productive
habits to improve life at horne. school, Or work.
ADIID Coaching focuses on the obstacles that
the disorder puts inlo your life so you can move
forward and improve your quality of life. In
order for the coaching process to be ctfe.:tive.
the client has to have a desire to improve their
lives and be commiued to moving forward.
Sessions are usually conducted by phone in Ihe
comfon of your home. face to face in the
providcr┬╖s officc. or by video conferencing, and
usually stan out on a weekly basis. The client
will work on specifk tasks Ihat should be completed by the nexl session.
Coaching is Not a New Concept
The cwching procc$S is not a new concept; it
has been arollJld for ye~. In tbe 1980┬╖s, top
level exeeuti,┬╖cs used EJceeutive and Business
cooches 10 help funhcr Iheir careers. As
coaching became more popular. people started
using Life Coaches to improv<: their livcs and
achieve their goals. Many people from all walks
of life use a Life Coach for many reasons. You
mighl be a small business {┬╗'>11Cf trying 10 grow
your business, a collcge sludent wanting 10
improve your grades. a couple wanting 10
improve your n:lationship. or you might want to
get into better shape
SQ you usc a coach 10
help wilh your health
and fitness goals.
Recently, due 10
changes in the wor1c;place and economy.
pwple Staned using
Life Coaches to help
with ealttr goals. An
ADHD Coach is a
cializcs in Ihe ADHD
di$Ordcr and thechalN o w Offe ring Rekki and Raindrop Technique!
AOHD and Life Coaching Can Improve
Your Life
AOHD Coaching is nota substitute foryourcurrent
treatment. and best n:sults are achic,┬╖ed when used
in conjunction with your present treatment. Some
AOHO Coaches will even provide feedback to
your medical provider that will allow your doctor
to beller evaluate bow well your prescribed medi_
cation is working. ADHD Coaching does not
l\X[uire a diagnosis or prescrip1ion in ordcr to get
help. and you do nOI havc 10 suffer from a di$Ordcr
to use a Life Coach to improve your life.
A New Beginning Coaching offers both Life
CoachingandAOHO Coaching. To learn mon:o call
Jason Bour al 615-534-2500. Or visit uS online at
Life Co
l-\uHD Coa
RelilXa"tii<)n Therapy
BE Gl~*"GS
Jason B. Bour, CLC is a Certified Life Coach
through the Life Coach Institute specializing in
ADIID Coaching. Professional memberships
include Imernational Coach Federation. NAMf.
Nationol AS5ociation of Cogniti,-e-Behal"iorol
Theral,iSI, and Ihe American Association ofChrislian
your life.
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M'ddle Tennessee - January 2014 Kealth &- Wellness
Be Red Cross Ready
1I0w do I p n!pa re fo~ a
power outage ?
T.. 1><11' p~n"'f"u , f....... k тАв тАв p ' he
r..lIo ..┬╖;"Jt ~"p pl !<.o 1.. I" '" hun .. ,
Wh a l s h ou ld I d o d uring"
powerolt '''ge?
I.,....SU ....... II'H"1! ""'. food wilh 1<0111.
_or;n ,he ~1Or";1I1:Hp_
........ "". ~ pcrioo;I or,l ... dunJl& o
""" .. r.......... r.......... ihlтАв .
a ""'" ,....... ,..... ond _<IDondoood
.. much .. poooibIe. fl ...... p<ris/uoblo
Ioool from the ~"'" "" "nOP<nO<!
chtd< ''''' i"' .....1,.." ...... u~ or_ '0
.... ~,~ .."rokI."""",
'0 ...
ki' "it" o,h.,..,
in , , _ "fa p ...
r ".",,,,,,,,,,,.<1
lo n ~
dol''''l'J'Iy "" ..,,.,,..lioo, 2┬╖""",,, ..PIlI>' lor
"".... r
' w.........-plIoo ..... """""...... doy(3┬╖
boono) ,
FO<><I_""".~, "')"0-
P"l""" il..... (3..day ..ppI,,' lor_ion.
тАвтАв - " <oWlY fot bonIo) тАв Fla<h11sJ>'
(1\'QTI1, Do '"" .... ""od~duri"l1 ~ """_
... _ d... ,., .~ u:r.".. ri<I< ofji..,J тАв
1I."ay-......- ... boOO--muok.....,INOM
",..,m Radio. if ""';bl<) тАв "-,, ... bon .....
, fl . . .id ki, тАв M""i<01ions 11-<1apul'J'ly)
.nd m┬л!kal ".ms ' Mul'i.",, _ _ tool ,
Sollnalion.Dd ~ "I~ i'..... ,
eop;..of ~ 010<>0 ....... (m┬л!i<a'ion
Iiot.Dd p<rtl .....' 1lltdi<alIIl/ormo'kHl.
to _ ,
bu" ....,. poI;,;e,;) тАв c.J1 pilon. wilt.
''''T''' ' ~.rnlly .nd~_"'"
in/ormo,,,,,, ' fu,." ""'"
.Ionrioc-pow<.-.d.lire-. in ins
┬лIuip ..... ',""""'OO"- to indud< bockup
_~ inyou тАв .......ation plan.
K"'IIa non_ .... '<!<phon< in)'O<O.
home. II is liko-ly '" work..,... whon the
:l K>q>""" ..... "" .. nklull,
'""'" .... _
.J Throw._ anyfood , .............. <>qKJOOd
_W\II ..... the~lor_
.. (...
11" !J I>o!ffull) illhe
_ """
i ..I000;0,,,
ll.. }<IUf"""~_ond
Red Cross
. - . .... "..,....,.lOOlooc. boc1 .... .........
_ _ m_ .. n"."F>W'oI$
""idly. Some Iyp<f 0( boc1erio. P┬л>d"",
to><I .. ,110, ,"nnot be~ b}'0Jdd,..
U K<q> food In . dry,....coI opot ond
~ I,
.. . 1I1;,n...
CI Iff"odinthe_iorokl<rthan..".Pond
.... ""'~"" iI.)'O<O can - . . it.
CI If I"" .ro not ... re food isrokl """"'" , ....
FJ edri",, 1┬лI ~ i"m.fl'
iIo ""","",ure ..ith the food the ..... 'k' ...
Th"""ou'''r Iooolo (.......,. poul'ry. r.... ,
CI Tum off . Dd U"pl",.n un~
oI┬лtri<ol oq<ri""""'" l~ _i,~
_ondl<ftq..,.)thot _ _ ~ ..
t<rtlj><o1ol.- hIsJ>oo' than ..". P (0' C) lor тАв
"""" ............ ond ony food oho ..... on
01┬л1_ ....
CI Tum off ... dis<on......ny.ppliOll<fl
(IiIoe .. ""..~ ~ ... <ioctn>nicJ- j'IIU
......, .. illl ..┬╖..... ''''' p<;OW<1" ....., 1M.
"1>tn ".".... 00 . . . . bod on, ,ufl<" "'"
spik<s oon do""", <quip"",""
.J I... "" ....
w .....
,Ith' '"mod ""OOj'llUll ........
Cot"tion: Cotrbon Monoxide Kills
''''''''''~ '""""'" boo:k "",
Elirni ..,. "n~┬╖ ...... I. oopKiolly
~ <Of. ~ lIsJ>ts..-ill "" "'" ond roodo
will be_1<d
U.I Of: ~"" ..'n .. ... r"b'
Sudden power outages can be
Wh", uoinI. ponobI<"""""",".~
theoqui_)OU want to_dir┬л1ly
,,, ,he ooll<tson theV"""',or. Do not
ron ..... .
.J.ctri<aI S}.......
s ..,.,. .....
_to<. ~ll .....p "''''''' ...
01 m pooIl .... J'O"OP<'IIO.
po ...
<... ..,.,..)-bumi"1!deviceo inskle. home,
Pno&< тАв .....,.....". "",,'bpke'" OIly
"."iol~┬╖<n<_ . ....
from <loon., ";'-"and ,..." .. tha, oould
olJow carbon 0ll0II0Xide1O """'" indoors.
lo<a,. ""i, .....
TIl< primat)' houJds 'o,void
......... 1>011\1
.11....... _ l o r oI┬лIricity.....'1"' ...
_01:.ro carbon 0ll0II0Xide poiooni"".
eIo<tri< obod< . t>d
,,,,,,,,Il10-"... ,,,.
J If""' ..... ~pltiJl&.
long lime. " a power outage Is
2 hours or less, you need not
be concerned about losing
your perishable foods. For pr0longed power outages, though,
there are steps you can take to
minimize food loss and to keep
all members of your household
as comfortable as possible,
.. <I<tmni .... iIo..!tty.
!ook.Dd Otndlllt>t, bol ~tho)- ... "" ...... ..
:I If iI Ioob Ii.. ''''' 1"""<1' QUiai'< will
<'>lni ..... ~ .<loy.
,.;,., .... fotl"'" f""""" i,.."..
\J S ............ Ioool ... ...tyon .~or
P""""'' ' .
{""til ......... _ido .........
.....-..y le-"'oryour .......
and ou"""" >Io<piJl& 0'"" to pn7'"ido .. rty
""'_from ....r iooo),sudo .....
disW .... ..po ... "" the Aln<ri<an IO.od aoo.. Safe . nd "'til
W'" <ito ",ollobio oh┬л>uV< Jt<dC; ..",."", .. lot """fAmily ond _
' - ....... ,.,...
""If,,,,. I1),,,,
I",,~ In....... -=-. coU ,┬╖8w>┬╖,a'--I'<H ) 'o.-.po .. ;"" ... h,-,;!
....... or , ... , .... on un ...wol <><100-. roIotor
ill doubt. throw k "",I
'"",u"," ,,1>tn
..... aft┬л\>Si"ll1oool from ....
Let Your Family KnowVou 'J'C Safe
'o ..... _ . . " . F ( .┬╖ Cjfot.hours ...
hom ,he _ . A fu~
тАв Ionricion. M.......... , .... ''''' """"",lor
is .. ,"" for the"....... tha,
you ,hillk)'O<O will .....t.
Ifyooorrommullity,,~ .
a Do not """" ony<l<rtricol "....... ~ .... and
I<o<p >"'" family .....)' from , ....... R<pon
<Iown<d "."....,;... '" ,be oppropr!o ..
ofI'>CIob In ,""'._
"<I~..1q u o ┬╖ _ 11.. , """,,,,,,,,
Wi,., ,..... ''".'''''0'''....'')'0<0 an quid</)'
I do when the po"" r
conIes ba d : u n ?
Power Outage
frustrating and troublesome,
especially when they last a
IJ Onoor_<OOItrs_I"",p<n<;""
$I}" " - " ".,.,.... wor\:. wril,
\~1 lal sh ould
""min!; or ""'-"rn","'il\l carbon ........,.;.10 тАв
Energy Conservation
D Tum off lights and computers
when not in use.
D Wash clothes in cold water if
possible; wash only fuff loads
and clean the dryer's lint trap
after each llse.
D When using a dishwasher,
wash luff loads and use the
light cycle. If possible, use the
rinse only cycle and tllm off the
high temperature rinse
option.when the regular wash
cycle is done, jllst open the
dishwasher door to allow the
dishes to air dry.
D Replace incandescent light
bulbs with energy-efficient
compact ffuorescent lights.
CI If''''' ......... monoxide . lonn "",nda,
""""" ""id</)' toa f.-...lo ai.",,"lion
""by OD _ " windowor_.
Call lor h<lp from .... r...Jo ai, Io<a1ion ond
..,.,..;" , ..... un'U <m<fVII'"f """""n<l
oni ..
to..w, }",",
For more infonnation on disaste r and emerge ncy preparedness, visit Red Cross,org.
Copyright c 2009 br the Americon Na_ Re<:I eros> I Stock No. 658564
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Keatth & Wellness January 2014 - Middle Tennessee
Has Your Child's Christmas Gift Hurt His Eyes?
High-Powered Handheld Blue Laser Toys Can Cause Serious Eye Injuries
esearehers beiieve greater public
awareness and governmental inten'en .
lion is needed \0 prevent a potential
epidemie of ocular injuries. Exposure for even
fractions of a second to high-powered blue
handheld laser devices Can cause serious eye
injuries, according to a study recemly released
online in Ophthalmology, the journal of the
American Academy of Ophthalmology. The
rescarchers ha"e concluded that tbe wide avail_
ability of these devices, which are often marketed
as toys, could Icad to an epidemic of ocular
injuries, and greater public aw",,"ness and government intervention should be encouraged.
Safety Notifications Issued
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the
Laser Institute of America and the American
National Standards Institute have all released
safety notifiealions to the public aboulthe risk of
injury flVm handheld lasers with an output power
of more than five milliwallS. 1bc natural plVtcclive moxhanisms of the eye - such as the blink
reflcx - are ineffective against these lasers, and
scvere retinal damage may QC<;ur, even after
momentary exposure . Studies have also shown
that blue lasers are more likely to cause retinal
injury compared with green or red lasers. Yet,
there are blue laser devices sold widely on the
Internet that resemble laser pointers with lower
wattages but actually have an output power of up
101200 milliwalls.
Case Histories
After witnessing a rise in the occurrence of eye
injuries caused by these lasers and to betler illustrate the dangers Qfthese devices, researchers in
Saudi Arabia documented the case histories of
14 young males, ages II to 30, who sought treatment for these injuries from January 2012 January 2013.
a retinal disruption and a cavity in the retina.
On ly four eyes (29 percent) improved spontaneously with increase in vision, whereas 10
eyes (71 percent) required interventiQll, includ_
ing vitr┬лtomy (surgery in which an operating
microscope and small surgical instruments are
used to remo,..; blQ<X\ and scar tissue that
accompany abnormal vessels in the eye).
Hospital Collaborative Retina Study Group in
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. "The difference betwecn
these new high-power laser devices and tbe lowpower pointers cannot be overe1l1phasi:red and
government action such as banning the importation of these high -power handheld laser devices,
laws for assault or malidous intent and a general
public awareness campaign may be warranted."
Each Qfthe 14 patients in the study had sustained
injuries to one eye . Four of the patients suffered a
full-thickness macular hole (break in the part of
the eye responsible for detailed, central vision).
The study, High_Power Handheld m ue laserAn Epidemic of Ocular Injuries
OIher macular injuries documented in the study
"High-po"'cr handheld laser deviccs may Icad
Induced Maculopathy: The Results of the King
included hemorrhages in different retinal layers, a
to an epidemic of ocular injuries that requires
Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital Collaborative
macular puc ker (when cells proliferate on the
anentkm at diffen:m levds: wlVte the study's
Retina Study GlVup, was published on the Ophsurface of the retina, causing visual impainncnt),
thalmology websile.
autllors flVm thc King Khaled Eyc Specialisl
www_tnhe ~ lth ~ nd w e l lness . com
Middle Tennessee - January 2014 Kealth & Wellness
Escaping the High Cost of Emotional Suffering
Conquering Stress with Trust
By John Robin Murphy
epression ranks first and Anxiety ranks
fiftb as the most costly disonl= in
terms ofheahhcare costs and loss ofproductivity. ' In our Biblical counseling model at
Rock House Cemer, we see that fear about provision is one of the most common causes of those
MQst of us ha,┬╖c experienced at least a bint Qf
worry about money Qr financial prQvision. and
many have suffered greatly from it. Disputes
about money destroy marriages and financial
stress creates physical and emQlional symptQms
that medicine can never fully resolve at the root
level. That┬╖s bttause it is a matlcr of trust.
IIow would it change your life today. right now. if
you actually believed that God is trustworthy to
take care of your every need? Let's be honest. it
would be a complete transf'mnation Qf the quality
of yQur life if you were to neVeT fear for financial
provision and you never allowed money to
become an idol.
The problem is Ihal we are addicled 10 the broken
promises of this world for Our peace, and we are
ignoring Ihe promises Qf the loving, perfect
Creator of the universe. You may respond with the
thoughl Ihal you lruSI GOO. thinking back on all
the times you have prayed 10 Him for the things
YQU need . But praying fQr somelhing Ihat we
believe will bring us peace is nOI trusting. Thai is
praying your will and God┬╖. po",┬╖,r. That is you
making your peace contingent on His performan" al your "dance"┬╖ Thai is nOI trust. That is
nQI peacc.
Is God Trustworthy?
He says He is. The apostle Paul was specifically
addressing Ihe issue Qf prQvision when he
relayed Ihis message from GOO 10 you.
He [God] Himself has said. I will not on any
way fail yQU nor give you up nor leave you
withQut support [I will] nQt, [I will] nOI, [I will]
not in any degree leave you helpless nOr forsakc
nor let [you] down (Relax My hold on you)!
[Assuredly nOI!)
Hebrews 13:5 AMP
To break free of our control and truSI God, we
have to first be willing to behevc that God's plan
for our li~es is belleT than our plan. We all have
within us a sel of needs Ihal. when filled. wiH
complelely satisfy ()Ur longings. The struggle is
believing that God knows beller than we do what
;1 will take 10 satisfy uS al the deepest level of
whQ we are and Ihal He knows beller whal we
need in order tQ be whole. Obviously. this 'S
aboul much more lhan lhe need for provision.
If you are willing 10 pray Ihis prayer. you can
have less worry and anxielY Ihrough a new fQundation oftrust in God. He will be faithful 10 hear
your praycrs and respond.
Ueavenly Falher. I proclaim Ihal only You an:
lrustworthy. Please forgi~e me for trusting in the
world and being salisfied wilh c()Unieneit wellbeing. Forgive me for lrusting in myself and
trying 10 control my circumstanCeS in a vain
al\empl 10 acquire YQur promises Ihrough my
srrcnglh. Forgive me for depending On money
and other Ihings in Ihe world 10 reach a place of
peace tMI only You can give me. Fathcr, I
proclaim that You are the only true GOO. and r
ask y()U to gi~c me Ihe faith and the courage 10
disregard whal the wwld truSIS in fw peace and
10 complelely rely on You, cleave 10 You and
reSt the wbole personality of who I am On You.
Lmd. please remove from me Ihe ways r have
suffered from depending On the world and my
own conlrollO anain peace in my life. I ask You
10 fill me with a supernal ural peace in Ihe midsl
ofthe cireumslances of my life. Father. I ask for
Your strength 10 hold on 10 my lrust in You
despile Ihe pull Qf my flesh and the wisd<:>m of
Ihe world Ihal rejecls You and challenges my
failh. Lord. thank You for loving me and promising Ihal You wiH never. neVeT. never leave me
helpless. Lord, open my eyes to sec and my
hean 10 embrace how You will work every difficult situation in my life for my good. I pray this
in lhe name QfYour precious $Qn, Jesus.
I Sour┬л: L-oeppko R. <I al .тАв ppl4(J..I~2. Results of " .."oy
of IQ oom~ ;" ..ith 144.000 rntploy<es from 11\0 fol┬╖
lowing busi,.... sect.,...: manuf",,!"';"&. ,cI~ IIMpi┬╖
tahty. energy. oon, ultin,a 0IId in, """,",
It is Qur calling as Christians to believe thaI God
is truslWQfthy and Ihat His promises are real. II is
our choice.
205 P\::wIeIi Pla~ I BrenlWOOdTN, 37027 I 615.369.0668 I _.RockHouseCenter.com
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Don't let Chronic Pain hold you back!
Chronic pain is something you don't /lave to live with ...
Comprehensive Pain Specialists has cutting edge treatment that will help}(lu manage and eliminate chronic pain.
By combining tradition al, advanced and regenerative pain-management techniques, board certified anesthesiologists and
pain medicine physicians strive to provide effective and compassionate pain management for a broad range of pain syndromes.
PrOViding patient care in multiple Middle Tennessee locations
Athens ┬╖ camden ┬╖ Centennial ┬╖ Clarl<sville тАв Columbia ┬╖ Cookeville
Dayton ┬╖ Dickson ┬╖ Franklin ┬╖ Gallatin ┬╖ Hendersonville ┬╖ Hermitage . Maryville ┬╖ Mt. Juliet ┬╖ Murfreesboro
Oak Ridge ┬╖ Skyline ┬╖ Springfield ┬╖ Tullahom a
Now Scheduling Patients in Savannah, Bartlett and Jackson Offices.
Toll Free (855) 615-PAIN (7246)